Wake Up to Rise and Shine

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15 of The Silence of the Savior

*Chapter 15 *

Sunn's head lifted with a start, traces of sunlight finding her sleepy eyes. Not sure what woke her, she laid back down and loved the feeling of Jared wrapped around her. But suddenly someone else moved against her and her eyes popped back open. The bright orange and black fur in front of her rolled and stretched, bright eyes opening and finding her own.

Kate looked back at her with as much surprise as they both remember the night before. Having the same thought, they looked around at the sleeping Fox and Rottweiler, wondering if there had not been some planning going on to do with their drunken orgy that lead to them all sleeping in the queen-size bed.

Meeting Sunn's eyes again, Kate could see the blush warming up to her ears as she tried to hide herself beneath the covers. Rolling slightly so that her head was on top of them and she was unable to pull them over herself, the Tigress smiled devilishly.

But that smile faded as they lay there, staring at each other. The blush slowly faded and a red furred paw rose and petted the orange fur on the top of her head. All Sunn could think about was how beautiful her female Tiger friend was as the morning light shown in her warm fur, and how much she wanted to burry herself in its scent. So did just that, nuzzling down on the top of Kate's head, feeling her lean into her and a low purr sounding.

She was embarrassed about having sex in front of Kate, and especially Jack, but it had felt so exhilarating. She wonder to herself if it could always feel like that. The thought brought her lips to Kate before she even knew what she was doing. A surprised gasp and the purr grew louder as her textured tongue forced it's way past her lips. They kissed that way for long minutes, till the position started to cramp Sunn's neck. Turning herself so that her backside was pressed against Jared's hard stomach, her head was directly over Kate's nose to chin and she dropped back down to claim her maw once more.

Sharp claws came up to tangle in her head-fur as it hung over them, and her own paw returned to her striped cheek, rubbing strongly as their breathing turned heavy. She thrust back sharply as a nimble paw went down the front of the tank top she still wore and raked a claw across her, now very hard nipple. Trailing her own claws lightly down her friend's form, feeling her shiver as she went, she drove herself straight into her warm, wet pussy.

The claws on the back of her head gripped tighter as Kate started to wine, barely able to focus on their strong kissing. Driving her quick fingers into her friend held all of her attention and she did not hear the groan from behind her.

Jared had woke, yawning as he felt like he might be pushed off the bed. Looking down he was more than happy to see Sunn's rear pressed against him, the heat already warming him, but following her bodyline he noticed the Tigress wiggling beneath her. Sitting up slightly, he got a good look at her paw driving deep between her legs and he groan as his cock slipped half way from its resting place.

As he watched the exquisite seen before him, he saw Jack's eyes blink and open, ears turning towards the sound of his girlfriends excitement. Suddenly realizing what was happening, he sat up on his elbows and locked his eyes with Jared. He only shrugged, but the want was heavy in both of their gazes. Moving slowly to not disturb the girls, he positioned himself behind Sunn's ass, raised so hotly into the air. Bending over her and biting into her side, he heard Kate moan deeply, guessing her paw had squeezed her harder.

Jack moved now, sitting up beneath Kate, laid out on her back, and lifted her ass to sit on his lap. Pumping his black paw on himself a few times, he watched as Sunn's nimble fingers drove his girlfriend over the edge. A muffled cry and the sound of her juices squishing around those quick fingers was too much already. With a gentle paw he moved Sunn's away enough that he could slip into the hot opening.

Starting to push in, Jack's head suddenly fell back and he groaned, his claw bit into Kate's side and the bed beneath her. Jared's head lifting up from the kisses he was placing of Sunn's lower back, he saw his friend panting heavy and his eyes fluttering. Rising to his knees he looked across the bed. Jack was already buried into Kate, but Sunn's hand had returned, gripping around his shaft as he pumped into her.

Her hot fingers, still slick with juices, held him so tightly that he almost didn't dare to move. But the muscles he knew so well were pulling him in, wanting him to thrust into her hard. The paw made a tight circle around him as he started to drive in, groaning at the amazing pressure both inside and out. He wasn't sure how long he would last, but at that moment he didn't care. The short thrusts drove Kate crazy and she kneaded and clawed at Sunn's chest and shirt.

Unable to hold out, Jared wrapped a paw around his shaft and braced the other on her raised hips to steady himself. Already dripping with excitement, he thrust himself in as hard as his position allowed. Losing her balance, Sunn's chest fell down upon Kate's crushing their exposed nipples together. The Tigress' cry of pleasure drove Jared and Jack's hips harder, rubbing their chests together with every movement.

For several thrusts, Sunn let her head rest on Kate's warm stomach as it heaved, and she listened to the whimpers and purrs and cries, making her even hotter. Both of their free paws found each other's shoulders and pulled, helping to drive them back onto the strong cocks as they impaled them. Nails biting into fur as the continued to cum, one after another.

When the smell was too strong for her to resist, Sunn rose to her front paw and crawled down her friend's body, forcing Jared to follow or slip out of her. Curiously, as he continued to thrust into her, he watched as she dipped her head low. Suddenly Kate spasmed beneath them and Jack convulsed, his paw rising to grip her head-fur. It tangled around his fingers and spurred on her lustful movements as he bent his chest over her head.

He had felt a level of relief when her paw had moved from his shaft, giving him more depth and more time before he was sure he would explode, but the sudden warmth of her breath and broad stroke of her tongue sent his head reeling. Catching Kate's clit made her squeeze tighter around him, more of her juices flowing out, then stretching to lick them off on his smooth flesh before it sank back into her and started all over again.

Humping more frantically, he felt a paw clasp his shoulder. His lust-drunk eyes looked up to meat Jared's full of raw emotion, the grip on his shoulder pulling them together and harder into their girls, now returning their wild strokes at a feverish pace.

Grunting and moaning filled the room, making Sunn's ears ring as she thrust back on Jared's flesh, the bursting from inside her becoming a very comfortable but still exciting feeling. The flavor of Jack's sweat and Kate juices made her murr silently, the vibrations causing Jack to tighten his grip on her head-fur. She could feel his hot break beating on her back as the pounding into her grew stronger. The flesh moving faster under her tongue told her they would not be very long.

Knowing the feeling she would receive from Jared, and that Kate would get the same from Jack sent her over the edge once again, tightening like a clamp on the flesh buried within her. A howling bark as his knot popped into her and she got what she was waiting for. Her maw hung open as she wished she could scream out, feeling his jets beat against her insides. On impulse she reached down, grabbing the bulge of Jack's knot, not letting it sink into Kate. There was a whimper until she squeezed tightly and he cried out. She could feel his fluids pulsing beneath his flesh as she helped him pump every drop he had into Kate's waiting pussy.

Feeling spent, he held himself there, relishing in the feel of Kate's warm flesh and the tight hand still milking his knot. But Sunn's hand drew him back from her warmth and he had to lay back to the pillow to keep from falling off the bed.

His paw free from her hair, it fell back to cover her maw as it dipped low again. Kate's sudden whimpers and pleas gave him pause and he reached to pull back the furred curtain. His retracting cock gave a defined jolt as he saw Sunn licking their combined juices as they flowed from within her, her pinned hips thrusting up helplessly when her tongue dipped into her.

Finally exhausted, she laid next to Kate's twitching body, her hips still in the air and tied to Jared as she closed her eyes and breathed heavy for long moments. She savored the taste of salt and spice, finding more of the flavor as she licked her maw. Opening her eyes she found Jack's gaze, past Kate's still trembling legs, staring at her with wonder and lust, among other things, but she felt too good to question it. She just closed her eyes again and felt Jared slump over her back, rubbing along her sides as his breath finally started to slow.

"That... was a wakeup call." Kate smiled breathlessly as she turned her head towards Sunn's. "You have stamina girl!"

"Where did that come from?" Jared had been dying to know since he had first woke. Jake was curious as well, but he could not take his eyes off of Sunn, looking so peaceful in such an erotic pose.

"I have no idea. Ask your girl." Kate tried to nudge her shoulder as she spoke, but she didn't move. "Is... is she asleep?!?" She reached over and brushed the head-fur from her maw and felt the vibration of a silent murr as she breathed evenly, her closed eyes never stirred.

Though it made his cock twitch inside of her, he gently tried to ease himself out without waking her. Carefully he laid her hips down to the bed so she would not fall over and pulled the covers over her body. Smiling and rubbing his fingers along her cheek for a moment, he then turned away from the bed. As he stood he pulled his pair of green silk sleeping pants up and around his waist, pulling his tail through it's proper hole.

"Why don't you guys get dressed quietly. I'll get started on some food."

Kate actually blushed a little as she looked down at her naked body, and when he had closed the door behind him, she stood and searched for her cloths. When she was dressed, she turned and watched Jack. His eyes were still watching Sunn as she slept, but her heart was not distressed. She could feel her own heart beat stronger when they are looked at each other that morning... before all the funny business started.

"Speaking of funny business," she spoke softly, but in a tone that snapped Jack's attention back toward her.

"What?!" His ears pinned back and he knew he was in trouble.

Kate crossed back to the bed and stood over him, still sitting on its corner. "How much of last night was planned between the two of you?"

"What are you talking about? Sunn and I never planned-"

"No, I mean you and Jared and that bit with the drinks and group sex on the couch."

"Well... I mean...I... uh"

"You may as well tell me or I'll get her to get it out of one of you." Her tone was dangerous as she gestured to Sunn, still sleeping soundly. Was she mad at him for what happened?

"To be honest we didn't plan that, but the idea has been a turn on for both of us for a while. You know he wanted to hit that when we first met." He dare a smile as he grabbed her ass and pulled her into a hug.

She gave him a half smile, but didn't linger in his hold. Dropping his ears back again, he watched her grab his cloths from the floor and had it to him. She was mad, he just knew it.

"Look... I don't know if you'll believe me, but I didn't plan any of this with Sunn, I had no idea-"

"Please. Let's wait and talk about that with Jared." When he looked up at her, worry written plain on his maw, she smiled and held his cheek in reassurance. "I think we all want to know more about what's gone on in the last 24 hours." He nodded and started to pull his clothes on.

The smell of sausage was strong in the air when they entered the kitchen, but it was sitting alone on the griddle. Kate stopped a little short and cleared her throat. Jared, leaning against the refrigerator door, let his paw drop from rubbing against the outside of his pants as his eyes opened and his gaze fell on her. The lustful look in his eyes brought a blush to her cheeks as he turned away and back to the food.

She had had several questions lined up, first off about what started last night, but they all seemed lost someone as she watched him move, everything he was feeling written across him tense muscles.

"Jared... About this morning." Jack was looking down at the counter, not wanting to meet his friend's gaze. "I didn't mean for... I just kind of... I don't know, happened."

"What he's trying to say," Kate jumped in, finding her voice again, "is that he didn't mean for it to happen and you shouldn't be upset. I know that doesn't always mean anything, but I'm not mad at him and you should be mad at either of them either." She looked at Jack so that he knew she meant it, but Jared never looked up from the griddle.

"I'm not mad."

"You...You're not?" They exchanged glances.

"No, that kind of thing happens in these situations." He was silent for almost too long as he turned the sausages over. "I worry about how she will feel when she wakes up. What she will think about all this."

"Are you sure, dude? You seem a little... miffed."

Finally looking up he smiled at Jack. "I would be lying if I said I wasn't jealous." He looked back at the meat for a long moment. "She hasn't done anything like that with me yet. I wanted to try getting to that slowly."

"Oh, man, I swear I didn't force her, I never even touched her, just her hand!"

"Hey, Jack, it's fine. I guess I'm just as surprised as you guys look."

"Yeah," Kate laughed nervously, "I was not expecting that at all this morning." Both guys looked at her. "She started everything this morning, I just reacted accordingly." They all exchanged looks, but before anyone could say anything else they heard the door open from the bedroom.

Rubbing her tiered eyes, she half consciously made her way to the kitchen door way, only to find everyone already gathered there. All eyes seemed to be on her and a blush crept over her cheeks and into her ears and she pulled down on the already knee length hem of another grey shirt from the closet. Why was everyone staring at her?

Looking at everyone individually, she finally found Jared's eyes and smiled. Taking a few steps, she held her arms around his waist and hugged him tight. Over her head they all met eyes again and the others shrugged as he wrapped and arm around her shoulders.

"You hungry?" Her smile was large and childlike as she looked up and nodded to him. "You mind getting the table set." She shook her head in a silly way and practically skipped over to the cupboard and out to the table.

They all met eyes again and Kate shrugged. "Did we expect her to be different?"

"But she was so unlike herself this morning. She's always so..."

"Shy." Jared finished for him.

"Look, it's still her, unless she tells us otherwise. Maybe this is just another side of her that even she hasn't seen yet. You said she didn't have much sexual experience."

They exchanged looks again and this time Jared shrugged.

"If you are that worried about it, ask her sometime when we're not here. That way she will feel more comfortable talking about it." Even the voice of reason for women troubles, Jared nodded and smiled at Kate. "Good. I'll grab us some toast. We need something to go with all our meat this morning."

The guys chocked back a laugh just as Sunn came back into the room, Kate bending into the fridge.