Of Fur and Skin.

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A Short Yiff story I made. Enjoy. Comments are always welcome.

I've often wondered where my life would lead me, until my final hour of life. Yet fate always seems to throw a wrench into the mix just to spice things up. It was a fine late summer afternoon, I'd just come home from a long and taxing day at work. As I got myself ready to hit the local clubs and hot spots something clicked. Two things actually since I'm a single lady; One, men will hit on you at every opportunity they can get. Two, the word No seems to only increase their persistence to get you into bed most of the time.

At forty one years of age and still single only makes things much harder. Considering I have to work a little harder to keep my elegant figure yet, it doesn't hinder the attention I get. Despite being single and having no children to call my own. There's one thing I don't enjoy being called. That's a MILF it's my biggest turn off as well as a deal breaker. Call me that or mention it at any point during our date. Do expect to go home alone, unsatisfied, and with a very sore jaw. Nothing gets me more angry than that particular phrase or comparing me to an ex-lover.

As of lately my temper has simmered some but, it still doesn't take much to get me angry. Though I'll admit I have been trying to control myself as not to miss my golden chance. One fine day something happened a new neighbor moved into the cauldasack. Naturally I didn't pay much attention to the guy at first. Yet I ended up watching him move into the house next door anyway, typical feline curiosity. While he kept unpacking the large van for some strange reason I couldn't take my eyes off him. Something from deep inside my chest began to pull at the strings of my heart.

See in the world I come from humans and anthros are still adjusting to each other. Though we've been able to live together rather peacefully without any friction. I couldn't help but, fell like someone was staring rudely at me. So I jumped up to a standing position, spun around and glared at the person responsible. "You have a staring problem there buddy or is there something you wish to share." I said sourly as my tail swished angrily. His cheeks flushed red then he simply turned around and walked inside.

Before he left I noticed his eyes darted downward before he turned around and left. So naturally I looked down only to learn when I stood up the inertia caused my robe to open. Revealing a rather large amount of cleavage from my now semi-contained large breasts. Quickly fixing my robe I walked steadily back inside my home with my newspaper in hand. Never in my life have I ever had such a wardrobe malfunction. My face was so red due to my embarrassment I never left my home until Monday.

As I exited my home early Monday morning on my way to work. I noticed my neighbor's car pulling into the driveway. At that moment I realized he must work nights. When he stepped out of his car he waved politely at me, so like polite neighbor I waved back. For some unknown reason he came over to the fence my heart started racing. By the time we stood just a few feet apart my body was on fire. Honestly I was thankful for being a black panther. Since my black fur did a nice job of hiding the bright red color of my face.

Though when I looked into his eyes his face was a soft shade of red also. "Hi, miss about the other day I'm deeply sorry for staring at you. I wasn't expecting a woman of you're...umm?" He said but, trailed off at the end. "Well, get it out of your system, I don't enjoy being jerked around." I replied getting slightly annoyed. "I was trying to find the right words to describe how beautiful you are but, no words came to mind." He stated as his cheeks burned brighter. I was left shocked and speechless, nobody has ever said something so innocent. "Really, and if you had words to describe me, what would they be?" I asked testing my hunch.

"I can think of two words but, they might cause me to lose a few teeth." He said looking down at the ground. I reached over and lifted his gaze to meet mine. "Humor, me." I replied softly but, firmly. "Black, Silk." He mumbled under his breathe. "Care to repeat that?" I asked arching an eyebrow. "I described you as Black Silk." He remarked looking guilty. My eyes blinked a few times to process the rather surprising piece of info. Suddenly I felt my face burn a little brighter at his description of me.

"I...I Don't k...know what to say nobody has ever called me that before." I said stammering a little. "Well, I meant it despite what you think you're a very beautiful woman. Besides your temper I can see you have a big heart filled with love. That's eagerly waiting for the chance to be set free by the right man." He informed looking deep into my eyes. At that point I lost all control of myself. In one swift motion I reached out grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him close to me. Like a flaming arrow our lips meet in a passionate kiss. Strong enough to cause my tail to stand straight up and curl into a spiral.

A couple of minutes passed before pulled away from him, both of us had a large smile. "Well, that certainly made my day." He said smiling broadly. "Really, want to make my day?" I asked posing a little for him. "Sure, what did you have in mind?" He replied. I grabbed the collar of his shirt again and looked him straight in the eye. "How's about dinner at my place tonight? I'd like a chance to get to know you." I smiled looking deep into his eyes. "*Gulps!* Sure sounds good to me." He replied as his eyes widened.

"Relax, I don't bite...often." I purred softly into his ear. He shivered briefly in our strange embrace, as I kept purring into his ear. Making him twitch more causing me to smile until the reaction I hoped for emerged. Before stepping back I gave his cute butt a playful parting grope. I turned around, walked to my car, opened the door, started the motor and drove off. The drive to work was quiet and traffic free. Couldn't say much for the work day since my coworker Marge wouldn't leave me alone.

When I lost my temper she was wise enough to walk away and give me plenty of space. Of course she whined to my supervisor about my undeserved reaction. Naturally he told her that as long as I don't touch her, I'm free to do as I please. That went over like a lead balloon but, she didn't bother to whine anymore. At the end of the day I couldn't wait to get myself home and into a nice hot shower.

When my shift finally ended I jogged out to my car, hopped in and sped off. It was a short twenty minute drive to my home as I pulled into the driveway. I looked over at his home only to see his car gone, figuring he stepped out. This would give me plenty of time to get freshened up and into something elegant and sexy. Along with getting dinner started, my only problem was I didn't have any wine. "Oh, well I guess we'll just have to improvise." I mumbled silently with a grin.

After taking a nice long shower, another ten minutes in my fur dryer then went into my bedroom. As I sifted through my closet looking for a suitable dress to wear for my guest. I simply couldn't make up my mind, I wanted something elegant yet it'd make him drool. Sure enough after another ten minutes I found the perfect dress. The moment I slipped into it and zipped up the back, my doorbell rang. So I quickly put the shoes I picked out on and walked towards the door.

Before opening the door I looked through the view hole to see if it was him. My fur bristled with excitement that he actually showed up to join me for dinner. So I opened the door slowly revealing myself to him. "So good of you to come, I thought I scared you off. You look quite handsome please come in." I cooed looking at the way he dressed. His eyes never left my outfit nor my figure contained within the dress. That told me that he certainly liked it. "T...Thank you, you certainly know how impress yourself, ma'am." He replied as I closed the door behind him.

Playfully I caressed the under side of his chin and cheek with my tail. "Why thank you such a pleasant thing to say." I replied walking past him with a smile. He followed me into the kitchen as the oven beep stating the meal was finished cooking. "Allow, me to get that for you." He stated walking towards the oven. He grabbed a pair of oven mitts then opened the door. A blast of heat followed by the wonderful aroma of the meal I cooked filled the room.

During dinner nothing was really said we spent most of it watching the other. As he went to take another bite of food I decided to have a little fun. I silently slipped both of my feet out of my shoes then with my right foot, reached over. Placing in between his legs moving closer to his crotch without alerting him. Slowly revealing one of my claws I touched his crotch. No reaction, until I started to draw a little heart on the fabric of his pants.

He jumped at the sudden sensation but, as he looked into my eyes. Seeing the longing look they held told him, I was hoping he'd fill a boiling need I had. Like a true gentleman he got up walked over to my side of the table and offered his hand. I wasted no time taking it as he helped me to my feet. As I looked into his beautiful blue eyes I could see a similar need swirling inside. Before either of us could think clearly he placed a hand across my lower back. Pressing my body against his and locking his lips onto mine.

A few exploratory kisses were shared nothing heavy, just enough to test the water. Sure enough my tongue was the first want inside his mouth of course he didn't resist. As my raspy tongue swirled around his smooth tongue I leaned into his chest a bit more. He wrapped his other arm around my waist and held me tight. The soft vibrations in my throat grew louder as we kept exploring each other's mouths. I could feel his erection straining against the hem of his pants.

So I pulled away taking one of his hands into mine and led him to my bedroom. He tugged me back as I turned to face him I could see a confused look in his eyes. "What's wrong hun don't you want me?" I asked giving him a pleading look. "I do but, this is all new to me in a sense." He replied as he slumped a little. "This is your first time having sex?" I wondered tilting one of my ears back. "No, not really it's first time having sex with a lovely anthro such as yourself." He pointed out.

"Ah, that explains a lot well then follow me and I'll teach you a few things." I smiled grasping both of his hands and leading towards my bed room. As we entered the room I wasted no time pushing him onto the bed. When he landed on it he couldn't contain his laughter until I knelt down in front of him. His eyes went wide as I pressed my confined breasts firmly against his crotch. To toy with him a little I planted a long hard lick against the large bugle he was sporting.

His entire body shivered as I made another pass along his cramped erection. I toyed with him like that for another five minutes before undoing his pants and zipper with my teeth. His erection sprang up, only to fight against his boxers. "Not to ruin your fun but, if you continue teasing me I'm not gonna last another minute." He informed looking at me. "Spoilsport." I pouted looking up at him. He reached down and pulled me onto the bed closer to his face. As we embraced in another deep kiss while I wrapped my arms around his neck.

His hands rested themselves gently around my waist once more as I rested myself fully on him. "You know do feel free to unwrap your curvy gift at anytime." I said breaking another passionate kiss. "Are you sure about going all the way considering we just met?" He asked innocently. I sat up, sliding back bit till my crotch pressed against his. He looked up into my eyes A slight unzipping noise filling the room a moment later followed by my dress falling to my hips.

His eyes nearly burst from their sockets as he gazed upon my large braless breasts. I leaned down placed a hand behind his head and sat him up pressing his face into my ample bust. He wasted no time cupping my breasts into his hands and rubbing them softly. "Mmm!" I moaned softly. My head rolled back as he began to rub my nipples and the pleasure course through me. The soft purr that had been vibrating in my throat. Grew stronger and louder as he licked one nipple and toyed with the other. "Oo, Yes!" I moaned again as his tongue flicked across my erect nipple.

When he moved over to my other breast I started grinding my crotch against his. He slid his hands down my sides along my waist and rested them firmly against my butt. Hooking his thumbs on my dress he pushed me forward pulling my dress down around my ankles. Along with lacy pair of panties I had on underneath. As my crotch pressed against his face he wasted no time giving my swollen clit a tentative lick. Causing my body to shudder as the wonderful sensation crawled up my spine.

His hands moved up my legs and began rubbing my thighs soothingly. While he kissed my aroused slit, I couldn't help but, moan and buck into his mouth. I cupped my breasts into my hands and started licking my erect nipples, as he began to licked away at my folds. As his tongue explored my wet entrance I was suckling vigorously on one of my breasts. Moaning loudly into the soft but, firm breast flesh. Without any warning he grabbed my legs and flipped me onto my back. A softy giggle exited my mouth as I looked up at his smiling face. He removed his shirt, tossing it carelessly onto the floor and removed the rest of my clothes also.

He leaned over again this time gently nibble on my nipples again while gingerly fondling the other. I arched my body into his touch milking all the pleasure I could from it. His right hand moved away from my breas, traveled down my abs to my crotch. Gently teasing my clit before parting my aroused outer lips. My legs clamped around his hand as he started rubbing my labia slowly. Before I could moan any sort of approval he locked his lips around mine. Our tongues danced around each other like magnets that didn't want to separate.

He increased his rubbing of my labia driving me absolutely mad with pleasure and lust. I took my hand, placed it against his chest and pushed him away. Confusing him a little at first until he noticed I was rubbing his semi confined crotch. Not missing a beat he quickly kicked off his shoes, pulled his pants down but, before he grabbed his boxers. I pulled him back onto the bed and pinned his head between my legs. Naturally he didn't need any instructions as to what I wanted.

As his tongue pressed against my folds my tail instantly curled against my back. "Haaa!" I sighed pleasurably. Not wanting to be the only one enjoying what the other was doing. I took a claw and gently scritched up and down his rather impressive length. His cock twitched and throbbed at the sensations I provided. A wet stain started to form in his boxers as pre began to drip from his tip. So of course I curious to know what he tasted like, I sucked directly on his tip through the fabric.

This caused him to buck and press his tongue deeper into my sex causing my body to arch backwards. "Oh, Da...mn You're, Good." I cooed looking back lustfully. I didn't bother to waste anymore time I wanted his cock and I wanted it bad. Hoping he wouldn't mind I used my claws and cut his boxers clean off his body. His cock sprang up and tapped me in the cheek, causing me to giggle. He was impressive not to long, not too thick but, just right for my tastes. At that moment I suckled his cock deep into my maw, causing him to shudder underneath me.

We found a nice steady rhythm of pleasuring each other, I was in heaven. I'm pretty sure he was also just by how hard he tried to keep pace with me. Though with me purring at full strength that brought him over the edge in no time flat. His cock erupted heavily into my muzzle while I eagerly drank every drop he gave. Sure enough as the last of his seed trickled into my mouth my body convulsed. I swiftly sat up and yowled at the top of my lungs as my own orgasm crashed hard.

We laid there panting a little trying to recover some our lost energy from our mutual orgasms. I shuffled my position on the bed so I could nuzzle against his neck. When I did he leaned over and kissed my forehead affectionately. I smiled at how sweet he was being, the only negative thought going through my mind. Was would this end here or grow into a long wonderful relationship. Before I could say or do anything I felt him rubbing along my side soothingly.

I perched myself a top of him once more and looked deeply into his eyes. "You ready for the finale big boy or would you like to pick this up in the morning?" I asked posing seductively. "Heh, with what you bring to the table, no man in his right mind would say no. Now come here you little kitten." He smiled rolling us over holding me underneath him. I leaned up and shared another deep kiss as his erection pressed against my folds. "I hope you know how to use that, tool properly." I cooed with a mischievous grin.

Not wasting anymore time with words he slowly sank his member into my awaiting sex. About halfway inside my sex, he thrusted in deep impaling his member against my cervix. Driving untold amounts of pleasure throughout my body. As he pulled back my inner walls tried to keep him fully hilted inside me. Clutching and milking every inch of his length earning a heavy grunt from him and lustful moan from me. He thrusted back in pressing his tip against my cervix firmly. This was driving me mad with pleasure and affection for this human.

The night became wild with fire from our intense love making, our bodies moving in sync. His thrusts were soft, deep and caressed every inch of my inner walls. My moans got louder and more guttural as time passed yet I wanted more. For him to go deeper, harder, faster hoping that if he complied I'd go into heat. Only to become pregnant with his children by the time we both climaxed and came. That seemed to be the only I truly desired at this point and time. As his pace picked up and I felt unbelievably good at his attention to detail.

For his first time ever making love to an anthro I'd say he was perfect. "Oh Ba...by O ye...uh don't Stop, Go Ahe...ad Cum for ME!" I moaned as he fully hilted me again. My legs wrapped around his waist pulling him closer helping him thrust deeper into my sex. Driving us closer and closer to sexual satisfaction and orgasms. He used one arm to support himself up on the bed. While the other toyed with one of my breasts and sensitive nipples. I was lost in a world of pleasure, lust and sex that every woman experiences with their true lover.

"I'm gett...Getting C...close." He grunted going full speed in and out of my sex. "Uh Ye...uH OH Ye...UH Ey...uh, Uh Ey...uh." I moaned as my climax reached it's peek. His thrusts got faster and shallow but, it still drove me pleasurably mad. After few more intense thrusts from him I couldn't take it anymore. My back arch up off the bed and I released an ear splitting yowl, as my final orgasm exploded. Sadly he wasn't too far behind me since my inner walls clamped down tightly around his member. The gripping sensation from my sex provided sent him spiraling over the edge.

He yelled as his cock erupted into my womb filling it with his fertile seed. My legs kept him from pulling out of me until we both wound down from our mutual orgasmic high. I pressed his upper body tightly against my big soft breasts. Sharing one last deep kiss before sleep over powered our need for anything else. Everything around slowly faded black as our bodies went to sleep, while we held each other tight. Nothing else seemed to matter as our bodies spent the night recharging from our vigorous activity.

"AAAND, CUT!! That's a wrap folks." A male voice announced over a megaphone. "Great Work, as always, Silvia and Eddie get some rest. This film is finally finished, Thanks again for giving 110% like always." The assistant director said walking onto the set. We didn't say much just a satisfied smiled appeared on our faces. While the crew began leaving the set shortly after. Once everyone finally cleared out I looked at, Eddie. "Care, to go clean up there playboy?" I smiled. "Like, you have to ask me twice, dear." He replied smiling back at me. "Well, then my darling hubby let's go." I replied pulling him to his feet. With that we left the set, got cleaned up a short time later and went home late that evening.