Roomate Romp

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A fox and his stallion roomate have some fun

It was a chilly day in early January when Alex, a young anthropomorphic fox of twenty-five years old, went for a walk in his neighborhood. He paced briskly down the side of the road, bundled up in a moderately heavy jacket and cargo pants. Looking down at his feet as he walked, the fox gazed at his white shoes which were made specifically for his species. The footwear was much larger than what a human would wear which is to be understood since most anthro's had large footpaws compared to the bare feet of their furless neighbors. Despite this, he wore the shoes comfortably while he walked down the street.

The vulpine never really enjoyed the cold, yet he would prefer it over the heat any day of the year. His mentality was that you can always put more and more clothes on, but can only take so much off before you're naked and breaking the law. Despite not liking winter very much, he continues walking to cool his head, so to speak. He had just got into an argument on the phone with his uncle, who was always a bit opinionated. As far as the older wolf was concerned, it was his way or the highway. The fox loved his uncle, but at the same time, found it hard to agree with many of the things he says. So, here he was, walking in order to clear his mind. It always took him a few moments to quit seething over things that angered him, but luckily he would eventually move on and realize that some just can't be reasoned with. After having paced down the road for roughly ten minutes, he looked up and gave a huff, watching as the fog from his breath puffed out in front of him and dissipated in the air. With some small semblance of a smile, the fox began walking back towards the small house he had moved into a few months ago. It was the first place he lived in away from his parents and he was quickly getting used to the ins and outs of living away from the two older foxes.

Making his way back home, Alex turned his head to look towards his neighbor's house when suddenly he was pelted in the back of the head with something wet. Quickly turning around, he noticed a young snow leopard giggling a short distance away. A bit confused, Alex suddenly realized the kitten had hit him with a snowball. The fox always enjoyed a good prank and with a playful growl, he quickly scooped up a snowball and threw it at the cat. The little kitten stared at him in confusion, not expecting an adult to strike back at him as bits of snow melted on the front of his jacket. Suddenly, he grinned wide and ran off behind a large snow mound. Alex put his hands on his hips and watched a bit befuddled that the boy had run off so quickly without a word and all of a sudden, the fox realized he made a grave mistake. Without further warning, suddenly roughly a dozen children came running out from the mound with snowballs in hand, the snow leopard among them. There were a few human kids, a wolf, a fox and a few felines among others and as Alex turned and ran off, he felt several snowballs hit him on the back, legs and even the back of the head, followed by fits of giggling from behind him.

Finally, he arrived at his front door, chuckling between heavy pants of exhaustion. Looking down at himself, he noticed he was very wet from the snow that had melted on his body. He knew that he would have to change clothes. After opening the front door, stepping inside and closing it behind him, he remembered that his two roommates' were off at work. The fox didn't want to get the carpet wet, so he knew he would have to strip off at the door. Unzipping his jacket, Alex tossed it on the floor next to the front door followed by his long sleeved, white shirt. Next, he kicked his shoes off to the side and dropped his shirt on top of his jacket. Afterwards, the fox unzipped and unbuttoned his pants before tossing them into the pile, followed by removing his socks and adding them as well. Since he never wore underwear, he now stood in the living room naked as the day he was born.

Alex was only five foot, nine inches tall and for the most part was colored the same as traditional red foxes excluding one thing. Where most red foxes were black, white and red, Alex had no black on his body. His paws, footpaws, muzzle, chest, belly, groin and tail tip were white whereas the rest of his body was covered in the regular rust colored red that was common on his species. He had no humanlike hair anywhere on his body, even his head. Though many anthropomorphic animals had such head hair, some were born without and others choose to shave it close and occasionally dye it to make it like the rest of their fur. Alex was one of those anthros.

With a smirk, the fox took a few steps into the living room and walked through the hallway. Taking a turn into the bathroom, he suddenly rammed into something hard and fell down on the ground on his rump. Looking up at what he hit, he was staring at the crotch of one of his roommates. The stallion in front of him was naked excluding a white towel around his waist. Much taller than the fox and with light brown fur, he stared down at Alex with a smirk.

"Oops! Sorry there Alex. I didn't know you were in!"

Alex blushed deeply under his fur and stared at his friend. The horse had moved in to the house only a week ago and the fox hated him being there, but not because he didn't like him. No it was quite the opposite. Alex had always had a thing for horses. Their strength, their power, their masculinity, in the fox's mind everything about them screamed "Dominant." Yes, Alex was gay, yet his roommate didn't know it. The fox had never come out of the closet, not even to his parents. Only a handful of his close friends knew and he hadn't lived long enough with his roommates to tell them. It's not like he was hiding the fact. In the fox's mind, he just couldn't think of a good time to bring it up. He didn't want to hide it but he also didn't want people to think he was throwing it in their face. Sadly, ever since the horse had moved in, Alex found it more and more difficult to resist coming onto him.

"H-hello Sten. W-what are you doing home..."

"I got off work early. Figured I'd come home and take a shower. You know how much construction work gets me sweatin'."

With the smirk still plastered on his face, the stallion kept one paw at his side, keeping his towel on, while the other reached out, offered to the fox to help him get up. After taking the horse's paw, Alex rose to his feet and swallowed a lump in his throat.


Looking away from his new roommate, Alex quickly walked into his bedroom and closed the door behind him. Exhaling deeply, he looked down and noticed that a bit of pink from his vulpine member was peeking from his fuzzy white sheath. With a bit of a whimper, he wondered if Sten had noticed him becoming aroused, yet shook his head quickly side to side dismissing the thought. The fox walked over to his closet and opened it, gazing inside for some clothes to wear. Suddenly he felt a large, paw firmly grab his rump and he hastily spun around, only to come face to face with Sten. After a pause of silence, the vulpine finally spoke.

"Hey Sven. Is there...something you needed...?"

Looking up at the seven foot draft horse, he noticed the grin was still on his muzzle.

"Why yes, there was something I needed. Something I've needed ever since I moved in here."

Alex stared at the horse quizzically for a moment until he found his gaze drifting downward. There, but a few inches below his face was the head of the stallion's equine cock, fully erect and dripping large drop of precum. After looking up at Sten once more, the fox realized that the horse was interested in him. With the deep blush returning to his cheek, Alex gave a nod and quickly got on his knees in front of him. Alex grasped the middle of the thick shaft and pulled it down a bit. Like looking down the barrel of a loaded shotgun, he gave another audible swallow of nervousness before giving a long slow lick from the base of the shaft up to the tip. After repeating the motion once more, the fox resigned to merely licking the head repeatedly.

The horse above him gave a whinny of contentment while he watched the fox please his large cock, one paw petting the top of his head between his ears. With another loud murr of pleasure, the vulpine sucked the head into his muzzle and began slobbering all over the end, bobbing up and down the meaty cock. Precum leaked liberally out of the slit on the end of his member, which the fox swallowed with glee. Alex had wanted this and more since the horse first walked in the door and Sten had every plan to give him everything he desired. The stallion's member throbbed with need at its full length. When Alex's eyes stared down at the dick he was pleasing, he guessed it must have been somewhere around two feet long, about average for a stallion of his size. Alex' own member began quickly slipping free of his sheath before finally reaching it's full seven inches and moderately thick. Though some anthro's had humanoid member's Alex' was similar to his feral counterparts, pointed at the end and eventually, having a thick knot, like two golf balls next to one another. His knot, however, would not form until his orgasm and he was far from that moment.

"Mmmm good foxy. Such a good little vixen. You enjoy my big cock don't you? That's good because you're going to get plenty of it.", Sten said as he rubbed Alex' head.

The fox bobbed his muzzle on the first few inches of horse meat, unable to deep throat the thick member. After a few moments of sucking on the cock and slobbering all over the head, Sten pulled away, causing it to pop free of the fox's muzzle. Panting gently, Alex watched the horse slap his dick against the side of his muzzle before hooking his paws under his arms and pulling him to his feet. With a smirk, Sten quickly spun Alex around and pushed him up again the closet door before leaning over and whispering in his ear.

"Now it's time for your breeding my little vixen. I'm gonna turn you into my little mare-slut and fill you with my foals."

Alex whimpered a bit in anticipation, a little anxious about trying to take the huge cock. He has taken a few large dicks in his tail hole before but none anywhere near as large as the stallion. As Sten lifted his tail and yanked it up roughly, he forced his legs apart and pressed the head of his equine shaft up to the fox's tail hole. Using nothing but his precum and the spit from his previous blowjob, the horse suddenly rammed six inches of his shaft into Alex' hole. Alex yelped out in pain from the sudden intrusion, his rear feeling like it's on fire, partly from the lack of lubrication on partly from the quick entry. Sten neighed loudly once more in pleasure, thoroughly enjoying the crushing tightness of the fox's ass. Alex hadn't been penetrated in a long while and certainly not as roughly as this and as he threw his head back and yipped in discomfort, he felt the stallion push forward once more, forcing more of his cock inside him.

Now buried halfway in his newest conquest, the stallion pulled the fox's tail a bit more and yanked his cock from his hole, leaving just the head inside prior to slamming back in again. Alex tried his best to relax because he knew if he didn't the pain would be much worse, but unfortunately he couldn't do so from the rough fucking he was receiving from the horny stallion. His hole burned and his back arched, trying to get comfortable but to no avail.

Luckily, as Sten began thrusting in and out of his ass, his cock leaked copious precum from the end, making the passage slick and easier to breed. Even though he was being forced around a cock as thick as his arm and just as long, Alex' own cock was rock hard and throbbing with need. Despite being in pain and had never before been bred so ruthlessly, the fox had always enjoyed being taken roughly when cybering with his gay, online friends. It wasn't until now that realized that harsh breedings were not only something he enjoyed in fantasy, if his leaking, rock hard cock was evidence. From behind him, Alex could hear the draft horse pant and neigh in pleasure while thrusting into his rear.

"F-fuck yes! Such a good vixen! Such a good little mareslut! I'm gonna fill you with my seed! From now on you're going to take every load I have. Whenever I need to bust a nut, I'll be busting it into you, one hole or the other!'

As Sten talked dirty into his ear, Alex began moaning in ecstasy. After several minutes of being taken, the pain in his ass had subsided and was replaced with extreme pleasure. Every time the horse shoved inside him his cock rubbed past his prostate and every time he pulled out, he felt empty, only for that emptiness to be filled once more. Eventually, the stallion was able to force most of his dick into Alex's hole, everything but a few inches of his cock pounding the tight foxy ass. Suddenly, Alex cried out in pleasure as his cock erupted onto the ground, spurting several hot sticky ropes of seed from the tip. At the same time his knot inflated to full size and pulsed heavily. As he came, he tail spasmed in reflex around the thick cock inside him.

Sten held perfectly still, trying his best not to come from the delicious quivering around his member, the crushing tightness causing his orgasm to come extremely close before finally dying back down. He spurt a few extremely large globs of precum from the stimulation but hadn't cum yet. When the fox's orgasm finally tapered off, he realized that the cock inside him was still quite hard and didn't feel any wetness in his rear. Turning his head to look at the stallion, Alex wondered what his game was. With a grimace on his face, the horse placed one paw on the fox's shoulder and squeezed it.

"You were a bad foxy...You came before your master. Very bad. Little slut pets like you should always make sure their master gets off first and even then should ask for permission before cumming."

After yanking his entire dick from Alex's hole, the vulpine gasped and the horse grabbed him and pushed him over to the bed. Sitting down on the edge, Sten grabbed the base of his cock and shook it at him before slapping his thigh.

"Now then, be a good pet and ride your master's cock."

Alex had already gotten off and expected the stallion to cum inside him when his own orgasm had been reached. Now that his member rested semi hard against his fuzzy white sac, his libido was nearly gone. Despite this, his eagerness to please the godly creature before him was too high to resist and he dared not to get on the stallion's bad side. He loved being dominated and was happy to do as Sten commanded. Crawling onto his lap with a whimper, Alex spread his legs and when Sten leaned back onto the bed, his upper body propped up by a few pillows, Alex grinded his rear against the dick, causing the shaft to rub between his asscheeks and against his now loose tail hole, hot-dogging him.

Placing his paws on the horse's chest, the fox lifted up and felt the head press against his hole once more. With a deep exhale, he leaned back and let gravity do it's job, everything but a few inches of the base at the cock sinking inside him. Next, Alex bent his knees, rising up off the cock, leaving half the shaft inside him before sinking back down once more. The fox repeated the motion several times and each time he sunk down the cock he heard Sten grunt and whinny in glee. Moving faster and faster Alex finally began bouncing up and down on the dick, feeling it slide inside him repeatedly.

"Good vixen. Such a good little bitch! That's it! Ride my dick you slutty little whore. I'm gonna fill you with my foals! Such a good mare-slut. Now take my entire cock. Take it all!"

Alex yipped and whimpered in need, his own dick rising to attention once more. At hearing the stallion's words, he bounced a few more times before finally rising up, leaving just the head inside before slamming himself down the entire shaft, every inch of thick, meaty horse dick sinking inside him. As he felt the huge, heavy balls of the stallion press against the base of his tail, both furs cried out in gratification and the vulpine wiggled and grinded his ass on the stallion's lap, trying to get him as deep as possible.

Finally, Sten gave one last loud whinny of pleasure and his head flared so large the fox felt bloated. Immediately after, Sten shot several large, thick globs of draft horse spunk deep into Alex' bowels. Simultaneously, the fox came for the second time today, his canine cock shooting a few spurts of seed onto his and Sten's bellies. The stallion continued to pump his load deep into his new bitch's ass, coating his insides in large amounts of hot, creamy seed. Eventually he came so much that several huge ropes spurt out of Alex' ass and coated his rear end and the stallion's shaft and testicles. Hugging Sten tight, Alex panted heavily into his chest fur, shaking a bit in post orgasm bliss. Several moments after his own orgasm had finished, the vulpine felt Sten's cock finish breeding him. With a deep murr, Alex rubbed the horse's chest a bit with his paws and leaned down, giving him kiss.

"T-thank you very much, sexy. I've been wanting that ever since you first walked through the door."

Sten reached up and ruffled Alex' head fur, grinning up at him.

"I know pet. Me too..."

Sighing happily, the vulpine thought for a moment. " you really want me as your pet or were you just talking dirty? I really like you but...I'm not sure how I feel about that..."

And with a grin, the stallion answered. "That's ok. I'm not giving you a choice!"