Young love part 2

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2 of Young Love Well after a few months I finally managed to finish the second part of this story. I hope people enjoy I haven't had time for more than a brief proof reading so please be kind and forgive any typos.

There is a small area of consciousness, somewhere just between sleep and waking when you are aware you are almost awake but are still wrapped in the warm embrace of your bed. Steven drifted in that area desperately trying to stay there, aware of the warm arms of his lover, the soft fur of his body against his skin and the warmth of his embrace filled him with contentment.

Unfortunately his mind was starting to focus more on the warning signs of his bladder and against his mind's better judgement his body woke up. He found himself in his own single bed, laying with his arms around Danny, the wolf's arms around him, their naked bodies pressing together. He rested his head on Danny's chest smiling as he remembered every detail of that wonderful evening; the lips of his lover against his, the feel of his flesh, the warmth of his muzzle and the caress of his strong paws. It had been everything he'd ever wanted and he wished for nothing more than to spend eternity where he was wrapped inside Danny's strong protective embrace.

Sadly his body was not going to cooperate with such wishes and was telling him to get up or wet the bed. He realised that the latter was not an option that would give Danny the impression that Steven so badly wanted to give the wolf. So he reluctantly tried to free himself from Danny's arms doing it as careful as he could trying not to wake his love.

Just as he was sitting up free from his lover's arms he heard a soft sigh and turned his head in time to see Danny yawn in a way that made his heart skip a beat. He sat there watching as the wolf rubbed the sleep out of his eyes with his oversized paws. Danny turned to look at him blinking "Morning."

Steven chuckled "Do you look this cute every morning?"

"Dunno, never shlept with anyone before." Danny replied with another yawn.

Steven looked a little shocked "Really? I heard you and Katrina had..."

Danny laughed "No she washn't my type. I may not have known I liked you but I knew I washn't into girlsh. I've never even been on a date."

Steven leaned across and kissed Danny gently. "Me either. Although I always knew I wanted you so..." He left the sentence unfinished and for a moment there was silence before his body gave him another warning signal. "I gotta pee." He said then ran out of the room naked.

Danny rolled over to watch him leave, then lay back on the bed and thought over everything that had happened that night. Just twenty four hours ago, he had no clue he was in love with his best friend. Looking back he couldn't believe he had missed the signs all these years, how Steven liked to sit close on the sofa, how often he had touched his arm or leg, it hadn't been a friendly pat it was always a stroke. He'd liked it but never noticed it.

Steven sighed happily as he felt the relief of his emptying bladder. He found himself looking into the bathroom mirror. It was hard to believe that the guy smiling back was the same guy who had spent the last two years crying and watching Danny from afar.

He quickly washed his hands and hurried back to his room, finding Danny still in his bed. The boy climbed back into bed and pulled his wolf's arms around him.

Steven rested his head on Danny's broad chest, closing his eyes marvelling once again at the sensation of fur on skin. He pressed as much of his body against Danny as he could gently rubbing against his lover to feel the gentle friction. "I could stay like this all day." He mumbled softly only to have Danny push him off and jump out of bed. "Hey!"

Danny chuckled as he stopped halfway to the door "you're not the only one who hash to pee in the morning."

"Next time a little warning would be nice." Steven shouted at the disappearing wolf, he reached out and grabbed his phone off his bedside table. As Danny returned Steven took a quick picture of the naked wolf.


Steven hid his camera under him as Danny made a dive for it. "I just wanted a memento, besides you are so much cuter while naked."

Danny mock growled and stood up grabbing his own phone from the nightstand and then pulling the covers off the bed, leaving Steven exposed he snapping a photo quickly. "Now we both have a memento."

"Hey, that's different you're cute I'm..."

"Cuter," Danny cut in with a chuckle as he climbed back onto the bed.

It felt strange to Steven to hear someone call him cute. He'd never really thought of himself as attractive, but then Danny was with him and that must mean the wolf was attracted to him physically in some way. He opened his mouth to say something when Danny's phone beeped. The wolf whined gently "I forgot, time for my morning run."

Steven pulled an unhappy face "Can't you miss it this once."

"No I run with my brother. I can't call it off to shnuggle with my boyfriend without telling him about ush." Danny said as he pulled on his pants and shoes.

Steven's expression changed he looked crestfallen. "You don't want people to know?"

The wolf paused in the act of pulling on his shirt. "I don't know, I mean not jusht yet. I only found out lasht night. I... I need to think thingsh through. Ish that ok?"

The boy stared at Danny for a few second before smiling "Yes of course. It's just I have had two years to think about this. Now that it's happened I kinda want to shout it from the rooftops. That's probably not smart huh?"

"Well not right now. Later I'll hold the ladder for you while you climb up to yell." The wolf replied pulling on his shirt.

Steven laughed and got out of his bed he walked over to give the wolf a hug and a kiss. "I love you, it doesn't matter who knows it, as long as you do."

Danny smiled and gave Steven a kiss in return. "I do and I love you too."

The wolf dressed and left shortly afterwards without another word. Steven lay back in his bed smiling and pondering over what had been the best night of his life.

He didn't have long to ponder before he heard a knock at the door. For a moment he hoped that it was Danny changing his mind and coming back, however, he remembered that he had a tutoring appointment that morning. He dressed as quickly as he could and rushed downstairs to let his tutee in.

He found his student Katrina waiting slightly impatiently at the door. "You took you're sweet time to answer. Did you forget we had an appointment? Math 101" how to make even dumb vixens pass exams"."

"Hey, you're not dumb I've seen your English grades, numbers are just not your thing. Sorry it took so long I ... forgot to set my alarm last night." Steven said as he took Katrina's bag and waved her into his home.

Katrina frowned slightly "well you've never "significant pause" forgot to set it before."

"Yeah well yesterday, things just... I mean at school... "Steven stammered slightly in reply as they headed into the livingroom.

"Yeah that thing with Max you didn't deserve that. Still you certainly got him back, the whole school is talking about it no-one is going to mess with you for a while." Katrina said sitting down on the sofa as she pulled her school tablet out of her bag she sniffed slightly.

Steven grabbed his tablet off the coffee table and joined Katrina on the sofa. "Yes well... he deserved it and Cindy can certainly do better."

"There are creatures on the bottom of the ocean that can do better than that guy. The same goes for those two mentally deficient friends of his Danny and Jonny." The vixen muttered as she activated her tablet.

Steven knew that Katrina was just trying to be supportive, but hearing her harsh words about Danny he found rage building within him. "Well, I won't argue about Jonny, but Danny's my... friend". He replied trying to hide the anger in his voice.

The Vixen flashed him a very toothy grin "Your "significant pause" friend? You are full of significant pauses today."

The boy blushed deeply and activated his tablet. Steven had forgotten how good with words Katrina could be and how bad at deception he was. "Yes well, what chapter were we up to I forget how far we got last week?" He hoped that with a change of subject Katrina would be distracted.

"Chapter 3 section 1 page 4. Pie and the wonders of circumference. Although I'm much more interested in learning how far you got last night." Her eyes stayed fixed on his blushing face.

He dropped his tablet as he heard the question in her voice. The look in her eyes pretty much confirming that she knew. "I don't know what you mean." The words came out strained and at a higher pitch than usual.

"Oh, come on Steven. You're not a good liar and I'm a morph remember. I mean I can smell him on you and this room pretty much reeks of the both of you."

Steven looked crestfallen "Oh... you can smell us?"

"Yes, I pretty much know you guys got hot and heavy on this sofa last night. Which, by the way you could have stopped me sitting on." Katrina suddenly stood up with that realisation brushing her skirt with a paw.

"We... I... sorry. Please don't tell anyone. Nobody knows and we're not ready for them to." He pleaded his voice a little hoarse his face red and his eyes glazing over with tears.

Katrina patted him on the shoulder "Hey, sweety I'm not going to tell anyone. Although you guys may want to be a bit more careful about whom you let into rooms after you've been at it. Oh and a shower would be a good idea too, deodorant also a great invention. You should invest in some."

"Ok, ok, ok. I take the hint." Steven replied laughing with relief and leaning back in his seat.

"You two do know that you're both mad right?" Katrina asked sitting back on the very corner of the sofa still trying to stay away from the side where their activity smelled strongest. "I mean gay cross species relationships that's about as taboo a relationship as you can get."

Steven shrugged "I know, but I can't help it. I... love him."

"Yeah, I know. I mean you've been pinning for him for as long as I've known you." The vixen said and then added. "Hey, I spent a lot of time checking him out when I first got here. I mean he may have recessives disease but he's cute and has a nice ass. While checking it out it's hard not to notice who else is checking it out. Your eyes always went to him whenever he was visible and not looking at you."

"I... I... "Steven started to say something but was unable to finish his sentence. He'd been so careful to make sure Danny never noticed him staring he never thought anyone else would be paying attention too.

The vixen smiled at him and moved over to sit next to him, patting him on the knee. "It's ok sweety, I'm happy for you both and your secret is safe with me as long as you want to keep it."

"Thanks, that means a lot." He almost whispered in reply. "Now we should get on with your tutoring before your session is completely over."

The day passed quite quickly from that moment on Steven and Katrina studied for a few hours and spoke some more about Danny during their break. When she eventually left Steven was feeling better than ever about his relationship with Danny.

He relaxed on his sofa with his phone out and the picture of Danny naked on the screen. His eyes wandered over every detail; the soft white of his chest, crotch and thighs, the slight black patch above his left nipple, his large paws and their black velvet pads. He'd had a text from Danny saying he would be over that evening. This would be the last evening they would have together without the threat of parents walking in and Steven was determined to make it a perfect evening.

He ordered Danny's favourite Chinese food and downloaded a classic sci fi movie for them to watch and make fun of. Danny arrived a few minutes after the food. He smiled broadly as Steven opened the door letting the wolf in, kissing him as soon as the door was closed. The pair enjoyed a tender kiss for a minute or so before Steven ushered Danny to the living room.

They talked as they ate Steven found it hard to keep his eyes off Danny. He watched every mouthful. He admired how small the cutlery looked in his large paws, the contrast of his black pads on the silver implements. The look on his face as he took every mouthful and even the sounds emitting from his large muzzle as he munched through his food, it all seemed adorable to Steven.

The human didn't eat as much as he usually would, the one thing he didn't want to do this evening was eat so much he felt bloated. He had a definite idea of what he wanted to happen that evening and he hoped that Danny wanted the same.

Steven told Danny about Katrina and how she had guessed what had happened. The wolf seemed a little upset about it. However, Steven reassured him that she would keep their relationship a secret and he calmed down by the time they watched the movie.

The two lay on the sofa spooning, with Danny behind the human, resting one large paw on Steven's stomach rubbing it slightly from time to time. The human placed his hand on Danny's paw fingers stroking through the soft fur on the back of the wolf's paw. The sensation was almost hypnotic, the feel of the soft fur caressing his fingers and palm as he caressed the paw.

"You like the feel of fur a lot don't you?"

The question caught Steven by surprise, he froze his hand blushing deeply like a naughty child caught in the act of stealing a cookie. "Yes, I do. I don't know why it just feels so nice." He paused for a second before adding "sorry."

The wolf sat up a little struggling for a second behind Steven as he pulled his t-shirt off. "It'sh not shomething you need to apologishe for." Danny said as he reached out and started to pull Steven's t-shirt off. Steven helped the wolf pull off his t-shirt and then lay back down on the sofa sighing with pure contentment as he felt Danny lay behind him. The boy wondered at the feeling of his lover's soft fur pressing against his skin, caressing every inch of his back as well as the feeling of the wolf's paw pads as Danny stroked Steven's stomach.

The sensations were too many and Steven found himself closing his eyes and just laying back against Danny. His skin almost tingled and with every motion the silky soft fur of his lover brushed across some new section of his skin.

Danny smiled looking down at the human in his arms, the cute expression on Steven's face made his heart melt. He found that Steven wasn't the only one enjoying the touch of his lover. The warmth and smoothness of Steven's skin felt good against his paw, he also enjoyed the feel of Steven's soft tummy the slight give beneath his fingers and the warmth within. As he looked at his lover he realised that neither of them were paying any attention at all to the movie.

Danny leaned down and gently nuzzled the side of his muzzle up Steven's neck, getting a soft moan from the human that stirred something within the wolf. "We should move thish upshtairsh. If you want to"

Steven's eyes shot open and he looked up at Danny with a broad smile "I can't think of anything else I want more."

The two leap of the sofa in near unison, Steven grabbed Danny's paw and they both made a dash for the stairs. As they arrived in Steven's room Danny let go of Steven's hand. The boy turned to see what had happened to find Danny furiously unfastening his belt. As realisation dawned on him Steven began to remove his own jeans as fast as his fingers could go.

Danny finished first and was on the bed naked waiting for Steven inside a couple of heartbeats. He enjoyed watching the boy struggle to pull his pants off, his eyes enjoying the plump rear as the boy bent over. He also noted how Steven was also fully erect already, he eyed up the boy's shaft remembering how he had explored it with his muzzle just one day ago.

As Steven finally managed to free himself of the last vestiges of clothing he turned only to be met by the most beautiful image he could imagine. His wolf lover naked laying on his side, in Steven's bed, his huge paws stroking his own body and his thick canine cock pointing at him. The dark red phallus standing out quite starkly against the snow white fur of Danny's crotch and stomach. His eyes devoured the image in front of him greedily, the smooth lines of Danny's form, the spear-like tip of his cock and the firm bulge of the wolf's still forming knot.

Steven knelt on the edge of the bed before ungracefully laying down next to Danny. The two wasted no words pressing in for a passionate kiss as they slid their bodies together. Their two forms pressing together rubbing and grinding as their tongues danced. Danny's large paws caressed over Steven's large stomach, lightly squeezing the warm bulk and making Steven moan loudly.

The human pressed against the paws, gasping as he pressed forward his manhood accidentally brushed against Danny's furry thighs. The sensations almost overwhelmed him, he kissed Danny with growing passion his tongue pressing deep into the wolf's warm and welcoming maw. His hands roamed over Danny's back, fingers slipping through his fur as they explored slowly moving down until he cupped his love's buttock. He lightly squeezed the taught furry mounds gaining a deep lustful growl from Danny.

The wolf's large paws slipped around behind Steven cupping the boy's comfortable rear and squeezing in return. He felt Steven's thick member rubbing over his thighs and knew that his mate was enjoying the sensation from the deep and repeated moaning. He pushed himself forward, letting Stevens cock slide between his thighs to surround the meaty pole in plush wolf fur as his own cock pressed into Steven's stomach.

Steven gasped loudly as he felt Danny's thighs surround his maleness, the sensation of thousands of silky soft wolf hairs caressing every inch of his most sensitive flesh drove him wild. As he felt the spear-like tip of Danny's wolfhood pressing into his stomach he felt a need deep inside him. Reaching down between him and Danny he gently took hold of the wolf's thick member, stroking it gently.

Danny whined softly as he felt Steven's hand around his member, he thrust into the welcome caresses his cock beginning to drool pre heavily. He whined deeper as he felt the boy's fingers gathering his pre and spreading it over his cock. Slick wonderful human fingers caressed every inch of his maleness. He moaned deeply as he felt Steven's hand grasp around his knot, squeezing and twisting coating the large hard knot with slick wolf pre.

Steven broke the kiss and looked into Danny's eyes panting softly "Danny, I...Want you." He whispered to the wolf's slight surprise.

Danny gulped he knew what Steven meant and he was sure that he wanted the same but despite his desires he found himself asking "Are you shure? I don't want to hurt you."

The boy smiled caressing Danny's cheek with his free hand, running his fingers over the wolf's ear down his cheek, lightly brushing over his oversized canines. "You are so beautiful, I love you so much." He lay a soft peck on the wolf's lips before continuing. "You could never hurt me. I want this more than anything and ... I've been preparing myself for a long time. Believe me, you won't hurt me."

Danny leaned forward placing a tender kiss on Steven's lips before whispering "I love you too. I haven't been preparing for thish, sho tell me what I need to do."

The boy gave a broad smile, placing one last kiss on Danny's lips before twisting in his arms turning around and then pressing back until he felt Danny's cock on his buttocks. He reached down behind him grasping the thick wolf cock and helping it slide between his cheeks saying "All you need to do is what comes naturally, try to go slow at first."

The wolf felt his cocktip being pressed against his lovers pucker, he reached his arms around Steven holding him close. He rested his muzzle on Steven's shoulder as he slowly thrust his hips forward. Gasping as his spear-like tip easily slid inside his lover, the tightness and sensation around his cock proved too much for him and he stopped thrusting to bask in the sensation. Steven fit perfectly around him with every minute motion his lovers rear gently squeezed his tip in a new and wonderful way.

With the sensation of the initial wonderful entrance over Danny began to thrust forward again. Steven moaned deeply closing his eyes and trying to relax. Two years of using canine toys on himself hadn't prepared him at all for the amazing feeling of the genuine wolf cock inside him. He savoured every millimetre that was thrust inside him, the heat of the maleness. It felt so big inside him and stretched him so tight Steven could swear he could feel Danny's heartbeat. Steven wondered at the feeling as Danny continued to drool pre inside him. He had lubed himself before Danny had arrived, but as the wolf meat forced its way deeper he was grateful for the pre providing extra lubrication.

Danny sighed happily and as he felt his knot pressing against his mate's rear he stopped thrusting. He nuzzled Steven's neck tenderly and whispered "Are you OK?"

The boy smiled and looked back at his wolf lover "I'm more than OK, keep going."

Spurred on by his lover's words the wolf slowly pulled back, moaning softly as Steven's rear seemed to squeeze and suck on his shaft as if trying to pull him back in.

Danny paused with his cock still half inside his mate and then gently pushed forward. His thick meat slid inside easily until his knot pressed to Steven's pucker. The sensations of his second thrust were not as powerful as his first. However, because his senses were not overwhelmed he found himself able to focus on the pleasure as his thick meat forced its way inside the human.

As he felt Danny fill him again Steven moaned softly, loving the sensation of fullness as he felt his lover inside him. He marvelled at the size of the meat inside him, almost as big as his largest toy but so much more filling. No toy he had ever used had felt this good or right, the thickness, the wonderful sensation as he stretched around the invading member. He loved the heat of the cock inside him, the warmth seemed to spread throughout his body. He pressed back into the firm warm bulk of Danny, loving the presence behind him and the arms holding him.

The wolf's third thrust came much faster, the sudden increase in speed making them both gasp in unison. Danny didn't pause this time when he hilted inside, he started pulling back out. He mated Steven with a slow but increasing rhythm, his paws grasping the boy's hips lightly pulling him back to meet his thrusts. The air was filled with their pants, gasps and moans. Danny kissed and nuzzled down Steven's neck as his thrusting continued to grow in speed and strength.

Steven gasped loudly as Danny's cock brushed passed his prostate, he bucked back into each thrust. Each time he felt Danny's cock sliding out he felt so empty, each thrust into him filled him with wonderful sensations. He reached down and grasping his hard shaft and began jerking it in time with the wolf's thrusts. He felt Danny's knot pressing slightly further into him with every thrust. It felt so big and hard, part of him was worried that it might hurt him and a larger part wanted to feel it inside him. He wanted Danny to tie with him to take him fully as his mate.

The wolf bucked with growing passion the strength of his thrusts making his balls smack heavily against Steven's plump rear. With a swift motion he reached down with one paw and grasped the boy's leg lifting it up giving him better access to the human's rear. He thrust home deeper inside his love, his mind totally lost to lust and his worry over hurting Steven lost with it.

The two bucked and rocked together, the room filled with the sounds of their moaning panting, the scents of their arousal filled both their noses. Danny thrust powerfully with desperate need, he felt a desire stronger than anything he had ever felt before. He pounded his meat into Steven harder and faster with every second, his body screaming with pleasure and desire as he desperately tried to tie with his love.

The human could barely breath the wolf's thrusts were so fast and powerful they seemed to force the breath out of his body. He found he could do little but lay still and bask in the wonderful feeling of wolf cock reaming him over and over again. He could feel his pucker stretch around Danny's knot each time a little further. He knew from the speed of his thrusts and the sounds he was making that Danny wasn't going to last much longer. He summoned what strength he could and started pushing back hard into each thrust.

Danny gasped as he felt Steven push back hard onto his knot. His body was burning with desire, his mind only holding one thought and one desire, to tie with his mate. He grasped his mate firmly with his large paws pulling him back with all his strength to meet his thrusts. Feeling with each thrust his knot press a little deeper, with one last savage thrust he felt his knot force its way fully inside Steven. The wolf howled as his knot swelled locking him inside, his cock pulsing hard spraying jet after jet of warm cum deep inside his lover.

Steven's cries of pleasure were drown out by the pleasured howl of his lover. He felt the knot swelling inside him, filling him with sensations he didn't know he could feel. His manhood erupted spewing his cum over the bedsheets as they both rode out their orgasms.

The two both lay still, panting heavily unable to speak, move or think. Danny was the first to break the silence. His paws slipping around Steven to hold him as he pressed close his cock and knot locking him to his mate. "Are you ok? I didn't hurt you did I?" He whispered his voice filled with concern.

Steven reached behind himself, placing his hand on Danny's rump and squeezing gently. "No you didn't, that was... perfect."

Danny hugged Steven tightly nuzzling into his neck tenderly. "I love you."

Steven basked in the warmth of the hug and the words for a few seconds before replying "I love you too."

For the second night the two fell asleep in each others arms still connected by Danny's knot.