The Yiff-A-Cub Club

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1 of The Yiff-A-Cub Club Everyone's favorite moth gets inducted into a private club. CUB SMUT

The Yiff-A-Cub Club ~Agrius

There were seven of them in all - three boys, four girls. They had their pants and underwear pulled down and were bent over a long hospital gurney that had been lowered to just a few feet above the floor. In the dimness of the little room Agrius could see that they had been arranged according to age. Starting on the left was a girl as young as five. On the opposite end, far right, was a boy who was maybe eleven.

None of them said anything. A couple were dressed in clothes that looked like they'd been bought for school. A few backpacks were against a far wall.

"You can have any one you want... any way you want."

Agrius looked up at the bob-tailed cat in the white lab coat. The woman's gaze shifted dispassionately from upturned rump to upturned rump, her expression blank in the reflection of the two-way mirror. It seemed more like she was seizing up cuts of meat than the exposed flanks of children.

"I don't know," Agrius fidgeted in place, rocking back and forth on the balls of his bare feet. "Don't you have anything a little more... insectoid? Mammals don't really do it for me."

The group gathered behind them laughed. Rows of pearly white teeth bared in the darkness. The big breasted bob-tail leered down at him with a look equal parts gracious host and barely masked contempt. "I'm afraid you're about a month too late. We had a butterfly here not too long ago, but we rotate our stock every so often so as to appeal to a broader clientele."

Agrius shuddered. Butterflies. "Nono... that's alright. Will you keep Agrius on the call list? In case a moth or a bee comes in? Or a gila monster?"

The bob-tail blinked at the odd request. "Oh. Err... sure. You'll be called."

Just beyond the two-way mirror, a couple of cubs had begun whispering to eachother from across the length of gurney. The bob-tail pressed a button on the wall. "No talking," she commanded into the intercom. All chatter promptly stopped and the cubs gripped the rubberized mattress.

"Do you know which one you want?" she asked after a time.

"I can have more than one?"

"Yes. As many as you want, any way you want. Their orifices have been evacuated for hygiene and they've been mildly anaesthetised, so there's no worry of being too rough."

"Will they feel anything at all?"

The group thought this was funny. The bob-tailed cat licked her lips, smiling devilishly. "I did say mildly anaesthetised."

The little moth looked through the glass at the pert young asses, careful to avoid his own reflection. "I want that one for starters," Agrius said, pointing at one of the smaller rears towards the extreme left of the gurney. It was an African Painted Dog - Lycaon Pictus - a girl of about seven or so. She had a thick coat of mottled fur - brown, black, white - and was wearing a striped top and matching skirt with knee high socks and sneakers. Her bright blue panties were pooled around her ankles, and the back of her skirt was tented up her big bushy tail, exposing a pert, muscular ass and an equally tantalizing slit.

Agrius grinned from ear to ear. He liked the girl's big cobblyswobble ears and the erratic patterns covering her backside. Of all the ones bent over the gurney in that little room, she was the only one to occasionally brave a glance back at the glass.

The moth's long proboscis snaked out from his mouth, swiping across the rounded nubs of his teeth. "I've never been with a girl before." He looked up at the bob-tail, who lorded over him patiently. "Can you make her take her skirt off?"

Without responding, she pressed the button to the intercom and leaned in. "Number three from the left, remove your skirt."

Beyond the glass, tiny paws snaked down from where they had been gripping the mattress, lowering out of sight. A button popped, and there was a slight zippering sound. The pleated fabric fell around her ankles and she stepped out of them, kicking them over to where the backpacks were.

"Anything else?"

Agrius tapped his chin, looking around. "That boy," he said, gesturing to the eldest cub on the opposite end of the gurney. "I want him next to her."

"Number seven," buzzed the intercom shortly. "Move next to number three."

The lion boy's ears perked up. His big golden eyes looked out apprehensively from beneath an emo cut of adolescent mane. After whispers were exchanged beyond the glass, the boy gathered his small package in his hands and, with underwear still down around his knees, shuffled down a few places. The other cubs moved down to allow him in.

"There. Satisfied?"

But the moth was already heading through the door. The soundproof hatch let in only a few whoops and hollers before sealing shut behind him. He had made off with his shirt and was now standing in the small room with the cubs, wearing nothing but his lycra briefs and his socks.

"Hello chitlinz," purred the dingy-colored bug, face split in a curling grin that encompassed the entirety of his face. "My name is Agrius and I'll be railing you out today."

More sniffles. Faces buried in arms entrenched themselves deeper. Eyelids screwed themselves shut.

Without much ceremony, Agrius padded over to where the dog girl was. Grabbing her tail and roughly pinning it to the small of her back, the moth leaned in, burying his face between her asscheeks.

She yelped in surprise as the furry bug began to eat her out.

The girl winced as her speckled cheeks were forced apart. She gave a loud Hic! and her legs went out as the moth's proboscis - long, gray and prehensile - snaked from his mouth and plunged inside. She could feel it rooting around inside of her - tasting her insides and exploring her depths.

The other cubs on the gurney stared at her with a mix of fear and morbid curiosity. Her eyes met theirs. She was embarrassed. But she knew from experience that this was like a car wreck. They felt compelled to watch, just like she did whenever it happened to somebody else.

Her narrow hips were forcibly mashed against the edge of the gurney as the moth dove in deeper. The sensation was indescribable. It felt like an enormous slimy tadpole had been stuffed inside of her. Her body rocked and her claws pitted holes in the mattress as the vulgar length was pumped in and out of her.

The lion boy watched on from his place beside the painted dog. He had been here the longest of them all, but no matter how many times he had seen other kids violated - and had been violated himself - it always felt the same. A lump rose in his throat. He bit down on his bottom lip, wanting so much to do something.

He wanted to... but he knew that just beyond that large glass window, there was about seven or eight horny men and women watching the show, just waiting for an excuse to get involved.

As he went to put his paw on the girl's arm, the lion boy felt something forcing its way up his ass.

"AAAAGN!" the boy cried out, arching his back. His teeth bared in pain as Agrius crammed his finger deep inside. To the lion boy's dismay, the moth began to pump his finger in and out of the boy's clenching rectum, jackhammering his digits until the cub felt like he needed to go to the bathroom. He moaned loudly each time the moth drew his finger out, and again when he crammed it back in.

To the left of him, no longer content to just molest the girl with his tongue, the moth had drawn his tongue from the painted dog and, with a hasty downpull of his own underwear, had pushed himself in to the hilt. The dog girl yelped, nose going dark red in a blush to feel the moth's knees against the backs of hers, his bony hips mashed amorously against her ass.

Agrius held her there for a moment, standing on tiptoes, gripping the girl's tail as he sighed contentedly. This girl was beyond tight. Her walls enveloped his meager length from all sides as if the two organs had been made for eachother, and he could feel her clench with each gulping breath she took. As he fucked her, he continued to piston his finger in and out of the lion boy, every so often adding a finger once the cub's moans began to subside.

The girl arched her back, groaning as the furry bug drew his oddly-shaped penis out and repeatedly slammed it back in. He wasn't gentle. Standing on tiptoes to reach the girl's cunt, the moth actually made the gurney move back a few inches with the force of his fucking. And all the while, he never once neglected the lion boy, who hid his face in a fort made from his crossed arms as the moth continued to ream him.

The girl caught the other cubs' gazes as they looked on, frightened. The kind of onslaught the painted dog was experiencing was one none of them would ever wish upon themselves. Even if the insect wasn't big, he was aggressive. It seemed like he was out to impress, with long, full-bodied thrusts and an obnoxious attempt at pornstar flare. The girl was sure that she would have a bruise on her rump from where the moth's hips collided with her own.

After an eternity, a voice crackled over the intercom. "Alright, alright, that's good. You're in, ya damn showboater. Now hurry up so we can get outta here."

Agrius cocked his head over his shoulder with a grin. "Yaay! Thanks guys! Alright, here goes."

Suddenly, the thrusting got a whole lot worse. The moth was bucking into her with the full force of his meager weight. The girl cried out - this was always the worst part. He held onto her hips as he violated her, forcing himself ever deeper. The tightness of the girl's cunt and the force of the moth's fucking elicited a wet squelching sound that the girl found most embarrassing of all.

To her surprise, after a few more uncoordinated thrusts the moth withdrew himself suddenly. Shuffling over a few paces, he grabbed the lion boy and, spreading his cheeks roughly, hilted his dick up the boy's ass and promptly began to unload. The boy cried out in pain as the moth pumped his seed deep inside him, rocking their hips together against the gurney as he rode out the last of his orgasm inside the young male concubine.

When he was finished, Agrius withdrew himself with a wet squelching noise and the lion's claws unpitted from the mattress. Cum dripped from the boy's anus onto the tiled floor below.

"Are you done yet?"


The intercom crackled off. Shortly thereafter, the door opened with a hydraulic hiss and in came a dozen or so men and women of varying ages and species, led in front by the big-breasted bob-tail in the white lab coat.

One of the males - a large, brawny cougar, tossed something red and wadded-up to the moth, who narrowly caught it before it hit the floor. Unfurling it, the cubs could see that it was a bright red T-shirt with the words "YIFF-A-CUB CLUB JUNIOR MEMBER" stenciled across the front in bold lime green lettering. Centered on a chest was a crudely-drawn picture of a young girl giving a thumbs-up while an unrealistically large dick fucked her from behind. As with all the others who'd earned the shirt over the years, the moth made quick work of putting it on.

"There you go, bug," the cougar grinned, sidestepping the bob-tail and giving the tiny moth a spine-jarring slap on the back. "You're now a card-carrying member. We meet twice a month and dues are due on the fifteenth."

Agrius cheered ecstatically - a sound like a mix between a cicada's churr and a chalkboard getting beaten with a rake. All the other furs gathered around to congratulate him.

Across the gurney, the cubs winced. Having seen the induction of many new members over the years, they knew what was coming next.

"Alright guys and gals," announced the bob-tail loudly. "We've got the room secured for another fifteen minutes. Get your fill and get out."