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WARNING: this is NC17 and not for children as this contains darker themes of city life, and I will not sugar coat it. If there are any missing tags please add them if you want to or make comments bellow.

A soft wind bellowed across the quiet city. For once New York was quiet and peaceful even with the traffic and road rage. Civilians walked consisting of furs, anthros, aliens and humans.

However now was not the time as within a household soft crying was heard within the dwelling, for a few months ago the birth of a newborn has happened, the crying and soft voices were heard amongst the family of three.

The house was a large dwelling consisting of a large gym, kitchen, library and two guest rooms including a large master bedroom. The family also has tenants that are staying with them. They were a Wolf, Doberman, and a fox that were ex military and were now bouncers for a strip club.

Currently the father was gently rocking the baby who was named Chris while sitting in a chair in the living room. His daughter Kris eyed them both as she softly giggled while relaxing on the couch.

Kris was a hermaphrodite grey furred wolfess, and wears a pair of blue jeans and a cloak with a hood hiding her shirt along with boxers. She was adopted but her father doesn't mind, in fact he truly believes that she is indeed her daughter. She also deeply loved him, and her family has fetishes even though she herself is teenager and 20 years old.

Her mother loved incest while her father loved mistresses, and often used her to keep him from driving her mother nuts. Also they have sex together along with her mother, making sure not to impregnate her.

Her musing was cut off as her father gently smiled while sitting in his chair. He was a tall wolf anthro easily standing six feet high. Along with silver fur and red and black lines covered his body, he had lost his arms, legs, and eyes to do his duty while going through hell and back. He was a S.W.A.T officer and a bouncer along with sometimes being a vigilante.

He was a lethal fighter, and would help train her in various styles he knew, Karate, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Xiaolin Kung fu and tai chi.

Sometimes she would watch him flow through various katas going much faster then most people. As well as leaping a staggering 20 up to forty feet in the air doing mid air katas. She also noticed one style that he was practicing and noticed how lethal it seemed and questioned him about it.

His answer was this "it's called Tuek Gong Moo Sool. This is a style developed by South Korea as the ultimate fighting style, taking the best aspects of Hapkido, Taekwondo, Kung fu, Judo and Kyuk too ki. I was hoping to teach you this style eventually. It also focuses on using weapons like knives, however this style does two things crippling and execution. There is a reason why having a weapon in Korean hands or no weapon at all is so deadly..."

_ _ She was fired up and practiced harder as he sparred with her, when he slipped into this style he had to hold back in fear of crippling his daughter. Kung fu was the hardest style so far as it takes a lot of discipline to learn. Tuek Gong Moo Sool however was far harder. He was also very, very underhanded using everything to win when fighting and was a nasty knife fighter as well. Nasty did not cover it whenever he had a knife in his hands he was deadly.

While not as strong as most anthros his speed is unmatched while it's even higher than normal. You see they are Zordiarc users, a very rare form of energy that can bend the fabric of reality in a slight amount and augment their abilities. Black lines on the fur show their heritage and only her father has the key, a glowing pattern of a silvery blue nine pointed star on the back of his right paw.

Her father was also the first ever bydo hybrid and has the Bydo core inside his chest. She remembers him saying that he had died and her mother resurrected him by injecting him with Bydo silicon. She shuddered as she thought of how strong his mental abilities were.

He had taught her to create pure Ki, chi, even the basics of creating mana. Despite everything else he wasn't an arrogant sod, he was actually suffering from depression. However her father had a dark outlook on life and was absolutely ruthless on the job given the circumstances. His personality was forged through pain, anger, determination, and sheer will.

He looked at her with his golden hazel eyes while she eyed his iris's slightly seeing gold instead of white. Despite seeing warmth she knows it is with only friends and family that she sees them like this. In fact their extremely cold as an arctic blizzard and has gotten even colder over time while filled with a calculative look.

Her mother recently gave birth and has stayed at home to watch over her baby. She watched as her father slowly stood up and rocked baby Chris who giggled babyishly as he headed for the nursery.

She frowned in confusion wondering about something as she watched him place her brother in the crib. She giggled seeing him quickly scram as her mother chased him out of the room.

She was a dark gray furred wolfox a hybrid of a wolf and a fox anthro. Standing five feet six inches with golden eyes that showed a brief bit of sorrow. Everyone in the family has there skeletons in the closet, and they were often not good...

Her father was insane and he held it back by meditating and creating mental barriers. He helped her make hers and a way to defend her own mind. He also did have a nasty possessive split personality if it's not controlled. He always needs to wear his right gauntlet on his wrist. It was a red gauntlet with a green device attached to it in shape of a small pump. It pumped anti-spychotics into his blood stream through an IV; it was in order to keep the darkness in control...

Her father slaughtered millions a week after first meeting her mother. Too make things worse his split personality is a monster named Yami. He nearly accidently killed her mother when he couldn't control him.

She shuddered remembering that as he smiled sadly before walking over. She smiled as he gently embraced her and gently started stroking along her gray tail. She nuzzled closer into his chest as she saw her mother holding baby Chris in her arms.

She closed her eyes and shuddered remembering her past as a humanized skeleton key for men, until her father saved her from her fate.

She sighed leaning backwards making him frown in confusion. Kris thought of something that she had wanted, to dominate for once instead of the usual fun with her father. Oh don't get me wrong she is a beautiful teenager however sometimes she needs something to satisfy her. Her father's girth was amazing but sometimes she thinks of truly dominating someone for once and to dominate them.

Her father blushed up a storm saying "very naughty thoughts you have their Kris, very naughty indeed!"

He shook his index finger back and forth as she giggled. She whispered "it's a curse being telepathic and an obscenely powerful psionic. Even if most of the abilities of the Bydo core are locked away to make sure it doesn't drive you nuts!"

He huffed saying "true but still, dominating someone is not right unless your not caught. Oh wait I forgot to mention I have something unique to show you in the garage. It's well a type of tracking device that uses your own DNA to see if I can find your sister, just in case."

She shed a tear and whimpered softly and he gently pulled her closer. He sighed and closed his eyes; her sister of sorts was a sore subject. She hated her, she really did for everything that she has done to her. To backstab her, to basically disown her because she was different and a hermaphrodite. She has caused her great grief and alot of anger for her to be highly unforgiving, if she even meets her once more.

Kris sighed before saying "she caused me so much grief as a cub. Honestly what do you think of cub sex?"

Her father grimaced saying "well I don't want to do it that's for sure. However I love reading about them mostly..." he giggled lecherously making sure to not alert her mother.

Kris huffed saying "you're a man-whore and a natural slut. Do you know what makes up a slut really?"

He blinked before answering "it depends really mentally, and subconsciously. It doesn't happen at first I mean you can't exactly tell who is a slut at first; I love getting mounted and having fun with my wife. Also a hermaphrodite like yourself can be quite demanding if you want to be like that. What I mean is some hermaphrodites like to make men or women there bitches or sex toys. They like the dominance, and the thrill, however they tend to target the sluts even if they don't realize what they are!"

Kris blushed heavily before smiling mischievously as she asked "I would be like that if you like?"

He blinked and stared at her hard cock making a tent in her jeans. He looked at it some more before saying "whatever is fine with you, however not for me. I would rather enjoy life and not suddenly make a fool out of myself constantly!"

She huffed rolling her eyes griping "I was just kidding! It couldn't really that bad could it?"

He rolled his eyes and added "Kris, some hermaphrodites don't know when to stop. In fact they teach there sex toys to not wear boxers under there shorts or pants. These however are known to be very horny and very dominative types like dragoness's..."

He eyed her bulge and replied "nearly as large as my wrist and six inches long. Keep up your diet and when you reach your peak condition it should nearly match Kobes!"

He heard the bite of an apple and looked over his shoulder and gazed into the kitchen.

He saw his three tenants chatting and drinking while snacking on some apples while sitting at the kitchen table. His cock throbbed softly and merely smiled saying "it's good to be bi, but sometimes you can't seem to have one partner!"

Zume was a blue anthro wolf with a solid eight pack build and blue eyes. He was wearing a sleeveless black shirt and shorts. He was strictly gay and is a kinetic energy user. Kinetic energy is a form of unknown energy only given to different anthros that create unique effects. For Zume it is enhanced strength more than a dragon anthro can handle. He was mostly carefree and horny but he can get enraged if something happens to his boyfriend and friends.

Kobe was his boyfriend a larger muscular Doberman with a brown undercoat. He has no kinetic ability to speak of however that is why he trains his strength. His enhanced strength gives him an edge in a fight. He was also wearing the same clothes as Zume along with having the same blue eyes.

Jayce was slightly smaller then Zume, a carefree yellow fox with black paws and feet. He always wants to have sex and uses his kinetic abilities to create pheromones that make them nearly impossible to break free of. He was also a loner having been kicked out of his home as a teenager until Zume and Kobe both let him stay at there place. He was wearing the same clothes as the others expect he had green eyes.

The reason for the same clothing is they work as bouncers for Club Zero Blue, the hottest strip club in the city. Of course her father was also the latest bouncer working there as a side job to relax.

Zume raised his head and flushed seeing Evan eye them and giggled saying "my, my Evan is more horny right now than before. I guess being a father does have its unique advantages!"

Jayce flushed and rolled his eyes saying "is it getting closer to a full moon already?"

Zume sputtered saying "no! I'm just seeing what I think I see! His wife is quite occupied enough!"

Evan rolled his eyes saying "As much as I would like to pleasure you three in a gangbang I wouldn't right now. Simply put I want to give Kris's fetish a chance for her!"

Kris blushed up a storm saying "daddy don't say anything else!"

Jayce blushed saying "she has a fetish? If so what is it?"

Evan blushed saying "she wants to make her sister her fuck toy, yeah that's right she is one of those dominator Herms. Face it her sister is such a bitch..."

They looked at each other before Zume added "sounds like you hate her!"

Evan sneered saying "did I ever mention before I freed my daughter from her past that her sister betrayed her? And in doing so my daughter nearly got a 50 caliber round through her heart? What I want to do to her if I didn't find Kris's idea more worthwhile is. Dress her up as a demon, horns and all and make it realistic as I glue the tail and change her voice box. Before dropping her in front of the Vatican's guards..."

Zume recoiled saying "Are you crazy?! They wouldn't be that dumb you idiot!"

Evan puffed and questioned "a person could dream right?" causing them to smack their foreheads with a paw and making his daughter laugh in the process.

Kris followed her father into the garage and looked around seeing various medical tools. She eyed the respirator wearily before saying "why do you still keep that?"

Her father looked at it and sighed before saying "It's because of how useful it is. I'm sorry if I have been getting unsettling darker Kris..."

She shook her head saying "oh no, it's not your fault that Yami is altering your behavior and mood for his sick amusement. So where is this tracking device?"

She has always wanted revenge on her sister, and her father has warned her repeatedly to never go down that road. However getting even is something he does accept depending on the reasons. Her sister Felicia in all but blood sold her out, and wouldn't even give a shit if she died. To her father that is highly unforgivable even more so at the death of the college student.

Her father eyed her cautiously and warned her "never let revenge dominate your life, you will not like the outcome. You will become a monster; I walk the world in the shadows with every step however that does not make me want to do everything. I will follow the law however my anger will make me push past it. Your mother's father has always been complaining and arguing with me but I can see that he enjoys the excitement!"

She smiled a little at the end and he showed it to her as he picked it up. It was a small black box with a video screen and a small tube at the top. He smiled saying "you just need to prick your finger and place it inside the tube and it will do the rest..."

She frowned as she asked him "I still feel uncomfortable when leaving the house..."

He smiled softly saying "that's why I'm just showing you this. Who knows really when you finally push past this fear, after all your sister deserves to be your sex toy for life!"

They chuckled darkly to themselves and she asked him "what exactly is the most hazardous part of the city for sex?" she cocked her head wanting to know as he frowned softly.

He blinked and pulled out his holophone a red colored phone that uses holographic technology for incoming callers along with a holographic map.

He accessed the map and pulled it up showing a giant green holographic layout structure of the entire city. She raised an eyebrow at the red markings cutting through half the city. He then explained "this is called the red light district otherwise known as the grim sector. It's unsafe to be around if your alone and Brothel territory. Simply put if you walk around there you could get gang raped, drugged, taken advantage of. I've heard of many horror stories where most anthros wake up alone not knowing there actually pregnant. It gets worse knowing that it's python territory..."

She fidgeted slightly before asking "I don't get it what makes a python so bad?"

He grimaced as his eyes turned darker saying "they can't control there lusts and hormones very well so they need medications to help there urges. Pythons in this district don't use them; they do rather bad things to men, woman, children for there own pleasure. It's disgusting really but thankfully there are only a few of them. However it is also known to be hermaphrodite territory no offense Kris!"

She swished her tail side to side before smiling kindly saying "no worries, I'm just surprised that hermaphrodites can even live past the nine year mark!"

There bellies rumbled causing them to flush and he added "I forgot breakfast again oh well come on let's eat!"

He placed the tracker back on the shelf as they entered the house once more.

Zume chuckled as he watched Evan toss some muffins to his daughter while watching Sheana breast feed her cub. Jayce rolled his green eyes watching this and asked "a quiet morning for once has to be soothing right?"

Sheana smiled before asking "perhaps, are you going to resume your S.W.A.T duties dear?"

She asked her husband who was standing behind their daughter and was gently massaging and causing pleasure to their daughter. She smiled softly hearing moans of delight as well as soft panting as he gently massaged and fondled her breasts with her permission of course.

Evan raised his head to look at her and answered "not today, I feel like going to Club Zero Blue or spending time with either our son or Kris here." Gently wrapping his arms around his daughters chest who smiled warmly.

Zume shrugged his shoulders before asking him "what can mana do really?"

Evan frowned before saying "heal, destroy, summon, resurrect the recently dead, it depends on the kind of course. Mine was purple briefly upon awakening but now it's a deep green. I believe it is called photon energy which is the name of the mana from the Phantasy Star series. It's far more destructive then most magics!"

He blushed as his wife rolled her eyes and explained "my hubby loves playing the phantasy star series, is that all?"

Evan blinked before gently scratching under Kris's chin making her purr. He chuckled before saying "not a chance, the more you use it in combat or training the stronger it becomes. However I have so little as I'm not a mage person, I'm more of a tank person really with speed!"

Kobe smirked before asking "I can see that, your arms are smaller than your legs after all. You seem to be a tad feminine as well!"

Evan snorted saying "true but I am not and never will be treated as a female!"

Zume grimaced saying "true that is rather unpleasant. While we all love sex amongst our own gender being treated as a female is something we don't like. It basically means you will raise your tail for everyone for life!"

Jayce smirked deviously saying "someone like yourself Evan!" he teased causing him to blush up a storm.

Evan rolled his eyes saying "Oh shut up! I might be a man-whore for men and a natural slut, but I am not a tail raiser. I like getting pounded and pound back however it's strictly for the occasional fun jayce!"

Jayce rolled his green eyes saying "whatever you say Evan, whatever you say!"

Evan developed a tick mark before standing up causing him to yelp and quickly got out of his chair. Evan snarled saying "why you!" and chased after him while the rest snorted or laughed as they ran around the table in circles.

Kris huffed and stuck out her right arm clothes lining her father who yelped as she caught him in the throat. He stopped and fell onto his back and Kris eyed him with a frown saying "bad boy, very bad boy!"

She waved her right index finger back and forth staring at him with cold eyes as he whimpered.

Jayce eyed her as he sat back down in his chair saying "you're scary!"

She smiled coldly saying "thanks I learned it from my both father and mother. He would have continued to chase you through the house and neighborhood if I didn't stop him!"

Evan coughed loudly nearly choking saying "my bad, oh well it was fun while it lasted!" causing them to smack there forheads as he laughed, just another typical morning at the Wolffangs indeed.

After breakfast Kris gently led her father into the gym so they could spar together. As soon as they entered the room he closed the door before slowly walking into the middle of the room.

He smiled softly saying "while I do indeed love teaching you, it's time for more advanced moves..."

Kris gave a firm look as she slowly went into a basic stance and he slowly removed his paws from behind his back. He stuck his right paw forward while the other went to his side and Kris felt herself go numb feeling a arctic cold black aura. She knew this stance, this was the stance he uses whenever he stops playing around.

He gave her a frown as his eyes turned arctic cold saying "I will not be going easy on you this time, you need the experience also..."

He stopped and blurred forward and she raised her right paw to block a punch as her other blocked his knee. She gritted her canines hard feeling her zordiarc enhanced bones crack, if she was any other anthro that would have shattered her bones like a tooth pick. She felt a chill crawl down her spine as he finished in a whisper that had a warning within "try not to die!"

She knew her father was ruthless but this was beyond lethal, every time she punched or kicked he would take any advantage, illegal moves or not he would have killed her with ease. Another fact that made her terrified was his face, instead of a dark look of glee. Firmness or coldness she was staring into the arctic blizzard with a blank lifeless look on his face.

She growled as their feet connected in midflight before quickly doing a jump backwards. As soon as she landed she hid a scream as her father's right fist impacted with her gut. She coughed out saliva as she dropped onto her knees her father was just too fast for her.

He stopped moving before slowly kneeling down onto one knee. He gave her a concerned look before replying "as a rule of fighting there is no such thing as rules. Illegal, unorthodox, these are all free game except in certain tournaments. Use everything to your advantage and turn them into a weapon!"

He gave wide eyed look as she jammed a paw into his liver with her claws extended. She growled panting softly as he stumbled backwards holding himself at the agonized pain before the holes slowly healed over. He smiled holding his wound as fell onto his knees.

He gazed into her eyes seeing her hesitation and determination before she asked him "why?"

He closed his eyes and looked up before gazing into her own, his arctic coldness slowly warmed as he answered "to help you break free. You have no idea that that you have been hesitating because your potential has been cut in half. What I mean is you hold back against me, like I was just another person of your past..."

Her eyes widened in shock as he continued "you see me as your father and for that I love you for it. However your subconscious is screaming at you to stop yourself. What I mean is indoctrination can effect the subconscious depending on how strong it is, and it's causing a block on your growth that needs to be freed. Without that growth you will always be scared to leave this house without either us or our friends accompanying you..."

He slowly got to his feet and began walking over to her materializing a sonic knife as he did so. Her eyes widened in horror as he stopped within two feet of her and raised the knife, it was as long and thick as a K bar and he whispered "to break free you must feel something you have never felt of, survival..."

He gave her a concerned look of guilt as he slowly raised his hand and threw it.


Kris watched in slow motion as the knife slowly slipped through her fathers fingers. She knew that he was serious as soon as it left his paw as she was still paralyzed from shock.


Her heart echoed in her ears as she watched it ever so slowly come closer. Spinning in the air and was targeting her heart while gazing at his blank expression of guilt and sorrow.

She didn't wanted to die, she didn't! Her father saved her from a living hell of being a womanized skeleton key for men. To free her from a heartless anaconda and her own sister that would want to mind break her with horrific ease.

She must survive, she wanted to survive so she closed her eyes and slipped inside herself while the knife got ever so closer to it's target.

Mind scape

She opened her eyes and gazed around seeing a large meadow. She smiled softly before gazing at the darkness and quickly rushed into it and thought of two knifes as she did.

In the darkness red and black commands whispered to her, while showing themselves as black leeches. She gritted her teeth and began slashing through them like a human blender. These commands were part of her past the indoctrination that caused her to become so moldable and warping her mind.

She gritted her teeth and shouted as she sliced through them Zordiarc flowing through her mind as she did so. Upon doing so the darkness began to crack and slowly go away. The doubt in her heart slowly began to fade and soon every single one was gone.

She panted falling onto her knees before bursting into tears, she did not wanted to be reminded of that life again. To be warped, drugged, poisoned or having been used as a sex toy. She hated it with all her heart and she hated that fucking anaconda more then anything even if he was already dead.

She remembered asking her father why does he fight and was answered with "I fight because I can and I want to. I simply fight because of my drive, to make sure nothing I help whenever and wherever I can. I'm not selfish however my depression makes it possible for my judgment to be compromised. All I ever wanted for you is to enjoy life and perhaps do what you always wanted to be. To be a mistress, a fighter, even take up my mantle if I die, this city needs a vigilante and a hero!"

She scrunched up her eyes before opening them, a spark of cold fire ignited within. It grew and grew and soon her coldness became arctic cold. She gazed into the darkness and gazed at the representation of the block. She sneered at it darkly seeing a black blob and bristled hearing the shouting and commands. The source of the indoctrination and it clicked inside her head.

Her father wanted her to be the one to destroy it, he never manipulated her just forged her into a sword of her own making. She will not hold back, she will do things her own way, she will follow her parent's path into the shadows and nothing will sabotage or force her to change her ways.

A sudden shockwave was emitted from her as she roared in anger and rage. She slowly cupped her hands and let the mental energies turn into a ball as she gazed at the blockage in hatred. She will not be a slave, she will not be a skeleton key, she will not be a toy. Her name is Kris Young's Wolffang now and forevermore as she extended her hands and fired it like a beam.

The darkness screamed as it tried to stop the beam before it impacted it's core. It began to crack brighter and brighter as Kris scowled at it darkly before it exploded sending her outside her mind.

Evan was about to stop the knife before he watched as she grabbed it in mid air with her right paw. Her eyes were shadowed before she raised her head and glared at him coldly. He blanched before feeling the knife knick his cheek before heaving feeling her right knee slam hard into his gut like a sledgehammer.

He screamed in pain as he was sent into the middle of the room while she dashed forwards. She snorted before slamming her right foot into his cybernetic spine and heard a satisfying crack as he bent backwards like a rebar.

Her fathers eyes snapped open in agony as he slowly slipped off her. His back was screaming at him as he raised his head before feeling a foot on his neck. She whispered "yield father!"

He coughed before saying "okay, okay I give you win this round!"

She squealed before stepping off him as he shakily got onto his feet. She helped him up and he chuckled saying "you broke the barrier didn't you? That was not my choice I only helped you get to it and destroy it!"

She punched his nose making him recoil as she added "you bastard, you probably knew about that!"

He shook his head saying "no, I didn't! I can't reach the subconscious at all of another person. I would never hurt you Kris in fact I was planning on grabbing the knife as soon as it was within inches of yourself!"

She rolled her eyes which showed nothing but a large fire of life and iron will before saying "you're a cocky ass but I still love you anyway!"

He smiled at her as her arctic cold eyes reflected back at his own just like her mother. He chuckled before folding his arms behind his back as he asked her "what would you do to your sister if ?"

She scowled before saying "nothing much just this!"

She threw the knife and it pierced through a steel punching post right in the groin area. He covered his family jewels and replied "you really are enraged with her yes?"

She snarled saying "I am! She really rubs me the wrong way; maybe I should make her my bitch after all?"

He shook his head before slowly hugging her and whispered "vent it out or else it will spread like a toxin, otherwise that's my girl, and do you care for some sex?" he gently licked her neck as his erection rubbed against her bum. She smiled as he grinded his hips against hers gently.

She moaned feeling his erection rubbing against her pants and added "I know, I can't help but just get angry. I feel depressed..."

Her father gently nipped her neck as he slowly led her outside the gym. He sighed before saying "Kris I am also depressed and besides just getting through most of it I still feel it. However I strive for my goal, to make this city into a better place for everyone with the support of my family!"

She gazed into his cold eyes and saw the fires of ambition as he continued "I seek to destroy the corruption, make everything better, to finally change the city back into what it was. If that wasn't enough I want to make sure it never happens again. It's because of this corruption and greed of many that created such things such as slavery in the first place..."

Her heart clenched before frowned as she whispered "Even so, can you promise me one thing?"

He looked at her curiously as she added "can you kidnap her for me please?"

He smiled darkly letting the darkness within his heart increase slightly before explaining "Perhaps, it all depends on your mother. I am not stupid to upset her and yes she has me whipped. However she really does want her as a sex toy secretly as well for a big taste of her own medicine. No one abandons ones flesh and blood or else things will get far worse for the ones responsible. Like we even care about what happens to the fuck toy anyway!"

She smiled darkly as well and it grew while they chuckled before laughing as well with twisted laughter hidden in their voices. He was really rubbing off on her as they exited the room and she asked him "what is the worst place to be in the red light district?" before going into the kitchen while following after her father.

He merely grimaced and answered "Barons den, chances are your going to get raped from even staying the night in that place. It's a motel in the worst spot in the red light district!"

She frowned saying "if my mind was still that warped I would say it would have been the perfect place. Knowing my sister that stupid fuck toy she would find that like home..."

At the Kitchen table Jayce snorted before noting the crumpled clothes she was wearing. He frowned seeing the bruises and Evan answered "I decided to kick things up a notch to the more advanced moves. In order to experience combat better one must spar constantly with others..."

He grimaced before reeling as he noticed her eyes that had the same coldness as her father.

He swallowed saying "you didn't..."

Evan shrugged his shoulders saying "I pushed her slightly in a desperate situation by throwing a sonic knife at her while she was paralyzed. Now before you kill me honey I was more then prepared to grab that knife before it hit her chest!"

He spoke quickly to his wife who was holding her frying pan with a red aura of pure parental rage on her face.

Zume smacked her forehead saying "god, you're an idiot! What was the block?"

He slowly sat down at the table and Kris sat in his lap, he gently embraced her as her raised her hood. He merely smiled sadly saying "the block was the leftover doctrine at its core. She's never gone full out on fights and I was concerned that it might lead to dire consequences for her later on. With it gone or from Kris told me that she destroyed it she can finally relax without having her mental shields on all the time..."

They cringed and Jayce muttered "indoctrination sucks..."

He shrugged his shoulders and answered "it all depends on how it is used for. It not evil it's only the intent of it when it's used!"

Kris yawned and gently rested her head on her fathers right shoulder. She smiled feeling her fathers cheek against her own, she had to ask him "father I have to eventually go to school you know that right?"

He frowned worriedly explaining "I know but not here, it's to dangerous..."

Kobe took a sip of his coffee before asking "why is that?"

He sighed before answering "Kobe the corruption has spread to the schools. Despite trying there best most schools are gang territory, there not safe and I am worried. I would rather let Kris continue her education when she can but where?"

Sheana sighed before saying "we spent a few weeks arguing with each other about what school is best for her. It's not a pleasant situation at all, however we do mean well. How is Chris this evening?"

Sheana smiled softly saying "he's asleep in the crib, he looks so adorable right now!"

Kris rolled her eyes and her father asked her "do want to have some bedroom shaking fun Kris?" she smiled hiding her joy. A big fact of the household is that her parents are sex addicts, after having Chris her father used his mental abilities of the Bydo core to sterilize himself once more and started fucking her again and her mother like crazy. It grew enough that her father's friends joined in and started fucking him in return. She never even knew that he could be double penetrated so easily.

She had her own fun doing oral, having her father give her a blow job. Or simply dominating him like crazy, her only pet peeve was she didn't like anal sex one bit. It simply fascinated and drove her father nuts when she sometimes talked about the life essence going to waste when in truth she does it to drive him nuts.

She smiled before answering "sure!"

Her father smiled kindly as he gazed into her eyes and kindly kissed her forehead. He smiled softly before looking at his wife who was busy with the dishes. He then replied "hey Sheana, were going to have some private fun. Do you want to join in?"

His wife looked at him and smiled softly saying "maybe, I find it adorable that Kris doesn't want to leave our sides. Not to mention she is still very tight!"

Kris giggled at the compliment blushing saying "mother, are you still horny?"

She blushed before adjusting her glasses her golden eyes shined with warmth. She smiled saying "well yes, after all our hormones are still going into overdrive. However not right now maybe later?"

She questioned as she batted her husbands nose with her tail before he nodded like crazy as he quickly left the room followed by her daughter's laughter.

Zume rolled his eyes standing up saying "well thanks for breakfast, come on Kobe and Jayce we have to go to work now. Your husband is still a terror on the job when he is being a SWAT though..."

Sheana smirked saying "I know, he seeks to destroy the corruption and make this city a better place!"

Jayce smirked saying "ambitious isn't he?" before laughing softly as they cleaned up and left the house with the others.

Kris smiled softly as she was placed onto the master bed. She smiled warmly as she gazed up at her father with adoration in her eyes. As she watched him slowly remove his pants he smiled softly at her. He slowly folded his pants and put them onto the side before slowly moving onto the bed.

She felt the bed move underneath her as he slowly moved over to her and began stroking along her tail. He chuckled seeing her squirm as her cock stirred from her sheath. She moaned softly before he gently wrapped his arms around her waist.

She flushed as she gazed into his eyes and stared into the passionate look, not a single ounce of lust at all within his depths. She extremely loved her father, to be with him, to take naps in his arms or her mothers. She enjoyed feeling her father's girth within; it wasn't painful that much despite his size.

Evan gently moved his rod to meet her lower lips and slowly began to slip inside her feeling her walls encircle around his meat. He bit his bottom lip and controlled himself to not just pound her like he always did; he wanted this to be special for her. She was still very tight despite being very experienced as he felt her warmth envelope his cock.

Kris moaned softly as he slowly sank down into her folds and relaxed enough so when he got to her cervix she didn't feel uncomfortable. She watched as he gently nipped her neck before sucking on her right tit making her mewl in bliss. Slowly his hips moved back and forth while making sure to always hit her G-spot which stimulated her body.

She writhed in bliss feeling her cock stiffen and getting rock hard as his own digits slowly began stroking her. Her cock throbbed as her pleasure increased and whispered "you dirty hybrid!"

Her father removed his mouth from her tit and smiled at her. He merely explained "pleasure is for everyone to enjoy, while some people would just finish I would rather have them feel perfectly content for maximum delight!"

She blushed at his charming voice and his other hand gently rubbed her stomach feeling her gray fur. Her father replied "I love feeling your fur, and I am glad that I could help you getting rid of your warped mind that has caused you so much grief..."

She shed a tear as she whispered "why would I even want to become a humanized skeleton key for men after all? I was an orphan along with my s- that fuck toy. Just alas we met that strange anaconda by coincidence with his weird rainbow eyes..."

Her father closed his eyes and answered "those eyes have a hypnotic effect; hypnosis itself has an ability to leave suggestions implanted in your subconscious, depending on what kind it is."

She looked appalled and outraged before whispering "bastard, he used me and his sick compatriots. I would have been broken if it weren't for you..."

Her father let bitter and angry tears roll down his face as he muttered "that is unforgivable in my book. Not to mention your so-called bastard child of a sister didn't go through what you did!"

She winced her father was very blunt and acidic when truly angry no matter how rare it was. He gazed at her in sorrow before gently rubbing her left cheek as he slowly increased his pace.

She began panting as her pleasure slowly increased her father's knot began to swell slowly. He smiled at her while slowly beginning to sweat as he increased his speed. She moaned watching her fathers girth make a bulge inside her while moving in and out. He really did have a large girth at least for a wolf easily eight inches long and thick as his wrist.

He slowly gritted his teeth and increased the speed and power causing the bed bellow to shake like crazy. He smiled at her as she gave a yelp before nipping his shoulder. She gave a squeal before wrapping her legs around his hips trying to make him have easier access to her snatch.

From his thrusting her cervix eventually gave away so his head could enter her womb. The feeling was glorious as the increasing fires of pleasure raked across his daughter's body. He grunted before gently began tracing his canines across her neck making her whine as she nipped him again.

He growled in pleasure making sure to be careful to not hurt her inner walls. As tight as she was he wouldn't go so rough, unless she wants it. Soon they lip locked each other and their bodies began heaving up and down off and onto the bed.

Kris wrapped her gray tail around his waist as he did the same. She broke off the kiss and her head rested under his chin as he smiled softly. He eyed her while gently massaging her back with his paws and whispered "maybe your mother would join in the fun, I know you miss threesomes after all!"

She blushed up a storm saying "sadly yes, they were my favorite things to do from my past and willing all the time. Wait, don't tell me MOM GET OUT OF THE CLOSET!"

She shouted just as her mother's closets door opened and she blushed up a storm seeing her naked, and wearing a strapon the size of her father's girth.

She slowly eyed her before gazing up into her father's eyes and added "you sneaky buggering bastard. I want your ass for not telling me this!"

Her mother licked her lips hungrily as she slowly walked over and entered the bed. She smirked deviously and her husband replied "Don't look at me like that Kris your mother can sneak up on me in any room with the doors closed. Hell she even snuck into Club Zero blues locker room to get into my pants!"

He yelped as his wife smacked his silver rump saying "oh hush you, so you wanted a threesome Kris?"

Kris smiled softly saying "well yes, shouldn't you be attending the baby?"

Her mother merely snuggled closer before wrapping her arms around her waist. She smiled as she gently fondled her breasts and explained "he's asleep and we have a baby monitor installed next to the bed. Your gray fur is very soft to feel like mine is!"

Kris blushed as she smiled softly feeling them both nuzzle her before slowly gasping as she felt her strapon slowly enter her anus. Her anal rings slowly began to give away as she was lifted off the bed and lowered onto it and her father's cock.

She gasped and her father smiled softly as he replied "take it easy Sheana, and never so rough. While the anus does have many nerves that create pleasure it also creates agony if treated forcefully..."

Kris winced at that saying "I've never been taken like wild animal before like that. However are there other threats during sex?"

He swallowed as his mouth turned as dry as sand paper. He then explained "well yes, STD's, HIVE, AIDS, hepatitis A, B, C, and crabs. HIVES, AIDS, and hepatitis C have no cure while the latter needs to have a liver transplant in order to survive. These are the dangers of sex and I am clean as a whistle, your mother and our friends are clean as well..."

Her eyes widened in horror before whispering "oh god! Well I guess I should be careful about who I marry after all, actually I would rather be married to you..."

Sheana smiled as she slowly entered her rectum feeling her muscles squeeze around her strapon. She bit her bottom lip to keep from whimpering saying "sometimes I just wonder what it would like to be having a cock like you?"

Eyeing her daughter's cock which pulsed and throbbed like crazy hidden from between her fathers chest.

Evan rolled his eyes while they still pumped within and added "I would have to say you're one horny wife after all!"

Sheana rolled her golden eyes as Kris snickered before moaning at the increased pleasure she was feeling. Sheana asked him "being taken roughly isn't good for the anus is it?"

Her husband shook his head as he gently nuzzled Kris and explained "no, in fact it can scar the anus and probably break the inner ring. Not to mention the pain is unbearable, I hope you added lube to your strapon..."

Sheana merely smiled as she gave Kris a kiss on her neck before answering "of course I did. I always coat them with water based lubes whenever Kris wants to do anal. Even though it's not her favorite type of sex she likes it with my strapons oddly enough!"

Kris merely smiled softly as she rolled her eyes and explained "that's because your not wasting seed. I just do it to drive father nuts by the way!"

She yelped as her father smacked her right butt cheek drawling out "Naughty daughter, oh yes, yes you are!"

Soon enough they started moaning and groaning together and she howled as she climaxed, along with her mother and her father as well.

That evening Kris watched as her father rocked baby Chris once again in the rocking chair while resting on the couch. Her mother was gently brushing her hair with a brush she was using while her other paw was wrapped around her chest.

Kris sighed in bliss before asking "father would you do everything to protect us?"

That innocent question sunk into her fathers mind before he slowly eyed her. His eyes hardened into arctic tempered steel as he whispered his reply "I would do everything, and I do mean everything to keep us safe because I can't express just how much I love you all..."

She flushed as she smiled warmly before answering "charmer!"

He shook his head as he slowly moved off the chair and gave the sleeping baby to her mother. She took him into her arms and he answered "I really mean it Kris, furthermore I would go beyond the unethical boundaries to make sure it stays that way..."

She blushed before whispering "why? You could have had my sister as your daughter so why me?"

His heart clenched as he whispered "your sister, your sister never went through your treatment and the doctrine that you were turned to follow. After all she was the private favorite while you went through hell on earth and injected with drugs that made you become that skeleton key in the first place. I have a deep loathing for her, I wouldn't mind breaking her mind, body, and soul. I used to be a mercenary for two years and I picked up a few names on the road, one of them being Bane..."

Sheana felt a chill crawl down her spine as she added "that sounds ominous..."

He looked away saying "you really think my body is this skinny? I have had these bio weights on me for the entire two years I was out of the city!"

He regarded to the many black strips covering his arms, legs, and body under his clothes. Bio weights are weights that test the gravity and body to there maximum limits. Slowly increasing their weights and increasing ones body strength immensely but taking months for any effects.

He explained "these weights hide my real strength, and I would rather keep it that way. I'm a bit larger then Kobe in body size without these however I would rather keep these on."

He gently sat on the couch before being hugged by them both, he smiled softly and embraced them saying "I love you!"

Sheana and Kris smiled softly as they both whispered before nuzzling him "we love you to!" before giving him a kiss on his silver furred cheeks.