Ch.2 Stranger Then Fiction.

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Ever have those dreams where you wake up and your still in a dream? I'm sure that Thellos is having that exact same feeling at the moment in this chapter.

(I decided to change the title, it just seemed to fit better for this chapter. Im not quite finished with this chapter yet. slight revisions will be made later on. but for now the new chapter is up! ENJOY!)

Swirling blackness, in the depths of his own subconcious Thellos's mind reeled to comprehend the tradgedy that had just taken place. The first thing that cut through the dim was a faint beeping sound. In time other sounds, colors and images slowly began to gather around, eventually providing a backdrop for the dream that was starting to take place within Thellos's mind.

Thellos was running. His heart pounded in his ears and his chest heaved for air as he ran through a plain of waist high grass. The sights, smells and sounds of the wet grass swaying in the wind was a treat for the senses, like a syphony that only nature could orchestrate. With the sun on his face he felt as though he could keep running forever. The field, however. Eventually came to and end. At the edge of the plains there was a cliff that dropped off into an ocean below. The ocean was vast, reaching farther then they eyes or the mind could fathom. Still running, Thellos lept into the air off of the cliff and plumeted down towards the ocean below.

Thellos then grew wings and soared up into the sky. However in getting to close to the sun, his wings melted and thus dove into the oceans below. This was when Thellos met a tortouse that fished him out of the water and brought him to a shore of white sand. Thellos was met by two escorts a ferrit and a dog, both of which were cappible of human speech.

They took him to a palace where he was gifted with the finest of cloths from head to toe. He met with the lord and ladies of the palace, they welcomed him with open arms and showed him such wonderful sights. When the sun had set and all the fireworks were done it came time to rest, Thellos was guided to a room where he slept a sleep more soundly then at any other time throughout his life.

The world faded to black, and only the beeping remained.

All this of course did not actually happen, not entirely. Thellos had indeed flown through the air and fell into a body of water, but not on wings of wax like icarus before him, but in a car skidding off of a bridge to the river below. His mysterious savior, his escorts, the palace; all events that did in fact take place. Within a bruised and battered body his mind could barely manage to piece together what had happened, like a puzzle made of fractured memories. Filling in what could not be remembered with a somewhat over active imagination.

The beeping got louder but there was more now. He could hear people talking, doctors talking about him. They were remarking how even though his ribcage was broken when he was brought to the hospital, the bones were properly set and already begining to heal. There was an old wise tale about the place that Thellos was found. A story about a kappa that once inhabited the river, long ago before it started to dry up. Kappas are beings with a wealth of healing knowledge, most renowed for their abilities to set bone. The doctors couldnt help but wonder.

Thellos closed his eyes tightly gasping for air. This caught the attention of those who were in the room with him. Having caught his breath and opening his eyes he could still see nothing, something had been placed over his eyes. When thellos woke up he tried to move but most of his body is bandaged and bound preventing him from being able to move. There were several needles and tubes sticking into his body, he was a sight to see. Something of a cross between frankenstiens monster and the mummy.

"your okay sir, your in a hospital." one of the voices, a male nurse, said. It was not a reasuring thought to thellos. He was completely wrapped and bound steadfast. Thellos tried to speak but the feeding and air tubes that were lodged down his throat prevented even a throaty gargle. "Get a nurse so we can take these tubes out of his mouth" the other voice, female or a young male chimed in, a fine idea thellos thought, that and some water would be nice.

It was only a few minutes later but it felt much longer when a thrid voice entered the room. "Good morning sir" a new voice said, chipper and upbeat, a female nurse. "Now im going to help you with getting those tubes out of your throat, but first i just want to let you know that when i do, you will more likely then not vomitt" she said it in such a way that made thellos start laughing. "I've done this hundreds of times and its bound to happen, so just let it come up and ill take care of it for you" She sounded so sweet, the way you always wanted your nurse to be like but ended up getting a male nurse instead.

"Alright here we go" The nurse pulled out the tube steadily and just as she said so did the contents of his stomach, what little there was. "okay now if you would just open your mouth we have some water here for you" Thellos was very thankfull for the water unfortunetly when he drank it, it felt like it was scalding hot down his throat because his throat was so sore from the tubes.

"The doctors have a few questions for you if thats alright?" Thellos nodded clearing his throat gently. Motioning the doctors in, the nurse excused herself and went off to tend to her other patients.

"Hello sir, my name is Dr. Hooves, I'll be your attending physician. I have some questions that i would like to ask you if that would be alright." Thellos nodded again "May i start with your name please?" The doctor said as he clicked his pen ready to write. Thellos tried to speak, but as he opened his mouth all he could do was cough and wheeze. "Theres no need to push yourself, take your time" The doctor had a calm sort of voice, it put thellos at some ease. Thellos swallowed clearing his throat once more before he was able to speak more clearly. "My name, is Thellos" He managed in a slow raspy voice. "Very good, how old are you Thellos" "I'm 26" he replied. "Thank you... and now...." The questions between doctor and patient went on for little over hour. And while the doctor had gotten most of the answers that he wanted, Thellos had none.

"Doctor, please. Tell me where i am, whats happened to me." Thellos could hear the doctor snort as though he was offeneded that he was asked such a question, the doctor had just sighed. "I cant be certain. but it appears that you were in a car wreck of some sort. You have a broken rib cage, lacerations and bruises across your abdomin consistant with a seat belt and broken windsheild. "Can i have the bandages taken off of my eyes?" The doctor took a look at thellos's chart and gave a positive sounding hum "I do believe we could do that for you." he said motioning one of the nurses.

As the bandages were being removed more light began to show through. two gauze patches remained over his eyes they were removed. " Turn off the lights please nurse. Now im going to remove the last of the gauze. Now even though the lights are off i want you to close your eyes and open them slowly as not to be blinded by what light there is." Thellos opens his eyes and sees dark blurry silouettes of the doctor and his nurses. "There we go. Okay turn the light on slowly please." as the lights began to hum with electricity the room grew brighter and it stun thellos's eyes a bit but he managed just as well with the aid of the morphine. What thellos was not prepared for was what he saw after the lights had been turned on.

His Doctor had the head of a horse. One of the nurses was a cat, and the other he couldnt tell because his vision was begining to blur as his heart rate began to shoot through the roof. "Sir you're alright. Sir, please calm down." Orderlies had to restrain Thellos in his bed to keep him from hurting himself as he cried incoherently asking what was going on, where he was, and why he was surrounded by animals. "Nurse, settative!" Sedated, Thellos fell limp onto his bed as he was restrained even further now just in case he woke up.

Hours later after the sedatives had worn off Thellos woke up to a softly lit room and only one person sitting at the far corner of the room reading his chart. "ah, are we finally awake?" Thellos nods what little he can as his body is fully bound now. "My name is penelope stokes, im the phyciatrist here at the hosptial. If i may i have just a few questions for you." "please, no more." Thellos replied "I'll be breif."

Breif seems to be a reletive term when it comes to doctors and hospitals. They talked for hours on end digging into thellos's past and current history. She discovered that Thellos came from a place where furries did not exsist. Furries being anthropomorphic beings ranging from mamals, reptiles to even some forms of fish so it would seem. In this world, the world that Thellos had somehow stubbled upon was filled with furries. While humans are rare, they are a common sight, thus why the doctors, nor those who found him thought it strange for him to be human.

Thellos had come to grips with the reality of the situation, or at least wasnt reacting violently to it any more. sitting up in his bed he could see that he had been in the hospital for quite some time. how long he didnt know but he was paler and thiner then he was before the crash.

"but how did the humans end up here?" Thellos asked "we've always been here, just as has the furries." "Ah, so i guess that makes me the stranger in this strange land." "Yup, oh i forgot you have visitors, the two that brought you to the hospital"

It was then that Aaron, and Erin walked into the room. Aaron was a dog of mixed breed while Erin was an albino ferrit.

"For the time being They have agreed to provide you with a place to live and i think this will be a great opritunity for you to be able to ease into this world. I'll leave you all to get aquainted" and with that she was gone.

Thellos Aaron and Erin sat and talked for the next hour. but with all that had already happened throughout the day Thellos was ready to call it a day. It was a It was a few days later before thellos was able to walk and a week before he left the hosptial. waving to to the hospital staff as he left he looked around through his sunglasses and saw a world filled with strange people in it, but in this world there was none stranger then the one he had seen in the mirror that morning.

"Well where to know" Thellos asked as he tilted his head to one side. "Now we go home" Aaron replied with a smile.

(Hoo, what a chapter. Thellos has found a new home and has already made a friend or two. what will happen to him next? Find out in next weeks chapter through the looking glass. Seriously this time that is the title XD )