The Grotto of Ice

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4 of Tales of Riverswood I kind of rushed the ending to get this up before I go on holiday later today, so sorry for that :P Still, if there's anything wrong point it out and I'll fix it when I come back.

This is the first true entry in a series of short (mostly Yiff) stories that I've got planned (though ive subsequently moved it down on the listing) They're all mildly linked, but can be read in any particular order.

This was really my first attempt at writing Yiff (and indeed love) into a story, so please give any feedback you might have, it's the only way I'll learn.

The Grotto of Ice

"If I'm going to die down here, I'm going to look my best." the leopardess said eventually.

She reached down into her pack and took out a small handbrush, the kind that you placed under your paw to use, and started to groom her long, clouded fur. She brought one leg up to gently brush the fur on the inside of her thigh. I quickly looked away.

I turned my gaze back toward the icy rubble pile. Yup, it was still there, blocking our exit. Spirits... how did we get into this mess on the first place...?

"Jake Myriah Snowfall, get in here now!"

Oh god, that was my mothers voice. I dragged my sorry tail into our small kitchen with my ears splayed to the side, I was in deep trouble. My mother angrily glared at me, holding a small pottery plate in one paw and a rag cloth in the other.


"What nothing! I told you to clean these plates hours ago! Why are they not done?" She threw the cloth at me and I clumsily fumbled to catch it. "Get it done." she growled, thrusting the plate into my arms as she stormed past.

I rolled my eyes and got to work at the small basin below the high window. I guess running water was the only positive aspect of living here, we got a lot of extra water from all the winter snow. I lived in a small town in the northern wastes, where the sun rarely shone. Even in the middle of summer, but it never made much of a difference to the near everlasting snow.

The town's name, Snowfall, wasn't a normal name for a town this far north. That was thanks to my family, who helped found the town, and so it became 'Snowfall', after us. We were foxes, but not the 'normal' kind, we were different. People gave us a 'silver' prefix because of our fur. It didn't actually make me any different though, I just looked it. Anyway, my point was that my family aren't native to the area, so the town's name is... fox-ish.

Most of the buildings in the town were built partly into the permafrost to conserve heat, and my house was no different. The ground on the first (the lowest floor anyway) floor rose up to just below the ceiling, so from the kitchen I could only get a little glimpse of light through a tiny rectangular window. There was stairs to get onto the floor at ground level, which was really only used to get outside. Those lost heat too so we couldn't have many of those either. I sighed. The outside world was -so boring- it was just as well.

I hated this place. All the ice, all the snow? Bah. I might look like a snow creature but I wasn't. All the others in this town could walk around naked if they wanted to. But no, not Jake Snowfall the silver fox. He'd actually -die- if he went outside without being wrapped up in about a million and one layers from head to toe.

A face suddenly appeared at the little window above me. My heart soared. It was Talvi.

She was a snow leopard, hardly a unique type around these parts but to me, she was the most beautiful, caring, most wonderful creature on earth. She had the most breathlessly stunning coat of whitish-grey fur, the kind with dark rings that all snow leopards have, but hers... Hers was so much more pristine and glossy than the rest. I adored every part of her, from her crystal blue eyes to her long, cloudy tail. I loved her with all my heart and soul.

And she loved me with all of hers.

She'd actually knelt onto the ground to look in at me, dropping a small bag to the snowy floor as she did. She knocked on the glass with a snowy paw. I opened the window to let her speak. The frigid air from the outside trickled down over the sill and around my feet.

"Hey! You look like you're having great fun!" she stage whispered.

I quickly looked over my shoulder in case my mother had heard. "What is it?" I whispered, turning back.

She grinned. "Oh no, you have to come out here for that."

"Talvi I can't! My parents will find out!" My heart wanted to go with her, but I couldn't. Not if I -wanted- to be killed by my parents when they found out that I had been spending time with a girl, especially with the one whom I was told specifically to never meet with again.

She grinned her cheeky, wicked grin. "Wussamatter? Scared?"

I looked about again, my parents still hadn't noticed. "No." I replied. "I-"

"Scared!" she teased, "Scared little fox!"

"Alright fine." I said. Anything to get her to stop teasing me. "Let me go get my stuff..."

"Oh, by the way," she smiled. "I saw your parents leaving your house just now. That's why I came over."

I rolled my eyes and let out an annoyed sigh. She had me worried for nothing. God, she did that on purpose. If my parents went out, they were gone for hours, usually at the town hall for drinks or whatever they did over there, they never told me. She knew that as well.

Talvi grinned, blew me a kiss and stood up, taking the bag with her. I closed the window, turned away from the counter and took a deep breath.

_ They're still gonna kill me for this..._

I stepped out into the chilly winter air outside my house, clad in my layer upon layer of assorted furs. I looked about. Yup, still the same old town with it's stout, sparse spread houses made from big, thick wood planks all through a big clearing in the forest.

"Hey! Foxie!"

I nearly jumped out of my skin. I span around. Talvi was waiting outside my door for me, leaning against the wall, dressed in just a brasserie and a loincloth. She was either teasing me about my lack of natural protection from the cold or just plain teasing me, or both.

"Don't do that!" I half shouted, still on edge.

She giggled as she came over and gave me a hug. "Aww, I forgot how much you hate surprises. I didn't mean to scare you, my little foxie woxie..."

Even with my nose starting to run with all the cold air I could smell the warm, sweet scent of her fur. I revelled in her enticing fragrance as I nuzzled her. "It's great to finally be together again..." I murmured.

"Yeah... It feels like forever..." she whispered back. "We better go before someone sees us."

I groaned and held her tighter. "Do we have to?"

"Yes. Or I'll drag you there myself."

"Drag me where?" I asked, still holding her tight.

"Let me go, and I'll show you..."

Reluctantly, I released her from my grip. She began to lead me out of the village, far from anyone who could have seen us leaving. We followed an old path that ran through the adjacent forest. I didn't like coming here in the winter, all the empty, ghostly trees gave me the chills. They never seemed to bother Talvi though, she walked through them casually just like anything else.

"So where are we going?" I asked.

"Oh no, Jake." she said, shaking her head. "I told you that I would show you..."

I could tell, even from behind, that was smirking to herself.

"Is it far?"

"No." she chimed. "Just through here."

"Is it important? I didn't come out here for nothing." I couldn't risk being caught for something pointless, after all.

"Oh, it's very important... You'll see. Just you wait..."

Eventually we took a turn from the path and headed a short distance into the forest where we came across a little hole in the side of a small, steep overhang on the other side of a cliff, right in the middle of the forest.

Talvi stopped at the entrance and turned around, "Ta-da!" she cheered, gesturing to the cave with a paw.

I stared at the hole, then to Talvi, then back to the hole. This was what she was so eager to show me? A hole in a little cliff? It didn't look very impressive.

"Talvi..." I muttered, shaking my head slowly from side to side. "You said it wouldn't be a waste of time..."

She frowned. "It's the inside I want to show you. The entrance just makes everything so much better. Come on."

She turned and ducked inside the cave, disappearing into the shadows. I shrugged and followed her in. I had to painfully crouch through the tunnel with my head ducked so low I thought I'd probably put my back out. Thankfully as I got further along a dull light appeared at the far end. This better be worth it... I thought my to myself.

Suddenly the tunnel opened up into a large, round chamber, brightly illuminated in a blue-white glow by a clear, icy skylight above me. We must've been under a lake or something for ice like that to form.

Talvi sat, smiling from the middle of the room. She stood up and came over as I looked about, awestruck. She took my paws in her own, holding them up to our hearts.

"Jake... This is what I wanted to show you." she whispered.

I stared in awe at the giant icy cavern. "It's... Amazing..." I breathed. "

I thought that it could be our little place, somewhere we could go to get away from everyone without them ever finding us, so we can spend time together without anybody looking over our shoulders..."

_ Wow..._ She really meant it. Our own little secret getaway, for just the two of us. I looked into her beautiful, icy blue eyes. "Talvi... It's... Perfect."

Our muzzles met together in a deep, loving embrace. Our paws fell away as we pressed together, our tongues exploring each other's mouths, just the two of us. No parents, no village, no one. Just us. Only me and Talvi... It was like a dream come true. My paws wandered across her back as we pressed closer together still, resting just above her, long clouded tail.

There was a sudden, tremendous boom and the whole room started to rock and rumble, ripping us apart. I stumbled back, falling heavily on the hard, ice covered floor. I closed my eyes and prayed that it would be over soon.

It felt like an eternity before I even dared to sit up and look about. I quickly managed to find Talvi sitting with her back against the far wall of the cave with her knees drawn up and her paws wrapped around her ankles.

I clumsily got to my feet and stumbled over to her. "Talvi! Are you hurt?" I cried out.

She shook her head. I heaved a sigh of relief. "Thank God..."

She shakily raised a paw and pointed behind me, toward the entrance tunnel. I turned around to see where she was pointing.

The entrance was filled with snow and ice.

My entire world drained away. That was the only exit. Without it we were trapped in our own little grotto, alone, with nobody with even a hint of a clue to where we were. I cursed under my breath.

"Please tell me that wasn't the only way out, Talvi."

She didn't respond but I knew the answer. My heart sank even lower. I dropped myself down next to her and miserably adopted her pose. "Great. Just great." I muttered.

After a while I rolled my head to the side to look at her. She just stared blankly, eyes fixed on the icy rubble blocking our way out. "I don't suppose you told anyone else about this place, did you?"

She shook her head again.

"Come on, there has to be another way out." I said, standing back up. "A hidden one, maybe..."

I began to press and feel around the freezing, icy cavern walls, looking in vain for a weak point or something, anything that might get us out of here. But it was useless. So I sat back down, opposite her, defeated. Crushed.

"You know, if I'm going to die down here, I'm going to look my best." the leopardess said eventually.

She reached down into her pack and took out a small handbrush, the kind that you placed under your paw, and started to groom her long, clouded fur. She brought one leg up to gently brush the fur on the inside of her thigh. I quickly looked away.

I turned my gaze back toward the icy rubble pile. Yup, it was still there, blocking our exit. Spirits... how did we get into this mess on the first place...

But I guess it didn't matter anymore now. I laid down across the floor of the cave and closed by eyes. I took a deep breath, and exhaled with a sigh.

After god knows how long, a paw landed softly on my belly, my soft silver and black midriff started to be rubbed slowly, in short little circles. I started to murr, it felt good, it was something I really enjoyed even if I was a bit old for it. It was Talvi. She knew I loved it, she wanted something.

"Jake..." she said, her voice cutting the deathly silences with just a whisper. "I don't want to die down here..."

"We won't." I said softy, "They'll come looking for us."

The rubbing stopped. "I hope so, Jake... But what if they don't? I... I don't want to die down here, alone."

Well, I was never going to leave, stuck in here. I opened my eyes and looked up toward her, our eyes met together in a deep, fathomless gaze. "I'm not going anywhere without you, Talvi." I said reassuringly, "Don't worry."

She shook her head. "No, Jake, you're missing the point. I don't want to die alone..." Her paw moved south, slipping between my hide trousers and my shirt and between my legs. My eyes went wide as she grabbed hold of my sheath, and started to feel my package over in her paw. Already my shaft had started to well up into her palm and I was helpless to stop it.

"Uhh... Talvi? What are-?" I suddenly let out a low moan as her claws danced over my sheath. Oh, how long I had waited for her to do that... The troubles of the cave melted away, for the both of us it seemed.

"Wow..." she breathed, then grew a sly smile. "So this is what you really feel like."

I closed my eyes and let my shaft rise in her large paw, pressing hard against her pads. She moved her paws away, allowing my manhood to grow outward. She turned her attention further down, she felt over my two globes, large and heavy with my silver vulpine seed.

It was winter, and well, it was my mating season. My genitals had been swelling with seed for weeks now, and well, so far I'd not... relieved myself. Maybe it was leading up to this moment, but there was no such thing as fate anyway.

"Jake... These are... I want you to make love to me. Because I can't die without you doing so."

"Talvi..." I whispered. "It'd be my pleasure to spend my last days with such a beautiful and gentle creature such as yourself..."

She giggled. "You foxes..." She undid the belt and slid my trousers away from my hips, exposing my full length to the world, well, ice cave. She looked at my shaft, searching with her eyes. "I heard from Fuchsia that you foxes have a special... Addition on your manhood that binds mates together..."

I chuckled. "Fuchsia knows everything, doesn't she?"

"Well, do you?"

"It's called a knot, only canines have them. Why?" I asked.

She felt along my cock again, oh god it felt like heaven... Which was probably not that far away from me, depressingly. She found where my knot was and felt the small bulge over with her thumb. I couldn't help but leak a little pre as she did.

She licked her feline lips. "When I mate with you, don't hold it back, if your even able. I know I'm not a vixen, but I want you to make me feel like one. I want to feel your knot inside me."

I sat there and listened to her sweet voice, such arousing, erotic words from such a beautiful, loving person like herself. It turned me on, to be honest. "Tal, I think you are the most attractive, elegant and exquisite being any man has ever lai-"

She put her finger to my muzzle. "Shh, you talk to much... Let your actions speak for you."

She then took her paw and set aside her loincloth, and oh my, she was more beautiful than I had ever dreamed. Her succulent and beautiful womanhood was on full display to my youthful eyes, the entire region was matted and sudden, her soft curve of her sex pursed and swelled through the middle, splitting her once fluffy groin fur in two.

She then reached up and undid her bra, letting her soft breasts fall to her chest, nipples poking through the fur. They were quite modest, her breasts, but they didn't have to be buxom for me to love her all the same.

Talvi stood up and then stood over me. I saw everything, her entire, elegant form before my eyes, from her rounded breasts down to her soft womanly curves. She descended down over my cock. I gasped as my pride was enveloped in the silky veil of the snow leopardess' warmth. My knot immediately started to inflate within her and started to press against the walls of her sex, to which she gasped herself.

And so we were tied, the little silver fox laying beneath the bigger leopardess, and there was no going back. She leaned close to me, her deep, throaty purring washed over my ears as she put her muzzle next to mine.

"I want you to be on the top, I want you to give me your all."

"My pleasure." I cooed.

She took hold of my shoulders and gently rolled the both of us over so she lay beneath me.

"Mate with me, my little silver lover..." she purred beneath me. I took no hesitation. I started to thrust against her warm sex in short, quick thrusts. She grabbed me tighter, and I hastened my hips, pounding them against the leopardess as she grinned happily beneath me.

I had to get this right, this could be my one and time with a woman, with Talvi. I bit down on the scruff of her neck, not hard but enough for her to feel it, all the while keeping my steady pace against her hips. She scratched her claws at the frozen ground as I continued to mate her, gasping, - yowling for more. I had to oblige of course, and I quickened my pace for her.

"J-Jake, I-I'm- I can't-!"

A wall hit me. Not literally, but it felt like it. In a single second she went from being as soft as the snow to like a block of ice. Her walls clamped down around my staff as she came. I couldn't hold myself back, my seed gushed into her belly as I too was overwhelmed by orgasm.

After the utterly blissful release I flopped down onto her warm belly, stroking the fur on her breasts with my finger. My knot felt like it'd never deflate with it bring inside such a beautiful woman, and I didn't want it to. If I died together with Talvi, then I died a happy fox.

"Jake... " she purred, "that was... indescribable."

I gave her a little thrust again, she bucked her hips just a bit, some more of my seed seeped from my tip into her.

"I wish we had done that sooner..." I said, stroking the soft fur of her cheek.

"Me too." she chuckled, and we quickly exchanged kisses before parting our lips again.

"We need to get out of here before we do anything like that again.

"Oh, I think we'll be mates for a long time yet..." She nuzzled my nose." ...our little secret." She then looked about the frigid grotto. "That's if we can find a way out of course," she said sadly, "but... for now though let's just enjoy ourselves."

Then, she carefully laid her head over my shoulder, gently purring into my fur. I began to stroke the soft fur on the back of her head, to which she purred even louder.

It took a long time for my knot to go down enough for me to reluctantly release her from our coupling. She, the lucky leopard, only needed to bother with her light clothing and slipped into her cloths while I, the damn fox, had to painstakingly wrap myself back into my trillion plus one layers to stop myself from becoming an ice cube. Even that wouldn't be enough if it got dark and made the ice even colder, I just hoped somebody would find us before that happened.

Talvi sat down at the far wall, bringing her knees up to her muzzle.

We sat for hours, maybe days, it was so hard to tell with the bright ice constantly shining, before either one of us finally spoke.

Talvi sighed. "I have no idea where we are or where to go..." Her voice echoed several times around the cave as she spoke.

I came and sat down next to her. I shivered, this room was suddenly freezing all of a sudden, even through all my layers. How could she bare any of this?

I rested my head against her shoulder, closed my eyes and fell into a deep, cold sleep...

"Jake. Jake?"

Talvi tugged on the fox's shoulder. "Jake! Wake up!" His head lulled away as she shook him again. "Jake?"

"He can't live for long in the cold." came a voice.

Talvi looked up, there was a new person in the cave, a red fox, dressed in similar clothing to Jake, and a small green amulet also hung around his neck as he stood watching over them. He was easily old enough to be his father, if not older. He slowly shook his head as he regarded the pair. Suddenly, her eyes started to become tired and heavy. She blinked her eyes hard a few times, trying to keep herself awake, but eventually she couldn't help but close her eyes, and rest her head back against the cave wall.

"Jake? Jake!"

I opened my eyes and wildly looked about. I was outside. I was laying in the snow outside the grotto entrance, and Talvi was sat by my side, desparately shaking me awake.

_ I was alive._

"What, how did we get out here?" I asked groggily, sitting up.

Talvi leaned over and hugged me as tight as she could, squeezing all my breath out of my lungs as she did so. "I don't know," she bawled into my fur, "Thank the heavens you're alright!"

"You... too... Talvi..." I croaked.

She took her grip away from me and held onto my shoulders, looking me straight in the eyes, I sort of just looked back with surprise. "I never want to lose you again." she said, and then gripped me again in an iron embrace.

"Again?" I squeaked.

Still working on a better ending :P

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