Beach Day

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Joy's friend talks her into going to a very special kind of beach. She does not enjoy herself.

Joy walked up to the big umbrella that her roomate Feriha lay underneath. This was going to be a good day. Hours on hours

of just lying on the beach in the shade of that umbrella. Maybe do a little swimming this afternoon she thought as she

looked out over the river.

Hell, this was going to be a good summer all around. The opossum was quite proud of the little ensemble that had found. A

nice teal two piece with one small fushia flower on the right breast and another slightly larger one suggestively in the

middle of the bottom.

It had cost her slightly more than she had wanted to spend, but she knew she wanted it as soon as she found it on the rack

without even looking at the price tag. Besides, she had made up for the cost with the tote bag she found on the clearance

table at a discount clothing store. It matched the teal of her new suit perfectly! The only thing the bag needed was a

flower to match the ones on her suit. But she should be able to remedy that herself next week with a little luck at the

fabric store.

And of course she had to accessorize slightly further with a sexy pair of sunglasses and a new beach towel with a cute

ocean scene of a harbor seal diving amongst some coral. That towel was currently rolled up under her left arm. The

aforementioned tote bag draped over her right shoulder concealed a small cooler with sodas and sandwiches for Feriha and


This was going to be a good day, a wonderful weekend, and hopefully a long and relaxing summer.

Joy sat the tote bag down, "I'm here."

"I see," Feriha said playfully as Joy laid out her towel. "Tad over-dressed, aren't we?"

Joy looked over at the mongoose who was conspicuously naked. "I... I thought we agreee we'd both wear suits today?"

"This is a nude beach, dear."

"I..., I thought you said it was clothing optional."

"Technically it is, but no one actually wears clothing here. Come on, take that ugly thing off. Feel the breeze against

your body."

"I don't want to," the opossum stomped defiantly.

"Suit yourself."

"I already did," the opossum sat down on her towel and held her knees to her chest. No, she couldn't let her roomate ruin

this summer already.

Feriha knew this was the first time Joy dared venture down to Cyvis Beach. And she knew Joy wasn't nearly as comfortable

in her own fur as Feriha. And she had promised Joy that she would wear a suit, too, to make Joy more comfortable. That

hurt most of all, feeling betrayed like that.

Still, Joy knew Feriha was just ribbing her. And Feriha didn't press the issue. So slowly time worked its magic and the

issue faded from Joy's mind. She stretched out and lay back on her blanket. She made a mental note to find something she

could use as a pillow in the future. She relaxed fully and settled in to her long lazy day.

Until she looked at Feriha and saw the mongoose masturbating.

"Feriha!" Joy hissed.


"You can't... you can't do that here!"

"Yes I can. They're extremely lax on sexual stuff here. Look at those two." Feriha pointed at a naked male ringtail on

top of a naked male gopher. Joy's eyes went wide. "Don't stare, that's impolite," Feriha pulled Joy back.

"But... how can they?"

"Like I said, they're pretty lax about sexual stuff here. As long as they're not disrupting anyone."

"They're disrupting me!"

"Oh, come now, there's a giant sign at the front warning you that this stuff goes on here."

"I just wanted to have a nice day at the beach. I didn't want a whole bunch of sexual stuff."

"Nudity doesn't have to be sexual."

"They're having sex. That's sexual."

"Alright, I'll give you that."

"Hey, Feriha! Joy!" Joy thanked the heavens for the interuption. She looked over to see the familiar face of Astor, a

Tasmanian Devil from their department in college, and his less familiar genitalia. "Good to see you made it, Joy. Feriha

said you were nervous about coming down here."

A few seconds passed before Feriah tapped Joy's shoulder. "His eyes are up there, dear."

"Heh, it's okay. Mind if I sit down?"

"Please, do," Joy said quickly.

Astor laughed as he sat down next to Joy, making a point of covering himself as he did so. "Sorry if I'm interupting your

show," he nodded in the direction of the mating males.

"We weren't really watching," said Feriha. "So what are you up to?"

"Just taking in the sights. Hoping someone will make me an offer."

"An offer?" Joy asked.

Astor just looked at her. "Is she serious?"

"I think so."

"That's disgusting," Joy added.

"What? It's only natural."

Joy stood up. "If I can't relax and enjoy my nap on the beach, I'm going to take a walk."

"That's fine, gives us a chance to have some fun," Feriha replied.

"Ooh," Astor added.

"I... I... ugh...," Joy stormed off.

"There should be drinks in the bag," Joy heard as she left, "probably just sodas, though."

"Ugh, how about I run to the bar and get us some pina coladas."

"Could you get me a hot dog, too? I don't want her cold sandwiches."


The opossum walked out of earshot. There weren't words to describe it. What the hell had gotten into that mongoose?

Feriha wouldn't dream of doing such things in front of Joy in their apartment. Why the hell was she doing this now?

She was showing off. That had to be it. Feriha was showing off that the fat ugly mongoose was more secure in her

sexuality than the hot lithe opposum. Damn ugly mongoose. She wished the owners of this place would tell her she had to

get out because her bare naked fat ass was an eyesore. That would show her.

Heh, maybe Joy could find some tech geeks at the college and get them to rig Feriha's fitness game so it'd tell her she's

ten kilos heavier. Bet then she wouldn't be so quick to strip down to the buff and fuck on the beach.

"Take it off!" some guy yelled. Joy looked to see a group of guys laughing at her. One mimed his fist going up and down.

"Urggh...," Joy stormed across the beach. This place was officially the most vile, despicable display of depravity furkind

had ever created.

Why the fuck had Joy let herself be talked into this? 'It's clothing optional, you can wear a suit if you want,' Feriha

had said. She had said, 'Most furs are very mature about the nudity,' and 'There's no kids there to kick sand on you.'

Fuck, this was worse than putting up with the kids.

She looked around. Most furs were just sunbathing or conversing in the nude without any pretense. But there was a guy

jacking it there, a girl grinding a guy over there, a pair of lesbians sixty-nining there. Feriha felt as though she could


Then she saw a sight that made her heart jump. Like finding an oasis after weeks in the desert, she saw sitting alone on a

beach with his paws wrapped around his knees was a white cat wearing a pair of swim trunks. And from the look of him he

was as interested in being here as Joy herself was. Objectively, he was not particularly attractive, fairly on the scrawny

side, but as far as Joy was concerned he was the sexiest creature on that beach. She prayed to the heavens he wasn't a


She wasted no time in walking up to him. "May I sit here?"

He looked at her quizzically. She sat down anyway without getting a response. "Sorry about being so abrupt, but you look

about as happy as I am right now. I thought if we were both miserable we could be miserable together." The cat faked an

unsure chuckle.

They said nothing for a few minutes. Joy watched the furs swimming nude in the river. She hoped the wake of a passing

boat would drown the lot of them. The cat next to her just watched the strange opossum who had sat down next to him

completely uninvited.­

"My so-called friend talked me into coming out here. I didn't want to come, seeing as I have a shred of modesty. But she

insisted. And then we get here and she's masturbating and talking about fucking some guy we barely know right there on the

beach. I'm so disgusted," she took a breath. "Your turn. What's your story?"

The cat took a few moments to respond, "Uh, I had won four passes for me and my buds to go to WaterMania today. They said

it was a kid's place and wanted to come here instead. Then they left to go chase 'hot tail.'"

"Ooh, Watermania? I love Watermania."

"Yeah, the tickets are only good for this weekend, though. And it's too late to go, now."

"How'd you come here?"


"Same here. It's only a fifteen minute ride from here and it's not even noon yet. Hell, it's probably not even eleven.

We have plenty of time." Joy thought, "Do you have them with you?"

"Well, yeah, but, my friends..."

"Your friends that ditched you in this sordid place? Fuck them. Let them fuck themselves. Hell, they can go fuck my

wortless friends. Have themselves a beach orgy," she stood up. "Let's you and I go have some real fun."

The cat thought about this for a minute. Then he smiled, "Let's," he said as he climbed to his feet.

"I'll meet you in the parking lot. I've got to get my cooler and towel. Alice Park is on the way, we can stop and have a

nice little picnic there first."

"Sounds lovely." Joy turned and walked off. "That's a cute bathing suit, by the way." She turned a mouthed a 'thank

you,' to the cat.

She went back to where Feriha and Astor were mating and made a point to interupt them while she gathered her things. She

told Feriha off, being certain to call her a bitch before heading out for an afternoon of fun at the waterpark.


"I still can't believe I didn't ask your name until we'd been at the park two hours." the two laughed as they approached

Joy's apartment, Joy cradling a pizza box under her arm. "Jasper, such a cute name."

The cat looked embarassed, "Thanks. You didn't have to buy all that, either. Mojitos and onion rings at the park. Pizza,

beer, and appetizers after. You're going to make me fat."

"I'm just glad you like deep dish, too. Besides, I was very much in the mood to splurge. And it's the least I can do

after dropping in on you like that and talking you into spending your ticket on me.

"It would have gone to waste anyway. Speaking of which, I did win four tickets good for this weekend. And it is only


"I'm so there." They looked into each others eyes as they stood there. "I make it a rule not to kiss on the first date,

but I'll make a small exception in your case." She bent over and pecked him on the cheek.



Joy went into her apartment and sighed. Feriha was sitting there waiting. She stood up when Joy came in.

"Joy, listen, I'm sorry about today. You were right, I was a complete bitch to you. I thought maybe if you saw everyone

else having fun you'd want to, too. I... shouldn't have made you uncomfortable like that.

"How about we just go down to the regular beach tomorrow. I'll let you pick out a bathing suit for me. I'll buy your food

and drinks, too.­"

"Sorry, I've got a date for tommorow. How about next week? I'm bringing the guy I just met, though."

"That's fine. I am sorry."

"It's okay, you can have some pizza, if you want."

"No, I'm trying to lose weight, remember?"

"More for me." Joy put the box in the fridge.