The legend of Tigersight Chapter 3

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4 of The legend of Tigersight (disclaimer)

this story is a test I am doing to see how the public think of the novel i am trying to write so i can see how i need to change it to better please my readers so email seggestions to [email protected]/* <![CDATA[ /!function(t,e,r,n,c,a,p){try{t=document.currentScript||function(){for(t=document.getElementsByTagName('script'),e=t.length;e--;)if(t[e].getAttribute('data-cfhash'))return t[e]}();if(t&&(c=t.previousSibling)){p=t.parentNode;if(a=c.getAttribute('data-cfemail')){for(e='',r='0x'+a.substr(0,2)|0,n=2;a.length-n;n+=2)e+='%'+('0'+('0x'+a.substr(n,2)^r).toString(16)).slice(-2);p.replaceChild(document.createTextNode(decodeURIComponent(e)),c)}p.removeChild(t)}}catch(u){}}()/ ]]> */ this story has violence and slavery like themes if you find any of the material below offensive or know you should not be on this site exit this story now still with me good please comment weather good or bad if i get a lot of good responses i will post more chapters of this story I am open to any suggestions

_ Chapter 3 _

Libyan forest, 1554 BC

With that statement the celebration began. The chief a tall man with a feathered hat and mighty spear raised his voice

"A feast is to be prepared in your honor Tigersight for now you are a man...." As the night wore on there was a slight rustling in the trees all most unnoticeable in the noise from the feast. The chief looks up

"was anyone late to the feast" the chief ask his right hand man the tribe master replies "no chief no one would miss the naming ceremony."

The chief looking puzzled

"Then who..."

An arrow appears in Tigersight shoulder he grabs at it and falls to the ground as thousands of guards fall out of the trees weapons drawn. The leader of the guards stated

"You are all slaves to the pharaoh of Egypt surrender or die were you stand." The chief answers with his battle cry

"Tribe masters to arms" the tribe's men surge forward grabing any weapons they could find. A mass of arrows greets them in reply. The tribe's men could barely life a finger to defend themselves. Their life's blood seeping in to the ground they tried so hard to protect. To call this a battle would be an insult because it was not a battle it was a massacre the guards grabed the torches from the gathering circle and lit the forest ablaze Tigersight rips the arrow from his shoulder and run into the forest to get his sword....

---------------------------------------* * * ---------------------------------------

It seemed as if the fire climbed up the massive oaks, leaving nothing in its path the Ankara couldn't have defended against this kind of attack, nor could they survive it. Talonfeather watched in horror as he slowly realized exactly what kind of hell he had brought his village, to his brothers, a small pang of sadness weighed heavy on his heart. He had done this, and there was no turning back.

Then a man dressed in a robe holding a spear spun him around violently, if not for the scar on his eyebrow he probably would have been killed.

"You are Talonfeather; yes?" The man in the robes asked.

"That I am." Talonfeather paused and looked towards the destruction behind the man. "Where is my reward for this?"

"Go see those two over there I'm simply a collector..." and with that the man left.

Talonfeather started to make his way to the two guards, he glanced back once; and saw the man he had just been talking to, stab a spear through two women, one of the pregnant. He mustered up the courage to keep walking. He turned in front of the two guards; Angry.

"This was not supposed to be like this! I was told it was a few people, and no real damage would occur!" Talonfeather glared at the guards.

"Well that's what you get for trusting us, besides what do you care; you're the one who sold them this fate!" one of the guards argued.

"Then where is it, where is my pay for this?"

The second guard pulled out a small bag; from it he produced a marvelous gem it appeared to be no bigger than a pebble, but it was shockingly beautiful; and three medium sized coins of a copper color.

"Here you go one gem that any normal man would kill for and three Ilde."

The blue green color seemingly entwined, with a red slivers in all sorts of places, in a random design that only nature could have thought up. He handed Talonfeather the gem and three coins, Talonfeather's eyes remained transfixed on the jewel for only a second before he looked back at the guard.

"This gem, this is not what I was told that I would receive." Talonfeather remarked with the raise of an eyebrow.

"You were told you would receive three Ilde and a gem that any normal person would kill for..." the second guard repeated.

Talonfeather twisted the gem between his fingers, "Fine, now I wish to make a proposition to your king."

"He's a Pharaoh, not a king!" they said together.

"Fine Pharaoh, I wish to make a deal with your Pharaoh; One gem any normal man would kill for and three Ilde, to stop this madness and leave my people in Piece!"

"Hmmm, sorry it doesn't work that way."

"He told us you might try something like this, good thing I happen to be a normal man..." the secondary guard looked at the gem, curiously.

"What do you mean by that?" Talonfeather replied

"Well simply put, I'm going to kill you." The second guard said in a very matter-of-fact tone.

"You're Traitors! Deceivers! Con-artists!" Talonfeather angrily spat. "You shall bring ultimate shame to your fellow men! And ah..."the guard wiped out his sword faster than the eye could see stabbing Talonfeather in the chest death was instantaneous

"Hmmm, you couldn't even have let him get his last word in Derviln?"

"Well then I wouldn't be a normal man." And with that the second Guard, picked up the now dirt, and blood covered gem and slipped it back into the bag.

---------------------------------------* * * ---------------------------------------

Tigersight jumped down from his vantage point high in the tree on top of a man holding a fishers pike.

"What the hell is going on here?" Tigersight growled as he pressed the blade of his sword into the neck of the man...

The man only laughed, "Where one dies five more will follow, you idiot!"

"I said, "What the hell is going on here??!" Tigersight pressed the blade deeper into his throat and blood seeped from the new wound on the man's neck.

"It's just orders, the man began to panic, "were supposed to take every man alive to the slave encampment, and kill all women and children."

"What, why? That not only inhuman that is unredeemable!" Tigersight's voice growled with fury.

"Well, your women are trained as warriors it would be a stupid, to bring them along, everybody know women are well they really fight quite dirty, if you know what I mean..."

"Um, no I really don't know what you mean..."

Well at any rate its orders, so kill me I will only be replaced..."

Tigersight cut the rest of his throat, "Yea yea; blah blah five more in your place... I've got bigger things to worry about." Tigersight ran off to go protect the rest of his tribesmen.

---------------------------------------* * * ---------------------------------------

"captain, captain" the guard shouted as he ran the captain turns as the guard reached him "what is it corporal "the fire is out of control it spreading towards the cages "then why are you here you should be defending those cages." We are outnumbered these slaves fight hard to protect themselves and each other I need reinforcements" "and you will have them corporal lead the way" "guards to me" came the captions battle cry as they headed for the cages

---------------------------------------* * * ---------------------------------------

Tigersight stopped in a clearing feeling something was wrong but he did not know what. Suddenly he spun around sword ready "easy Tigersight it's only me" "master Edgeclaw" came Tigersight happy reply "I feared the worst"

"Ahh you should count me out that quickly my apprentice I did train you after all didn't I" Edgeclaw grabs Tigersight's hand and shakes it "I glad to have you by my side today Tigersight "thank you master" Tigersight replied "let's go save our brothers" Tigersight and Edgeclaw run through the trees "I heard the men talking they call themselves guards they got our friends in some cages three hundred meters passed the ravine most of the guards a busy using the river and buckets to stop the fire from spreading to far" Edgeclaw said "we can ambush then at those cages and sneak in to the forest till we have a better plan and more men we won't be able to do much if it just the two of us" Tigersight finished

"exactly" Edgeclaw smiled "I trained you well you will make a great worrier when this is over" they stop at the edge of the clearing the cage right in front of them Edgeclaw grab the Handel of his broadsword and pulled it out of the wolf skin scabbard that was on it back "I see you got old Scarmaker out of retirement " Tigersight remarked "it a relic but I figured the long reach plus there only lightly armored so it good weapon for this fight" Edgeclaw replied "why did you name your sword again" Tigersight said "the original owner gave me all three of my scars with it so I decided this sword would pay me back for every one" Edgeclaw replied "you are such a barbarian" Tigersight said "that the nicest thing anybody said to me all day" Edgeclaw smiled "Ok you go around the front I got around the back and flank them of the left once there distracted by me put your acrobatics to work and we will overwhelm them then we can free our brothers" Edgeclaw said "Try not to lose their swords we will need the weapons when we free them" Tigersight finished

Tigersight runs out in to the clearing and stabs the nearest guard then goes on the defensive turning so that he is facing the cage's Tigersight parries a blow from the left ducks underneath a side blow and locks blade with a guard "you have no chance surrender or die" the guard spat as he struggled to keep Tigersight's sword away from his face "we will see" was Tigersight's only reply Tigersight took one hand off the handle of his sword and grabs the guards tunic and pulls him forward while at the same time pulling his sword throwing the guard off balance Tigersight brought the handle of his sword down and hit the guard on the head knocking him unconscious Tigersight through his body in the river were it floated down stream just then Edgeclaw came out yelling "for honor glory and our enemy blood upon the floor " he charge the nearest guard and hit him in the stomach with Scarmaker folding the guard in half over the blade a guard ran behind him and tried to stab him but Edgeclaw just grabbed him by the back of the tunic with one hand and through him head long in to the river.

The guard were so preoccupied by Edgeclaw they never saw Tigersight clime the tree above them Edgeclaw went to work swinging his massive sword around like it was nothing one guard made the mistake of trying to parry a blow from the sword It simply cut through the blade and kept on going hitting the guard in his side he crumpled to the ground Tigersight jumped down and stabbed the guard behind Edgeclaw Tigersight saw a wineskin on the ground dropped by one of the guards he grabbed it and torch and lighting the wine skin on fire he through it the wineskin now fully ablaze sailed through the air and struck a guard full in the face he collapsed screeching and grabbing at his face Tigersight shoulder was beginning to hurt more and more from all this exertion it was not bleeding thanks the fire Tigersight use to seal the wound but his muscles were damaged and it was restricting his movements not much but it was a weakness he did not want exploited he simply grit his teeth and kept fighting what that guard said seemed true for ever one they cut down five more came to take his place the smoke in the air was not helping it was not a problem yet but if this did not end soon it could be a major factor in who won this fight.

Tigersight ran forward and jumped up on Edgeclaw's shoulders flipped forward and landed in front of him and started a complex series of sword movements with the guard in front of him the guard was surprised because his opponent changed so suddenly and at the swirling mass of steel before him the guard stabbed at Tigersight who simply stepped into the blow and a 35 degree angle the sword passed right behind him vertical to his spine while the sword in Tigersight's hand stabbed the man in the side as Tigersight stabbed behind him the guard fell another stepped forward "come on let's dance Tigersight said as he flipped his sword and a knife appeared in the guards chest and Tigersight caught his sword he had thrown his sword up and grabbed the knife in his belt the guard had kept his eyes on it instead of his opponent leaving him open to the stab wound Tigersight had just inflicted Tigersight turned to the next guard and tossed him his sword saying "here hold this for me" the guard caught it with a bewildered look on his face Tigersight stepped forward and slammed his elbow into the guard's face. The guard collapsed and Tigersight grabbed his sword spinning to his left he back stabbed a guard right behind the one he just punched "maybe we should have named you monkey something" Edgeclaw replied and he stabbed another guard" Tigersight smiled and said "Na Tigersight sounds better" Tigersight heard grunt behind him and he turned just in time to see a guard stab Edgeclaw in the chest "NO!!!!!" Tigersight yelled he dropped his sword and jumped over the body of his fallen friend and attacked the guard savagely he grabbed the guard and slammed him against a tree and then the forest floor Tigersight punched him in the face once twice three times he grabs the semi concussed guard and throws him into a tree grabs his sword from the ground and stabbed him in the arm the another guard run forward to stop him the first guard is pined so Tigersight turns and pulls his knife out of his belt and pounced at the nearest guard they roll on the floor until Tigersight stabs him in the throat he grabs his sword from the floor and runs at the group of guards yelling "I will kill you" he engages the middle guard in combat the guard parries desperately trying to stop the madman in front of him but it's no use Tigersight stabs him in the chest the guard gather around in a circle four of them Tigersight throws his sword into the air and jumps forward landing on his hands his sword falls and gets caught on his sandal Tigersight spins as fast and he can on his hands whipping the sword around with his feet in a display of perfect balance and precision the sword cuts the guards around him in rapid secession Tigersight flipped from his hands grabbing his sword as he did so he lands on his feet sword in hand the five guards around him fall with fourteen lethal slashes across their chests then a new guard called steps forward "all right

let's end this" the captain said "with pleasure sir" Tigersight answered with a bow the captain pulls his sword out and charges Tigersight, Tigersight runs forward to they meet in the center of the clearing the sound of their blades meeting sound throughout the forest which was still on fire Tigersight was extremely tired but he looked at Edgeclaw's body again and ignored it he would avenge his master and save his tribe he had to Tigersight jumped back and started a combination of blows Tigersight sword spun in it deadly dance the captain blocked every stroke Tigersight tried and over hand swing but the guard blocked it perfectly

Tigersight spun around and back hand strike the captain with his sword the guard put his sword over his shoulder and blocked this one just as easily the others then all hell broke the massive oak tree above them could not hold itself up any longer and with an all mighty crack it fell Tigersight and the captain jumped back the tree cut off the cage from the guards and Tigersight they were trapped Tigersight dropped his sword and ran forward to save his fellow tribes men but a guard grabbed him by his tunic and bashed the hilt of his sword on Tigersight's head Tigersight fell to his knees his vision clouded as he tried to stand up but his legs failed him he fell on his side his vision fading the last thing he heard was a voice saying "leave them the fire is to big this one will have to do" then his vision went black and he knew no more