Battling the Iron Princess

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10 of Evens and Dante's Adventure in Unova

I don't own Pokémon all rights belong to the creator. The story is mine, just the same things being said over and over again. I'm really wondering if I have to keep on putting this down, if someone can answer that it'd be great. Now on to the story!

Battling the Iron Princess.

Everyone paused when the sound of the eggs cracking were heard. Evens and Dante look to Galvantula who is carrying the eggs. The blue egg with the white band around the middle that was given to Dante was the first one to hatch. A bright light enveloped the remnants of the egg and a Crogunk was left sitting on top of Galvantula. Gothorita was ready with her telekinesis in case Crogunk tried to attack anyone. Crogunk just looked around at everyone until it got to Dante, "are you my master?" Gothorita scanned his mind, "he seems to be ok, I mean he doesn't want to murder us." Crogunk looked at Gothorita quizzically, "why would I hurt master and my new family?" Evens nudged Dante, "well it looks like Red's machine worked." Dante nods, "yeah but your egg hasn't hatched its only cracked." Evens takes another look at the blue and black egg, "well there's a noticeable crack in the egg." Dante lifts the Crogunk onto his shoulders, Gothorita is watching intently the entire time. Evens looks at the digital map of the town, "we'd better get to a Pokémon center for the gym battle checkup."

While waiting for the Pokémon Evens decides to call the professor. He picks up the receiver and dials the professor. The phone rings twice before the professor picks up the phone, "hey Evens how is everything?" "Good, good Dante and I got a new Pokémon." "Which one did you get?" "Dante got a Crogunk and I'm still waiting for the nurse to check out the egg that I got." The professor looks confused, "where did you get the Pokémon egg?" "Well it turns out team nightfall tried to have us both killed by giving us both a Pokémon egg that would hatch into a killing machine that would attack the first thing it sees." the professor has an awe struck look on her face, "what do," "don't worry professor Red showed up and fixed the problem, the Pokémon will not go on a killing rampage and we get to keep them." The professor looks relieved, "so you got to meet the Pokémon master himself?" Evens smiled, "yeah and has was even more awesome in person." The professor nods, "well I'll be asking the Pokémon center for the data on the new Pokémon you have." Evens nods, "alright see you later professor." The professor waves good bye and ends the call. Evens goes back to the waiting area and sits down until the bell rings and their Pokémon are wheeled out. Nurse joy hands Crogunk to Dante, "your Crogunk is healthy as is the rest of your team, and your Pokémon," nurse joy looks at Evens, "they are ready to battle the gym leader tomorrow, today they should concentrate resting." Evens and Dante thank nurse joy and head to their rooms for the night.

In the morning Evens and Dante gets up and head to the local dinner for breakfast. The Pokémon are eating their breakfast outside with every other Pokémon checked into the Pokémon center. As they are eating the doors open and a little girl in a pink frilly dress walks through. The waiter sees her and grabs a menu, "your usual seat is open, do you want the usual?" the little girl hops up onto one of the stools by the counter. She nods and the waiter rings the bell to the kitchen, "one princess special." The little girl is handed a coloring menu and some crayons. As she is sitting there the people around her smile politely, her food rings up and is placed in front of her. It's a large stack of pancakes with eggs sunny side up and a side of bacon and toast. Evens and Dante pay her no attention until a trainer bursts through the doors, "Morgana I challenge you to a battle!" Evens looks around to see who the trainer is challenging when Dante motions to the kid. The little girl swivels around in her stool and replies, "when I'm done eating and coloring." She then swivels back and continues her activates, "that is not good enough I need to challenge you now if I want to complete the gym battle marathon." Evens looks confused, Dante wipes his mouth and explains, "the gym battle marathon is where trainers try to challenge every single gym leader in the region and win within a certain time limit, and they can't lose either or they have to wait another year before trying it again." "And what happens when they win?" "They automatically are placed in a special bracket during the elite four tournaments." "And the special bracket does what?" "They basically can challenge the elite four without having to go through the whole tournament." Evens nods and continues to eat when the little girl takes out a Pokéball, "Bisharp take care of this I'm eating." Evens almost chokes on his food when he hears this. Bisharp emerges from the Pokéball and leads the trainer outside. Evens gets up and walks to the newly discovered gym leader, "is it alright that only one of your Pokémon takes him on?" morgana merely turns to Evens, "Bisharp won't lose to an amateur trainer." Evens goes outside and sees the other trainer send out a Gigalith, Leavanny, and a Mienshao. Bisharp looks extremely board, the trainer has his Gigalith go first, "brick use," before he could finish Bisharp moves and hits the rock Pokémon with a metal claw and one K.O.'s it. The trainer sends out Leavanny, "Lilly leaf blade now!" the bug Pokémon dashes at Bisharp who is just standing there. Just as Leavanny appears to have hit Bisharp he moves with the attack and when Leavanny is just past Bisharp with her back exposed Bisharp hits the bug Pokémon with a dark pulse crashing it into the ground. "Mienshao use brick break!" Bisharp is still distracted by Leavanny to see Mienshao move. Without even having to look at the opponent Bisharp strikes Mienshao down with a night slash knocking out the trainers final Pokémon. As the trainer is still awe struck at what just happened to his team morgana exits the dinner, "thanks for breakfast be sure to bill the gym." Bisharp walks toward his trainer morgana smiles brightly, "did my shining knight win?" Bisharp simply nods and walks with his trainer back to the gym. Evens is still standing there when the trainer collects his unconscious Pokémon. Dante pats Evens on the back breaking him from his trance, "not even one minute and Bisharp won without breaking a sweat." Dante pats him again reassuringly, "don't worry just trust me that you're ready for this and you'll be fine." Evens nods and the two head to the Pokémon center to collect their Pokémon. The rest of the day passes with nothing else exciting happening. The team turns in for the night in preperation for the gym battle tomorrow. Morning comes and Evens and Dante head toward the gym.

Dante and Evens stand in front of the Caballero gym, Zoroark sees her trainer uneasiness, "don't worry we'll be fine we've been training for this." Evens nods and enters the gym. The front room of the gym is filled with trainers waiting for their chance to battle morgana. Dante snakes his way through to the man in the expensive suit standing in front of the door leading to the field. Dante and the man exchange a few words before Dante points at Evens, the man clears his throat and the room goes silent, "you there with the black shirt step forward." Another trainer standing next to Evens begins to walk when Dante says something to the man and he motions for the trainer to stop, "my apologizes, I was motioning to the trainer next to you." Dante looks at Evens and nods his head, Evens walks forward until he reaches Dante and the man. The man has an imposing presence about him; he is also taller than anyone in the room so when he looks at Evens it is almost even more imposing. The man's features soften a little, "I have heard that you are acquainted with this man," he motions to Dante, Evens nods his head yes. The man steps to the side and opens the door, "I will inform my lady the she will be having a special challenger." Dante and Evens walk through the doors and continue down a hallway. Zoroark never having left his side speaks, "how do you know that guy?" "He is morgana's butler obviously; he has a special eye when it comes to selecting challengers." Evens turns to Dante, "does he know about our situation?" "He has an idea, but he chooses to simply treat us like any other trainer." The group makes it to the battlefield doors, "well this is it." Zoroark places her paw on Evens shoulder, "let's go win us that badge."

The field looks like any other gym field except for the boulders littering the field and the ring of water around it. The challenger's box is placed before the ring of water along with the gym leader's box. Morgana is sitting on a throne with her butler at her side. He holds out a silver tray to her with three Pokéballs on a velvety red pillow. She grabs one and tosses it onto the field, an Escavalier emerges. Morgana sits up in her throne, "I have heard that Dante has trained you correct." "Yes." "Then out of respect I shall not hold back, and do not think me a child because of my age." Dante explains to Evens, "even though she is seven she is considered a genius at Pokémon battles and has been offered the top position of the elite four." Evens smiles, "right now I don't care if she is seven or a hundred, if she can battle then why show disrespect." Morgana seems pleased with Evens response. "Well then shall we proceed?" the butler stands at the mid-field spot, "is the challenger familiar with the rules?" "If they are the same for everyone else in the region then yes." The butler nods, "then BATTLE BEGIN!"

Morgana sends out Escavalier, Evens sends out Golett. Escavalier jabs the air in rapid succession, Golett looks unimpressed as it takes its fighting stance. Morgana gives the first order, "Escavalier use poison jab." The bug knight's spear glows purple as it charges Golett. The speed that Escavalier has is nothing that Golett hasn't already seen, Evens orders, "use mega punch." Golett merely nods as the bug knight is still charging it. Golett feints a dodge to the left when the other spear is thrust forward, already expecting this Golett dodges right and connects with the mega punch sending the bug knight flying through a few of the boulders scattered around the field. Morgana looks on generally surprised, "I did not expect your Golett to have such speed or power; normally no one can dodge that attack." Escavalier gets up and shakes the dust from itself; it looks at its trainer for further orders. "Use x-scissor." Both of its spears glow as it charges Golett again but at a faster speed. Escavalier begins to juke left and right in an attempt to confuse Golett, Evens orders, "Golett use dynamic punch." Escavalier is still charging when Golett begins to gather the energy for its attack. Just as Escavalier is about to hit Golett it ducks down underneath the attack and comes up in between its spears with a shoryuken connecting to Escavalier's jaw. The bug knight is sent flying through the air, "Golett use shadow punch." Golett strikes the ground and out of Escavalier's shadow multiple fists appear and strike the bug Pokémon. When Escavalier lands there is no movement, the butler calls the round, "Escavalier is unable to battle Golett is the winner." The gym erupts in cheers and whistles, Evens looks around and sees the whole gym is packed full of people. Morgana rises from her throne, "you truly are of the same caliber of trainers who have defeated me before." She recalls Escavalier, and then throws out another Pokéball, as Empoleon emerges. Evens switches Pokémon recalling Golett and sending out Dewott. Morgana announces, "But this is where your winning streak ends, Empoleon win this match understood?" Empoleon turn and kneels in front of morgana, "yes mistress." A big screen TV lowers down from the ceiling and displays the underwater field. "This is so we both can see what is happening." The underwater field is the ring plus underneath the field which appears to be held up by underwater supports. The butler stands at attention, "are both trainers ready?" both nod, "BATTLE BEGIN!"

Dewott sprints to the water which takes morgana by surprise, "I know that Dewott is a water type but for him to think that he can defeat my Empoleon in the water is absurd." Empoleon looks to its trainer, "Empoleon show that peasant who rules the water." Empoleon nods and rushes to the water, "Dewott use water pulse." A burst of water hurdles toward Empoleon, not really having a good balance on land the water pulse strikes Empoleon knocking it over. Morgana smirks, "I see, you are trying to prevent Empoleon for entering the water to give yourself the advantage, but Empoleon doesn't have to enter the ring to get into the water." Evens is slightly confused, "Empoleon use metal claw and dig your way through the arena." Empoleon strikes the ground repeatedly taking out huge chunks of the arena. The underwater camera views the hole that Empoleon is trying to get through. "Dewott stop it from reaching the water." On screen Dewott nods the swims around the arena ounce before disappearing. Empoleon still concentrated on its task does not feel the rumbling through the earth. Dewott bursts from the ground hitting Empoleon square in the chest knocking it out of the hole. Empoleon is slightly dazed by the attack; while the water did not do much damage the force of Dewott hitting it injured the penguin Pokémon. Morgana smiles, "now this is the kind of battle I've been hoping for since Dante challenged me." Dewott lands back in the water. Empoleon gets up, "Empoleon use ice beam on the water." Empoleon fires the beam freezing the water, it does not stop and continues to freeze the water field as more and more of the water turns to ice. Dewott is swimming around the field trying to avoid the attack and the ice. When half of the water is solid ice Empoleon stops. "Empoleon now get in the water!" "Dewott use aqua jet to keep it out!" Empoleon jumps into the air, Dewott burst for the water barreling straight at Empoleon. Morgana giggles, "Empoleon use flash canon." Empoleon brings its flippers together and charges a bright orb; it fires the attack at the Dewott. "Dewott dodge!" morgana bursts into laughter, "your Pokémon can't dodge in midair." Dewott breaks from its attack and uses water gun to propel it away from the attack. Both Empoleon and morgana are taken aback by this. "How did he?" "Dewott aqua jet one more time and finish it with razor shell." Dewott aims the water gun beneath it then envelopes itself in water again while readying both of it scallops. Empoleon can only look as Dewott draws closer to it, unable to maneuver in midair Empoleon closes its eyes and braces for the onslaught of attacks. Aqua jet hits it first knocking it further up into the air, Dewott gets above Empoleon and brings its scallop shells down on the penguin Pokémon as they both plummet to the field. A huge crater and a massive dust cloud are all that both trainers can see of their Pokémon when they hit the ground. Dewott stumbles out of the cloud and falls onto its back, "Dewott are you still good to go?" Dewott waves its hand it the air to signal that it's still conscious. Empoleon is still not responding until the dust clears and morgana sees her Pokémon unconscious. "Empoleon is unable to battle, Dewott is the winner." The arena bursts into cheers again as both trainers recall their Pokémon. Morgana has the biggest smile on her face, "I am having the most fun since I battled Dante." She throws out her last Pokémon, Evens motion for Zoroark to take the field. The butler takes midfield again, "are both trainers ready?" both nods again. "then BATTLE BEGIN!"

*The next chapter will have the conclusion to the gym battle. And I might have the egg hatch as well, I don't know I have to pace things just right so I'm not bombarding you readers with new characters every chapter. But after the egg hatches there won't be any more major characters for a while. And I'm working my way up to another chapter from Dante's POV. Various things will happen in that chapter that kids should not know about until they hit level 15 (courtesy of Jake). So until next time reader. *