Vindicated Depravity

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1 of Vindicated Depravity Shining Armor returns home to find Cadance dressed and painted up as Twilight Sparkle, trying to seduce him! What's going on here?!

Shining Armor stretched and arched slightly with the faintest of groans, before beginning to walk down the long hallway to the rooms he and Cadance shared. He had just returned from a lunchdate with Twilight Sparkle. Over the past month, he had been trying his best to be close to his little sister again.

With the threat to the castle over, he was once again free to pursue to activities of leisure in his now-existent free time. And the first order of business was restoring the strained relationship with his little sister.

And so it was lunch dates and picnics galore, flying a kite with her, throwing a ball, helping her study, sneaking into the palace library with her (even though it was perfectly legal) to purloin books on gryphon mating habits. That last one was kinda weird, but someone had put the idea in her head, and bless her heart, Twilight was the most curious unicorn in all of Equestria.

Two hours of reading up on the magical potential of terrestrial elements and magnetic fields over cups of coffee later, and Shining Armor was starting to feel the strain in his neck.

He was looking forward to just laying himself out on the bed he and Cadance shared, and relaxing for the rest of the afternoon. Maybe even snuggle with his wife.

Shining Armor pushed open the door with a hoof, slinking inside quietly in case his wife was napping. Generally, she wouldn't even be back in the rooms until later in the evening.

"Ah, big brother!" came the excited call from his bed.

Twilight was sitting on his bed, a hoof resting on the corner of a book to keep it held open.

"I was just hoping you'd help me do some extra studying...I've been doing a course on equine physiology and I don't have any male ponies to study..." Twilight simpered, her tone undeniably seductive. She was hitting on him?!

Twilight shifted to arrange herself in a more advantageous pose, stretching out on the bed and grinning at him, arranging herself deliberately to give him the best view of her taut stomach and chest, and the way her body was curved just enough to hide her sex from his view, but providing a tantalising tease of the flesh leading down to it.

Shining Armor stood in the doorway with an open mouth, staring in utter stupefaction at the sight before him. Twilight was trying to seduce him!

It was several long seconds before Shining Armor recognized the shape of a wing on Twilight's side. Her horn was still poking out of her purple mane, and it all crystallised in his mind in an instant.

"...Cadance?" he asked in disbeleif.

A soft giggle left the alicorn as she shook her head and waved a hoof at him in rebuke, "Nono big brother, you shouldn't be thinking of Cadance at a time like this."

Shining Armor stepped closer to the bed uncertainly. "C-Cadance...seriously, what are you doing?"

Cadance pouted at her husband and then shook her head, rolling her eyes. "I try to surprise you with something sweet and you always ruin it."

"You're...painted up like Twilight!" Shining Armor protested, waving a hoof at her accusingly.

It really was a very well done job. The wings were the only thing that gave it all away. From the specific shade of her coat, the cut of her mane, and even Twilight's Cutie Mark.

"Oh?" Cadance asked, twisting around and lifting a hoof to rest on her flank, inspecting her paintjob. "I hadn't noticed."

"What are you doing?" Shining Armor asked, staring at the alicorn, not understanding at all.

"I'm trying to seduce you as Twilight. It's a kind of roleplay," Cadance replied flippantly, raising a brow at him with a slight giggle.

"But you're painted up as my sister!" he rebuked, waving a hoof in her direction in mortification. "I'm not that kind of stallion!"

"Oh, you claim that," Cadance said, watching him, looking him up and down, and then patting the bed, urging him to come lie beside her.

Shining Armor shook his head at his wife for a long moment. "I know that love is your thing...but this is crazy. I don't feel that way for Twilight!"

"Don't you?" Cadance asked, arching a brow upwards and shifting around to bring her nose right up in front of his own, staring into his eyes with a thoughtful expression. She smiled, and gave Shining Armor the disturbing image of his sister speaking to him in his wife's voice, "You didn't feel that twinge deep in your groin when you first saw me on the bed asking to 'study' you? Didn't your eyes sink down my form when you first entered the room, searching to see if anything was visible...?"

Shining Armor swallowed audibly and then looked away, feeling heat rising in his cheeks. "Th-that's immaterial..."

Cadance smiled, lifting her hooves to touch gently at his chin and pull his gaze back around to meet her own. "'s natural to have these feelings for your younger sister."

"Natural?" Shining Armor asked with a blank stare.

"Yes, natural," Cadance soothed, stroking her hoof back to gently work along the side of his neck.

"But I don't feel that way for her," Shining Armor rebuked again.

"You keep saying that..." Cadance said with an eerie smile, leaning in and turning her head to the side, resting an ear against his chest. "And yet I can hear your heart beating faster at the thought of getting to live out a naughty fantasy with your little sister."

"Listen to what you're saying, Cadance!" he rebuked once more, rubbing his temple with a hoof.

"I'm saying that you have deep-seated sexual urges for your little sister, that they're completely normal, and I think it would be fun to play into those fantasies and enjoy the fiery passion it induces in you," Cadance responded flippantly.

Shining Armor shook his head helplessly, "You still think this is going to happen?"

"I know this is going to happen," Cadance stated with a low purr, grinning at her husband. "I'm going to coax you until you slowly open up to the idea and then begrudgingly go along with it until you actually start to enjoy it."

"You can say 'I told you so' when we're done," Shining Armor said calmly, before adding, "But you're still painted up like my sister whom I have no desire for!"

"Oh you keep claiming that!" Cadance said with a pout. "I'm your wife, Shining, you can admit anything to me."

"I can admit that I've never had any fantasies about my sister like that!" he rebuked firmly, bopping his wife on her painted nose.

"Maybe not consciously..." Cadance cooed, grinning up at him, her tail giving a slow, excited flick. She leaned in close to gently lap at his cheek and then whisper seductively into his ear, in a tone that was scarily like Twilight's, "Ever found yourself staring at my rump, big brother? Ever wanted the warm touch of one of my hooves to linger at your side a little bit more? Ever had to fight the urge to lean in and kiss me when we're close like this, big brother? huh?"

Shining Armor stared down at his wife in shock, eyes wide and breathing increasing in speed as his cheeks flushed. "This has to be some kind of joke..."

"This isn't a joke, big brother...I need to study, and you're the only male I can study," she simpered, gently stroking her hooves down his neck and to his chest, kneading slowly.

"C-Cadance, this is weird," Shining Armor protested weakly, lifting a hoof to gently stroke along her neck imploringly.

"Come now, Shining," Cadance said shortly, in her normal tone, nudging the base of his neck with her nose. "The natural protective urge an older sibling has for their charge can easily, and quite often does, transfer over into base sexual desires. It is perfectly normal, if not stigmatized by society at large."

"But Twilight is my sister!" Shining Armor hissed in response, staring down at his painted wife.

"And I'm not..." Cadance said in a decidedly seductive tone. "You can live out your desired on me without any actual depravity having taken place..."

"But...I..." Shining Armor tried to protest, but was silenced by his wife's hoof on his lips.

"If you can look me in the eyes and say that there's no sexual tension between you two, then I'll get myself washed up and grant that changeling fantasy you've been trying to hide from me," Cadance responded with a sly grin.

Shining Armor stared at his wife for a long, long moment, before deflating and staring at her, shaking his head. "I'd lie to get kinky changeling roleplaying...but you'd know I was lying."

"Course I would, hun," Cadance said with a smile, leaning up to kiss him. She pulled back, instantly slipping into Twilight's voice again, "Now, I have study to do."

Shining Armor stared down at his wife, painted up to look like his sister, and then crossed his hooves in front of himself, taking a deep, steadying breath, before nodding. "W-what do you need help with studying, Twilie?"

"I love it when you call me Twilie," she crooned, leaning up to gently nuzzle in underneath his chin, "I need to study the anatomy of a stallion for a school project...and I figure I'll just study you. You don't mind, do you, big brother?"

"Not at all, Twilie, what particular things do you need to study?" he asked warmly, settling himself out a little more comfortably, watching her.

"Stallion anatomy!" she replied with a grin, leaning in to lip gently at his neck. "Like...your horn!"

Shining Armor nodded, leaning his head downwards gently to present his horn to her gaze.

Shining Armor's faux-sister hummed happily a moment, and then peered down at her textbook, reading a few lines, before turning her gaze back up to her 'brother's' horn.

"The book says that they're really sensitive!" she said with an earnest nod, lifting a hoof to clasp around the horn and squeeze along the base of it gently. "Is it, big brother?"

Shining Armor closed an eye reflexively as he felt the hoof squeezing at his horn, and then beginning to slowly work up and down the length of the sensitive material. His breath caught in his throat, and his hindlegs squirmed a little bit against the bed at the sensations. "Y-yeah."

A low hum left the young 'unicorn' and she peered up at her 'brother' with an innocent grin, before looking down at the textbook again, releasing his horn. "It says that in some cases, males can achieve orgasm through simple horn stimulation!"

Shining Armor's breath caught again, and he stared down at Twilight for a long moment, blinking slowly. His voice squeaked as he asked, "W-what book are you reading?"

"Equine anatomy!" she replied with a vigorous nod, grinning and then holding up the book for him to see the cover of it.

The title 'Equine Anatomy: A Study' was embossed on the front cover in neat bronze lettering.

Shining Armor was suddenly impressed by the amount of trouble that his wife had gone through to make the charade as realistic as possible. He was infinitely more impressed by Cadance's skills when he realised that he had actually forgotten, for an instant, that it wasn't Twilight in front of him.

"Let me try!" 'Twilight' said with an innocent giggle, leaning up and instantly capturing his horn in her soft lips, sinking her muzzle down to the base of it with a smooth motion.

Shining Armor's eyes widened, and he gave a shuddering gasp of surprise and delight, swallowing hard as he felt the soft tongue beginning to slowly swirl and grind around his horntip in her maw. Soft, moist walls of suckling flesh surrounded his horn, undulating slowly along the rigid length of his horn, while her tongue ground against the tip of it suggestively.

Immediately, he asked himself where his sister had learned to do such explicit things, and had to forcibly remind himself that it was his wife. And he knew where she had learned that; after all, he had been her guinea pig when she was trying new things!

"T-Twilie, h-hun, you might wanna s-stop..." Shining Armor stuttered, panting heavily, his cheeks flushed with warmth, rolling unconsciously onto his stomach to hide the swelling stallion cock beginning to make itself apparent between his legs.

"But this is fun, big brother!" 'Twilight' said with a giggle, pulling back and then lapping delicately along the tip of the horn, and then leaning in to give the tip of the horn a soft, delicate kiss. Her tone was soft and innocent, but utterly seductive as she murmured, seemingly to herself, "Hmm...I wonder what else I could do this to...?"

Shining Armor inhaled deeply, shuddering and squirming a little bit under the workings of his faux-sister, her words making him flush harder, feeling the length of heavy flesh against his stomach twitching with eager desire.

"Big you have any ideas?" 'Twilight' asked, raising a brow at him and gently lapping at the tip of his horn still, delicately running her tongue over the tip.

Shining Armor splayed his ears back, his spine arching a little bit as he tried his best not to grind himself against the bed. "I-I have no idea, Twilie."

"Are you suuuure?" faux-Twilight asked, pulling back and peering into his eyes for a long, long moment. "You know you couuuld never lie to me, big brother. I know there's something you could show me that isn't in the books...That's why you're the best for studying with! You teach me things that aren't in the books!"

Shining Armor stared down at his simpering faux-sister, hearing his heart pounding in his ears. He'd already had Cadance's muzzle in his lap countless times before, but somehow, this was different. The thought of suggesting that she put her muzzle to use on his aching stallionhood was making his breath come shallow and his heart beat faster, as though it was the first time. It was so damn naughty!

"W-well...I-I...uhm...m-maybe..." Shining Armor tried to stutter out an answer to his faux-sister, thinking how to phrase it so as not to be offensive.

Cadance took it into her own hooves though, shifting to peer past his shoulder, her eyes widening, a hoof coming up to her muzzle. "B-big brother, is that what I think it is?"

Shining Armor's eyes widened, and he twisted slightly to peer at himself, realising that the throbbing eager tip of his member was visible, a mottled brown against his white hide.

Swallowing down the urge to deny it all and just hide it, Shining Armor gently rolled over onto his side, stretching out languidly, revealing the length of his body to his faux-sisters gaze.

'Twilight's' eyes widened a little bit, and she stared for a long moment, entranced, leaning in close to the length of stiffened stallionhood, a hoof lifting tentatively. "C-can I touch it big brother?"

Shining Armor closed his eyes and took a deep breath in, and then out, shuddering faintly. "Y-yes, may."

A low purr left the 'unicorn' and she lifted a hoof to wrap around the base of the thick length of flesh, squeezing gently at it, gazing at the stallionhood appraisingly. "It's so warm...and heavy. It's even bigger than in the books!"

"Y-you've read a lot of books on this subject, Twilie?" Shining Armor asked, panting down at her, eyes still closed.

"Tons and tons!" came the immediate response, before a devilish smile crossed her muzzle. "I didn't think it would be this long, big brother...I always thought it would be just long enough to touch the back of my throat but no longer..."

"W-what are you saying, Twilie?" Shining Armor asked, and then gasped as he felt a velvet tongue swipe across the tip of his eager member, cleaning up the dribble of precum there.

"Welllll..." 'Twilight' trailed off for a moment, staring up at him, giving a naughty grin. "Sometimes, when it's really...really late..."

Shining Armor raised a brow, panting down at her, waiting for her to continue her story.

"I fantasize, big brother...dream of big stallion phallus'..." 'Twilight' whispered, staring up at him, giving the tip of his member another delicate lick. "Hot, drooling stallion penii I can stuff into my maw. It makes so wet, big brother. I swear I can almost taste them. Sometimes, I even practise on carrots while I'm rubbing a hoof between my hindlegs."

Shining Armor shuddered and gasped at the imagery, the little lick to the throbbing tip of his aching member making him quiver helplessly as he stared down at the sight of his own sister lapping at him, and saying the dirtiest things!

"I-It's so arousing, Shining...The book tells me that it flares up when you're going to ejaculate!" 'Twilight' nodded earnestly, inadvertently rubbing her nose against his drooling tip. "Please, big brother, tell me that it'll flare! I wanna feel your glans flaring against my tongue and shooting warm ejaculate across my palate!"

"O-Oh sweet Celestia!" The stallion inhaled hard, his eyes closing to try and block out the image of his little sister so eagerly inquiring about his orgasm, his hooves automatically gripping the blankets underneath him. The length of stallion cock throbbed eagerly as Shining Armor's arousal went through the roof, and 'Twilight' took the opportunity without hesitation.

Shining Armor cried out in surprise as he felt a hot, moist mouth sinking down his member. Soft lips, a warm, velvet tongue, and the ridged top of her mouth all conspired to send him cross-eyed, his back arching and horn beginning to glow as his mouth parted in a low groan.

'Twilight's' tongue began to swirl along the underside of the tip of his cock, even as she ground her muzzle deeper over his member, her hooves lifting to softly cradle his balls and squeeze the base of his stallionhood. She began to slowly tilt her head from side-to-side, causing all of the flesh surrounding his member to shift and squeeze, causing a delightful friction that was rapidly ramping up his arousal.

Shining Armor gasped and arched his back helplessly, his hips automatically trying to grind towards the skilled touches around his eager flesh, his ears pinning back as he curled to peer down at his wife.

With her paint, and her mane done up like that, she looked so much like Twilight that it was almost scary. There was, of course, the size difference, and the wings. But when he was staring down at her like that, her eyes closed in concentration, nursing at his throbbing member like a foal at a teat, it was Twilight.

And then her eyes opened, purple irises staring up at him imploringly, while she smiled around his eager member. Shining Armor stared down at his sister suckling around his cock so eagerly, and he just lost it.

'Twilight' drew back with a gasp as she felt the thick tip of the cock flare in her muzzle, stretching her jaws around it as it began to throb and jerk wantonly.

"Yes, big brother! It flared!" she squealed eagerly, lapping fervently at the tip of the flared cock again and again, parting her maw to present her open mouth and soft tongue to the tip of his stallionhood. "Ejaculate for me, big brother! Spill all that gooey semen into my muzzle!"

Shining Armor's hips jerked of their own accord as a magical touch squeezed and jerked around the base of his member, and then he just exploded. Magical light glowed deep in his horn in a pulsing rhythm to match the pulse of blood in his stiffening member, and the pulses of gooey semen bursting from the tip.

The first thick volley splashed across her face with its intensity, splattering across her forehead and trailing down across her muzzle and nose, messing up the base of her horn. The second and third jet spilled direction into her mouth, quickly coating her tongue and drooling over it in a sticky, gooey mess. A low groan left the 'unicorn' as she quickly fastened her mouth over the tip of the swollen flare, her eyes widening with each sticky pulse of ejaculate that was fired into her maw over and over again.

Shining Armor groaned and shuddered, quivering and arching through the most intense orgasm of his life, feeling the heavy bursts of his spunk firing into his sister's muzzle over and over again, until he just slumped to the bed with a low groan of delight.

A prod of a hoof against his shoulder made him blearily blink an eye open to peer down at her.

A grin crossed the female's maw, and she paused for effect, before opening her mouth up innocently, poking out her tongue. Voluminous amounts of white, gooey spunk spilled from her mouth to drool slowly to the bed, while a thick reservoir of the potent stallion essence was still held inside. Grinning, she closed her mouth, and then tilted her head back, swallowing, and then opening up again to show him it was all clean.

Shining Armor realised that if he hadn't just filled her muzzle with the mess she was presenting to him, then he would have pounced on her and rutted her into the bed. As it was, he could barely move. It was hard to even keep his eyes open.

"I didn't think it would be that good, big brother! You should have let me do this to you much, much earlier!"

The mimicry of his sister was the last thing Shining Armor heard before he passed out.

Consciousness returned slowly to the unicorn, and he mumbled something unintelligible before he opened his eyes, peering down at his wife, who was snuggled up against his side, looking very much like herself.

"Oh that was a weird dream," he stated, rubbing a hoof against his forehead.

"A dream, big brother?" Cadance teased, kissing his cheek.

Shining Armor went still a moment, quivering in mortification. "I-It was real?"

" real as your wife getting painted up like your little sister and seducing you can be. I take it you enjoyed it?" Cadance asked casually.

"It was weird." The unicorn huffed faintly, waving a hoof for punctuation.

"And yet you came so hard that, for the first time since I've known you, you couldn't muster the stamina to get yourself up and please me in return," Cadance replied accusingly.

"I'll make it up to you," Shining Armor replied, wrapping a hoof around his alicorn and pulling her against his side. "But, I have to ask...why?"

"Why? Because you have sexual urges for your sister that both of you are far too shy to get out in the open," Cadance said with a calm wave of a hoof.

Shining Armor huffed and nuzzled into his wife's neck gently, "But she's my sister, that's why."

"It's unhealthy to be lusting after something you can't have," Cadance said with a warm smile, nuzzling into his cheek in response with a happy hum.

"It's unhealthy to want to mate my sister, you mean?" He asked, raising a brow.

"Dearheart," Cadance said, petting his cheek lightly with a hoof, "You're married to the princess of love. You're going to have to stop treating base desires like some taboo thing I have no clue about. I think it would be very unhealthy for you to be so close to your little sister and not feel any inkling of sexual urges for her at all. After all, it is stallion nature."

"It's still a pretty hard pill to swallow," Shining Armor responded, frowning deeply and working his hooves against the covers slowly.

"You think pills are hard to swallow?" Cadance rebuked suggestively, raising a brow at him.

Shining Armor rolled his eyes. "You know what I mean."

"Hey. I'm not the one who wants to bone my little sis', you pervert," Cadance said with a grin, kissing the side of his muzzle.

"I love you, my kinky alicorn," Shining Armor said, leaning in to pull his wife into a kiss, humming happily.

"I love you too, my depraved unicorn. Now...admit to me that you desire your little sister in far more than a platonic fashion, so I can prey on your desires to sate my sexual deviances," Cadance said with a wave of a hoof, grinning.

Shining Armor licked his lips for a moment, nervous, and then shook his head, before stating calmly, "I have no sexual desire for my sibling, whatsoever."

Cadance rolled her eyes, shaking her head and then nosing into his neck gently.

The stallion peered down at his wife, gently rubbing his nose against her cheek, and then added; "For now. week you'll have wheedled me out of my shame spiral enough for me to try it again."

A grin spread across the alicorn's cheeks, and she didn't even look up at him as she murmured into his neck, "I told you so."