The Mediocre Mage

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I'm really sorry for how short and all, it looked a lot longer in the Notecard for Secondlife. One of my first stories, any advice is good as long as you don't point out the length. I haven't finished it because I don't know if its good or not yet.

Chapter 1: A Bad Start

Marcel looked briefly up to Harn, his faithful acolyte, as they began to pour the last of the ingredients into the large tub in front of them. The townspeople watched in awe as he poured what appeared to be liquid diamond into the mixture.

Next came the soft chanting of words long forgotten to the human ear. As he spoke the words the tub and mixture began to glow and sparkle. At the last word of the chant a loud cracking noise was made and a cloud of the glowing sparkles flew out in a shockwave through walls and anything, leaving them alone once more.

Marcel began to curse himself as the townspeople began to yell and holler at him, thinking he had made an error. Then all fell silent as they noticed the changes occurring. Marcel had begun to sprout thick flight feathers, his head and neck changing and morphing to that of a giant hawks head. They didn't notice that as he became an anthro avian, they were becoming different beings themselves.

Poor Harn soon found himself a jackal; the robes ripped enough to show a knot bulging inside of his newfound sheath, the orbs hanging heavily below. He whined lightly as he looked over his body and then looked to his teacher and friend, Marcel had become a hawk with a bright red strip from the start of his beak, down his back and to the tip of his tail. For some strange reason Harn could not stop staring at the base of his tail, the pinkish red tip showing from his sheath for the first time.

From the rips in his robes he watched his balls were sucked inside of his body, leaving his now purple ribbed member hanging from its sheathslit. Without saying a word he fled from the room, his student close behind.

Chapter 2: Rough Night

Marcel and Harn packed quickly, they fled from the town of animal people as fast as their new bodies would allow. They traveled on foot as far as they could in the failing light of that horrible day.

Marcel rolled out the one large blanket he brought, then looked over at his canine apprentice. "It seems we only have one blanket, tonight will be a cold one, let's share it" Marcel said. Harn nodded and began removing the shreds of robes on his animalistic body. Marcel quickly did the same as they both lay nude except for fur and feathers.

Harn awoke in the middle of the night to find himself spooning his teacher, the thick feathery tail lifted on his stomach. Before he even knew what he was doing he slid closer to the hawk, pushing the tip of his sheath up against the avian's tight little pucker.

Slowly Harn began to unsheathe, the very tip of his moist, spongy cocktip pushing into the small tailhole. The mage awoke to a sharp pain under his new tail and whined as he felt his tailstar spread wide. His apprentice panting loudly as he began pushing more of that canine length into his rump. Harn finally stopped to pull back when he hilted to the knot.

Marcel cooed lightly as the purple member began to slide from its slit. He had no idea it felt good to receive and he was a little embarrassed as pre began to drip from his now stiff ridged member.

Then both felt something neither expected, Marcel's little pucker was beginning to stretch around Harn's knot and finally popped in audibly. At first all Marcel felt was pain and then unimagined pleasure as he began to pump white hot seed onto the blanket and himself. His student gave short thrusts that were as hard as he could muster as he reached his climax. His member pulsed hard and his knot grew to twice the size it was, his balls pulled close and then his tip erupted with a torrent of warm jackal cum.

Both tired beyond belief fell asleep without a word, though not pulling out the knot for a good while.

Chapter 3: Horse Back Ridden

Early the next morning both began to walk without a word about what happened the night before. Both knew that it was just a pleasurable accident and Harn hoped he'd get to "accidently" do it again.

Harn's thoughts were interrupted as the clack of hooves reached his ears. Just then a pair of horses with a knight on each came around the corner. Both the mage and his acolyte gaped, for what they saw told them the shockwave did not just affect the town. The knights still wore a little of their platelegs and body but the leather underneath showed chestnut fur and the crotches had burst from the leather showing very equine orbs and sheath, the flared head showing from surprise.

The knights had become like their chestnut brown mounts but that didn't stop them from saying, "Are you the wizard and apprentice we seek?"

The answer he got was, "How would I know?" from both mouths at once. "Are you the mage, Marcel?"

Both nodded and the riders dismounted, their heavy sacks jostling about as they did so. "The king said do anything we want to you, afterwards we're taking you back to him willing or not."

As they spoke Marcel noticed that the riders were beginning to unsheathe, both around three feet in length and three inches in width, he silently cast a spell to make sure it wouldn't kill him.

Both horsemen grabbed him roughly and yanked his robe up to expose his crotch and tail to them, the larger one pulling his tail up whistled at the view as he took aim with his massive length. The other whinnied a bit in surprise as he saw the slit between the hawk's legs. The Marcel felt the spongy head under his tail beginning to spread him wider than Harn's knot could have ever done. To his horror he was enjoying the thick flared head invading his rump. Then he felt the strangest sensation yet, the smaller knight had pushed his flared cockhead into Marcel's sheathslit, "I can't believe that this mage is a female" he chuffed as he began pushing more of his length into him.

Marcel whined as he was mounted from both sides, his own member slipping out over the stallion's member, issuing a surprised whinny from the knight as the both began to buck into his small frame.

Being stallions, they didn't last long in his incredibly tight holes and began to pump hot thick horse spooge into both ends and the smaller one's ballsack and the base of his pulsing member were quickly coated with the mage's hot seed.

Once they were finished both horses got on their mounts once more and guided the dripping mage, with his robes showing white stains and a large bulge in the front, and his apprentice towards the castle of their king.

Chapter 4: Payback

When all was finished Harn stepped out from hiding in the bushes, a white mark on his hand and chest. All four started on their way towards the King's palace. Marcel finally stopped trying to hide the slow leaking cum running from under his tail.

That night after the knights had fallen asleep as well as Harn; Marcell opened the front of his robe and began to work Harn's pants down slowly. He then lifted the canine's tail, showing a tight pink tailhole that made Marcel nearly cum then and there. Harn awoke with a loud gasp as the warm sticky tip pressed against his hole, before he could pull away Marcel thrust forward quickly, pushing two of the eight ridges of his member into the softly whining jackal.

Harn had never felt these sensations before, a mix of pain and pleasure tore through his body, his member out of its sheath almost instantly. Then he felt the steady pressure of each ridge pushing and popping inside one after the other. Finally, all eight ridges were inside of the now moaning apprentice. His member beginning to spray a slow river deep into Harn's tight little pucker. The jackal was now making soft noises as he made a complete mess of the covers in front of him. Harn moaned loudly by accident hoping the knights would not wake, as he felt Marcel begin popping each ridge out of his rump. The avian began to slowly repeat this over and over as he felt his stomach clench a bit as he neared.

Marcel began to here light moaning from to shapes in the dark as he continued to thrust, his hips moving a bit faster with each buck until his groin was slapping wetly against the jackal's rear end. In his final thrust his slide hard and noisily to a hilt as his member began to twitch and each ridge flared open, holding him and his seed inside as his pointed tip shot rope upon white sticky rope of hot avian seed deep into the sore rump of his apprentice.

When his ridges flipped down once more he pulled from the panting body and whispered in his ear, "Now, we're even" before falling asleep against him