Delivery Made Special

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For the past ten years I've thanked the heavens for bringing her into my life. My lovely wife, Iris when we met she had just gotten over a really messy divorce. I just started working for the post office three days prior and was assigned to her neighborhood. Boy was she a fire brand then and still is even till this day.

Despite the fact she's not a anthro like myself but, she's definitely feisty like one. Trust me she's strong enough to keep my long fluffy tail in check. Sadly the only problem with being two different types of beings having children is a bit of a gamble. Some breeds just aren't compatible with humans unfortunately I fit into that bunch.

Though that hasn't stopped our late night activities in the least. It still makes me smile they very first time she and I met. You know instead of giving you just the highlights from that day. Why don't I simply tell you the entire tale from start to finish. This way there's nothing left to your individual imaginations. Now sit back, relax and enjoy our little tale of mail, lust and romance.

(Ten years and four days ago.)

"Welcome, to the team, Tanner." My foreman said shaking my hand. "Thank you, Sir I appreciate you giving me the chance to work here." I replied. "I'm sorry to hear that your last job hired you and got rid of you in such a short time frame. Without even a thank you or warning, to me that's not right, nor fair." He stated. "Oh, I agree with you completely but, all they cared about was saving money and lining their own pockets." I pointed out feeling a bit annoyed.

"Hey, it's all in the past why don't we discuss your route and get you on the road.' He stated. As we made our way to the loading and unloading bay. It didn't take him long to get me all set up with my route and my truck loaded for the trip. So I grabbed my check list then headed out to my truck and jumped into the cab. The engine came to life a moment later then I slowly drove onto the roadway.

It would take me about an hour to drive all the way out to my assigned route. Once there I started at the further point in then would work my way out. With each of the five blocks I had on my route this hopefully make things a little easier. As I passed each home and removed out-going mail then replaced it with today's mail. After each block a finished I'd check them off my list before moving onto the next one.

When I finally got ninety percent of my route finished I came upon her home. Mrs. Iris Annria Loudon, the last driver that had this route told me about her. He said she's got a bit of a mean streak if you're not careful. Also two weeks ago she just got through a rather nasty divorce with her husband. That made her not so trusting of men, considering her hubby wanted her as a stable plaything.

Inbetween his occasional weekend party nights with any woman he could snag. When she found out about it from her own sister she turned him every which way but, loose. After everything was said and done he left the city and left her with everything they owned. He took his clothes and car then left without making things worse. While she just stood there steaming the whole time he moved out.

As my truck pulled out front her home the front door opened a moment later. When she stepped out my heart stopped and jumped into my throat. She stood about five foot, eleven inches tall, beautiful green eyes and red hair. Her body was slender, toned, ample breasts, snug hips and firm ass. While her clothes hugged her frame nicely and moved freely without wrinkling too much as she walked.

It was poetry in motion before I knew my brain and body checked back in. As I calmly stepped out of the truck and walked up the walk way towards her. We met right at her mailbox I didn't say anything right away, simply removed what was inside. Handed her mail gave an honest smile, tipped my hat and walked back to my truck. When I turned around I felt a strange, sensation crawl across my body.

After firing up the engine I turned to the left and she was still standing there. So I gave her a polite wave goodbye before driving towards the next house. She watched me get out and deliver her neighbor's mail and return to my truck. Once I got back in through my side mirror I watched her go back inside. I continued with the rest of my route once I checked off the last of my list.

The return trip back to the post office was quiet mostly except for one thing. I couldn't get her out of my mind at all, like she had me under her spell. When I pulled into the loading and unloading bay my foreman was standing outside. He noticed me pulling and flagged my truck over to the dock he was standing next to. After parking and cutting the engine he walked around to my side of the vehicle.

"So, any problems on the road?" He asked as I stepped out. "None, everyone that met was real nice and polite." I replied. "Ah, That's good I'll take your check list and you can hang around for the remaining fifteen minutes of your shift." He informed taking my clipboard. So I wandered my way down to the break room to relax till my shift ended. Though I didn't stay long since the room was pretty full.

So I walked by everyone they merely acknowledged my presence and left me alone. As I walked outside a few more employees were standing around talking amongst themselves. They didn't say much just a brief hello as I walked down the stairs. After sitting down I looked down at my watch to check the time. Sadly I still had ten minutes before I could punch out for the night.

Sure enough ten minutes went by slowly but, I was finally able to go home. After jumping into my car, firing up the engine, I sped off onto the road and back home. My evening was uneventful and calming so I called it an early night. The next four days went by the same as Monday had been today being Saturday. A change seemed to be in the wind, ironically it was a rather cloudy and windy day.

I was at the end of my route when I pulled out front of Ms. Annria's home. Over the last couple of days we've actually started talking at least small talk anyway. As I walked up her walk way she stepped out and met me at her mailbox. "Afternoon, Ms. Annria it's good to see you." I smiled handing her mail to her. "Hi, Tanner, how are you?" She asked politely taking the letters from me.

"Meh, can't complain just feeling a little lonely lately." I replied. "Aww, a handsome fur like yourself shouldn't have trouble finding a girl to distract yourself with." She informed. "If only it were that simple I'm not exactly in shape. I've got a small belly but, a pretty hardy and healthy man anyhow. Besides I'll be honest I prefer women that actually know what they want from their partner." I pointed out.

"Oh, Really! So you prefer older women, adverse to those your age or younger." She said inquiringly. "Well, I'm not picky at all honestly but, I prefer a partner that knows their own needs and respects mine. If you understand where I'm coming from in regards to my babbling." I said rubbing the back of my head. "Oh, I do Tanner, I do more than you know." She replied.

"Iris, I know this might be a shot in the dark but, wou/" I went say before she grabbed my neck and kissed me full on the lips. As our lips remained connected jolts of electricity shot up my spine. When she pulled away a look appeared in her eyes, as my hands placed themselves around her waist. "Would you like to come back to my place later. I'd like a chance to get to know you better, that is if you're up for it." She said looking into my eyes.

"Sure." I smiled giving her a kiss on the cheek. With that I let her go and walked back to my truck. Gave her a polite wave goodbye and went about finishing my route. Took me roughly thirty minutes to finish my route then another hour to get back to loading dock. I waiting around for a little while till my shift was over. Once I was able to punch out, headed towards my car and drove home.

Taking my time to get myself cleaned up before returning to her place for dinner. Once I was finished I went back out to my car and drove off. Making a quick stop at a store to pick up something nice for Iris and a decent bottle of white wine. After short hour of driving later I pulled out front of her home. As I stepped out of the car a small knot formed in the pit of my stomach. When I reached the door I couldn't feel my feet even after ringing the doorbell.

The door opened inward and she stood there on the other side dressed very casual. "Well, now you certainly groom up nice. Oh!, you shouldn't have." She said excitedly taking the plant and wine from me. She kindly moved to the side and ushered me inside. Swallowing hard I walked into her home and followed her after closing the door. I joined her in the living room, gently sitting down on the love seat.

While she continued into the kitchen, I figured to check on dinner and to chill the wine. I sat there thinking about things I normally never think about especially around somebody new. There was something about, Iris that I couldn't resist. She was special even for a human that warranted further attention from me. "Hey, big boy you hungry?" She replied as I turned to face her.

What I saw next blew me away completely, she stood in the doorway. Wearing this tight, light red lace, under bust corset, lace thigh leggings, and butterfly g-string. If my jaw could hit the floor, it would have broken through the floor under my feet. She sauntered seductively over to me and bent over. Giving me a full view of her ample D cup bust along with her green, lust filled eyes.

"Iris... Wow, not to sound ungrateful but, isn't this a bit sudden?" I wondered stunned by her appearance. "You said it yourself you want a woman that knows what she wants. Well, I'm that kind of woman and I intend to get what I want. Of course if you're willing to give me what I really want." She replied posing for me. I couldn't help but, release a strong groan as she struck several lude and dirty poses.

After a few minutes I couldn't take it anymore I got up from the love seat. Walked over to her peeling my shirt off in the process, she met me halfway. Her hands instantly coursed through my chest fur causing a soft rumble to vibrate in my throat. She toyed with my fur and my nipples teasing them slightly. While my erection struggled to break free from the confines of not only my boxers but, my jeans.

When she ground her crotch against mine a moment later that drove me nuts. "Oo!, Is something wrong you seem hard pressed about something." She cooed rubbing harder against my bulge. "Mmmh, Lady you have no, Idea." I grunted. "Oh, I think I do here, let me help you." She replied kneeling down. As her hands slid down my chest, stomach and finally resting near my crotch. She leaned in a bit more parted the hem covering the zipper then with her teeth, unzipped me.

The slight freedom I got was a relief but, what happened next was torture. With one of her fingernails she playfully drew little circles along my straining erection. Pre-cum instantly soaked into my boxers as my cock twitched with each pass she made. While the rumbling in my throat only got louder the more she did. "Umm, I'm not gonna last much longer if you don't set it free." I whined looking down.

"AWWW!, You, Poor, Baby." She smirked rubbing her thumb firmly against my cock. I could tell by the glint in her eyes she wasn't through teasing me. Though to my surprise she undid the button of my pants then she grabbed everything and yanked them down. The second my pants and boxers hit my ankles her tongue swiftly went to work. Lapping around my entire length and width of my barbed shaft.

Before I could moan or comment she took half my length into her mouth. Slowly teasing around my barbs and tip driving untold amounts of pleasure up my spine. "PRRRRRRR!" I replied enjoying the pleasure she provided. The more she did the weaker my knees got as the time passed. Sadly as her soft hands cupped my balls, I nearly buckled to my knees.

"Easy, big boy let's take this back to the couch. Besides I need to be unwrapped, if you're up for the task, Tanner." She replied pulling my shaft out of her mouth. I quickly kicked off the rest of my clothes then chased after her. Gently pouncing her onto the couch neither of us could help laughing but, we quickly locked lips. Our tongues intertwined for a while earning moans and purrs from each other.

The lace she wore felt nice against my fur and the scent of her wet sex. Only fueled my arousal even more as my cock pressed against her wet slit. "Don't let me stop if you want me...Than take Me, STUD!" She ordered. Not wanting to disappoint the lady I repositioned myself between her legs. Carefully using my teeth to pull the g-string off to the side exposing her sex to the cool air.

Wanting to return the favor from her teasing earlier I gently blew along her puffy lips. Causing her body to shudder vividly at the sensation I provided. "OOH!, YOU BRAT!" She cried out arching up a little. "All's fair in love and lust my dear." I replied smiling. Before brushing my rough tongue along her sex. She didn't have anymore complaints, considering she was howling out my name.

She tasted sweet like honey, kiwi, and tangy like citrus it was delightful. The more I licked at her wet sex the more juices flowed and the louder she moaned. "OHH!, TANNER THAT TONGUE IT'S EVIL BUT, IT FEELS SOOO DAMN GOOD!" She howled towards the ceiling. A smile came to my face while making another pass along her clit and swollen folds. Driving another hard spike of pleasure straight up her spine.

A short time later her body went rigid and her thighs griped my head. Her orgasm hit a split second later as she cried out, I drank up her sweet nectar. Iris, kept moaning softly while I continued to clean up her treasure. Once her body cooled off she went limp but, kept breathing enjoying the after glow. I moved myself from the floor onto the couch and cuddled against her.

"Your, tired already baby?" She asked draping an arm around my neck. "Nope, just cuddling until you're ready for seconds." I pointed out. "How sweet of you but, I'd rather keep the pace going." She stated. "You sure you just had a big orgasm I'd hate to hurt you." I said. "Hun, you're not the first feline I've had in bed. My ex husband just so happened to be a feline anthro much like yourself. Though not of the big cat blood line like yourself." She informed.

"So how do I stack up better or about par?" I asked smirking a bit. "I don't know, I haven't had the main course yet. Care to feed me what you have to offer there big boy?" She teased. Without another word I leaned up kissed her soft lips passionately. Gingerly pressing the tip of my cock against her swollen folds. Earning a soft gasp from her lips then slowly slid my length inch by inch into her sex.

As my tip pressed snuggly against her cervix another strong moan escaped her throat. Her lust filled eyes gave all the instruction I would ever need. Pulling my length back slowly causing the barbs on shaft to tugged along her inner walls. Driving more satisfying pleasure across her entire body along with, yet another deep moan. "Uhn, Ye...uh!" She replied as I slid back into her.

I worked up a steady rhythm thrusting in and out of her warm clenching sex. The deeper and firmer I got the tighter her sex griped my cock. Her moaning was loud and shallow as she tried to keep pace with each deep thrust. She held me tight against her breasts as I continued to hammer in and out of her warm, slick passage. Our climaxes were slowly building to their peak as our bodies reveled in the pleasure.

My own groans and grunt joined her chorus of moans as my tip slammed against her cervix. Despite my pace thrusting in and out of her tight passage. We were actually taking our time making love to each other making sure our bodies were truly satisfied. When she threw her head back as a small orgasm crashed inside her, as I kissed along her neck. She looked down into my eyes I could tell she was close.

"*panting heavily.* Cum, For, Me, Fill, Me, up, you, Stud!" She whispered between breaths. Not wanting to disappoint the lady I carefully threw caution to the wind. Plowing my cock in and out of her sex driving her absolutely mental with pleasure and lust. She wrapped her legs around my waist aiding my thrusts. While I used a finger to toy with her clit bringing her to a final heavy climax. As I bent down to suckle and play with her breast sure enough a deep groan was earned.

My climax was fast approaching I did everything to hold myself off until she came. "DON'T!, HOLD BACK, CUM JUST CUMM, YOU DIRTY ANIMAL!!" She shouted pleasurably. Her body griped my shaft like a vice she was getting close much like I was. The squelching got louder our crotches were drenched from our collective juices. With one final deep and firm thrust against her cervix.

Everything just exploded like a bomb, our bodies convulsed, as a huge thick torrent of my seed poured into her. Both of us howling as our strong orgasms detonated within us. I felt light headed after my climax meanwhile she clutched my body tight against hers. Holding onto me while she rode out her orgasm. After the spots I saw faded away I carefully rolled over so she rested on my chest.

Snuggling into my chest fur we gently fell asleep and enjoyed the after glow. A few hours later I awoke only to find her gone so I got up to look for her. Sure enough I found her lying down in bed not wanting to disturb her I turned around. "You coming in here or not mister I could use a nice soft fur like you tonight." She remarked. "I'll join you on one condition, milady." I replied smiling broadly. "Sure what's on your mind?" She asked smirking.

I approaching her and knelt beside the bed then took her hand into mine. Looked deep into her eyes and began to speak with every fiber of my heart. "Iris, be my life mate I don't want to know what it be like not having you in my arms or my life. Will you do me the honor of being my wife until my time on this world is over. Marry, Me?" I spoke lovingly. She was speechless, tears started shedding as she launched herself at me.

We held each other tight kissing and enjoying the love that would grow and blossom. Carrying her back to bed she kept whispering into my her acceptance to my proposal. We made love several more times that night and in the morning. In the months to come we dated, learned about each other, then made wedding plans. Notified our folks and got them together on thanksgiving before telling them.

They went ballistic hearing of our sudden engagement but, they seemed more happy than mad. When spring rolled around we married and enjoyed a very naughty an exciting honeymoon. For the next ten years our lives have been wonderful and filled with love. We still look back on that day I meet her and smile. Knowing that love is a funny, very unpredictable and powerful thing. I've come to believe that love was a delivery made special for Iris and myself.

The End.