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Swiss Mix - Chapter 401-425

Written by DoggyStyle57, May - September 2012


Swiss Mix - Chapter 401 By DoggyStyle57, July 2012


Nov 4, 2009 (Wednesday) - Saint Lovejoy School, in Pouncefield

In Monday, Cynthia and Pokeinfo got a chance at school to see Hans mating with Marie and Taylor, and on Tuesday they got to see him having oral and anal sex with Heidi. The bunny and the lion both agreed it was really hot watching Hans commit incest with his sisters.

Heidi showed Will and Anna a few 'safe' makeout spots at the school that Heidi and Hans used when they had sex at school. Each of them had at least two ways to get in and out, so they need not be seen together going into or coming out of a make-out spot. Sometimes Will and Anna went to the make-out spots alone, and sometimes Hans and Heidi would join them, with Hans having oral or anal sex with Heidi while Will fucked Anna.

For anyone else, Anna continued to pretend to be a virgin, and politely refused any yiff requests, as she had done since she arrived at Saint Lovejoy. But after making love to Will on Wednesday, and after talking it over with Will, Hans and Heidi, Anna went to see the school nurse.

"Nurse Susan? Can I see you for a few minutes?" Anna asked, as she stepped into the nurse's office.

Nurse Susan was applying a bandage to the knee of a young feline boy that had fallen while running in gym class. "Of course, my dear. I'll be right with you."

Anna sat by the nurse's desk and read a magazine, until the feline boy was out of the office. Then she looked nervously around, and asked, "Is there anybody else in here? It's... personal."

The mink nurse walked over to both doors and latched them, drawing a curtain over the window in each door, and then said, "No one but us girls, now. You're Anna, aren't you? What is it dear? Have your periods started unexpectedly?"

"Ummm, no, not yet. My big sisters didn't start having periods until they were eleven or twelve, so it will probably be a while before that happens to me. I... Well, I lost my virginity pretty recently. It was my own choice, an' nobody forced me, but I really don't wanna talk about the details. And I don't want anybody else to know, okay?" she said nervously to Nurse Susan. "My parents would have a fit if they found out."

"Well, if you insist, then I won't tell them, unless they ask me directly. I can add a sealed confidential section to your file, that only I will have access to," Nurse Susan replied. The pretty white mink sat beside Anna on the examining table, and said, "But I should examine you, to make sure you didn't hurt yourself. May I do that?"

"Thank you, Ma'am. That's what I wanted you to do when I came here, ma'am," Anna said. She followed the nurse's instructions, and took off her panties and got on the table, fitting her heels in the metal stirrups that Nurse Susan fastened to the corners of the table.

Nurse Susan checked her gently with just her fingers at first, and then applied a little lubricant and took a small speculum from a drawer beside the table. "This will open you up a little so I can see inside. Now, you don't have to tell me who it was, or any other personal things, but it would help if I knew how big the penis was on the boy was that penetrated you, or how big the object was, if you did it with a finger or dildo."

"Ummm, it was a canine boy, an' he was about an inch and a quarter thick, an, six or seven inches long. I think his knot was about an inch bigger in diameter than the rest of his penis," Anna replied. "After the first time, it didn't hurt. But I thought I ought to get checked, just to make sure I was okay."

Nurse Susan carefully inserted the speculum, peered inside with a flashlight, and said, "All right. That's not too large for a Bernese girl like you, and you're built to accommodate a canine knot. Looks like you could even accommodate a bigger boy, if you wanted to. Let me know if this gets uncomfortable. Hummm. Well, you look fine inside. No damage that I can see. But it also looks like you had sex today, and the boy didn't use a condom. I can see traces of his semen. Anna? How old are you?"

"I'm nine, Ma'am. I'll be ten in February," Anna said.

"Do you know how to use birth control? Since you aren't twelve yet, I can't put you on the pill without your parent's permission," the nurse said.

"I know about birth control, an' about how babies are made, ma'am. We had that section in health class already," Anna replied. "But my family is Catholic. We're not supposed to use birth control, and I'm certain that my parents would say no if they were asked for permission to put me on the Pill. They would also probably ask our doctor to check me, and I'd get in trouble for having lost my cherry."

Nurse Susan shook her head sadly. "If you intend to remain sexually active and don't use some form of birth control, you need to understand the risk that you're taking. If your periods haven't started yet, then there's very little chance that he got you pregnant, this time. But you're still taking a big risk by having unprotected sex. You see, if you had sex like this just before your periods were going to start, you could, just possibly, get pregnant on your first ovulation, before you ever showed any bleeding. It could sneak up on you."

"That would be bad, wouldn't it? I mean, aside from the Church and my parents not approving? Could... could it hurt me, if I got pregnant?" Anna aked.

"It might, or it might not. It usually isn't a wise idea for a girl your age to have a baby. You could survive it, if you got good medical care. But really, you'd be much better off to wait until you are a lot older, when your body is mature enough for the demands that childbearing places on a girl's body," Nurse Susan replied. "Well, I'm not supposed to tell you to violate your religious beliefs. So I'll just say this. There's a jar full of condoms on my desk, and anyone can take them if they need them, any time my office is open. I don't pay any attention to who takes them, or keep any notes about who might have taken any. All I care about is that our students remain safe and healthy. We're done now, and I need to get some things from my storage room. That will take me several minutes, so you should see yourself out. The doors are unlocked from this side, so you can put your panties back on and go to class. And remember, you can always talk to me, if you have any problems."

After Nurse Susan made herself scarce, Anna looked at the big jar of condoms, and sighed. She knew she didn't dare take any home. But maybe she could keep a few in her locker here at school. The question was, would her brother Will agree use them? Anna didn't mind the idea of the boy using a condom. She was beginning to agree with Paula, that the Church was too strict on some things. So she took two condoms and put them in her backpack, and slipped out of the office.


Nov 4, 2009 (Wednesday afternoon) - Bernerholdt Mansion, in Pouncefield

After school, Will, Paula and Anna went on the school bus to the Bernerholdt mansion with Taylor, Marie, Hans and Heidi. Officially they had told their parents that they were going to do a study session with Hans and Heidi and the other kids in their household, and to take advantage of the good computers that Hans had, for doing their research and writing their reports.

But Will and Anna only needed half an hour for their homework. As soon as it was done, they excused themselves and asked Miss Cheri to guide them to a guest room.

In one of the guest rooms over the garage, Miss Cheri showed the kids that the side table drawer had condoms and contraceptive form in it, as well as disposable towels for cleaning up. She also showed Anna that in the bathroom they had feminine douche kits.

"You should use this to get clean before you go home tonight," Miss Cheri suggested. "Canine noses are very sensitive, and your family may be able to smell it on you if you still have semen in your vagina, or even if you are still aroused after mating while using a condom. Just squat over the toilet, insert this nozzle into your vagina, and squeeze the bottle, and it will wash you inside, without getting the rest of your fur wet."

"Thank you, Ma'am!" Anna said. "I've seen Paula use those, and we have them at home too, for Paula and for mom. I'll make sure I use that."


After Miss Cheri left, Will took two condoms out of the drawer and stared at them.

"I don't know, Anna. We really shouldn't use birth control. We're getting into enough trouble with the Church as it is, even if we wait a year to confess that we've been sexually active," he said.

"Miss Cheri expects us to use them," Anna said. "But if you won't... well, I guess we're still safe enough, for now. But once my periods start, we ought to use them."

Will tore open two of the packets, and dropped the empty packets in the wastebasket. But he flushed the unused condoms down the toilet. "There. Now it will look like we used them. Paula said there's a Catholic-approved way to keep from getting you pregnant once your periods start. We can talk to her about that later, okay? But right now, I just can't do it with a condom," Will said.

"Well, all right," Anna said. "I wanna do it too much to say no to you for not using the condoms. Come and show me how much you love me, big brother."

"I do love you, Anna," Will replied, as they took off their clothes and got on the bed together. "If I had to choose between you and Heidi, it would be an awful choice to make."

"I won't ask you to choose, big brother," Anna replied, as he entered her. "Ohhh! Not as long as you can still make time for me occasionally!"

"I'll always have time for you, Anna," Will said seriously. "You can always count on me. That's a promise. So help me God!"


Later that evening, Phil gave the Steiner kids a ride home. Hans and Cheri watched them depart through the Foyer windows.

As they pulled out onto the street, Miss Cheri remarked to Hans, "Will and Anna love each other very much. I think they will be all right, and will take the necessary precautions. Have you spoken to Master Karl about Norplant for Anna yet?"

"Yes, I have," Hans replied. "He said we can bring some back with us after the Christmas holidays. That assumes that Anna agrees to the idea, at the very least. With the Norplant, there will be nothing for her parents to find in her room, and no way for them to detect it unless they touch her in just the wrong spot, and feel the implants under the skin of her arm. January should be soon enough. After all, she's not even ten yet."

"I hope it will, young Master," Miss Cheri said. "It would be a shame if she got pregnant so young."


Nov 7, 2009 (Saturday) - Pomeroy School, in Pouncefield

On Saturday, Saint Lovejoy played a soccer match against Pomeroy School. Since it was an away game, Hannah was there with the other cheerleaders. Will Steiner attended the game as Heidi's date, and it was the first time that he got a chance to see Hannah cheerleading, since finding out that Hannah was really Hans.

"Isn't Hannah pretty?" Heidi quietly asked Will, as the cheerleaders performed in front of them.

"Yeah, I guess so. If I didn't know... her... I'd have said she's just as pretty as any of the other cheerleaders," Will said quietly to Heidi. "I never would have guessed... "

"Do you want Hannah to 'play' with us when we go back to the mansion, after the game?" Heidi asked playfully. "I'm sure she would be happy to join us, if you want her to."

"Ummmm, I'll pass, I think. I've never... well you know... I'd rather enjoy you and try it for the first time with Marie tonight, and watch Hans with you and Marie," Will whispered.

"Okay. It was just an idea," Heidi said, hugging her boyfriend. "You definitely don't have to, if you don't want to."

"Thanks," Will replied. "That's just... a thought that would take some getting used to, for me."

"I understand, Will," Heidi said. "Then tonight, Hannah won't be there."

Swiss Mix - Chapter 402 By DoggyStyle57, July 2012


Nov 7, 2009 (Saturday) - Bernerholdt Mansion, in Pouncefield

Miss Cheri drove Will and Heidi back to the mansion, and Phil met Taylor and Hannah at Saint Lovejoy, and gave them their ride back home. As soon as Hannah got home, she talked to Heidi, and then went up to Hans' bedroom. About twenty minutes later, Hans came back down, freshly showered and showing no traces of having been a girl all morning.

Miss Cheri and Taylor were just leaving as Hans came into the foyer.

"Sure you don't want to come with us, Hans?" Taylor asked. "Your friends Stan and Harold are my co-stars today."

"No, that's all right," Hans replied, giving Taylor a kiss. "You go have fun. Marie, Heidi and I plan to get to know Will better."

"Okay. It's your choice," Taylor replied. "See you this evening, then."


Nov 7, 2009 (Saturday) - DarkPaw Productions, in Pouncefield

( Note: A separate story depicting Taylor's finished movie, "Like father, like son" can be read here:

Or at

I haven't (yet) done a side story for the other film, which Connie and Donnie Wilde are making in the following chapters. If I do, I'll add a link here for those as well.

At the movie studios, Miss Cheri and Taylor met with actors Harold Longshaft, Stan Wilson, Curtis Wells, Andrea Sharp, the director, Johan Westin, and with Donna Maxx, who would be doing the camera work for today's film.

"I trust all of you have already learned your lines for today's project," Johan said, as he passed out the scripts. "The first half of the film today will be shot on-location, at the University and the public park across the street. Curtis and Andrea just have a brief non-speaking cameo role, and will double as lookouts to keep anyone else from using the trail while sex scenes are being done in the park. Miss Cheri, I can assure you that although Emma will be doing sex scenes in the park, we'll do our best to ensure that no one but our crew sees her. You can come along if you want, but there's really no need. We've shot films in this corner of the park before, and it's very rare that anyone else will come through that area at this time of day."

"I think that I can trust to your security, Mister Westin," Miss Cheri replied. "I saw on the check-in sheet that my friend Nancy and her children are here today as well. I think I shall remain here at the studios, and chat with them, if that is all right."

"Perfect," Johan said with a grin. "One less person to cram into our vans will help. Thank you for your trust, Ma'am."

They wrapped up the meeting fairly swiftly, and Taylor went with the others to get into the clothes that she would be wearing in the film. "I'll call you when we're on the way back, Miss Cheri. Give my regards to the Evans family!" the vixen said as she left with the others.

Miss Cheri left the conference room and went down the hall to the studio that the receptionist had mentioned the Evans family would be using. She made sure the light was not on for filming being in progress, and let herself in.

The beagle family were sitting together by the cameras, as the set crew got the studio ready for their filming session. Nancy Evans looked up and smiled nervously at Miss Cheri. "Oh! Thank you so much for coming, Cheri! So, you got my e-mail?" Mrs. Evans asked.

"But of course! I told you I would come here, to support my friends!" Miss Cheri replied, taking an available seat near them. "So, you have decided to join your children in making the Adult films?"

"Yes, and I'm as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs!" Nancy Evans replied. "I'll be performing as 'Daphinie Wilde', to go with my kids' stage names as Donnie and Connie Wilde. The studio wants to play up the fact that we really are mother, daughter and son. For the last three weeks, Cindy and Ron have shared my bed, and we've made love every day. Ron's been fucking his sister and me, and I've also been having Lesbian sex with Cindy. So we're pretty comfortable with each other, now."

"You'll do fine, mom!" Ron said happily. "You're a very sexy woman. What you've done with us in bed is every bit as good as any of the professional actresses I've performed with."

"And mom and I found out we really enjoy licking each other," Cindy added. "Just like you and your daughter Marie do, Miss Cheri!"

Nancy Evans blushed, and admitted, "I'd never done anything with a girl before. My husband Daniel was the only sexual partner I had ever had. Now, well, I don't know how we're going to break it to Daniel, but there's no turning back for the three of us. We enjoy each other in bed too much to quit now. I just hope I don't freeze up when the cameras are rolling."

"Well, it's magic time!" said a pretty bunny girl who looked to be in her mid to late thirties, and who Miss Cheri hadn't met before. She held out her hand to Miss Cheri, and said, "I'm Missy Cuddles. I'm directing today's film. Silly name, I know, but it's what I picked as my stage name when I started as a porn actress, and it stuck. You're Robbie and Emma's Guardian, aren't you?"

Looking at Missy's soft brown and white fur and her ample DD cup breasts, Miss Cheri could easily see why that name had 'stuck'. "Miss Cheri LeChow, yes. Very nice to meet you, MS Cuddles," Cheri replied, taking her hand briefly. "Emma is going to the park for an on-location shoot, and I thought I would stay here and watch my friend 'Daphinie' in her first film."

"That's great! Emma's becoming quite popular with us. I'll be the director for Emma's next film, in two weeks, so I'm glad I got to meet you today. Well, you know the ropes, so I won't give you the talk on behind the camera courtesy," Missy said, as she turned to face the Evans family. "Take your places, kids. You know what to do."


Nov 7, 2009 (Saturday) - University Park, in Pouncefield

The Darkpaw film crew set up in one corner of University Park, across the street from the state university. For the first scene, Donna Maxx took a portable video camera and a steadycam and followed Stan Wilson over to one of the school buildings. There they met with about two dozen college students and a couple of professors who had agreed to work as extras in the film. All of them were part of the theater department, and although a couple of the girls were nervous about being seen in even a minor role in a porn film, they all knew that everything in this particular scene was G-rated. And seventy-five bucks each for a few minutes on-camera work in a non-speaking role was too good a deal for a college student or professor to turn down.

The students got into position, and the two professors kept anyone who hadn't signed a contract to work as an extra from using the South exit of the school building.

"Action!" Donna shouted, and two groups of kids started going in and out through the door of the school building, as Stan Wilson came out of the college campus building, while talking on his cell phone. He was wearing a grey State University t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers, and like most of the other students coming out of the building, carried a small backpack for his books and school supplies.

"Hi dad, it's Stan! ... Yeah, I just finished my last class for the day. It's nice and sunny, so I'm going to sit in the park for an hour or so and finish my reading assignment for Western Literature. ... Yes, I'll be home in time for dinner. I'll call if anything comes up," he said, before hanging up the phone and tucking it into the leather holder on his belt.

He walked down the sidewalk a short distance, and then Donna shouted "Cut!" They shot the scene twice, and then a smaller group of students followed Donna and Stan across the street to the park, where they filmed another brief section where Stan crossed the street, waved at some student extras, and then entered a secluded trail area.

Then the student extras positioned themselves at either end of this section of trail, keeping out of sight from the filming area, and several more went off to either side to intercept anyone that might be cutting through the part of the park where the pornographic scenes were to be filmed.

Donna went in with Stan, filming him as he walked casually down the path to one of the less frequently used areas of the park. When he arrived at an unoccupied park bench by a large Rhododendron bush, he sat down and got his textbook out of his pack. Donna moved slowly past him, so she could film Stan as well as catching Emma's entrance to the scene.

Stan sat back for a moment and just enjoyed the sunshine, with the book held loosely in one hand. From where he was sitting, he couldn't see anyone else along the path in either direction. On the other side of the path was a grassy area a little larger than a volleyball court, and surrounded by more bushes. The clearing was large enough to admit lots of sunshine, but the curved path and tall bushes hid this area from the main section of the park.


Taylor had waited near the trail entrance to the filming area, dressed much like the college students. She was just as tall as most of them, and had a better figure than many of the college girls, so she blended right in. many of the real students didn't even realize she was a professional actress until she got her cue from one of the studio assistants, and followed Stan into the filming area.


Stan was about to start reading when he spotted an attractive young vixen coming into view, jogging down the path in his direction. Emma was also wearing a grey State University t-shirt, just like the one he had on, plus a short black skirt, and black sneakers with white ankle socks. Her long auburn hair swayed nicely as she jogged, and from the way her firm C-cup breasts were jiggling under her tight t-shirt, she must not be wearing a bra.

She smiled as she noticed him, but she didn't wave or talk. Instead, she turned off the path onto the grass, took off her own backpack and set it on the grass, did a few warm-up stretches, and then she started to practice gymnastics routines, like a cheerleader might use.

Stan picked up his book and started reading, while glancing over the top of it and admiring her athletic figure and graceful moves. He almost dropped his book when Emma did a cartwheel in front of him. He got a good peek under her skirt when she did that, and it looked like she was wearing a very skimpy pink thong. All he saw below her bushy tail as she did the cartwheel in one direction was the firm, red-furred cheeks of her ass. When she came back the other way, facing him, he thought he saw a pink triangle edged in brown lace over the white fur of her pubic area, like she was wearing a skimpy pink thong. He put the book down and openly watched her now, hoping for another peek under her skirt.

The vixen noticed his attention, and stopped for a moment. Then she faced away from him and bent over and to do a hand stand, ending up facing him upside down, toes pointed at the sky. Of course, this meant her skirt immediately fell down over her slender tummy, and that from the waist of her skirt to her anklet socks she was completely exposed. Yet she didn't seem to mind at all. In fact, she smiled at him, and slowly spread her legs sideways, like she was doing the splits.

Stan stared at her, his mouth hanging slackly open, as he realized that she was not wearing any panties at all. What he had thought to be a pink, lace-edged thong was an area about the size of his palm where her pubic fur was shaved to the skin in the shape of a heart, and the edges of the shaved area and her exposed labia were decorated with rust-brown tattoos! Donna Maxx caught his reaction, and then zoomed in on Emma, focusing attention on the vixen's exposed groin, and then backing out to see all of her again.

Emma held that inverted T handstand position for thirty seconds, with her legs straight sideways, and giving him a perfect view of her wide-spread labia. Then she calmly got back on her feet, picked up her backpack with one hand, and walked over to him, and asked, "Well? Did you like what you saw?"

"Cut! That was perfect, Emma! Now, do that handstand once more, while I get a close-up," Donna said.

"Sure!" Emma replied, and with very little effort she took the same position again.

Donna got the close-up shot of Emma's wide-spread and lewly shaved labia, and then said, "That was a great stunt, Emma. Okay, now we do the public sex scenes. You ready for this?"

Emma grinned and replied, "I'd be ready even if we didn't have people posted to keep the public out of this area. Let's do it!"

Swiss Mix - Chapter 403 By DoggyStyle57, July 2012


Nov 7, 2009 (Saturday) - University Park, in Pouncefield

Donna Maxx took a moment to check with her assistants via cell phone, and let them know that the x-rated part of this outdoor shoot was about to begin. Then she had Stan and Emma repeat the last line where Emma approached Stan after flashing him with her bare crotch.

Emma picked up her backpack with one hand, and walked over to Stan, and asked, "Well? Did you like what you saw?"

"Ahhh, yeah. What red-blooded guy wouldn't?" Stan replied. "I'm Stan, by the way. That's... a very interesting personal decoration you have."

"Emma," she replied, as she set her pack on the bench beside his, and then brazenly raised her skirts to give him a much closer look. Donna zoomed in on Emma's crotch again. The heart-shaped shaved patch was framed by her white pubic fur, and was just large enough to fully expose the vixen's labia. Dark reddish-brown tattoo marks decorated the edge of the shaved area with a filigree heart, and the words 'SEX TOY' were tattooed vertically on the smooth pink skin of her labia. Then Donna stepped back for a shot of the two of them interacting.

Emma ran a finger over the smooth skin of one nether lip and shivered. "You like it? My ex-boyfriend wanted to see me shaved and tattooed like that. He said he thought it would be sexy. And then less than a month after I did it for him, he joined the army and kissed me goodbye! I haven't had so much as an e-mail from him since then, and he's been gone a year now. It's sort of annoying to keep it neatly shaved like that, but if I don't keep it shaved now, it itches like crazy."

"He's right. It's sexy as all hell. And you're quite the sexy gal, showing it off to a stranger like that. What's your major at the University?" Stan asked.

Emma glanced in the direction of the University, and hesitated, before saying, "Ummm... Well, I haven't decided on my major yet. But I'm a cheerleader right now, and I love to do gymnastics. And yeah, I'm sort of an exhibitionist, I guess. I like sex, and I don't mind admitting it. Would you like to make out with me, Stan? Right here, in the park?"

"A guy would have to be dead below the waist to say no to an offer like that. Are you on the Pill? I don't have any condoms on me, sorry," he asked, as he stuffed his book back in his pack.

"No, but thanks for asking. I'm safe this week," she replied, as she grabbed her pack and led him into the bushes. "My period just ended yesterday, so you won't need a condom. Now, I showed you mine, so it's time for you to show me yours."


Donna had them wait on the trail side of the bush while she filmed what the spot behind the bush looked like, and what was supposed to be Stan's view of the trail in either direction from behind the bush. There was a small cleared area of dense and neatly mowed grass there, where their set design crew had carefully placed and trimmed fresh sod to make a perfect patch of grass for the movie's outdoor make-out spot. Then she got on one side and cued the couple to continue.

Stan picked up his own pack and followed Emma behind the bush. From behind the bush you could still see the path in both directions, and be seen, but no one would notice you normally. He unzipped his jeans and pulled them down enough to be just below his crotch, and then he slid his boxer shorts down as well, exposing his sheath and balls.

Emma knelt in front of him and cupped his balls with one hand, and then she rubbed his thick sheath with the other, coaxing his rapidly stiffening cock into full view. She licked the full length of his exposed red shaft, and then sat back on her heels to admire the nine inch long, inch and a half thick cock.

"Well, do you like what you see?" Stan asked with a grin.

Donna had a perfect side-on view of this, and she zoomed in as Emma said appreciatively , "Ohhh, you have a nice one!" And then with no further encouragement Emma leaned closer, opened her muzzle, and took Stan's entire length down her throat on the first plunge.

"Oh God you're good!" Stan groaned. "You've got some experience, all right! Whew! I don't know many girls that can deep-throat a cock my size."

Emma didn't answer, except to keep bobbing her head, breathing on the out-stroke and throat-fucking him on each thrust, until she milked him and swallowed his load. As the last of his seed spurted into her mouth, she squeezed his knot with one hand and allowed his cum to fill her mouth. When he pulled free, she showed him her tongue awash in his pearly seed, before swallowing every drop and showing him an empty mouth. "Mummm, yummy!" Donna smiled as she got nice clear close-ups of Emma's mouthful of cum.

"Wow, that was great, Emma. Lay back and I'll lick you, while I get hard again," Stan offered.

"Fine by me," Emma replied. She took off her skirt and lay back on the grass, using her backpack as a pillow.

Donna knelt beside them as Stan pulled his pants and shorts off all the way, then got between Emma's legs and licked at the exposed skin of her labia. "It feels smooth as silk. Very exotic and sexy! Did it hurt, getting these tattoos?"

Emma giggled, and said, "That tickles! No, those are henna tattoos, so it didn't hurt at all. I do have to get them reapplied every few weeks though, or they will just fade away completely. But I have a girlfriend from Egypt that's a Saluki, and she knows how to apply henna tattoos. She helps keep the art nice for me."

Stan sniffed at her musky slit, and then spread her labia with his thumbs so he could lick deep inside her. "Mummm, you're tasty too, Emma. Damn, your boyfriend was an idiot to leave you behind! You're an incredibly sexy vixen."

"Ohhhh, you're really great yourself! I'll give you all week to stop licking me like that! Ummmm! Oh, that's good. Suck on my clit! Ohhh, that feels sooooo good!" Emma murred.

Stan kept licking her until Emma arched her back and shook all over with her orgasm. And then, while she was still panting for breath, he entered her and started humping hard and fast.

"Oh! Oh yes! Fuck me harder!" she shouted, not caring who might hear them. Then she howled as she had another intense orgasm.

"Cut!" Donna said happily. "Hold that thought, and repeat those last lines while I film Curtis and Andrea on the trail."


The older actor and Actress had been listening for Emma's howling orgasm, and were ready for their small part in the film. Donna called out "Action!", and Stan and Emma repeated her orgasmic outburst as Donna filmed Curtis and Andrea. The fox couple walked hand in hand down the path. Andrea smiled as she heard Emma's impassioned wailing, and placed her arm around Curtis, who was supposed to be her husband, kissing him and walking faster. Curtis nodded, cupped his hand on his wife's ass cheek, and led her into the bushes a little further down the trail.


Back in the bushes again, Donna got ready to resume filming Stan and Emma. The couple fucked for several minutes to get back up to the height of passion that they were supposedly at just moments before. Then Stan said, "Okay Donna, we're almost there!" and Donna started filming again.

Stan groaned and tied with Emma, his knot locking them tightly together at the hips, as he spurted his seed deep into her hot, tight cunny. "Ohhh yeah, baby! Filling you full of my seed! Damn you're good!"

They lay there intertwined with each other for several minutes, as they waited for his knot to subside. He kissed her gently and said with a grin, "It's sort of doing it backwards, but now that we've fucked, would you like to come to my place and have dinner? I make great lasagna."

"I'd love to!" Emma replied. "I'll just... call my roommate, and let her know I'll be home after dinner." She reached into a side pocket on her pack and produced a phone, then dialed it.

"Hi! Yeah, it's me, Hey, don't hold dinner for me. I'm going to eat with a friend. I'll call when I'm on the way home. Okay. Bye!" she said. Then hung up the phone and she looked at Stan and said, "All set! You have an apartment, or live in the dorms?"

"Neither, actually. My father's a widower, and he has a house just on the far side of the park. Why pay for a dorm room or an apartment when I can get free room and board in return for cooking for dad and helping with the laundry?" Stan replied. "Dad's cool, though. He doesn't mind if I bring a friend home now and then."

"Your dad, eh? Well, if he's as nice as you, I'd love to meet him!" Emma replied.


Nov 7, 2009 (Saturday) - DarkPaw Productions, in Pouncefield

Back at the studios, Donnie and Connie Wilde filmed a couple of opening scenes where they supposedly got home from school, and found a note taped to the TV screen stating that their mom would be home late, since she had to go grocery shopping. The brother and sister wasted no time in getting naked in Connie's bedroom, and making love amid her pink stuffed toys that decorated her room, and covered the head of her bed.

After filming Connie sucking off her brother and Donnie licking his sister to an orgasm, the siblings started fucking doggy-style on the bed, facing away from the door of the bedroom.

Nancy Evans took a deep breath in her position off camera, and then got up, took two bags of groceries from a prop man, and entered the kitchen area of the set.

"I'm home kids!" she said, as she set the groceries on the kitchen table. She looked around, and then left the kitchen, looking for her kids first in the living room, and then in the bedroom area.

She stood in the hallway and peered into Connie's bedroom, gasping as if in shock and clapping a hand over her mouth as she spotted Donnie happily fucking his little sister, without a condom. The camera zoomed in for a closeup of what she could see from that angle, and it was obvious in the shot from the cum on his shaft and on her thighs that the boy had already cum inside his sister at least once.

Daphinie stared helplessly at her children fornicating in that innocent setting. Moving as if entranced, she slipped her panties off and started fingering her cunny under her skirt, as she watched her children fucking. Her own orgasm snuck up on her, and she groaned loud enough for her children to hear her.

Donnie came inside his sister at almost the same moment, and turned to stare at his mother in the hallway. "Oh God... How long have you been there mom?" he asked.

"Long enough to see my children... to see you... Oh Donnie! How could you do this? Fucking your own sister!" Daphinie wailed.

Both kids got off the bed, and brought their mom into the room. "I want him to do it, mom," Connie said. "I love Donnie!"

"What if he got you pregnant?" Daphinie asked. "He wasn't using a condom. Your brother may have already made a baby in you!"

"Ummm, no, he can't, mom. I filched three packets of your birth control pills. I've been on the pill for two months, and I'd like your permission to get my own prescription. We've been trying to be careful, really!"

"But you're only fifteen! Well, I suppose it's better than him knocking you up. All right. We'll see the doctor next week." Daphanie sighed. "If you're bent on doing this, at least I can make sure he doesn't impregnate you."

"Mom? Dad's been gone a couple years now," Donnie said. "Don't you ever...? I mean, you never date. We know he'll come home eventually, but don't you get horny?"

"Donnie! What a thing to ask your mother!" Daphinie said, blushing deeply.

"Mom? I saw your hand under your skirt, and I can smell you. You got turned on watching us, didn't you?" Donnie asked. "I think we should do something about that."

Daphinie stared open mouthed at her son. "Oh no... you couldn't... I could never..."

Swiss Mix - Chapter 404 By DoggyStyle57, July 2012


Nov 7, 2009 (Saturday) - DarkPaw Productions, in Pouncefield

Donnie Wilde smiled at his mother. "I could, and I will, unless you absolutely tell me you're unwilling. I do want to make love to you, mom. You're a very attractive woman, and it's really unfair that you should do without sex, just because dad's on military duty half a world away from here. Do you really think he's being 100% faithful to you while he's overseas?"

"Well... No, you're probably right, there," Daphinie admitted. "I guess most guys couldn't go years without sex. It's just something I never wanted to admit to myself. You... really find your own mother attractive?"

"Very much so," Donnie said, and then he kissed his mother full on the mouth. Their tongues met, and he felt her shudder as she relaxed into his arms. Then he placed his mother's hand on his erect cock, and said, "Now, tell me you wouldn't like that cock inside you, right now. You can close your eyes, and pretend I'm dad, if you want. Connie and I won't tell a soul. But you need this. You know you do, mom. Be honest."

Daphinie closed her eyes, and felt her sixteen year old son's cock filling her hand. She slowly stroked his shaft, the heat of it almost burning her palm. Then she opened her eyes, and looked at her son. "Don't you ever tell your father! Promise me that!"

"We promise, mom," Donnie said, "Don't we, sis?"

"Yeah. We love you, mom! We don't want dad to be mad at you. But we don't want to see you going without sex, either. Take your clothes off, mom, and let us make you feel good," Connie said.

"Us? You want to do it with me too, baby girl? Mommy's never done it with a girl. Have you?" Daphinie asked, as she fumbled with the zipper on her skirt.

"Only once, mom. My friend Julie licked me, and I licked her, when I went to her place for a sleepover, three months ago," Connie admitted. "We saw some stuff on the Internet, and we were curious. I really liked it, but Julie said she didn't want to after that. When I got home, I asked Donnie of he would lick me. That was what got the two of us started. So yeah, I'll lick you, if you'll lick me. It feels good, mom, and doing it with another girl doesn't ruin you for guys. I still love getting boned by my brother!"

"Listen to you!" Daphinie said, as she removed the last of her clothes. "I can't believe I'm agreeing to this. All right, son. I guess... sit on the bed, and let momma see if you taste like your father. You sure feel like him."

Daphinie knelt between her sixteen year old son's thighs, and took the boy's cock into her mouth. If she closed her eyes, it was so easy to think she was with her husband. The boy wasn't quite as long as his father, but he was just as thick, and he wasn't full-grown yet. It wouldn't be long though before he was the very image of his father. She sucked his cock, enjoying his familiar scent.

Connie sidled up beside her mother and said quietly, "See mom? He's really good, isn't he?" then she reached between her mother's legs and felt her slit. "Ohhh, she's really wet, Donnie! Mommy's ready to get fucked!"

Daphinie took her son's cock out of her mouth, and said, "Don't rush me, baby girl. Mommy wants a good taste of him, first."

"I'm still full of his seed, mommy. He could fuck you now, and you could still taste him by licking me," Connie offered.

"Stop stalling, mom," Donnie said gently. "Your mouth feels great, but I do want to fuck you now. Get on your back, on Connie's bed."

"oh, all right. You win," Daphinie said, as she lay on the bed, and her daughter squatted over her face.

"Lick me, mommy! Lick your son's cum out of your little girl!" Connie demanded.

Daphinie tentatively started licking her daughter's sloppy cunny, as her son got atop her and entered her. "It... doesn't taste too bad, I guess. OH! Oh my God, son! OH! Take it slow! It's been so long!"

"You're amazingly tight, mom!" Donnie said, as he stroked his cock in and out of the very place that had given birth to him. "You feel really good. Do you like it, mom? Do you like your son's cock?"

"Ohhhh, God help me, YES! Oh, fuck me, son! Fuck your naughty mommy!" Daphinie wailed, before plunging her tongue back into her daughter's cunny.


They filmed four sex scenes with Daphinie and her children. After Donnie came inside his mom, she traded places with her daughter, and allowed her little girl to lick her mom's cunny while being fucked by her brother. Then she sucked Donnie to an orgasm and swallowed his seed, while the boy licked his seed from his own sister. And finally Donnie fucked his mother again, and tied with her.

"Mom?" Donnie asked as they lay exhausted in each other's arms. "Ummm, you did replace the Pills that Connie took, right? I mean, even though you weren't dating any guys, you kept taking your birth control pills, so you'd be ready if dad came home on leave? Right?"

Daphinie sighed, and closed her eyes. Then she shook her head and said, "Didn't you two notice how dusty those packets of birth control pills were, or the date on them? I haven't been taking the pill since your father left after his last leave, more than two years ago."

"B-but, you let me cum inside you! Twice! What if I knocked you up, mom?" Donnie asked. "Why didn't you stop me?"

"Then you may get a little brother or sister," Daphinie said. "The first time, I was so high on my orgasm that I didn't realize you were cumming inside me until it was too late. And after that, it didn't much matter. One load or two, if I'm going to get pregnant from tonight, it was already out of our hands."

"Oh boy... how would we ever explain that to dad!" Donnie asked.


After the filming, Miss Cheri asked Nancy, "Did your family write that script? The part about your husband being overseas seemed to match what you told us about him."

"Well, I had them add that part, yes," Nancy replied. "I thought that if Dennis ever does find out about the films, or our incest, maybe that will make him realize that his extended absences are part of the reason I'm doing this."

"And will you be making films with the other actors and actresses?" Miss Cheri asked.

"I don't know yet," Nancy admitted. "For now, the kids can, but I'll only co-star with the two of them. Later, well, we will see. I'm still getting used to the idea of mating with anyone at all other than my husband. And if my husband ever does find out, at least he can't complain that our children would ever ask me to divorce him to marry one of them!"


Nov 7, 2009 (Saturday) - DarkPaw Productions, in Pouncefield

In another studio, Emma, Stan and Harold had returned, and they shot a scene where Stan introduced Emma to his dad in the garage of their home, then went to get groceries, leaving Emma with his father.

"You know anything about tools?" Harold asked Emma from under the car. "I need a five-eighths socket and a ten inch extension on a ratchet handle. Look in the red tool chest, second drawer from the top, left side."

"I think I can find that, Harold," Emma replied, as she looked where he indicated. "Wow! It's really well organized! Yeah, I see the stuff you asked for. Here you go." She walked to the side of the car closest to his head, and stood there, holding the wrench down low.

Harold scooted out enough to get the wrench, and ended up with his head right by Emma's feet. This gave him a perfect upskirt peek at her shaved pubes, and he could also see a little cum leaking from her slit and down her thigh. He licked his muzzle, then coughed and said, "Ah, I apologize, Emma. I really wasn't trying to sneak a peek."

Emma smiled without moving away, and replied, "It's all right. I like older men. Would you like a closer look?"

"Well, if you're offering," he said, as he got out from under the car. "To tell you the truth, I really like it when one of my son's young friends are willing to give me a tumble. Makes me feel like a kid again."

"I suppose I should clean up first," Emma said. "Stan and I already did it in the park."

"Don't bother," Harold said, as he opened the door for her, and guided her through the kitchen and into the living room. "It wouldn't be the first time I've taken sloppy seconds after my son. I could see some of his seed dripping from you. But that won't stop me from licking you, if you'd like that."

"I'd love it!" Emma said happily, as she sat on the couch in the living room and spread her thighs invitingly.

"Haven't seen a girl that would shave her fur like that in decades," Harold said, as she started to lick his son's cream from the young vixen. "Only met one girl that did it, and she was an exotic dancer."

"Oh! You're as good as Stan at licking a girl! Is your cock as nice as his, too?" she asked.

Harold stood, unfastened his pants and shoved them down, revealing a rampant nine inch boner that was just as thick as his son's. "Like father, like son, as they say. You let my son cum in you. So, is it okay if I do too?"

"Oh! Please do! I'm safe this week, and I love the way it feels when a guy spurts his load deep inside me! Ohhh, take me now, Harold! Fuck me hard and fast!" Emma sighed.

He fucked her in three different positions, cumming in her twice, and was working towards a third climax when Stan walked into the room with his arms loaded with groceries.

"Dad!" Stan said, as he set the sack down on the dining room table. "How many times have I told you to wait until after dinner to enjoy our dessert?" Then he laughed and stripped off his clothes, positioning himself in front of Emma's mouth, while his father fucked her from behind, doggy-style.

"A gentleman does not refuse a request from a pretty lady, son," Harold said earnestly. "She made the offer on her own. I didn't make a pass at her. You think I'm going to say no?"

"He's telling the truth, Stan," Emma said, as she reached for the younger dog's balls and pulled him closer. "You can both share me. I love a three-way!"

Stan sighed as his cock sank down her throat. "Well, once again I'm certainly not going to say no to an offer like that. But just so you know, I didn't plan it this way. I do share a girl with dad on occasion, but usually we talk it over a lot first!"

"I don't think she minds at all, son." Harold said as he tied with Emma and creamed her for the third time in a row.

Stan continued to fuck Emma's throat while they waited for his father to get un-stuck, and he came twice in her mouth. As he pulled free, he said, "Hey, while I get the groceries put away and get dinner started, why don't you show dad some of your cheerleader stuff?"

Emma bounced around enthusiastically in the nude while Stan got the lasagna prepared and into the oven, doing a number of standard generic cheers that could be heard at any school in the region. Stan was just coming back out of the kitchen when she ended a cheer with "... Go BEARS! Yay!"

Stan looked at her questioningly, and said, "Bears? But the University mascot is the Wildcats. Who are the Bears?"

"Oops!" Emma said, looking suddenly worried. "Ahhh, promise you won't get mad?"

"Why should we be mad?" Harold asked.

"Well, they're... the West Valley High School's team?" Emma said. "Ummm, that's where I'm a cheerleader."

"W-what?" Stan said. "B-but, the t-shirt you had on... I thought..."

"Oh, this?" Emma asked, holding up the State University shirt that she had been wearing. "My big sister goes there. She bought this for me. Wait! You thought I was a College student? No, I'm only sixteen!"

Stan and Harold stared at each other with their mouths open, as the film ended.

Swiss Mix - Chapter 405 By DoggyStyle57, July 2012


Nov 7, 2009 (Saturday) - DarkPaw Productions, in Pouncefield

After she finished the last scenes of her movie, Taylor got together with her primary producer and director, Johan Westin, in his office.

"Sir? A friend of mine from school would like a screen test," Emma said. "His name is Bren Fenor. He's a nice looking wolf, and is sixteen, like me. He's got a nine inch long cock, and great stamina. His body is in great shape, but he does have some scars. Nothing of it disfigures him or makes him ugly. The scars make him look like a wild and dangerous sort of guy, but he's really quite nice. Here are some photos of him, which Robbie Johnson took for us."

Johan looked over the packet of photos. Some were clothed shots, some were nudes, and several showed Bren mating with Taylor in various positions. He nodded, and then he said, "To be honest, we get a lot of male applicants his age, but perhaps we could use him. Will he work with males as well as females? A lot of our roles call for a bisexual male."

"Well, he definitely prefers girls, and he doesn't usually have sex with guys at all. But he said to tell you that if he could be in one of the 'Creamed Cherries' films, and get to fuck a young girl who was a virgin or who could at least seem to be a virgin, he would even put up with Scott fucking his ass!" Emma answered.

"Well, all right. I suppose we could schedule a screen test in early January," Johan said. "See if you can talk to Gianna and Scott about that Creamed Cherries film. We have one scheduled for late January, with a tiny little eight year old Doberman girl, Gretchen Lang, actually losing her virginity. She's only been in one film with us so far - a Lesbian film with Katja and Stacey Wacker, last month. Here's an idea! We could have you and Curtis in it, too, continuing the plot line where you have been knocked up by daddy. You won't really have to be pregnant, of course. Our makeup girl's been dying to try an idea she has for a fake pregnant belly prop. If your friend's screen test works out, he could take Gretchen's virginity, instead of us having Scott try to pop her with that monster cock of his. I was a little worried about Scott being her first male. She's so small I doubt he will fit, so I had been considering asking a smaller actor to join that film. I'll get our writers to work on a revised script, and will clear it with Gretchen's mom. You get an application packet for your friend from the receptionist, and get it back to us as soon as you can. Will there be anything else?"

"Not really sir. I'm still having a blast doing films here. I'll definitely want to renew my contract when it runs out," she replied.

"Good! We've gotten brisk sales on your films so far, and the financial backers like your work. We'll be glad to renew your contract. What about your friend and employer, Robbie Johnson? He hasn't accepted many of roles as we've offered him," Johan asked.

"Well, as far as I know, he plans to keep doing films here," Taylor replied. "I think he wanted some feedback from his father about his first few films before he commits to a wider range of film roles. I know that Katja Wacker and Stacey Wacker want to do films with him, and that he's tentatively agreed to. We'll see his father over the Christmas holidays, so I guess he will have an answer for you in January, when he returns from Switzerland."

"Fair enough. Well, keep up the good work, and we'll see you in two weeks for your next film," Johan said, as he returned to his paperwork.


Nov 7, 2009 (Saturday afternoon) - Bernerholdt Mansion, in Pouncefield

While Taylor and Cheri were at the studios, Hans, Marie, Will Anna and Heidi remained at the mansion, enjoying each other's company in Hans' bedroom.

Will was eagerly fucking Anna, and beside them on the bed Hans was just as eagerly fucking Marie.

Heidi stood at the foot of the bed, and said, "Come on boys! Fill your sisters so I can lick your cum out of them!"

"Mummm, I just love having sex with my big brother! Don't you, Anna?" Marie asked.

"Yeah. You're so lucky, Marie! You don't have to hide how much you love Hans. Or have to sneak off somewhere to have sex with him," Anna said. "I wish Will and I could live together and sleep together like you and Hans do, without our parents or my big sister Cerise being around to catch us."

"Say, Will? Anna? I know your religion doesn't believe in using birth control, but you really ought to consider it for Anna," Hans said, as he humped Marie. "I'd feel awful if I got Marie pregnant without intending to, and I don't even have to worry about what our father or her mom would say if I did. What would you two do if Anna got pregnant, and you were the father?"

"I guess I would end up having his baby, if that happened," Anna said, after thinking about it a moment. "Our religion doesn't allow for abortion, either. So I'd get into lots of trouble, but my family wouldn't let me get an abortion. I don't think I could do that anyway. Not if I was pretty sure Will was the father. What would you do if Hans got you pregnant, Marie?"

"Same thing my mom did, I guess. Have the baby and love it and raise it as my own, even if Hans couldn't admit he was the father. We would both know that he was, and I know he would still love me and would love and care for my child," Marie replied. "I might even ask Hans to make me pregnant, some day, when we're both older, and ready to be parents. We've already had genetic tests done, and there's a pretty low risk of genetic defects, if we did conceive a child together, even though we share the same father. But it would be so much harder if I had to worry about my parents disapproving of the idea that we had mated at all!"

"Well, she isn't fertile yet, so we don't have to worry about that yet," Will insisted. "And when she starts having her periods, we'll have to time it right, and I guess I can pull out and not cum inside her. But if it did happen, I'd support Anna and love and support the baby, even if our parents threw us out on the street and disowned us!"

"Still, before you have an accident, you ought to consider the options," Hans said. "It's easy to say you'll pull out at the last minute, but you can't do that if you tie with her. And I'll bet you'd have a hard time doing it right now, if you were on the edge. That's why Taylor, Marie, Hazel and Cheri are all on Norplant, like most of my father's maids are back home. No pills to forget, or for your parents to find. No worries for five years. I'd be happy to get it done for you, Anna, at no cost to you. Just so I'll know my friends are safe. That's what I did for Hazel, and even for Ashley, who I don't mate with very often at all. Please, at least consider that, will you?"

"Well, maybe," Will said. "I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it." Then he groaned and shoved his knot deep inside his sister as he started cumming. He sighed, and said, "Well, you were right about one thing, Hans. I sure couldn't pull out just then. It was like my hips had a mind of their own!"

When the boys were done, Heidi happily licked Anna clean, and then did the same for Marie.

"I like it when you lick me, Heidi," Anna said shyly. "I still feel kinda weird about licking another girl, but it feels good to be licked, no matter if it's a boy or a girl doing it."

"Well, do we want to do another round, or trade sisters, or what?" Hans asked, with one arm around Marie's waist.

"That's up to Anna, I guess," Will stated. "I wouldn't mind doing it with Marie, as long as Heidi and Anna don't mind. But I won't do it unless Anna wants to swap too. It wouldn't be fair to her."

"I'm sorry, Hans, but not yet," Anna replied. "I'm still too tight, and Will is as big as I dare try it with. I'm afraid you'd hurt me, with that big cock of yours, and me being so small."

"That's all right, Anna," Hans said. "As I said before, we won't ever pressure you to do anything that you're uncomfortable with."

"Thanks, Hans," Anna said, kissing Hans on the cheek. "Actually we ought to be going home soon anyway. We didn't tell mom we would be staying for dinner. We just told her that Will wanted to see Heidi, and that Marie was going to help me with a tough homework problem."

"All right then," Hans said. "Let's all get cleaned up, and I'll ask Phil to take you both home. Thanks for sharing this time with us."


After dinner that evening, Hans, Marie and Heidi went over to Phil and Bridget's cottage to spend the night in their usual Saturday night / Sunday morning session of 'sister sharing', while Taylor spend the evening in Miss Cheri's bed.

"Those two lovebirds have it bad," Phil commented. "Will and Anna couldn't keep their hands off each other while I was driving them home tonight. Were we ever that bad, sis?"

"You don't remember fucking me in the back seat of the station wagon on that camping trip when we were fifteen, with mom and dad in the front seat?" Bridget asked, teasingly.

"That sounds like quite an adventure! What happened?" Hans asked.

"We had gone tent camping in November, because it was easier to get campsite reservations, and not swelteringly hot. The weather had been beautiful when we started out, but three days later it turned nasty. Dad had heard the weather report on the radio, and we cut our trip short, packed the tent, and dad drove all night to get out of the storm area and get us all safely back home. We were wrapped up in a blanket in the back seat, and it was starting to snow. Mom was asleep, and dad had his attention locked on the road, so my darling, horny brother slipped our pants down under the blanket, and proceeded to fuck me from behind while we pretended to be asleep in the back seat!" Bridget said.

"Oh wow! What happened? They didn't catch you, did they?" Marie asked.

"No, but dad almost caught us when I moaned as I came. Fortunately, I was able to convince Dad that I was getting a little bit carsick, and asked him to open the windows a bit and let in some fresh air. I was already on the pill by then. I'll tell you though, it isn't easy hiding birth control pills from your parents, when you have to take one every morning, and you're living with them!"


Nov 8, 2009 (Sunday afternoon) - Bernerholdt Mansion, in Pouncefield

The next day, Hans had a date with Mandy. They saw a movie together in the afternoon, and then went back to the mansion to make love and have dinner with Hans' family.

"I did something incredibly naughty last weekend," Mandy admitted to Hans, as they began to make love. "I finally went all the way with my little brothers! But I did something kinky with them too, that I bet you'll love.'

"Oh? I remember you were considering seducing them. How did it go?" Hans asked, listening to her as he slowly thrust in and out of her tight young vagina.

"Well, on Halloween, our parents left me in charge of my sister and my two brothers. I told Terry and Teddy that if they stayed home and did exactly what I told them to do, instead of going trick or treating, that they could both fuck me!" Mandy replied. "Of course, they agreed. So I took them to Lisa's and my bedroom while Lisa gave out candy downstairs, and I made both of them get dressed up in some of Lisa's old clothes, and then did their hair and put makeup on them until they looked like the most adorable little girls! Then they each got a chance to lick me to an orgasm. After that, I made them dance to sexy music videos, doing the girl's parts, until Lisa was done downstairs and could join us."

Hans grinned, and said, "You're right. I would have loved to see that. I bet they really made cute girls. And then you let them mate with you?"

"Well, once Lisa joined us, I ordered them both to worship us with their tongues until we had an orgasm. Then Terry got to fuck me while Lisa gave Teddy a blow job, and then they traded places and Lisa gave Teddy a BJ while Terry fucked me. Then I let them get undressed and wash the makeup and perfume off, while Lisa licked their cream out of me!"

"Wow, that sounds great. Has Lisa tried fucking them yet?" Hans asked. "And who else knows about this? Does Paula know? I wouldn't want to say anything accidentally to the wrong person."

"No, I'm the only girl that either of my brothers has ever really fucked, and it will stay that way until Lisa decides to go all the way with them. She's warming to the idea, but not quite ready to do it yet," Mandy said. "You're the only person we've told so far. We'll probably tell Paula eventually, but I don't want the word to spread among our friends until Terry, Teddy, Lisa and I are all completely comfortable with each other. I'm only telling you because I hope you'll be willing to let the boys know about Hannah sometime soon, so they will see a boy that they know and respect who also dresses like a girl. They could learn a lot from Hannah."

"So, do you plan on making them do that again? I don't suppose they have shown any interest in bisexual fun, have they?" Hans asked. "I wouldn't want to frighten them by suggesting gay sex, if they aren't open to the idea."

"They've never done it with a boy, no. But I think getting them to at least suck each other off while dressed as girls is what it will take to get Lisa to fuck them, so I'll slowly work them up to that idea," Mandy said. "Lisa was really turned on after she found out at the school dance that you were Hannah. And she was disappointed that she didn't get to have sex with Hannah at the dance. When we got home that night, as soon as everyone else was asleep, she almost raped me with her tongue and then had me go down on her, while she said that she wished I had told her about Hannah from the beginning. That was what got me thinking about dressing the boys as girls. I had already thought I would try to get naked with my brothers and fuck them that night, after we got back from trick or treating, with Lisa watching us. But hearing Lisa going crazy over the idea of sex with a cross-dressed boy made up my mind about making my brothers cross-dress."

"Well, any time you want the boys to meet Hannah, just say the word," Hans said. "And you're probably quite safe telling Paula about your recent adventures. She knows now about all my family's incest, and she accepts it all. No surprise, I suppose, since she was okay with having sex with you, or with the idea that you do it with Lisa."

"I'll make sure I do that, Hans," Mandy said. "Now stop talking and make me cum at least twice more, before dinner!"

Swiss Mix - Chapter 406 By DoggyStyle57, July 2012


Nov 9-18, 2009 - various places in Pouncefield

The next several weeks in the Bernerholdt household were relatively uneventful.

Each Wednesday, Will and Anna would visit the mansion after school, supposedly to study with Hans and Marie and Heidi. But what they really did was head straight for a guest bedroom and fuck each other silly for two hours, or until Will couldn't cum anymore, and Anna got tired of Will licking her. Then they would go home, with Phil or Bridget giving them a ride.

Each weekend, Will would attend the Saint Lovejoy Girls' Soccer or Boys' Football games with Heidi, as her date, and would come back to the mansion after the game, to have sex with Heidi, and to share Heidi with Hans. On one of those occasions, on the 14th, Will even experimented with having Hans remain as Hannah, and had sex with his cross-dressed male friend, while Heidi watched them. Will allowed Hannah to give him a BJ, and then Will fucked Hannah's ass, and finally, Will sucked Hannah off. After they were done, he thought about it a bit, and stated that sex with another boy was 'okay', but that he didn't want anyone trying to fuck his own ass, and that he'd just as soon not suck another boy's cock. Given the choice, he would prefer to stick to fucking Anna and getting BJ's and anal sex from Heidi.

Paula approached Hans one day at school, and told him confidentially that she had a talk with Lisa and Mandy, and that her cousins now knew all about Paula, Anna and Will's incest, and that Paula, Anna and Will all knew now that Mandy and Lisa were starting to commit incest not only with each other, but also with Terry and Teddy. But they hadn't yet told Terry and Teddy about anything but that Mandy and Lisa and Paula had sex with each other.

Paula also told Hans that she and her boyfriend Earl Friederichs had enjoyed a one-time three way with her cousin Mandy - the first time that Earl had ever been with two girls at once, or seen two related girls making out with each other. Earl accepted that Mandy and Paula had a relationship, but that was all that they had told the boy about the recent family incest. Earl didn't even know Mandy and Lisa had sex with each other, yet.


Nov 20, 2009 (Friday afternoon) - Bernerholdt Mansion, in Pouncefield

When the children got home after school on Friday, November 20th, Miss Cheri said, "Master Hans? Mistress Heidi? You have a package that arrived in a diplomatic pouch, from your father. I opened the pouch itself, and inside is a sealed package addressed to both of you, and it says 'personal and confidential' on it. I re-sealed the pouch, and left it in Master Hans' office. I think you should see what is in it right away."

"Of course," Hans replied. "Please come with us, Miss Cheri. We may want your advice."


In Hans' office, he approached the diplomatic pouch almost as if he knew it contained something venomous and dangerous. "Father didn't contact you to warn of any troubles at home, did he, Miss Cheri?" he asked cautiously.

"No Master. I would of course have told you at once, if he had," she replied. "Open it, and see what is in it. I doubt it is anything dire. Surely he would have called us personally if your grandparents were ill, or there were other troubles at home."

Hans used his key to unseal the pouch. Only Cheri, Hans and Heidi had keys that would open the sealed pouches and parcel containers that his father sometimes sent as diplomatic pouches. Most often of late those had merely contained Norplant supplies for the maids, and other materials not available in America. Lord Karl was highly enough placed in Swiss nobility and in the Swiss Military that the mansion in America which Hans lived in was, technically, classified as a Swiss Embassy, and he could send materials to and from his estates without most of the usual inspections on international parcel deliveries.

Inside was a nine by twelve envelope that was padded, and which was marked, as Miss Cheri had stated, 'personal and confidential'. It also was marked as containing photographs and digital media.

"Hummm. I wonder if he sent us a porn DVD of him fucking some of his younger maids," Hans said. "No, in that case, it would be smaller - just a DVD case. Well, let's look."

Inside were a folder and a small 'jewel case' containing a single DVD data disc. The folder contained a one-page letter, signed and sealed by their father, and seven photographs, with names written on the backs of the photos. Two of the pictures were of male Bernese kids - one about Hans' age, and one a little younger than Heidi. The others were of Bernese girls, ranging in age from about ten to about Hans' age. He recognized some of them at once, but others he had never seen before. He set the disc and photos on the desk, and picked up the short cover letter, reading it aloud to Heidi and Miss Cheri.

"Dear Hans and Heidi,

Let me say first, my beloved children, that I am not going to allow my parents to force either of you into a premature engagement or any other sort of promise at your age that binds you to marry someone else. But you both do still have a social obligation as nobility to at least go through the forms of having potential brides or suitors presented to you by other purebred families. This will happen at a holiday ball that my mother is insisting on holding for the two of you this December. I want you to consider this only to be an opportunity to get to know some of these other noble children socially, or to renew acquaintances with some childhood friends that you haven't seen in years.

Hans, I am stacking the deck a bit for you, my son, by adding two of my maids, Karin and Sandra, as girls to be presented to you. I know you already like them. They are in on this, and will put on a good show of being two purebred girls who were orphaned and placed in my care. No one at the party but our own households will know they are in the Maid Program with me. They won't make any demands on you that you don't desire, so if none of the girls that my mother has agreed for you to see are to your liking, you could just show a preference for Karin or Sandra, and not have to give encouragement to a girl whose family hopes for a marriage contract.

My dear Heidi, no one will expect you to make a serious commitment at all, but two of the families want to present sons to you, as well. Please be a good girl and humor them and give each of their boys a dance. That is all I want you to promise them, sweetheart.

The disc has detailed information on the girls and boys that have been approved to be presented to the two of you. My agents have been fairly thorough, but the Von Wahlern family has security as tight as our own, so they couldn't get as much hard data on their two kids.

Of course, if either of you feels strongly enough to tell your grandparents about any girls or boys that you have been dating, and who are purebreds that your grandparents might approve of, please send me their pictures and information. That may help to take the wind out of my mother's sails.

I love you both, and can't wait to see you for the Christmas holidays."

Hans showed it to them, and said, "It's signed by father, and sealed with his signet ring. Well, this is what Doctor Siefert warned me might happen, when he visited last time. I guess my grandparents are feeling their mortality creeping up on them, and are getting pushy. Well, fine. We can humor them, can't we, Heidi?"

"I guess so," Heidi said. "I have a nice picture of Will Steiner on my phone. We can send that to daddy. You gonna send a picture of Mandy? Or maybe Lisa? What about Paula?"

"I'll send Mandy and Lisa both. Not Paula though. She's getting serious about Earl Friederichs," Hans replied. "Well, let's look at the reports and photos, and see what they are trying to line us up with."

He popped the DVD into his computer, and opened the first file, marked 'Erlichmann'. It had a report on the family of Anne Erlichmann, and her younger brother, Christoff. Anne was a year younger than Hans, and Christoff was a year younger than Heidi. "Here's the first two," Hans said, finding their pictures in the folder. "Purebred family, rich and politically influential, but not titled nobility. They are members of the Purebred Society, but not very active in it. Investigators found no serious concerns in their activities or relationships. I think we should both remember their kids, Heidi. A year or two before we left Switzerland, they were at the mansion fairly frequently with their parents. Anne's father was trying to get our father to back some political candidates that he favored. Father wasn't terribly interested in the politicians. I wasn't terribly interested in either of their kids, either, except as someone to play board games with while the adults talked politics and drank with each other. But they were both nice enough kids."

"Yeah, I remember them," Heidi agreed. "Played fair, and didn't complain when they lost a game. Anne looks prettier in that picture than what I remember. She had kind of a short muzzle then, but she looks better now."

Miss Cheri nodded, and said, "Your father thought that Mister Erlichmann was rather pompous and full of himself. He gave the man a rather small donation for his politicians, but no public endorsement. I have never seen them visit unless they wanted something from him. The children were well mannered and polite, however."

Hans checked the next report, labeled 'von Wahlern'.

"Hummm. Looks like the next pair are being sponsored by Maria von Wahlern. She's technically our aunt, since she was married to the younger of our two deceased uncles, Manfred von Bernerholdt, but she's not a blood relation. One of her brothers will be presenting his son and daughter. Bonnie von Wahlern is my age. Bonnie's brother, Heinrich, is a year older than I am. The family has been noble for six generations, but isn't very wealthy. No one seems to know much about her brother Gerhard and his family, when it comes to their activities or personal lives. They are quite reclusive. They are members of the Purebred society, but the only files on them that father's agents could find were a special authorization by the Society for Gerhard to marry his wife." Hans said.

"I do not know that family at all, Master! They never visited the mansion since I started there. I was not even aware that you had an aunt who was still alive," Miss Cheri stated.

Hans nodded as he continued reading the report. "Apparently, father didn't know Maria was alive either, until she appeared out of nowhere recently and visited him personally to plead for an invitation to the ball. Maria disappeared after Manfred died. Ha! It says here that grandmother hates Maria, because she never got pregnant by Manfred, and that Countess Agatha had the marriage annulled! Apparently Maria's been living with her brother and his wife since then, right there in Berne all this time, and no one in our family knew it at all. Maria's brother, Gerhard, is a second son, so he and his kids are not in line to inherit their family title or most of their wealth, unless something happens to his older brother. Father says that Maria wants her niece to marry back into our family, so Bonnie could be a Countess."

Hans got quiet as he read the next section of the report, and then he laughed and said, "Oh ho! Now this is interesting! Father also says that Gerhard von Wahlern's wife is Gerhard's first cousin, Natalia Krause! I didn't think that it was legal in Berne to marry your first cousin, but apparently they got special permission from the Purebred Society to be married and bear children. Hummm. Father also says that he can't prove a thing, but that Maria was acting more like Bonnie was her own daughter instead of just her niece, and that he suspects Gerhard knocked up his own sister! Well, that could be interesting indeed. I don't want to commit to anything, but at least if those suspicions are true, that family probably wouldn't care if we commit incest."

"What about the others. Hans?" Heidi asked.

Hans opened the next file, and read it. "The von Bergen family is on a par with ours, both in terms of wealth and in terms of how many generations their family has been nobility. They plan to present their daughter Eliza to me. No boy from that family for you to worry about, Heidi. I remember Eliza. She attended a number of social events that we went to. Apparently she's my distant cousin by marriage. Her father, Johan von Bergen, is the younger brother of the Kathryn von Bernerholdt, who died with her husband, father's eldest brother, Bernard von Bernerholdt, and their son. Father says that grandmother specifically asked Johan to bring his daughter, and that the Countess really wants to re-unite our two families. Father doesn't think it's likely, though. Eliza already has a boy she loves - and it's Heinrich von Wahlern! Sounds like that lets you off the hook too, Heidi!"

"Then there's the two Bernese maids, the twin ten year olds, Karin and Sandra," Hans said, smiling slightly. "The report says that they are orphans, and his court-appointed wards. He hasn't adopted them, so legally they could marry me if we wanted that. I met them when I was home for Spring Break, and I've mated with both of them. We like each other well enough. He promises we'll all get to know each other much better when we visit for Christmas. That's all he has here on them. I can safely say that the twins won't mind me having sex with my sisters. They found out that Taylor is my sister, and know I mate with her, and they didn't object at all. Since father didn't include anything more here for both Heidi and myself, I guess anything else about them can wait until you met them."

"Court appointed wards? What's that? And why did daddy end up with them?" Heidi asked.

Miss Cheri looked back and forth between the children, and said, "It means that someone thought your father would be a fit guardian for those two orphaned girls, and the court agreed. It is very similar to the legal status of your father's maids. He is our guardian, but not our adopted father. Apparently, your father wants to explain their status in person."

Swiss Mix - Chapter 407 By DoggyStyle57, July 2012


Nov 21, 2009 (Saturday afternoon) - at the Blackwell family home, in Pouncefield

When Mandy Blackwell got back from cheerleading at a Saturday Girls' soccer game between Saint LoveJoy and Paragon Prep, her mother Gretchen met her at the door while her father was still parking the car.

"Mandy? Could you be a dear and watch Terry and Teddy, while your father, Lisa and I go to the warehouse discount store? They're having a sale on bulk paper goods and on canned goods. I'll need Lisa to help push a third cart, but we'll need to leave the twins here with you, so there's more room in the van for the bulky stuff we need to buy. We'll be back in time for dinner. No more than three or four hours. It will be a zoo there, but the bargains are worth fighting the crowds."

"Of course mom!" Mandy said with a smile. "I can handle my little brothers, and I didn't have any big plans for this afternoon. You go save us some money."

She watched the others depart, and then went to the family room to find her brothers. As usual, they were spending their free time playing their video race game.

"Mom, Dad and Lisa are gone for the next three hours at least, boys, and maybe longer," she said with a grin. "How about practicing some laps with me in the bedroom, instead of playing that silly game?"

"Huh? OH! You mean it, sis?" Terry asked. He seemed excited, and then a thought hit him and he sort of deflated, asking, "Ugh! Do we hafta wear girl clothes, hair bows, makeup and perfume again?"

"Well, I'd like it if you would dress up for me," Mandy said with a grin, "but no perfume or makeup this time. It would be too hard for you to remove quickly before they get back. So I'll just dress you like girls and do your hair, and then you can each fuck me twice, and practice licking me to an orgasm."

"Do we get to do anything with you if we don't wanna wear girl stuff?" Teddy asked.

"Well, I suppose I would still be willing to let you lick me, and to give each of you one blow job as boys," Mandy replied. "But if you want to fuck me, you have to entertain me and dress like girls."

"Oh, I guess that's not too bad, really," Terry said. "Come on, Teddy. It's not like we had to go out in public dressed like girls. Let's do it."

"Okay, sure," Teddy said, with less enthusiasm than his twin. "Fucking's better than being sucked."

Mandy smiled as she led them upstairs. No trips in public as girls for her little brothers this time, no. But eventually, that was precisely where she wanted to have them heading. She was getting wet just thinking about the idea.


In her bedroom, Mandy gave each of her brothers a bra, a set of lace-edged silk panties, and knee socks, as well as bows to put in their hair. "I want you to practice putting your bras and other girly stuff on by yourselves. First one dressed as a girl gets to fuck me first." She took her own clothes off as they changed.

Teddy had stripped and started dressing as soon as she tossed the clothes to them, but then he stopped with the red panties pulled up to his knees. "Why? You sound like you want us to keep doing this for a long time," he complained.

"I do. Isn't it worth it, if it means you get to fuck your own sister?" Mandy said, pouting. "Lisa liked seeing you in girly stuff. If you dress like a girl enough for her, I'll bet she will eventually let you fuck her, too! Now, Terry got dressed first, so he gets to fuck me first! Come here, pretty girl!"

She fixed their hair up a bit more, kissed both boys on the mouth, and then lay on her back on her bed, and invited Terry to mate with her. "Just pull your panties down enough in front to reveal your sheath and balls, but leave them on. I want to feel silk on your butt while you fuck me!" she said.

"All right sis. Whatever you say," Terry replied, as he got on the bed and guided his cock into her tight folds. "Oh wow, this feels so good!" he declared. "Mandy, you're the best sister ever!"

"Then prove it, by cumming inside me," she said, kissing him passionately as he started bucking his hips.

"That's so hot to watch," Teddy said as he stared at them. The ten year old boy fondled his own cock through his sister's borrowed panties, though not enough to get off on his own.

Terry panted and groaned, his tail wagging happily, as he fucked his big sister. It wasn't long before he was tied with her and his seed was spilling deep inside her belly. "Unghhh! Oh wow... That was great. Umm, I'm kinda stuck though. What do we do next?"

"It's normal to get stuck. That's called tying, and it feels really good for a girl, too. Just kiss me and cuddle me until you can pull out," Mandy said. "Wiggle your hips a little, too. That feels good for me."

"And then I get to fuck you when he's done?" asked her other brother, Teddy.

"Soon. But first he has to finish making me cum," Mandy said, as her brother pulled out of her. "Terry, you've made a mess between my legs. You need to clean it up before your brother fucks me. With your tongue! Lick me clean, girly brother! Make me cum while you lick your own cream out of me!"

"Ewwww! Oh no, sis! That's gross!" Terry moaned. "I can't do that!"

"It's no more gross than when Lisa or I suck on your cock and swallow your cream!" Mandy insisted. "It doesn't taste bad, I promise. I've actually learned to like the taste, and you will too, if you give it a try. Come on, little brother! Lick up your cum, or you'll never get to fuck me again, and you'll never get a chance to fuck Lisa, either!"

"Aww man, that's not playing fair!" he said, as he crawled lower on the bed. He squeezed his eyes tightly shut, and stuck his nose in her sloppy crotch, guided mostly by the smell. Then he took a tentative lick, and then a more firm one. Soon he had his eyes open again and was wagging his tail and licking her eagerly, as Mandy began to groan and respond to his tongue.

"So, it isn't that gross?" Teddy asked, dreading and yet certain that he would be given the same demands when it was his turn.

Terry shrugged and said, "Naw. Smells funky, but there's not much taste, really. It's not worth losing the chance to fuck her for, brother. Go ahead and do it when it's your turn."

After Mandy climaxed, Teddy mounted her and fucked her eagerly until he also filled her with his seed. Then without prompting, as soon as he slipped free, he squirmed down between her thighs and licked her to an orgasm.

"That was pretty good!" Mandy said, panting heavily. "See? I told you cum doesn't taste that bad."

"Well, just don't tell anyone, okay?" Teddy pleaded. "If word got out at school that we lick up boys' cum, we're doomed!"

"I'll tell you something, boys," Mandy said, as she pulled them down on either side of her and hugged them close. "The boys that are most popular with the girls all are willing to lick the girl clean after they fuck her! Girls love that treatment, and a boy that will lick you even after he's creamed your crotch is a real keeper with most girls. Who cares what the other little boys think! Once I'm done training you two to please a girl, and I start to allow you to fuck other girls, those girls will love what you can do! You won't ever lack for girls that want to fuck you."

"Really?" Terry asked. "You mean even guys like Pokeinfo and Hans will lick their cum out of a girl?"

"I know for a fact that they both do," she insisted. "Hans has licked me clean lots of times, and Cynthia's told me that she loves it when Pokeinfo licks his cum out of her bunny cunny. Now, are you ready to fuck me again, boys?"

Both her brothers were all the way back in their sheaths by now. "Umm, I do wanna, but maybe in a few minutes?" Teddy said apologetically.

"All right, then dance for me, girls!" Mandy ordered, as she turned on her computer and selected a sexy music video for them to dance and lip sync to.

She watched them for close to half an hour, fingering herself and occasionally asking one of them to pause and lick her some more while the other one continued to dance and lip sync the girl's parts from the video. When she finally saw their panties starting to tent outward, she told them, "Teddy, lay on the bed. I want you to watch as close as you can while Terry fucks me. I'll lick and suck you a bit, but not enough to make you cum, since I want you to fuck me one more time."

"But how do I fuck you, if you two are face to face?" Terry asked, confused.

"From behind, silly!" Mandy said, as she got into position on all fours over her other brother. She raised her tail and said, "See? My cunny is right there above your brother's muzzle. Just stand on your knees behind me, and guide it in."

"Oh! Okay, I see now," Terry said, as he did as she suggested.

"Ewww! Hey, watch where you're poking that thing!" Teddy complained. "You almost stuck it in my mouth, instead of into Mandy!"

"Oops! Sorry! Ohhh, this works really good!"Terry said after a few experimental thrusts. "I don't think I would get as tired this way, since I don't hafta hold my weight up with my arms."

"Just shut up and fill me with cream, little 'sister' of mine, " Mandy said, as she fingered her other brother's silk panty covered butt and started licking the tip of the boy's cock.

Teddy was looking cross-eyed as he watched his twin's cock sliding in and out of their big sister's sex less than an inch from his nose. He could really smell her aroused scent like this, and with Mandy licking and nibbling at his own cock, he got excited enough to return the favor by tentatively licking at that fleshy nubbin at the top of her slit that she really liked having licked. He tried not to touch his brother's cock with his tongue, but sometimes it just couldn't be helped. He was pleasantly surprised to find that his brother's shaft tasted pretty much the same as Mandy's cunny hole did.

"OH! Good girl! Lick my clitty, Teddy!" Mandy moaned. "And Terry, don't try to tie with me this time. I want you to practice control, so if Lisa says you can fuck her but not tie with her, you'll be able to do it. Just keep the knot outside when it swells, and use shorter strokes."

"Okay sis! Almost there now!" Terry said.

Mandy moaned and wagged her tail as her brothers' cock and tongue together took her over the top. Soon she also felt Terry cumming inside her, with his knot slapping against her vulva on every stroke. "Good boy!" she said happily, "Now, when you're done, Terry, pull out quick. Teddy, open your mouth and lick me clean as soon as your brother is out of the way."

"Wait! What! Glurp!" was all that Teddy had time to say, as his brother Terry pulled out and a big glop of his brother's cum fell out of his sister's cunny and right into Teddy's open mouth. He swallowed instinctively, realized it didn't taste any different than his own cum, and then obeyed his big sister, lapping the rest of his twin brother's seed from their sister and continuing to lick her to an orgasm.

"You're gonna make me do that next, aren't you?" Terry said with some dismay. "Are you trying to make us both turn queer, sis?"

"No, I'm trying to show you how much fun it can be to be bisexual," Mandy replied. "Teddy seems to be getting into it, and I bet you will too. Don't worry. I can tell you from experience that his cum and yours taste so much alike you won't know the difference."

"Yeah, but it's still lapping up a guy's cum, and it felt weird when his tongue touched my cock," Terry said. "Since I already fucked you twice, will you at least suck me off all the way when it's my turn?"

"I guess I can. Ohhh, you're getting better, Teddy!" Mandy said, as she body shook with another orgasm. "A little more practice and girls will be lining up to have you lick them! But for right now, you're all mine, and I'm not sharing you two with anybody but Lisa."

The boys traded places and repeated the process, with Teddy cumming in Mandy's cunny just as Terry came in her mouth. Then Terry reluctantly opened his mouth and sucked his brother's cum out of their sister.

Mandy was in the middle of her orgasm when they heard their parents' car pull into the driveway. Teddy ran into the bathroom and stripped out of his girl clothes, throwing them in Mandy's hamper. He was followed as quickly as possible by his brother, and the two of them decided that splitting a shower was a good excuse for being undressed.

Mandy slipped on a t-shirt and skirt, not bothering with panties, shoes or socks, and ran downstairs to help unload the car. She almost flashed her father with an upskirt view while getting a bulk pack of paper towels out of the back of the van, and she was certain that one boy riding past them on a bicycle got a good look up her skirt. But she was able to turn in time to keep her father from getting the same view of her wet and swollen slit. She felt so very naughty, and wished she could grab her brothers and fuck them again right away.


After dinner, Mandy told Lisa about what she and the boys had done.

"Oh wow! You got them to lick each other's cum out of you?" Lisa whispered, as they got into bed. "I wonder if we could get them to give each other blow jobs? Wow, if I could watch that, I'd even let them fuck me!"

Swiss Mix - Chapter 408 By DoggyStyle57, August 2012


Nov 21, 2009 (Saturday afternoon) - DarkPaw Productions Studios, in Pouncefield

After the Saturday morning girls' soccer game, Hannah took just enough time to change back to Hans, and then Miss Cheri took Taylor and Hans to the DarkPaw Productions studios, for the filming of Taylor's sixth porn film. There was no part for 'Robbie Johnson' in today's film, but it was one that Hans wanted to watch being produced. The movie was titled "Naughty Slavegirls #22: Slave girls in training", a new episode in the long running series of films starring Mistress Anya Howe. It was a fairly simple Lesbian film, in which Mistress Anya, an attractive lady Mink who was 38, would be training four new slave girls, played by Emma Toy, Stacey Wacker, and the twelve year old Golden Retriever twins, Mina and Tina Twain. Supposedly, Emma and Stacey had limited experience with girls, and the twelve year old twins were acting as if they were completely new to Lesbian sex.

Hans was there mostly to watch Stacey Wacker perform. While scenes were being filmed, he sat with Miss Cheri on one side of him, and Stacey's mother, Katja Wacker, on the other side. More often than not, the thirty-two year old bunny mom managed to have her hand in Hans' lap, fondling his sheath through his pants as they watched the young girls 'learning to be Lesbians'.

Between scenes, Hans chatted with both Stacey and Katja.

"You know, Mistress Anya is only the second girl I have even met who was able to lick herself to an orgasm," Hans said, after having watched the porn actress do just that in the previous scene. "At least, no other girl I know has indicated she could do that. Though I do know one mink lady at school - our nurse - I've never had any reason to ask if she could lick herself."

"Yes, most minks and ferrets are flexible enough to lick their cunts or suck their cocks," Katja said. "We used to have several minks and a couple of ferrets acting here, and it was amazing watching them have an orgy."

"I'll bet it was!" Hans said.

"You know, Robbie," Katja said, using Hans' stage name, "ever since my daughter and I participated in your screen test, we've both wanted to spend some personal time with you. My Stacey arranged for you to go on a date with us both, tomorrow night. But would you mind if we do it as dinner at our house? And could you perhaps even spend the whole night? You could come home with us after filming is done tomorrow, and I could give you a ride to school in the morning with Stacey."

"I don't see why not," Hans replied. "Is that all right with you, Miss Cheri?"

"But of course," she replied. "There is no reason you should not."


Nov 22, 2009 (Sunday evening) - DarkPaw Productions Studios, in Pouncefield

"Try not to wear him out, you two," Taylor said with a grin, as Hans walked out of the studios with Stacey Wacker on one arm, and her mother, Katja Wacker, on the other.

The two bunnies were dressed identically today, in tight t-shirts and shorts, and aside from the fact that Katja had larger breasts, was thicker in the waist and hips, and was an inch taller than her daughter, they looked more like sisters than a mother and daughter. Stacey just laughed, and replied, "Compared to a typical evening in the home you share with him, it will be more like a vacation, since he'll only have two of us to satisfy. From what I have seen of you and your housemates, it's amazing he can walk when he gets to school each morning. But we promise to return him in fine condition. We just want to borrow him for the night."


Nov 22, 2009 (Sunday evening) - Katja and Stacey Wacker's home, in Pouncefield

The Wacker's home was a nice one in a relatively modest neighborhood near Saint Lovejoy private school. The back yard had a high privacy fence, but from the street it looked no different than most of the homes in the area. The one thing that Hans noticed was that all the windows of the house had mirrored solar tinting applied to them. During the day, it would be nearly impossible to look in through the windows, and at night you would only be able to see inside if the curtains were drawn and lights were on. But even that wasn't all that unusual. Many homes in Pouncefield used the same mirror films, both for privacy, and for energy conservation, to reduce heat inside in Summer.

As soon as they got inside, however, Hans found that Stacey and Katja's main reason for the mirrored windows was definitely privacy. All the front curtains were drawn tightly closed, and the first thing that Katja and Stacey did once the door was closed was to strip off all their clothes.

"We tend to be closet nudists at home," Stacey said with a grin. "So take of your clothes and be comfy with us!"

"Fine by me," Hans said, as he removed his own clothes, and left them folded neatly on a bench in the entry hallway.

"Now, who would like an 'appetizer' before dinner?" Katja asked, cradling one of her DD cup breasts in each hand. "I don't think you had a chance to notice when we did that screen test together, but I also work as a wet nurse, so I'm always lactating. My baby Stacey still loves her mommy's milk, and she suckles me every morning to help keep my milk production stimulated. Would you like a taste, Hans?"

"I certainly won't turn it down," he replied with a grin.

Katja sat on the living room couch, and Stacey sat on one side of her and eagerly started suckling her mom's breast. "Then come and get it, baby," Katja said with a smile.

Hans sat on the other side, and said, "One of the maids in my father's home did lactation play with my father and I, after each of her babies was born. So I got to taste fresh vixen milk as recently as a year and a half ago. I've never tasted bunny milk though."

As Hans started suckling her other breast, Katja sighed happily and stroked the hair of both children. "Ahhhh, I do love the feeling of feeding my babies!" she said. "That's it, children. Drink your fill of my milk!"

Hans swallowed several mouthfuls of the warm, sweet milk, and then asked, "How do you keep lactating so long? I visited a working dairy recently, and they said the cows needed to get pregnant or take hormones every couple of years, or their milk production drops, even if they are being milked several times a day."

"Well, that's true, for most species. Keep sucking, dear," Katja said, as she gently guided the canine boy's mouth back to her dripping nipple. "But bunnies are so fertile that it doesn't take much to keep a bunny mom lactating, once we start. Stacey suckles me every morning, and I pump my breast milk three times per day, collecting it to sell to my wet nurse clients. Sometimes I get to allow their babies to suckle directly from me, but most often they pay me just to drop off the collected milk in the afternoons, so the moms can use it to supplement what they provide on their own."

"Well, it's certainly tasty," Hans said with a grin, before going back to breast feeding.

"I'm very glad that it doesn't bother you that Stacey and I are lovers," Katja said. "People here in Pouncefield are pretty accepting when it comes to incest, but we know you're not from this town."

Hans stopped suckling again for a moment, long enough to say, "You can safely assume that I won't be offended at any sort of incestuous relationships, as long as everyone is doing it willingly."

"Well, then, you drink your fill, and I'll tell you a few family secrets, since you're so open minded," Katja said, patting the boy's head as he resumed suckling her breast milk. "As far as most people are concerned, I'm just a typical single mom. I got pregnant when I was just seventeen, and what I told the hospital here, after I moved to Pouncefield while two months pregnant, was that her father could have been any one of about thirty drunk fraternity bunny boys at a party that I had foolishly attended, and that I had no intention of trying to identify any of them as the father. I said I'd made my mistake, and I was better off dealing with it on my own."

Hans acknowledged that with a muffled, "Umm hum," while his mouth was still latched to her nipple and sucking away.

"But that wasn't true," Katja continued. "I knew exactly who her father had to be. There was only one male that I had ever had sex with. My daddy was the one that knocked me up." Katja paused and watched Hans' reaction.

Hans looked up at Katja and asked, "Your father got you pregnant? So that means Stacey is your sister, as well as your daughter? No wonder I kept feeling you looked like sisters! Well, that's fine with me. She certainly seems to have turned into a beautiful girl. How did your father become your lover? Did your mom know, and let him do it?"

Katja smiled and asked, "Our incest really doesn't bother you? You're all right with the idea that I fucked my daddy and had his baby? Ohhh, that's such a relief! Well, my mom got pneumonia and died when I was fourteen. Daddy had never shown any sexual interest in me, at that point. Two weeks after mom's funeral, I caught daddy jacking off in the bathroom, after he thought I was asleep. He was terribly embarrassed at first. But when he realized I was curious about sex, and not afraid of the idea of having sex with him, he offered to increase my allowance if I would 'help him out' and suck his cock. I did, and I loved it. He took my virginity that night, and we made love every night for the next three years. He didn't mean to knock me up, though. We just had an accident one day with a bad condom, and I was in heat at the time. Once I knew I was pregnant, I moved here before anyone back home could guess. Our friends and family were told that I moved to Pouncefield to go to college, but flunked out and got a job here."

"That doesn't bother me at all," Hans insisted. "I commit incest every day, myself. My father and I both have had sex with my sister and my four half-sisters, and I've fucked two of the ladies that are mothers to two of my half-sisters. Miss Cheri is one of those moms. Her daughter, Marie, is my half sister, and my favorite sex partner. Taylor, the vixen you know at the studios as Emma Toy, is also my half-sister, by a different mother, who I've also mated with. My other two half-sisters are back in Switzerland, and their mom was killed in an accident before we found out they even existed. And my full sister, Heidi, is still a virgin vaginally, but she loves oral and anal sex with both my father and I, as well as with our half-sisters. Heck, I've even dressed like a girl and had sex with my own father. Have you ever been able to fuck your father since you moved here?"

Katja gave Hans an interested look when he said he dressed like a girl and had sex with his own dad, but didn't comment, because Stacey rushed to answer the boy.

"You do incest too? Wow, that's wonderful! Yes, Hans, we both still fuck daddy a couple times a month," Stacey said, as she stopped suckling. "Daddy moved here a few months before I turned six, and mommy and daddy started teaching me about oral sex on my sixth birthday. But daddy lives on the other side of town, so no one would have any reason to suspect that we're related. Wacker's a common surname for bunnies, so it doesn't matter that we have the same last name. When he comes here, it looks like he's just another guy that mommy is dating."

"Interesting," Hans said. "I'd love to watch him fucking both of you some time. So, when did you start doing porn films, Stacey?"

"As soon as I was eight," Stacey replied. "That's the youngest that is allowed here, though by that point I'd been sucking daddy off and licking mommy's cunny and getting licked by both of them for two years. At first, I started doing porn films with mom, but just Lesbian films, or films where I would end up sucking the cock of a guy that was supposed to be mommy's date. I was still a virgin for the next two years, until my tenth birthday."

"What happened then? Did your father take your virginity too, Stacey?" Hans asked.

"No," Stacey replied. "By them mom knew we could get me into a movie where I would lose my virginity on screen, and the studio pays a big bonus for real virginity loss. I picked Curtis Wells to be the actor that would pop my cherry. And as soon as I got home after the filming was done, daddy was waiting for me, to lick Curtis' seed from me and then fuck me himself."

"I wish I could have seen that," Hans said.

"You can!" Stacey said happily. "We have a copy of the video where Curtis popped my cherry, and Mommy videotaped daddy fucking me when we got home. Would you like to see those?"

"I'd love to!" Hans said eagerly.

"Well, you two get the movies queued up, while I get dinner ready. The salad can wait on the table while we watch the movies," Katja said.

Swiss Mix - Chapter 409 By DoggyStyle57, August 2012


Nov 22, 2009 (Sunday evening) - Katja and Stacey Wacker's home, in Pouncefield

Hans sat naked on the couch between Stacey and Katja Wacker, as Stacey started the DVD of her deflowering. The equally naked mother and daughter snuggled close on either side of him, both petting his sheath and cock with their hands.

"This was 'My Darling Daughter #4'," Stacey said, as the film started. "We made this movie four and a half years ago, in March of 2005, on my tenth birthday. Curtis Wells was 38 and mom was 28 back then."


The movie opened with Katja bringing her boss, played by Curtis, home for a date.

"Just remember, my dear," the older fox said, "no telling anyone at work about our little 'arrangements'. If anyone knew you're sleeping with your boss, they would all assume you're getting preferential treatment from me. Which is true, but they will raise hell if they find out."

"Not to mention what your wife would say!" Katja said, as she snuggled close to the fox and kissed his nose. "Don't worry, darling. I won't tell anyone at work that I'm your secret mistress, and I certainly won't tell your wife! The only person who might be in a position to find out is my daughter, Stacey, and she's sound asleep already."

"You're sure she's asleep?" Curtis asked nervously, glancing in the direction of the hallway that he knew led to the bedrooms.

"Positive," Katja said, as she started to get undressed. "She went to the next door neighbor's house after school, and had dinner there, while we enjoyed our dinner date at the restaurant. Then their older daughter tucked her in here when it was her bedtime, and waited here as her babysitter. I called the girl from the restaurant and told her we'd be here in just a few minutes, and she could clear out. Don't worry, darling. I do this every time you and I go out on a date. I pay the neighbor girl at the end of each month, so no one has to be here to see that you're the guy I'm dating."

"Well, all right," Curtis replied, unfastening his trousers and hauling his cock out for her. "Go ahead and suck me, babe. I love that sweet little mouth of yours."

Katja knelt and sucked her boss's cock until he came in her mouth, and then led him to her bedroom, stopping briefly to peek into her daughter's room and make sure the child was asleep. Then they continued to her room, leaving the door to the hall slightly open, and began to make passionate love to each other.

The scene cut to Stacey's room, lit only by a night light. The ten year old bunny opened her eyes as soon as she heard her bedroom door click shut. The child counted slowly to twenty, and then slipped out of bed, completely naked. Then she walked out of her room, went down the hall, and peeked into her mother's bedroom through the half-open door, watching as her mom fucked her date.

In the bedroom, Katja saw her daughter watching as she fucked her boss. She smiled and whispered into his ear, "Lover, would you like do something incredibly, unbelievably naughty tonight?"

"Like what?" Curtis asked, as he started cumming inside her. His butt was to the door as he fucked Katja in missionary position, so he didn't realize they were being watched.

"How would you like to pop my baby girl's cherry?" she asked. "Would you like be the first guy that gets to fuck my ten year old virgin daughter?"

"You're pulling my tail," he said, not believing her. "The kid would run screaming if I showed her my cock."

"No she wouldn't," Katja insisted. "She's staring at it right now while you're fucking me, and drooling like it was a tasty carrot."

"What?" Curtis shouted, as he twisted to look over his shoulder at the open door, and the naked child beyond it. The kid just smiled at him, showing no fear at all.

"Come on in, baby," Katja said to her daughter. "Tell Mister Curtis what you told me last week."

Stacey looked right at Curtis and said, "I told mommy that the next time she brought you home, I wanted to suck your cock and fuck you, just like mommy does! Mommy's been letting me lick her clean after you go home, an' I like the way your cum tastes. Please, Mister Curtis? I really wanna try real sex. So, will you pop my cherry for me?"

"You two planned this all along?" Curtis asked Katja. "She really understands what she's asking me to do?"

"Like mother, like daughter, I guess," Katja said, "I lost my virginity when I was ten, and I've loved sex ever since. She's watched us fuck for our last three dates, and she's every bit as curious as I was at her age. The last two times you dated me, I let her lick me clean after you went home. My baby loves the taste of your cum as much as I do. She's already on the pill, so you won't knock her up. I've been giving her some of mine for the last week. I trust you to be gentle with her, and not to tell anyone. So, wanna pop her?"

Curtis pulled his cock free of his mistress and sat on the bed, his cock still erect and throbbing, with cum dribbling from the tip. He beckoned to the child, pointed at her mother's cum-drenched cream pie, and said, "Come here, kid. Show me you really like to lick my cum from your mom. Then we'll think about me fucking you."

Little Stacey squealed with delight and shoved her muzzle between her mom's thighs as if she was being offered a big bowl of ice cream. She eagerly lapped the fox cum from her mother, and kept licking until her mother groaned and arched her back with an orgasm that exceeded the intensity of the one Curtis had just given her.

The fox watched and stroked his cock. "Damn!" he exclaimed. "She really does love it. All right you little slut. You just keep licking your mom, and I'll poke you from behind."

"That's it lover! Fuck my baby girl!" Katja said encouragingly, as her boss positioned himself behind the child. "Make my baby your fuck toy!"

Curtis slipped his tip into the child's cunny. "Damn she's tight. But she's wet too. Okay, kid, this is gonna hurt. You sure you want this? Last chance to back out."

"Please fuck me, Mister Curtis! Pop my cherry! I wanna be a big girl like my mommy!" Stacey insisted between licks.

Curtis thrust forward, ripping through the child's cherry and then holding still, balls deep in the bunny.

"Yipe! Oh wow, that did hurt!" Stacey said, biting back tears as the camera zoomed in and showed her virginal blood leaking out around the fox cock, and tinting her white pubic fur red. "I... I can do this. It's okay now, Mister Curtis. Please, fuck me like I was mommy!"

"There's my big girl!" Katja said proudly, petting her daughter's hair and long ears, while encouraging the child to continue licking her mother's cunt. "Lick mommy while Mister Curtis fucks you!"

As the film progressed, Curtis filled Stacey a total of four times in a row, and after each of the first three times, Katja licked her own daughter clean. The final shot showed a close-up of Stacey's messy crotch, as the child thanked her first lover for making her a big girl.


When the credits started rolling, and as Katja got up and switched to a different DVD disc, Stacey said, "As soon as the cameras stopped, mommy plugged my cunny with a butt plug, to keep his cum inside me. Then we left the set and headed home as fast as we could, without even taking any time to clean up."

"And this was the welcome she got at home," Katja said. "Daddy had the camera on the tripod and running when he heard us in the driveway."


The film started with a fairly prolonged shot of the inside of this home's front door. Nothing happened for a while, and then the door opened and Stacey burst in, squealing happily. "We did it! We did it! We did it! I'm not a virgin anymore!" She was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and apparently nothing else.

Katja came in behind her daughter, also dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, and walked out of the scene, apparently going behind the camera.

Then a male Cashmere Lop Bunny, with dark brown and white fur, stepped into the scene and embraced the ten year old child. He looked to be about 45, and was already naked and sporting an erection. "That's wonderful, baby!" he said, kissing the child and fondling her rump as he held her in his arms, her feet dangling a foot off the floor. "And what would my baby girl like to do now?"

"I wanna fuck you, too!" Stacey said happily.

"Well, I think we can arrange that," he said with a grin.

The scene shifted and they were in a little girl's bedroom, with pink blankets on the bed and stuffed toys all over the room. Stacey bounced on the bed and pulled off her t-shirt, tossing it to one side. Then she slid her shorts down, and bent over while facing away from the camera. The camera zoomed in on the pink butt plug that was corking her young cunt, and the red stain on her pubic fur.

"See? That nice man fucked me four times! An' we saved the last load of cum for you!" Stacey said. She lay back on the bed and smiled at her father.

He knelt beside the bed, pulling her close. Then he uncorked her and started lapping away at her freshly-fucked cunt, until he had cleaned every trace of cum and blood from her mound. "Ummm, delicious!" he said. Then he dragged the child to the center of the bed and got atop her in missionary position. He placed his tip into his daughter's gaping slit and slowly thrust into her, until his seven inch long cock - which was every bit as thick as Curtis had been, though not quite as long - sank to the hilt in the child.

"Oh yes! Fuck me! Please fuck me!" Stacey said to her father.

"I am, baby, I am," he replied, thrusting rapidly in and out of his own little girl. He kept fucking the child until he filled her with his seed, and then he dragged her to the edge of the bed again and licked her clean. When the little girl was finished moaning with an orgasm, he lay on his back and fucked her again, with the child riding his cock cowgirl fashion.

After their father had filled Stacey a second time, Katja entered the scene, laying on the bed and sucking the cum from her daughter's cunt as their father fucked her too.

Stacey happily licked her mother clean, and then sucked her father to a final orgasm, as Katja stepped off-scene and zoomed the camera in on her baby girl sucking her father's cock. The film ended with their dad spurting his seed into the ten year old bunny's open mouth.


"That was really hot!" Hans said, as soon as the film was over. "Is there any chance I could watch, the next time your father fucks both of you?"

"Well, we'd have to ask daddy, but I don't think he would mind sharing us with you," Katja said. "But there's one thing you should know, Hans. I have decided that I want my daddy to try to get me pregnant again. I'd like Stacey to have a baby brother or sister. So when we fuck daddy next time, I won't be on birth control, and you'll have to use a condom with me if you fuck me."

"Well, if he says yes, I'd love to be there to watch him trying to impregnate you, and to share both of you with him," Hans said. "Stacey, do you think you would ever let your daddy get you pregnant too?"

"Oh sure!" the younger bunny said happily. "I don't particularly wanna get pregnant until at least after I'm done with high school. But in another four years? Yeah, I think that I would like having daddy make me pregnant some time after that. Have you or your father ever gotten a relative pregnant, Hans?"

"Not that I'm aware of," Hans replied. "Dad's been careful to keep all his daughters on birth control, so none of my sisters have ever gotten pregnant yet. And I don't have any aunts or cousins that I know of who I could try to have sex with, and I've never had any sort of sex with my own mom."

"Would you ever consider knocking up one of your sisters, or one of your own kids, or maybe your mom?" Stacey asked.

"Maybe, if they really wanted me to do it to them. But I really doubt my mom would ever have sex with me, let alone risk me making her pregnant!" Hans replied. "She doesn't even know that my sisters or I are sexually active yet, or who half my sisters are. She does know that Miss Cheri gave birth to Marie, and that my dad was Marie's father. But mom doesn't know about my other three half-sisters at all."

Swiss Mix - Chapter 410 By DoggyStyle57, August 2012


Nov 22, 2009 (Sunday evening) - Katja and Stacey Wacker's home, in Pouncefield

Katja led Hans and Stacey to the dinner table, hauling the boy along by his erect cock.

"Hans, you don't mind the taste of a male's cum, right?" Katja asked. "I mean, in your screen test, you were happy to suck Tony off, right?"

"I don't mind the taste, no," Hans replied. "In fact, I kind of like licking my own cum out of a girl after I fuck her. Why?"

"Well, I hoped you might provide a little 'salad dressing" for us then," Katja replied, gesturing in the direction of the big bowl of salad on the dinner table. "Could you jack off and spray your cream all over our dinner, before we eat?"

"I guess I could," Hans replied, as he started stroking his shaft. "I need a release anyway, after watching that pair of films. I'll just... imagine you both fucking your father... and you, ma'am, begging your daddy to make a new baby in your belly... Unghhhh! Ohhhh, there you go - hot and fresh!" He groaned and spurted his seed all over the big bowl of salad.

"Thank you, dear boy!" Katja said, as she served the salad to each of them, dripping with canine cum. "Daddy's done that for us every time he visits, since a few months before Stacey was six. At first it was to get our baby used to the taste, but now it just seems the best way to enjoy a salad."

Hans ate his own portion readily. "I guess cum does make a rather interesting salad dressing, at that. I'll have to mention the idea to my father, for training our youngest maids."

As they ate, they chatted idly about the other cases of incest in Hans' household, and among his father's maids, and that Phil and Bridget were a brother and sister who commit incest as well.

Hans wound up with "... And father on a few occasions encouraged his maids to get pregnant by incest. One maid mated with her own father while my father also mated with her, and eventually she bore her father's baby. And one pair of twins both ended up getting pregnant by their brother, while fucking each other for my father's pleasure."

"Have you ever gotten anyone pregnant yourself, Hans?" Stacey asked.

Hans paused before answering, and then he said, "I'm not certain, honestly. There's one maid back home - my half-sister Taylor's mom, Karla - who got pregnant a while back. I know I had unprotected sex with Mrs. Brushtail at the right time for me to have possibly been the father. But her husband Redd and my father were also fucking her bareback at the time. All of us thought she was still on birth control and weren't using condoms with her, so it could have been any of the three of us who impregnated her. She told me I'm not the father, and implied my dad was, but I'm not certain she was telling the truth. When they were born, her twins looked like her and her husband, and not like dad or like me. But Taylor also looks like her mom, and not at all like my dad. So I guess all I can say is I might have gotten that one vixen pregnant, and her twins might be mine, but no one will confirm it. Her husband claimed the twins as his own, and they refused a paternity test, so I may never know for sure."

"Hans? If my father does get me pregnant, would you be willing to co-star with us in an impregnation movie, making it look like you knocked me up?" Katja asked.

"I suppose I could, as long as I knew you were already pregnant when we started filming," Hans said. "I wouldn't want to really get you pregnant."

"I promise I'll show you a positive pregnancy test before we start filming," Katja said. "If my next baby has my coloring, it won't matter who our co-star is. But we won't know the fur color until it's born. And as you saw in the home movie, daddy has pretty dark fur, so if the baby takes after daddy, its fur would look about right for you being the father. We could even do a little fur makeup on the baby to match your markings, if that was the case."

"So we would be doing scenes together all the way through your pregnancy, and even just after the baby is born?" Hans asked. "I think I'd like that. I certainly enjoyed fucking Mrs. Brushtail while she was pregnant."

"Yes. I was thinking we could expand on what we did together for your screen test. We could start with me seducing my daughter's new boyfriend, and tricking you into knocking me up, but then continue the film with scenes of us all fucking as my belly grows, and then at the end show us with the baby. I'll tell Johan right away that I want to do another pregnant film, and we'll set the schedule as soon as I know I'm pregnant, but before it starts to show," Katja said, as she finished her salad. "And any time you want to while I'm pregnant, you can come here and fuck us both! I love having sex while I'm pregnant. It makes me so much more horny!"

"As if you aren't horny all the time now, mom?" Stacey asked. "Well, I'm plenty horny right now myself, so can we go to the bedroom now and enjoy ourselves?"

"Certainly baby!" Katja said. "You two get started, and I'll join you as soon as I have the table cleared and the dishes dealt with. Won't take long."


Stacey took Hans to her bedroom. At first glance, it seemed like she hadn't changed a thing in her room since her father fucked her on that very same bed as a child. She still had the same style of pink bedding, and the room was still littered with a diverse collection of stuffed toys suitable for a little kid.

"So, what do you think of my room?" she asked.

"Very innocent and childlike," Hans replied. "It looks just like it did in the movie with you and your father, when you were ten."

Stacey giggled, and said, "Yeah, daddy likes to have me act like I'm still a very young girl, so I haven't changed much in the last four years. At least not what you see right off. But look in here," she said, as she opened her closet, and then opened each of her dresser drawers.

Hans looked, and saw that two thirds of what was in her closet was a wide range of cosplay and slutwear outfits, from innocent elementary school girl outfits to a black leather corset and garter belt set that would have been perfect for filming a BDSM movie. Then he looked in her dresser, and found it contained both childlike panties and street clothes, and a collection of sexy, lacy underwear and sexy girl's clothes. There was also one drawer that was entirely full of sex toys - like strap-on dildos, butt plugs and vibrators.

"Some of this is in larger or smaller sizes than what I wear, so I can have my male friends play girly dress-up with me," she explained, as she set a strap-on dildo on top of the dresser. "I bet we could find everything you need to transform yourself into Hannah right here, if you wanted to. See any of my girly clothes that you'd like to wear?"

"Not really. Besides, I think your mom wants me as a male right now," Hans said. "So, do you have other male friends that like dressing as girls?"

"Well, not really. I used to get Paul Stevens to dress girly for me when we were still dating, but he didn't like it that much. And I tried to get a few other boys from school to try it, but they usually only tried it one time for me, and then quit dating me," Stacey said, pouting. "I even got daddy to try dressing like a girl a few times, but he prefers to have us calling him daddy while we fuck. I've been hoping for the longest time to meet a boy my age like you, who really likes dressing girly!"

"Well, we could certainly do some 'dress up' play some other time," Hans said, as he stepped closer and kissed Stacey warmly. "But right now, I want to make love to you. I think your mom wants to be able to walk in on us while we're fucking."

"Oh, you're right there. She loves watching me fuck as much as she enjoys having sex herself. It really turns her on to see me acting like a total slut. And I like having an audience, too," Stacey said, as she lay on the bed, surrounded by child's toys. "So fuck me, Hans! Fill me with cum so my mommy can lick it out of me!"


Several minutes later, that was exactly what Katja was doing, as Hans happily fucked the bunny mom. The older bunny moaned into her daughter's cum-sloppy cunt as she orgasmed while licking Hans' seed from her daughter, and getting her own cunt filled by Hans at the same time.

Then Katja traded places with her daughter, and Stacey licked her mom clean while Hans watched. After several minutes, Hans excused himself to go use the bathroom and grease his own butt with lube, because he had seen Stacey set aside a strap-on dildo, and he was anticipating what the bunny girl planned to do to him next.

When he got back, Stacey put on a strap-on dildo and fucked Hans' ass with it, while Hans knelt on all fours on the bed and fisted Katja. He got his whole hand inside Stacey's mom's cunt all the way to his wrist, and fucked her hard with his fist until all three of them had cum again. Hans came just from the pounding his ass was getting, and Stacey had her orgasm thanks to a vibrator in the harness of her strap-on dildo.

To wrap up the evening, they moved to Katja's bedroom, which had a larger bed, and there Hans fucked both Katja and Stacey one more time, licking his cream out of each of them after he filled them.

"That was delightful!" Katja said sleepily as they snuggled on her bed, all enjoying the happy afterglow of sexual exhaustion. "I think we'll be good fuck buddies from now on, Hans."

"I agree, Katja," Hans said. "And maybe some time soon you can come to my place, and participate while I have sex with my sisters and Miss Cheri. But for right now, I don't know about you, but sleep sounds like a great idea."


Nov 23, 2009 (Monday morning) - Katja and Stacey Wacker's home, in Pouncefield

The next day Stacey and Hans both suckled warm bunny milk from Katja's breasts for their breakfast, before the three of them shared a showed and the kids got ready for school. They had just enough time before they left for Hans to fuck Katja one last time. Then they got into the car, with Katja's cunny still dripping with Hans's seed.

"Thanks for a wonderful night!" Hans said, as they got out of the car at Saint Lovejoy.

"It was our pleasure, definitely," Katja said, as she dipped her index finger into her sloppy cunt, and then sucked it clean while looking at Hans. "You can come to our home any time you want, my dear."


Nov 23-26, 2009 - Bernerholdt mansion, in Pouncefield

Over the course of the next week, Hazel went straight home every evening to pack up her personal belongings, as she prepared to move into the mansion and out of her parent's home. Since she wouldn't need any of her old bedroom furniture at the mansion, her stuff was mostly just her clothes, jewelry, makeup, half a dozen stuffed toys, books, magazines, manga, a collection of Anime DVD's, a laptop computer and some framed family photos.

On Thursday night, her father drove her to the mansion and helped her to carry her things to her new room. It all fit in one trip with their small family car.

"Well, that's everything except for one small suitcase of stuff that I'll need for the next two nights, and my school backpack," Hazel told Hans, after she had unpacked all her stuff. "I could use a few bookshelves in here, but this is going to be so nice! It's the first time that I can remember that I've had my own bedroom. And I'll only have to share the bathroom with Miss Cheri!"

"We'll get you those shelves," Hans assured her. "I already have something nice ordered for you, and it should be here and set up on Friday. Will you be coming home with us Friday night?"

"My wife and I were going to take her to dinner Friday night," Charles Hanson said. "It will be our last night with our baby before she leaves the nest, and we wanted to do something special before she moves in with you, Hans. We'll bring her to you Saturday, after the soccer game, in plenty of time for her birthday party."

"That would be fine, sir," Hans said. "And do remember, you and your wife are always welcome as guests in our home. Hazel will be living here and working as a maid, but that doesn't mean you can't visit her as often as you like. Just call, and we would be glad to have you here."

"Thank you, Hans," her father said solemnly. "But it just won't be the same after that, and we all know it. Still, I know you'll be good to our daughter, and that she will like it here. Well... we should go now. Clara will have dinner ready. She's making one of Hazel's favorite meals."

"Well, good night then," Hans replied. "See you again soon."

Swiss Mix - Chapter 411 By DoggyStyle57, August 2012


Nov 28, 2009 (Saturday afternoon) - Bernerholdt Mansion, in Pouncefield

The next Saturday was the last regular girls' soccer game of the season, as well as being Hazel's birthday. The Saint Lovejoy team had won, and would be going on to the championships, so all the girls were in an especially happy mood. Since all of the cheerleaders were invited to Hazel's party, the school bus that transported both the cheerleaders and the pep band detoured to the mansion after the game, to drop off the cheerleaders, before continuing on to Saint Lovejoy to drop off the band members.

Hannah went straight to Hans ' room and changed back into Hans, as the girls all went into the back yard of the mansion to begin to celebrate Hazel's birthday. By the time Hans got back downstairs, a number of their other school friends had already arrived, including Will and Anna, Cynthia and Pokeinfo, and Edward and Edna Foxx.

"Miss Cheri?" Hans asked, after greeting several guests. "Did the work get finished on time in Hazel's room?"

"Mais oui, Master Hans!" Miss Cheri happily replied. "The workmen were done by ten this morning, and it looks lovely!"

"Well, just don't allow her to go to her room until I tell her about her presents," Hans said.

"I do not think that will be a problem, Master," Miss Cheri said, as they walked through the mansion and out onto the deck that overlooked the back yard. She pointed to the cheerleaders down below, who were in a big circle with a sturdy blanket stretched between them, tossing Hazel high into the air. "Her cheerleader friends are keeping her busy with their celebration of the start of her new life with us. For them it is almost as big an event as one of their members getting married."

"I suppose it is, since she'll be leaving her parents to live with us, as a full-time maid in training," Hans said. "And it certainly strengthens her position as one of my regular girlfriends. Are her parents here yet?"

"No, but they called and said they are on the way," Miss Cheri stated. "I would be expecting them in just a few minutes."

"Excellent. We'll start the party as soon as they are comfortable here. It looks like all our school friends are already here," Hans said, as he left his maid and went down the outside stairs to join the party.


Once everyone was present, they had a splendid dinner out on the mansion's back lawn. It was a beautiful late fall day - too cool to really make any use of the swimming pool, but fine for an informal meal with a large group at tables set up outside. Hans had been rather glad of that, because counting the household staff, there were just under thirty six guests to be served.

Phil, Bridget and Cheri had spent most of the afternoon preparing the meal. Cheri and Bridget served everyone their food, while Phil took care of everyone's beverages. Hazel of course had the place of honor, at Hans' right hand, with Hans seated at the end of the table, Heidi on Hans' left, opposite Hazel. Hazel's parents sat beside their daughter, and the rest of the guests sat wherever they chose, at one of the six tables that were set out on the grass between the pool and the tennis court.

Cheri had done something particularly cute for Hazel's birthday cake. The cake with her ten birthday candles on it was a truncated cone shape, with the sides decorated like a French Maid's skirt and apron. The lettering on the top below the row of candles said, "Happy Tenth Birthday, Miss Hazel Hanson", and below that greeting, done in icing and with rice paper lace, was a pair of Maid's white garters.

Surrounding this were three dozen cupcakes, frosted upside down so they also looked like a Maid's skirt, and each with a small plastic doll upper body atop it, so that each guest got their own 'Maid'.

"Wow..." Hazel said, as the cake and cupcakes were brought out on three platters. "I've never had so many friends attend a birthday party! I'm so happy!"

"Well, make a wish, while your mind is full of happy thoughts," Hans said encouragingly. "And after we've enjoyed our cake, we can get to the presents." He pointed to a side table close to the house, where several wrapped gifts were waiting. Some were as small as a deck of playing cards, but two of the boxes were so big that they were on the ground at either end of the table, with their tops well above Hans' head.

"I've never had so many presents before, either," she said self-consciously, glancing at her parents and then hastily adding, "though mom and dad always managed to get me the few things that I really wanted."

Well, most of those are from your school friends," Hans said. "The two big ones are from Heidi and I, and from Miss Cheri and the rest of our household staff."

Hazel closed her eyes and blew out her candles, and then she sat there for a moment with her eyes still closed.

Hans seized the moment and leaned over to give Hazel a kiss on the mouth. Then he smiled and said "Happy Birthday, Hazel!"

Everyone cheered and sang for the birthday girl, and then they all devoured their cake and ice cream.


When it was time for presents, Will and Anna sidled up to Hazel, handed her a gift, and asked, "Can you open our present first, Hazel? We, ummm, can't stay too much longer."

"Sure! I'm just so glad you both could make it!" Hazel said. She unwrapped the present and happily held up to Anime action figure dolls. "Yay! Wow, how did you know I collected these figures?"

"Our big sister Paula told us," Anna said, as she curled one arm around her big brother's waist. "Well, have a great birthday! We gotta go now, sorry!"

As the brother and sister rapidly headed for the mansion, Hazel turned to Paula and asked, "Does that mean you gotta go right away too, Paula?"

The older Bernese girl had her own arm wrapped around her boyfriend Earl Friederich's waist, as she replied, "Errr, no, Earl's dad will be taking me home, when the party is over. They rode their bikes over here, so they want to ride back while it's still light outside."

"Oh, okay!" Hazel said, as she selected another present to open.


Inside the mansion, Will and his sister Anna went through the game room, up the servant's spiral stairs, and then they headed straight for one of the guest bedrooms over the garage.

As soon as the door closed, Anna was tearing her clothes off, as she told her brother, "Ohhh, do me quick, Will! I just gotta feel you inside me again before we go home!"

Will took his own clothes off rapidly, but he eyed his little sister and asked, "Are you okay, Anna? We've made love at school every day this week, and it's like you just can't get enough. I mean, I love having sex with you, but if we keep this up, somebody's gonna realize we're fucking each other!"

"I'm fine! I'm just super horny," she insisted, pulling him close and pressing her naked nine year old body against her ten year old brother while she kissed him passionately. "Now fuck me, please!"

Soon they were mating on the bed like a couple of feral animals, both lost in passion, as Will thrust his cock repeatedly into his little sister and filled her unprotected womb with his seed. "I love you so much, sis!" he said, as his cock throbbed deep inside her.

"And I love you, big brother! Ohhh, that feels better than ever! I wanna do it again, as soon as you can, okay?" Anna pleaded.

Will kissed her and replied, "As many times as you want. We can ask Mister Phil to put our bikes in the van and give us a ride home later. Mom and dad aren't expecting us for hours, anyway."


Bridget walked into the mansion a short while later, carrying the first armload of torn up wrapping paper to dispose of, so it wouldn't blow all over the back yard. She paused in the game room and sniffed the air tentatively. "Hummm? Smells like one of the female guests must be in heat. Good thing this isn't an all-out orgy tonight, and that we're holding the party outside where there's a breeze to blow the scent away," she said to herself, as she stuffed the paper into a waste can, and grabbed a second waste can to take out to Hazel for the rest of her wrapping paper. "It simply wouldn't do for this party to turn raunchy before Miss Hazel's parents go home."


Out on the lawn, Hazel was down to her last three presents. She had received all sorts of books, anime DVD's, and manga from her friends. Her parents handed her the last small box, saying, "This is from us, dear. But this is just the box. Your friend Hans had what was in it taken to your room already."

"Huh? Well, okay," Hazel said, as she unwrapped a present that was about two feet wide, a foot long in the other direction, and several inches thick. "No wonder it's so light. But why...? Oh my GOD! You didn't? You DID! Oh, thank you so much!" she said as she unwrapped enough of the pretty paper to read the label on the box. She handed the box to Hans and hugged both of her parents fiercely, tears of joy streaming down her cheeks, and her tail wagging like crazy.

"What is it?" Pokeinfo asked.

Hans pulled the paper the rest of the way off the box and held it up for everyone to see. "Her parents gave her a Blu-ray Disc Player!"

Hazel released her parents and asked Hans, "Umm, do you have a spare TV that I can hook it up to? Even a small one that I could keep in my room?"

"Well, I don't know," Hans said, "We don't really have any spare ones lying around. But I'll see what we can do. Why don't you open that big flat present next? That one's from Heidi and I. Oh, and it's also an empty box..."

"Wait a minute..." Hazel said. Her eyes got bigger as she tore the paper off the box, which was as tall as she was and three feet wide, but less than four inches thick. "WOO HOO! It's a TV! A flat screen HDTV, to go with my new Blu-ray player! An' it's HUGE!"

"It's already set up in your room, and hooked to the new Blu-ray player," Hans managed to say, before Hazel nearly smothered him with kisses.

Miss Cheri took over, stating, "And the last present is from the household staff, Miss Hazel. It too is already set up in your room."

Hazel unwrapped the largest box, and it turned out to be for a large home entertainment center, with bookshelves on either side, and a credenza in between that had room on top for a large flat screen TV, and space below for a stereo system and media players. "WOW! I can't wait to see it! Thanks so much, everyone!"


Eventually all the guests had gone home, except for Hazel, Hazel's parents, and Will and Anna. The incestuous young brother and sister had been making love to each other all this time, and they quietly slipped out of the back hallway without calling attention to themselves, and approached Phil for a ride home. He gave it to them without comment, as he usually did on Wednesday afternoons when they came to the mansion to make love.

Phil got back just as Hans, Marie, Cheri, and Hazel's parents were finishing the last of the legal paperwork that made Miss Cheri Hazel's legal guardian, and Karl von Bernerholdt her official employer.

"Well, I guess that's that then," Mister Hanson said, as he shook Hans' hand."Take good care of our daughter, Hans. And our thanks to you and your father, for making it possible for her to go to college. You don't know how much that means to Clara and I."

"She's part of our family now," Hans said. "I'm sure she will be very happy here. Thank you for trusting us with her. I understand how much she means to you both, and I promise never to hurt her."

"We know you'll be good to her dear," Clara Hanson said, as she kissed Hans, and then kissed her daughter goodbye. "Make us proud of you, dear," she said to her daughter.

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Nov 28, 2009 (Saturday evening) - Bernerholdt Mansion, in Pouncefield

"Bye mommy! Bye daddy!" Hazel said from the front steps of the mansion, as her parents left her in Hans' care.

When they were out of sight, Hans took the ten year old puppy by the hand, and said, "And now, it is time for you to officially become one of my maids, and join the maid scholarship program. Everyone else is waiting in my bedroom by now," as he led her upstairs.


Once everyone was gathered in his bedroom, Hans had Hazel remove her cheerleader uniform and kneel on the floor, naked, in front of himself and Heidi, while Phil and Bridget stood on one side of Hazel, and Cheri, Marie and Taylor stood on the other side. Marie was holding a folded maid's uniform, while Miss Cheri held a small flat wooden box.

"Miss Hazel?" Hans asked when everyone seemed ready. "Before you formally swear to serve me, you have this one chance to place limits on what I may ask of you. Once you begin service, you must at least try to perform any other types of service that we ask of you. Is that understood? Do you wish to place any limits on your acceptance of myself, or of Heidi, as your Master and Mistress, other than the restrictions our father has placed on Heidi?"

"No reservations at all, Master Hans." Hazel said. "I trust you and know you would never hurt me. I want to be yours completely, as your maid, and as Mistress Heidi's maid."

"Very good. And you understand also that it is my father who legally employs you, and that he will most likely also wish you to serve him as his maid, when you are available to him?" Hans asked.

"Yes, Master. And I really, really want to also serve your father, just as your other maids do," she replied. "I will gladly accept your father as my secondary Master, and swear service to him when next we meet."

Hans nodded, and said, "Well then, I would like you to remain on your knees before us, state 'I', then your full name, and then repeat after me."

Hazel said, "I, Hazel Hanson," and then repeated each line the oath as Hans led her through it.

"... do accept Hans Bernerholdt as my Master,"

"... and Heidi Bernerholdt as my Mistress,"

"... freely offering myself to them as their Maid,"

"... to serve them personally, as they see fit."

"I swear to obey their commands,

"... serving their household to the best of my ability,"

"... and to mate with whoever they direct me to, in the ways they command,"

"... unless a task has been attempted and found unbearable."

"I swear to be loyal to this household,"

"... and to keep its secrets, always,"

"I swear to love and trust my Master and Mistress,"

"... and to seek to understand myself and their commands,"

"... as they guide me in my service to them.

Hans took his sister Heidi's hand, and said to Hazel, "Being your Master and Mistress is an obligation for us as well, so now it's our turn, and Heidi and I will swear our support of you, which is just as binding on us as your swearing to serve us." He recited their oath, and Heidi echoed each line.

"And we, for our part,"

"... accept your service, Hazel Hanson, as our maid,"

"... and promise to love, protect, and provide for you,"

"... to the best of our ability, and to ask nothing of you,"

"... that we do not believe will be pleasurable for all involved.

"We promise never to harm you,"

"... and to protect your secrets as our own."

"We promise to reward your love, trust and devotion,"

"... as we seek to understand your inner needs,"

"... and guide you to fulfilling those needs,"

"... in your service to us."

Hans smiled and said, "And now you are our maid, Hazel! Miss Marie? Please give Hazel her uniform."

Marie handed Hazel the pieces of her working uniform, which was the same one that Hazel had worn on many of her Friday night visits to the mansion over the last year.

Hazel put on her garter belt and stockings, her blouse and corselet, her skirt and apron, and a white silk hair bow. Then she noticed that Marie's hands were empty, and she asked, "What about the garters? I understand that we usually wear no panties, unless there are guests present. But where are my garters?"

"You may no longer use the plain white garters that you wore for the past year, chere Hazel," Miss Cheri said, as she stepped forward with the flat box, and presented it to Hazel.

Cheri opened it while Hazel held the box, so she could display the contents to the new maid. In it was a neatly folded, pristine maid's apron in white silk, trimmed in black lace, and two pairs of matching garters, also white silk with black lace. "The highest rank among us goes only to those who fully give themselves to our Master. The black lace on this apron and these garters signifies our highest honor - that the maid had given herself fully and completely to the Master. You, Miss Hazel Hanson, have happily given yourself without Reservation to Master Hans for the past year, before ever becoming a maid. Now that you are fully one of us, I am happy to give these to you, in token of your commitment to our Master. Please wear one set of the black garters now, and keep the rest for formal occasions."

Hazel blushed until the insides of her ears turned pink, and her tail wagged happily as she put on the black edged garters. "Thank you so much!" she said. "Is there anything else for me to do before I'm really a maid?"

Hans kissed Hazel, and said, "Well, technically for the next six years you're still a maid trainee. But there is one more thing. I want you to seal your agreement by mating with Heidi and I. And I would also like you to mate with all the other members of our household tonight as well, before you join me in bed for the remainder of this night."

Hazel just grinned, and said, "Try to stop me, Master! I'm only too happy to obey that command!"


Heidi took off her own clothes and lay on her back on the end of her big brother's bed, with her knees hanging toward the floor. "Come and worship me, Miss Hazel! Lick my cunny and make me cum, my friend!" the eight year old Bernese puppy commanded.

Hazel got on her knees at once, and started licking the cunt of her boyfriend's little sister. "I will happily obey my Mistress!" she said between licks.

Hans got undressed and knelt behind Hazel, taking the younger girl from behind and eagerly fucking her. "We accept your full submission to us, as your master and Mistress," he said. "May our years together always be filled with mutual pleasure."

Taylor, Marie, Cheri, Phil and Bridget also got undressed. Phil immediately started making love to his sister/wife on the floor, while Marie pushed her mother back onto the bed beside Heidi, and knelt beside her brother to lick at her own mother's dripping wet slit. Taylor started playing with an equine-sized dildo.

As soon as Hans finished cumming inside Hazel, Phil deposited the last of his seed inside his sister, had Bridget suck him hard again, and then he mounted Hazel himself, thrusting into the child's cum-sloppy cunny until he tied with her.

Hans moved to one side and started fucking his sister Marie, while Bridget straddled Mistress Heidi's muzzle and allowed the young puppy to lick Phil's cum from his sister's cunny.

They continued in various combinations, until no one could remain awake or get an erection. First Phil and Bridget returned to their beds, and then Marie and her mother Cheri excused themselves, and finally Taylor departed, leaving Hans and Hazel alone in Hans' bed, with the boy's knotted cock stuck fast in the young puppy's vagina, and Hazel asleep in his arms.


Dec 2, 2009 (Wednesday) - Bernerholdt Mansion, in Pouncefield

Will and Anna rushed off the school bus and into the mansion after school, heading straight for what they were fast beginning to consider as 'their' bedroom - a guest bedroom over the mansion's garage. The kids tossed their school backpacks in the corner, threw off their clothes, and started mating as soon as they were both naked.

"Oh God I needed this, Will!" Anna sighed, as her brother's cock thrust deep into her unprotected sex. "This last week has been so crazy at home! Paula's had Earl hanging around so often that it's a wonder mom and dad haven't figured out that they are fucking in her bedroom, right under their noses! And what's with mom and dad?"

Will had also noticed his big sister and his mother's hyper-sexual behavior. Their home reeked of aroused females in heat, and it was making both Will and their father walk around with a hard-on nearly all the time. He had to wonder how much the smell of aroused adult girls in heat was affecting little Anna, too. His nine year old sister was acting almost as horny as their big sister. "Mom and Paula are both in heat, that's what," Will replied. "And mom wants dad to get her pregnant again, I'll bet. The way she hauls him off to the bedroom right after dinner... wow, I'll be amazed if we don't have a new baby brother or sister before Christmas of next year. Mom's not paying attention to much of anything other than dad right now. Paula figures she's safe enough, since she's on the pill. Besides, Earl would marry her in a heartbeat if she asked him to, or if mom and dad caught them."

"Then can we fuck at home too?" Anna asked eagerly, squirming as her brother's knot began to swell inside her pre-pubescent vagina. "I wanna fuck every night too!"

"Well, maybe we could get away with it, after Mom and dad lock their door and start mating," Will said hesitantly. "You sure you're not in heat too, sis?"

"I don' think I am," Anna said. "I gotta have a period first, right? An' my panties don' ever have any blood on 'em. I check every morning an' every night."

Will relaxed a bit and flooded his sister's womb with his cum. "Well, all right then," he said. "But you let me know if you see any blood on your panties, okay? Once that starts, I can't fuck you whenever we feel like it. I'll hafta be careful then, so I don't knock you up, sis."

"Well, you don't hafta be careful right now, big brother," Anna insisted. "Keep fucking me, please? It feels so good, with your warm cream gushing into me! I just can't get enough!"


Over the next week, Anna slipped into her big brother's bed every single night. They mated as quietly as they could, with an intense level of passion, and he filled her at least twice each time, before she would agree to go back to her own bed.

Paula was too engrossed in her mating with Earl to notice that her two younger siblings were still frequently mating, and that they were always doing it without using any sort of birth control. She had told little Anna several times that once her periods started, the child needed to start making Will use a condom with her, until she could chart her cycles on a calendar for a few months to know when her 'safe' days were. And she had showed Anna the jar of free condoms at the nurse's office at school and told her that any student could take condoms from the jar when they wanted to yiff. Anna had obediently listened, and promised that she would get some condoms and make Will use them, when that time came.

So Paula didn't pay much attention to Will and Anna, assuming that her little brother and sister would have the sense to start using condoms as soon as Anna started having her periods.

No one suspected that the children were having unprotected sex every single night. Certainly no one expected Anna might start ovulating when she was still only nine years old...

Swiss Mix - Chapter 413 By DoggyStyle57, August 2012


Dec 12, 2009 (Saturday evening) - Katja and Stacey Wacker's home, in Pouncefield

Hans hurried home after the day's cheerleading at a girl's basketball game, and as soon as he could change his clothes he rode his bicycle over to Katja and Stacey Wacker's home. He had a very special date with Katja and Stacey this afternoon, so he didn't want to draw attention to their home by being driven there in a limo. The goal of today's tryst was for Katja and Stacey's father, Henery Wacker, to try to knock up Katja while Hans and Stacey watched, and for Henery to share both of his daughters with Hans. This would be the second time that Henery would impregnate his daughter Katja, and the first time they were trying to do it intentionally.

Stacey met Hans at the door, let him in, and closed it behind him. Then, with one finger vertically across her lips, she said, "Shush! Be really quiet, get naked, and follow me." The fourteen year old bunny girl wasn't wearing any clothes at all herself. "Our daddy's already fucking mommy in her bedroom."

Hans stripped, leaving his clothes on the bench just inside the door, and then he silently followed his naked classmate further into the house.

The door to Katja's bedroom was wide open, and the 32 year old bunny mom was flat on her back and getting enthusiastically drilled missionary style by a dark brown male bunny that looked to be as old as Hans' father, and yet who seemed to be in pretty good shape for a guy pushing fifty. He certainly had no lack of energy when it came to ramming is cock into his daughter.

"You like that, baby?" Henery Wacker asked. "What does my baby girl want? Let me hear you say it!"

"Ohhhh, that feels so good, daddy!" Katja moaned, as the older male fucked her thoroughly. "I want you to make a baby in your baby! Please make me pregnant! Knock up your daughter, daddy!"

"Isn't our daddy sexy?" Stacey asked in a whisper, as she wrapped a soft furred paw around Hans' cock and started stroking his shaft gently. "He's already hard at work, tryin' to make mommy pregnant again," she added.

"That's so hot! Dang! I forgot and left my condoms in my pants! I'll need a condom to fuck your mom tonight." Hans whispered, turning to go back and get them.

"We have plenty of condoms in mommy's side table. Fuck me right now without one, while we watch daddy fucking mommy!" Stacey said, retaining a firm grip on Hans' cock. She dropped to all fours right there in the doorway, facing her parents, and guided the boy's cock to her bunny hole.

Hans allowed himself to be pulled to his knees behind the teenaged bunny, and as soon as they were settled on the floor he thrust his cock into Stacey's wet cunny and started eagerly fucking her. "I still can't believe that your mom is going to get her own father to impregnate her. I wonder if any of my sisters would ever let our father knock them up like that."

"Well, I came out okay, didn't I?" Stacey asked, keeping her eyes locked on her parents as they fucked. "I hope mommy has a boy this time. Then when he's old enough, mommy and I can both fuck my little brother! That would be so cool."

Hans nodded, and said, "I guess it's okay for a father and daughter to breed, as long as the family has fairly clean genetics. Dad says he's checked my sisters against me, and against him, and that if either of us ever did knock up one of my sisters, the chances of a birth defect are pretty low."

Henery Wacker looked over his shoulder and asked, "Why are you kids hiding in the hallway like that? Get in here and fuck where we can both enjoy watching you!" He didn't slow his pace at all as he fucked his daughter.

"Oh! Uh, sorry, sir. We didn't want to interrupt, is all," Hans said. He pulled out of Stacey, helped her to her feet. They climbed onto the bed together, just above Katja's head, and resumed mating doggy-style, right in front of her parents.

"It's nice to finally meet you, Hans. You have a pretty big cock there, boy! I see why my daughters enjoy fucking you so much," Henery said cordially. "They told me you and your dad fuck all your sisters?"

"Yes sir, we do," Hans admitted. "Well, four of them all the way, and my youngest sister, Heidi, does oral and anal with us. But she has to stay a virgin until she's ten, or it will screw up my father's inheritance."

"Good for you, boy! Keep those girls happy! Ten's a pretty good age to have a girl start really fucking. We waited until Stacey was ten before we let her lose her virginity, too. What does your mom think about you and your dad fucking your sisters?" Henery asked.

"Well, my mom, and she's also Heidi's mom, married dad under a breeding contract, and she doesn't live with us. She's only married to father so Heidi and I could be his legal heirs. She doesn't know us kids are sexually active at all, and she only knows that one of my half-sisters exists," Hans said. "Two of my half-sisters have moms that are maids working for my father, and those maids are totally loyal to dad. My oldest half sister's mom was the one who convinced my father to start committing incest. She gave their daughter to father as a sex toy when Taylor was only nine years old. The other maid that is one of my half-sisters' moms didn't like the idea of father or I fucking her daughter at first, but she's okay with it now, and participates with us. The remaining two half-sisters' mom was a barmaid that dad had a brief affair with. She hadn't ever told father he had gotten her pregnant, and she died in an accident before her daughters lost their virginity. In her will, she set it up for father to get custody of her twins, as maid scholarship candidates, but she was careful not to legally name him as the father. Dad says she knew that by sending her girls to dad, that it was likely father would fuck them both. He fucks pretty much all the girls that go through his maid training scholarship, and the twin's mom knew that father trains the girls in his scholarship program to be mistresses and French Maid sex toys for wealthy men like himself."

"Ever bang your own mom, boy?" Henery asked. "Or any of your half-sister's moms?"

"Not my own mom, no," Hans replied, groaning as he came inside of Stacey while thinking what it might be like to fuck his own mother. "Mom hardly even has sex with father any more, and certainly not with her kids. But I've fucked the moms of two of my half-sisters, plenty of times."

Henery grunted and unloaded his creamy filling into his daughter's womb, and then told his younger daughter, "Stacey, your mom and I need cleaning up. Get over here, darling, and lick your mommy and daddy clean."

"Yes daddy!" Stacey replied. As soon as Hans pulled out of her, she crawled down the bed, licked her father's cock clean and took his full length into her muzzle for a few minutes, and then she got between her mother's thighs and started happily licking her father's cum from her mother, while wiggling her fluffy tail and presenting her father with her own cum drenched slit.

Henery Wacker didn't hesitate. As he thrust his rapidly hardening cock into his younger daughter's sloppy cunny, as he asked, "When's my baby girl gonna let her daddy knock her up? Wouldn't you like daddy's baby in your belly too, Stacey?"

"Oh Daddy! You know I want your baby. But I really oughta finish high school first, shouldn't I?" Stacey said between slurps.

"Oh, I guess so," Henery said. "But don't wait too long, baby. Daddy's getting old enough that it won't be much longer before he can't make babies with his girls anymore."

"You don't seem to be having any trouble with potency now, sir," Hans said, as he offered his cock to Katja, and the bunny mom sucked it right into her mouth. "My father's older than you are, I think, and he fucks several girls a day, and shows no sign of slowing down."

"Hard to say, boy. Some men run dry before they turn fifty, or even sooner. But some can still father children well into their eighties," Henery said. "Oh, I'll probably still be enjoying my children in bed for quite a few years to come. Bunnies do tend to keep going a while. But I'd like to have a chance to father and eventually fuck my great-granddaughter too. I won't get to do that unless my granddaughter Stacey has a baby girl by me, and not until the child is ten or so."

"That would really be something, sir," Hans said.

Katja had an orgasm from her daughter's eager licking, and then she wriggled higher on the bed, slipping Hans' cock out of her mouth and saying, "Get a condom from the side table, Hans, and fuck me, now. I want that nice big doggy cock inside me and tied with me, corking my daddy's seed inside me."

"Yes Ma'am!" Hans said, as he reached into the drawer, tore open the square foil packet, and rolled the rubber down over his erect cock.

After Hans fucked Katja, Henery took another turn with his eldest daughter, and then they took a break and had dinner. Hans and Henery both jacked off all over the dinner salad before Katja served it, and they all ate it as if it was covered in normal salad dressing.

When they were mostly done with the meal, Hans asked, "Sir? Ummm, I guess you want to save most of your seed for knocking up Katja, but by any chance do you like sex with males, too?"

"Oh, obviously I don't mind the taste of my own or another male's cum," he replied, waving a hand nonchalantly at the remains of the salad. "But these days I prefer to only fuck my daughters. I date a few ladies my own age for appearances sake, but I don't usually even try to take them to bed. Why? You like gay stuff, Hans?"

"Well, I also prefer girls, sir. But I'll do enjoy mating with guys sometimes, too," Hans said. "I just thought, well, it's been so nice of you to include me while you're trying to knock up your daughter... If you were interested, I was going to offer that you could fuck my ass, or I could suck your cock. But it's okay if you'd rather not."

"That's a generous offer, Hans, but I'll stick to my daughters, thanks," he replied. "Shall we get back to fucking them?"

"Daddy? Can you fuck me while Hans is fucking my ass?" Katja asked.

"I suppose we could," her father replied. "But then what would Stacey be doing?"

"Stacey could sit on my face and get licked," Hans suggested. "Assuming you kneel to fuck Katja, so she could mostly sit up and ride my cock in her ass."

Stacey and Katja were both grinning happily. "See daddy! He's lots of fun to play with!" Stacey said.

Henery waited while his daughters got into place atop the young canine boy, and then he eased his cock into his older daughter's vagina. "Oh God you're tight this way, baby! That boy's cock up your ass is really making a difference in how this feels. We're going to have to do this more often!"

"Oh, I know, daddy!" Katja said enthusiastically. "I do this a lot in my porn movies. That's why I was so glad when we found out it was safe to let Hans know we were your lovers. Now you have another guy to share us with that is safe, because he accepts the idea of you fucking your daughters."

After everyone rode this combined position to a wonderful set of orgasms, the girls traded places and Hans licked Henery's cum out of Katja, while he fucked Stacey's ass and Henery filled his younger daughter's cunt with his seed.

"Whew! I can barely fit inside you, Stacey, with that boy up your ass!" Henery commented.

"But it does fit, and it feels incredible!" Stacey said, before pulling her father closer and kissing him passionately.

When Henery was finished for this round, Hans was still tightly tied in Stacey's ass. So Henery knelt down and licked his own cum out of Stacey, while Hans continued reaming Stacey's ass and licked Katja to another orgasm.

Finally Henery sighed and said, "That's all daddy's got, girls. My balls are dry. But we can try again next weekend, all right?"

"Oh, I suppose we can let you go, daddy," Katja said sleepily. "What about you, Hans? Want to wake up with us in the morning?"

"Tempting as that is, I should get on my bike and head for home. My sisters will want to play with me in the morning," Hans replied.

"Oh no. You're not riding your bike home at one AM!" Stacey said. "Daddy? Did you drive your pickup today? Can you put Hans' bike in the back and give him a ride home?"

"Sure I could!" Henery said. "I'm parked just down the block. Come on, Hans. Let's get dressed, and then I'll be happy to take you home. You're a good kid, and I'm glad my girls met you."

Swiss Mix - Chapter 414 By DoggyStyle57, August 2012


Dec 13, 2009 (Sunday morning) - Bernerholdt Mansion, in Pouncefield

After getting only six hours sleep, Hans was awakened Sunday morning by his little sister Heidi, who was, as usual, awakening him by sucking his cock. He groaned and started spurting his seed into Heidi's mouth, just as his oldest sister, Taylor slowly lowered her musky slit over his muzzle. She was already quite wet, and her slit was dripping with another male's seed.

"Good morning master! We missed you last night," Taylor said, as the naked vixen squatted over his mouth. "Since you weren't home, all six of us girls ganged up on Phil. He had a hard time taking care of all of us. But he did manage to cum inside Miss Cheri, his sister Bridget, Miss Marie, Miss Hazel, and myself and to lick Mistress Heidi to a nice orgasm, both last night, and again this morning. He just finished with me less than ten minutes ago."

Hans eagerly started lapping the golden retriever's cum from his oldest sister's cunny, as his youngest sister happily milked his cock for every last drop of his seed, swallowing all of it. "Yes, I can still taste him in you," Hans observed. "Sorry I had to miss the family orgy, but last night was worth it."

"Oh? I knew you were out with Stacey and her mom, Katja. But what made it so special?" Taylor asked, sighing with pleasure as her brother licked the mess from her cunny.

"Last night, I got to watch while their father, Henery, tried his best to knock up Katja! He may well have done it, too. He came inside his daughter Katja at least three times, and she's off the Pill and in heat. He wants to knock their daughter Stacey up too, but she isn't ready to have a baby quite yet," Hans replied between licks.

"Oh wow! Katja's gonna have her own father's baby? Intentionally this time, and not by accident, like when she had Stacey?" Taylor asked. "Ohhhh, I almost wish daddy would make me pregnant! But we all know he won't risk that."

"But you would?" Hans asked, his cock slipping from Heidi's mouth and already starting to get stiff again. "You'd let our father knock you up, if he was willing to do it? Or maybe let me make you pregnant?"

"Why not? I've seen the genetic tests, the same as you have. Odds are pretty good that if you or daddy knocked me up, there would be no medical problems," Taylor said. "Political ones, sure, if our grandparents ever found out! But the babies would likely come out just fine. Would you like to make a baby in me some day, little brother? Really do it, and not just pretend to try to knock me up?"

"Maybe, after I've finished college and gotten married and produced a legal heir or two of my own," Hans said. "By then, I doubt our grandparents would be around to raise a fuss about it. But not right now. I'm only twelve, and that's too young to start a family!"

Taylor savored the thought that her little brother already had two children of his own. He just didn't know, yet, that the twins her own mother had recently given birth to were Hans' kids. "Well, if you ever do want to knock me up, just ask, little brother!" Taylor insisted, moving down his body and impaling herself on his now-hard cock, as Heidi crawled up the bed to squat over her big brother's face for her own licking. "I really would let you knock me up."

"I might let you make me preggers too, big brother!" Heidi said, as her brother started licking her virginal cunny. "But only after I have a husband, so no one has reason to suspect it's yours."

"Man, I have the best sisters in the world," Hans sighed. "I love all of you so much!"


A little while later, as Hans finished pumping his seed into Taylor's belly, his newest maid, Hazel, came into the bedroom. "Miss Cheri says breakfast will be ready in twenty minutes, Master. Oh! Can you do me too this morning, please?"

Hans waited for Heidi and Taylor to get off the bed, and then said, "Of course, Hazel! Just leave your uniform on, and get up on the bed on your hands and knees."

"Yes Master!" the little puppy said happily, tail wagging as she obeyed her lover's commands.

"You two have fun," Taylor said. "I want a shower before I get dressed. Care to join me, Mistress Heidi?"

"Sure! See you two at breakfast!" she replied, waving to her brother and her classmate as she took Taylor's hand in hers, and the girls left the room, to share the big shower in Hans' bathroom.

Hans knelt behind Hazel. Like most of his maids, the girl wore no panties under her maid uniform skirt. So he merely placed his tip between her folds, and entered her wet slit easily. "Ummmm, so nice and tight!" he said. "Are you enjoying yourself here, Hazel, now that you're on full-time as one of my maids?"

"Oh, yes, Master!" Hazel said with a giggle. "Everyone's been so nice to me! Mister Phil says that I'm the youngest girl he's ever fucked on a regular basis! I get to fuck you now three times a week, and I'm in bed with Marie and Heidi twice a week, and with Taylor and Cheri once a week, and with Phil and Bridget once a week. I'm in bed with someone every night, and I love it! And I'm learning soooo much from Miss Cheri about all sorts of sex tricks that I never even dreamed possible! She thinks that in a few weeks, she may even be able to teach me how to deep-throat a cock as big as your daddy's!"

"Well, father would... certainly appreciate that... when we see him over the holidays," Hans said, as he hammered his cock into the young girl from behind. "So will I. You do have a passport, right?"

"I've applied for one," she replied. "It should come in on Thursday, just in time for the trip to see your father."

"Well, I hope it does get here in time. I want to take you with us." Hans replied. "If it doesn't, though, I guess you can visit your parents, or Tobias Jaeger will be staying here to take care of the mansion, and you could serve him as a maid."

"Tobias Jaeger? The name's familiar, but I don't think I've met him?" Hazel said uncertainly.

"He's a black panther, and about four years younger than my father. He's one of the people who rescued me when I was kidnapped," Hans replied.

"Oh! The spy guy? I never got a chance to thank him for saving you. I wanted to, but he seemed to never be around when I was trying to approach him," Hazel said.

"Well, he will be here next Sunday, on the 20th. Maybe you can thank him then," Hans said, as he tied with his young girlfriend and unloaded his seed into her belly.

Dec 14, 2009 (Monday) - Saint Lovejoy school, in Pouncefield

It was finally the last week of school before the Christmas and New Years break. This was a busy time at Saint Lovejoy. Students had final exams to take before the holiday, and performances to practice for, to be presented in the holiday pageant on Friday evening. It was one of the few times of the year when you wouldn't see many kids using the make-out spots, since they were mostly too busy to yiff.

Marie and Hans had a duet performance to prepare for, though this year Hans had decided not to participate in the Ballet dance performance. They would be at school for an extra two hours every night this week, with Phil coming to pick them up after Choir practice.

Will Steiner and his little sister Anna were an exception to the rule when it came to yiffing. Though Anna had finally gotten less insistent about yiffing every day, they both knew that once the holidays started, it would be nearly impossible for them to mate with each other at home, with the constant presence of their parents and their sister Ceriese. As a result, the two of them were fucking at school every day, instead of having their lunch break.

Dec 16, 2009 (Wednesday afternoon) - Bernerholdt mansion, in Pouncefield

After school on Wednesday, Will and Anna rode the bus to the mansion with Heidi, Hazel and Taylor. As usual, they went straight to their favorite bedroom over the garage to start fucking each other.

While they were getting undressed, Will noticed something unusual. "Hey sis!" he said. "Is that blood on your panties?"

"Huh?" Anna replied, as she took them off and looked at them. "I guess it is. Funny, they were clean when we yiffed on our lunch break today."

"We better have Miss Cheri take a look at you," Will said, getting on the phone and dialing the extension that would summon a maid to attend them.


Several minutes later, Miss Cheri finished examining Anna. "Well, children," she said, "Anna is fine, but it appears that her periods have started. I can also see some of your semen inside her, Will. Have you been mating with her without a condom? She's 'safe' right now, but the past few weeks she was likely to be as fertile as can be."

Will looked positively ill, as he replied, "Oh geeze! I must have cum inside her at least twenty times in the last two weeks, Miss Cheri! Please, please tell me she isn't pregnant!"

Miss Cheri shook her head, and stated, "If she was pregnant, her periods would cease, not begin. But you were very lucky that you did not impregnate her, with so many matings while she was fertile! We supply condoms in the side table drawer in all our guest bedrooms here at the mansion, and you can get condoms for free from the school nurse. Unless you wish to get your sister pregnant, you must begin to use them, young man, or you must get her on birth control."

"Aughhh! The Church says that me using condoms would be just as bad as her being on the Pill. But getting her pregnant would be worse. You... you said she's safe today though, right? I don't have to use one today?" Will asked hopefully.

"While her menstrual blood is flowing, she cannot be fertile, no," Cheri replied. "Today, and for the next few days, you could still continue mating without a condom. But in another week, her fertile time will resume. By two weeks from now, she will be in heat, and very fertile. You must be extremely careful then."

"We'll be careful," Anna said. "And I'll see the school nurse tomorrow. But what do I tell my mom? I mean, I hafta tell her my periods started. But what if she wants to look inside me like you just did, and sees I'm not a virgin anymore?"

"You should tell your mother your periods have begun, so she can teach you proper hygiene and get you sanitary supplies. And I may have an answer for your other dilemma. Wait here," Miss Cheri said.

The kids waited on the bed, both naked, while Miss Cheri left and returned.

Miss Cheri handed Anna several small paper packets about the diameter of a finger and half as long. "These are tampons," she said. "They are used to absorb the blood that appears during your period. Tell your mother that when you saw you had blood on your panties, you asked another girl for help, so you wouldn't ruin your clothes. She gave you these and she inserted one into you to soak up the blood, without asking if you were still a virgin. Like this..."

Matching her words, Miss Cheri unwrapped one of the small packets, removed a white, bullet-shaped object with a string on one end and a waxed, tapered tip on the other, and tucked the tampon into the little puppy's vagina, with the string hanging out. "There. If you were still a virgin, it is possible, but by no means certain, that inserting that could have torn your hymen apart. Your mother probably won't be able to tell that the blood is all menstrual blood, and none of it is from a recently torn hymen. Having a torn hymen is not what makes you no longer a virgin. It's not having ever had intercourse that makes you one. Your mother may not be happy that your hymen is no longer there, but she should be able to accept that not having one is not proof of itself that you have been mating."

"So I just leave that in there all week?" Anna asked.

"Oh, heavens no! Remove it to have sex, and change them at least daily for the next week, and possibly twice a day if your flow is strong, in a few days from now. Just dispose of them in the garbage. They will stink after they are used, however, so you will want to put them in a trash container with a lid, and not a bathroom or bedroom wastebasket," Cheri advised.

"Thank you so much, Miss Cheri!" Anna said, giving the older woman a hug.

"And make sure you douche carefully before you leave, so your mother does not find your brother's semen in you!" Miss Cheri added.

"Yes ma'am!" Anna said, removing the bloodstained tampon and setting it to one side, to re-insert after she fucked her brother.

Swiss Mix - Chapter 415 By DoggyStyle57, August 2012


Dec 16, 2009 (Wednesday evening) - Anna and Will Steiner's home, in Pouncefield

"Mom? Can we, ummmm, have a private talk?" Anna asked, as soon as she got home from Hans' mansion with her brother.

"Of course, darling!" Gretchen Steiner replied, taking her daughter to her bedroom.

When they were alone in her mom's bedroom, Anna said, "Mom? Ummmm, my periods started today, at school. I got blood on my panties."

"Oh? My! And you're still so young! " Gretchen said. "Well, they did warn us that children mature faster here. No matter dear, Mommy will teach you how to use a sanitary pad to line your panties, to protect them and soak up the blood that leaks out. And I'll show you how to carefully clean yourself, so you don't tear your hymen."

"Ummm, about that, mom... It's... kinda too late to worry about that," Anna said hesitantly.

"Too... late? Whatever do you... ANNA! You didn't let one of those nasty boys at school..." Gretchen exclaimed, becoming agitated.

"NO! Momma, let me explain, please. No boy from school has had sex with me, I promise!" Anna said quickly. Then she reached into her backpack and got out the tampons that Miss Cheri had given her. "My hymen got broken accidentally, by one of these thingies. When I saw the blood on my panties, I asked a girl at school to help me, so I wouldn't ruin my school clothes. She took me to the girl's bathroom, had me take off my panties to check me, and then she got one of these out of her purse and pushed it into me without asking if I was still a virgin. We didn't realize she was breaking my cherry until I yelped, and by then it was too late. I'm sorry, momma. I didn't even know a tampon could do that!"

"Oh dear! No honey, momma is the one who should apologize. I should have explained these things to you sooner," Gretchen said sadly. "I just never expected it to hit you so soon! Your sisters were two years older when theirs started!"

"S-so you're not mad, mommy?" Anna asked.

"Well, I'm not happy about it, but what's done is done," Gretchen said. "Now, after dinner you and I will go to the pharmacy and get you some feminine supplies of your own, and I'll teach you how to use them. I suppose until then you may as well still use the tampons."

Anna breathed a deep sigh of relief, and went to her own room to change her clothes.

Dec 17, 2009 (Thursday) - Saint Lovejoy school, in Pouncefield

The next day, Anna went to the school nurse's office, and told Nurse Susan that her periods had started. She also admitted to the nurse about the lie that she had told her mother to explain her lost virginity, though she didn't tell the nurse about who else had been involved.

"Well, I'll note that 'incident' in your files then, Anna. A little white lie like that will do less harm then them finding out that you're sexually active at your age. But your secret lover better realize that he needs to use a condom with you now," Nurse Susan said. "I can't put you on the pill until you're twelve. Not without permission from at least one of your parents. If you don't want to get pregnant, and if you can't ask their permission for birth control, then a condom is the only safe way for you to remain sexually active. Take as many as you want from the jar on my desk. They're free, dear."

"Thanks Miss Susan!" Anna said, talking a handful of condoms from the jar, and hiding them in her pencil case, to take home.


At lunch time, Hans met with Mandy and Lisa Blackwell.

"Well, next week I'll be going back to my father's mansion for the holidays," Hans said. "I'm really going to miss both of you. Phil, Bridget, Hazel, Marie, Cheri and Taylor can all come with Heidi and I as our household staff, and no one would blink. But if I brought you two along, when my grandparents are holding a formal ball to introduce us to marriage prospects, it would raise expectations too high that I was serious about marrying one of you."

"Oh, we know that, Hans!" Mandy insisted. "And I still think it's neat that in spite of that, you wanted to show our pictures to your grandparents as your 'American girlfriends'. Just because we aren't going steady, that doesn't make us any less your girlfriends, so it isn't really a lie, is it? You're still dating both of us."

"Well you two are the only Bernese girls that I'm dating regularly, so I guess you're right," Hans replied. "Maybe next year I can take you along. I know father would love to meet both of you."

"We'll miss you too, Hans," Lisa said. "But we'll be waiting here for you when you get back! Don't worry about us. We'll be fine."

Dec 17, 2009 (Thursday evening) - Anna and Will Steiner's home, in Pouncefield

Late that evening, Paula slipped into Anna's room, after everyone was in bed. She quietly explained to Anna about how to make notes on a calendar to track her periods, and how to judge when in her menstrual cycle she was least likely to have a baby if she had unprotected sex.

"The church-approved method only really allows you to mate one week out of four without risking becoming pregnant, but that's a whole lot better than none, isn't it?" Paula asked. "And I've talked to Hans, and he's going to try to get you some long-term birth control on his own, like he did for his girlfriend Hazel. He'll do it for you even without mom and dad's permission if we ask him to. So just be patient, all right? I don't want to see you getting pregnant, sis."

"Well, I'll try, Paula," Anna replied sleepily. "Thanks for staying up to explain that stuff. Mom still hasn't talked to me at all about what to do once I do start having sex. She just expects me to wait until I get married."

"Well, she didn't talk to me about birth control until I came home with in tears and with cum dripping down the insides of my thighs," Paula said in disgust. "Honestly, if she would just open her eyes and see how the world is these days!"

"Not likely, sis," Anna said, yawning. "Well, good night, and thanks again."

Dec 18, 2009 (Friday evening) - Saint Lovejoy school, in Pouncefield

The holiday pageant was all right, but it wasn't as much fun for Hans or Marie, without their father in the audience to watch them perform. They dutifully did their duet performance, singing a medley of Christmas songs in both English and German, and then rejoined their household in the audience. As soon as the program was over, they went home.

Dec 19, 2009 (Saturday) - Saint Hildegards school, in Pouncefield

The last school activity before the Christmas break was a boys' basketball game, with Saint Lovejoy playing at the Saint Hildegards gym. Hans attended as Hannah, and did the usual cheerleading routines with Mandy, Paula and the other girls. Will Steiner sat with Heidi and Miss Cheri and watched the game.

"Hey Will? Which one of the cheerleaders are you staring at so intently?" Heidi asked.

Will jumped a bit, feeling guilty. "Wha? Oh, er, well, I was looking at Paula, and... well, at Hannah, too, I guess," he admitted.

"No reason why you shouldn't," Heidi said. "They're both so pretty."

"Yeah, well..." Will started, not knowing quite what to say. He had actually been mostly watching Hannah. He still found it hard to believe that the pretty girl down there beside his big sister was really a boy - Heidi's brother, Hans, despite the fact that Will had experienced sex with Hanna just last month.

"Do you want Hannah to join us tonight?" Heidi asked.

"Ahhh, no. No, that's all right," Will replied quickly, not willing to admit to his girlfriend that he actually had been considering having sex again with her cross-dressed brother. "Tonight may be the last chance I get to be with Paula, until the Holidays are over. I should pay a lot of attention to her tonight."

Dec 19, 2009 (Saturday afternoon) - Bernerholdt Mansion, in Pouncefield

After the game, both Will and Paula came home with Cheri, Hans and Heidi, and the kids went straight to Hans' bedroom. Hannah changed back into Hans, while Will fucked his big sister Paula, and Paula licked Heidi to a nice orgasm.

As soon as Hans returned from the bathroom, he took Will's place, mating with Paula, and Will moved around to place his cum-slicked cock in Heidi's mouth for a blow job. Paula kept right on licking Heidi, keeping the cute virginal puppy in a series of multiple orgasms that made it difficult some times for the younger girl to concentrate on sucking her boyfriend's cock.

Will and Hans kept trading places, with one of them fucking Paula, while the other got deep throat from Heidi. Before they were done, each boy had cum three times inside Paula, and Heidi had swallowed five loads of cum - three from her brother and two from her boyfriend.

When neither boy could manage to perform another time, Heidi crawled between Paula's thighs and lapped all six loads of cum from the older girl's sloppy cunny.

"Oh wow..." Paula sighed happily, lying flat on her back as Heidi licked the last of the cum from her gaping slit. "I've never been fucked so many times in a row! I completely lost track of how many orgasms I had!"

"Heidi giggled, and said, "So did I! You're really good at licking a girl, Paula. I liked that a whole lot!"

"Well, you're very tasty, Heidi," Paula replied. "I'll lick you any time you ask, sweetie."

Hans and Heidi helped their exhausted friends to get cleaned up and dressed again. "Well, you two have a nice Holiday! Don't do anything I wouldn't do," Hans said with a grin, as he hugged both of his friends.

"That gives us a lot of leeway, Hans," Paula replied with a smirk. "But I don't think that Will, Anna and I will get many chances to have sex with each other before school starts again. Mom and dad and Ceriese will be watching us too closely. You have fun though, and we'll see you when you get back!"

Dec 20, 2009 (Sunday) - Bernerholdt Mansion, in Pouncefield

Hazel Hanson answered the door shortly after breakfast on Sunday. "Welcome to Bernerholdt Manor," she said cheerfully as she greeted the black panther at the door, and let him into the foyer. "Who should I say is calling?"

"Tobias Jaeger. I work for Hans as his head of security. Are you new here? I don't believe we've met?" he replied.

"Oh! You're the spy guy that rescued Master Hans! We've been expecting you." Hazel replied excitedly. "Taylor! He's here!" she shouted in the direction of the balcony above the foyer. Then she looked at Tobias and said, "I'm Hazel Hanson. I was the girlfriend that Hans was out with when he got kidnapped. I tried and tried to meet you so I could thank you for saving him, but I could never find you!"

Tobias looked a little embarrassed, as he replied, "Oh, well, I'm afraid that was my doing. You see, Miss Marie had already told me how all of you girls wanted to thank me, in a rather intimate way. But when she told me you were only nine, I... Well, I didn't want to be rude and decline your offer, but nine was a bit below my comfort level for the age of a sexual partner."

"Well, I'm ten now, does that make it okay?" Hazel asked hopefully.

Before he could reply, a nearly naked vixen came running down the stairs into the foyer. She was wearing only garters, a maid's apron, and a slave collar. Her breasts bounced quite enticingly as she said, "Well, I certainly hope sixteen is acceptable for you, Mister Jaeger, or I'll have to tie you up and force you to accept my thanks! I'm Taylor, and I was still in Switzerland when you rescued Master Hans. But Hazel and I love him just as much as Marie, Cheri or Bridget! Please, won't you come with us, and allow both of us to show you just how grateful we are?"

"Well, I..." Tobias said slowly, looking from the delectable vixen to the tiny puppy girl, and back again.

"You may as well accept their offer and be done with it, Tobias," Hans said, as he entered the Foyer. "Or they just may sneak into your bed at night and have their way with you. It's all right. Both girls are in my father's and my service as maids."

"Ten, eh? Well... I suppose I could," Tobias said. "You really don't mind mating with a guy who is fourty-eight? I'm old enough to be your father, maybe even your grandfather."

"I've happily served Master Karl, and he's older than you are, sir. It would be my pleasure. Please?" Hazel insisted, giving him a longing 'big puppy-dog eyes' look.

"Oh, all right," he said. "I suppose in this family, I should be used to this sort of thing. It's just that I never spent any time at Karl's mansion. I heard rumors about his lifestyle, and knew his tastes pretty well from some of the 'field assignments' he sent me on, but I haven't, er, sampled his harem, before this year."

"If you enjoyed Marie and Cheri, you'll love these two. They're quite enthusiastic. Have fun, Tobias. We'll meet when they're done with you," Hans said, as the girls led him to Taylor's bedroom.

Swiss Mix - Chapter 416 By DoggyStyle57, August 2012


Dec 20, 2009 (Sunday) - Bernerholdt Mansion, in Pouncefield

"This is my bedroom," Taylor said, as she led Tobias Jaeger and Hazel into the room, shutting the door behind them. She immediately took off her maid's apron, leaving herself clad only in garters on her thighs and her slave collar.

Tobias sat on her bed and asked, "Do you usually go about mostly naked, Miss?"

"Well, not at school, or just going around in town, of course. But here in the mansion, when we're not expecting guests that might be bothered by seeing me like this, yes," Taylor replied. "A while ago I volunteered to be the family sex slave. That's why I wear this locked-on collar. I love sex, and I like being submissive. But if you're doing security stuff for Master Hans, you already should know who I am, right? Hazel knows, so it's okay to say things in front of her."

"The family sex slave? Interesting, that. Well, I won't judge you one way or the other, if that is what you choose to do. She called you Taylor," Tobias replied, thoughtfully. "That would make you Taylor Schwartzfield, correct?"

"Yes. What else do you know about me?" the naked vixen prompted.

"I know that you're actually Lord Karl's oldest daughter. Your mother is Mrs. Karla Brushtail, formerly Karla Andersson, a vixen who is one of Lord Karl von Bernerholdt's maids," Tobias replied. "And I am also aware that for the last six years you've been working as a maid yourself for your father, and now for your half-brother, Hans, and that you're sexually active with both of them. Just like Marie LeChow, though her mother is Miss Cheri LeChow. Don't worry. The fact that all of you commit incest doesn't bother me, as long as all of you are willing participants."

"Good. Then I hope you'll understand just how grateful I am that you rescued Master Hans," Taylor replied. "Hans is far more important to me than just my employer. He's also my Master, my lover, and my little brother. He's one of the three people I love more than anyone else in the world."

"Well, I love him too!" Hazel said quickly. "Hey mister spy guy, what do you know about me?"

"Well Hazel, when you started dating Hans, his father had me investigate you, and your family," Tobias admitted. "Your parents, like yourself, were born and raised here in Pouncefield. Your father is a factory worker, with a solid employment history. He's a proud man who works hard to provide for his family. I have a great deal of respect for working class people like your parents, Hazel. When I was eight I was adopted by a mixed-breed canine family a lot like yours. As for yourself, I know you're a reasonably good student, with a good reputation for being honest and friendly. I gave Lord Karl a positive report on all three of you, and stated that I believed you really do love Hans."

"And you know that Master Karl and Master Hans both approve of mating with girls my age, and that it's legal here in Pouncefield, right?" Hazel asked. "So why did you avoid me?"

Tobias sighed, and said, "Yes, I've known that Karl had a thing for little girls since around 2005, when he asked me to investigate the backgrounds of a pair of twin Malamute girls in Canada, named Molly and Claire who were only twelve, and a vixen named Sierra here in America, who was only ten. He later hired all three girls as maids, and even offered to have me as a guest at his mansion, to enjoy their 'talents' for myself. At the time, I declined. A year later I investigated another ten year old vixen, named Lexi, for him. But after that, I asked him not to involve me in procuring more young girls. Look, I know he treats his girls well, and that they accept his service with their eyes wide open to what he wants from them, and that they are happy with their situation. But in most places here in America and Canada, it's extremely illegal to procure such young girls for sexual purposes. I don't care if he enjoys sex with kids your age, and can get away with it at his home or here in Pouncefield. That's his business, and yours - not mine. Personally, extremely young girls had never appealed to me. When your Mrs. Bridget Connors and Miss Marie LeChow and her mother, Miss Cheri, all offered their sexual services to me in thanks for rescuing Hans, I was quite hesitant to accept their offers. That was the first time I had ever mated with any girl who was more than ten years my junior. But I... have to admit that I did enjoy it. A lot."

"Then why did you avoid me when I wanted to thank you too?" Hazel asked. "I'm only about two years younger than Marie, and just as willing."

"I know you are, Hazel," Tobias replied. "I avoided you after the rescue because I knew you were still living with your parents, and I was afraid of how your parents might react, if they found out that I had mated with their nine year old child. But Hans told me recently that you're working here full-time now, and living here under the Scholarship program. So... as long as you don't tell your parents, I'll accept your 'favors', at least this one time."

"Yay!" Hazel said happily. "So, what kinds of sex do you like? Do you like three ways, or bisexual girls? Taylor and I are both bi. We could put on a girly show for you, to get you hot. Would you like that?"

"My own tastes are probably pretty bland to your way of thinking," he replied. "I'm straight, and usually I only date girls who are fairly close to my own age. The last girl I dated normally was fourty-two. I'm familiar with a number of kinky games like Taylor's sex slave role, or the Master and French Maid arrangements, and am willing to try such things, for variety now and then. But I don't have any real preference for dominant or submissive roles myself. I prefer mating with someone I can treat as my equal. Watching you two making out with each other, or mating with both of you at once, would be enjoyable for me. I like giving oral sex to a girl as foreplay, or having her do that for me. And I like vaginal and anal sex. Also, I guess it's mostly a feline thing, but while I don't care much for having sex with another male - or for tasting any male's seed, including my own - I do get off on taking 'sloppy seconds' after another male. You see, with felines, it's the second male to mate with a girl that night that is likely to get her pregnant. The first one that cums inside her rarely will do it."

"Really?" Taylor asked, fingering her cunny a bit to get ready. "Should I ask Hans, or Miser Phil Connors, to come up here and fuck both of us first, while you watch? And don't worry about birth control. We're both on Norplant."

"Bridget Connor's husband?" Tobias asked. "I think I would be more comfortable sharing you with him than with Hans. Besides, I never have spoken with him directly since she offered herself to me, and I wanted to do so, since he was kind enough to allow her to mate with me. An interesting couple - a sister and brother that are now acting like man and wife."

Taylor smiled as she reached for the phone to call Phil, and said, "Yeah, Master Hans and Master Karl seem to have a strong influence in that direction on our friends and hired help. Six years ago, Master Karl had never committed incest. Now Hans and Karl do it every week, and quite a few other families that we associate with have started committing incest, following our example. I'll call Phil. I'm sure he will be happy to join us."


"Good to see you again," Phil said, shaking Tobias' hand as he joined them in Taylor's bedroom.

"Same here," Tobias replied. "And thank you for being so understanding when your wife, er... offered herself to me."

"Comes with the job," Phil replied, as he began to get undressed. "My sister, as a maid here, is expected to have sex with a lot of people other than me. It was a weird thing to get used to, at first. But we're pretty much past that now. It all works out. We get to live together here with all the benefits of being man and wife, and in return we've expanded our social circle to include relationships with Hans and Karl's households, and selected friends. Now, Taylor said you had a thing for taking sloppy seconds?"

Tobias shrugged, and said, "It's a cat thing. The second guy to mate with a feline girl is the one that is particularly likely to make her pregnant. So the sight and scents of a recently bred girl make us more horny than usual. Sort of hard-wired into us."

"All right with me. Which one should I do first?" Phil asked.

"Well, Miss Hazel here wanted to please me quite badly, so how about I start by licking her, while you fuck Miss Taylor?" Tobias suggested.

"Works for me," Phil said, as he got on the bed with Taylor. "Thanks for calling, Taylor. Let's have some fun."

Tobias helped Hazel to get undressed, and then he removed his own clothes. Then he lay down on the bed beside Taylor, and had Hazel squat over his face to be licked.

"Whoo! Oh wow, your tongue is really rough!" Hazel exclaimed, as he started licking her. "I've only had sex with one other feline before, and Pokeinfo is still kinda young. His tongue isn't anywhere near as raspy as yours is."

"It isn't hurting you, is it?" Tobias asked.

"Oh no! I kinda like it, but I couldn't take a lot of licking from you." Hazel said, as she squirmed happily. "But that rough tongue will get me off pretty fast, I'll bet. I'm already feeling flushed."

"All right. You taste really nice, so I'm glad I can keep licking you," Tobias replied.

As Phil fucked her, Taylor reached down and started stroking Tobias' sheath. "Let's see that kitty cock!" she said eagerly. "Do you have those wonderful barbs, like some of the tigers that I've mated with?"

Tobias held hazel away from his mouth for a moment and replied, "No. Sorry to disappoint you, miss, but my family has only slight vestigial barbs. My cock is pretty smooth, with just some bumps where the barbs would be. But most non-feline girls seem to prefer me like this."

"Ohhh! I hadn't even thought about that!" Hazel exclaimed, looking at Tobias' cock carefully. "I like the way it looks. I'd be scared to try it if you did have barb thingies on it. Pokeinfo's cock is like yours, smooth and tapered, and kinda bumpy in places." She leaned forward and took the tip of his cock into her mouth. She was too small to get any more into her muzzle and still be able to have the panther licking her, but she was rewarded with a groan of pleasure from Tobias, as she licked and nibbles at the sensitive tip of his shaft.

"Oh Gods!" Tobias moaned. "Your tongue is so soft!"

"Wait till you feel my tight cunny!" Hazel said proudly.

Soon Phil was done creaming Taylor's cunny, and the guys traded partners. He grunted as he slipped his adult cock into the ten your old puppy's cunny. "You're still so tight! Hang on, Hazel, and I'll rock your world!"

Tobias slipped his cock into the sloppy wet slit of the teenaged vixen with a contented sigh, and started eagerly fucking the young girl. "Wonderful! Ohhh! That's a neat trick, kid, the way you're rippling the muscles of your vagina. It's like you're milking me! I know ladies twice your age that don't know tricks like that."

Taylor grinned, and said, "Well, I've been fucking since I was Hazel's age, and I've had some great sex teachers. My mom and Miss Cheri can both do stuff that any guy would find amazing."

"I've sampled some of what Miss Cheri can do, including this trick," Tobias said as he pounded into her. "You're right, she's amazing."

But if Tobias thought Taylor was amazing, his experience with Hazel eclipsed that. By the time Tobias had finished cumming inside Taylor, Phil was done with Hazel, and the naughty puppy was smiling at the panther with her legs spread wide, semen dripping from her tight young slit.

"I'm afraid I'll crush you, Hazel," Tobias said, as he lay on his back. "You get on top."

"All right!" Hazel said. She squatted over his erect adult cock and slowly lowered herself onto his pole, while looking him straight in the eyes.

"Hot damn!" Tobias exclaimed, as he watched his cock slowly sinking into the tiny puppy girl. When she was all the way down on his cock, he sighed and said, "Hazel? You're now officially the youngest girl I have ever had sex with, and this is positively amazing! Your cunnys is the tightest thing I have ever had my cock in, I swear it! God, I'm almost ready to cum just from penetrating you, and seeing you there smiling at me!"

"And if I do this?" Hazel said mischievously, as she started riding his shaft up and down, and trying to do the vaginal ripple trick that Taylor had just been doing for him. She knew she wasn't as good as the other girls at this trick yet, but she also knew she was going to get a reaction from him.

"Ohhh!" was all that Tobias could utter, as he exploded into the little puppy's hot love canal.


An hour later, Hazel bounced down the stairs, back in her maid uniform, with her cunny wet from having just been licked clean by Taylor. She found Hans in his office and told him, "We're done with Mister Tobias. I think he's gonna need to take a nap for an hour or so, though. We wore him out pretty good!"

Hans smiled, removed his pants, and drew Hazel onto his lap facing him, impaling her well-fucked sex with his shaft. "Then let's enjoy ourselves while we wait for him to wake up," he said, kissing the ten year old puppy girl and fucking her soundly.

Swiss Mix - Chapter 417 By DoggyStyle57, September 2012


Dec 20, 2009 (Sunday) - Bernerholdt Mansion, in Pouncefield

Around lunch time, Miss Marie opened the door and welcomed her wolf friend Bren into the mansion.

"Happy Holidays, Bren!" she said, reaching up on tip-toes to give the boy a kiss.

Bren chuckled, and said, "I heard you would be in Switzerland for the Holidays, so I came over to give presents to you guys a bit early. Is everyone home?"

"Yes. We're just finishing packing. Mom, Taylor, Hazel and I are all done, and Bridget, Phil, Hans and Heidi are just finishing their packing," Marie said. "We maids only need to bring three maid uniforms each, plus the toys and presents that we want to bring with us. Hans asked Phil and Bridget to bring formal wear, and of course Hans and Heidi need to pack several changes of formal clothes. Who do you need to see?"

"Drat! I forgot about Taylor and Hazel," Bren said. "No matter. I'll make sure that they get gifts delivered to them over there. Who I need now is Hans and Heidi, you, and your mom."

"No problem," Marie said with a smile. "I'll go get them now."


A little while later, Bren met with Hans, Heidi, Marie and Cheri in the Great Room. He handed small packages to Marie and Cheri, and a book-sized package to Hans, saying, "It's okay if you wait to open these when you open your other presents - though Hans, you, umm, might want to open yours when you're alone, or with some of your trusted maids. Not a gift to open in front of your grandparents."

"We can do that, sure," Hans replied. "And we'll be bringing gifts back for you and our other special friends - nice things that we can get in Switzerland."

Then Bren turned to Heidi and handed her a thin, flat package, saying, "Umm, if you don't mind, Heidi, I would kind of like it if you'd open your present now, and wear it while you're on your trip. Please?"

Heidi looked at him curiously, and then at her brother and Miss Cheri, both of whom nodded to indicate that it was all right. "Okay!" she said, happily tearing the wrapping off what proved to be a thin black velvet box. She opened it carefully, and then when she looked inside, said, "Ooohh! It's so pretty!" She turned the box so the others could see the necklace inside the box, resting on white satin. It was a small pendant of blood red ruby, on a cord that was black and seemed to be braided of some unidentifiable material. There was a note folded inside the lid of the box.

"May I put it on you?" Bren asked. "The note was in case I didn't get to see you open it. It may seem silly to you, but where I come from, they believe that this particular type of necklace will protect the wearer from curses and hexes. It might even save the wearer from mortal danger. Weather you choose to believe that doesn't matter, all right? But I'll be happier if you'll wear it, especially when you're travelling or away from home."

Heidi extended the box to the wolf boy, and said, "Please do! It's very pretty, and it will look really neat with the red dress that I'm gonna wear to the holiday ball!"

Bren fastened the necklace around the eight year old puppy's neck, settling the cord into her fur, so only the teardrop of ruby showed, resting in the pure white ruff of her chest and neck fur. "It looks perfect on you! Good Yule to you, kiddo," he said with a satisfied grin.

"Thank you Bren!" she replied, giving him a big kiss and wrapping her arms around the older boy's neck. "I promise I'll wear it!"

"A splendid gift, Master Bren," Miss Cheri said. "You really needn't spend so much on us, however. That ruby surely cost you quite a lot of money, if it is as real as it seems to be!"

"Oh, it's real, all right. But don't worry about what it cost," Bren insisted. "You, ummm, could say I came into an inheritance this summer. I can afford a few nice things like that now, for friends that have been as accepting and trusting as you all have been with me. Seriously, you guys have been more like family to me than my real family, and I appreciate that. There aren't many people that I know who I'd trust my back to. I'd give that trust to any of the four of you, without a second thought."

"Well, you've certainly proven you have my back covered, my friend," Hans said, shaking the wolf's hand. "More than proved it, when you helped rescue me from those kidnappers."

"Hey, that's old news, and you and your father's maids already repaid me ten times over for what little I did," Bren said somewhat modestly. "And please tell Taylor and Hazel that they will have presents waiting for them at your father's mansion. I'll make sure they get sent in time."

"You'll never get something mailed there that fast, my friend, except in a diplomatic pouch," Hans insisted. "But we'll be there through the second of January, so if you send it soon, it will get to us before we come back here."

"Didn't say it would be something shipped from here," Bren said with a sly grin. "You're not the only ones with 'connections' in distant places. It will be there by the 24th, I promise. You'll see."

Bren left as soon as he could after that. The family finished packing, and sent the majority of their luggage, as well as the gifts that Bren had given to Marie, Cheri and Hans, to be shipped air-freight and transported to the mansion. Then they all got a good night's sleep.


Dec 21, 2009 (Monday) - Pouncefield Airport

It took most of the next day and a half for them to fly from the local airport in Pouncefield to the International airport Furland, and from there to New York, and then on to Paris, and then to Berne. Each of them had only their passports, personal jewelry and watches, travel money, and a small carry-on bag with them, to have minimal difficulties with airport security or customs as they travelled. And for most of them, there were no problems...

Taylor reluctantly allowed Hans to remove her metal slave collar and place it in her carry-on bag while they went through the security checkpoints. The vixen walked through the metal detectors wearing nothing at all but a short-skirted sun dress, and yet still set off the metal detectors. "Oops!" she said with a giggle. "Forgot to remove two things!"

She backed up and reached under the front of her skirt, as the airport security people converged on her. She grunted a bit, something dropped into her hand, and then she reached behind herself and grunted again, and produced two ovoid capsules, an inch and a half in diameter and two inches long, their surfaces glinting wetly. She dropped them in a tray to be x-rayed and said calmly, "Sorry! Forgot I had those two vibrators tucked in there! You can search me everywhere if you wanna make sure there's nothing else..." She looked as if she was rather hoping they would do a full body cavity search on her. The people operating the x-ray machine made no comment about the collar and coiled leash in her small bag, or about the two vibrator capsules, though they did take a closer look at what appeared to be a small hand-held radio controller. This proved to be the remote for the two vibrators, which she had tucked into her vagina and ass before she left the mansion.

Hans scowled at Taylor, but she just smiled back and said cheerfully, "Well, I checked, and there were no rules against bringing sex toys on the plane!"

The chief of security for the checkpoint looked at her Swiss passport and the diplomatic stamps in it, sighed, and returned the vibrators and controller to her in the tray, without touching them, saying, "Just the same, miss, all of the airlines do prohibit use of radio transmitters while in flight. So you are not permitted to use those - ahem - remote controlled toys, from the moment the plane leaves the terminal, until you have landed and the Captain says it is permissible to use cell phones again. If you turn that device on while in flight, it will be detected and confiscated."

"Fine by me!" Taylor said happily. "I was only planning on turning them on in the terminals, while we had layovers. Happy holidays!"

Dec 22, 2009 (Tuesday) - Bernerholdt Mansion, in Switzerland

It was fairly late at night when Hans and his party arrived in Berne. The sun had already set, and it was well past dinner time. Redd Brushtail and his wife Karla drove the two limos that picked up Hans and their party at the airport. Marie, Cheri, Phil and Bridget rode in the first limo with Karla; while Hans, Heidi, Taylor and Hazel got in the limo with Redd.

As they rode back to the mansion, Taylor slipped out of her dress, put her slave collar and leash back on, tucked her dress into her small bag, and asked Hans, "Will you please fuck me, Master? I want to return to the mansion as your well-used slave."

Hans shrugged, and knelt on the floor of the limo behind his big sister, unzipping his pants and fucking the naked vixen thoroughly. If Redd Brushtail noticed what they were doing, he made no comments.

When they arrived at the mansion, Karla held the door open while Cheri, Marie, Phil and Bridget out of the limo. Two of the maids were already collecting the small amount of luggage from the trunks of both limos.

Phil likewise held the door for his passengers. Heidi and Hazel got out of their limo first, then Hans, and then Taylor, with Hans holding Taylor's leash.

Taylor was completely naked except for her slave collar, and she had her brother's cum leaking down the insides of her thighs. She carried her small bag in one hand, and smiled at everyone as her Master led her into the mansion. It was so cold that her nipples were firmly erect, but she didn't care, as long as she was on her Master's leash, and being seen by her mother and everyone else acting as his sex slave.

The vixen walked past her stunned mother at the door of the other limo, kissed Karla on the cheek, and said quietly, "Happy holidays, mom," and then followed Hans into the mansion.

Karla just stared at her daughter, until Redd tapped her on the shoulder and said quietly, "Well, you always said you wanted her to be a fuck toy for her father and her brother. Looks like you got your wish. Let's park the limos, and go inside to join them."


Karla found Taylor inside the mansion a few minutes later, kneeling before Lord Karl in the main entry hall of the mansion, and giving her father a blow job, while several maids watched and tittered among themselves. Hans still held her leash, and Heidi stood beside her brother, watching their big sister's submissive cock sucking.

"Ahhh, Masters? May I have a word in private with Miss Taylor?" Karla asked hesitantly. "Ahhh, when you're done with her, Master Karl, of course."

Karl nodded wordlessly, his attention on his eldest daughter as she deep-throated the full length of his cock.

When Taylor was finished sucking off her father, Hans removed the leash from her collar, and said, "Go with M'Lady Karla, my Pet. Then come to my bedroom to serve my choice of maids and myself."


Karla took her naked daughter into a side room, and asked, "Did it ever occur to you that the Count and Countess might already have been here?"

Taylor shrugged and said, "No. But they would already have been asleep, if they were. Are they?"

"No, thank goodness!" Karla said. "But they should be here tomorrow morning. Now this is an order, as Senior Maid, and not just a request from your mother. Until the Count and Countess leave on the Twenty Fifth, you are to wear your complete maid's uniform at all times when you are not directly serving Lord Karl or Master Hans in their bedrooms. And that includes panties! All of the maids have the same standing order. Do you understand me?"

"Yes ma'am," Taylor replied sullenly. "I'll have to get some panties from Miss Trixie, since I didn't pack any. But I'll still wear my slave collar. I won't take it off!"

"At least put a bow on the damned thing, will you?" Karla requested. "Maybe then they won't notice it. What has gotten into you, anyway?"

"This is how I choose to serve Master Hans, mother - as his household sex slave," Taylor replied without the least trace of shame. "And that's not all! I'm a porn starlet now! I've been in six porn films, and my favorite co-star is an adult stallion! Now, may I go serve my Master?"

"Oh my! You... Oh, go!" Karla said in frustration. "We'll talk again later. Just go to bed."

"Yes, mother, I will go straight to my brother's bed. Good night, mother," Taylor said, before taking her leave and walking naked through the mansion through the main hallways, heading for her brother's bedroom.

Swiss Mix - Chapter 418 By DoggyStyle57, September 2012


Dec 22, 2009 (Tuesday night) - Bernerholdt Mansion, in Switzerland

Taylor walked naked through the main halls of her father's mansion, taking her time and waving cheerfully at any of the maids who were going about their duties. All of Lord Karl's maids still remembered her, of course. It hadn't been all that long since she had gone to America to serve her brother. But only a few of the maids here had ever seen her acting like a naked sex slave, so most just stopped and stared as she walked by, wearing nothing but a slave collar and a smile. The looks on their faces were almost as priceless as the look on her mother's face had been, when she stepped out of the limo naked and on her brother's leash. Her father was the only one who had taken it all in stride, even when she had dropped to her knees in front of him, unzipped his pants and sucked his cock right in the entry hall. She could still taste his cum in her mouth, and could feel her brother's cum dribbling down the inside of her thighs.

She stopped in the part of the mansion where the maids had their personal rooms, to check a bulletin board and confirm which room she was assigned to stay in for the holidays. She was happy to see that they had given her the same room that she used to live in, with Hazel in the adjoining bedroom that she shared a bathroom with. Cheri and Marie also shared a maid suite down here, and Phil and Bridget had been assigned a suite here as well.

"So, did the airline manage to lose all your clothes? Even what you were wearing?" asked a familiar voice behind Taylor. "I'd heard you made quite an entrance, and even managed to shock M'Lady Karla. So, why are you walking around the mansion naked, you silly vixen?"

Taylor turned and greeted the white-furred vixen with a hug. "Sierra! So good to see you again! I'm naked because I am Master Hans' household sex slave now. But M'Lady Karla says I have to wear a normal uniform while the Count and Countess are here, starting tomorrow. Could I borrow a pair of panties? I didn't bother to pack any."

"Sure, I can loan you a pair, and M'Lady Trixie can get you more in the morning. She and Eva have already gone to bed for the night," Sierra said. Except for her snow white fur and hair, Sierra could almost have been Taylor's sister. They wore the same size clothes, and Sierra was only three months older than Taylor. "M'Lady Karla's got no room to complain at your being scantily clad or out of uniform, though. Master Karl has had her doing her daily duties bare-breasted, and wearing nothing but a, under-bust corset from the waist up. He only allowed her to go back to the normal uniform today, when he got word that his parents would arrive soon."

"Really? When did that start?" Taylor asked, as the girls went down the hall a short ways, and into Sierra's room.

"Late September," Sierra replied. "I think that M'Lady Karla wore a corset to do some lactation play with Master, and he decided he liked seeing her like that. He's even had her expressing milk from her breasts at the dining table, to flavor his coffee. Here's the panties." She handed a pair of white panties to Taylor, and they went back out into the hall together.

"Do you happen to know who our Masters have serving them tonight?" Taylor asked, as she stopped in her room and got a maid uniform from the closet, leaving the pieces on the two hangars, and tossing her small bag into the closet.

"Well, it was supposed to be my turn with Lord Karl tonight, but he cancelled that when your group arrived, and I think Miss Marie is with him tonight," Sierra replied. "I'm not sure who Master Hans asked for, but I know that the Bernese twins, Karin and Sandra, were hoping he would summon them soon after getting here."

Taylor nodded, and said, "Well, I hope they are willing to share Hans with me, because I'm going to his room next."

"They probably will. I'll see you at the maid's meeting in the morning, all right? M'Lady Karla wants all the staff from Master Hans' mansion to at least show up and be introduced to our maids," Sierra said.

"Yeah, she mentioned that when they picked us up at the airport," Taylor replied. "See you in the morning then."


As Taylor expected, Hans had been set up in his own most recent former bedroom in the family quarters section of the mansion. His little sister Heidi was set up in the next room down the hall, sharing a bathroom with her big brother.

Taylor found her brother already naked on his bed, with two equally naked ten year old Bernese girls eagerly making love to him. Miss Karin was straddling Hans' face, while Miss Sandra was impaled on Hans' cock, and bouncing happily up and down. Both girl's tails were wagging rapidly.

"Hi girls!" Taylor said casually, as she crossed the room and hung her uniform up in her brother's closet, to put on in the morning. "I see you're happy to see our brother again. May I lick each of you clean after he fucks you?"

"Oh! Hi, Taylor," Karin said. "Sure! We missed you, too, big sister! The more the merrier!"

Taylor climbed onto the bed and gave both of her little sisters a kiss, then settled in beside her brother, fingering her slit while she watched her siblings mating with each other.


Heidi slipped through the maid passages dressed only in her new pink sleep shirt, which was decorated with candy canes and gingerbread cookies printed on the fabric. It was little more than an overly-long t-shirt, and looked very innocent on her.

She stopped and peeked through the one-way mirror into her father's bedroom, making sure that the only other person in the room with him was her sister Marie. Lord Karl was naked on his bed, with Marie in her maid uniform and sucking their father's cock.

Heidi walked quickly to the secret door into her father's bedroom, and let herself quietly into the room.

"Daddy? Can I sleep with you tonight too?" she asked. "My butt's all clean and ready for you, daddy!"

Lord Karl beckoned to his daughter, saying, "Come here, Heidi. Your brother says you're ready to handle me anally, and that I should even be able to tie with you. Is that what you want sweetheart?"

"Mumm hum! I wanna feel my daddy's big cock in my little butt! An' I wanna feel your knot inside my ass when you cum, daddy! I'm a big girl now, an' I can handle it!" Heidi said proudly, as she took off her sleep shirt and got on the bed beside Marie.

"Hans has tied with her several times now, daddy, and his cock is almost as big as yours now," Marie said in agreement with her sister. "Heidi's butt can take you. Heidi? Do you need me to apply any lube to your butt?"

"Nope! I'm already greased up, but thanks for askin', Marie," Heidi replied.

"Well, then, let's see how big my big girl really is," Lord Karl said. He sighed happily as his eight year old daughter positioned herself above his throbbing cock, and eased it into her tight little ass. Inch by inch she slowly slid downward, pausing twice to get the tip to go just the right way. Karl helped her by twisting his hips a little and thrusting at just the right times.

With a look of determined concentration on her face Heidi settled down past the last few inches, until her tail hole was flush against her father's sheath and balls. "Did it! See daddy? I got alla you inside my butt!"

"You certainly did!" Lord Karl said happily. "Oh, Gods, sweetheart, your butt is so hot and tight! Daddy's very proud of his little girl!"

The young puppy rose up several inches and slid back down her father's cock shaft, repeating the move until she could feel her father's knot beginning to swell. Then she sat down all the way again, and waited for his knot to fill her.

Karl groaned and stared at his young daughter as she obscenely rode his cock with her ass. Her legs were spread wide, and each time she moved, he could see her parted labia, and the pink crescent of her intact hymen glistening within her virginal folds. The idea that he was deep inside an eight year old virgin was stimulating enough as it was. That the child was his own daughter and acknowledged heiress was just amazing to him. His knot throbbed and grew, as she started pumping his hot seed into her ass. "So good! That's my baby girl! Daddy's filling your ass now. Just remember though, don't let anyone see you coming to my room at night, or to your brother's room! No one that doesn't already know we commit incest. If your grandparents knew were doing this, it would be very, very bad, for all of us."

"I know, daddy!" Heidi said, fighting back tears as her father's knot reached its full size. She felt like he was about to tear her in half, but at the same time it just felt so amazingly good to have him filling her so completely, and to feel his hot seed flowing inside her. "Don't worry, daddy. I'll be really careful."

"That's my good girl!" Lord Karl said proudly.


Hazel stood uncertainly outside the door of one of the guest bedrooms. One of the other maids had assured her that Doctor Siefert was staying in the mansion as a guest for the holidays, and that this was the room he was to be in. She hoped he didn't have anyone in there with him tonight. Hesitantly, she tapped on the door.

"Yah?" said a voice from within, followed by two or three sentences in German that Hazel couldn't understand. But she knew that 'Yah' was 'yes' in German, so she tried the door knob, and found it was unlocked. The little puppy took a deep breath, opened the door, and stepped inside.

The room was completely dark, except for the light coming in from the hallway behind her.

"Oh! I'm sorry! I didn't know you were already asleep and in bed," Hazel stammered in English, uncertain if she even had the right room at all.

The lamp on the bedside table lit, and the Alpenzeller who had just rolled to one side to light it rested back on his elbows and peered at her carefully, before replying mostly in English, "Fraulein Hazel? Ach! Yah, Master Hans and his friends must have arrived, and you with them? What brings you to my door so late at night, fraulein? No one is ill, I hope?"

"Ah, no! No one needs a doctor at the moment, I just... Well, I heard you were staying here. And last time we met, well..." Hazel blushed and felt she had made a fool of herself. She turned to go.

"Last time we...? Vas ist? Oh! You have come to offer yourself, humm? Is that it?" Doctor Siefert replied. "You are not unwelcome, child! Just unexpected! Close the door, and do stay, please. I would very much like to resume where we left off, as I am not so depleted tonight!"

Hazel smiled, and closed the door. She turned to face the doctor, and said, "Good. I was beginning to think I had made a horrid mistake. I... yes, I came to offer myself to you tonight. May I join you?"

"Yah! Please do, fraulein! I would be most disappointed if you did not, now," he replied. "Remove your maid uniform and join me in my bed, please. We have a good time tonight, you and I, yah?"

Hazel rapidly undressed, and then she got into bed with this man who was certainly older than her father, and who she had only met a few times. She hoped she would get to enjoy the company of several older males this holiday, from the small but well-hung doctor, to Lord Karl himself. "Thank you, doctor," she said.

"Please, call me Noah," he replied, as he turned out the light.

And after that, there was very little that needed to be said in either English or German between them. Noah certainly did not disappoint her in any way, and they both thoroughly enjoyed their night together.

Swiss Mix - Chapter 419 By DoggyStyle57, September 2012


Dec 23, 2009 (Wednesday Morning) - Bernerholdt Mansion, in Switzerland

As dawn broke, Hazel stretched happily, gave Doctor Siefert one last blow job, and then got back into uniform. "I wish I could stay, but I hafta make it to the morning Maids meeting, at least today. I'd like to make love to you again sometime before I leave though, if that would be all right with you. Last night was wonderful!"

"Ach, that is the advantage of mating with a doctor, you see! We know where everything is, and how it works. Makes pleasing a young lady so much easier, yah?" He smiled and blew her a kiss. "You always will be welcome in my bed, fraulein Hazel. Just ask."


Hans fucked Karin, Sandra and Taylor in the morning, then watched as the three sisters licked their brother's cum from each other happily. He lay back in his bed and told them, "Thank you, dear girls! Now, you go get cleaned up and off to the maid's meeting. I'm going to relax just a bit more."

Once Karin and Sandra had kissed him and left, Taylor asked teasingly, "Isn't Miss Hannah going to attend our meeting, Master? I noticed you have one of Hannah's maid uniforms in your closet, as well as some of your other girly clothes and makeup."

Hans smiled, and replied, "Hannah may well make an appearance later, but not until after our grandparents have come and gone. I do not want to explain to them why the heir to the title of Count is running around dressed like a girl!"

"Awwww. And here I thought you were going to appear at the grand ball in drag, to discourage the families that are trying to marry you off to their daughters!" Taylor said with a laugh. "Ohhh, that would be priceless - to see the faces of the local nobles if you did that!"

"I dare say the price would be easily measured, as whatever I might have ever hoped to inherit as their heir. My grandparents would likely disinherit me in Heidi's favor if I did that. Assuming, of course, that their hearts survived the shock in the first place!" Hans replied. "Now get your shower and get to the meeting, you shameless vixen!"


Lord Karl awakened to the fact that his daughter Heidi was sucking his cock, and doing a damned fine job of it, too! "Mummmm. Good morning sweetheart! That feels very good!"

"Thank you, daddy!" Heidi said proudly. "I practice almost every morning with my big brother. Marie already left to get cleaned up and in uniform. I guess the maids are having a meeting this morning?"

"Yes, they will be discussing my parent's visit, and the party this evening," Lord Karl said, stroking his daughter's hair as she resumed sucking his cock. "Karin and Sandra need to start pretending to be no more than my wards - orphans I have taken in as charity, and not maids. And everyone needs to assist with this evening's festivities, even Phil and Bridget, though it will be hard for them since neither of them speak German. Still, the more adults we have visible in my staff, and the fewer little girls seem to be doing the work, the better it will appear for my parents' view of things here."

Heidi finished sucking off her father, eagerly swallowing every last drop of his seed, before she asked, "Daddy? Are grandma and grandpa really as sick as Doctor Siefert said? I mean, they never have been much a part of our lives, but they are my grandma an' grandpa! Are they... are they gonna die soon?"

"Honey, I wish I could say they were healthy and happy, but the doctor is right. My mother and father don't look at all well. This might be their last Christmas," Lord Karl said honestly. "So let's try and make it a happy one for them, all right sweetheart? We owe them that, at the very least."

"All right, daddy. I'll be really good, and I'll try to make them proud of me. Even if it means I hafta dance with boys I don't even know, an' be nice to them," Heidi replied.

"That's my good girl!" Lord Karl relied. "Now, get cleaned up and put on a pretty dress. Your grandma and grandpa should be here a little after breakfast time."


Phil and Bridget sat near the back of the meeting room with the maid staff, as M'Lady Karla stood at the front of the room, got everyone settled in, checked off attendance, and waited for the last few maids to arrive.

There were three adult maids seated at the front of the room, near Karla - a Pomeranian, a Collie, and a Snowshoe Hare. The three older maids looked to be about the same age as Phil and Bridget. Hazel had decided to sit beside two Bernese girls that were her age, with Cheri and Marie on the other side of the Bernese twins. In the next row was a pair of identical twin teenaged vixens with red fur, but who had no family resemblance to Karla or Taylor. In the same row with the twin vixens was a tiny beagle girl, a brown-furred vixen, and another red furred vixen, who each looked to be no more than twelve or thirteen years old. A vixen Taylor's age with snow white fur and hair held the door open as two more vixens, one red and one brown, and neither older than ten or eleven, came in and found seats.

"I feel like a visiting parent at an elementary school parent-teacher meeting," Phil whispered to his sister/wife. "There's only five other adults in the room, and I'm the only male. Most of these girls aren't even teenagers yet."

"And probably every one of them has been banging Lord Karl at one point or another," Bridget replied.

Phil looked at Bridget and said, "Please don't tell me that you expect me to come on to the Lord of the Manor too! It's bad enough what I've done with Hannah."

"Well, it wasn't me that mentioned how you almost felt like submitting to him yourself, the first time you met Lord Karl," she replied teasingly. "I'm just saying that if it happens, no one, not even me, is likely to mind. That choice, lover, is all yours, though I've heard that M'Lady Karla's husband, Redd, does serve Lord Karl in exactly the same way as the female maids."

"Quite true, but I'm sort of a special case," said Redd Brushtail from behind them, as he entered via the other doorway to the room, "May I sit with you? I don't normally attend these meetings myself. If Master Karl has any special instructions for me, Karla brings those to me personally."

Phil nodded in the direction of the empty seat beside himself, "By all means, join us. But what do you mean, about you being a special case?"

Redd smiled and answered, "We can discuss the details privately later, if you like. Suffice it to say that Master Karl doesn't usually request a male for anything other than participating in a three-way with a shared female. He hired me specifically for the infrequent occasions when he desires gay sex, because he already knew I was bisexual and quite willing to mate with him. I believe it would be unlikely that he would ask you to serve him as I do, if that worries you. He probably wouldn't ask to do more than his sharing your lovely wife with you, unless you indicated you really wanted to have sex with him too."

"That's something of a relief, thank you," Phil said. He would have said more, but Taylor, properly dressed in her full maid uniform, had just entered and taken her seat. The white-furred teenaged vixen closed the door and sat next to Taylor, and then M'Lady Karla seemed ready to start the meeting. Karla was wearing the same maid uniform as the rest of the girls, but she moved a little stiffly at the waist. From her rather artificially erect posture, it appeared she was wearing a real steel-boned corset under her uniform, rather than the somewhat soft and elastic corselets the maids usually wore.

"I believe we have everyone present, so let us begin," the older vixen said, in English rather than in German. "We will conduct the meeting in English, as three of our guests do not speak German."

The collie at the head of the room quietly spoke in German to the snowshoe hare lady beside her, apparently translating for her. Redd confirmed that by whispering, "That bunny, Klari, is our cook, and is the only maid right now that doesn't speak English. But you shouldn't need to talk to her directly. Any of the maids can translate for you, if you have special instructions for her."

"I would like to welcome several people from Master Hans' personal staff at this time," Karla began. "Please come to the front of the room as your name is called. Mister Phil Connors and his wife, Mrs. Bridget Connors are Master Hans' chauffeur and one of his maids. They also assist Miss Cheri in the administrative duties of running the American mansion. You should give them the same respect that you give to our cook, laundress, seamstress or chauffeur."

Phil and Bridget went to the front of the room, and Bridget said, "It is a pleasure to meet all of you, and I hope we all get to know each other better on this visit."

"Miss Hazel Hanson is a maid in training, as well as a classmate of Master Hans and Mistress Heidi. Come up here, dear," Karla said pleasantly. "You will note that both Mrs. Bridget and Miss Hazel have already fully committed to serve Master Hans, and I am told that both of them have already fully served Master Karl, as well."

"Hello everyone!" Hazel said cheerfully, as she stood next to Bridget.

"And we welcome back M'Lady Cheri LeChow, her daughter Marie LeChow, and Miss Taylor Schwatrzfield, all of whom now serve Master Hans, and continue to acknowledge Master Karl as their secondary Master."

Karla waited for the other three to come to the front, and then added, "After the Count and Countess and Mistress Helga have departed, we will return to our normal uniform regulations, with panties optional. While we have Noble guests present, for the next few days, panties will be required, as will the full dress uniform for all maids, and either a chauffeur's uniform or formal tux for Mister Connors and Mister Redd."

Taylor glanced at Karla, and cleared her throat in a meaningful manner.

Karla glared at her, but then added, "Once we are back on normal uniform regulations, I am informed that Miss Taylor has a special role for Master Hans that will often require her to perform her duties in the nude, wearing only a slave collar or a partial maid uniform. Are there any questions?"

Miss Sierra held up her hand, and asked, "Will the American staff members be in the normal rotation for duties here, or acting as guests only?"

Karla replied quickly, "This evening I am requesting everyone to assist with the holiday ball. Mister and Mrs. Connors will be working with M'Lady Trixie, M'Lady Eva, M'Lady Cheri, Miss Taylor, Miss Sierra, and myself in the main ballroom. Misses Karin and Sandra are to get out of uniform and into nice casual clothes as soon as this meeting is concluded, and are to attend the ball in full formal gowns, as privately discussed with them. They are to be treated tonight as 'visiting guests' and not as maids, until the Count, Countess and Mistress Helga have all departed, by Master Karl's orders. The rest of you will be bringing food and drink from the kitchens to just outside the ballroom, for the older staff to replenish the tables with, or assisting in the kitchens. After this evening, Master Hans' staff members may possibly be summoned by either of our Masters, but are otherwise to be our guests, with no formal maid duties."

"We're happy to help, Ma'am," Phil said. "I just hope our lack of German doesn't prove to be too much of a handicap."

"You and your wife will be at the buffet tables, and should not need to talk to guests. Miss Sierra will be stationed between you, to act as translator if necessary. It should only be necessary for you both to request additional food from the maids in the hallway, set it out as needed, and deliver empty trays to the maids to be refilled," Karla explained. "M'Ladies Trixie and Eva will be tending bar, and Mister Redd will be the major domo for the evening. And I will add that as long as the buffet is not ignored, you may enjoy the ball as our guests and dance, though you will remain in our uniforms, as you are now."

"Prefectly satisfactory, ma'am." Phil replied.

"When are the Count, Countess and Mistress Helga due to arrive, M'Lady?" asked the young beagle girl.

"Before lunch time," Karla replied. "Which reminds me. While the Count and Countess are here, meals will be family only, with Karin and Sandra attending with the family as special guests. The rest of Master Karl's and Master Hans' staff will eat after the family has had their meals."

"Why do Karin and Sandra get the special treatment?" asked one of the youngest red vixens.

"Because Master Karl says so, is why, and that should suffice for all of us, Miss Cheryl!" Karla replied. "But to clarify their role tonight, since they are purebred Bernese, they will be presented to Master Hans at the ball, by Master Karl's explicit orders. This is to give Master Hans at least two Bernese guests to attend to other than those whose parents are trying to marry their daughters to him. Master also does not want the Count and Countess to know that he has purebred Bernese girls serving him as maids."

"Yes, Ma'am. Sorry Ma'am.," The vixen replied, somewhat chagrined.

Karla looked around the room and asked, "Is there anything else? No? Then here are your duty assignments for the day. Try to get your normal duties done swiftly, so we can get the ballroom ready for the ball."

As Karla handed out the envelopes, each of the maids came over and introduced themselves to Hazel, Phil and Bridget. Then Redd took Phil and Bridget aside and requested, "Meet me in the Solar after breakfast. We have a great deal in common, and I would like to get to know the two of you."

"All right, we will," Phil said. "Now I guess we should go get our own breakfast."

"I'll show you where to go," said Miss Marie, who had already collected Hazel. "Just follow me, please."

Swiss Mix - Chapter 420 By DoggyStyle57, September 2012


Dec 23, 2009 (Wednesday Morning) - Bernerholdt Mansion, in Switzerland

After breakfast, Redd Brushtail requested one of the maids to bring a coffee service for three to the Solar, and then he asked Phil and Bridget to accompany him there.

"I have to go to the airport soon to pick up Master Karl's wife and her manservant," he said, as they walked through the mansion's hallways. "But I hope we can spend a few minutes getting acquainted before I leave. Once Mistress Helga arrives, things will be fairly hectic here, and probably won't settle down again until after she leaves."

"We appreciate the chance to get to know any of the staff here," Phil replied. "I must say, your English is very good. I was afraid I would have a hard time understanding anyone here."

Redd laughed heartily at that, saying, "Oh ho ho! Well, I should certainly hope my English is understandable to you! I'm as much an American as the two of you are!"

"You are?" Bridget replied. "But how did you end up here, then?"

"Long story, that," the handsome fox replied, as he took a seat in the Solar, and gestured for them to sit opposite him on a small couch. A fire was already lit in the fireplace, keeping the room cozy in spite of the light snowfall that they could see through the windows. "In 1991 I earned an Associate's degree in comparative theology from UC Berkeley, and I went off on something of a personal pilgrimage that took me to Tibet, to see the Buddhist monasteries. I met Lady Helga von Alpenstock in Tibet, and she hired me as a member of her mountaineering team. You see, my religious studies had inspired me to learn Tibetian and several other obscure languages, and that was quite handy for communicating with the natives that served as porters with the team. She also liked the fact that I knew how to drive well on snow and ice."

"Religious studies?" asked Phil. "You mean you were trying to become a priest? That doesn't seem to fit with working in a place like this."

Redd laughed again, and replied, "Oh, I wasn't at all interested in taking religious vows! Just insatiably curious about people's beliefs and cultural differences, and what might inspire the kind of personal devotion you find in very religious people. Though I found much to be admired in the Buddhists, I'm more or less Deist myself. I believe God exists, but I'm not willing to limit what God could be to any one religion's viewpoint. Like my sexual preferences, my religious views are rather flexible."

Phil nodded, and said, "Yes, I can see that anyone who would work for Masters Hans or Karl would need to be flexible in their personal activities, at least in what they are willing to participate in. So, if it's not being too forward to ask, ah, were you already into sex with guys at that point?'

The maid arrived with the coffee, and served everyone. Redd waited for the girl to leave, and shut the doors to the room before he continued. "Yes. I was fourteen the first time I had sex with a guy, and I liked it better than the times I had mated with girls. When I was seventeen I ended up in a submissive gay relationship with my first 'Master', a rich man who lived in the bay area. His son was a student at UC Berkeley with me, and as it turned out, the boy was also his father's submissive lover. I moved in with Master James and his son, Bobby, and Bobby and I spent our days attending college classes, and our evenings being gay subbie sluts for Bobby's father. That was a truly splendid year and a half for me, and I almost hated to ask Master James for permission to remove his collar so I could travel to Tibet. After that, Lady Helga proved to be a good and fair employer. My sexual preferences never bothered her."

"So were you... Well, was she your 'Mistress' in a sexual sense, after she hired you," Bridget asked.

"Oh, not at first! It was strictly business between us," Redd stated. "Now, I'm assuming that Master Hans has you two under the same sort of oaths of loyalty to the family that Master Karl requires, am I right? No tattling about the family secrets, and all that?"

"Yes," Phil replied. "We're both sworn to respect and protect the family secrets. Not just for Master Hans, but for Master Karl as our Secondary Master, as well. Master Hans has been quite open with us about the family secrets."

"Good! That makes this easier," Redd said. "Well, Mistress Helga already had a lover when she hired me. He was a handsome Saint Bernard named Reudi, who also was, and still is, her lead mountaineer, second only to her on her expeditions. They were, and still are, very much in love. But despite that, when Master Karl's family arranged for her to marry Master Karl, Mistress Helga set aside her affair with Reudi, and intended to remain sexually faithful to Master Karl while they remained married. She didn't have much choice. The Count and Countess required her to wear a chastity belt!"

"Oh my!" Bridget replied. "I think that we've met that Reudi fellow! He was with Mistress Helga when she came to Pouncefield last Christmas."

"That would be the one," Redd said. "Well, it was tough on Helga and Reudi, but they managed pretty well, until a little after Hans was born, in March 1998. Then Mistress Helga found out that Master Karl had knocked up one of his maids, Miss Cheri LeChow, and allowed her to have his baby. And he had done it under their own roof, while Helga was pregnant with his child! Mistress Helga came back to her own mansion absolutely furious. And she ordered Reudi, myself, and two other mountaineers on her staff to begin cuckolding Karl, fucking her ass and mouth daily. She became our dominant Mistress, and we were her sexual servants. That went on for two years, until things came to a head in March of 2000."

"Oh!" Bridget said, with her eyes wide. "We never knew about that! Then what happened?"

"By that time Master Karl was begging Mistress Helga to return to his bed, to complete their breeding contract. He didn't know yet that she was cuckolding him," Redd replied. "She returned to the mansion with all four of us in tow, and her price for trying to conceive Heidi was that she dominated Master Karl, and had all four of us guys fuck her mouth and ass while he watched, so he knew he was being cuckolded. And then she had all four of us fuck his mouth and ass! We continued to cuckold Master Karl and have our way with him sexually, at the command of Mistress Helga, until after Miss Heidi was born. Then Mistress Helga went on Norplant, and each of the five of us was allowed to fuck her vaginally one time, with Master Karl going last, and then licking her clean of all five of us. Mistress Helga returned to her own mansion after that. She ceased mating with anyone other than Reudi, and kept her affair with Reudi quite secret. Master Karl knew, but didn't care, as long as it wasn't public knowledge."

"After all that, how did you ever end up working for Master Karl?" Phil asked. "I would have thought he would hate you, after all that."

"Actually, we had parted on good terms," Redd replied. "A year of behaving submissively to Mistress Helga and being required to mate with males had taught Master Karl that he could enjoy such pleasures. About two years later, in 2003, he hired me away from his wife, primarily to replace M'Lady Karla as his Chauffeur after he promoted her to Senior Maid. But his secondary reason was to turn the tables on me, and make me his submissive male sex partner. I was only too happy to agree to that. He's a fine lover, and I prefer the submissive role. He also wanted me to start mating with Karla. She was becoming a bit of a handful, I'm afraid."

"So that's why you said your situation was special," Phil said. "You had a past history of sexual activity with Master Karl, if a somewhat unusual one."

"Yes," Redd replied. "And when Karla ended up getting pregnant later that year, with neither Karl nor I knowing for sure who was the father, I volunteered to marry Karla. It seemed only fair to give Master a chance to cuckold me, after what I had helped do to him. And besides, Karla's quite entertaining in bed, and more than any one man can handle."

"So, does Hans have another sister here then? Was it Master Karl's child or yours that Karla was carrying when you married her?" Bridget asked.

"Legally, I am Catherine Brushtail's father. But her real father is Lord Karl," Redd admitted. "We haven't told her that yet. She believes that I am her father. She's only five and a half years old now, and still quite innocent. We haven't told Hans yet, either."

"Well, we won't tell," Phil said. "So, you've been married to Karla for nearly six years, and Master Karl's been having sex with her that whole time?"

"Yes, he has sex with her, usually sharing her with me, and sometimes we toss in a young maid for both of us to fuck too. Taylor was one of those maids. He fucked my wife while I fucked their daughter! It works out in the end, I guess. We all enjoyed it." Redd smiled at Phil and Bridget, and then said, "I think that's one other thing we have in common. Does Master Hans enjoy cuckolding you, Phil? He does like fucking Bridget in front of you, or sharing her with you, doesn't he?"

"He does, yes," Phil said. "And he enjoys sharing his sisters and other maids with both of us. But there's more to it in our case. You've been very blunt and honest with us, so I guess we should return the favor. See, I call Bridget my wife, and Hans has even provided us with everything we would need to prove it. But she's actually my twin sister, and we've been lovers since we were fourteen."

"Oh ho! Caught me by surprise with that one!" Redd said happily. "Yeah, I'll bet Hans does like watching you fuck your sister! Say, maybe later on you two could do a foursome with Karla and I? We'd like that."

"I don't see why not," Phil said, after looking at Bridget and getting a nod from her.

"Great! Well, I have to go pick up Mistress Helga and Reudi now," Redd stated, as he finished off his coffee and stood to go. "Nice getting to know you two, and I look forward to more fun later. Take care!"


Dec 23, 2009 (Wednesday, mid-morning) - Bernerholdt Mansion, in Switzerland

By the time Redd returned with Lady Helga and Reudi, the entire household staff was waiting to greet them. Lord Karl, Hans and Heidi were formally dressed, though not in the full tuxedos or ball gown that they would wear to the ball this evening. Both Karl and Hans were wearing black suits with white shirts, red ties and black dress shoes; while Heidi wore a knee-length red skirt and a crisp white blouse, white knee socks, black Mary Jane shoes, and her new ruby necklace. They stood about six feet inside the entry, allowing room for their guests to get in out of the cold and the door closed before formal greetings were exchanged.

The maids lined up behind the family, on both sides of the entry hall, with M'Lady Karla at the door, and both the visiting and resident staff members lined up in height order, with the smallest and youngest members being at the far end of the line. This placed Phil and Bridget at the head of one line of maids, on the side opposite Miss Taylor and Miss Sierra, so they had a close view of Mistress Helga as she entered the mansion. Conspicuously absent were the Bernese twins, Karin and Sandra, who had been ordered to remain in their rooms until lunch time.

Karla opened the door, admitting a gust of cold air. A light snow was still falling, although it wasn't sticking on the pavement yet. Redd and Reudi were removing several bags from the trunk of the limo, as Mistress Helga ascended the ramp that had been placed over the entry stairs early that morning by the grounds crew. She swept into the mansion in a swirl of windblown snowflakes that couldn't have been more dramatically presented by a Hollywood special effects crew.

Her cold gaze melted and warmed as she saw Hans and Heidi waiting to greet her. She dropped to one knee and held out her arms, saying in German, "Hans! Heidi! Come to mother, my darling children!"

Hans and Heidi grinned and surged forward. Heidi hugged her mom while Hans stood close and placed one hand on his mother's shoulder, saying, "Happy Holidays, mother!"

Helga glanced up at her son, smiled. She stood to hug him, pressing his face against her breasts as she did so. "Happy holidays to you as well, my son! And for once we get to spend them together!"

Hans blushed a bit at finding his muzzle pressed to his mother's ample breasts. When she released him, he stepped back a pace and said, "That will be a most welcome change, mother."

"Welcome home, my dear," Lord Karl said, stepping forward and giving his wife a hug and a kiss. "Your suite has been prepared as you requested, with the office set up as a room for your manservant."

Redd and Reudi stepped inside at that time, each with a suitcase in each hand. Redd glanced at Phil and asked in English, "Would you please get the trunk? It has wheels. Thanks."

Phil just saluted and went outside, taking a large portmanteau case out of the trunk, closing the trunk lid, and hauling the case inside.

M'Lady Karla closed the door once everyone was inside, and said formally, "On behalf of our staff, let me welcome you to the mansion, Mistress! Redd will make sure your bags get to your room. If there is anything any of us can do to make your stay a pleasant one, you have but to ask."

"Something hot to drink, please, and something more comfortable than an airplane seat to sit on, if you would." Helga replied with a smile. "Are the Count and Countess here yet?"

"No, Mistress. We expect them in about two hours, just before lunch. You should have plenty of time to freshen up before they arrive," Karla replied.

Karl took Helga's hand in his and led her to the Solar, with Hans and Heidi following them, while the staff took care of getting her luggage to her rooms, and preparing for the arrival of the Count and Countess.

As Phil followed Redd and Reudi to the family suite prepared for Lady Helga, he gazed thoughtfully at the Saint Bernard. Phil had to wonder how a man like that could set aside his own feelings and allow the woman he loved to marry someone else under a breeding contract. He was sure he couldn't do that with Bridget. Sharing her with others was bad enough. He couldn't imagine ceasing his sexual relations with her, yet working around her every day, knowing that Hans or someone else was making babies with her.

Swiss Mix - Chapter 421 By DoggyStyle57, September 2012


Dec 23, 2009 (Wednesday) - Bernerholdt Mansion, in Switzerland

Shortly before lunch, the guards at the gate called the mansion and alerted everyone to the fact that the Count and Countess were entering the Estate. As with Lady Helga's arrival, everyone in the mansion, except for Karin and Sandra, turned out in the entry hall to welcome the guests, this time with Lady Helga standing beside her husband.

A black van arrived first, and the two Great Pyrenese males in that vehicle got directions to the most convenient side entrance for unloading the luggage and other items that the Count and Countess brought with them. Miss Sierra, the white furred vixen, was sent with them to direct them to the freight dock by the kitchens, and from there to suite prepared for the Count and Countess.

The limo for the Count and Countess appeared next. Karl, Helga, Hans and Heidi braved the cool weather and stepped out onto the front steps of the mansion, as a Great Pyrenese lady in a nurse's uniform got out of the front seat on the passenger side, and activated a wheelchair lift for the Countess. The driver of the limo was a Rottweiler girl in a maid's uniform with a skirt that was floor length. She assisted the Count in getting out of the other side of the limo. His Excellency was making use of a cane as he walked, with the maid steadying him by one arm. They waited beside the limo as the Countess was brought out, in a wheelchair, and settled beside the limo while the nurse retracted the wheelchair lift and shut up the vehicle.

Once they were ready, the nurse pushed the Countess' wheelchair up the ramp, and the maid escorted the Count up the stairs on the other side of the handrail.

"Welcome to our home, mother, father," said Lord Karl, in German. "Please, let us get you inside and out of this chill wind before we greet you properly."

"That would be good, yes," the Countess replied, in the same language. "Neither of us is doing that well any more, I fear. But neither are we at death's door. Cheer up, children. I see our condition dismays you, but we shall not allow it to prevent us from enjoying this visit."

As soon as they were inside, Redd got the keys for the limo from the maid, and left to take the vehicle to the garages.

Once the door was closed, the Countess said, "Now, I wish to see my grandchildren! Come here, Hans, Heidi. Let us look at you."

The children obediently came forward. Hans took his grandmother's offered hand, and kissed it gently. Heidi carefully leaned over the arm of the wheelchair and kissed the Countess on the cheek, saying in German, "Happy holidays, grandmother."

"And you too, grandfather," Hans added, stepping to the Count and giving him a firm handshake.

The Count smiled and nodded, but didn't speak.

The Countess looked the children over, and nodded with satisfaction. "You are both growing well," she said. "It seems your travels agree with you. It has not been hard for you, living in America, so far from family?"

"Miss Cheri, our Governess and Senior Maid, takes good care of us, grandmother. And we have two other responsible adults in our American household staff who watch over us as well. Permit me to introduce Mister and Mrs. Connors," Hans replied, gesturing to the Golden retriever couple. "I am afraid that Phil and Bridget don't speak German yet, but I believe they would like to welcome you as well. Phil has memorized something he wished to say to you. Phil?"

When the Countess looked their direction, Phil bowed carefully, and then recited slowly in German, "It is a great pleasure and honor for my wife and I to meet Your Excellencies. We wish you both a happy holidays, and we promise to do all we can to care for and to protect your grandchildren."

The Countess smiled faintly, and replied in English, "You may speak to us in English, young man. We are quite fluent in that language as well. You are a well-spoken young man, and presumably well-educated? Yet I see you and your wife are dressed as a chauffeur and a maid. Is that your sole function in my grandson's household?"

Phil looked quite relieved, and replied in English, "We are both college graduates, your Excellency, and you are correct that we are more than just a driver or a maid. My wife is also a licensed realtor, and assists Master Hans in real estate investments. My own duties also include managing the security staff and groundskeepers, while M'lady Cheri LeChow manages the maid staff and household affairs."

"Very good. Well, please continue to serve my grandchildren well, and happy holidays to you both," the Countess replied. Then she looked up at her son and at Lady Helga, and said, "Shall we go to the Solar? A warm fire would be welcome, as would some hot tea."


Lunch was served to the family by M'Lady Karla, Redd Brushtail, and Miss Sierra, in a small private dining room on the second floor, close to the family suites. The Count and Countess sat opposite Lord Karl and Lady Helga, with Hans and Heidi seated next of the Countess. But there were two more place settings at the table, and the Countess asked about this almost as soon as her nurse finished positioning her wheelchair at the table.

"You are expecting other guests for lunch, son?" the Countess asked.

"If it is acceptable to you, yes, mother," Lord Karl said deferentially. "At least I would like you to be properly introduced to two others who are living here at the moment. They are waiting outside the room now."

"We were not aware that you had anyone living with you other than your maids. Who are these guests? You may present them to us," the Countess replied.

"Miss Sierra? Will you call the girls in please?" Karl said. Then he turned to the Countess and stated, "You will recall that I asked that a few other purebred Bernese children be presented to Hans at the ball this evening? These are the girls I personally wanted to present. Last January I was asked to take custody of two orphaned Bernese girls. They have been living here at the mansion since that time."

"You adopted two children and did not mention this to us?" the Countess replied, somewhat shocked. "Why did you not tell us sooner?"

"Not adopted, no, mother. I am simply their court-appointed legal guardian," Lord Karl said quickly. "They have no legal claim to my titles or inheritance, nor do they expect it. I didn't mention them to you because they are merely two of the many young girls who my Bernerholdt Foundation charities provide for, and who live here while pursuing academic studies or learning a career. There are anywhere from a dozen to two dozen children here at any time as part of my Foundation's many charities. But these two are the only purebred Bernese children in my care."

Before the Countess could reply, Karin and Sandra entered the room. They were dressed in matching outfits, with crisp white blouses, knee-length red plaid skirts, white knee socks and black shoes. They stopped at the head of the table, curtsied, and one of them said in German, "Best wishes of the holiday season, your Excellencies. I am Karin Kurtz, and this is my twin sister, Sandra. We are very pleased to meet you."

"Happy holidays to you as well, my dears," the Countess replied, looking at the girls carefully. "May I offer my condolences also on the loss of your parents? Tell me, how old are you, and who were your parents?"

Sandra replied, "We are ten years old, your Excellency. We will be eleven in February. Our father was Gunther Kurtz. He was an airline pilot in Germany, working for an airline owned by your son, Lord Karl von Bernerholdt. Our mother, Gretta Kurtz, was a full-time mother, and assisted with many of the charity affairs that the Bernerholdt Foundation sponsored in Germany, where we lived. Our parents had planned to enroll us in one of the Bernerholdt Foundation's charity scholarship programs. They... died in an automobile accident, last January. Killed by a drunk driver, Ma'am. Lord Karl was kind enough to provide a reward that helped to catch the man who killed our parents. We are ever so grateful to him for that kindness, and for taking care of us."

"Indeed? Well, please join us for lunch." the Countess replied. Then she looked at her son and spoke as if the children were not present, saying, "So, these children are purebreds, and you intend to present them to your own son this evening?"

"Yes, mother. I can assure you that though they are not nobility, their bloodlines are every bit as solid as anyone in the Erlichmann family. Better, really, for though their father passed no titles on to them, I am assured that his own bloodlines did include nobility. If Hans takes a serious interest in these girls, we could investigate their bloodlines and possible claims to titles more carefully, but I can find no fault in them as prospects. Most importantly, Hans has already met them, and they like each other," Lord Karl replied.

"Hans? Is this so?" the Countess asked.

"Yes, Grandmother," Hans replied politely. "We met when I visited this spring, and got along rather well."

"I think they are nice young girls, dear," said the Count quietly. "They seem quite polite, and if the boy likes them, all the better."

The Countess looked at the Count as if she was surprised that he had spoken at all. Then she said to Lord Karl, "Well, I suppose you may present them, son. Now, shall we eat?"

For most of the rest of the meal, small talk consisted primarily of the Countess asking Hans and Heidi about various things, from how they liked their classes to what subjects they were studying, and how their grades were. The Count said very little.

When the subject of American friends came up, the Countess asked, "Hans? I am told that you have a few nice girlfriends in America? Tell me about them, please."

Hans replied by reaching into an inside pocket of his suit jacket and producing two nice photographs, one of Mandy Blackwell, and one of Lisa Blackwell. "I have quite a few good friends in America, grandmother, of many species. There are two purebred Bernese girls that I have been dating, however. This first photograph is Miss Mandy Blackwell. She's fourteen. The second is her younger sister, Lisa, who is twelve. They also have two younger brothers, who are twins. The whole family speaks German fluently, as well as English. Their family can trace its purebred roots back at least six generations, to ancestors in Germany. Their grandparents on both sides live in Germany now, though they lived in America for a while as well."

"They look like nice girls," the Countess said. "You should bring them to meet us some time, if you really like them. It's a pity your father was not so discerning his dating preferences, when he was young. Son? You should arrange for those girls to meet us - sooner, rather than later."

"Of course, mother," Lord Karl replied. "If Hans gets more serious about one or the other of them, we will fly them here to meet you."

"I met a nice boy too, grandma!" Heidi said enthusiastically. "His name is Will Steiner, an' he's a purebred Bernese too! We go to school football games an' soccer games together, and he takes me to movies an' to arcades. There's lotsa nice kids for us to play with in the town in America that we're in. We have a lot of really nice friends there!"

The Countess nodded at Heidi, and said, "Yes, your father showed me his picture, dear. We are very pleased with you, as well, in that regard. He seems like a nice boy. But we would like both you and your brother to also consider making friends with the young people that you will met this evening. You will not remain in America forever. Soon you will return here to Switzerland, where you must begin to assume your duties as the representatives of a noble household."

"We know that, grandma," Heidi said. "But it's good for us to learn ta get along with all sorts of people, right? Even after we come back here, we'll need to meet with people from other countries, people who are different from us. We're getting' lotsa good experience with that in America."

The Countess looked at Heidi with a satisfied smile. "Indeed! Such wise words to hear from one so young. She is being taught well, my son. We are pleased with her."

Swiss Mix - Chapter 422 By DoggyStyle57, September 2012


Dec 23, 2009 (Wednesday evening) - Bernerholdt Mansion, in Switzerland

After lunch, Hans went upstairs to the balcony that overlooked the grand ballroom, and watched as the maids prepared the room for this evening's ball.

The grand ballroom was the largest single room in Lord Karl's Mansion. It ran north to south along the east side of the mansion's central wing, and was sixty feet long, forty feet wide and two stories tall. The east wall had tall, narrow windows, while the west wall had mirrors in the same position as the windows, and the north wall had mirrors at ground level and windows at the second story level. The south end of the room boasted a full theatrical stage, with a movie theater screen in addition to all the necessary facilities for a full stage performance. Hans had watched Shakespearian plays, music concerts, and even recent movies there in the grand ballroom, although for normal family movie viewing there was a much smaller private movie theater down the main hall, close to the family living quarters.

The ballroom was not quite as large as a basketball court, and when Hans was a puppy he had been certain that it was called the "Ball Room" because it was such a great place to play with balls. Naturally, Hans had asked his father on several occasions for permission to set up a basketball hoop in the room. Lord Karl had always smiled indulgently, but refused, since the crystal chandeliers and mirrors on the walls in the room would be too much at risk if he ever allowed children to toss a basketball around in the room.

The maids and the family children did play and exercise in the ballroom quite often, however. A large roll of carpeting could be laid down to protect the inlaid hardwood floor, which was suspended on a system of springs to make it a fabulous dance floor. All of the maids and family members got dance lessons in the room as well. Lord Karl insisted that any of his maids should be able to be a pleasant companion for their master in any way that a nobleman might require, including being able to perform well on the dance floor.

For tonight's festivities, a low platform had been set up against the center of the east wall, with six throne-like chairs on it, and a large tapestry featuring the family coat of arms hung on the wall behind and above the thrones. The Count and Countess would be seated in the middle as they presided over the festivities. Lord Karl and Lady Helga would be seated on their right, and Hans and Heidi on their left. Three steps led up to the platform along its entire front edge, and a wide red carpet went from the main entry to a place in front of the Count and Countess' positions.

To the left and right of the platform were huge evergreen trees, decorated with lights and ornaments for the holidays. Both trees were at least fifteen feet tall. Several maids were on ladders decorating the lower branches, and a pair of them was even using a compact electric crane device with an operator's platform on the end of an extendable arm, to get lights and decorations on the highest branches. The crane looked like a bizarre spider, with four extending legs that braced it while in use. The electric powered device was surprisingly mobile, however. When they needed to move to a different position, the arm would retract to just over the wheeled base, the legs would lift and tuck in, and the whole thing became small enough to fit through a double doorway, and could turn in place as needed.

Hans looked to the left, and saw that at the north end of the room a dozen tables had been set up, with seating for eight people per table. In the corners and along the walls, M'Ladies Trixie and Eva were overseeing the setup of two fully-stocked bars and two buffet tables.

He looked to the right, and saw that several smaller tables for two or four people each had been set up on the east and west sides, with the center area left open for dancing. The curtains for the stage were open, and about two dozen chairs and music stands had been set up for the string orchestra that would be performing the music for the ball. Hans sighed, wishing that a more modern band - one with electric guitars and drums - had been hired to perform, instead of a classical orchestra. While he and Heidi could certainly do waltzes and other ballroom dances to the string orchestra's music, they both preferred more modern music, and a mix of 'fast dances' and 'slow dances', like they had at their school events.

"Master? It is time for you to get dressed for the ball," said a quiet voice from behind Hans. He turned to see Miss Cheri waiting in the doorway.

"All right, Miss Cheri," he replied, as he followed her out of the room. "I suppose we should get this over with."

Dec 23, 2009 (Wednesday evening) - Bernerholdt Mansion, in Switzerland

Shortly before the ball was to begin, the Count and Countess were brought into the ballroom by their attendants. Their two muscular Great Pyrenees servants picked up the Countess, wheelchair and all, and set her on the platform, before assisting her in moving from the wheelchair to her throne. The nurse carried a small oxygen cylinder, which she placed under the Countess' throne, and then arranged the hose from the oxygen tank subtly within the sleeve of the Countess' gown, so the Countess could sniff at the oxygen if she felt a need to do so, while concealing the end of the tube and its release valve behind a handkerchief.

Once the Countess was settled into place, the attendants removed the wheelchair, and the Count took his place beside his wife, while the nurse stood behind the pair of them, dressed herself like a lady in waiting, in a formal dress. Only after the Count and Countess were comfortable were the rest of the family and the guests admitted to the room.

Hans and Heidi came in with the first guests. Hans was in a full tuxedo, with a red cummerbund and vest and a red bow tie. Heidi was wearing a deceptively simple gown made of scarlet silk, which was the work of a well-known fashion designer. She was also wearing the ruby pendant that Bren gave her for Christmas, and had her hair tied in twin tails, one behind each ear, and decorated with scarlet silk bows. The children entered formally along the red carpet, bowed to the Count and Countess, and took their places on the platform.

"You children look lovely!" The Countess said, as they were bring seated. "Now, where are your parents?"

"Father and mother are greeting guests as they arrive, in the entry hall, grandmother," Hans replied. "And they are directing the special guests to wait in the Conservatory until the major domo can formally introduce them. Once all the special guests are here, our parents will come in to join us.'

"Very good," the Countess replied.

Hans knew the majority of the guests. Fully half of them were among his father's business associates - wealthy businessmen and nobles who liked his father, and had similar tastes in 'recreational activities'. Most of the others were from other noble families that often associated with the Bernerholdts - friends of the Count and Countess, or families that wanted to be considered friends of the family.

The string orchestra began to play a light selection of classic Christmas tunes as the ballroom began to fill. Hans found it interesting to watch the guests arrive. Some simply entered the room, looked around for friends, and headed for the buffet tables or the bars. Some strode directly across the room and presented themselves informally to the Count and Countess, offering their warm wishes for the holiday season to the family members already present. Hans and Heidi smiled politely and returned any greetings directed their way.

When there were about seventy or eighty people in the room, Lord Karl and Lady Helga arrived, arm in arm, and working their way through the crowd smoothly, greeting various guests and stopping to talk briefly with some of the more well-placed individuals. The orchestra director noted their arrival, and the music ceased just as Lord Karl and Lady Helga stopped before their appointed chairs, turning to address the crowd.

"Good evening and happy holidays to all of you," said Lord Karl. His deep voice needed no amplification at all in the excellent acoustics of the ballroom, and the crowd immediately fell silent and turned to face him. "On behalf of the Count and Countess, my wife and I would like to welcome you to our home, and to this holiday ball, held in honor of our beloved children, Hans and Heidi."

As the crowd applauded politely, Hans and Heidi both stood, smiling at the crowd and nodding politely in acknowledgement of the attention directed their way. "Happy holidays, everyone, and thank you for coming tonight!" Hand said, before he and his sister sat down again.

Lord Karl smiled at his son, and then continued speaking, "This evening several special guests have come to present their own children to ours, to renew old friendships and possibly form new ones. We would like them to be presented at this time." Then Lord Karl and Lady Helga sat down, and the crowd expectantly looked at the main entrance to the room.

Redd Brushtail stepped forward, in a full tuxedo, and holding in his right hand a formal staff with the family coat of arms carved at the top, and the arms of each of the documented seventeen noble generations of the family bloodline carefully depicted down its length, reaching well below his hand, and ending with the arms of the current Count. He rapped the staff smartly on the floor three times, just off the edge of the red carpet, and announced, "Presenting Mister Craig Erlichmann, his wife Jeannie, and their children."

The handsome Bernese couple that entered the room was splendidly dressed, and both were in their early forty's. Walking behind them were a cute eleven year old Bernese girl in a pale blue ball gown, and a Bernese boy who looked to be no more than seven, and who seemed quite uncomfortable in his child-sized tuxedo. The little boy tugged at his collar as he followed his parents along the red carpet.

Mister Erlichmann and his wife bowed to the Count and Countess, and then each stepped to one side with the precision of a dance team, allowing their children to step forward between them, so the girl could curtsey and the boy bow to the Count and Countess. "Your Excellencies, we are most grateful for this invitation, and for the chance for our children, Anne and Christoff, to renew their friendship with Hans and Heidi. May the joys of this holiday season enrich each of you."

The little girl curtsied again to the Count and Countess, and asked shyly, "Your Excellencies, may I have a dance with Hans, please?"

"Of course, my child," the Countess replied indulgently. "Hans? Will you do the honors?"

Hans stood, descended the steps to her level, and bowed to Anne Erlichmann, saying , "It is good to see you again, Miss Anne. Shall we enjoy a waltz?"

Anne curtsied to Hans, and took his offered arm, as they walked to the dance floor. "Why thank you, Hans. I would like that very much."

Before the music could start, Mrs. Erlichmann gave her son a gentle tap on the shoulder. The boy, who had been looking intently at the decorated Christmas tree beyond Hans and Heidi, jumped slightly and then scuttled forward to bow awkwardly before Heidi, asking, "And may I have the honor of a dance with you, Miss Heidi?"

Heidi smiled in return, and descended the steps to take his offered hand. She spoke to him in a whisper, saying, "Of course, silly. Do you really think they would let either of us say no? Come on."

The orchestra began a waltz, and several other couples joined the four children on the dance floor, though giving the two young couples the center of the floor all to themselves.

"They look very nice together, don't they?" said Mister Erlichmann, as he and his wife remained at the end of the red carpet, within earshot of the Count and Countess.

The Countess declined to comment, and after an awkward moment Mrs. Erlichmann took her husband by the arm and guided him away from the center of attention.

On the dance floor, Anne whispered to Hans, "Oh, I do enjoy seeing you again, Hans, but this is embarrassing, the way our families are pushing us together."

"I understand, Anne. Believe me, I do," Hans replied just as quietly, without missing a beat as they danced, "I'm all for being friends. I hope you know that. Father isn't expecting any more than that to develop tonight, and neither am I. Hopefully that won't be a problem for you?"

Anne breathed a sigh of relief, and said, "Not a problem at all, Hans! Daddy will be disappointed, but he'll be fine after a while. So, ummm, I've heard you've been away in America? What's it like there?"

"Like anywhere else, I suppose," Hans replied, trying to sound casual. "I'm in a good school, and Heidi and I have made several good friends there. What have you been doing here?"

"Oh, just school and stuff," she replied. "Daddy keeps hauling us off to political fund raisers and that sort of stuff. Occasionally we get to go do something nice, like this dance. I guess we're supposed to spend some time together tonight, to make everybody happy?"

"Well, yes, but you have time to go get some food first," Hans replied. "My grandparents have a while list of families like yours for us to socialize with tonight. I have to give each girl one dance before I can choose who to spend time with tonight."

"Sounds fair to me, Hans," she replied, as the dance ended. "Well, have fun, if you can. I would like another dance later, but don't feel you have to, okay?"

"Thanks Anne," Hans said, as he led her back to her parents, with Heidi and Christoff falling in behind them. "And have a very happy holidays, okay?"

Swiss Mix - Chapter 423 By DoggyStyle57, September 2012


Dec 23, 2009 (Wednesday evening) - Bernerholdt Mansion, in Switzerland

The Countess watched the children dance. She waited until the Erlichmann's had stepped away before saying to her son under her breath, "I dare say that what he finds 'nice' would be the idea of his daughter becoming a Countess. That man's a politician to the bone, and always grasping for more power or status."

"And that differs from most of the Nobility how, mother?" Lord Karl said in reply. "I don't care much for Craig myself, but he has useful connections, and he's not a person you can easily offend and get away with it. Isn't that why you invited him? To make sure he didn't feel you'd snubbed him?"

The Countess nodded and whispered back, "That, and the children actually are very nice, and from a good bloodline. Hans seems to be getting along well with Anne, don't you think?"

"One dance is hardly grounds for making a decision, mother, and you know it," Karl replied. Then he signaled the orchestra to begin another dance, while catching Redd's eye and indicating by a pre-arranged hand sign that after this dance, the next family should be brought forward.


When the second dance ended, Redd announced, "Presenting Sir Gerhard von Wahlern, and his children."

Dame Agatha stiffened slightly at the name when it was announced, but kept her composure as a solitary Bernese gentleman entered, followed by a twelve year old Bernese girl and a thirteen year old Bernese boy. When they were almost to the Count and Countess, a Bernese lady slipped into the room, and stood by the back wall, intently watching.

"Your Excellencies, my family and I wish you a most prosperous and happy holiday season!" said Sir Gerhard. "My wife Natalia, sends her apologies, but she is indisposed this evening. May I present my daughter, Bonnie, and my son, Heinrich?"

The two children stepped forward, the girl curtsying and the boy bowing formally. "Best wishes of the season, your Excellencies," the girl said. "And it is very nice to meet you, Hans. May we enjoy a dance?"

"And happy holidays to you and yours, as well," Hans said, offering her his arm. "Come with me, please."

"Miss Heidi? Happy Holidays to you, and may I have the pleasure of a dance?" said Heinrich. He looked decidedly embarrassed at asking such a young girl to dance, but he could hardly do otherwise with his father and everyone else watching.

"Yes, and happy holidays, Heinrich," Heidi replied, allowing him to escort her to the dance floor.

As soon as they were dancing together, Bonnie whispered to Hans, "I want you to know that this was entirely my parent's idea. No offense, but I already have a boyfriend."

"None taken, and I already have several girlfriends," Hans replied. "May I ask who the lucky boy is?"

"Ummm, I'd rather not say," Bonnie replied. "You, ahhh, wouldn't know him, anyway. Who are your girlfriends?"

"A couple of nice girls I met in America," Hans replied. "Look, I know that your family wants to reconnect with mine. Your aunt Maria used to be married to my uncle Manfred, who died before I was born. But trust me, I doubt my grandmother is willing to agree to a match between us. Countess Agatha and Lady Maria have quite a feud going between them. I'm sure you're quite nice, but grandmother isn't likely to budge."

"Yes, I know. I've heard about that 'feud' all my life," Bonnie replied. "But my parents won't give up on the idea, so, here we are. My brother has a thing for Eliza von Bergen, so Heidi doesn't have anything to worry about. He's hoping to dance with Eliza most of the night tonight."

"I'm sure Heidi will understand that," Hans replied, as the dance ended. "Well, try to enjoy the party. We can talk more later, if you like."

"Please do talk with both of us. My brother and I wouldn't mind making new friends," Bonnie admitted. "We don't get out and socialize much."


Later that evening, the Countess became quite alert and attentive when Redd announced, "Sir Johan von Bergen, and his daughter."

"Ah! Now here is a delightful young girl, Hans!" the Countess said to her grandson.

"Good evening, your Excellencies," Sir Johan said, as he drew the girl who had been trailing behind him to his side. "May this festive season bring happiness to all of you. Hans? May I present my daughter, Eliza?"

"We know each other, sir," Hans replied. "It is good to see you again, Eliza. Shall we share a dance?"

"I suppose we should," the girl replied. "And it is good to see you again, Hans. Where have you been?"

Hans took her to the dance floor, and started a waltz with her before replying. "I've been attending school in America. I hear that you and Heinrich von Wahlern are a couple now?"

"Well, we would like to be, but my parents don't like him," Eliza replied. "How did you know?"

"His sister Bonnie told me," Hans replied. He laughed slightly and said, "I don't think any of the children tonight so far are happy with what our parents, or my grandparents, are up to this evening. But I would hope we can be friends, Eliza. Just friends, with no strings attached."

"I'd like that, Hans. But I doubt my parents would see 'just friends' as satisfactory. Do you have a girlfriend?" she asked.

"Several, but no one that I'm going steady with," he replied. "How did you meet Heinrich? His sister said they don't get out much, socially."

"They don't, but he still has to attend school, and we go to the same school," she replied. "He plays soccer, and I see him at the games, and sometimes after the games. Do you play sports, Hans?"

"I did for a while," he replied. "Soccer and swim team, mostly. I'm... not doing team sports right now, though."

The dance ended, and Eliza kissed Hans briefly on the cheek. "Thanks for being understanding, Hans. I'm going to see if Heinrich wants to dance."

"Go have fun," he replied, "and happy holidays to both of you!"


Several dances later, Redd made another announcement. "Mrs. Karla Brushtail wishes to present two more young ladies."

Karla stepped forward, wearing a full formal ball gown. Behind her came Karin and Sandra Kurtz, in matching sapphire blue dresses that were simple yet elegant. The girls walked beside Karla, rather than trailing behind her, as they crossed the room on the red carpet.

The vixen and the two Bernese girls all curtsied, and then Karla said, "Your Excellencies, I am pleased to present Miss Karin Kurtz and Miss Sandra Kurtz. These two sisters are wards of the Bernerholdt Foundation, in the care of your son. I have been their Governess while they live here."

"We have met them, yes," the Countess replied. "Come closer, children."

"Thank you, your Excellency," Karin said, taking two steps closer and curtsying with her sister. "May we each have a dance with Hans?"

"And happy holidays, your Excellencies!" Sandra added.

"Happy holidays to you as well, children. Go enjoy yourselves," the Countess replied.

The Countess, the Count, Lord Karl and Lady Helga all watched as Hans took first Karin, and then Sandra out onto the dance floor for a waltz.

"They do dance well," the Countess admitted. "And you say they are from a good family?"

"Their bloodlines are every bit as good as our own, mother," Lord Karl replied, as he watched the twins and his son. "Since they are in my care, I was able to get genetic testing done on them, and cross-matched them to Hans. Very clean results. Better than you and father had, in fact. I checked the old records. And he does seem to enjoy their company, and they enjoy his."

"Indeed?" the Countess replied. "At least he shows an interest in nice Bernese girls. You waited far too long to marry, my son."

"I had two older brothers who were already married," Karl countered. "Why should I have rushed to seek a bride? Please mother, let us not argue this evening. You have two fine grandchildren now to carry on the family name and titles. Isn't that enough?"


When Hans returned from his dances with the twins, he did not return to his own seat. Instead, he went to Lady Helga, bowed formally, and asked, "Mother? Would you favor me with a dance as well?"

"You want to dance with me?" Lady Helga asked, somewhat surprised by her son's request.

"And why shouldn't he ask you?" Lord Karl said. "Go dance with our son, and I'll do the same with our daughter."

Hans led his mother out onto the dance floor, as Lord Karl did the same with Heidi.

The orchestra started another waltz. Heidi rested her head on her father's chest, barely above his silken cummerbund. Hans, also shorter than his partner by at least a foot, found himself with his head resting against his mother's ample bosom. Several other couples joined them on the dance floor. Hans saw that Eliza and Heinrich had paired off, and that Bonnie was dancing with her father, and appeared to be just as happy as Eliza. It made him wonder if the suppositions of his father's agents were correct, and that perhaps the von Wahlern family was engaged in their own incestuous pastimes. On the edge of the dance floor he saw a Bernese woman that he didn't recognize. She looked to be of an age similar to Bonnie's father, and was watching them intently, with a faint smile on her face.

The dance ended, and the family returned to the Count and Countess. But once again, Hans did not resume his chair. Instead, he stood in front of the Countess, and gazed up at his grandmother.

"Yes, Hans?" the Countess said to him. "Is there something you wish to say?"

"Yes, ma'am, there is. Two things, actually," Hans replied. Then he raised his voice slightly, and asked, "May I have everyone's attention for a moment?"

The buzz of conversation in the room died down rapidly, as the assembled guests curiously paid their full attention to the twelve year old son of their host. Hans waited until he was sure he had as much of everyone's attention as he was going to get, and then he stepped forward, and knelt on one knee in front of his grandmother, saying, "Grandmother, I want to thank you for this splendid ball, and for all the time and trouble that you have invested in making this happen. This is a night I will remember for as long as I live, for no one has ever thrown such an elaborate party for my sake. I want everyone here to know how much I love and respect my grandparents, and that I am truly grateful for all that you have done for us. My only regret is that I cannot have a dance with you as well this evening. In my heart, each dance I will do for the remainder of this evening, I do in part while thinking of you." Then he gently took her hand in his, and kissed the back of her hand.

The Countess smiled warmly, and replied, "That is very sweet, and most diplomatically said, young man. And we, for our part, have truly enjoyed watching you and your sister dancing tonight. The dance with your parents was particularly adorable."

Several nearby nobles began to applaud, and soon the entire crowd was politely acknowledging his courteous comments.

As the noise died down, the Countess asked, "My child, you said that two things brought you before us just now. Is there something else that you might wish to share with our guests?" She clearly hoped that the boy was going to make some sort of declaration favoring one or another of his special guests. If he did, she would be quite pleased, even if it was one of the orphans, or that von Wahlern girl. Just knowing her grandson was considering a suitable girl while she still lived would be more than she could have hoped for this evening.

"Yes, grandmother. I would beg your indulgence for one more thing. But I confess it is something that you may not like. Please, trust me in this. May I proceed?" Hans asked cautiously.

"Son, what is he going to do?" the Countess asked Lord Karl. "Is this some idea of yours?"

"Your guess is as good as mine, mother," Lord Karl replied. "Nothing he confided in me about, I assure you. But the boy has a good head on his shoulders. Allow him to say his piece."

The Countess cautiously nodded to her grandson, and replied, "You may have your say, my child. We are most curious as to why, on this occasion, you would wish to say anything that we might not care for. But we shall allow you to do as you choose."

By now everyone in the room was silent, and expectantly listening for what Hans had to say.

Swiss Mix - Chapter 424 By DoggyStyle57, September 2012


Dec 23, 2009 (Wednesday evening) - Bernerholdt Mansion, in Switzerland

Hans nodded to his grandmother, then said to the Countess in a voice that carried to everyone in the ballroom, "The primary reason for tonight's ball is to allow my sister and I to meet and befriend other Bernese children of roughly our own age, in hopes that among these young people we each may find one special person who may, if things work out right, become our future mates and companions in life. We have known for months that this was to be expected of us, and we both do intend to fulfill our social obligations... to the extent of offering our friendship to these old and new acquaintances, and making every effort to get to know them better - both this evening and in the future."

He paused while the Countess nodded briefly in acknowledgement of his statement, and replied, "It pleases us greatly that you take your obligations as our heirs seriously, Hans. And although we would be very pleased to hear that the succession for our titles is assured, we can accept that neither you nor your sister is ready to make a commitment tonight to any one person as a future mate. So what is it that you would say that might not please us?"

"Just this, grandmother. There is another obligation that I feel equally compelled to discharge this evening, while you and these many noble guests are present as witnesses. And to do so, I need two specific people to attend me." Hans replied, as he withdrew from his pocket a small device that appeared to be a pocket watch. He opened it, pressed a few buttons, and closed it again. "Those two people have just been summoned," he said.

There was a slight stirring in the crowd, as two small and nearly identical canine girls in maid uniforms rushed to Hans' side. Miss Cheri came from the corner between the orchestra and the platform that Lord Karl, Lady Helga, and the Count and Countess were seated on. Miss Marie came just as hastily from a doorway in the opposite corner, where she had been waiting just out of sight, to receive empty platters from the buffet tables, or to fetch filled platters from the kitchens, as requested by Phil or Bridget.

"How can we serve you, Master?" Miss Cheri asked breathlessly, with a slightly grim look on her face, and one hand resting carefully on a small purse that she was wearing. Miss Marie asked the same thing, scarcely half a breath behind her mother. Both Chow Chow Dog girls looked worried.

Hans smiled at them both, and said simply, "There is no threat to my safety. I wished to have both of you present for what I am about to say. Simply stand by me, and attend to my words." Then he looked up at the Count and Countess, and said, "Your Excellencies, allow me to formally present Miss Cheri LeChow, and her daughter, Miss Marie LeChow, two of my most attentive and loyal maids."

Both maids relaxed, and when introduced they curtsied to the Count and Countess, though they looked just as confused about the situation as the Countess did.

"Maids?" the Countess asked incredulously. "Why... why are you introducing these servants to us, and why now?"

"Because while you have met them on several occasions over the past ten years or more, and been served by them countless times when visiting my father's mansion, you have never really seen them or acknowledged their service to our family. No more so than you usually seem to see or acknowledge any of our other servants," Hans replied. "While the girls I meet socially this evening may be important to my future, these two maids already have proven, for over a decade, that they are devoted to me, and they are already a very important part of my life. Miss Cheri LeChow has, for my entire life, been my Governess, and has done the same service for my sister, Heidi. She serves me now as Senior Maid in my American household, and is the legal guardian for Heidi and I while we are in America. She raised Heidi and I from infancy, and was even our wet nurse. While my mother, Lady Helga, has been climbing mountains and making headlines with her exploits, Miss Cheri LeChow has served in obscurity, and in all ways has been a second mother to Heidi and to me. She went far beyond simply caring for us as her Master's children. She raised us with all the love and care that she gave to her own daughter. Marie, Heidi and I grew up together under her care and guidance, and despite the differences in our stations, Marie became, and still is, my very best friend, and she is now my most favored maid. These two maids have been like family to my sister and I. Therefore, I want to accord them at least the same courtesy as I did in dancing with my mother. To do any less would be to be most ungrateful for their devoted service. I want to publicly acknowledge both of them for all that they have given to our family, and to honor them tonight by having a dance with each of them, before I resume my social obligations with our guests."

"But Hans! They are just... just servants!" replied the Countess, looking as if she was about to faint.

"They are very highly valued servants, your Excellency," said Lady Helga. "My son is right. Miss Cheri has been as devoted to his welfare as she would have been if she was his own mother. It was only because I knew that she was here to care for my children that I was able to continue my own career as a mountaineer after Hans was born. Yes, they are 'just maids'. But all too often we forget just how much we rely on those who serve us. I, for one, think my son is doing the right thing, and that he is setting a good example for the rest of us!"

"But... but... Oh my!" the Countess sputtered, as she took a whiff of oxygen to prevent herself from fainting.

"But nothing - the boy's right!" said the Count, breaking the nearly complete silence that he had held for the entire evening. "I admire the boy for speaking his mind. And in fact, I think we should follow his example."

The Countess was absolutely dumbstruck. She stared at her normally silent and passive husband as if he had suddenly turned bright orange and sprouted wings.

The Count rose unsteadily to his feet, declining the cane that was immediately offered by the nurse behind his chair. Instead he looked at the nurse and said, "Miss Rosanne here has been just as dutiful in serving us, and we have been remiss in thanking her. Young lady? Rather than my cane, give me your arm, and join my grandson and I on the dance floor! I think I can manage one slow waltz tonight, to thank you for your service to the Countess and I. Karl, you pick one of those maids of yours and do the same."

"Yes father, I will," Lord Karl replied, rising and signaling for Karla to join him. "Mother, this is my senior maid, Mrs. Karla Brushtail. She has served me faithfully for nineteen years. Her husband served as major domo for us this evening, and is my chauffeur. Karla? Shall we dance?"

As Hans, Karl and Count Eric led Cheri, Karla, and Miss Rosanne to the dance floor, Lady Helga moved to her husband's seat beside the Countess. She patted the older woman's hand and said quietly, "There there. It will be all right. Look at your guests. They all seem to approve of what my son has started this evening."

The Countess looked at the approving smiles and nodding heads of her guests. No one seemed at all offended by what Hans had said, or by how her husband and her son had followed up on those statements. She slowly nodded, silently, as she watched them dance.

On the dance floor, Miss Cheri whispered quietly to Hans, "Master? Thank you, but I fear that in drawing attention to us you may have placed us in some peril. It really would be better for Marie and I if the Countess paid very little attention to us."

"Nonsense," Hans insisted. "You both deserve the recognition, and all I said was quite true. Knowing Grandmother, she will probably have forgotten your names by breakfast."

The dance ended, and Marie took her mother's place in Hans' arms. She looked lovingly at him and whispered, "Master, thank you. I do love you, but please, don't place us in the center of the Countess' attention again. She frightens me!"

"I would never allow her to harm either of you," Hans insisted, stroking Marie's hair affectionately as they danced. "Just relax and enjoy this dance with me. I've wanted for the longest time to publicly show how much I care for both of you."

Marie rested her head on Hans' chest, and sighed, "I will try, Master. I hope that you are right."

Shortly after Hans began to dance with Marie, the Countess asked Lady Helga, "The... the way they look at each other as they dance... You don't think... Surely the boy isn't so smitten with that chit of a girl that he might seek her as his bride? She isn't even Bernese!"

Lady Helga thought for a moment, then shook her head and replied, "No, I do not believe that he would try to marry his maid, your Excellency. I know Miss Marie. She is quite happy with her station in life, as his First Maid, and she seeks nothing more than to be his devoted servant. He cares for her a great deal, but I believe he will still fulfill his family obligations, to produce a legal and purebred heir."

The Count returned to the platform, smiling more than he had at any time since he arrived. "I did enjoy that, though it was quite tiring for me. Agatha my dear, I think we should retire for the evening, and let the younger generation continue with their merriment. You look as tired as I feel."

"Y-yes. I... I do think I should get some sleep," the Countess said numbly. "Call for our servants. They... know what to do."

The Count looked up, and saw that their two male servants had been carefully observing the situation, and were already walking to the platform, each carrying a six foot long staff with padded hand-grips on each end.

The Count addressed the crowd, saying, "The Countess and I will retire for the evening, and leave the rest of you to celebrate with our son and his family. We thank you all for coming this evening, and wish you a happy holidays."

As he spoke, the two servants inserted their staves into rings on the sides of the Countess' throne, turning it into a sedan chair so they could carry her from the room with some measure of dignity. They lifted her up, turned to one side, and stepped sideways down to floor level in a maneuver that they clearly had practiced many times, so that the Countess was neither tipped nor jostled as they moved her. Miss Rosanne secured the oxygen bottle in place under the seat of the Countess' throne, and walked beside her chair, as the Count took up his cane and slowly led them from the room.

"Three cheers for the Count and Countess von Bernerholdt! Long may they live!" declared Redd Brushtail, in a manner perhaps more appropriate to a California renaissance faire than to honor Swiss nobility. None the less, the crowd took up the cheers, and continued cheering and applauding as they left the room with as much grace and majesty as a king and queen.

Lord Karl watched them go, and then said to the guests, "Let us resume our evening, shall we? Music, please!" Then he offered his arm to his wife, and led her to the dance floor. Several other couples followed them, including Redd Brushtail and Karla, and Phil and Bridget Connors.

Hans was standing beside the dance floor, between Cheri and Marie, when he heard a woman's voice behind him saying, "That was quite well done, Hans. I would have paid quite a lot for tickets to watch someone put the Countess in her place like that."

Hans turned, and saw an attractive Bernese woman behind him. She seemed to be a little younger than his father, and was looking at him expectantly. "You have me at a disadvantage, my Lady. I do not believe we have been introduced."

"Quite true, my dear, so let me remedy that," the lady replied, taking a sip of her wine before continuing. "I am Lady Maria von Wahlern, and I am, or rather I was, your aunt. Before you were born, I was married to your father's brother, Manfred von Bernerholdt. But after he died, Countess Agatha had my marriage annulled, so I can no longer claim to be your aunt, properly speaking."

"Is that so? My father has recently told me something of you and your situation, my Lady. I am sorry that my grandmother the Countess has been so hostile to you," Hans replied. "Certainly my father and I bear you and your family no ill will."

"So my former brother in law has said, and so he has proven by getting invitations for my brother and I to bring his children here to meet you and your charming sister," Lady Maria said. "Would it be possible for me to have a word with you in private? Just a few minutes of your time?"

Hans whispered something to Miss Cheri and Miss Marie, and his maids went back to their duties. Then he looked around and offered, "The art gallery behind you is not in use at the moment, but I know the security code to open the door. No one would disturb us in there."

"That would be fine, Hans," Lady Maria replied. "Thank you."

Hans went to the door and entered a code sequence on the access panel beside the door, then opened it for Lady Maria and him to enter. The lights came on automatically as they walked into the room and he shut the door behind them.

Hans turned to her and asked, "So, what did you want to discuss privately with me, Lady Maria?"

Swiss Mix - Chapter 425 By DoggyStyle57, September 2012


Dec 23, 2009 (Wednesday evening) - Bernerholdt Mansion, in Switzerland

Lady Maria von Wahlern glanced briefly at the paintings and sculptures on display around them, then looked at Hans and asked, "That was a very pretty speech you gave, Hans. Did your father write that for you, or was that your own idea?"

"Father knew nothing of my plans in that regard," Hans replied. "It was something I had been considering doing for months, since I first heard of the plans for this ball."

"I'm impressed," Lady Maria said, smiling at him. "I think you're going to be quite the skillful diplomat by the time you become Count von Bernerholdt, young man."

"Thank you, though I still could have handled it better, I think. Grandmother still got rather mad," Hans replied.

"I do hope that your affection for those two maids isn't preventing you from taking seriously the charms of the girls who were presented to you this evening?" Lady Maria asked.

"As much as I like them, no, they would not be a problem," Hans replied. "Even if I wanted to, I wouldn't be allowed to marry a non-Bernese girl. But surely you already knew that? Say what you came here to say, My Lady. I have other guests I must attend to."

Lady Maria nodded, and said, "All right, then I'll get right to the point, and tell you much of what I already told your father. I will ask that you treat this as confidential, as much of it is not public knowledge, and no one would benefit from these facts being spread more widely. My own marriage to your uncle was arranged by our parents. At the time, Countess Agatha thought quite highly of the idea of breeding her family bloodlines to mine. I also thought it was a good idea, and I was quite willing to marry your handsome uncle. But shortly before we were married, Manfred told me that he was secretly gay. No one in his family knew of his sexual orientation. He was quite willing to marry me and publicly appear to be a loving husband, as long as I kept his secret while he lived, and never shared his bed. But he wouldn't even take my virginity on our wedding night. Well, I tried to be a good wife, and to obey the wishes of my husband. But since his wishes didn't include me bearing his children, Countess Agatha blamed me for his lack of heirs after he died. She would never have believed her precious son was incapable with women in bed. When he died, and my marriage was annulled, my family lost everything we had hoped to gain by my marriage."

Hans nodded, and said, "Father had already confided much of that to me, and I had guessed a lot of the rest. I take it from your request that father intercede for you to get an invitation to tonight's ball that your family still hopes to join with mine?"

"Yes, of course we do. Why else would we have presented Bonnie to you?" Lady Maria admitted. "All the good things that were hoped for in my wedding Manfred would be equally true if you and our Bonnie were to wed. I won't force her into an arranged marriage, with you or anyone else. But I do want you to seriously consider her. She is not an heiress, because my brother and I have an older brother who will be the next Count von Wahlern, and our older brother already has two sons. She would, however, have a nice dowry from us. Please, she is quite a nice girl, and if you give her a chance, I am sure you'll like her."

"Perhaps so, but Bonnie has told me that she already has a boyfriend," Hans replied. "I am happy to become her friend, but if her heart is already spoken for, I would not intrude on her affairs. For my own part I am not at all ready to commit to any one girl, and probably will continue to remain uncommitted for many more years."

"A boyfriend? Bonnie?" Lady Maria replied. "I am sure she was just trying to be kind to you, my dear, and give you an easy way to decline her. She does have a few boys that she is... infatuated with. But I assure you that it's nothing that would prevent the two of you from wedding, if you found the idea amicable. You... wouldn't hold it against her if she... already had a little experience, would you? I assure you, bedding a virgin is quite over rated."

"It would not count against her from my perspective, nor, I think, would my father. I can't say how the Count and Countess would respond to that," Hans replied. "I am not a virgin myself. I have enjoyed a virgin in bed, and I have enjoyed much more experienced women. On the whole, I prefer the experienced partners."

Lady Maria looked at Hans intently, and with a slightly predatory gleam in her eyes. "Oh, an experienced woman can certainly provide pleasures you may never have dreamed of, Hans. If you will consider our Bonnie seriously, I can assure you that we would not take offense at the two of you becoming as intimate as the two of you are comfortable with, well before any commitment was made. And I could be very grateful myself, if that would interest you."

Hans knew the look in her eyes. He had seen it often enough in the eyes of Mrs. Karla Brushtail. The Lady Maria was considering seducing him, despite the fact that she was older than Hans' own mother, and she was offering her niece for his bed as well, if he would at least consider Bonnie as a possible future mate. He had to admit, Lady Maria was still a very beautiful woman. She had a shapely figure and a trim waist. Unlike his mother, she was more petite, and her height was a mere five inches or so more than his. In fact, she and Taylor were nearly identical in build, and could probably wear the same clothes. Her fur and hair shone with a glossy color that betrayed no hint of grey hairs or of having been dyed to hide the signs of aging. True, he had never bedded a woman of her age, but it might be interesting to try...

Hans cleared his throat and replied, "Ahem! Well, that does... give me something to think about, my Lady. I do intend to spend more time with Bonnie later this evening, and I will be here for the remainder of the holiday season, if she indicates to me that she is... willing to pursue a more intimate liaison with me, I confess I would not turn it down."

Lady Maria stepped so close to Hans that her breasts were nearly touching his chest. She tucked a business card into his tuxedo pocket and said softly, "If you ever want to see either of us, Hans, just give me a call. Perhaps some evening after the Count and Countess have returned to their own homes? My personal cell phone number is on that card. Have a pleasant evening." Then she turned and left the room, returning to the party in the ballroom.

Hans waited a moment, both to compose himself and to not be seen exiting the gallery with Lady Maria. Then he left the gallery himself by the opposite door, locking both entries behind him with the access panel in the main hallway.


As the evening progressed, Hans danced again with Karin, Sandra, Bonnie and Anne. He made a point of spending at least some time with each or the girls, just sitting and talking, as they enjoyed the food, drinks and music. He even shared a dance with Lady Maria, just as the evening drew to a close.

It was close to midnight before the last of the party guests had been seen to the door and sent on their way. Lady Helga had excused herself about an hour earlier, and returned to her suite.

"I think you handled the evening fairly well, son," said Lord Karl as they walked up to the family suites together. "I would have preferred that you let me know in advance about your plan to present Marie and Cheri to my mother, though. I noticed that Lady Maria von Wahlern cornered you at one point. Did she have anything interesting to say?"

"Other than making a case for Bonnie, she also made a pass at me herself, father," Hans replied. "She gave me her personal cell phone number, and said I could cal if I wanted to meet with Bonnie, or with herself."

"She did? Well, well. And what did you think of that, son?" Lord Karl asked.

"She's quite attractive, for a woman her age, sir," Hans replied. "Sort of like Mrs. Brushtail, I guess. I wouldn't throw her out of my bed, but I wonder if it would be wise to allow her such intimacy."

"If you do, don't allow your grandparents to hear of it," Lord Karl replied. "I would be cautious with her, son. But you might find the experience enlightening. I won't tell you to refuse her, but if you accept her in your bed, be careful what you say and what you offer. I have my suspicions about her private life, but I don't really know how she would react if she found out the details of ours. I would advise not telling her any secrets, unless she has already divulged equally sensitive information about her own affairs. Don't allow her to be in a position to blackmail us, unless you can counter that sort of threat."

"You think she would do that, father?" Hans asked.

"I don't know her well enough to say, son," Lord Karl replied. "Now, Cheri and Marie are waiting for me, and I'd like to enjoy them before we fall asleep. Good night son."

"Good night father, and thank you for the advice," Hans said, as he parted company with his father and went to his own rooms, where he hoped Miss Sierra and Miss Lexi would be waiting for him.


"Master, there's something you have just got to see!" Miss Lexi said excitedly as soon as Hans was in his room and the door was closed. She was naked and sitting on his bed, but rushed to hug him as soon as he had the door closed.

"Yes, Master, you won't believe this until you see it for yourself!" said Miss Sierra, who was also naked, and standing close to Hans' closet.

"What is it, girls?" Hans asked, as he removed his tie and cummerbund from his tuxedo, set them on his dresser, and then kicked off his shoes.

"Well... When Lexi and I came here through the maid passages, we, ummm, saw something really interesting!" said Miss Sierra. "One of the curtains had been left open, and, well, it was kind of hard not to notice what was going on in that bedroom."

Lexi giggled and said, "It's your mom, Hans! She's got a guy in her room that's definitely not your father, and they are mating like she's in heat! She isn't, I'm sure, because she didn't smell like it at all during the party tonight. But I've never seen her all sexed up before. It's amazing!"

"Mom? Okay, this I have got to see. Lead the way, girls," Hans said. He followed them into his closet and through the secret door to the maid passages.

Hans had been assigned the room that he and Marie and Heidi used to share as children, right on the corner of the family suites. On the other side of the family suites, between the corner and the suite Lord Karl used, was the suite that Lady Helga preferred to use when she was at the mansion. Straight in front of the short passage that led from his closet to the Maid passages was the open curtain to his mother's bedroom. Hans had to admit that with this particular curtain open, it would be impossible for the girls to miss. And when he saw what was going on in his mother's room, he couldn't help but watch.

In Lady Helga's room, she was completely unclothed and on all fours on her bed, sideways to the mirror at the head of the bed. Her Saint Bernard servant, Reudi Streuder, was equally nude, and was kneeling behind her and hammering his thick cock into her cunny with a feral intensity.

Hans stared through the one-way mirror. He had never seen his mother like this, naked, sensual, and with her face contorted with lust. He couldn't hear what she was saying to her lover without setting up a set of headphones, but he hardly needed to. Without even thinking about it, he unzipped his pants and started stroking his cock.

Lexi and Sierra pulled his pants down and helped him to remove the rest of his tuxedo and underclothes. Then Lexi started sucking her master's cock while Sierra cuddled close behind him, kissing his neck and whispering, "Your mom's surprisingly sexy, isn't she?"

"Y-yeah," Hans said, as he pulled Lexi to her feet and turned her around, facing the mirror. He entered the young vixen from behind and started fucking her hard and fast, trying to match Reudi stroke for stroke as he watched the Saint Bernard fucking his mother.

Before they were done that night, Hans had fucked both girls twice, while watching his mother perform oral, anal and vaginal sex with her lover.

When Lady Helga finally turned out the lights, Hans closed the curtain and returned to his own bed with Lexi and Sierra.

"That was absolutely amazing. Thank you, girls," he said sleepily. As he drifted off to sleep, he wondered who had left that curtain open, and why. The maids always closed those curtains if they were left open, and as far as he knew, his mother was unaware that the maid passages even existed. He sighed and decided that he didn't care. He was just glad it had happened.