Lovers from the Battlefield

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For those who read from deltroon1986, you may know that there was a reward for a certain title submission. Here is mine.

The war has escalated since late 2013 the terrorists had thought everything through. They bided their time patiently waiting for the perfect time to strike back at us. When the attack came they gain a firm foothold in the northeastern part of US. Now the year 2018 is on the horizon and the war is starting to tip in the US's favor. With the breakthrough genetic re-sequencing the US military was able to turn the tables.

The war was finally drawing to a peaceful resolution as for one soldier. He still had one final job left to do for his country. Jack Shinoda is about to have his life go from one extreme to another. After returning to base successfully completing his last mission behind enemy lines. He's on route to pick up his next assignment a simple escort and protect mission. It was relatively tame mission compared to what he's been through in the last few months.

Once this mission is complete he can finally go home and live a normal life. Hopefully settle down with the right woman and perhaps start a family. After finding a steady job after his service term ends the rest should fall into place. The long drive to the rendezvous point was beginning to wear on him but, kept his focus. As he drove into New Oxford, Pennsylvania his destination was still a good hour away.

After an hour he reached the city center then parked his car by the large water feature. Stepping out he a slow and thorough scan of the new surroundings. Taking great care to avoid or to discover any remnants of the enemy. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, so he lounged around keeping his senses on high alert. He looked at his watch to check the time it told him he was early. So he sat back in his car and turned the radio on to kill some time.

Fifteen minutes went by and no sign of his assignment just yet. "Well, as I live and breath. Hello, Jack this is certainly a surprise, old friend." A familiar voice said. Jack, instantly turned to the left and came face to face with a pair of golden eyes. As he looked at the anthro woman standing beside the car. His brain went into overdrive trying to process the information. "It...It can't be Kris, oh, wow you look great. What brings you here I'm sorta busy." He said stammering.

She thought about giving him a hard time but, chose to be up front instead. "You're waiting for a person you were ordered to protect and escort. So, shall we get going then." She stated. As she walked around the front of the car and got into the passenger seat. Feeling a little confused at first but, his sense of duty kicked back into gear. He sat up, buckled up before turning on the ignition. The engine came to life then they merged onto the road, while Jack's mind raced. "So how you've been it's been a long time since our last meeting." He said.

"Oh, this and that not much to really discuss that isn't still considered classified." She stated with a sly smile. "Yeah, I can imagine but, let's not talk shop shall we." He replied with a chuckle. "Sure, not much has really been going on in my life except work. Though I can't wait for some time off from work. Perhaps, get out and do some window shopping for a possible boyfriend. One my father would actually approve of, though you know the score there." She stated rolling her eyes.

"Yeah, the guy doesn't even like me and I worked for him a while back." He pointed out. "Don't remind me he said you were a good worker but, not worth my time. Also he said you'd never amount to much since you were human and not a wolf." She informed mockingly. "Yep, sounds like your father, alright." He said laughing to himself. "At least my mother liked you when you two met that day." She stated.

"Oh, I'll say, she said it herself I had a very grab worthy ass. Made sure I knew it to by giving it a nice hard pinch." He commented. At that point Kris, bursted into laughter at the mental imagery. It took her a while to gather herself before she replied. "That explains why your face was bright red." She said giggling. "Don't remind me my ass hurt after she pinched it." He commented rolling his eyes.

Kris couldn't contain herself the mental image keep her giggling. "Well, at least you got one half of my folks approval. Perhaps you'll get another shot with my dad some day." She said. "Maybe, I have done a lot with my life that might change his mind." He replied. "So shall we keep going I'm needed back at my family's main headquarters." She informed. "That's our destination, Kris?" He asked glancing over at her.

"Yeah, there's a big meeting going on and all board members are required to attend." She informed as the car turned onto the interstate. "You do realize we have a three day drive, though we could cut the time in half. If we split the driving and stop only once to rest along the way." He pointed out. "Sounds good to me except for one thing." She said. "That, being?" He wondered glancing at her. He wasn't sure what she was going with her previous statement.

"Temptation, and being able resist doing things to you." She smiled looking at him. "Not, sure if I like the sound of that, Kris." He remarked. "Trust, me I wouldn't do something to upset you, more like cause a certain bodily reaction." She said trailing her hand along his thigh. She carefully stopped just shy of his crotch just to give him an idea of her meaning. As he drove, remembering that she was still a virgin. So naturally her being this bold was certainly new to him.

"Yeah, I'd rather you minded your manners on this venture, okay." He remarked. "Oh..., Alright, I can see you're gonna be no fun." She replied mockingly. "I'm on a mission and I prefer the less complicated the better that's all." He informed. "Alright, you the one in charge here so I'll be good until we reach our destination. After that I do expect you to treat me to something we can both enjoy." She stated leaning back in her seat. "What ever you want, Kris just keep yourself alert." He instructed.

As they drove the two friends caught up while avoiding topics that'd violate the gag rule. After a good nine hours of driving he started to feel drowsy. She decided it was best that they found a hotel to crash for the night. After a good twenty minutes they found a decent four stat motel, rented a room in the back of property. While she stashed the car in the back, Jack went inside to scope out the room.

Sure enough everything seemed in order when she entered the room a short time later. He got up and locked the door and peeked out the window. Once he felt content he walked over to the love seat and sat down. Kris turned to face him and decided to ask him something. "So, any side effects from the genetic re-sequencing that I should know about? In case the worse should happen or you have any violent outbursts." She stated.

"No, the training I went through helped me mold it to my benefit. Of course a little outside meditation and practice did wonders for keeping things in check." He informed. "Well, that's good I've been worried about nasty unforeseen side effects." She pointed out. "Yeah, can't say that I blame you for being wary." He said. The two old friends spent two hours catching up on lost time again. Kris looked over at the clock and thought it best to get some sleep.

Jack, made himself comfy by the front door, while Kris slept on the bed. She asked him why but, figured it out before he could respond. He stayed up and watched her silently fall asleep before dozing off to. As the night hours ticked away, Jack would rouse from time to time to check on things. Before the sun came up he stayed up instead of looking around he watched, Kris. As he stared certain appendage started to make itself known so he walked into the bathroom.

A ice cold shower would curb this little annoyance and to avoid curious questions from her. After a while he exited the bathroom feeling wide awake and relaxed. "AWW!, You had such a nice hard-on, Jack I would've like to see it in full detail." Kris cooed wagging her tail playfully. "H...H...How long have you been awake?" He stammered. "Oh, long to notice I was being watched a little too intently." She replied reaching out for him. He took a few steps back so she couldn't try anything funny.

"Sorry, it's been awhile since we last saw each other didn't mean to stare." He said. "You know these are meant to be stared at." She remarked removing her top completely. Jack, felt like a deer in the headlights as he gazed upon her bare breasts. "So you gonna let me peek under the hood do I have to play dirty?" She wondered given her chest a wiggle. Before he could reply his towel seemed to do the job for him. As it fell to the floor Kris licked her lips instinctively at the display he presented.

"My, my, my, quite the equipment, you've got tucked away there, Jack." Kris remarked as her tail wagged faster. Instantly his hands flew to cover his semi erect manhood. Of course she voiced her disappointment until she played dirty. She turned around on the bed giving him a full view of her cute ass. With a playful wiggle she slowly and teasingly pulled her shorts and panties down.

Jostling her hips side to side as the fabric slowly moved down to her knees. Jack tried his best to restrain his more primal urges but, it was proving fruitless. To make matters worse she decided to tickle her sex with her tail. If only to entice him and tease him even more hopefully to the point he pounced her. Eagerly thrusting that wonderful piece of male meat into happily awaiting virgin treasure.

Her scent had drifted it's way into his sensitive nose and was driving his instinct nuts. Everything he tried to curb his baser urges broke down due to the show she continued to put on. As she rolled onto her back she cupped a breast and eagerly toyed with her outer lips. Massaging her breast and teasing her erect nipple. All the while parting and rubbing her sex vigorously, causing her to moan softly.

The second she began playing with her clit, Jack vanished from her line of sight. A moment later he made himself know by running his warm tongue along her entire entrance. Causing her body to shiver with pleasure as he eagerly began eating out her sex. Driving her absolutely mad with pleasure with each deep lick. She arched up off the bed, moaning deeply as the bliss coursed through her body.

"OO!, Jack Oh Ye..uh, Lick, THAT, Pussy of mine, Lick, IT!" She howled as his tongue went in deep. Gently toying with her clit as his tongue worked her inner walls steadily. Her body squirmed and convulsed with each spike of pleasure she received from him. It was only a matter of time before she let lose a orgasmic howl as her first orgasm crashed. Jack calmly drank her juices down savoring her taste.

When she finished cumming he slowly stood up and crawled onto the bed. Laying down beside her sharing a deep kiss before, Kris moved herself between his legs. Seeing his fully erect cock standing proudly before her, she rubbed her muzzle against it. Feeling the soft warmth coming from it she gave it a few soft kisses. Before her tongue coiled around its width and licked around the base.

It sent soft shivers up his spine as she kept exploring his cock. She slowly moved up his length enjoying the taste and smell of his manhood. When she reached his tip pre was already trickling out, she gave it a long lick. Gathering a good amount on her tongue before swallowing it. "Mmmm, tangy!" She cooed smiling. Kris cupped her bust and wrapped them around the base of his cock. She then sucked the tip of his cock into her mouth.

Jack groaned loudly with approval as she began to stroke and suck his cock. Each time she took his length into her mouth she'd suck and rub harder along his meat. Driving him nuts with pleasure as his orgasm creped up on him. After three intensely pleasurable minutes, Jack tensed up then exploded all over Kris's face and chest. "OH!, WOW!" He huffed riding the rest of his orgasm out. As Kris took her time licking her fur clean of his seed.

While he laid there recovering, Kris had other plans for him. She straddled his waist then ground her slick folds long his semi hard shaft. The heat from her treasure made him rock hard in mere seconds. "Wanna to take my cherry, Babe?" She asked rocking hips. "Not, right now there's something that's already begging to be poked." He replied sitting up. "Such, as?" She teased. Wondering what exactly he had planned next for her.

"Move over, stand on your elbows and knees then I'll show you." He said. She complied and moved into position then he got up and move behind her. "Not to spoil it for you I've never done this before." She remarked. "I know Kris I'm going to be as gentle as I can okay." He whispered softly into her ear. Kris looked over her shoulder at him feeling secure with his response. When he actually pressed his erection up against her tail hole firmly.

At first she was unsure if this form of pleasure would even feel good. She trusted, Jack enough to know that he wouldn't harm her. "Alright, be careful it's my first time." She informed as he put a condom on. "I know, Kris if you're unsure or don't want tell me. I'll place this into your virgin pussy instead, okay." He replied looking sincere. "I'm sure just go slow at first until I feel comfy." She stated reassuringly.

He slowly pushed his way inside her tail hole taking great care not to hurt her. Once he was fully within her he allowed her to body to adjust accordingly. After a few minutes she gave him the go ahead to move in and out of her slowly. It felt a little strange but, the pleasure built slowly as he worked up a steady pace. His motions were soft and deep making sure she was comfortable.

After a good twenty minutes, Jack pulled himself free from her tail hole. While she recovered from her first anal sex, Jack, removed the protection he used. As he threw it away he looked over at Kris laying down contently on the bed. "So, yes, no?" He wondered. "It was certainly different, though better on occasion but, not all time thing." She replied. "Sure, who knows it something we could truly enjoy in time." He said crawling back in bed.

Once he laid down next to her she cuddled up next to him. As she wrapped her arms around him and draped a leg across his waist. He turned to the side so he could face her. The couple shared a deep kiss while, Kris pressed her warm body tightly against his. They shared several deep kisses as their body heated up for once last go. "Ready, for one last round, Kris?" He asked combing back her head fur.

"Sure, if you got enough energy left in you hun." Kris purred kissing him again. Neither lover wasted much time with foreplay they merely got each warmed up. As he slid his length into her sex, she wrapped her legs around his waist. Jack, thrusted himself deep into her sex, breaking her hymen and brushing firmly against her cervix. Earning a small yelp of pain then deep approving croon from her throat.

Jack took his time sliding into her slick treasure earning more and more moans from her. "Uh, Jack, Oh, OO,, More Oh! Go, Deeper!" She moaned tossing her head back. Not wanting to disappoint her he picked up his pace a little more. At this steady pace her body was on fire with the pleasure she received. Her inner walls clamped tighter and milked every single inch of his erection. Earning a deep satisfying groan from, Jack as he fully hilted her once again.

Both lovers were in heaven not wanting this to end but, they could feel their release building. It would be only a matter of time before their climax and orgasms sent them over the edge. Passion, lust and love swirled together as the two hearts beating and bonded as one. Time stood still allowing two hearts to grow closer and express their hidden feelings. In one cosmic explosion of love both lovers howled up to the sky.

Fireworks shot off between the two hearts as their orgasm erupted fiercely within each other. Collapsing onto the bed both lovers were drained of all the energy. Holding each other tight sleep became to strong for them to fight off. As sleep took them they rejoiced in the after glow of their new found love and erotic bliss.

Now their lives seem whole and destiny itself had set a new path for the two warriors. What lies ahead for these two experienced fighters, soldiers, friends, and now lovers. Only time is left and it's theirs to do with as they see fit. While things elsewhere in the world returned to a sense of normal. They'll be around long enough to bare witness to many great things. Until the day it's their children turn to take life by the helm and see where it leads them.

The End.