Not What They Meant By "Just Do It"

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Please forgive any grammatical errors. I just wrote this and it is unedited.

"Oh, God, why do we have to be here so early!" Aylin the short and scrawny maned wolf said to his ethiopian counterpart as he approached the entrance of the gym.

"I always come here this early." Trey, the ethiopian wolf grinned. "Six days a week." He said proudly. He deserved a little pride after months of dragging himself into that castle-like gym where the equipment shined with sweat as beefy males worked them. Our ethiopian wolf wasn't a body builder, but he did have nicely defined sets of muscles clinging to his thin bone structure.

"Six? Are you serious? Give yourself a break once in a while!" The maned wolf chuckled.

"That's what Sundays are for." Trey said matter-of-factly.

"Fair enough, lets do this then."

They walked through the automatic door and a flood of cool air brushed past them. The gym always smelled of soap. The sound of grunts and the clinking of equipment was muffled by the walls as they approached the front desk. After they picked up their towels and put their things in lockers they preceded upstairs to the indoor track.

"If you do good today,I'll treat you to some nice fro-yo and granola. Sound good?"

"Yeah, sounds great!"

"First we have to stretch, then warm up. After that we'll do our exercises, warm down, and finish with more stretching."

"That seems like a lot of work." Aylin whined slightly.

"That's the point, silly."

They stretched in every which-way Trey could think of with little protest from the other wolf. Then got down on all-fours and began to crawl up the floor like a child pretending to be Spiderman.

"You look rediculous." Aylin said, but the other wolf continued.

"Come on." He grunted. "I wouldn't do it if it weren't necessary." Reluctantly, Aylin followed him up and down the floor until his muscles began to burn a little. Trey hopped up off the floor and pushed air through his pursed lips.

"Feel good yet?" He said.

"Not quite." Aylin chuckled.

"Well then push-ups and sit-ups should do it." Aylin's heart sank a little. He knew this is where things would start to get rough. The maned wolf sat on the floor and Trey crouched to hold his feet.

"I want fifty out of you." Trey said.

"Make it twenty." Aylin bargained.

"Alright, but you have to do sixty next week."

"Deal." He said, then he thrust his body up and touched his elbows to his knees. Aylin did this with little effort. His abdominal muscles felt warmed from the production of lactic acid, but it was hardly noticable. Next they both got down into push-up position. Trey followed him with every one, and then kept going after Aylin couldn't anymore. The maned wolf then held his feet while he did two hundred sit ups.

"Are you trying to make me look bad?" Aylin said.

"No, it looks like you're doing a fine job of that yourself!"

"Ooo, ouch." He chuckled.

Next came cardio. They ran across the firm rubber material for at least half an hour. Aylin felt like his heart had moved into his head. It's beats reverbiated with every step. What started out as a subtle glow was a full-on burn within his thighs. The fur of his back was matted with sweat and showed through his old T-shirt a little. While Aylin was in pain, Trey ran with grace and consitency in his pace. He'd learned how to tune out the unpleasent sensations as much as possible.

When they finally stopped, Aylin's legs felt like jelly. He stumbled over to the guard rail and braced himself against it. Trey strided up to him and stood while he peered down into the basketball court that was on the floor below them.

"How're you feeling?" Trey grinned.

"I think I'm going to die." He said, gasping for breath.

"I'm sure you'll be fine. Just take it easy." Trey patted him on the back. "Now come on. We have to hit the showers."

They got their various toiletries from their lockers and stripped down before heading into the stainless steel stalls. Aylin flipped the water on and was greeted by a cool jet of water. It felt good as it soaked into his fur and cooled his aching body. Aylin realised he had forgotton something and turned the water off. He wrapped a towel around his waist and wobbled back to his locker to retreive it. As he turned he noticed it was just them and thought to himself for a moment.

"Would it be to cliched to solicit you for sex in a locker room?" He piped up. Trey cracked the stall door and poked his wet face out.

"Yeah, but I think I'd be able to look past it." His voice drifted off. He retreated back into his stall, but left the door open. Again, Aylin thought for a moment. Why not? He said.

The maned wolf slid into the stall and his attention was immediately drawn to Trey's firm buttocks. He locked the door behind him and approached the wolf slowly. A paw tested the water of the invitation by gingerly touching the furred surface that concealed toned muscles. He slipped the towel off and hung it on a hook with one paw still attatched to Trey's rear.

"Come on in," Trey said. "the water's fine." The ethiopian wolf turned to the side and allowed Aylin to slip between him and the tiled wall. The shorter wolf fit nicely between the knobs that controlled the water temperature. Trey kissed him lightly, but Aylin pulled his head close and lost himself on those lips. His tongue glided past pairs of canines and stroked the ridges of Trey's palate and returned itself to its starting place. Their tongues cycled back and forth making quiet smacking noises.

Trey broke off and nuzzled Aylin's wet neck. Aylin's cock slowly traced a line against Trey's thigh as it rose. Trey kissed his chest as he knelt and looked the wolf's gun right down the barrel. Trey's tongue swirled around the tip, working its way down the shaft. There was a slight metallic taste from the water. As he sucked it turned to a sweeter note as the tip painted stripes of pre across Trey's tongue. The taste combined with the musky scent drove him crazy. He removed Aylin's wolfhood and stroked it while he buried his nose in his furry testicles. Trey kissed the wet, dangling balls. The sucking and the feeling of a cold, wet nose under his junk was enough to send Aylin over the edge. A thick spurt of the maned wolf's seed spat across Trey's face.

"Oops," Aylin chuckled. "Head shot!"

"You're hilarious. Now you're really going to get it!" Trey grinned.

Trey pushed the smaller wolf up the wall above his hard dick. Aylin licked his own cum from between his eyes and slid down the slippery wall until his tailhole met the tip of Trey's meat. Aylin gasped softly as it parted his cheeks. The maned wolf lifted his arms and gripped the shower head as Trey went deeper. The smaller wolf wrapped his legs around Trey's waist. His tail wagged with delight as he licked at Aylin's nipples and nibbled on his neck. When his moans got to be a little loud Trey kissed him in an attempt to quiet him. He chased the growing orgasm down Aylin's anus and his knot came dangerously close to sinking past the point of no return.

"Oh," Aylin groaned. "Please...don't...knot me. We'll be here forever."

It barely registered in the crazed wolf's mind as he came, throwing strings of wolfy seed into the depths of his rump. They both looked at each other and panted as the afterglow ensued. After getting cleaned up they crept out of the stall one at a time in a walk of shame, afraid of getting caught. They quickly got dressed and headed out to the main lobby.

"So, how about that yogurt?" Trey asked.

"No, thank you, but you've done plenty for me."

"If you say so." Trey said with a smirk. "Same time tomorrow?"

"Yeah, I might actually look forward to it now."