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1 of Kitten Troubles Story about a couple cubs/teens having some fun.

To anyone that reads this: to me you are more than just a number on the views screen. You give me purpose, and even though I write these stories partially for my pleasure, they mean nothing if I'm the only one reading them. I'd like to dedicate this story to you, whoever you may be. Weather male, female, herm or anything else, I love you all.

I've decided to take a one story break from my series, just to freshen my mind and try out a topic I've always wanted to write about but wasn't able due to the nature of the series. If you look to your left, it says that there are cubs involved but before closing the browser, lemme explain: the characters in this story and their ages are analogous to a couple of humans of around 13-14 years of age, and they are capable to make their own decisions. My philosophy on this is: if they are both underage and consenting, it's just like two adults, only cuter.

Disclaimer: This story contains yiffing between two young cubs/teens. If you're underage, you know what to do. If not, ENJOY!

I've decided to show my respect to my favorite furry artists by dedicating a story to them. It began with LeiLani on the fifth chapter of my series, and now I'd like to dedicate this story to perhaps the greatest cub artist I know of: Ketzio11. If you're into cubs, you can't miss her artwork.

The feline kid pressed his face against the plastic window in an attempt to get a better view of the ground below. He had never visited Chicago before, and the tall buildings silhouetting against what looked pretty much like the sea caused Timmy's whiskers to twitch in awe. It was the first time he had flown in a plane all by himself, but he had his iPod loaded with all his favorite songs and his lucky charm dangling from his neck. His uncle had given it to him once on his forest lodge, to keep him entertained while he and his father went out to hunt. It was a small dream catcher, with a couple of soft white feathers on the bottom, and he carried it everywhere he went. The flight attendant offered him some soda and a snack, but he was full so he declined. As the plane touched down, he waited until the rest of the passengers left the plane before the flight attendant came over, helped him with getting his bag down from the overhead bin, and pointed towards the direction he had to go to get to the exit. After thanking the vixen, Timmy walked happily through the hallways listening to his music. After a few minutes he realized he was lost, but a bulldog from security kindly escorted him towards the exit. As they reached the exit, the red feline quickly scanned the crowd for someone. As he looked, he saw a couple females, one evidently younger than the other, with a sign that read "Timothy Green". He pointed them out to the guard, who quickly read the sign and compared it to the name on his backpack. Then, nodding approvingly, he left.

He ran towards them and hugged them, first his aunt and then her daughter. As they hugged for the first time in years, she spoke:

"What's with the guard Timmy? Got your furry butt in trouble again?" She laughed.

"You know me better than that Rose. I just got lost." The feline replied, playfully bumping his cousin. "How's everything around here Aunt Sam?"

"Cold, as usual" Replied Rose's mother, Samantha. As her daughter, she was a feline with a soft blue fur. "Come on, we've got to get home before rush hour."

She led the way as the two kittens marched behind her, holding hands and talking excitedly about a lot of things. Once inside the small car, Aunt Sam turned his attention to Timmy.

"It's too bad that both your parents had to leave at the same time... Still, I'm pretty sure you won't get bored. "She said. "Especially with her around"

"Mom, you never told me why Tim was going to stay with us" The little feline inquired.

"Well Rose, as you know Timmy's mom and dad are both businessmen who constantly have to travel to other countries." She began. "They organize their schedules so that one will stay with him while the other travels."

"This time, however, while his mom was away his dad received a call from their bosses. They told him that he had to leave the next day for Tokyo due to an emergency, and stay there for at least a week." She said.

"Oh no, but then he'd be alone" Rose said, like a book was being read to her.

"Exactly. What his father did was buying him an airplane ticket here and asking me to take care of him for a week. Luckily for him, both of you cubs don't have school then." She finished.

"So you're staying the whole week? Yay, we'll have so much fun!" She said in her high pitched voice.

A long drive later, they finally arrived at their place. It was a regular sized house with two stories, three bedrooms and a small living room. Timmy was given the guest bedroom, and after leaving all his stuff in there he immediately went to his cousin's room. It was a typical girl's room, complete with the posters, hello kitty decoration and Disney covers on top of the bed. She was very happy to see him and they both sat in the bed, talking about childish topics, ranging from teenage pop idols to often exaggerated tales from school. It was early in the morning, and Aunt Sam was getting ready to go to work. She was the CEO of a modest investment group which had its headquarters at a nearby town, which meant that she had to commute by train every morning and then back in the afternoon. She entered her daughter's room and interrupted their conversation.

"Rosie, I know that I generally leave you at school or with a sitter but Dana couldn't come today. "She began

"But mooooom, I don't want to go to work with you. It's boring!" She immediately protested.

"I know sweetie, I know. That's why I won't take you. "She said, catching her by surprise. "I trust you and Timmy are no longer kittens and will behave and stay inside the house?"

"Yes, we won't leave. We'll behave, we promise!" She begged.

"Okay. I hope you don't let me down. I'll be back by 6 and we'll go out for dinner. Meanwhile, I left you cash for pizza or anything else you want to order." She said, kissing them both goodbye in their foreheads.

As soon as the two felines heard the door close, they squealed with delight. They had the whole house for them! They watched the violent movies in TV that they weren't allowed to, they ate a whole bag of marshmallows before ordering pizza, and they played in the cold air of the backyard until they collapsed of exhaustion. The two kittens were in paradise, not only for being able to do whatever they wanted to do, but also because the other always agreed with enthusiasm to anything one of them proposed.

They felt snow falling down on them and quickly dashed for the door. As they looked out the window they saw the snowflakes had increased in quantity and were now in a furious attempt to turn the green lawn into a white puffy blanket. The air inside the house began to chill, and Rose quickly turned up the thermostat. Five minutes later, the kittens were still shivering and she cranked it up to the maximum. Then, seeing as it still wasn't working, Timmy decided to go for some blankets to cover themselves up. While searching for them in her cousin's room, however, he found out she'd left the window wide open and the snow was building up inside. Feeling like he was fixing a leak on a ship, he closed it with some effort. A second or two after it had slammed shut; Rose came in and saw the small snow pile. As she opened her mouth to say something, she felt a cold mass hit her in her chest, disintegrating on impact and leaving a wet spot on her shirt. She looked up and saw Tim, chuckling with another snowball in his hand. She expertly dodged the second assault and moved in for some hand to hand combat. With all her might she grabbed him and pulled him into the bed. The 14 year old kitten still remembered her cousin's weaknesses, and using her fast paws aimed towards his armpits and his belly, the tickling fight was over in a second with Rose the clear victor. Timmy noticed that his little red thingy had begun to grow again, pushing against his superman shorts. He felt weird, like he had eaten too many sweets on Halloween and a sudden warmth creeping through his pelvic area. His cousin's fur was making his body tingle in every place it touched his, and the hand she'd left on his leg after the tickle fight felt like a soft, velvety pillow. He wondered if he was sick and had a fever or something else and almost jumped when her cousin yelled something.

"Oh no! I left the thermostat on max heat!" The kitten almost shouted as she left Tim on the bed and rushed towards it. After returning it to normal, she went back to her room where she took off her wet shirt. She had a small undergarment below which served virtually no purpose since she was still flat-chested and her nipples barely poked above the fur. This would all change in a year or two when hormones gave her the ample breasts and sensual curves of her mother. The playing had taken its toll on both, so they quickly fell asleep in the same bed, cuddling like they had done in past times.

"She should've arrived by now..." Rose asked, concerned about her mother. It was way past 7 and they hadn't heard from her. Timmy noticed she was on the brink of tears and hugged her, using his paw to scratch her behind her left ear. She immediately purred in pleasure, as this was one of her favorite places. She hugged Timmy back and her ears perked up as she heard the phone ring. She ran there and picked it up, answering with nervousness.


"Yes sweetie, but remember you have to always answer a phone saying it's the Kaufmann residency" Aunt Sam said, her voice shrouded in a bit of static. "Listen, a cargo train derailed and the tracks are blocked until tomorrow."

"Whaaaaat? So you won't be here tonight?" The kitten answered with a hint of fear in her voice.

"I'm afraid so... I was going to drive home but there's a lot of traffic due to the blizzard, so I'll stay here and we'll see each other in the morning, okay?" She said, trying to soothe her down.

"But I've never slept alone! I'm scared!" She replied

"Don't worry honey. Tell you what, how about you and Timmy both sleep in my bed tonight? You can watch TV until you fall asleep and when you wake up, I'll be there. I need you to be a very brave girl tonight, okay?"

"Okay mommy. I love you." She said, regaining her composure.

"Love you too rosy, don't cause any trouble! Bye!" she said before hanging up.

Rose hung up and went to Timmy. As she informed him of the situation, he began to feel a bit uncomfortable for some reason he couldn't quite pinpoint, but he accepted the idea rather well. It was getting late so they went to Aunt Sam's bedroom right away. The TV had nothing interesting on, except maybe a cartoon or two, so they turned it off and decided to do something else. They began by exploring the bathroom, where they found some beauty products which they applied generously without any glance at the instructions. With one particular cream, however, they had some trouble. If they had stopped for a second to read it they would've noticed it was the fur stiffener that Aunt Sam used to give the fur on her ears that pointy, sexy look. Without any knowledge of this, they applied it abundantly on their arms. As expected, it immediately hardened their fur, making them look like they had been shocked with a car battery. After laughing about it, they quickly noticed that moving their arms was a bit painful as every movement pulled on their fur. Timmy, who was the smartest even though Rose had better grades, grabbed the jar and read out loud.

"Goliath fur cream, for that explosively sexy look. Developed by SoFurry laboratories, cosmetic department. Not tested on humans..." he began forcibly.

"Can you skip to the part where it says how to get it off?" She asked, losing her patience.

"Okay, sorry... Here it is: To remove, generously apply hot water to the area. If necessary, use liquid soap to quicken the process." He finished.

They went to the sink to attempt to remove it, but their short stature combined with their reduced mobility made the task virtually impossible. After a couple failed attempts, Timmy came up with an idea.

"Why don't we use the shower? We can clean each other off easily."

"Like we used to do when mother gave us baths?" Rose said.

"Yeah! It'll be easier. And fun too!" Timmy replied with enthusiasm as he removed all of his clothes, motioning her to do the same. They had seen each other naked when younger, and since their bodies hadn't changed that much both their curiosities were satisfied with a quick glance.

With their hands extended like cartoon mummies they entered the large shower. Timmy turned one of the knobs.

"EEP!" Rose exclaimed as the water hit her. "It's cold!"

"Sorry, I'll try again" He said apologetically as he fumbled with both knobs, trying to get the temperature just right. Rose got out of the water's way just in time to avoid getting burned.

"Here, I'll do it Timmy." She said as she adjusted them like her mother used to do. Soon, a warm stream was flowing out of the nozzle, and the kittens began to carefully wash each other. Their arms lost their rigidity almost immediately, though a few spots refused to wash out. Tim, who had less spots than Rose, grabbed a bottle of liquid soap and pretty much emptied it on her arms. The spots disappeared without too much rubbing, but he had applied so much soap her body was now completely covered in it. In an attempt to remedy the situation, he began to rub all her body. It only generated even more and more foam, which eventually spread to him. She also helped, rubbing and rubbing and rubbing the foam away.

Timmy began to feel that odd feeling again. For some reason he could not comprehend, his cousin's nude figure was causing it to grow even more powerful than before. Things became even weirder when Rose brushed away some foam from his pelvis, hitting something with her hand that shouldn't be there. As curious as she was, she immediately began to work on washing away the foam in that area until his erect member stood proud of itself and as intriguing both its owner and his cousin.

"What is that?" She asked intrigued. "Are you sick or something?"

"I don't know. It has never done that before. Has yours ever done that?" He asked, poking it cautiously. With every touch he felt a weird but pleasant sensation, like he was doing something right and yet not right at all.

"Mine? I don't have anything like that!" She said, looking down to her own pelvis just to be sure. "Maybe it comes with age?"

"No... We're both the same age, down to the month. I think it's something that just boys have." He concluded, slowly stretching it to see just how flexible it was. "But if you don't have it, then what do you have?"

She looked at him confused, like it was an obvious answer. She didn't feel entirely comfortable with showing him now that she knew he was different, so she used a trait inherited from her mother and struck a deal.

"Tell you what, you let me take a good look at your... Thing... And then you get a look at mine. Deal?"

"Deal!" Timmy said. It was a good deal for Timmy, since Rose was already looking at his since before the deal.

With that being said, she got in closer and kneeled in front of him to look closer at it. It was small as expected, barely three or four inches long. It was of a crimson color, much more vibrant than his cherry red fur. It was narrow and curved slightly upwards, and it had a very pointy head. Further examination told Rose that there was a line of spikes protruding from the base of the head and aimed towards his body. Below it, two small and well camouflaged testicles dangled softly in their sack. She took one of her fingers and very carefully touched it.

"Ouch! Claws!" He yelled.

"Sorry! Sorry!" She said as she retracted her claws. "Are you okay? Did I hurt you Timmy? I'm sorry, I really am, I..."

"Don't worry Cuz. You didn't hurt me." He said, trying to relax her. "You can keep going as long as you only touch with your fur."

After a few seconds of nervous thinking, curiosity overcame her guilt and touched it again, this time with her bare paw. This caused him to jump a bit and inhale sharply, which she interpreted as another pain reaction, pulling away before he could explain that he wasn't feeling any pain. That's as far as the situation would've gone, but Rose remembered her side of the deal in time and quickly reminded Timmy. Eager to explore this new difference, he did the same as she had done and knelt before her. He could see evidently now that they were very different because instead of the imperceptible sheath and balls he had, she had nothing. Nothing at all. Not satisfied with this, he poked with his finger (claws retracted, naturally) all around her groin. Her pelvic area felt pretty much the same as his, even though it didn't have his red thingy. He poked lower and his face turned red as his finger slid through her skin like he'd cut her or something. Still, seeing no blood and no reaction from her, he investigated the place further. He found out that she had two flaps of fur covered skin, which had some sort of opening in the middle. Whatever those flaps covered though could not be determined thanks to the fact that she was standing up, her legs closed.

"Ummm, Cuz? Can you lie down please?" He asked sheepishly

"Why? What is it?" She said, confused.

"I think I found what your thing is, but your legs are in the way." He said, hoping she wouldn't back out and leave him intrigued.

"Sure! How should I?" She said as she rested herself facing the ceiling, only her half bottom being sprayed by the shower.

"Ummm, here. Lemme just..." He said as he placed his cousin's legs out of the way like a cute, inexperienced gynecologist. With this, her outer folds spread apart naturally, allowing him to see a hint of pink flesh. He touched it gently and saw it was yet another flap, which he gently pulled away. Rose shivered a bit at the touch, feeling a very strange tingling on all her pelvis. Her tiny nipples perked up, poking out of the fur. Tim saw that behind the second pair of folds, there was another big jumble of flesh made of the same color as before. The shape intrigued him and caused him to develop an almost painful erection. He was about to touch something that looked like a tiny knob when fate decided it would intervene. The hot water ran out and as the ice cold splash hit the kittens, they jumped up and rushed the rest of their cleaning, forgetting everything they had been doing. After the soap was gone and their fur clean, they both walked out of the shower shivering, and used a pair of towels to dry themselves off.

After putting on their PJs and brushing their teeth like the obedient kittens they were they found themselves without any desire to sleep at all. Perhaps due to the small nap they took after the snow fiasco or just the amount of fun they'd been having, but sleep was definitely low on their priority list. They began to open drawers here and there, but they didn't find anything interesting at all. The upper drawers, however, were unexplored by them since they couldn't reach them by themselves. In the name of adventure, he stood in her shoulders and managed to reach the top. There, he opened the drawer to find some legal looking papers, boring stuff like greeting cards and old business supplies. One thing did catch his eye: a small cardboard box with no markings. He carefully grabbed it and handed it down to Rose before dropping down to the ground. They opened it, revealing an assortment of devices which they had never seen before. Timmy picked one up, a long string with a ring on one end, holding small purple spheres at regular intervals. He waved it around like a lasso before getting bored and putting it back in.

"What do you think these are?" He said as Rose picked up another device.

"I don't know" She said, examining the object in her hands. "This one kinda looks like your thingy, only bigger"

After toying around with the other objects, Timmy's attention turned towards something he did recognize: a massager. It was one of those new, compact models which strapped around the masseuse's hand, with the main device resting in its palm. He checked if it had batteries and then strapped it on his right paw.

"What's that?" she asked, leaving the box alone and focusing on him.

"It's an awesome toy! Dad had one of those and he taught me how to use it. Here, let me show you" He said as he turned it on and placed it in her shoulders, below the PJs. She giggled at the sensation, causing him to move around and around her neck and shoulders.

"It feels really good on your back." He said. She nodded happily and threw herself on the bed, face down, as she removed her clothes leaving only her panties. He kneeled at her side and began to massage her back all the way down to her small behind. She purred as the vibrations relaxed her muscles and sent ripples of pleasure through her skin. He did circles, pressed harder on her more tense areas and softly brushed her butt like an expert. After fifteen minutes of this treatment he stopped and told her to roll over. She'd enjoyed a lot so far, so she turned to face up immediately. He resumed massaging her, this time focusing on her belly. It felt even better than on her back and she meowed softly, signaling him that he was doing a superb job. He also massaged her chest, the powerful vibrations echoing in her tiny lungs, giving her soft moans a robotic feel. Suddenly the device passed right over her nipple, causing her to feel a warm and fuzzy feeling in her belly and her pelvis. Her breathing became a bit shallower, which he interpreted as a sign that he was doing something right. Using her moans as a gauge, he found that the place she enjoyed the most was the nipple, which had begun to show a bit over the fur. He focused his efforts there, causing her to blush an moan louder as the vibrations aroused her even further. After some time, however, he decided to return to her belly, slowly massaging her in circles again.

Rose had become aroused, though she had no idea of this. As he kept massaging her she almost unconsciously used one of her paws to push his a bit lower and lower. He just complied as he saw that she was enjoying it more and more as he went towards her pelvis. As he passed over the white panties, however, she held his paw firm indicating he'd arrived. She felt the vibrations running through the fabric and into her folds, converting the vibrations into waves of endorphins that caused her to moan even harder. Timmy was happy he'd found a spot her cousin enjoyed that much, but for some reason he too began to feel odd. He was aroused too, but the only indicator was the hot sensation all over his body, which he attempted to remedy by taking off his PJs and keeping only his tight briefs on. While he did this, Rose decided that the fabric was only getting in the way and took off her panties. They came off as a string of her juices stretched between her folds and the garment, only to be broken by the tension. The damp spot in them was barely visible and they were not exactly paying attention, so it went unnoticed. The hand with the massager returned, immediately heading towards her now bare pussy. With no fabric in between, the massager's vibrations made her shiver and arch her back a bit. Her breathing now consisted of short, jagged and shallow breaths, only interrupted by the high pitched squeals and moans.

At first Timmy just rubbed the pubic mound with the small device, but as she spread her legs and pushed him down he ended up with the vibrator right on top of her lips. Her paw returned and pushed his towards her, generating pressure as she meowed harder. She had no idea as to why this was feeling so good, but she did know that she didn't want it to stop anytime soon. Her legs closed, gripping him and pushing him further against her small lips. After a few seconds of this treatment she started to raise her hips a bit, moaning loudly, before crying out and relaxing. Unknown to the kitten, she had just experienced the first orgasm of her still short life, proved by the generous amounts of clear fluid that coated Tim's hand as he pulled it away, not knowing what had just happened. The kitten's first reaction was that her cousin had peed on him, but as he noticed the difference in texture he smelled it, just to be sure. It was a sweet and yet strange smell, and Timmy attempted to sneak a taste without Rose noticing, which was easy since her eyes were still closed. The taste was odd, like not delicious but it felt very right. Without her noticing he licked all his fingers clean before she opened her eyes.

"What just happened? Did you do this?" She asked, very curious.

"I think so... Are you okay?" He said like expecting a scolding from her.

"Yeah...Yeah... It actually felt kinda... Good" she said. "Why are you swollen again?"

Timmy looked down at the huge tent on his underwear. It was a very tight garment and his penis painfully fought against it to remain upright. Timmy thought that taking his clothes off would alleviate the pain, which he confirmed immediately as he removed the briefs. His red and pulsating feline penis sprang up, even bigger than it had been on the shower. He was about to resume the massage before he stopped abruptly and looked at his cousin.

"Ummm, Rose? I feel...Funny" He said, unable to convey the words for his feelings.

"How so? Do you need a doctor? Should I call mom?" She said, evidently concerned.

"No, I think I'm okay. It's my... Thingy. I feel like I'm supposed to do something with it, but..." He began.

"But what?"

"I'm not sure what, but I think it maybe has to do with yours" He finished, feeling dizzy all of a sudden.

"Maybe they're supposed to touch? Like when grownups kiss?" she hypothesized.

Timmy got up in the bed and awkwardly laid down on top of her, matching their genitals with ease since they had the same stature. On his sensitive member he felt the heat that was emanating from her recently pleasured pussy as they both made contact, causing both kittens to shiver. His small kittenhood was sandwiched between her now slick folds and his belly fur.

"I think this is what we're supposed to do... It feels nice" She said softly

"It does feel nice, but there's still something more... I think..." He replied. His arm was in a bad position and he moved a bit to get into a more comfortable position, which caused his shaft to rub against her slit, pulling a gasp from both.

" that again" She said. He moved a bit again, this time focused on the rubbing. It felt even better than before which caused them to gasp again. He kept it up, grinding against her slowly and clumsily. Still, something inside his primal brain told him he was doing it wrong.

"Maybe it's supposed to go inside?" Rose asked, surprising Timothy.

"Inside what?"

"Inside mine?" She said shyly. After all, it was a simple geometry problem, like solving a puzzle, yet Timmy due to his limited exploration of her parts had no idea that there was an opening inside those pink little folds.

"Should we... Try?" He said, feeling extremely nervous all of a sudden. It was like his brain had gone into overdrive, like someone had inserted a holo-disk inside a 1950 computer. He felt flushed and warm at the same time, and the tingle inside his pelvis returned, harder than he thought imaginable.

"Sure. I bet it feels nice" She replied, also ignorant to the whole thing.

He decided to investigate first, using a finger to gently prod around her lips. Inside, he felt they were extremely soft and warm, and that there was indeed an opening which felt extremely inviting. Satisfied with his research, he stood up and asked her:

"So... How do we do this?" He said

"Umm... I think... Here, lemme..." She said as she fumbled with positions on the bed. Eventually she settled for her previous one, lying on her back.

"Just... Lay down on top like you did before" She said as she opened her legs this time.

He did, using both his hands to support his weight. He lined his penis up as best as he could, but since he couldn't use his hands and had little knowledge of her parts, she was the owner of the paw that guided him into perfect alignment. He softly allowed his body weight to push inside, and they both took sharp breaths as the head slid in easily, due to the amount of natural lubrication she had produced during the massage. Then, just before hitting her innocence barrier, of which neither knew, the sheet ripped. One of his hands slipped and the other couldn't hold his weight. He fell on top of her, tearing her hymen and impaling her to the balls accidentally. She cried out in pain and she squirmed beneath him as she fought the pain coming from her insides. A small tear ran down her cheek as she tried to push her cousin away with her paws. He was conscious that he had hurt her, and as soon as he regained his footing he tried to get it out. This, however, caused the barbs at the base of its head to scratch her insides painfully.

"Stop! Stop!" She cried out. "Don't move, it hurts" She said, more tears flowing.

Timmy was far too scared to notice the warm, soft feeling that was enveloping his small penis like a hug. He froze in place, resting as much as possible on his paws, but also on her stomach in case he slipped again.

"I'm so sorry rose, I didn't mean to... And I slipped I... But it..." he said, panicking as he looked down and saw that his whole penis had disappeared inside her folds and a couple drops of blood had fallen on the white bed sheet. "Are you okay? Does it hurt too much? Can I do something to help?" he blurted out. He kissed her eyelids, gently licked off her tears, gave her little pecks in the nose... He wanted to set things right, to undo the damage he'd done, he wanted his cousin to love him again. A minute passed, painfully slow. Then another, then five more, until ten minutes had elapsed. And after those ten minutes of silence, she spoke up.

"It... Doesn't hurt that much now." She whispered, her tears drying up. In a couple more minutes, she was as if nothing had happened.

"It doesn't hurt anymore, Tim. Don't worry; I know you didn't mean it." She said, seeing as he was still extremely nervous and concerned.

"Are you sure you're okay?" He asked. "Because you did bleed a little down there"

"I did? Well, I'm fine now." She said.

Timmy relaxed, happy that no lasting harm had been done. All of his worrying had caused him to go a bit limp, but now he felt his cock slowly grow again. She felt it too, inhaling sharply as she felt him stretch her gently, slowly, like a party balloon being inflated inside her. It felt unbelievably good, like they were supposed to do it every day, at any time possible. As his penis finally reached its maximum rigidity, Timmy felt her grip get tighter and tighter around him. Finally, that odd primal desire that was telling him he was supposed to do something had silenced, letting him know that this is what his little penis was there for. He attempted to pull out; a bit worried he might hurt her again. His barbs raked her insides once more, but this time she felt it differently. She felt a mix of pain and pleasure, like she didn't want him to pull out but enjoyed it anyway. He felt her chest rise quickly as she gasped, and reversed his action, pushing back in. He noticed that when he moved on that direction, his barbs flexed and the movement was smooth and easy. What he also noticed was the pleasure he felt from that simple movement, a tingling that bolted through his pelvis and then up to the rest of his body.

She felt him push back in, spreading her no longer virgin walls as it passed through. She still felt the pain, but it was confined to background noise over the pleasure they felt.

"Did I hurt you again?" he asked

"No... It actually felt nice... Maybe do it again?" she asked.

He pulled back again, a bit more this time. The barbs, designed to stimulate ovulation, made her grunt a bit. As it was almost out, he pushed in all the way again. They both moaned in pleasure at the new and wild sensation, and out of instinct she opened her legs even further, allowing him a better angle. Still, as he gave it another thrust, she noticed that their current position was somewhat uncomfortable. As ingenious as ever, she noticed that lifting her hips a bit felt more natural, and as he plunged back inside her she squealed. He had just hit her G-spot, for the first time ever in her life. Now it was just a matter of finding a way to keep her hips raised without getting tired. A pillow quickly did the trick, and she found out it had the added advantage of cushioning her nicely. Oblivious to all of this, Timothy Greene allowed his instinct to take over as he quickened the tempo of his thrusts. On every retreating motion, Rose wasn't the only one pleasured by the barbs on his head as they also sent ripples of pleasure through his young body. His movements got quicker, more erratic as he reached his own peak. A peak he had never reached before.

Rose felt him pound her pussy with quicker movements, which increased her pleasure immensely. She quickly got the idea that faster equaled better, an idea that would change in a few days but that now looked extremely appealing to her.

"Ahhh... Faster Timmy...mmmm faster..." she pleaded between moans as his inexperienced thrusts drove her nuts. He complied, wrapping his paws against her back and supporting his entire tiny frame on top of hers. With this position, he was able to quickly jerk his hips, making use of his whole length to buck into her. She was seeing stars as he moved again and again and again. His lack of experience and previous arousal conspired against him as he felt fullness in his pelvis. As the last bits of rational thinking left him, he let out a cute, childish growl as he hilted himself within her inner depths. He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth as his tiny orbs tensed up and he shot a couple tiny strings of cum, deep inside her maybe fertile womb. She felt him go in with one hard trust, and then sudden warmth in her belly which was actually his own seed, breaking her cervical barrier. She grabbed her cousin's back and clutched hard as the feeling drove her once more over the edge, causing her inner walls to clamp down on him and milking him for all he had.

"Tiiiiimmmmyyyyy..." She shouted as she pushed her hips against his, getting him a few millimeters deeper. They held against each other, forcing their hips together as much as they could while they rode the waves of endorphin caused by the naughty act that left a puddle of their combined fluids on the bed. They then collapsed, Tim on top of her, panting and breathing heavily with a mix of exhaustion and pleasure. It took them a few minutes to ride out the pleasure and control their breathing before Rose managed to speak.

"Tim... I don't know what that was, but we definitely need to do it again sometime... Tim? Timothy?" she said. Her cousin was sound asleep. She pushed him off her, rolling him to the side and causing his now flaccid penis to slide right out of her, creating a mess of fluids below. But before she could clean it, she was soundly asleep too, with a huge smile on her face.

The door opened furtively, the key sliding in and out like a ninja's blade. The turquoise blue female came in, not bothering to turn on the lights as she took off her heels and walked towards her bedroom, her soft cushioned paws making no noise at all. The door was wide open, and the kittens were sound asleep. She came closer, when she received a text from her brother on the phone.

"Did it work?"

She used her feline night vision to survey the room. The two kittens, asleep and fully naked by a box of sex toys, the ripped bed sheet, the two or three blood drops that had soaked into the bed, the smell of sex in the air emanating from both of them and the clear puddle in the middle. She smiled mischievously as she texted back:

"Like a charm"