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Commissioned by matt123 The world has fallen to the virus. The last remnants of mankind cling to life in the survivor's camps, but some are more vulnerable than others. What fate will befall those survivors when the zombies charge Thunder Plains?

Epidemic 2 -The Cure- Written by Leo_Todrius Commissioned by Matt123

_'Six months... Six months since the world came crashing down. It's funny in a sad way, all the times society thought about the end of the world. The shows, the video games, we'd been thinking about it for decades... Then it happened. It's interesting what they got right and what they didn't. I remember in all those shows about how everyone ate canned beans or old ration packs, but that takes time.

I start every morning with fruit loops, just like I did. It just happened to be liberated from a national warehouse by a team of marines to distribute among the survival camps. I even get to watch television while I eat, but the shows are made in the camps, broadcast between news updates as the last of the humans try to keep tabs on the rest of the world. We don't really need a television to tell us that. All we have to do is wait for the sound of the guns.

Day, night, there isn't any strategy. Swarms of the infected try to breach our defenses to get at us... to feed on what we can produce. The perimeter guards are all women now, a deterrent. The zombies just want men and they don't try as hard to get through when all they see is women, but they still try. They're relentless. I still don't understand it.

The scientists say it started as an attempt to achieve immortality, to perfect the immune system. Pharmacorp started making progress, finding a way for the body to keep functioning even when severely damaged, but in the process it starved the brain of proteins and chemicals it needed to function right. I don't have a head for all that. I just want it to be over, for them to finish the cure. They say they're close now, but they've said that for months. I'll believe it when I see it.'_

Hawk slowly lowered his pen, looking back at the journal entry he'd made. He sighed gently, wondering what had made him so reflective. Maybe it was part of being an adult now, or maybe it was part of being a survivor. Maybe he'd finally had the horror of the epidemic sink in enough that he was starting to deal with it in his own way. Hawk leaned back against the outside of the barracks wall, considering the day before him. It was still early, the light of dawn barely lifting the sky out of its midnight blue... a color Hawk had always liked.

When Hawk had come to the Thunder Plains he'd had electric blue hair and had been seventeen, a jaded youth that thought he didn't need the world. In the end he had been right, he still lived when the world had died, but it wasn't at all what he had wanted. The dye had faded from his hair and he'd decided to reinvent himself. The sides of his blonde hair had been shaved short while the center was a bit longer. It wasn't a Mohawk, but it was a look that seemed pseudo-military, just like the survivors.

Every morning Hawk woke up before the others, enjoying solitude. It seemed a little crazy to enjoy it even after the world had ended, but being crammed into the barracks was no way to live. Hawk liked to have some peace of mind before he started his day working in the gardens, trying to grow enough food to supplement what the military obtained. There were rumors that the military was setting up defenses around a farm to start cultivating livestock for the survivors, but it was just one of a thousand plans that hadn't manifested yet.

Hawk closed his eyes and took another breath of the cool morning air, the last time it would be cool until the next sunrise. He hated the plains and how hot it got beneath the broiling sun. It was as if the weather was punishing them for trying to survive. Hawk opened his eyes again and looked around to see if anyone had spotted him yet. There seemed to be little life as usual, one of the reasons he enjoyed it so much. Hawk flipped through the pages of his journal to the back, revealing his earlier work... all of which were women in exotic poses. Hawk had spent particular focus on the curve of their hips, the roundness of their breasts, the flow of their hair over their shoulders and the general fluidity of their figures.

While he had rebelled against most of society, the one thing that had always drawn Hawk in was the beauty of art. Every line, every angle, every detail had a purpose and he loved it. He'd tried to teach some of the other kids art in school but they didn't see the point when they could be learning how to shoot guns or farm. Hawk felt discouraged, but Jackson reminded him that he was keeping an important part of culture alive. Hawk looked down at the drawings before him almost in shame. Jackson had reminded him of the honor of art and he was sketching erotica.

Hawk closed his journal though he winced as the pages slipped past his finger tips, one of the pages slicing into his flesh. He pulled his finger away and looked at the wound before wiping it off on his pants. Just one more knick among many. Hawk paid it little mind as he moved to stand up, but as he moved he heard something jingling gently. It was almost like chain link in the wind, but the fences were mounted so well that it couldn't have been. Hawk stood up slowly, moving around the corner of the barracks, passing through the shadow before he stepped out into the dawn light. The faintly pink glow of the horizon caught on something horrifying... webbing. Silvery sticky strands covered the perimeter fence almost in a sheet, coating the barbed wire. Other strands like ropes shot out against the wall of the nearest building, bending and warping the fence. Some portions had been torn up around the base and the entire web glimmered like liquid silver.

The eighteen year old was frozen in terror, but only for a split second. He turned and began running for the alarm, his feet pounding on the cement until one of his feet shuddered, a wet sticky substance splashing around the back of it. The web pulled tight and Hawk's leg went out from under him. He fell to the ground and went sliding, his journal falling out of his pocket, but he was up onto his hands and knees, crawling for his life. Another web shot out and hit his shoulder, pulling him onto his side at an angle.

Hawk grunted, trying to pull the strands off of his shoulder but they only stuck to his hand. Hawk felt something grab his ribs before he was thrown onto his back, coughing as the wind was knocked out of him. Hawk panted, too stunned to recover for a moment, but as a hand came down onto his hip he started to struggle. A second hand came down on the other side, then a third. Hawk's eyes widened as a face moved into view... the face of a zombie.

It wasn't so much the differences that scared Hawk, but the similarities. His skin was pale as if he hadn't seen the sun in some time. He had thick steel earrings in his ears and a septum ring hanging from his nose. His hair was in a crusty green Mohawk, a former punk... but that was where the similarities ended. The zombie's eyes were solid black and as his lips parted with strings of dark bluish green saliva; long sharp teeth glistened in the early morning light. Hawk looked at the creature's four pectoral muscles, his four arms, his four nipples. There was a faint tattoo on his upper left arm, some band symbol no doubt. Clawed talons extended through boots and cut into the cement beneath Hawk's feet.

The zombie had pinned the eighteen year old, the creature's curved cock dripping silvery webbing. Hawk tried to throw the zombie off but he was far too week. The spider grinned wider as Hawk struggled, leaning down to start licking his arm. Hawk winced as he felt the texture of the slime move down past his elbow and across his forearm, across the back of his hand and down his fingers. The thick lips of the zombie slipped over his fingers, giving them a gentle suck before he pulled off of them. The zombie lifted his head up, licking his lips before he leaned in for a venom laced kiss, but before he got his chance there was a deafening sound.

The zombie hurtled off of Hawk, rolling into the fence before rolling onto all six limbs. It lifted its head and let out a hiss at the soldier that had just shot it. Jackson was holding an automatic riffle and opened again, riddling the zombie through the chest. Hawk winced and clenched his eyes shut at the sound, but soon silence fell. Hawk opened his eyes and looked up to see the blue eyes and buzzed brown hair of his best friend.

"Are you alright? Did he bite you?" Jackson asked with worry in his eyes.

"I'm fine; all he did was lick my arm." Hawk said. Jackson reached out and pulled Hawk up to his feet before pulling out his radio.

"All defense teams on full alert, we had a breach. I need a quarantine bath ready in sector G. Get those rail guns back up!" Jackson reported before he started pulling Hawk along.

"My journal!" Hawk said, pulling away from Jackson long enough to grab it from the ground, tucking it under his arm. Jackson kept his eyes open, moving away from the fences... but he could already hear them. The moans, the groans, the lusty and needy sounds of the masses. They had evaded the defenses somehow, they were coming. Soon the air shuddered with the force of the rail guns going off, but Jackson was starting to feel that it was too late. They were too close.

Jackson and Hawk rounded a corner but Jackson skidded to a stop. Up ahead they saw several of the survivors moving out of Barracks B in a strange sort of daze, walking across the tarmac.

"Oh my god, its Taylor Lautner..." one of the teenagers murmured.

"Are you blind? That's Nicholas Cervantes, he went to school with me..." another murmured, "We were such good friends."

"There's a siren around that corner, we can't risk getting hit with the mist..." Jackson whispered, pulling Hawk back the other way. The two maneuvered between the buildings, Jackson opening fire as clusters of the regular infected came charging toward them. Gun fire was echoing across the base, orders blaring out from headphones. Hawk was growing stiffer as he moved from the stress, from the chaos. Once more his world was falling apart.

As Jackson and Hawk made it away from the barracks blocks, they could already hear the air vibrating with the thumping pulse of helicopter blades. They could see survivors being loaded up and the first flights were already starting to depart. Jackson watched the copters loaded up with sleepy scientists rushed out first but he soon identified the one loading the rest of the survivors. Jackson pushed Hawk forward.

"Where are we going? Are we defending the survivors?" Hawk asked, ducking down as they approached.

"We're getting you out of here." Jackson said. Hawk's muscles stiffened.

"You're coming too; I'm not going without you!" Hawk replied in shock.

"I'll be right behind you, but I have to buy as much time as possible. Now get on and strap in!" Jackson said, all but tossing his eighteen year old friend into one of the helicopters. The pilot pushed Hawk down into one of the chairs and strapped him in.

"Get Jackson too, don't leave him, we need him!" Hawk demanded.

"Graves, we've got a seat." The pilot said. Jackson all but glared.

"A seat for a civilian. You will get them to Echo Mountain, do you understand me?" Jackson asked, moving to grab one of the survivors running across the tarmac. He helped them toward the helicopter, but as one of the fences came down, a bull sized muscle bound zombie let out a roar, looking around with lusty eyes. Jackson let out a yell that echoed even over the deafening sound of the helicopters, moving toward the behemoth as he unleashed his weapon fire. Hawk continued to scream for Jackson as the helicopter started to lift off, rising upward and heading away from the base.

The light of sunrise spilled into the helicopter, glinting off of all the metal and warming the air. Hawk looked down at the base below and how the zombies were spreading across it like insects, swarming and spreading. He could see soldiers and civilians taken down, he could see the buildings he had called home riddled with bullets and smashed up by zombies... but the one thing Hawk could not see was Jackson. The helicopter had turned, blocking his view. He had no way of knowing if his friend was alive or dead. Hawk closed his eyes and started to shiver, clenching and unclenching his right hand. It felt numb from the shock of it all. It had only taken what seemed like a minute for it all to come to an end again... and once more, just like his body, his fate was in the air once more, heading off into the sunrise.


The trip had seemed like an eternity to those fleeing. The plains had long since disappeared behind them, replaced with foothills and then mountains. Hawk knew they were headed to a NORAD base converted into a survivor's camp, but from the sounds of things it was far stricter than Thunder Plains had been. Hawk looked around to the other survivors that had been pushed in with him. They were all quiet, still. None of them could sleep, all reflecting on the close call, wondering if anything would ever be safe again.

Hawk turned, looking out of the window, seeing the other helicopters in the flying convoy. Even with sizeable room for survivors, there was no way they would have been able to get more than a fraction out. Hawk tried to see the aircraft behind them, wondering if Jackson had made it into any of them. It was a long shot, but he had to have hope. Hope was the only thing more powerful than fear, and he knew that.

"Begin final approach." The pilot murmured up front, earning Hawk's attention. He shifted over a bit, trying to peer forward. His eyes slowly widened as he saw high in the mountains that a portion of the rock had retracted, revealing a hanger inside. Two by two, the helicopters maneuvered over before they lowered down into the mountain, touching down on platforms that rumbled and rolled out of the way to make room for even more. Hawk leaned back in his seat as their helicopter moved to take its turn.

They moved down, meeting the platform half way. The helicopter shuddered before the blades slowed down, the platform rumbling as it lowered. Hawk looked out of the windows, seeing the cement lined hanger and the various doors. Lights flashed and spun near the doors, biohazard logos newly sprayed onto them. Then Hawk started to realize how many of the soldiers were in quarantine gear - hazmat suits, gas masks, specialized gloves... whatever they were wearing, it was clear they were taking no chances... and that meant only one thing. Hawk slowly wrapped his arms around himself, knowing what would come next.


The spray hit Hawk like icy needles, causing him to yelp out as the liquid ran down his spine. It was as if it soaked out all the heat from his bones and muscle, causing goose bumps to form on his skin. As the liquid ran down to the paper cut on his finger it burned particularly strong, causing tears to leak out from Hawk's eyes... though Hawk was grateful for the tears diluting the caustic chemical and cutting the burning of his face. The faintly blue chemical washed down Hawk's body, dissolving the dried saliva that had clung to his arm until his flesh was fresh and clean. Several seconds passed and the spray turned off, leaving Hawk cold and naked and wet. He stumbled out of the shower and onto the tiled floor, hearing the door shut behind him before another survivor was ushered in from the other side.

"Present your arm." A soldier ordered. Hawk looked around, barely able to open his eyes. Another soldier grabbed his arm and held it out. There was a pinprick of pain and Hawk said nothing at that, realizing they had taken a sample of his blood. Hawk pulled his arm back and continued on further through the converted bathroom before he saw a rack of towels. He nearly bowled the guards over to grab one, rubbing it through his hair before he tied it around his waist.

Hawk looked back, hearing the uncomfortable yelps of the next survivor in the shower. It was an antiviral wash with the most caustic cleaning elements they could afford. Hawk grimaced and moved forward, stepping out into a hallway where others had lined up, wearing only towels. The women had gotten into a different line where they were given clothes and escorted to quarters, but the men had more rigorous rules to adhere to. They could be carriers.

"Cunningham, Section B, Lewis, section A. Hollister, section D. Landis, section A. Klingman, section B." A black woman rattled off assignments for quarters.

"Excuse me; did you say Hollister, section B?" Hawk asked, moving up. The woman looked her papers over before shaking her head.

"Section D." she said curtly.

"But everyone else is being assigned elsewhere, isn't-" Hawk was interrupted.

"Hollister, section D. Is there an aspect of that you do not understand? Is it your name, or is it the letter of the alphabet? You are assigned to section D because that is where you are supposed to be. It's just a letter; we have many survivors to relocate and limited resources." The woman said.

"I had a journal with me, am I going to get it back?" Hawk asked. The woman's eyes narrowed.

"Personal affects will be checked for hazards to safety. If they are deemed clean, you will be given them back. Now move along." She said, the punctuation in her voice hinting at punishment if he did not comply. Hawk hesitated before nodding, moving past the check point. He watched as several of the survivors headed to the left while he moved along the hallway ahead of him. The further he walked, the more quiet it got until he reached section D. It was isolated, remote and blank. Hawk took a deep breath before he sighed, moving to check one of the doors. It eased open with a creak, revealing a set of quarters on the other side.

Hawk stepped in, looking at the windowless room. There were two beds, two foot lockers and two end tables with the same plastic flowers on each. A door at the back was most likely a bathroom. Hawk turned and looked at the door. It was metal reinforced with a thick metal slat to truly bolt the door, though Hawk wasn't certain if it was something to keep threats out or prisoners in. No matter the case, Hawk was too tired to care anymore.

The teenager moved over and fell back onto the bed, sprawling himself out. He just couldn't take it anymore. He wanted to stay up all night worrying about Jackson, but the shock had ripped through his system and now he felt like a husk. He closed his eyes and let out a deep sigh, laying there in silence. He felt warm, far too warm, but no doubt it was his body trying to compensate for the horrible shower he had just endured. After so much stress, Hawk soon passed out into a dreamless sleep, his body doing everything it could to try and bring Hawk back to his normal self, or at least closer.


Days had passed, though Hawk was uncertain how many. Echo Mountain was so very different from Thunder Plains. The difference was like night and day. Echo Mountain felt almost like a prison, even with the uniforms. Hawk moved along the hallway in drab sand colored shirt and pants. His shoulders were slumped, his feet shuffling. He felt like a defeated man even though he had survived, probably because he had been packed away like some piece of equipment in storage. Life had been hard at Thunder Plains, but it had been manageable. Everyone worked together and formed a sense of community... and everyone had been attacked together.

Hawk wondered to himself if that was the reason for the difference. They were safer in Echo Mountain, safer without attachment or dependence. The officers wouldn't hesitate to kill infected if they had no connection, not like Jackson. Hawk closed his eyes, reaching out to steady himself against the wall. He'd been doing his best to cope, but the thoughts kept sneaking up when he least wanted them to. Hawk pushed the thought out of his mind and continued down the hall, coming up to the office that had been set aside with personal affects. A windowed slot was open but barred, a little metal slot dipping down under the window to allow for the passing of objects.

"Hawk Hollister. I'm here to claim a journal." Hawk said softly.

"Describe it please." The officer said on the other side of the glass.

"It's... a journal. Brown leather binding, paper inside..." Hawk replied. The officer on the other side of the glass scrutinized him for a long moment before digging through the bins of personal affects before pulling it out, flipping through the pages a bit, stopping when he saw the drawings. Once more the officer glanced up at Hawk with a bit more scrutiny before he chuckled and slid the journal through the slot. Hawk said nothing, taking the journal and clutching it in his hands. He turned, heading back toward his quarters as fast as his legs could carry him. He'd almost made it all the way back when he heard a familiar voice... an angry, agitated familiar voice.

"What do you mean I can't see him? I've just been through hell itself, allowed all those people to escape and you aren't going to let me visit?" Jackson's voice echoed.

"Sir, please calm down. I'm sure we can arrange a time to-" The guard had no chance to finish his sentence.

"Jackson!" Hawk exclaimed, running down the hall, coming around the corner. His heart was racing, his head pounding. He expected to come around the corner and see it was some other soldier, that he had heard it all in his head, but when he came around the corner he saw his best friend, the friend he had for so long.

"Hawk! You're okay!" Jackson grinned.

"This isn't an authorized visit..." One of the guards said, moving to block the two. Hawk continued on forward, picking up speed.

"Stop where you are!" Another shouted, raising his gun. Hawk skidded to a stop, looking around in confusion.

"He's just a kid, what the HELL are you doing?" Jackson snapped.

"I'm eighteen..." Hawk replied softly.

"Not helping." Jackson replied. The guards looked at each other, trying to decide what to do. Hawk and Jackson remained right where they were before the guards slowly lowered the guns back down.

"Members of Barracks sections are only allowed to have limited, authorized visitation. Make it fast." The soldier said. Hawk looked at the soldiers as if they were crazy before he looked at Jackson, a grin crossing his face.

"You made it? You're okay?" Hawk asked softly.

"I made sure the last copter got out before I made it to one of the storage bunkers. I waited a couple days before I checked out the surface again. It was like a ghost town, no one was there, so I used the radio to call for a pick up." Jackson said. Hawk looked at Jackson with large eyes before he balled his hands into fists and punched his friend in the shoulder.

"You said you were coming right behind me!" Hawk proclaimed.

"I did, sort of..." Jackson murmured.

"You let the last flight leave without you, that isn't right behind." Hawk replied.

"Hey, relax, I made it, alright. We're here together, aren't we?" Jackson asked. Hawk looked up into the blue eyes of his friend, not sure why he suddenly felt like crying. They were together, but in a way they weren't... and that felt incredibly sad.

"Time's up." One of the other soldiers said, giving a vague gesture with his riffle again. Hawk looked back at Jackson.

"We're not together, not yet." Hawk replied.

"I'll get it worked out, this is just... a different command style." Jackson replied. The soldier nudged Hawk's shoulder with the gun and Hawk turned, heading back to his room. He felt the weight of the wordless departure but he just didn't know what to say at the moment. He made it almost all of the way to the end of the hallway before he turned back.

"I'm really glad you're safe." Hawk said, giving Jackson a small smile despite being mad at him. Jackson grinned.

"You too kid." Jackson replied. Hawk turned the other way and resumed walking back to his quarters, feeling the eyes of the soldiers boring into his back before he turned into section D again. He still didn't like being called a kid, especially by Jackson.

Hawk made his way to his quarters and pushed the door open, moving in before flopping down on his bed. The door slowly swung shut under its own weight, clicking into place. Jackson leaned over and pulled the pen off of his night stand before he flipped to a new page of his journal. In moments he was sketching again, feeling more relieved than he had been the morning they evacuated Thunder Plains. The ink soaked into the paper and shapes formed, rough at first but taking on definition.

At first Hawk tried to draw what he always did, but it just wasn't working. All his fantasies of women and luscious figures fell short. It wasn't giving him that satisfaction, the allure and the excitement. It just felt flat and dull. Hawk paused, considering before he finally decided to try drawing something more important to him. The curved edges were hardened, the lines straighter and wider. A figure started to come out of the sketching, but it wasn't a woman. It was a man.

Strong muscles, tall figure, broad shoulders. The sketch was quite masculine, and the more that Hawk drew it, the more he got into it. Soon he was adding details - muscles, hair, cheek bones, a nose. Hawk added the nipples, the abs, then he started shading around the groin. He added in the bush and then came the sloping lines for the manhood, but as he drew the shaft it didn't seem big enough. He used the lines to make shading on a larger shaft, then enlarged it again before the figure had a pendulous manhood dropping from his groin.

As Hawk filled in the round head of the shaft and the pendulous balls, he let out a moan of pleasure. Hawk was surprised by the sound, but soon the wave of pleasure spread over him more and more. Goose bumps lifted on his arms and his hair stood on end. Hawk licked his lips slowly, feeling his saliva run over his tongue a bit thicker than usual. Still, he paid the difference little mind, too enthralled in pleasure.

At first Hawk assumed that he was imagining himself as the large endowed man, but he soon didn't care who it was. He pulled his sand colored shirt up over his head and tossed it into the corner, running his hands over his chest. Hawk shivered in pleasure as his fingers traced his flesh, especially as they found his nipples. The nubs were so tight and sensitive. Hawk couldn't help but circle them with his fingertips, soon pinching and tugging them, feeling how plump and juicy they were.

The teenager tugged and twisted his nipples, his back arching in pleasure as he moaned. He worked his nipples until his cock was fully hard and he felt like he was about to explode. Just before he did, he slipped his hands down his chest, but as his fingers moved down, they brushed subtle bumps further down on his abdomen. Hawk hissed at his unexpected discovery, his eyes rolling into the back of his head.

Slowly his fingers worked back, retracing their steps before they found the miniscule mounds on his upper abdomen. They felt almost like swollen bug bites in terms of size, but the sensation was the same as his nipples. Hawk circled and teased them, feeling the changed flesh, panting softly. Hawk moaned louder and louder, working at the tiny bumps before it was all too much and the flash of orgasm spread through his mind.

Hawk felt the hot, slick rush spray from his shaft and into his pants, but rather than soaking through the fabric, the goo seemed to stay in his pants, clinging to his skin. Hawk laid back on his bed, panting, surprised by the pleasure. He reached down to lift the waistband of his pants, an attempt to readjust. Thick, almost web like strings of semen stretched between his groin and the pants before it snapped back into place. Hawk paid it no mind, letting his eyes drift shut before he fell into a deep sleep, his chest rising and falling very little as he slipped into sordid dreams.


Hawk moved down the hall of the Echo Mountain complex, trailing his hand along the wall in an up and down wavy pattern. It still felt like a prison, but it was feeling more like his prison at least. Every day was turning into more monotony. The only time he saw several people at once was at breakfast, but most of them were doctors and were too absorbed with their notes to talk to him. He turned, moving into the mess hall. The doctors were already there on the far side of the room, writing and murmuring to one another.

The eighteen year old moved over to the serving area, putting his tray on the track. As he moved the tray along, plops of hash browns and sausage patties and an oddly sterile looking orange were all put on by the servers on the other side of the sneeze guard. Hawk reached the end and expected to get his usual half glass of water, but instead the glass came down full of a faintly blue liquid.

"What... is that?" Hawk asked, looking at the server.

"Nutrient water." The server replied blankly. Hawk looked at the server and then the liquid, moving back and forth a few times before he gave up. Echo Mountain was not exactly a place of choices. He turned and moved over to his usual spot in the corner, sitting down alone yet again. He leaned forward a bit, his shoulders hunched. He reached up to scratch at his abdomen a bit through his shirt before he reached for his fork.

"He still has his appetite." One of the doctors said. Hawk lifted his head, looking across the room before pausing. The doctors were so far away, they couldn't be talking about him... not loud enough for him to hear. Hawk looked back down to his food and moved for the sausage.

"But it's still progressing." Another doctor said.

"Yes, but the rate of change, the level of sentience... There's something there." The first doctor said. Hawk looked back up again.

"Are you guys talking about that cure you were working on?" Hawk asked. The doctors fell into immediate silence, their eyes widening in surprise. Hawk stared back at them for a long moment before he gave an aggravated sigh and went back to his food. He had finished off his hash browns and sausage before the doctors dared to speak again.

"Enhanced hearing..." One of them murmured. Hawk felt a chill go down his spine. They were talking about him, and he could hear their whispers. Hawk slowly lifted his eyes, trying to glance back normally. They were surprised he had his appetite still, they were giving him strange food... and they had even discussed his sentience. Hawk slowly looked over at his cup of blue liquid. Were they trying to poison him? Were they experimenting on him? Hawk decided to run an experiment himself.

Hawk casually reached for his cup and lifted it half way to his mouth before pausing. Sure enough, the doctors seemed to be hanging on his every motion. He lowered his glass and they looked disappointed. Hawk decided it was time to give them a placebo. He brought the glass to his lips and tipped it back, taking the blue liquid into his mouth for a moment, holding it there. The water had a tang that was familiar to him, the same tang that had been in the juice they gave him... but far more potent.

After holding the blue liquid in his mouth, he pushed it back into his cup and set it down before swallowing his saliva. Assuming he had drunk the fluid, the doctors went back to their work, writing more notes. Hawk felt like shaking, like screaming, like running... but he did nothing. He sat there and looked at his tray, wondering what in the world was going on. Whatever it was, Echo Mountain was starting to feel even worse than a prison.


Hawk tossed and turned in bed, trying to sleep on his back, then his sides, then his stomach. Nothing was working. Every time he started to fall asleep, he thought of what they were putting in his food, what they had tried to do to him. He'd made it through lunch and dinner with great effort. It seemed like the less he ate, the less hungry he was. He was quite thirsty but he didn't trust their fluids, not after they had so blatantly tried to dose him with something. It had been hard to make them think he'd consumed some, but he'd found numerous tricks... but he was so thirsty, he had to drink something.

The teenager slipped out of bed and padded into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. He flicked the light on and turned the sink on, watching the water come out of the faucet. The water pressure was low, no doubt to keep any of the survivors from wasting it, or so it could be recycled properly. Hawk reached out and cupped some of the water in his hands before bringing it to his mouth, drinking it down.

He let out a soft moan of relief as the water seemed to dilute the thickness of the saliva in his mouth. His eyes slowly opened and he looked at his reflection in the mirror, but something didn't match. Hawk looked at his reflection for a long moment before he realized what it was, a blue tint to his hair. Hawk reached up, running his fingers through his blond hair. It had started to grow out at Echo mountain, but the grow out was almost as blue as his hair dye had once been.

Hawk was baffled, confused... and horny. A grin slowly crossed his lips as he looked at himself, starting to rub his hands up and down his chest. For a moment he stopped thinking of how weird it was and only focused on how wonderful it was. He pulled his shirt off and tossed it aside, pausing once again. The tiny bumps on his abdomen had swollen more, forming tiny pink nubs just as big as his nipples. There was even a reddening around them almost like areola. Hawk grinned wide and started massaging his chest.

His fingers worked the flesh, caressing his pectorals and his abdominal muscles, following every contour. He worked it down the cleft of his pecs, finding that the line dropped down further than before. Hawk grinned softly, feeling up his chest, realizing that it was almost like he had a second set of pectoral muscles below the first set. Hawk felt himself up before he reached down, unbuttoning his pants and pulling down the zipper.

Before the zipper had even made it all the way, a thick cotton bulge pushed out of his fly, the fabric stretched over his package. Hawk moaned out loud, reaching to grope himself, feeling the heat radiating off of his package. He used his fingers to trace circles through the underwear on his cock before he pulled the fabric down. Like a tree falling in the woods, his thick slab of cock flopped out, wobbling in the air before him.

Hawk gasped at how big it was, just gazing at it. It was as thick as a can of Pepsi and just as long. His hand came down, his fingers slowly closing around his girth. His fingers tried to meet but were unable to, but it was so good that Hawk didn't care. He moved his hand up toward the head of his shaft before pulling it back down, working it back and forth. He started to thrust his hips a bit as he pumped his hand, his balls swinging forward and back, heavier than usual.

With every stroke of his hand, Hawk surrendered more to what was going on. He moaned louder, he tipped his head back, panting hard. He clenched his eyes shut as he worked his cock, soon adding his second hand. Double fisting himself more than doubled the pleasure as he jacked off. Hawk moaned, his tongue hanging out of the corner of his mouth as he went at it. It felt wonderful, but the pleasure wasn't the only thing growing.

Veins slowly bulged along Hawk's cock as it grew thicker and longer, the flesh engorging even further. It pushed past eight inches, then ten, then twelve and kept going. His hand was pried apart by how thick his shaft was and his balls hung even lower as the testicles grew larger. Deep in his pelvis, Hawk could feel a throbbing heat where his prostate was, the organ becoming more sensitive and more productive.

Hawk panted, feeling a bit sweaty and clammy. Beads of sweat crossed his forehead and scalp, but the moisture that soaked into his hair only spread the blue pigmentation. The blue crept out slowly along his hair, dominating the blond coloring. Hawk felt like he was on fire. Even his ears were burning, though the reason of that became clear as his ear lobes started to change shape, taking on slight points. Hawk groaned louder and louder, working his cock as if his life depended on it.

The sound of flesh on flesh was lewd and loud as Hawk went at it, his hands stroking his tight cock without any lube, the friction heat intense. Hawk felt himself barreling toward the edge, the pressure building in his balls before the most intense pleasure of his life exploded in his brain. The pressure moved from Hawk's balls, through his shaft and then he heard a loud splattering in the bathroom. His eyes snapped wide open, but they were no longer the plain blue they had been. The black from the center of his eyes spilled out across his irises before dominating his eyes entirely.

Hawk blinked his black eyes as the blue pigment reached the tips of his hair, leaving him looking quite vibrant. His lips slowly darkened as they swelled a bit, becoming a bit puffy and black, almost like he had on black lipstick. His lips parted and thick stringy saliva soaked his teeth, almost staining them a bluish green. Hawk panted deeply, looking at his reflection before he slowly looked down at his cock, seeing that his cum had not sprayed out, but had in fact made a stringy mess that connected him to the sink basin... like a web.

All at once the thoughts came crashing together. The paper cut, the zombie spider sucking his finger... They had his blood on file from Thunder Plains and the blood test at Echo Mountain would have shown he was infected. Hawk's black eyes slowly narrowed as rage filled him. They knew... They knew the entire time. They knew he had been infected, and they HAD experimented on him. They had been working on a cure and he was the guinea pig. He had been isolated for everyone's safety and the doctors came to meals just to observe him.

"Those bastards..." Hawk murmured, his fingers balling into fists, though he felt pin pricks of pain in his palms. He slowly uncurled his fingers and looked at his hands, seeing that his fingernails were stretching into thick black claws. Hawk was still full of rage, but as he looked at his hands he looked to the finger he had cut on his journal. The paper cut had long since healed, but he slowly lifted his finger to his mouth, his lips parting.

The finger slid into his mouth and he began to suck on it, licking and slurping on it for a long moment before he slid it out. The digit dripped with the bluish green venom he was producing, the thickest strings dripping from his brand new claw. Hawk moaned, his cock still just as hard as before... Hawk wasn't sure why sucking his finger was so gratifying, at least for a moment. Then he looked down at his cock and remembered what he was. He reached out and cut through the web of semen with his claws before he turned and left the bathroom.

Hawk reached his bedside, grabbing his journal. He flipped through the pages to the drawings in the back. They had transitioned from women to men, then well endowed men, then very well endowed men that he knew... then Jackson. Hawk shook his head in shock. The cure had let him keep his sentience but it hadn't stopped him from becoming gay or a zombie. All it had done was slow his change down. It was clear he was becoming a spider, but he hadn't yet grown his second set of arms. There was still time, perhaps.

The scientists had to be uncertain how fast he was changing, assuming he'd had more of the cure then he had. Hawk nearly laughed out loud realizing that he'd been pretending all day to drink the cure when he hadn't, but he didn't hate what he had become. He hated the military for using him... for keeping him from Jackson... and that was what he wanted most, Jackson. Hawk nearly moaned at the thought of Jackson and his muscled body.

Hawk knew that Jackson wasn't gay, but he could change that. The eighteen year old reached down to stroke his huge shaft, imagining covering Jackson in thick webs, keeping him right where he wanted him while he sucked him off and turned him. Thick bluish green drool leaked over Hawk's dark lips as he fantasized darkly about his friend before he moved for the door, trying the handle... a handle that had been locked. Hawk glowered before he pulled harder, hearing metal stretch and warp before there was a snap and the door lurched open.

There wasn't a moment's hesitation as Hawk moved out of his quarters and into the hall, picking up the pace. His bare feet ached and throbbed as they came down on the cement, his toenails stretching out into black claws. His skin still looked cold and clammy, losing some of its tone but Hawk didn't care. He continued to make his way down the hall. He had one thing on his mind, Jackson, but as he heard murmuring up ahead, a moment of caution filled his mind.

The teenager turned back, looking at his room. He ran back and pulled the door shut, though when he let go the door swung open a crack again. Hawk looked down at his cock and then closed his eyes, clenching down. A thick wad of sticky yellow goo pushed out of his cock head. He stuck it to the door frame and pulled the door shut once more. This time the door stayed shut, but the voices were getting closer. Hawk looked around before he noticed the cement lip on either side of the fire door.

Hawk ran toward the side of the hall and lunged, landing on the wall. His fingers and toes clung to the cement, managing to adhere. Hawk pulled himself up with all his strength, crawling up the wall and onto the ceiling. He crawled over to the lip of the fire door, pulling himself as tightly as possible into the edge between the lip and the ceiling. A moment later, two soldiers moved beneath him, standing just two feet below his stomach. They looked at his door for a moment before looking up and down the hallway before pulling out their radio.

"Must be a false alarm, there's no way he could have gotten past us." The soldier said.

"Return to station." The order came back. The soldiers turned and moved back the way they came. Hawk clung to the ceiling, waiting for a long moment before he started to slowly grin, but his grin wasn't normal. It was full of sharp, stained fangs. Hawk licked his lips before he resumed his path to get to Jackson, his cock nearly dripping in thought of the sexy soldier man that would soon belong to Hawk.


Jackson Graves had never had a problem sleeping before, but ever since coming to Echo Mountain, he felt like he hadn't been able to get any rest. His mind kept going everything that happened at Thunder Plains, trying to see if there was anything he could have done to save anyone else... seeing the faces he had known coming for him, having to eliminate the threat. He rolled over and stared into the darkness, hearing the snoring of his bunk mate. As strange as it was, having only one bunk mate was almost harder to get used to than living in a barracks.

The soldier slowly rolled onto his back and closed his eyes. He heard distant clicks and shifts, no doubt the soldiers outside making their rounds... but then there was a sliver of light that fell into the room for a moment before the door was shut once again. Jackson opened his eyes, listening. His roommate had stopped snoring. Maybe he had gone out to the bathroom. Jackson closed his eyes and tried to use the opportunity to go to sleep without interruption.

Minutes passed and Jackson started to drift off to sleep. He felt the weight of so many days hitting him and pulling him toward unconsciousness, though the shifting of the bed springs across the way still registered in the back of his mind. He didn't realize the door had not in fact opened again. Jackson was just about to slip into a dream state when he felt someone crawling into bed with him, lying against him. The weight was surprising against his chest, his hips and legs.

"What the fuck?!" Jackson murmured, waking back up.

"It's okay, it's just me." Hawk replied.

"H... Hawk?!" Jackson asked, "How did you get in here?"

"I'm resourceful when there's something I want, and I wanted to see you." Hawk said, rubbing against Jackson a bit more.

"I know you missed me, but there are more normal ways to visit man..." Jackson replied. Hawk all but laughed.

"I don't want normal. Normal is overrated, normal is over. It's time for the new." Hawk said before he licked Jackson's neck slowly. Jackson's eyes grew huge as he felt the thick, hot slime on his neck. He used all of his strength to hurtle Hawk off of his body before he lunged out of bed, moving for the door. He flicked the light on and spun around, taking in the situation.

Much to Jackson's horror, his snoring roommate had not left the room. He was still in bed, tied in place with a thick cocoon of webs. Hawk had landed on the floor where Jackson had thrown him, crouched on all fours... at least for the moment. His arms were deformed, bulging out in places, discolored. The flesh in the middle of the arms was deteriorating and splitting but the muscle on either side was bigger and stronger than ever. Jackson took in Hawk's black eyes, fangs, long tongue, pointed ears and clawed hands... and then his cock - his huge, beastly cock.

Jackson turned to the door and reached for the knob, only to see that the door had been covered with thick yellow webbing, anchoring the entire surface to the cement walls. Jackson looked around for an improvised weapon, anything he could use to defend himself. It took almost twenty seconds before Jackson realized there was nothing to improvise, but that he also hadn't been attacked. Jackson turned and looked back, only to see Hawk stand up, move over to the bed and sit down again. Jackson hesitated for a long moment.

"H... Hawk?" Jackson asked. Hawk's eyes narrowed a bit.

"Yes, we established that." Hawk replied.

"You're still you?" Jackson asked.

"Yeah... I figured it out about an hour ago. I got infected at Thunder Plains, but when we got here they experimented on me with the cure. I got to keep my mind... even if it didn't prevent anything else." Hawk said.

"So they let you out?" Jackson asked. Hawk actually laughed that time.

"No... I didn't realize what they were doing, they didn't tell me anything. I freaked out at how suspicious they were being, and by the time I figured it out, I was like this... But it's okay. I realized how much better this is. I don't need food; I don't need anything but you... for us to be together." Hawk said.

"Hawk, I... We need to get you help, if they have a cure that can save your mind, maybe-" Jackson was interrupted.

"I don't want to be 'saved' Jackson. The stuff they have isn't the cure, the infection is. It's a cure to the problems of humanity... and I want to give it to you." Hawk whispered.

"But I don't want it Hawk, I want the kid I used to know." Jackson said. Hawk bore his fangs for a moment before he sighed.

"I told you before; I'm not a kid anymore. I had hero worship, yeah, but we could have so much more. We could be so much more." Hawk said, stepping off the bed and moving across the room. Jackson backed up until his shoulders pressed against the wall. Hawk lifted his clawed hand up and rested it against Jackson's chest before he looked up into his eyes, "Come on, wouldn't it be easier? Being one of us? You wouldn't have to keep fighting... You'd be able to just give in... and be with me, be better, forever." Hawk whispered.

"Hawk, I can't..." Jackson whispered back, feeling torn. He'd always been so committed to the job, he hadn't had time to pursue the women he was interested in, but no one had ever tried so hard to get him. Hawk began to stroke Jackson's chest. Jackson murmured as the claws moved up and down his chest.

"You don't have to do anything, just... let me suck your cock... Please?" Hawk whispered. Jackson flinched a bit, surprised by the request... but the idea of his friend sucking his cock sent a chill down his body before his cock started to harden in his pants. Hawk grinned slowly, "I see you agree." He whispered before he crouched down and reached out. The claws punctured through the cloth before they began slicing. A circle of pants fell away, revealing tented underwear. Hawk cut through that next and the soldier's thick, uncut cock extended from the hole.

Hawk leaned in, nuzzling Jackson's rod. He rubbed his cheek on it, then his chin, almost seeming cat like before he came back to the tip. His lips brushed the foreskin on the rod before his purple tongue emerged, the tip starting to explore and tease the interior of the foreskin. Jackson moaned gently, his eyes closing. Hearing the sound of his crush, Hawk was even more encouraged. His tongue continued to delve deeper, sliding around the mushroom shaped head of the soldier before teasing the urethra.

As Hawk went to work on Jackson's shaft, the zombie spider's arms continued to change. The flesh holding his arms together finally snapped, allowing two separate arms on each side to pull apart. The flesh on the inside was pale and colorless, but very well muscled. The arms pulled apart completely, flexing and moving. His upper arms retained his original hands, but his lower arms seemed to be developing new ones quickly. Clawed fingers stretched out of the ends of the lower arms, wriggling and flexing. His lower pecs shifted, accommodating the arms as they had evolved to do.

Soon Jackson had one hand fondling his balls, one holding his hip, another stroking his leg and Hawk used the last to jack himself off, working his own huge cock. Jackson blushed, feeling so incredibly guilty he was enjoying it as much as he was. In his mind he tried to lie to himself, telling himself he was keeping Hawk at bay so Echo Mountain had enough time to figure out there was an infection in their midst, but damn the blow job was good.

Hawk pushed forward, his lips forcing the foreskin back to reveal the head beneath. Hawk sucked on it like a lolly pop before he advanced his head forward. Hawk was soon sucking on half the shaft before he pushed his head forward again. His thick, black lips buried themselves in Jackson's thick bush as he sucked to his heart's content. Jackson let out a deep moan in surprise at how good it felt, far better than he would have ever expected.

The cock throbbed and pulsed in Hawk's mouth, swelling harder and thicker and longer than it ever had... all without the infection. The mouth was so hot, the saliva like thick lube, the sensation so forbidden that it was fantastic. Jackson started to wish he had let Hawk suck him off before, that they had found quiet corners to do it back in Thunder Plains. He was such a good cock sucker; he was the kind of twink that could turn other guys gay. Jackson hesitantly reached out slowly before his fingers tangled in Hawk's blue hair, pulling him into his crotch.

Hawk let out a moan, the vibration traveling into Jackson's groin, both men giving into it more than ever. Hawk sucked as his life depended on it, working three hands to pleasure Jackson and one to work his own drooling cock. Hawk bobbed his head forward and back desperately, using every tool in his arsenal before, at last, he felt it. Jackson moaned, his back arching before he let out a soft gasp and then game.

The semen sprayed into Hawk's mouth like silky, hot nectar from the gods. Hawk let it pour over his tongue, savoring the musky sweet flavor before he gulped it down. Hawk felt as light as air, as if he'd eaten the best thing on the planet... and he wanted more. Rather than relaxing, he went at Jackson's cock even harder, bucking his head faster and harder forward and back, teasing the urethra even more.

Jackson writhed and moaned in shock, the sensations so much stronger after orgasm. He was barely able to remain standing, but Hawk was so good. Much to Jackson's own surprise, his brain ignited with another orgasm as he came again. Hawk greedily gulped down the second load even faster than the first, but it only spurred him on more. Hawk latched onto Jackson's groin, sucking like a vacuum, working the rod.

The soldier's eyes rolled into the back of his head as he let go of Hawk and grabbed onto the wall to keep himself upright, slowly sinking part way. With his knees bowed, he still had a spider zombie on his cock sucking away. Jackson groaned, shuddering before he hit a third orgasm. This time, though, no semen leaked out. It was as if he had a dry heave from his cock, having been milked of all its bounty.

Hawk was disappointed the flow had stopped, but he felt so happy that he had made Jackson so happy. He pulled off of the soldier's cock slowly before he stood up, wrapping four arms around his crush, holding the soldier. Jackson blearily opened his eyes, looking at Hawk in a drunken manner. Hawk watched Jackson's face, and after a long moment, Jackson gave a weak grin. That was all Hawk needed. He slowly lowered Jackson down to his knees, resting the soldier before him.

Jackson was confused what was going on for a moment, but then he saw it... the massive zombie cock coming for his mouth. The almost gray flesh began pushing between his lips and Jackson didn't fight it. He opened his mouth and closed his eyes, starting to suck gently. He wasn't as naturally talented as Hawk, but he was getting more and more into it as time went by. Hawk moaned, thrusting his cock forward and back, barely able to imagine what was yet to come.

Hawk thrust forward and back, face fucking his friend. Soon his cock brushed the back of Jackson's throat. Jackson nearly gagged but he recovered himself, keeping the pace going as best he could. Hawk wanted to make it last, to make it linger, but he soon lost control of himself. His thick cock began to leak and extrude thick, sticky yellow cum. The slime stuck to the roof of Jackson's mouth and his tongue, making sloppy strings. He gulped and chewed and sucked at the slime, panting hard as he realized he had just been infected... and he could feel it.

The heat spread through Jackson like a fire, and for some reason he didn't care. He just kept sucking down the cum, sucking on the cock, embracing it all. Jackson gulped and swallowed and savored the tainted flavor of Hawk, his heart racing faster than ever before. If anything, the fever was making Jackson start to sweat. Beads of perspiration collected on his forehead, then his chest, but as they collected even the moisture started to change, taking on a faintly green sheen.

The sweat stain in Jackson's shirt spread out, turning the sand colored shirt green. His pits sweat next, then his shoulders. Soon his entire body was growing moist. His brown hair was soaked with it, it ran down his arms and dripped from his fingers, but as his body heat increased, the moisture began to boil, turning into a vapor, leaving his body. The green mist filled the room, soaking the beds and the walls, even soaking Hawk.

Jackson sucked Hawk off more and more eagerly, as if that was his purpose in life. He moaned, his arms hanging at his side. The soldier's cock slowly lifted up again, growing fully hard again, throbbing and aching with need. It pushed up to nine inches, then thirteen, then fifteen in length, growing all the while. It turned from pink to gray, the head swelling more as veins ran up the length, but it wasn't just growing... it was changing.

As Jackson's cock reached seventeen inches in length, parts of the base started to shrink. Much like Hawk's arms, tiny divots and creases spread into the shaft, starting to segment it. His urethra started to split, the one hole segmenting into eight smaller ones. The creases spread deeper into his cock before it all seemed to reach a central point. A soft, wet sound came as an eighth of his cock started to fall away from the rest, but as it split, it was just as round and complete as his original cock had been... and much longer.

Much like a flower blossoming, his cock split out one by one into eight separate portions. They were each long, thick, gray and soon dripping with slightly yellowed precum. Now on their own, the nest of eight cocks started to thicken again, growing to two inches thick, then three, then four. Each was already nineteen inches long, quite attractive in their own right. Despite the infinite pleasure of having eight cocks, Jackson was focused entirely on Hawk's shaft, sucking the spider off in desperation.

Hawk looked down at Jackson, blown away by just how... handsome he was becoming. Between the green sheen on his skin and the gray pallor underneath, he almost looked like an orc from one of Hawk's old video games. Hawk reached down to caress Jackson's hair, looking at him with great joy. At last they were united, complete and together.

"I love you..." Hawk said softly, though after a moment when Jackson had said nothing, Hawk grew concerned, "Jackson, I said I love you." Hawk said. Jackson said nothing, continuing to suckle Hawk's member. Hawk's eyes widened when he realized what was happening, what he had done. Jackson didn't have the cure. Hawk looked around in almost a panic before he pulled his shaft from Jackson's mouth and moved for the door, using his claws to cut the webs off before swinging it open.

Jackson moaned at being deprived of the delicious cock, looking at Hawk anxiously with yellowing eyes. Hawk turned back and moved to help Jackson to his feet, feeling the hot mist coming off of his would be boyfriend. Deciding they could use his ability to their advantage, Hawk grabbed Jackson's shirt and tore it off, taking a brief second to admire how amazingly muscled Jackson was. Every muscle glistened green as the psychedelic mist came off of his skin.

"Come on, we're going to get you help." Hawk said, pulling Jackson out into the hall, heading back toward the laboratories. This hadn't been Hawk's plan at all. Echo Mountain was so prepared... Soldiers with gas masks might be immune, or they might just close off sections. He had to get as far as possible without being caught, and with Jackson being a Siren it was their best bet. Hawk turned the corner with Jackson, grimacing as he came across two guards. The guards heard someone behind them and turned, but as the mist hit them, they did not see Jackson or even Hawk.

"Jimmy?" The taller of the guards murmured, his eyes widening in glee.

"Lance, how did you get here?" The other asked. The two moved forward as if in a trance, drawn in to Jackson before they fell to their knees before him, bringing their heads to his nest of cocks. They nuzzled them and rubbed against them before their lips spread and they took a cock in each. Jackson let out a drunken growl of pleasure as the guards started sucking him off, and soon enough his shafts started to spurt thick yellow infected cum.

The guards guzzled the seed down as the pink in their flesh started to shift. Their eyes glazed over with lust and they kept sucking harder and harder. Soon wet spots started to form in their pants as the last of their human cum was forced out. Their manhoods bloated and swelled as their brain shut down, leaving two common cum zombies in the place. Once they weren't a threat, Hawk moved to pull them off Jackson, once again irritating the siren.

Moving forward again, Jackson glanced back at the zombie guards, panting and drooling before they staggered to their feet, moving out in search of new sources of cum. Hawk knew that they were in a big wing of survivors... that weren't likely to survive as they were much longer, but Hawk's only concern was for Jackson. Hawk continued on, spotting the lost and found up ahead. He held Jackson a bit tighter, quite worried about the woman inside... but before they even got there, they heard a growing degree of coughing inside.

The mist had reached the woman, but it was completely toxic to her. She wretched and coughed and sputtered before she slumped in her chair, disappearing from view. Hawk considered it a relief that she had not been able to call for help and continued on. They turned yet another corner and Hawk grinned, spotting the sign for the laboratories, but before he could head that way he felt Jackson lurch from his grip. Hawk spun around.

"Jackson!" Hawk gasped. Jackson had wandered into one of the base's locker rooms and Hawk could hear the showers. Hawk chased Jackson in, seeing that it was already too late for the soldiers inside. Echo Base had boasted a diverse fighting force. Men of every race had been washing up, but they were now all united in the same experience. They moaned and rubbed themselves as the mist hit them before turning, seeing their greatest fantasy standing before them.

Young, muscled soldiers fell to their knees and crawled over, bumping and rubbing against each other as they tried to get to Jackson first. Jackson let out a deep groan of delight as he felt so many mouths and tongues coming to brush against his plethora of meat. Soon he had six soldiers sucking him off, bobbing their heads, teasing his slits. Jackson moaned deeply, moving to rub and pinch at his nipples before he started to cum again.

Hawk watched in awe as the blonde soldier's skin turned grayish, his blond hair standing out even more in contrast. The African American soldier's skin darkened, turning almost black as his fingernails grew sharper and longer... but it was the Latino soldier that was changing the most. With each gulp of tainted seed he took in, his muscles started to bulge. His biceps and triceps expanded, his neck muscles widened, his shoulders expanded and his back hunched slightly. His legs grew wider as well, almost like tree trunks, and beneath his legs his pants shredded to reveal a pendulous cock.

The transformations continued on the other three soldiers, a native American and a red headed Irish soldier becoming common infected as well... but the last soldier was experiencing a different transformation to say the least. While the soldier had looked Korean at first, with every passing moment he was starting to look like a Mongolian. His black hair was growing out longer and his cheeks darkened as black hairs started growing out thick and soft. A mustache grew in, then a goatee, then a full beard that was growing longer. The Asian soldier's pants sizzled before a thick cock emerged, drizzling constantly before him. It was thicker and longer than all the other soldier's, growing as thick as his arm.

Jackson moaned and groaned in great passion, feeling as if he was fulfilling his great life's purpose, but for Hawk that wasn't good enough. He wanted his friend, his hero, his crush. He wanted Jackson. Hawk looked down at his cock before he lifted it up and pushed down with his muscles. A thick, strong silver web shot out of his cock, splattering across Jackson's shoulders, sticking to his skin. Hawk cut the web with his claws before looping it around his hand and giving a great tug.

The siren grunted as he was pulled back on his improvised tether, the six zombies sliding off of his cocks. Hawk dragged Jackson out of the locker room and down the hall, heading for the lab. Jackson struggled and moaned, but the web was too strong. At long last, Hawk reached the lab. He lifted his leg and kicked it in before he moved down the three stairs and pulled Jackson after him. Already they could hear the coughing and wheezing of the female scientists as they toppled over where they were.

The men turned to see what was going on before they started to murmur in desire. Jackson stopped struggling as much, sensing brand new prey to infect. He turned to face them, drawing them in, but Hawk wasn't giving them up so easily. Hawk grabbed his cock with three hands and started to sling his web, creating a net between the scientists and Jackson. The men got caught and groaned, reaching through the gaps, trying to get to Jackson. Hawk moved over quickly.

"You can see him as soon as you tell me where the cure is..." Hawk whispered.

"For Leo? I'd do anything..." The scientist murmured. Hawk rolled his eyes.

"Where is the sentience cure?" Hawk asked.

"The cooler, the blue solution..." The scientist said before moaning, "LEO!" he called out. Hawk moved on to the next scientist.

"Your love wants to know how much a dose of the sentience cure is." Hawk said.

"William, always so curious... Just like me, curious for what you taste like... We'll know so soon." The scientist moaned.

"Answer him and you can taste him." Hawk said.

"F...Five CC's intermittently to slow infection or... T... Twenty all at once to... to... William!" He groaned.

"To what? To save his mind?" Hawk asked. The scientist didn't respond. They all had reached maximum exposure. They would have gnawed their own limbs off to get to him. Hawk groaned and sliced the net apart, sending a cluster of stumbling scientists over to Jackson, all eagerly dropping to their knees to suck him off. Jackson was soon groaning in satisfaction as he fed them his cocks, watching their bodies warp and shift and change.

Hawk stepped over the dead scientists to get to the cooler, pulling out one of the many vials of blue cure before he looked around and found a syringe. He stuck the needle through the rubber and drew up twenty cc's before he turned to look at Jackson, taking a deep breath. Jackson looked so happy as he reduced some of the brightest minds in the world into mindless cum zombies, but Hawk still felt his desire, his need, his selfish hope to be with Jackson forever.

The spider zombie crossed the room and moved up behind Jackson, looking at him for a long moment before he looked at the cure in his hand. He had been given it in several doses, he didn't know what one big one did. There was a chance it could cure Jackson, or even revert him to normal if they had been lying about its limitations. Hawk looked back at the syringe. He knew if he had been human, he never would have taken the risk, but something had changed in him. He wasn't human anymore, he was a zombie. Death was a very real thing to deal with... and losing Jackson's mind was just like killing him.

Jackson winced as the needle plunged into his neck. Hawk depressed the plunger and the liquid disappeared into him before Hawk pulled the needle back out. Jackson shifted a bit before he groaned, still face fucking the scientists. Hawk looked at Jackson for a long moment before he let out a deep sigh. There was a chance it wouldn't even work... and Hawk would have exposed himself for nothing.

Hawk turned, moving around the room, trying to figure out any way to improve his chances of success. Moments passed, then minutes before Hawk noticed an air vent, part of the circulation grid to distribute gasses. Hawk grinned and moved over, opening up the vent and turning all the fans on. The thick humid air of the lab started to thin a bit as the siren mist was pumped out through the rest of the base. At the very least it would make them horny and confused and thin out all the females so they had less opposition. The spider moved over to sit on a stool and let the mist do its thing, crossing his arms on the stainless steel counter top before he leaned forward and rested his head. Minutes passed before the silence was broken.

"God... these are boring..." Jackson murmured, his voice softer and more fluid. Hawk slowly lifted his head.

"W... What?" Hawk whispered.

"I said these scientists are boring. Those soldiers in the locker room were a lot more fun." Jackson replied. Hawk's solid black eyes nearly sparkled with glee before he jumped with inhuman strength over the table, jumping again to cling to Jackson. Soon the siren had four arms and two legs wrap around his mid section as Hawk's lips came to his. Jackson murmured, plunging an abnormally long tongue into Hawk's mouth, sliding it back and forth. Hawk moaned, trying even to swallow the tongue before it slithered back into Jackson's mouth and the two broke the kiss.

"You're okay..." Hawk whispered.

"I... I'm sorry, everything got so fuzzy there, I didn't mean to worry you..." Jackson said. Hawk sniffed a bit before he punched Jackson's shoulder.

"That's for Thunder Plains, but not this." Hawk said.

"You already hit me for Thunder Plains." Jackson smirked.

"I know, but this one was my fault. I wanted to be with you so much that I forgot the only reason I was able to love you was that I had the cure, I should have had it ready so... there was no chance to lose you." Hawk whispered.

"Well, it worked out... Though I don't think I want to stop feeding people. It feels too damn good." Jackson murmured.

"Oh, you won't have to stop... I just want you and me to love each other, even as we take over the world and spread our own cure... though I don't think we're the only ones." Hawk said.

"What do you mean?" Jackson asked.

"The way the zombies got to Thunder Plains, the only way they could get across the defenses would be with strategy, just like how I used you. I think there might be other sentient zombies out there acting like generals or something." Hawk said. Jackson considered.

"They have been working on the cure for a while, maybe... But yeah, don't worry, I love you and we're a team... We'll do whatever it takes to survive." Jackson said.

"Well, our first step is getting to the surface... or infecting everyone here." Hawk said. Jackson moaned softly.

"My vote is infect everyone here." He purred.

"Then that's what we'll do big guy." Hawk grinned before he leaned up and kissed Jackson deeply. The two zombies embraced tightly, reunited at last... thanks to the 'cure'.


Amber lights in plastic domes spun around, giving the otherwise still hallways a sense of danger, of alert, of quietly stifled panic. Barracks doors had been locked down, but few liked the prospect of being left behind. A few resilient survivors had bypassed the locks and moved out into the halls of Echo Mountain, heading for the nearest exits they had earlier identified. After the fall of Thunder Plains, they weren't eager at being trapped again.

A tall muscled black man led two women and a young red headed man along the halls, their drab clothes barely lighter than the cement they walked on. They looked different ways, trying to keep from being caught off guard. While no one had said it, the fact that they had women in their group was a good indicator the air was clear of any siren mist. After several minutes of navigating the labyrinth in perfect unison, the group turned one corner and the teenager moved to go another direction.

"Benny, the hangar is this way..." The older male said.

"I know... There's a ladder access over this way." Ben replied.

"It's too narrow, we don't know where it goes." The leader replied

"It goes to the surface which is where we're trying to go. Everyone's going to try to get to the hangar." Ben replied obstinantly.

"We're going to the hangar. You can come with us or you can go off on your own." The leader replied. Ben shook his head.

"Go get killed if that's what you want." The teenager murmured, turning to move away on his own direction. The other three resumed their own path, disappearing from sight. Ben walked down the halls briskly, but after a minute he heard the screams of the group behind him. He grimaced and tried to harden himself, using it as inspiration to speed up even more. Ben worked his way to the remote hallway ending in the emergency ladder access to the surface.

Ben started moving down the hallway, but as he approached the door he realized there was a shadow falling across the cement that had not been there before. Ben stopped and gasped as a figure stepped out. He had once been a nineteen year old with corn rows but the braids looked unnaturally black now, offsetting the sickly tan to the young man's skin. His eyes were sallow and dark, but the strangest features had to be his nose and mouth.

The cartilage in the zombie's nose had leached away leaving slits for nostrils and his grin was abnormally wide. The zombie slowly parted his lips, revealing thick spongy strings of flesh that almost seemed like someone had tried to stitch his mouth together. The smile almost went from ear to ear. Ben turned to run the other way, picking up speed, but the creature behind him was catching up fast. The feeder zombie bounded along on double and triple jointed limbs, moving like some nightmare dog on all fours before it pounced.

Ben was hit by a tumbling mass of zombie and fell to the cement, skidding and skinning his knee. He winced and coughed, rolling onto his back - but that was the wrong decision. The feeder zombie came down, spreading his wide maw across Ben's groin. The sand colored pants sizzled as the fabric was eroded away, the underwear coming a moment later. Ben gasped as he felt his clean cock suddenly enveloped in a sea of hot wet sticky goo.

The feeder zombie pressed tighter and tighter, sucking as strong as a vacuum before his wide mouth pressed against Ben's groin. Even the teenager's balls had been taken into the zombie's mouth. The sizzling continued as the feeder zombie's mouth fused to Ben's groin, the pink flesh fading into the greenish brown tan. The feeder nuzzled against Ben's groin, pressing his face flat against his abdomen, sucking away.

Ben groaned, trying to resist, but the sensation was so exquisite. It was so wet, so sloppy... and for some reason, Ben was starting to feel as if he could feel how good the mouth felt around his own cock. Ben groaned louder, his shaft hardening and swelling in the feeder's mouth. The zombie teased Ben's urethra with several thin thread filiments before one started to plunge down into Ben's shaft. It snaked its way down his rod, making its way through the epididimus in search of the prostate and the balls, splitting off in different directions.

As the teenager's shaft was invaded, the viral juices started to soak into his cock, soon taking root in his cells. The shaft swelled wider and longer, pushing down into the feeder's mouth inch by inch. It reached eight inches and then ten, brushing the back of the feeder's throat before it started curving and going down his throat. The feeder didn't gag or even resist. The cock slid down his throat and towards the stomach, already started to leak pre cum.

The feeder moaned happily, sucking and licking and filling the boy, feeling his rod grow to inhuman proportions. The tiny filiments reached Ben's prostate before plunging into it, causing the pleasure organ to start swelling while another filament reached his balls and split again, causing them to start growing as well. The feeder sucked more and more, slurping away. Ben gasped sharply as he got a flash of pleasure in his mind that wasn't his own... it was the thought of the zombie.

Ben couldn't help himself, he let his mind drift into a daydream. Days passing, then weeks... having the zombie suck him off all that time, feeding the poor man, feeling their combined pleasure. Slowly, ever so slowly, Ben reached down and started to pet the head of the zombie at his groin like he might a pet. Ben moaned, laying back, letting the zombie suck him off. Their partnership would be a long one and it was off to a great start.


The command center of Echo Mountain was anything but calm. Soldiers scrambled to isolate the spread of the infection, but every time they tried to plug a security hole, another one sprung up. They had tried to close bulkheads but spiders and Brutes had incapacitated the seals. Hazmat teams had gone to purge the infected only to be sprayed down by hosers or latched onto by feeders, corrupting the seals of their suits and infecting them in the process. An entire wall of security screens showed zombies filling the hallways, chasing down those that had yet to be infected. The soldiers were high strung which became quite obvious as the door to the control room opened and every soldier grabbed the nearest gun they could. A soldier moved through the doors, holding up his hands and the others hesitated.

"It's alright, we've got help. The task force sent an expert on the situation, he's a Major." The soldier said. The others looked back to the doorway in confusion. For a moment the air seemed to get a bit warmer and more humid, a breeze from outside. The soldiers blinked a bit before they looked back to the door as a tall, strapping major entered, wearing the blue uniform of an Air Force officer. He had the stripes, the pins, everything they came to expect. He had perfect skin, perfect hair and a perfect smile.

"Major Graves, welcome." The soldier said that had introduced him.

"I wish it was under better circumstances." Graves replied, looking around at everyone.

"I need an update people, what's going on?" he asked. Some of the soldiers murmured in delight at how authoritative the major was. His voice just boomed with power, so much that one tech seargent was starting to grow aroused. He focused back on his work, trying to distract himself.

"We have civilians and soldiers leaving their posts to try and escape. Unauthorized access to stair wells, ladders and some are making a move on the flight bay." A captain replied.

"And you've taken precautions to ensure they can't escape?" Graves asked. The soldiers looked conflicted.

"Well, we thought that... we had enough on our hands to-" the captain was interrupted.

"Don't repeat the mistakes of Thunder Plains. This happened because infected got to your base. We can't just let them move on to the next point and infect more. Even if Echo Mountain becomes a monument to the iron will of our people, we must contain the infection here, on our terms. Lock it up boys." Graves said. The soldiers started to move to cut power to the flight bays and to put more defenses in place to keep everything in place.

"Flight bays deactivated." A lieutenant replied. Graves grinned.

"Good, good everyone..." Graves said, looking around, spotting that two of the airmen and one ensign in the corner had started to masturbate beneath their consoles, panting hard.

"Captain, could I trouble you to enter my security credentials into the system?" Graves asked, holding out a flash drive. The captain reached out and took the drive, though it felt warm and moist to the touch... but once he touched it, he felt as if he'd known Graves his entire life. A soft smile crossed the captain's lips.

"Of course Major, of course..." he murmured softly, moving over to a console, plugging the drive in. The passwords were uploaded into the system and the captain gave the major full access before he pulled the drive back out, turning around, "All done Major."

"Good, I couldn't have asked for more." Graves replied before he relaxed his focus. The captain looked stunned and then confused as the uniform seemed to disappear, then the soldier behind it, replaced with a friend from his youth.

"Iseah... But... What happened to Graves? But... Oh Iseah, you're here, you found me..." The captain murmured.

"Hank?" another asked.

"Oh my god, it's me..." Another replied. The soldiers started to leave their posts, gravitating to the mysterious man in the middle. None of them noticed the zombie leaning against the doorway, peering in.

Hawk grinned gently, watching the soldiers crawling over themselves to get to Jackson's cocks. They were practically fighting each other for them before sucking him off, drinking in the poison to kill off their humanity. Their saliva thickened, their skin darkened and their fingernails tinted darker. Their movements became disjointed, random and unpredictable... except to Hawk. The spider moved in, his four arms swinging at his sides as he moved.

"They didn't even notice that their female co-workers passed away when you walked in." Hawk said, shaking his head.

"I guess they were a bit distracted by the major. I still can't believe it worked." Jackson replied. Hawk grinned, standing on his tip toes to kiss Jackson's temple.

"Well it seems that our powers are easier to control with our minds intact. My only regret is that Major was the highest rank we could get the code prefix for. You certainly look like a two star general to me." Hawk beamed.

"A zombie general." Jackson smirked.

"Well, someone's got to lead them. It might as well be us." Hawk grinned, "So... you're in the system already?"

"Yeah. The task force came up with deadman protocols when the outbreak happened. With the prefix you found I was able to upgrade myself to Major and that's enough for autonomous operation of the base. We'll have to give the cure to a few others to help out, but then we'll have this entire mountain compound to ourselves, completely at our disposal." Jackson said.

"I like the sound of that..." Hawk grinned. Jackson chuckled.

"I thought you might." Jackson said, leaning down to kiss Hawk fully, their puffy lips meeting as thick infected saliva swapped back and forth between them. On one of the security screens, the security monitors continued to show the zombies as they were the whole time, the one detail the soldiers had missed.


The thumping of helicopter blades filled the cockpit, barely neutralized by the noise canceling head phones the occupants wore. Dried summer grasses swayed in the breeze far below, glowing white in the orange glow of the sunset. The pilot continued on course before the radio crackled.

"Flight 4228, we have detected that you are entering Echo Mountain Airspace. State your purpose." A voice came over the radio.

"Echo Mountain, this is Flight 4228. This trajectory was pre-approved by the task force..." The pilot said uncertainly.

"Hostile forces have been witnessed in the area. Our facility is on heightened alert as a result. Please refrain from approaching Echo Mountain." The voice said before the radio clicked off. The pilot grimaced before looking over to his co-pilot.

"Paranoid bunch..." he said into the microphone on his helmet. The co-pilot smirked.

"Can you blame them? After Thunder Plains I'm sure a lot of people are battening down the hatches. They have some of the last cure scientists there after all, I say let them be until they figure out how to fix this." He said.

"I guess you're right. I'll swing a bit wide to give them more room, just not too much. They haven't finished retrofitting that refinery in Texas yet." The pilot said. The co-pilot smirked, leaning back again, resuming his read through of the paperwork he had to have ready by the time they landed in Indiana.


The sun continued to sink into the horizon, leaving nothing but a line of fire across the horizon beneath sheets of orange and purple. Jackson gazed out at it, wearing nothing but a pair of white underwear. The cotton had been soaked with Jackson's psychoreactive secretions, leaving it wet and green. In the pale light, his body seemed absolutely perfect. Every muscle was precise, every contour delightful... at least to Hawk's eyes. Jackson's limb length was exaggerated by his condition, but Hawk saw only beauty in his mate.

Hawk walked across the general's quarters, a slight sway in his hips like a predator. Hawk came up behind Jackson and wrapped a pair of arms around Jackson's shoulders and then another around his waist. The spider leaned in to lick up Jackson's spine, tasting the tart, warm, wet mist that almost effervesced from his skin like carbonation. Jackson moaned, feeling the tongue on his back.

"You're in a good mood, aren't you?" Jackson asked.

"I can't help it, things are going so well... We've got everything in hand, and we have plenty of time to play." Hawk said.

"For now, they're still moving the manufacturing of the cure to Indiana. They're going to try mass releasing the stage one cure." Jackson said.

"Well, then we'll just have to find a way to stop them, or a way to reinfect those they cure." Hawk replied.

"Will we trot the major out again?" Jackson asked.

"Or someone suitably important. Who knows, if we change enough of them, maybe they'll mass releasing the virus. Can you imagine that? An entire camp of survivors changing into us..." Hawk moaned.

"I think you're a bit biased my love." Jackson smirked. Hawk rolled his eyes before he jumped up onto Jackson's back piggy-back style, wrapping his legs around his lover's waist as he leaned in to lick Jackson's ear.

"I may be, but I think this epidemic might just be the best thing that ever happened to humanity." Hawk whispered.

"Well I'm sure you're the best thing that ever happened to me." Jackson said, turning to move away from the window.

"Where are we going?" Hawk asked.

"We're going to play." Jackson grinned wide, yellowed fangs gleaming in his mouth as the last of the sunlight faded away in the window behind them.