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This is what happens when you ignore your nature... A quick story about a poor lost kitty tormented by her heat. Be kind, I know my writing needs love. :)

Lilli felt as if her skin was too tight, every inch of her itching and burning.

Deep inside her was a horrible endless need, as if she'd been starved for weeks and there wasn't enough food in the world to kill that emptiness.

When this feeling had started, she'd tried everything she could think of to end it. Filled her days with food and work, exercising for hours until she could barely move, then drugging herself with sleeping pills hoping that her recent lack of sleep had caused some kind of unbalance.

Everyday was worse than the one before. She began to dread sleeping, for each waking was a blaze of torment that left her writhing on her bed, gasping, aching, needing.

Now she was positive she was being followed. She'd pause to slow her heart, to try and calm herself and she'd hear a soft sound, an exhalation of breath. Was she now gone mad or was this new feeling of always being watched an extension of whatever was happening to her?

Wearily Lilli climbed the stairs to her apartment. Every step felt like she lifted a stone with her foot. She simply couldn't keep going on like this for much longer. Her concentration was fraying, her temper short. She'd nearly snapped at some fool who'd had the bad luck to bump into her on the street. She wasn't great with people normally; with this agony pouring through her she knew she'd break at some point.

Once inside the dark warmth of her place she pulled her clothing off, for three days clothing had been torture, to tight and rough no matter what she wore.

Seeking some small escape from her misery, Lilli drew a bath. While the tub filled she wondered around making sure that every blind was shut, hoping to blot out the feeling of eyes everywhere.

When the tub was finally full enough to cover her hips Lilli stepped into the steamy water and lowered herself, the water passing over her swollen privates caused a gasp to pass her lips. The feeling was so.... intense that she eased out of the water so she could lower herself down again, feel the water slowly caressing over her pussy lips like a lover.

Why had she not thought of this before?

Quickly, breath hitching in excitement, Lilli slid down into the water to place her delicate parts under the pour of the faucet.

The drum of water was almost too much for her overly sensitive flesh, she bit back a yell and blocked the flow with her hand. Her need had jumped so high she thought her privates were going to explode.

"God." She whispered and shifted her legs closer together so her outer lips sheltered her secret parts more. Slowly she parted her fingers, let the water pass through her hands.

A loud moan echoed through her bathroom and Lilli fought not to arch into the water. She parted her fingers more, letting water fall onto her lips, slide between them to just barely touch her clit.

Now her horrible need was overtaken by the desire burning through her. Keeping her legs nearly closed, Lilli removed her hand to let the flow fall on her.

Lilli screamed when an orgasm ripped through her. As she lay spent in the tub she felt one long moment of peace. One moment of release from the need that had burned in her for so long.

All to soon it came back, leaving her sobbing in the water.

Nothing else had worked for her so she slid her privates back under the water flow, legs slightly farther apart. She groaned and squirmed as she let the water pummel her hot and slick womanhood. She'd never been multi orgasmic in the past, but she was willing to try.

"Oh god oh god oh god" Lilli gasped as the desire built in her, a heavy wave that might drown her when it crested. She could feel the water sliding into her every crease, caressing and stroking her.

Another orgasm crashed over her, again leaving her with a moment of peace.

For hours she lay in the tub working herself to orgasm after orgasm, always only gaining a few moments of peace.

Finally she climbed out of the tub, weak and shaking like a leaf. The need was still there but not as sharp.

It was something.

The morning dawned once again full of need. Only this time she could feel each step vibrate through her pussy, her underwear was a constant irritant to her still swollen flesh. Unable to bare the thought of being around anyone Lilli called off work. She sat in the dark thinking about the water, knowing her panties were growing wet. She couldn't spend all her time in the tub, couldn't constantly be trying to get off.

Finally needing to eat Lilli wondered into the world. She felt as if everyone could see her need, could feel there was something wrong with her. She couldn't keep herself from constantly looking around herself, searching for someone following her, someone watching. As quickly as she could she bought her food and headed back home. Leaving the house had been a mistake.

Her key turned in the lock and she sighed in relief, she'd have to figure out something else to do about food.

Just as she opened the door to step in someone hit her from behind. Arms wrapped around her like steel bands, a hand over her mouth.

"There's no need to fight little kitty, I'm here to help." The voice in her ear was scratchy and sent a bolt of need into her. He kicked the door shut and took her to the ground rubbing himself against the back of her.

Lilli started to cry as her body responded to what the stranger was doing.

"I know this is hard for you little kitty, but everything would be so much easier for you if you'd stayed with your own, accepted what you are." His hand slipped from her mouth to help him hold her.

"What are you talking about?' She whispered into her carpet. She couldn't have looked up even if the man hadn't been pressing her down. Shame sent a flush up her neck as her crotch grew damp.

"I think that's a talk for later baby girl, right now we have to take care of your need."

Finally terror lanced through her, she had to get away, had to. She started to fight with everything in her, bucking and clawing at the man's arms.

The man pressed to her growled, the sound vibrating through her body. "That's right kitty, if you fight it'll be better."

Almost no sound came out of Lilli as she fought with every ounce of strength in her, but the last few days had taken their toll and she simply wasn't strong enough to do much more than jostle the man on her back.

With no warning Lilli felt teeth latch onto her neck. A loud whine passed her lips as a lance of need jumped through her. Those teeth just pierced her skin and a seeming of calm settled into her. She was no longer frightened of the unknown man on her back. A sound suspiciously like a purr vibrated down her spine causing her ass to raise into the air. Shaming her.

The man let her go with one hand so he could hitch her skirt up. His hand cupped the moistness of her in his hand and Lilli gasped at the need that sizzled through her. He purred again and rubbed his palm lightly along her panties pushing that need, bringing her ass up just a touch more.

When his hand moved Lilli whimpered, the purring stopped just long enough for him the chuckle. She felt him fumbling with something and then the purring continued as something new brushed against her panties.

"Oh" She whispered, wanting what was pressing again her more than she'd wanted anything else in her life. For the quickest of moments she found it startling that she was in her living room, letting a stranger rub himself on her without a fight, then her panties were ripped from her and her thoughts flew away.

The hand returned, fingers lightly caressing her sensitive lips. Gently he parted her, pressing in behind her clit, so close but not touching that throbbing bit of flesh. His fingers moved in the moistness he found there, almost idly playing along her folds, never touching the most needy part of her.

As that one hand played with her the other arm unlocked from around her. All Lilli did with her new freedom was arch her ass up higher. The freed hand slid up her shirt to cup the underside of her, so heavy breasts. She whimpered again and fingers oh so lightly touched her nipples. Even that slightest of touch caused a bolt of burning desire to lance through her.

The fingers touching her nipples pinched them carefully as his other fingers slid up to circle her clit, almost, almost touching.

"Oh please" Lilli found herself moaning. She felt the head of what had to be his penis nudging at her opening. Now she fought to press herself back onto him, needing so bad to feel him in her, but he was strong and managed to hold her with only his teeth in her flesh and his hands on her.

All Lilli wanted was for him to quicken, press, ram, just fuck her, but he continued his slow ministrations; fingers plucking or casually circling. Her need wiped out the time until all she knew was burning desire vibrating through her, the fingers and teeth on her. She was panting, writhing against the man behind her.

When Lilli knew there was no way she could handle any more those horrid fingers changed their tune. One set pinched her nipple nearly to the point of pain, the other finally rubbed against her clit.

The strongest orgasm she'd ever had tore her apart, had her screaming and fighting. Before the tremors backed off he slid into her.

The width of him widened her almost to pain but he didn't give her time to get use to him, instead shoving himself into her so hard that for a moment she stopped breathing.

Teeth left her flesh, but she stayed calm. "Good Kitty." He rasped at her as his hands found her hips. Driving in harder.

Lilli felt something almost like a purr fill her own body as the man rammed into her again and again. The need built in her once more until she was screaming her release.

Even then he didn't stop, for hours more he fucked and caressed her, making her cum until she lost count. She came until she could do little more than groan as the wave swept through her.

Finally a heavy wave of calm swept through her as she lay well spent on the floor. Something soft and furred brushed against her flesh and she opened her eyes, this time finally hoping he didn't want more.

She gasped but didn't have the strength to do much more. Before her lay a very large, spotted cat staring at her calmly. Or rather mostly a cat, the creature before her, fur matted from her fluids seemed to be part man part cat.

"You have to accept it some time little Kitty." He said to the shock in her face. "A kitty in heat can get in a lot of trouble without one of her own kind."

Lilli closed her eyes against those words. "Her own kind" followed her into a much needed oblivion.