Leonardo - Chapter 11

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11 of Leonardo Chapter 11.

We left to the ship again, a few minutes before sailing off. Quilo decided to fall back in the forest, still unofficially controlling the whole forest that divides the Oasis Sinistra and the Desert Dexterous. Myla and Jake did try to convince him to go with us then to Myla's house but time was short to even convince him halfway. The ride back was about the same duration to even reach to the Oasis Coast.

On the ride, Myla went back in the cruise doing whatever she was doing there before she got to Oasis Coast. Jake and I decided fall back in the luggage room in privacy, or at least some privacy seeing that Solis and his friend was there keeping guard at not only the luggage, but us also (or at least Solis was). During that time, Jake said to me that the isolation from the others (with the exception of Solis) was to help me get my little "problem" over with. For the time we were alone (ignoring Solis and the other guy), it really helped for us to be alone to help me out (though there were 'limits' with some 2 people watching us).

After about an hour and a half worth of a ride, we came back to Delta: a little closer back home (to Myla's that is) and a little closer to a home I wished I was brought back to. At the time, I did want to go back home, wishing none of this, most of what happened earlier, would've happened. Thought despite of what crap I just said, it was apparently literal to Jake when I meant "a little closer to home".

The three of us, Myla, Jake, and I, walked to Myla's house, hearing that it would be a "twenty minute walk". She did say something about some "taxi", but Jake and I decided to walk it on. Jake and I held paws for the first time on the walk, or any walk, knowing something new would come about on us from thereon. About ten minutes during the walk, we heard yelling within a distance. There was some talk here and there, but the yell stood out from the other talks. It came from behind, so we all looked back, seeing it was some, but yet familiar, gazelle.

He yelled out several times, but only 1 word did he yell out. "Jake!" He yelled out again. He came up running to us, seeing him clothe-less. He was just a citizen of the Community that we saw at times, unsure who he was. Thought it has only been a few days, things have really changed in my sight to see someone without clothing, hard to believe.

The gazelle came up to us, more specifically to Jake. We instantly let go of our paws, surprised at his appearance. "Jake!" He exclaimed again as if he were a broken record. "Where were you?! Everyone was worried when you left! You have to come back!" Jake's smile faded away from the walk, looking away from both me and the gazelle.

"Oh, alright," Jake said in a low voice, not in a good tone. "When should I--"

The gazelle, who never told his name, took his paw and started running again, only back to where he came from. "Excuse me," he told me. I wasn't sure if he knew who I was. "Now! C'mon!" They left my sight within seconds.

"That..." Myla started in a flat tone, still trying to understand the situation, "...was unexpected..."

"I-I know..." I responded, still not believing what just happened, "...t-that was a little..."

Myla shook her head, trying to forget what just happened. "Well, whatever. C'mon, Leon. We're only a halfway there." I still wondered what happened then.

"O-okay..." I responded flatly. I didn't know if I should've been heart-crushed that he would've probably never come back (or left) or just patient to wait for him to come back again. Myla walked on a little bit while I was still standing, confused with emotion. Myla came back, taking my paw to keep on walking.

Within eight minutes, we reached Myla's house. It was the first time I saw her house: couches, plasma screen, light pink walls. Myla still held on to my paw, reaching me to the couch.

"Don't worry," Myla started, "He'll be fine." I didn't respond back, looking down at the coffee table in front of me. "He'll eventually come back for you. You just have to wait for it." All I did in response was a muffled "Hmp" with a slight grin fading away quickly. "Don't take it from me," she continued, putting a paw on top of mine, "you have to believe in it for him to come back."

I grinned slightly again, recognizing her words. "Heh..." I stressed out. Myla tilted her head, wondering what I was thinking. Almost like my mom... I thought.

'Almost like my mom...' My mom did say those exact words like Myla did; hard to believe they don't even know each other. "Don't take it from me, you have to believe in it..." those were the same words my mother would say when I was depressed with something back when I was still in the Community. Her words did help and most of the times, it did help with whatever outcome came out.

"Look," Myla started. I turned to her, seeing what she had to say. "I'm gonna help you 'ease' out a little bit of stress." She grinned at him, having a little shine in her eye.

"Uh...o-okay..." I wasn't sure to say, not knowing what she meant by her helping me "'ease'" a bit of stress.

I found out eventually, about a full minute later.

"Take off your clothes," Myla directed as she stood up, pointing at my sweatshirt. "I wanna see how you looked like before having those clothes." I freaked out then.

"...O-okay..." I took of my clothes, thinking good, 'clean' thoughts of what she wanted to do. Apparently none of them were it. She held her paws together, looking at what I'm seen as in the Community.

"Mmm..." she placed a finger on my white and furry chest and stroked down slowly to my belly, bending her knees down to level herself. "Cute..." I felt something inside me, a familiar feeling but this time from someone else. I really didn't want this to happen until Jake was with me.

"Uh...I-I don't think--"

"Sh sh...don't worry," she interrupted in a whisper, putting a finger on my lips. "He wouldn't mind...and I'm sure you won't either." Her finger that was still on my belly she moved even lower to a more "private" place.

She put her whole paw on me, feeling (and I think massaging) my crotch slowly. She bit her lower lip, looking down upon it. She kept feeling around until my member revealed itself. "Here we go..." Myla murmured. She stopped at my crotch and held on to my member, a little hard but still soft. She jerked slowly a few times until stopping. She stopped only to take off her shirt and jeans, revealing her light pink bra and panties.

She kneeled down, jerking me off again, only a little faster this time. She flicked her head, moving her hair out of the way, jerking faster. I really didn't approve of what she was doing, but the itch that was getting to me prevented to say. Even so, I was pretty sure Myla would've kept going on.

I looked down at her, seeing her jerking on me, panting lowly at the feeling. She lowered her head, reaching down to lick my tip, sparking me a little more. She kept on licking, in circles, on top, wherever on the tip. S-so this is...I started to think how it feels to get...l-laid. She took in the entire tip and sucked down slowly, closing her eyes in the process. After every blow, she went in deeper and deeper, lubing my now-hard member.

"Oh god..." I stressed out, panting escaping from my mouth, enjoying the warm feeling Myla was giving to me. She stopped sucking and stood up, still looking at me.

"Give it to me," she moaned out. I didn't know what she meant by that. She took off her panties, the first time what I've seen what's under her or any female. She didn't have what I had; only a hole. She got on top of me, gripping my still-hard member. She stuck it inside her hole, not sure why then. The tip went inside, and she moved down. A gasp escaped from her mouth, feeling me inside of her. She moved down deeper, me feeling tight inside her.

"Why are you...?" I stressed out to ask, seeing it was hard to even say anything while doing this.

"Shut up and hold on to me," she responded. She took my paws and moved them behind her. I only held on, didn't flinch, only feeling her move up and down faster as time went by.

"Ah-! ...yes..." Myla moaned out, moving her head up. I felt myself go almost to the point where I was going to let myself go.

In time, I came inside her, both of us yelling out in pleasure. After that, it tired me out and it apparently tired Myla out. We both lied on the couch and rested there.

During those ten minutes, the gazelle and Jake reached back in the Community (Jake taking off the shorts and throwing up on a branch on the road to the Community) seeing everyone doing their daily routine. The day has barely gone by since then. By the time Jake walked in completely, everyone looked over at him and quiet whispering and talking were all over the place.

"Hey look, it's Jake..." "It's Jakeli." "Jake's back..." "Where did Jake go?" "Jakeli was gone?" Everything that could be heard around there had something to do with Jake. Jake turned to his where the gazelle was, but the gazelle apparently left when they went inside the Community.

"Jake, is that you?" someone asked, the first one who spoke at a regular tone. Jake looked around to see who it was. It was Leslie at the distance, the only one who was actually looking at him instead of peripherally away.

"Y-yeah..." Jake started, scratching his head, "It's me." Leslie ran up to him, hugging him the second they were close to each other. "...Did you tell anyone?" he asked in a low voice.

"No," Leslie responded. "I could never do that to you..."

"Thanks... Did anyone ask about me?"

"Yeah, but they didn't necessarily ask me where you were...although there were a few who did ask."

"Okay." They both let go of the hug, looking at each other again.

"I wasn't expecting you to come back so soon," Leslie confessed, looking down from Jake.

"To be honest," Jake started. Leslie looked up at him, "I wasn't expecting it either... Or even think to when I finally found him." Finishing his sentence, he knew it kind of broke Leslie's heart, knowing that the last time they've would've seen each other was when Jake had left for me. Even so, we would've found a way to still meet there at the Community...at least for Jake he would've.

"Jakeli..." a deep, ominous voice spoke out from a distance. Most of those around looked at where the voice spoke out, looking up at a branch, seeing a dark figure, kneeling down on the branch...with a long stick with him. The Lead Chief.

"We were worried about you," the Chief started, "as most of us were. It's been a long time where someone was lost outside the Community..."

"Lost...?" Jake asked to himself, stifled. He wondered what he meant by "lost" in a "long time". It could've meant anything; anything good or anything bad.

"For now..." the Chief stood up from the branch, the long stick still in his paw. "...we shall celebrate your return...with a feast!"