Walking to a new home.(W.I.P)Updated 9-18-12

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It was a bright sunny day as the two brothers walked through the lush forest walkways. The bright mid day sun was soaking into the brothers shining coat as it liked through the thick leaves. Today was a special day for them, they had even gotten up extra early to make sure they wouldn't miss the time limit and maybe even get to the meeting spot early. All packed up for the long trip and full of good spirits as they had set off on the long journey from home on home to a new one.

Zeno, the eldest of the two, was the first to break the long duration of silence that had occupied the first few hours of the long walk. He had concerns that he forgot to make sure his brother knew to cover before they left, "Brother, did you remember to grab our passes before we left? I hope you did because if you forgot them we wont be able to get to the meeting place in time now. Even if we ran all the way back we would still be far past the dead line." He hoped his brother was listening because he was not even speaking at him, his nose was in a map trying to make sure they were still on the right path and see were the next fork would be. The map had been hand written and enchanted to mark their position as they moved along the path the has written in.

Little Kyo had been his hyper self the whole time, always a few steps ahead and always jumping around like a rabbit would. Stopping when asked the question and turning back to his brother, "Passes? What Passes?" Getting a glare like his brother would kill him if he didn't change that answer quick. "Oh! Those passes, yes they are both right here." Pulling up two necklaces to dangle from his paw. "It was easy to remember since they were necklaces." He was so one tracked with his mind set he ended up walking into a bush and tripping into it, jumping back out after a butterfly already forgetting what he was supposed to be doing.

Zeno's face eased up as his brother produced the two emblems that made up their passes that they each needed to get the guide to help them. He took one of the passes from his brother and examined it once again before placing it around his neck for the rest of the trip. The emblem hung from his neck, dangling with every step, reflecting the suns beams off its polished silver surface. The emblem itself was rather plain in when it was viewed closely, Hanging from a thin linked silver chain a pair of splayed angel wings wide to see each feather, the shading on he wings was a light blue to give it a little bit of color instead of plain silver. Pulling up the map again and Zeno was able to see how close they had gotten to the 'X' that marker the end of the path before they needed the guide for the rest of the away. Next to the 'X' was a image of a cave to act as a land marker, they were told to meet the escort at the mouth or wait till he appeared.

They finally found the entrance to the cave it had taken a lot longer then they had hoped for since they thought it was so close. It had taken so long to find cause it was so well hidden through trees and shrubbery that had covered most of the mouth. It was as he had said, the escort was waiting for them at the cave. How long it had waited for the two they wouldn't know but they knew that they had at least made it to the marker in time. Looking down to see the escort to find he was much smaller then they would have thought, it was a small, blue and white dragon whelp. It couldn't have been more then a few years, only about three feet in body length though his tail was just as long as he was. It had been running in circles blowing freezing mist on the ground to make cold spots for him to lay in as he waited.

Kyo had stepped on a twig when he tried to go around a bush in their path, with a loud snap it caught the whelps attention, his head snapped up to look around as the noise got to his senses. The dark blue eyes adjusted in the shady undergrowth to see the furry bipedal beings approaching his resting spot. In a near flash over movement the little guy was on his little clawed limbs making a dash closer to the brothers to see if they were supposed to be in this area. Without much warning the dragon jumped against Zeno's leg and crawled up the fabric in a hurried such around his body, the little claws dug into his shirt as he skittered around looking for the passes.