Punishing Talia

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Talia brings her daddy breakfast in bed, and a confession: She's been a bad girl, and he should snuff her for it. I asked, and everybody who took the trouble to answer said a fox/vixen was okay, so I stayed with that. This is the first part; there are four endings to choose from.

Punishing Talia

by A. P. Damien

Part 1

"Good morning, Daddy."

"Mppph! What?" Talia has been serving me breakfast in bed since she was five, but I pretended to be surprised and still asleep. I made a production out of waking up: I rolled over to face her, yawned, and used my fingers to pry my eyes open. "What is it, Tal..." My eyes opened all the way and I stared. Tali was wearing a pair of frilly panties and nothing else. And the most incredible tits! Not to mention the ass beneath her tail! I'd been noticing her figure for some time now. It was even better unclothed.


"Happy Birthday, Daddy," she said, setting the tray down on the rolling table.

"What's this about?" I asked, waving a hand in the general direction of her bare chest.

"Oh," she said, looking down. "I have a confession to make."


"I've been a bad vixen."

"How? And why?" I paused. "And how does it relate to your present costume... or lack thereof?"

"My computer crashed and I couldn't get it to boot. I needed to do research for my Social Studies term paper, so I booted up your laptop. And some of the articles on it... I know I wasn't supposed to read them, but once I saw one I just couldn't stop."

Awww.... shit! I'd been looking at some of my favorite snuff fantasy sites before I put that laptop into hibernation.

"And it says in the bible, 'Thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of your father.' Although I have to admit I've been tempted about that for some months now. I've been snooping into your most private fantasies. So now I'm here for you to punish."

"And how do you think I should punish you?"

"Just like in those drawings I found: with a noose or a garrote. I turned 18 earlier this year, so I'm subject to full adult penalties."

Wow! "Are you sure? If anything goes wrong, I might accidentally kill you."

"That's the idea, Daddy. But not by accident. You're supposed to punish me."

Oh, I get it. She wants to roleplay a snuff scene. Okay, I can go along with that. Thinking about strangling her to death was making me hot -- and hard.

"Ooooh... Daddy," she said, looking at the tent I was making in the blankets. "Can I touch it. Please?"

Hey, wait! This is my own daughter, asking to touch my cock? I opened my mouth to protest, but nothing came out, and I found myself nodding my head.

That was all my vixen needed. She pulled back the blanket and sheet, and stared at my erection... for about 5 seconds. She reached out and touched the head with two fingers. Then she brushed the top of it with her hand, then the underside. Wow! She grasped it with one hand and stroked it a couple of times. I gasped in pleasure. She took it between her palms and started rolling it back and forth.

"Tali... if you keep that up, I'm going to..."

"Hush," she replied, and shut me up with a kiss. But she let go... only to slide down and kiss my cock-tip, then the bottom. Then she wrapped her lips around it and started bobbing her head up and down. Double wow! I tried to protest -- my daughter, giving me a blowjob -- but I couldn't get any words out, just a moan of pleasure that turned into a scream as I came. She pulled off at the last second, and my semen spurted onto her lips, her nose, the fur on her cheeks and chin. Some of it landed on the sheets.

Talia grinned at me. "I told you I was a bad vixen! Look at the mess I made. Now will you punish me?"

"Oh, you're going to get it now!" I grabbed her, turned her over my knee, pulled her tail out of the way with one hand, and gave her a good spanking. She yelped at each whack , but when I was done she gave me a saucy grin. Then she licked me clean, washed her face, and changed the sheets on my bed.

Breakfast was cold by then, so she took it away and cooked a fresh one for two. We ate it together, me under the covers and her sitting on the edge of the bed. Except she'd lean over and kiss me occasionally. Then we hooked the big-screen TV up to my computer and sat on the couch, watching some of my favorite videos from Foxy's Dreams, Cuddly Necrovixens, Killfur, and some hot clips from foreign films.

By the we time finished the "Korea Lovers" clip, we were making out hot and heavy. Talia excused herself to go to the bathroom, and came back in a shift or camisole or something -- I've never been an expert on women's clothes -- that came down to her hips but no farther. And she'd taken off the panties. She looked so hot. She sat down next to me and put my hand on her breasts, then started rubbing me through my bathrobe. That didn't last long, though: she untied it, pulled it open, and played with me for a few seconds. I was so hard it hurt!

She straddled me on her knees and slowly lowered herself onto me. I came out of my lust-haze just enough to make one last try at sanity. "Wait! We need a condom. I don't want to get you pregnant."

"Not a problem. I guarantee it." Then she sank down onto me and all I could do was kiss her, fondle her tits, and moan in pleasure. It only took a couple of minutes; I shouted, screamed, and came deep inside her. If she was fertile she'd get knocked up for sure!

I don't think she came, but she had this dreamy look on her face as she slowly climbed off me when I was done. She got a warm washcloth and cleaned us up, then started another video: Foxy Escort, one of my all-time favorites. "Wouldn't you like to do that to me?" she asked when it was over. "Maybe with your bathrobe tie? Twisting it tight around my neck until I stop struggling? Letting my dead body down onto the bed?"

"I'd love to, but..."

"We're just fantasizing, okay?"


"And of course you could use my body for your pleasure... before, during, or after. Does that turn you on? Maybe I'd get you hard with my mouth, then you'd cum in my ass while you strangled me. And later on you'd use my still-warm cunt."

I grabbed her, kissed her, and started playing with her tits again. Then I reached down, caressing her tail with one hand, and fingered her with the other until she came, yipping like an overexcited puppy.

After we'd rested, she challenged me to a game of ping-pong. High-stakes: if she won, I'd pay for two months in Europe for her and the companion of her choice. If I won, I'd get to hang her for as long as I wanted. It was a hard-fought game, but I won, 25-23. She went and got a rope from her room. It was already tied in a noose. Aha! She threw the game. I'd suspected as much. I threw the rope over the ceiling fan in the family room. She climbed up on a chair and then put the noose around her neck and crossed her wrists behind her. I tied them tightly, then pulled the rope taut and tied it to the heavy desk in a corner of the room. I laid my hunting knife on the desk.

"Whenever you're ready," she told me.

"Bend your knees until your feet just brush the chair." I didn't want any accidents. She did as I said, and I pulled the chair away and watched. For about five seconds she just hung there, her head tilted to the right and that saucy smile on her lips. Then her feet started to feel for something to stand on. Soon she was kicking wildly. Her face turned red, and her eyes defocused as her kicking slowed down. Her face got that dreamy look again.

Her kicking slowed to small twitches of her leg muscles. I ran to the desk and cut the rope.

She collapsed in a heap on the carpet, but I heard a sharp gasp as she pulled in a sudden breath. I watched, and after a minute or so she started to stir. "Wow!" she said, "That was some punishment!"

She spent the rest of the morning finding reasons for me to punish her, including her sexual history.

"You know about the Electra complex, where girls want to marry their fathers?" Talia asked me.

"Of course."

"I've wanted you to marry me since I was five; I didn't know what it implied about sex and cubs and stuff, just that I wanted you to be mine. I eventually realized that just wasn't possible, and I started dating malefurs in high school. When I got old enough, I even let them have what they wanted -- well, some of what they wanted. I gave them handjobs, and later blowjobs; that's how I knew what to do with you. Or between my tits; some of the boys liked that a lot. Twice I even I'd found one I thought might be right for me, and I let them fuck me a few times. But they weren't really. You are my Big Bad Folf. Only you. You are the one I want to have me, to own me, to punish me, to snuff me. I saved one hole just for you, one place I'm still a virgin. I hope you'll take me there before you snuff me or right after, if that turns you on more.

Big Bad Folf. She was wearing a red camisole and nothing else. I had an inkling that there was a meaning there, but I couldn't quite put a claw on it.

We spent the rest of the morning talking and punishing her. We played punishment games in every room of the house, even the bathroom. I'd spank her with my hand, or a ping-pong paddle, or my belt: sometimes on her ass, sometimes on her inner thighs or belly, and once on her tits. That last made her come, screaming and yipping again.

After lunch we drifted out into the yard, and the games were getting harder. Closer to the real thing. She'd gotten a black cord with knots tied in the ends from her bedroom and wrapped it around her neck. She'd "remember" something else she'd done that made her "a bad vixen." Or she'd make a mess -- throw food or pee on the grass -- to show she was "a bad vixen." Then I'd spank her. Or drip hot wax on her nipples. Or put clothespins on her tits or her pussy. And I'd pull the cord tight until she'd struggle real hard, then let go just before she lost consciousness. Or after, once. And I'd put my fingers in her cunt, or up her ass. And she'd squeal.

Then it was mid-afternoon, and she seemed to reach a decision.

" Daddy," she told me. "you hurt my neck pulling that cord tight again and again like that. And you hurt me in other places, too. And I heard a car door slam: I think old Mr. Andrews is home from the Senior Center. Our fence is high enough to give us privacy from most people, but you know how Andrews likes to peek out of his upstairs window. He could see you doing me. So why don't you put your fingers back in my private places, and take me inside to your bedroom. Then you can finish snuffing me in private, and nobody will see or hear."


"Just take me inside and we'll talk about it, okay? Before Mr. Andrews sees?"

"Okay." I shoved a couple of fingers into her cunt, grabbed her tail with my other hand, force-marched her inside, and sat her down at the kitchen table.


... That's the setup, leading to several different endings. Here's one:

First Ending (anal)

I looked at the drawings on her screen. "I like the one with the femme face-up, the one they call 'Missionary Position'."

Talia lay on her back, bent her knees almost to her chest, and twisted her tail out of the way. I put a pillow under her ass and knelt between her feet. Then I pressed against her.

"Oww... Daddy."

I stopped. "Want to skip this, Tali?"

"No. It hurt losing my other virginity too. Just go slow at first, okay?"

"Sure, honey." I pushed into her slowly, while she gasped and cried a little.

When I was all the way in, she moaned again. "Ohh.... it hurts... it hurts so good. Keep going, Daddy."

I paused. Then I spoke slowly like a TV anchorman with something portentous to announce: "Talia Snuff-Slut, you are accused of Uncovering Your Father's Nakedness, Promiscuity, and Conspiracy to Commit Murder by asking your own Father to kill you. How do you plead."

"Guilty on all counts, your honor."

"You do realize that continuing to breathe is a privilege? And that it can be revoked for bad behavior?"

"Yes, your honor."

"And you still plead guilty?"

"Yes, your honor."

"Then you stand convicted on all counts of being a very bad vixen. It is the judgment of this court that your breathing privilege be permanently revoked." I wrapped the cord around her neck.

"Yes, Daddy!"

"Effective now."

"Yes, Da... gurrk!"

I pulled the cord tight, cutting off her breath, and began moving in her ass. Talia moved, matching my rhythm, pushing back against me whenever I pushed into her. Then she started to struggle, squirming as I thrust into her, trying to pull air into her lungs. Her hands went to her neck, trying to loosen the cord, her tail thrashed desperately, but she kept her knees bent to make it easy for me to move in her ass.

Then her movements became uncoordinated. All four paws waved, sort of at random, uncoordinated, then slowly fell to the bed. But my weight and the pillow kept her asshole in position for me to keep thrusting. Her nipples grew erect and I heard tiny noises in her throat, a pattern very like her yips earlier. Her asshole squeezed down hard on me, and I came deep inside her. I held onto the cord, pulling hard. Soon she was sprawled out on the bed, nearly limp, only the tension in her upper chest and a slight twitching of her tail and ears showing she was still alive.

Then her knees came up to her chest once more, and slowly relaxed. There was no more movement. Her tail fell limp on the bed. I held on for another five minutes by the clock, then let go of the cord.

I set the alarm for 2AM, then went downstairs to eat dinner.