Of Satyr and Gods Pt. 1

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This is the first part of a story I'm attempting to write. If I get good feedback, I may write up the second part. Which will actually have something sexy in it.

Crashing through the undergrowth, the girl fled. Her sobs were loud and her breathing heavy as she blindly ran through the trees. Whatever had been behind her, whatever had been inside that grove, seemed to have given up the chase. She stopped for a second, holding her breath and listening for any signs of movement, fear heightening her senses. A branch snapped close by, and she spun round to look at the source of the noise. It was a deer, his antlers tall and proud and his fur shimmering in the sun like water. He raised his head to look at her, and flicked his ears back as he stared. As her eyes met his, she slowly fell into a trance. The conifer forest faded to grey, and the pine needles under her bare feet became as soft as grass. She took a step towards him, then another when he did not stir. When she was close enough to reach out and touch him, he turned and fled back the way she came from. She sighed gently, and debated what to do next. Her own words comforted her, as she mumbled her way through her options.

"I could follow the deer; he wasn't scared to go that way..." She mused, "Or I could try and find my way out."

She took out some sandwiches from her backpack, and sat on a large tree stump. As she ate she gazed around at the unfamiliar part of the forest. The trees seemed more alive, and their branches waved even though there was only the slightest twist of wind. When she had finished her short meal, she chose her destination, and headed after the deer.

It was mid afternoon by the time she found the grove again. There was no sign of the deer, or the ominous shape she had seen before. She sighed loudly, and sat on the large, flat stone in the centre of the grove. She was exhausted; the peaceful atmosphere around her lulled her senses, and she started to doze quietly. Her eyelids became heavy, and she had to pull herself back from the brink of sleep a few times.

"How bad could it be if I just got a few minutes rest?" She thought. "There's no one around, I should be fine."

The hot sun beat down on her back, and there was no breeze to cool her. She removed her top and denim shorts, revealing her lightly furred body to the world. Enough fur for modesty, but her small breasts were evident for all to see beneath the light fawn coat. She pulled her cloven hooves up onto the stone slab, and lay on her side away from the sun, then gently drifted off to sleep.

A harsh crack woke her. She leapt up to find that the sky was dark, but a strange light emitted from the large crack that had appeared in the stone slab. She stared, mouth open, as a dark glass-like fragments swirled up through the crack. They started to form a kneeling human shape, colours forming from the shards as green and black particles flew frantically around it. The light faded, and the dark shapes stopped. The figure rose. He had piercing green eyes, jet-black hair, and incredibly pale skin. His robes were formed of the green and grey shards she had seen earlier. He gave her a kind smile, looking down at her, but there was a spark in his eye that betrayed his intent. She had a sudden feeling of foreboding, as though this being was someone to avoid...