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The New Slave

By: Beefy the Bull

A new slave undergoes training.

*********\ **Warning* ***********

M/M, Bull, Tau, Minotaur, Bovine, Human, Master/slave, Domination/submission, Bondage, Chastity, Piercings, Humiliation, Anal, Leather, Masturbation,


Note: A quick one off (I hope) just something I was thinking about.


A large, brown furred hand awoke me. I leaned up from the cot and looked over my shoulder at the brown, black and white mottled minotaur. It was time to get up. He unfastened the chain from my ankle and stepped back, waiting.

I sat up and stood stretching my naked body, and watched the minotaur leave the small drab room, staring at the many small colored spots on his pelt flexing over his strong frame as I followed- the start of the morning ritual. In the next room there were always two metal buckets, the first one was in the corner for me to relive myself (without any privacy) and the second the minotaur held was full of warm water and a washcloth for a quick morning sponge bath. After my business- though nothing was mine any more- I presented myself to the minotaur for my bath. I stood still while he washed me with the cloth and warm water, and complied when he moved a limb or positioned me as he cleaned. Once that was done, he paced me through a few light stretches, sit-ups, and pushups. After stretches was breakfast, which he felt should be light- it was usually just a roll or an apple and a bowl of water on the floor for me to drink from. Once I had had my fill I returned to him and kneeled before him and readied for training. He grabbed the light brown leather harness from the table next to him and motioned me to stand. I stood and turned around and he applied the harness to my chest and buckled it behind my back. It took a long time to learn to accept the harness and leash and all that, it's not easy swallowing your pride, but the master was not one to give up, and he certainly trained me. After the harness came the cuffs and mitts. He grabbed my wrists and held my hands behind my back, and slid on two leather bag like mitts over my hands, forcing my fingers in to a small ball at the tip. Then he applied steel cuffs over the wrists and cinched the mitts to a ring on the cuffs.

Next was the hood. I had really hated the hood. I still didn't like it, but the master was insistent, and I quickly learned there were worse things and terrible punishments for slaves that didn't obey. So I stood perfectly still as the master put the hood on me. The hood was a brown leather and had soft padding stitched to the inside for a little bit of airflow over the skin. It had eye, mouth, nose, and ear openings when he put it on, but sadly this was the most tolerable part. The hood had several flaps and accessories to limit the senses, I breathed deeply and tried to prepare myself for the inevitable.

Suddenly the eye-cover flap was closed, blocking out all light, leaving me blind. Then he put the ear plugs and cover flaps, leaving me to only the sound of my breath and heart. A then the small rubbery bulb pressed to my lips and I quickly accepted it in my mouth. The master taught me- several times, and as many times as I needed- that I was to obey and accept everything he gave or ordered instantly. The small rubber bulb was one of those things. It pressed in to my mouth filling it slightly and I could feel the mouth cover flap being cinched in place. I was blind, deaf, mute, and helpless as a worm- something he seemed to like.

Then I felt the part I liked the least- he grabbed my penis and put the rings on- as if the piercings weren't enough.

The piercings! Humph. The first day he had me he put in piercings, most of them permanent- as in seamlessly welded in place. When I could later I looked close, I tugged, and I tried- they were permanent without cutting the tender flesh. The piercings were in a man's most tender and private spots, and I was outraged, I guess I still am, but I just accept them for the most part- I don't see any choice. The first one he gave me frightened me the most. It was through the bottom of the dong through in to the piss-hole. It hurt and it made it messy to piss until he put in the metal tube and ring. It was ring around the head -inside the foreskin- and a little metal pipe or tube in the piss-slit- (I didn't expect it to actually feel ok for him to put it in, never mind the embarrassment) and a locking device that held the two together. through the new hole in the bottom of my dong. All that would be bad enough, right? Right?

Well then, there were four small seamless, stainless steel rings in the fore skin, one on top, bottom and both sides. These on their own went a problem it was how the minotaur liked to keep them that was. He put a small brass pad-lock through them all. Yah. A small little lock the size of my pinky finger, made of brass, holding my foreskin closed. I wish that was the worst of it. Usually- like right now- the little lock was also locked around the little ring in the bottom of my ball sack. He checked them regularly and cleaned those parts of me during my baths, but still.

The bull once told me that the rings in my penis ware to keep me from pleasuring myself, and he regularly reminded me that He was my source of pleasure, not me, not girls, not my hand - Him. And sadly the rings worked- I couldn't get it up without great pain, and I couldn't stroke myself or cum without getting it up. gods, I was so pent up.

He had on two occasions removed the rings, and... well- jerked me off. He called it 'expressing' me, and insisted I sit naked in his lap while it happen. Not bad until you consider he was naked too, and enjoying 'expressing' me as much as I was trying to.

But the rings served another purpose- training. Right now, I felt him place a small fine chain through the lock on the tip of my cock, and then thread it up to the locking buttplug (I'll tell you about that later), through the d-ring on that device, and up to the cuffs on my wrists. The result was that any tugging or excessive movement of my wrists pulled on my tenders.

So I didn't. I was 'well behaved' as he said.

The other end of the chain you might ask? From my tenders to his grip.

Yah. That's a 'training leash' to him. If I'm 'bad', or I do something I'm not supposed to, a light pressure reminds me, and if I get in trouble a little tug punishes me. Bastard. I was good on the leash- anyone smart and not addicted to pain would be.

So we were ready for our walk. Each time the walks got more complex, longer and with more restrictions. The main leash was a leather strap from a ring on the back of the harness and he held that in one hand, and light pulls and tugs on that was part of how he guided me. Pulling on the harness leash was for speed and forward movement and He also had a little leather riding crop- he called it a 'guide stick'- that he used to tap on my thighs to indicate turns, steps, and obstacles. Like three taps descending on the outside of my right thigh meant stairs to my right, going down. Timing was key and we practiced with and without blinders for a month until I had it down. A pressure on my right upper thigh meant to veer right some- more pressure meant how far right to angle myself. A quick tap was a corner, and inside of the thigh taps described obstacles in front like curbs or people.

It was humiliating and degrading, but I had no choice but to accept it. Chains and whips taught me that- you don't get chained to a wall and whipped bloody and forget why. So every day this is what we did. gods know why he wasted so much time training me to walk around the city naked and blind.

We stopped at a park in the Minotaur city, a mid day break I heard him call it once. The bull tapped the kneel sequence and I did. The ground was soft, but there was always a catch- a small ring in the ground was clipped onto the ring in my ball sack. The master rested on a bench behind me and tied off my leash and training chain to a short post behind me. Soon there would be water from the little hose. The laces of the hood were loosened and a strong hand rested on the back of my skull.


I tied the leash to the slave post and grabbed the little flexible water hose, and pushed it in to the slaves gag, turning the valve so he could drink. I loosened the hood some, and affectionately rested a hand on the back of his head, petting him lightly once. This one was a good one, he would turn out well.

"Marcus? I saw you in the market- his step and form are finally shaping up!" one of my colleagues said sitting next to me, admiring my slave.

"Yes indeed he is learning quickly. I expect to be able to move on to service and bed training in a month or two if he keeps up like this." I said placing my hand on my human's shoulder as I looked down at him.

"Only you can pick such an unlikely animal and make him in to something so fine, I may have to commission you some time." My friend said standing and starting to move on.

"I would love the challenge." I replied with a smile as he slowly walked away, "but I would have to finish training this one, and I think the next part of his training will be extensive and long term." I said with a fond squeeze of the man's shoulder.

I was greatly tempted to start tonight with bed manners.

I tightened the hood cinches once more and unfastened the slave from the slave post. Tapping his shoulder, bringing him to a stand, a light tug on the leash and a tap on the thigh and we were on our way home. He had learned to be so well behaved on the leash, I was starting to embarrass myself thinking about how good he might be in bed with the right training. I thought better of starting bed training so soon, but I found I just had to know. This one was special- I just knew it. I tugged the leash bringing the animal to a light jog to hasten our trip home.

Once home, I brought him to the second training room, one just for training animals in bed manners. I decided to test his receptiveness first. The leash and training leash were attached to a post, and I loosened my clothes. It was always best to train an animal with both of us in the nude; it helped establish dominance and speed up the man's acceptance of our sexual relations when they happened.

I reached out and caressed him, before it had always been to appreciate his form, to admire him. This time, it was to enjoy him. Rubbing my hands over his soft body, the daily lotion before bed had made his skin soft and smooth. I reached down and grasped his testicals in my hand, cupping his maleness, squeezing it lightly. He shuddered, likely both from the sensation and fear. Animals like this one were prone to that. No matter.

Unfastening the small fine chain to his rings, and pulling the key from my necklace, I unlocked the small brass padlock from the head of his penis. Setting them aside, I stroked his little cock some, and quickly it grew and pushed out firmly from the foreskin. I touched his stomach softly, I really admired the sight of a human getting hard and excited for his master, soon he would serve me. I took the leash and pulled the human to the bed, and attached the leash to a ring on the wall. A swat from the training crop reminded him to settle down on his knees and wait for my orders. He was nervous, afraid even. But he was hard too. He craved release, I could smell it.

I reached to the bedside table and grabbed the most important bed-training tool. A long rubber hose that split in to two earplugs at one end and a flat metal listen at the other. The metal piece strapped to my chest with a leather strap, and the split ends were inserted in to the slave's ears under the hood. It had a noticeable calming effect as he listened to my heart and my breath.

I grabbed his bottom and set it in my lap, with his legs straddling my waist. A quick tie was cinched around his ankles, and he wasn't going any place. He just lay back on the pillows and listened to my heart. He was afraid I could see it in his chest rise and smell it in his sweat. My finger dug in to a bowl of gel and pressed to his hole, greasing him for the next step of his training.

I used the slowest, longest push I could manage to pop my lubed cock head into the man's tight hole, I moaned long and low for him, and he whimpered quietly in reply, overwhelmed by my sounds.

Yes, he would do just fine.