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A Meeting of Fate

(Jake's POV)


"Jake!!! Time for breakfast, sweetie!!!", My mom called from the kitchen, as usual.

"Comin', mom! And stop calling me 'sweetie'!", I replied while yawning lazily. Great! What's better to start a new day than the hateful sound of my alarm combined with my mom's sweet voice (try thinking about being called 'sweetie' in front a crowd, and you'll understand what I was feeling right now). I got up from the bed and went to the bathroom. A nice shower always helped cooling my head off at unpleasant times like this.

I then started dressing, and when I finished, I was wearing a white T-shirt and a red, sleeveless jacket left open outside; dark blue jeans and grey sneakers. I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled. I wasn't the most handsome guy around, but fairly enough to be called good-looking: Standing at 5'9 with black hairs and brown eyes.

To introduce myself, I'm Jake. I lived with my parents and my younger brother Zane. I was having an ok life (I think), but at some points, I knew that my life wasn't going to anywhere, living senselessly without any goal to archive. I wasn't good at making friends, and I didn't feel like talking with anyone all the times (cuz I didn't know what to say). About girls, yeah, I found a few girls at my school cute, but somehow I never had any feelings for them.

That's how I'd been living, until one day, I saw Ash Ketchum and his battle. It was...what could I say, awesome! I mean, the way he and his pokemons fought together, the way he treated his pokemons like friends, and the way they bonded with each other. It was amazing, and from that moment, I realized what I wanted to do for the rest of my life: Having an adventure with my own pokemons, traveling around the world and bonding with them.

So, after spending 3 weeks convincing my parents, they finally let me go on my journey, starting today. I'd got everything necessary for a trainer, and stuffed all of them into my packback. After checking 1 last time, I carried the heavy packback on my shoulder and made my way to the kitchen.

My stomach growled at the smell of the delicious food my mom was preparing. A perfect and full-of-love (that's how my mom liked to call her food) breakfast with garlic toast, sunny-side-up egg and bacons. Meanwhile, my dad was drinking his morning coffee. And sitting next to him was my little brother.

"Mornin' sweetie!", my mom smiled and placed the foods on the table, "Come and eat before they get cold.". Zane snickered and looked at me like I was a fool when mom called me 'sweetie'. I gave him a death glare, but didn't say anything.

"Mornin' mom, dad, Zane. And mom, how many times do I have to tell you: Stop calling me 'sweetie'.", I said as I sat down to my chair and started devouring my food. For some reasons, they tasted better than usual.

"So, you got everything ready, Jake?", my dad asked while sipping some of his coffee.

"Yes, dad. I'm perfectly good to go!", I said excitedly.

"Did you remember to bring the 1st aid kit?", my mom asked.

"Yes, mom."

"Did you remember to bring...*blah, blah, blah*", and so, my wonderful breakfast ended up I being asked about all these nonsense stuffs by mom. I didn't blame her (cuz any mom would do the same thing, and I knew mom loved me and worried for me), but even so, her overprotection could get really annoying sometimes.


I quickly said goodbye to mom, dad, and Zane. I also remembered to give my brother 50$ and a packet of his favourite chocolate candy (he wasn't going to receive candies for a long time, and mom never let him eat more than 2 each day).

I opened my pokedex and checked the map to find the way to the nearest pokemart. I still needed some supplies for my journey, but honestly, I'd never let dad or mom buy anything (except food, of couse) for me, ever since I knew the basic concepts of shopping. I also checked my trainer account in my pokedex and realized that dad had already transferred some money to help me having a good start with my journey: About 100,000$ (quite a lot for a beginner, don't you think?). Suddenly, I felt regret not giving dad a present like a box of coffee before I left.

The pokemart wasn't so far away, only 10 minutes walking from my house. There wasn't many people there, properly cuz it was still early in the morning (trusted me, don't know why but today, I woke up much earlier than usual).

"Where should I start 1st? hmmmm...", I muttered as I walked across the stores, "Oh, that's right. I need some pokemon potions and healing stuff..."

I made my way quickly to the pokemon supplies section. There was many potions there, and I took almost all of them: Antidore, burn heal, parlyz heal, ice heal, max potion and full restore. It was about 6,300$.

Now that I got the healing items, I needed to buy some food for myself, so I got to the food supplies section and took some cans of preversed pork and beef. I also took a lot of chocolate bars, candies and snacks (sometimes, when you get too lazy to cook anything for yourself, a chocolate bar will be the best solution for lunch). I didn't know if pokemon could eat human food or not, so I also took some pokechow (or pokemon food, or whatever you call them), just in case.

As I was walking across the pokemon supplies section, something interesting catched my eyes. It was a small package with something like an earpiece inside. I picked up the package, and looked at its back.

"COOL!!!", I shouted, earning some odd looks from other customers, "...A pokemon translator!"

If you were a pokemon trainer and you always had to hear your pokemons' names over and over everytime they talked, you would understand how I was feeling right now (except the fact that I'd never trained any pokemon). I'd always wanted to talk to pokemon, and to know what they were saying. With this translator, I would be able to bond even more with my pokemons. I looked at the price: It was 5,000$. (Damn! 5,000 bucks for this little earpiece!)

"Well, I do want to bond with my pokemons, so...it worths anyway.", I sighed after making up my mind and took the translator. I made my way to the cashier and placed all the stuffs I bought in front of him.

"Is this all, sir?", the cashier asked, to which I replied by nodding.

"Alright then. You'll pay by cash or credit card? If you're a pokemon trainer, please hand me your pokedex so I can transfer the money.", he said in a quick, nonchalant tone like it was a routine for him whenever he spoke to a customer.

I took out my crimson pokedex and handed it to him. The cashier then started to scan all the items I bought and opened my pokedex to transfer the money. For anyone who don't know, being a cashier could be a very interesting job, except the fact that you'll have to stand at the same place, saying a sentence to every customer over and over again.

After one minute, the cashier returned the pokedex to me, "The total cost is 11,500$. Do you want to keep them in your backpack or in separate bags.", he asked.

"Uhm, put them in my backpack, if you please.", I replied and watched as he quickly, but neatly put all the stuff in my backpack.

"Thank you for shopping, and have a good day, sir.", he said as he handed me the backpack.

"Thanks.", I said as I put the backpack over my back and made my way to the entrance.

Now I was ready to go on my adventure, except one little problem. I...didn't have a starter pokemon.


If anyone was laughing and looking at me like I was a clown right now, I still wouldn't get angry with you (even if it was my little brother). I meant the situation I was in right now like you went to a food store and called the special order, but didn't have any money to pay for it. How did I get into this mess, well, it was a painful, extremely painful experience.

Two weeks ago, after I successfully convinced my parents, my dad was planning to give me a Charmander as my starter pokemon. Don't get me wrong, I liked Charmander and wanted to be friend with the little guy. But for some reason, Charmander didn't like me very much, and he nearly burned my room when I tried to get close to him, until Zane promised to give him a chocolate bar. And so, I learnt that you should never force a pokemon to do what you want, or the consequence would be inestimably terrible.

But leave that for later, cuz now my problem was that I have to carrier the heavy bacpack all alone, and it was clearly slowing me down (I knew spending time working out at the gym would pay off some day). I opened the map to find the nearest town/city, and decided to go to Jubilife City. It took 3 days walking to get there.

I walked for four hours more, until my back and shoulders were all sore from the backpack's weight. I went to the woods, found a shade to take a nap. After walking for 10 minutes, I found a perfect area: fairly enough for 2 or 3 persons, not to bushy but had many trees and shade. I threw the heavy burden on my shoulders to the ground and opened it to get a chocolate bar, some snacks and an energy drink. I devoured them all in two minutes.

If anyone asks me 'What will you do after having lunch?', my answer will be one word: Sleep, nice and simple. I took of my jacket and used it as a pillow. It took me less than ten seconds to fell asleep after that (I'm a very heavy sleeper, btw).


I was having a wonderful dream. In that dream, I was battling Ash. He was using his Charizard, while I was using a humanoid, jackal-like pokemon. I tried to remember its name, but couldn't. The battle was reaching its climax. Charizard released an intense blast of fire from its mouth. I remembered this move: Flamethrower.

The other pokemon gathered its energy into its paws as a blue, transparent sphere slowly formed there. The jackal pokemon released the sphere and it hit Charizard's blast of fire, resulted in a huge explosion and a cloud of dust, making my eyes sight fuzzy.

I was waiting for the cloud of dust to fade away, but suddenly...

There was a small rustle noise coming from my backpack. When I opened my eyes, I saw next to my backpack was a small, blue pokemon. He was searching for something, and he clearly had to clue that I was awake. I smiled sarcastically: I just left my house for more than 5 hours, and now a pokemon was about to steal my stuffs. So much for my 1st day as a trainer.

Anyway, I was thinking about two choices: Shouting at the little thief and giving him a good beat up; OR catching him and if I was lucky, I could ask him to be my starter pokemon (maybe having a thief as a partner wasn't a good idea, but meh, who cares?).

I quietly snuck behind and slowly got closer to him. When I was right behind him, I realized what the little thief was searching for: Food. He was hungry, and that was the only reason why he didn't know there was a 'certain' owner of the backpack behind him. For one second, I felt sorry for this thief, and I decided to take the second choice.

"Got you, you little thief!", I exclaimed as I caught him with my two arms. The little pokemon struggled to escape, but couldn't. I released him, but instead of running away, he stayed frozen at the same place, which allowed me to have a good look of him. Me eyes widdened in surprise at what I saw.

The little thief looked exactly like the pokemon I was using in my dream, only smaller and...almost like a much younger version, and his whole body was covered in bruises and scratches. This poor little thing was beaten up and left starving. I wanted to say something to comfort him, as well as giving him some food, but before I could did anything, he fainted. I touched his body, and it was cold.

I knew you think it would look ridiculous to make a camp fire during daytime, but trusted me, that was all I need to do now. I quickly went further in the forest to find some branches and made a little camp fire. I used my jacket as a blanket to covered the pokemon's body, and let him sleep next to the fire to warm him up.

"Who or what in the world can do this to such a cute, little pokemon!", I thought angrily as I looked at the sleeping pokemon. I opened my pokedex to check what pokemon he was: 'Riolu, the Emanation Pokémon. When sad or scared, Riolu's aura becomes stronger as a way of signaling its allies'.

"Riolu huh...I wonder if I can...", I muttered, and then something suddenly came up in my mind, "That's it! The pokemon translator!", I shouted and went to my backpack to take the translator out. There was instruction of how to use it on the package's back. Pretty simple: Just wirelessly connect it with your pokedex, and it will automatically update each time a new pokemon is added to your pokedex.

About 30 minutes later, Riolu slowly opened his eyes. He looked a little tired at 1st , properly because he was still hungry. But when he fully awoke, the fighting pokemon suddenly got on full alert as he was looking panically at his surroundings, as if he was looking for something...or someone. And when he saw me, he was about to run away if I didn't grab his hand to hold him back.

"Easy, little guy. I'm not going to hurt you!", I said softly, pulling him closer.

"Let me go! I don't want to...He gonna find me!", Riolu said tremblingly, still looking around with his eyes widen in fear.

"He? Who's 'he'?", I asked.

"My...my trainer. I don't want to be with him again! He's always yelling at me, telling me what to do, beating me everytime I lost ...", Riolu said, sobbing quietly as the terrible memory about his trainer abusing him overflowing in his mind.

Honestly, I didn't know what to do now, cuz I'd never in any situation similar to this before. But hey, when you saw a poor, hungry pup crying right in front of you, what can you possibly do other than giving him a warm hug? I wrapped my arms around Riolu's shoulder and let him put his face against my shirt, damping it with his tears.

"Shhh, don't cry. You'll be safe here. I'll protect you, I promise...", I whispered reassuringly while rubbing his back softly for more comforts.

We stayed like that for pretty a while, doing nothing but holding each other, and we would have stayed like that for a while more if I hadn't heard the growling sound coming from Riolu's stomach. That's right, he was still hungry, and I still hadn't given him anything to eat. I cursed myself for forgetting that.

"Hey Riolu, you wanna have something to eat?", I asked

"Yes. If...if you please.", He replied shyly, looking to the ground. I chuckled, pups are always cuter when they're shy.

I took a box of pokechow from my backpack, opened it and gave it to him, "Here you go.". Riolu looked at me, and then at the pokechow, and then at me again. I smiled, "Come on, I didn't put any poision in this pokechow."

The fighting pokemon nodded and reached his hand shakily to took the box from my hand. And I thought I was a quick eater, but the little guy totally beat me as he gobbled the pokechow with the speed of a rocket.

"Hey, slow down boy! You'll choke if you cram like that.", I said. He stopped eating and gave me a slight smile, as if he wanted to say: 'It's ok. I can handle it!' before continuing his assault on the pokechow. I could only smile and shake my head: I really felt sorry for this pup.

Once he'd finished with the pokechow, I gave him a bottle of water cuz he did look thristy too, and I was right. With one sip, he gulped half of the bottle's water. He let out a sigh of satisfation and rubbed his stomach. Now for the last thing, I needed to treat his wounds.

I took the 1st aid kit out and started to bandage his wounds. Riolu winced every time I cleaned his wound, but I guess he was rather too tired or too full to struggle. When I finished, both of his arms, his torso and his left leg were all bandaged up. That remined me, if I found the bastard that did this to Riolu, I gonna beat the shit out of him. I looked at the wounded pokemon, and suddenly, I felt so happy and pround of myself. I guessed mom was right: We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone. And the greatest happiness in this world is to help someone else.

"What do you plan to do now, Riolu?", I asked.

"Uhm...I, I don't know? I can return to the wild, but I'm not sure if I can live there. I was taken away from my parents when I was still an egg, and I...", Riolu said in a sad tone, a couple of tears leaked out from the corner of his eyes, "...and I don't have a master to be with now..."

My eyes widen in shock. So this is what happen to pokemons when trainers capture them. Lost their family, their life and their freedom; being forced to do what ever trainers tell them to do?

"Well, I am a trainer, and I don't have a starter pokemon. So...you're welcome to stay with me on my journey, or...you can return to the wild, where you're free to do whatever you want.", I stopped and looked at him in the eyes, "But remember, it's all up to you, and I respect your choice, no matter what it is."

"Do I really get a choice?", Riolu looked at me with disbelief in his eyes, "Not being forced to be someone's pokemon, pet, slave and have to do dirty work for them?"

"Yup. It's all up to yo...", I was cut off as I heard someone's yelling behind me, "There you are, you little punk!"

Riolu jolted and immediately jumped into my chest, hugging me tightly. I turned my head to the source of the annoying sound. Approaching us was a guy wearing a black sweater, blue baggy jeans and red sneakers. He also wore a cap, but in reverse order. On the whole, he looked like an arrogant brat whose only thing good at was to bully people (or pokemon) weaker than him. As he saw Riolu, a wicked smile appeared on his face.

"Excuse me, were you talking to me?", I said quietly with a slight hint of threat in my voice. The brat looked clearly scared and stepped backwards, but he quickly resumed the hateful, devilish smiling face while looking at Riolu.

"No, I was talking to this little punk!", he replied and pointed at Riolu, making the pokemon shiver in my arms. The brat then took out a pokeball, "Come here, you piece of shit. I'll make sure you learn your lesson about disobey and run away from me when we get home!"

I suddenly felt an urge to kill the guy in front of me rising, but I managed to stay calm and whispered into Riolu's ears, "Shhh, calm down. Just let me handle it. He won't be able to lay a finger on you, I promise.". It seemed to work as Riolu finally stopped shivering and looked at me.

"Now, get behind me and let me handle this, ok?", I said, giving the little pokemon a reassuring smile. Riolu nodded and hid behind my legs.

"So you're his trainer. Can you explain why he is covered in bruises and scratches?", I asked emotionlessly.

"Oh, cuz he's too stupid to listen to me, so I teach him something about obeying his master. Pokemons are just pets, after all! Now hand him over!", he smirked. I could tell he was thinking about all the terrible thing he would do to Riolu, and it made me even angrier as I felt like my blood was boiling and my hands were clenching into fists, wanting to punch the bastard in his face immediately, but I remained calm.

"Ok, I'll hand him over right now.", I said with a fake smile.

Before the brat could tell what I was about to do, I punched him in his stomach. He stepped backwards in pain, but I grabbed his collar and lift him to the air.

"Listen to me, you bastard! Of all the thing I hate, what I hate most is douche bags who always bully and abuse other like you.", I threw him to the ground and took Riolu's pokeball from him.

"Come back, Riolu!", I said. A red flash of light coming from the pokeball and Riolu returned inside.

"Now, I release you. Come out.", I pressed the button on the pokeball, and the flash of light appeared again, but this time, instead of red, the color was blue. Riolu was free. I threw the pokeball back to the brat.

"You see that, punk. Riolu is free, and if you try to touch him again, I gonna beat the shit out of you. Now GET LOST!", I shouted, and the brat ran away as fast as he could after getting on his feet.

I turned around and got to my knees to stroke Riolu's head, "I promised to protect you, right? You're truly free now, and you deserve it", I said with a smile, "Now, about what I said earlier, it's still up to you, and I'm waiting for your answer."

(Riolu's POV)

"What should I do? Should I go with this trainer. I mean, he looks really nice. He gave me food, treated my wounds and protected me when my old trainer tried to abuse me again. But I just met him, and trainers...they're always like that, nice and friendly at 1st, but always end up hurting me in the end.", I though as the terrible memories about my old trainer showed up in my head again, making me shivered with fear, but I managed to resume my composure to make my decision.

"If I take the 1st choice and return to the wild, I doubt that I will be able to survive even one day, and I might be captured by another trainer, a trainer likes my previous one...But on the other hand, this trainer seems really nice, and judge on the way he treated me, maybe it's a wise choice to go with him, and he will be able to give me a better life than my previous trainer..."

"...Beside, there's something about this trainer that makes me want to be with him, but I just dunno what it is."

"I hope that I make the right choice..."

(Jake's POV)

I waited for a few minutes to let Riolu make up his mind. Then I saw Riolu nodded to himself and brough his head up to look at me. Something told me that Riolu had made his decision.

"So, did you make up your mind?", I asked.

"Yes, I did. And my decision is ...I'll stay with you...master.", Riolu whispered the last part and went over to hugged me gently.

"Ok then. It's all settled! And don't call me 'master'. Just Jake, ok?", I said happily and scratched his ears. Finally, I got a starter pokemon, my very 1st pokemon, and friend.

"Hmm, maybe today isn't so bad.", I thought to myself.

Little did I know, I'd found myself someone special...and it would change my life, forever!


(To be continued)