N'zaar Plains: Chapter Six: Surprise Surprise.

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4 of N'zaar Plains Sorry this took so long to finish. Not a lot of free time lately.

Vex finally finishes cleaning up his musky aftermath, however the powerful scent still lingers. Vex's balls have finally shrunken down to golfballs after his massive releif. Vex steps to his wardrobe, slecting his casual clothes, a tight, white silken shirt that shows off his torso the most, also having loose fitting, dark blue jeans along with thick, sliken undergarments. Vex steps out into Six district, slipping through the tight corner towards the B'zaar. He enters the B'zaar, the air filled shouts and smells of lude things. Vex squeezes through the massive crowd, being careful to watch where he is going this time. He slowly makes his way to Azul's stall. Azul waves Vex over. "Hope you're here to make the pick up.." Azul blurts out. Vex shyly nods. Azul ventures behinde the curtain into the back tent, remerging with a heavy looking wooden crate. Azul struggles to carry it to the front table, placing it with a sigh of releif. "Alright." Azul pants out, "Your turn." Vex slides the crate off the table and somehow manages to catch it then quickly puts it on the ground. Vex looks up to Azul. "So, how am I suppose to drag this through the B'zaar?" Vex asks. "Not my problem." Azul states while smirking. Vex rolls his eyes, picking up the crate with the most of his strength and carries it a few yards before bending over to rest, two strong paws grip his hips and pull Vex in and dry humps him from behind. Vex quickly turns his head spotting San as the perpetrator. The big Husky gives one more thrust. He looks to the crate, then to Vex. "Need a hand?" Sam removes his powerful paws with a smirk on his face. "How'd you find me?.." Vex yelps quickly. San suddenly reaches down fondling Vex's balls. "That musk is unmistakable." San licks his lips. A large bulge beginning to form in his speedo. "Tell you what." San gives Vex's ass a good grope. "I'll carry this for you, if you get me off." San looks down to Vex, his tail wagging. Vex glances to the box then to San. Vex nods hesitantly. San immediatly picks up the box like it weighs a feather, his biceps flexed, looking huge. "Why don't you just go to the gym?" San asks as the two of them walk towards the garden districit. San quickly closes his mouth, knowing he should not have said that. "Gym?" Vex asks raising a brow. "Shh, you're not suppose to know." San growls. Vex countinues following, wordlessly. They finally enter an allyway, San reaches into his speedo, and pulls out a musky key and stuffs it into a small door that blends in with the woodwork of the building. San unlockes the door, he ducks to enter, the door frame being so short. Vex walks in right after, he glances around the cramped room. The room is filled with portraits of himself flexing, showing off his huge member, fucking various woman, medals of gold, silver line the walls aswell. Speedos of all colors pinned as trophys to the wall. Vex looks towards the floor ahead, spotting a bed and several snapped speedos from when he gets excited. San steps out of a closet just right of the bed, his beefy grey-furred body no longer hiding his fat, veiny puppy. He takes a seat on the bed, downing a clear bottle of somthing he grabbed from the closet. His foot-long pecker stands high at attention, his ball begin to rappidy expand, filling with more of his Siberian seed, baseballs, grapefruits, finally ending at softballs. San licks his lips, giving his cock a few strokes. "Are you gonna watch all day, or are you gonna suck me up?" San quickly motions Vex over, Vex slowly approaches and gets on his knees. Vex stares at the foot-long standing fully-erect infront of his muzzle for. "Take your clothes off first." San barks. Vex blinks releasing how long he's been staring. He stands removing his shirt, then his lowers. San's cock twitches. "Aw, finaly somthing to look at." San smirks then reaches up gripping Vex's shoulders pulling him down, even with his rock-hard member. Vex tongue drops out of his mouth, he leans forward. Starting at the base, he begins to lick all the way up to his tip, then makes the final plunge, stuffing San down his throat. San quickly empties thick pre-cum down Vex's throat. San's tongue lolles out of his mouth, begging to pant. Vex begins to set up a pace, plunging down, back up, down. San grips the back of Vex's head with both powerful paws and gives a heavy thrust. San sets up his own pace, taking charge. One of San's paws begins kneading up Vex's perky ass, a finger entering him ocasionaly, San's knot growing larger. San growls beggining to thrust harder, deepthroating into Vex's tight throat. Vex begins to gag on the mouth full of doggy cock being stuffed into his muzzle. Vex can only fondle up his huge balls and lick at his full-sized knot which is the size of a fist. "Get ready.." San grunts "Here I come!" Vex can feel the cum moving through San's girthy member it's so tight, before the cum finally reaches Vex's stomach filling him up, bloating his stomach with his thick spunk. San keeps the front of Vex's muzzle barried in his crotch, making sure he recives every drop of his seed. San pulls out once he's finished with a loud "PLOP" a small amount of post-cum dibbles down his deflating canine member. Vex falls onto his hands, panting loudly with a belly full of cum. San lifts him up and sets him next to himself on the bed. "Not bad my foxxy friend.." San says with a chuckle. Vex looks up to him and nods, before returning his focus to breathing without a fat cock in the way. San puts his speedo back on, also helping Vex get redressed before they stroll out, San carrying the box.