Brothers: Chapter three, Interruptions

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3 of Brothers It seems the Rotties can't catch a break.

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Lenka tossed and turned in the mess of sheets that was once his bed, The Rottweiler's body trying to wake him but his brain struggled against it. Soon, his body won the fight and with a lazy groan he dragged himself out of bed. Lenka yawned and looked about his room; the still unsorted boxes that littered the floor reminded him of the task before him. The idea of work made him want to crawl right back into bed but the sight his morning wood tenting his bright green briefs had reminded him of Jurek's promise. Lenka grinned dumbly to himself as a plan formed in his sleep addled mind. He took his cell phone from the floor near his bed, found Jurek's number, opened a new picture message and took a photo of his straining underwear.

"Look what I got you." Lenka smirked as he typed the words into the small keyboard before hitting send. Then he waited for his response, laying back against his bed with his phone clutched in one hand and fondling the bulge through his briefs with the other, a damp spot appearing at the peak of his erection. Lenka's thought about what his Jurek would send, maybe a picture of his own endowment, or a vulgar message of his own, perhaps something he didn't expect. Jurek might have been a lot of things, but predictable wasn't one of them. Lenka didn't have to wait long for his answer, his groping paw giving his crotch a firm squeeze before he opened the text message.

"Look what I got you, now come to breakfast." Was Jurek's response, and it was followed with by a picture of his brother's paw holding up a plate full of thick cut and crispy bacon. A short whimper escaped Lenka's muzzle as he pulled himself out of bed and shuffled around his room for some clothes, finding only a pair of shorts. Clothes didn't matter at the moment; only bacon. Smoky and savory bacon. He would have gladly walked out naked, but he didn't know if that raccoon was out there too.

As soon as Lenka opened his door, the smell hit him. The scent of warm and buttery batter and maple syrup filled his nostrils. It took everything to rottie had in him not to run to the kitchen like a savage. He saw his brother behind the counter, pouring what looked like the last of a gold mixture into a waffle iron, then pressing it shut.

"Good morning, little brother." Jurek didn't look up from the stove as he carefully cracked a few eggs into a hot pan.

"G'mornin." Said the younger rottie as his sights landed on the still steaming bacon, licking his lips and his stub of a tail started to wag.

"Good morning." The sound of a third voice made Lenka jump and his tail quickly cease wagging. Dante was sitting at the dining table, sipping out of a mug and running his finger down the screen of the device before him, looking the epitome of prep in his pressed shirt and slacks.

"Oh 'morning." Lenka tilted his head a bit as he looked at the raccoon. "Going somewhere?"

"Hm? Oh yes." Dante said, closing the digital newspaper before him. "Have a few errands to run but I shouldn't be too long."

Lenka cheered silently, he would finally get a moment alone with this brother. "Are you having breakfast?" He hoped the answer was no.

"I already ate and should head off now anyway." The raccoon stood up and walked to his room but not before giving the shirtless Lenka and careful once over with his dark eyes. "Though I would like to stay."

Lenka's ears drooped as he looked at his brother, the older Rottweiler's eyes narrowed as he watched Dante walk out the door.

"I'll see you later boys."

"Bye." The twins said in unison.

"I think he likes me." Lenka said with a nervous chuckle, once again eyeing the bacon.

"Yeeeah, I think he does too." Jurek said much less lightheartedly, stirring the eggs with one paw and taking the last waffle from the waffle iron with the other.

"Aww, what's the matter? Big rottie jealous?" Said Lenka in a mocking tone.

"No! Why would I be jealous?" Jurek barked, flicking the eye of the stove off before piling two plates neatly with waffles, eggs and bacon, adding an extra helping of the meat to his brother's. "I have no reason to be jealous...I'm just protective is all."

"Uh huh." Lenka rolled his eyes as he took his plate, his mouth already watering from the smells. "That's exactly what a jealous guy would say."

"Oh shut up and eat your damn food..."


With their large appetites sated, Jurek and Lenka started on unpacking their rooms, Lenka's first. The younger rottie whined as he looked at the mess of boxes still strewn about his room.

"There are so many..." He said as he flopped on his bed, looking up as his brother with soulful, golden eyes as he attempted to look pathetic. "How will I ever finish this task?"

"I'll help." Jurek said with a snort, rubbing his brother between the ears. "But that doesn't mean I'm doing it for you, I have my own to deal with."

Lenka pushed his head into the brother's thick paw, nuzzling up against it with a warm smile. "Do we have to do it now? Like right now?" The younger rolled on his back and grasped Jurek's paw between his.

"When do you suggest we start it then?" Jurek made no effort to pull his paw free as he watched his little brother guide it down his body.

"Iuno...Few hours?" Lenka said with a lewd grin, as he rested his brother's paw right against the front of his shorts.

Jurek could feel the spot press against his pawpad as his little brother's shaft swelled in response to his touch. Before the older dog could do anymore his phone buzzed in his pocket, he ignored it, giving Lenka's growing cock a firm squeeze. A song started playing from Jurek's pants, it was in Russian.

"Dad?" Lenka asked, sitting up a little. Jurek nodded and answered his phone.


<JUREK! How are you my boy?!> Said a deep and happy voice on the other end, most defiantly their father. <I haven't talked to in weeks>

"It's only been a day, father. Not even a full twenty four hours in fact." Jurek said, smiling at his brother and shaking his head, reluctantly pulling his paw from Lenka's crotch then sitting down.

"It feels like forever. How are boys doing?"

"Pretty alright, making ourselves comfortable." Jurek said, smiling inwardly as he felt his brother's arms curls around his chest. "What about you?"

"I miss boys, you never come to visit poor father anymore." Arseni tried to whine but all that came out was a short, bark of laughter. "When will I see my sons?"

"Tomorrow, father." Jurek held in a growl as Lenka's paws roamed down his front, the agile digits on one paw pulled Jurek's shirt out of the way, while the other skillfully unfastened his pants.

"Great! I will make big celebration dinner, invite everyone!" The old rottie had no idea that on the other end of the phone, his youngest son was busy fondling his brother through his boxers.

"I don't think everyone father, maybe just us three, like always." Jurek was forced to pull the phone away a few times so his father wouldn't hear his hushed moans as Lenka stroked his cock to full hardness before freeing the thick shaft from its flimsy cloth prison.

"Fine fine, Have it your way, just us three." Arseni chuckled deeply on the other end. "So what are boys up to?"

Jurek had a difficult time answering as his father as Lenka's paws griped his member, slowly stroking the uncut shaft, rolling the foreskin over the head while the younger rottie rested his muzzle on the shoulder opposite Jurek's phone.

"Oh, just unpacking some stuff, Lenka's here." The older rottie rumbled, controlling his breathing as best he could, the sensation making his fur stand on end. "Want to speak to him?"

"No no, I let sons work. Finish quickly though, I must visit soon!" the great dog laughed once more before, saying his good byes and I love yous.

"Why didn't dad wanna talk to me?" Lenka asked, rubbing his thumb pad over the tip of his brother's cock, teasing the spot softly until a few bead of pre oozed out.

"Because, he wanted to let you work." Jurek growled, thrusting roughly into his brother's grip. "Which I think is a good idea."

Lenka smirked and took the hint, crawling from behind his brother to on the floor between his legs, silently admiring his brother's endowment. He had measured and he knew that Jurek wasn't that much bigger them him, in fact in terms of length he won, but for some reason, his older brother always felt larger. The younger Rottweiler shrugged inwardly before grasping Jurek's balls in one paw and the base of his cock with the other, greedily stuffing the thick cock into his maw.

Jurek was no longer surprised by his brother's lust filled haste, he was the first few times, shocked by Lenka's sudden vigor, but now it was an endearing quality he expected and loved. He leaned back on his elbows and let Lenka go to town, the younger dog slurping and suckling rudely, his floppy ears bouncing energetically as he bobbed his muzzle over the whole length of the thick shaft.

The younger dog couldn't be happier, despite the way his briefs suddenly shrunk. He had a good night's sleep, he has his favorite foods for breakfast, and now he had his big brother's cock stuffed into his mouth. He cracked an eye open to peek as his brother, the sight making his own member tent his shorts badly. The bigger dog was looking back at him, his gold eyes were half closed and a cocky grin plastered on his muzzle, the kind of grin he only had when he knew he was making his little brother hot and bothered. Lenka shuddered softly then pulled away reluctantly, catching a few watery spurts of Jurek's pre-cum on his tongue, looking up as his brother and panting heavily.

"Big pup ready to-" The distant but distinct sound of a key being pushed into a lock then turned made both dogs' ears perk.

"Fffffuck." Jurek growled, righting himself and struggling to stuff his slick cock back into his pants. "I really hope Dante doesn't make a habit of coming home when I get my dick out."

Lenka whimpered as he pushed himself back on to the bed, watching his brother buckle his belt and listening to Dante's footsteps grow closer, his own cock softening quickly.

"Hey there, boys." The raccoon stuck his head into Lenka's doorway, his slender body following. "What are you up to?

"Just getting ready to unpack." Grunted Jurek, taking a few boxes out of the corner of the room and digging though them, careful to keep his back turned to Dante as he waited for his erect to fade.

"Ah." Dante said distractedly, sniffing the air a bit. His nose wasn't nearly as sensitive as the rotties, but he recognized the unmistakable scent of arousal, and it seemed to be coming off Lenka. The raccoon smiled darkly and took a seat on the bed next to the younger rottie, inhaling once again before speaking. "So, Jurek, how come I've never met Lenka before?"

"Uh, not sure. We were both doing our own thing a lot in school." Jurek lied, opening a box filled with Lenka's very colorful boxers and briefs then quickly closing it and setting it aside for another.

"I see, I see." Dante scooted a bit closed to Lenka, examining the dogs dyed Mohawk, smiling at the thought of running his fingers though the blue hair. "So, Lenka what do you do?"

"Oh, well I don't exactly...Work." Said Lenka cheerfully, stroking his beard thoughtfully as he watched his brother.

"Uh huh, well what do you want to do?" Dante sidled closer to the dog, teetering against the barrier of Lenka's personal space. "As a career I mean."

"I'm not totally sure." Lenka finally noticing how close the raccoon was and smelling something sharp and very unfamiliar under Dante's expensive cologne. "Never...Thought about it."

The conversation continued for a while longer between Lenka and Dante, Jurek adding his two cents in between silently studying the raccoon as he unpacked for his brother. Jurek had known Dante for most of high school, the raccoon was sleazy back then, but it was more of a charming trait as he watched his friend chase after girls and guys who would be easily impressed by his family's money, often making bets with Dante about who would fall into his bed next. Now, the dodgy raccoon seemed different, Jurek couldn't but his finger on it but something about Dante threw up a red flag, and that flag only seemed to get bigger and redder whenever Dante was near his little brother.