Savannah Blues part 17

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18 of Savannah Blues

Savannah Blues (17) By Roofles

"I just don't get it," Isaac rested his head back on the warm, short black fur arm under him. He nuzzled up against the man next to him as he got a strong hug from him. "Why people do open relationships. I hate 'em. Just because his friends want to get laid whenever they want doesn't give them the right to just ask him whenever they feel like."

"I know. It's cruel." The panther purred tip toeing his fingers across his sweated, matted fur chest. "People can be so mean sometimes." Noveel purred a bit lower, licking along his chin down his jawline to the crook of his neck and nippled on it.

Isaac closed his eyes at the feel, groaning softly as he stretched his toes from the feel of that warm muzzle kneaded his fur and flesh with soft nips and bites before licking it softly with another deep, chest shaking purr. He could feel the panther's strong legs, having long tied themselves up with his own, squeeze the one leg they had trapped as he grinded against the hyena side nosing him further as he rolled a bit over on him. Pushing him down against the bed as he proceeded to attack his neck, shoulders and chest his golden eyes looking up at the hyena who was still thinking things over.

It had been a month. At least. And he was still with the same guy, for a change. Yet he found himself more and more over here with Noveel than he did with Ryan. It wasn't like they had a bad relationship but it was clear that the dog put more interest in his friends than into their relationship. At first Isaac didn't mind but the other night when they were in a middle of something romantic, a home made dinner by yours truly, the phone buzzed and the dog headed off to go keep one of his friends company. Sure his friend was having troubles with the guy he was seeing but now the dog would go over there and get on all fours for him or put his muzzle between his legs...and just thinking about it made the hyena's fur stand on end.

Things might've been less of a problem if he hadn't walked in on him and the golden retriever doing it right there on the couch. Before he could just push it out of his mind and be happy and blissfully ignorant. He thought he could handle it but walking in on them just broke the fantasy he had made for himself. The cold reality of it chilled his blood and he found himself walking out there. Ever since then he always questioned rather they were doing it whenever he went to hang out with his friends. And he didn't like that side of himself. He hated that side.

"...and I don't think I can handle it further. I blew him off already and the thought of even going out to eat with those friends..." The hyena closed his eyes as those strong lips circled around his bare nipple cutting it off from the cold air and sealing it in the tight warmth of that muzzle. The humidity in that muzzle was something else and it felt wonderful - he'd know after all having fucked that muzzle a half hour ago.

Noveel licked his lips afterwards resting his chin on the hyena chest, still with an arm around him. "It's like when your man invites his ex over. You know the tension is there, the sexual air because they've done it before. Or am I just reading into things?" He purred low, letting his chest shake the hyena belly and groin making Isaac tightly close his eyes and shift his legs back and forth as a low whine escaped him. "Still sensitive are we?"

"Vury," Isaac teased back brining his nose down to bump the panthers. Who licked his lips with that scratchy tongue. "I'm going to break up with him." Isaac spoke softly in a whisper that made the panther perk his ears. "So I think this's the last time I'll be with you."

"Why's that?" Noveel rolled onto his side with a lifted eyebrow. "Did I do something wrong?" He rubbed the hyena's belly before dipping down to give him a strong grope making Isaac whine again.

"N-no, your fine." Isaac twisted out of his loosening grip and stuck his tongue out. "But no more open relationships for me."

"That's too bad." The panther looked at him with that bored cat like expression, his tail swaying up in the air behind him as he looking around his room. His sleek fur clung to the muscular curves of his torso and arms. Noveel was well trimmed and fit. Coming to America as a cub from India with his mother and sister. Studying physical fitness and working with disabled patients at a care facility downtown. It was always his policy to be fit, clean cut and healthy with the air of positivity, warmth and compasion that may reflect on his those he helped. Now he seemed to be dark and brooding thinking things over as his forhead wrinkled up, brow scrunched together before he just shrugged.

"Oh well, I guess I can give up the rat I have on the side. He was a bit of a chubby guy but damned if he didn't have heart, heh." Noveel teased rolling onto his back and patting his chest. The hyena got the idea. Scooting down in the bed before nosing up to him getting a heavy feline rolling ontop of him the next second. "So do we have to quit?"

"I don't know. You think you can handle a relationship?" Isaac nosed his chest with a large grin. Noveel pulled back looking down at the hyena and nosing him a bit, before tilting his head to the side and kissing him softly. Their first actual kiss.

"I think I could manage." The panther began to purr loudly again. "Think you dog could handle getting dumped for a cat?"

"Heh...well he doesn't even really know, per say, about you." Isaac trailed off. It had never come up. Not once in their conversations together had the dog ever asked if he was seeing anyone else and being in an open relationship Isaac didn't feel too bad about not telling him...mostly not too bad. Not guilt ridden or torn about it. Or anything...

"Oh?" The panther stared with those golden spheres that seemed to be able to bore into his very soul. "Why's that?"

"Just he never asked and well whenever he was out with his friends or something and I wasn't busy I'd call you and we'd go out and well...hook up. And he just never inquired about that...or my day. Or how I was doing...or anything." Isaac ears drooped and he nuzzled against the panther a little more. Covering heart ache with sex, that was really mature of him. What kind of high school pre-teen was he? The thoughts only dampened his spirits.

Noveel rubbed his back. "So um...did you ever get back in touch with your old roommate?"

He rested back pulling the hyena with him as he got himself comfortable. He pulled the covers over the two as they began spooning. Noveel didn't really care much. The wild dog seemed like a giant dick to him and that just wasn't attractive. You have to have a body and mind not just be a giant dick. I mean does that even come with a scrotum? And would it be a dog dick 'cause he was a dog? Or... "Crap, he's been talking this whole time." Noveel realized as his thoguhts finally came back to the situation he was in.

The panther didn't get straight A's or be on the honor roll. He was a jock. That beat up nerds in high school with his jock friends and was the one flirting with the cute hot popular guys behind the school before fucking them in secret threatening to pummel them into the ground if they ever said a word about it. That guy that took gym every day even during his senior year even though he didn't need any more physical ed credits. Thats the type of guy he had been. A bit of a flake, air head and now...he was doing it again. Spacing off as the hyena next to him went on about something or other with his roommate.

"Why don't you talk with your zebra friend from the bar about this stuff. I'm sure he can help you way more than I can." Noveel said and as Isaac agreed he gave himself a mental chest bump. Bullseye! Two birds with one stone. Now he wouldn't have to listen to all this drama and girly shit.

"True. Ralph was in on it and he'd probably know what to do. I mean he did contact me a few times in the past few weeks but I never bothered getting back to him." Isaac nuzzled into the strong chest next to him. "Thanks for the help."

"Anytime," the panther rubbed his back clapping excitedly in his head that he was able to help without doing anything. The gears continued to turn though. "Didn't you see Ralph yesterday?"

"Of course. I see Ralph all the time. I was talking about Jack." Isaac yawned loudly resting on the arm under his head and retrapping their legs together.

The gears slowly turned, creaking to a halt before starting up again. "Wait I thought Ralph was your roommate."

"No, no. Ralph is the zebra. From the bar." Isaac closed his eyes curling up a bit and licking the chest in front of him before slowly lolling off to sleep.

Noveel mind continued to work it over trying to figure out which was which but he shrugged, gave up on it and was glad to see he he had come to a good logical conclusion about the situation he was in. Whatever that really was. And with a loud yawn of his own, stretching out long, arching back and lifting his rear high to the world before plopping down next to the hyena and fell asleep having already forgotten the conversation.