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1 of Young Love well it's been about 5 years since i last wrote anything, suddenly a story idea smacked me in the brain and wouldn't go away until I actually wrote it down. For those looking for more yiff than story I'd suggest you skip down a good few pages as the sex is all at the end. Or alternatively try my story Heat which has a fox in the middle of a bunny orgy.

It's been a while so my writing skills may be a tad rusty, I was planning on having the story end after another sex scene (involving full anal and knotting) but when i reached the end of the first sex scene it seemed like such a natural break that i didn't write it. with that in mind could anyone who actually reads the full thing and my description let me know if you think I should add the extra scene or just leave the ending as it is. I've also not posted a story on this new version of sofurry I think i've got the space ok but please let me know if it shows up with the text mashed together. Sorry for the lame name couldn't think of anything better i may change it later

Steven grunted heavily as he pulled himself up the last few feet into his tree-house. He lay on his back panting slightly as he though about how much easier that climb had seemed a few years ago. At the still tender age of fourteen it had been several years since he had been inside the dim dusty construction. He had put on a few more pounds of baby fat since then. Steven had never been thin but the last few years doing little more than going to school and gaming in his room had let him grow into a rather pudgy young man.

He grabbed his schoolbag and crawled over to the small box he used to read comics on. Pulling out his tablet he placed it on the box and activated it, the holo display lighting up the tree-house instantly filling the room with a warm yellow glow. With a few deft finger motions he called up the text books he had been working from and his half written essay. Clearing his mind of other worries he began to focus on his homework.

He had only managed to add a paragraph and a half before his concentration was broken by the sounds of someone climbing up the tree. He knew neither of his parents would climb up and none of his friends lived anywhere near. His mind raced with every unpleasant possibility thieves, murderers, rapists or more likely some delinquent kid out after dark looking for some mischief.

Steven grabbed his bag and edged closer to the entrance, there was just enough room to swing it in the tree-house he could probably knock whoever it is out of the tree entirely. His heart pounded uncontrollably in his chest, his breath came in quick shallow breaths sounding incredibly loud in the small space.

All thoughts of fighting vanished as the mystery climber's head came into view. It was canine shaped, with dark grey fur framing a white furred face and ice-blue eyes. It looked in at Steven and smiled. "Hello". His voice was deep but still held traces of adolescence, his accent clearly from off-world.

The sound of his voice unfroze Steven, he dropped his bag "H...Hello" he stammered "'re a morph".

"Yesh I am, I'm not going to hurt you". The morph said as it reached paws inside grabbing the doorframe.

"Oh good.... I mean... I didn't think you were." Steven offered his hand to the creature and helped pull him into the tree house. "Sorry, it's just I've never seen one of your kind this close before".

The morph took the offered hand, Steven felt a minor thrill at the unusual feeling of the furry hand with soft padded palms as he heaved the creature into the tree house.

"Thanksh, we jusht moved in next door." Now that it was inside Steven got a good look at it. Bigger than him at least six foot tall it had to crouch to fit inside the tree-house, however still with the air of adolescence. Steven knew that this was a teenager just like him. He noticed the large canines poking out of his top lip, which partially explained the lisping. Definitely a wolf or canine morph clad in a simple green T-shirt and blue jeans.

"I'm Steven, welcome to the neighbourhood I guess". He let go of the creatures paw and shuffled back to his box and tablet.

"I'm Danny. What are you doing?" The wolf said eyeing the holo display.

"My homework, I have an essay due tomorrow and my parents were arguing so loud I couldn't concentrate in my room. Hence I came out here for the first time in years." Steven said turning his attention to the holo display for a moment.

"Shorry", Danny said and he sat back against the wall.

Steven smiled "Well they are arguing about the family of morphs that just moved here so I guess it is your fault." Danny's ears drooped and he looked down at his feet. "Hey, I'm just kidding. They are arguing about money or something."

Danny's ears perked up and his head lifted up again he opened his mouth to say something when for the second time that night the sound of someone climbing up the tree disrupted him. A few seconds later another canine head popped up this wolf while smaller than Danny was clearly fully grown "Hey Little brother what did I tell you about wandering off. You got to be careful this town is full of speciesist Ba... Hello" The wolf voice changed instantly as he spotted Steven hunched at the back of the tree house.

"Hello, I'm Steven."

"Matt, nice to meet you. Sorry about my brother he's used to wandering wherever he wants." Matt gave Danny a glare. "We'll be heading back home now".

"That's ok he isn't bothering me". Steven said far more defensively than he intended.

Danny gave him a broad smile and inched a little further inside the tree house. "Shee I'm making friendsh".

Matt gave a half smile "Ok but don't stay too long you got your first day at a your new school tomorrow".

Steven looked up from his essay again "Which school are you going to?"

"Williamson High" Matt replied before Danny could even open his mouth.

"Oh, that's where I go. It's mostly ok, watch out for Mr Davis the biology teacher he has a mean temper." Danny's ears drooped and he looked so worried Steven found himself quickly adding. "Don't worry he only really gets upset if you don't do his homework. Which is why I'm so desperate to finish this essay he set on Recessive disease."

As the words came out Steven realised what a mistake he had made. Danny's huge size compared to his older brother, his protruding canines and lisp were all classic symptoms of a mild to medium case of Recessive Disease. Matt was giving him an evil stare and Danny was no longer looking at him his ears and shoulders were drooping heavily.

"We should go home it's late and you need to finish your essay" Matt said slowly his eyes staring daggers at Steven. Danny didn't say anything but moved towards the entrance. "Nice to have met you." Matt said bitterly as his head disappeared.

As Danny turned around and started to climb back out of the tree house he avoided looking at Steven.

Steven half jumped half fell across the tree house, placing his hand on top of Danny's paw. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you."

Danny looked up his blue eyes filled with sadness "That'sh ok I jusht wash hoping nobody at shchool would know about it for a while."

Steven wracked his brains trying to think of something he could say to make things better. As he opened his mouth to say something Matt shouted "Come on Danny we have to go." Danny gave a half smile then disappeared from view quickly climbing down out of sight.

Steven sat by the doorway to the tree house straining his eyes to watch two shadows heading out of his garden and up to the house next door. As they entered the house he returned to his essay and found himself reflecting on the encounter. He had liked Danny, for someone so big and strong he had a vulnerability that had touched something inside Steven. He found himself looking forward to the seeing him again at school. The boy finished the essay quickly and headed back to his home, gratefully finding that his parents had stopped fighting.

The school morning proved to be highly disappointing there was no sign of Danny in any of his classes. Steven assumed that he must be in another study band or possibly a different year, he realised he didn't know how old Danny actually was.

However, at lunch he spied the large wolf sitting alone at a table. Steven watched him from a distance, in the clear light of day he could see that the wolf was in fact much larger than he appeared. He was hunching up defensively keeping his eyes on his lunch trying to ignore the stares he was getting from the other students.

Steven took his tray over and placed it on the table opposite Danny. "Hi, mind if I join you". The look of gratitude that Danny gave him went straight to his heart. "tough first day?"

Danny nodded "everyone keepsh shtaring at me".

"Well you are the first Morph to go to this school and probably the first one most of the students here have seen in the flesh." Steven said quietly. "However, as more morphs move in from the colonies they'll get used to seeing you. They won't always be staring."

Danny looked up and smiled a little "thanksh."

The two sat together and talked for the full lunch hour. Steven found out that Danny was the same age, but that they didn't share any classes. He learned that Danny and his family had moved to Earth from the Mars colony after his father got offered a better job. Danny explained that he had been diagnosed with Recessive disease when he was four. It was a mild case, the gene splicing used to create the morphs a few hundred years ago sometimes came undone in the womb and this could lead to serious physical and mental deformity in morph children. Fortunately for Danny it was a mild case, increased size and large fangs and that was about all. No mental effects at all, although his large canines made it difficult to speak clearly, especially when upset or excited.

The two made plans to have lunch together the next day and made to leave. It was then that the trouble started. The exit to the lunch hall was blocked by a rather large jock called Barry and two friends, Jamie and Ross. Steven found himself stepping in front of Danny protectively hoping that they would just move without saying anything.

The trio gave them some evil stares but as they approached the door Ross moved aside to let them pass. Barry, however, wasn't willing to let them pass without comment. "What's the matter fat boy? You such a loser you can't get any human friends so you have to hang with this retarded freak?" he sneered as they passed.

Steven knew better than to respond to the abuse and walked by quickly pulling Danny with him. "Stay away from those guys." He said as soon as they were out of earshot. "They'll pick on anyone who isn't exactly like them. It's not worth arguing with them, they don't have the mental capacity required to listen to reason."

Steven escorted Danny to his next class before wandering on to his own. Double chemistry was usually one of his favourite classes. However, he found it hard to concentrate on the work. His mind kept wandering back to lunch and Danny, he kept running over everything the wolf had said and done. Losing himself in the details, Danny's overly toothy grin, paws which were in a slightly larger proportion than the rest of his body.

Before he even realised it the day was over and he found himself walking home still unable to get the wolf morph out of his mind. His thoughts were only broken by the sound of a whimper. Steven looked around instantly recognising the area he was in as a street halfway to his home. He'd been walking on autopilot, his feet following the same route he'd travelled every school day for years. As he looked around he heard harsh voices and another whimper.

He spied three figures crowded around a forth in the entrance to an underpass. Steven recognised the three figures instantly, he'd been on the receiving end of their bullying himself on more than one occasion. He could tell by the shape of the other figure it was Danny. Steven knew he should do something, call the authorities or shout at them to stop. However, he knew if he did the three would turn all their attention to him and his next school year would be a living hell. Hating himself for his own cowardice and trying to blot out the sounds coming from the underpass Steven walked on.

"Awww what's the matter freak? Don't you like our little welcome party?" Barry scoffed as he shoved Danny into the underpass wall again.

"Yeah? I mean Ross baked you a cake and everything" Jamie mocked as he held Danny's right arm, Ross was holding his left.

"We don't want retards like you in our school, your kind shouldn't be allowed to live among d...." Barry never got to finish his sentence as he was hit from behind and shoved hard into Jamie who let go of Danny's arm.

Steven grabbed Danny's free arm and pulled him off the wall as he turned and ran for the street. Danny followed sending Ross sprawling as he pulled his arm free. They ran as fast as they could out of the underpass and down the street. Steven slowed to a stop after a hundred meters or so panting heavily. His heart was pounding so hard he could hear the blood rushing in his ears.

The wolf was barely breathing heavily and was looking nervously back the way they had come.

"They... they won't try anything out here, too many witnesses" Steven managed to say between pants.

Danny looked at Steven "You....They....I...." he whimper slightly the whirlwind of events had left his emotions spinning, he tried to speak again but couldn't get his tongue to cooperate.

Steven lightly squeezed his paw "It's over now. Tomorrow I'll show you the long way to walk home, which avoids the underpasses. Those bastards won't try anything in public you'll be fine just as long as you stick to the main streets."

"Thanksh" Danny muttered quietly as he walked with the young human.

They walked quickly, Danny nervously looking behind them every few seconds. Steven did almost all the talking, chattering away about almost everything as the adrenalin rush wore off leaving him nervous and queasy. He didn't realise until they reached their street that he was still holding Danny's paw, letting go with an awkward smile and a deep blush.

"Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow" he mumbled suddenly too embarrassed to look Danny in the face.

"You could... " Danny said then stopped staring at his feet and fidgeting on the spot nervously before continuing. " Come over after dinner, I have Colonial Warsh 2. If you want to."

"I'd love to I haven't seen it yet." Steven said with a broad smile, although he felt a little guilty knowing that he'd seen that movie twice already. He wasn't sure why he'd lied. It just seemed to make it easier to say yes.

They parted ways and Steven headed home, he didn't say a word to his parents just went straight to his room crashing onto his bed. His mind whirled with everything that had happened in the last 24 hours, his world seemed to have been shook to its very core. He'd made a new friend, strange friend who seemed to be giving him some unusual feelings. He'd stood up to his lifelong bullies and walked, well ran away, with everything intact.

He was pretty sure that there would be some fallout from the encounter in the underpass. However, these guys had been bullying him as long as he could remember and he'd learned how to avoid them as much as possible. All he needed to do was make sure he didn't give them an opportunity and in a few months they'd be back to insults in the halls and the occasional push when no-one was looking.

What worried him far more was the growing attraction he was feeling to Danny. He'd never really had feelings for anyone before. Once or twice he'd thought he might like someone, but this was different he couldn't stop thinking about the wolf. On the walk home he'd had to stop himself staring at Danny several times. He could almost still feel the soft warmth of Danny's paw in his hand.

Of course this added a whole extra layer of complication to both his life and the potential new friend he was hoping to make. His first real romantic attraction is not just to a male but to a male anthromorph. He'd always been interested in morphs since he was a kid watching the news as they fought for the right to live on Earth. He just hadn't realised that he was physically attracted to them.

He lay on the bed mulling over his thoughts and feelings until he heard his mother calling him down to lunch. Steven reached no real conclusions except that he was really looking forward to watching a movie with Danny. He had mentally examined every moment he'd spent with Danny looking for any indication that the attraction was mutual.

Steven ate his dinner as fast as politely possibly with barely a word said to his parents and took a quick shower. Selecting his clothes took a lot longer than normal, eventually just grabbing a t-shirt and jeans. Before long he was knocking at Danny's front door hoping that it would be Danny that answered. He wasn't quite sure he was quite ready to meet Danny's parents.

Fortunately it was his friend who opened the door, with a smile and a wave he invited Steven inside. Taking his hand and leading him through the house without a word, straight upstairs and into his bedroom. Steven looked around nervously his eyes wandering over the bookshelves, posters, bed, holo viewer and a small sofa.

Danny waved at the sofa "Make yourshelf comfortable. Do you want shomething to drink?"

"No thanks, I'm good" Steven replied sitting on the sofa.

Danny grabbed a small remote and switched the holo display on, setting the movie off as he sat down on the sofa next to the human.

The sofa was quite small and the two boys found themselves in close quarters. Danny lay his arm along the back on the sofa behind Steven giving the two a little more space. Still Steven found it hard to concentrate on the movie his body was still pressed against the wolf. When he leaned back into the sofa he felt the soft fur of Danny's arm brushing his neck. He closed his eyes for a moment suppressing a happy moan that almost escaped as he enjoyed the sensation of Danny's fur on his skin.

He looked at Danny who, didn't seem to have noticed anything the wolf's eyes were fixed on the movie. It was just starting, Steven knew he had a few minutes before anything interesting enough to talk about would happen. He took those few minutes leaning back, pressing himself against Danny as much as he thought he could blame on the smallness of the sofa. This close to Danny he could actually detect a slight musk in the air. He found he rather liked the scent, it mixed nicely with the warm sensation of Danny's body and the tickle of Danny's fur.

Steven was very aware of a swelling within his pants, he opened his eyes and sat forward. Forcing himself to focus on the movie and trying to ignore the feelings within him. He actually managed to enjoy the movie, Danny's taste and sense of humour matched his own. They found themselves laughing at the same jokes, pointing out the same plot holes and agreeing on many other little points.

The evening ended with them playing several rounds on Danny's game console before time ran out and Steven had to go home. He lay in his bed thinking over every detail of his evening. He'd definitely felt something, he was sure he was physically and emotionally attracted to the young morph. Sadly he had to admit that Danny had given no sign that he returned his affection.

The next few weeks were some of the best of Steven's life. He spent every evening with Danny watching movies playing games his infatuation with the wolf grew each day. He watched for any sign that Danny felt something for him but saw none.

After a month something happened that changed everything Danny signed up for the football team. Which meant for two nights a week Steven walked home alone, while Danny went to practice. It didn't seem like too big a change Steven would go along on Sunday to watch Danny play and meet up outside the locker room afterwards to walk home. However, after one particularly good match Danny didn't come out of the locker room. Steven waited over half an hour after seeing the last player leave.

Finally he gave up waiting and wandered into the locker room to look for him. Checking the lockers aisle by aisle and finding each empty. He heard the sound of water running in the shower and wandered over to check to see if it was Danny. The thought of catching Danny mid-shower was very appealing and certainly distracting. Which is why he didn't hear the sound of someone sneaking up behind him until it was too late.

The beating hadn't been as bad as it could have been. They'd hit him in the head first disorienting him and dulling the pain as the blows rained down. He had been found by an assistant coach an hour later. His right arm had been broken and he'd broken two ribs. He was covered in blood and bruises. Steven remembered the trip in the ambulance and his parents arriving at the hospital, followed by an interview with the police. Throughout it all he kept asking if another student had been attacked. Danny had never left the locker room or answered any of his texts and Steven was convinced the wolf had been the first victim.

Steven was able to identify his attackers Barry, Ross and Jamie. The police took what evidence they could, gathering samples from his bruised body along with a statement from Steven. The officer gave him a promise that he would do everything he could to ensure his attackers were arrested and charged. They also confirmed that so far no second victim had come forward.

Steven sent one last text to Danny telling him where he was and begging him to respond to let him know he was ok. The combination of his emotional and physical exhaustion and the strong pain medication he was on eventually got the better of the adrenalin rush and he slipped into unconsciousness.

When he finally woke up someone had taken hold of his left hand, he turned his head to see Danny sitting by his bed. The wolf had a look of pure concern on his face, Steven noticed the fur on his cheeks appeared to be slightly matted and wondered if Danny had been crying. He sat up in the bed "Hi Danny, are you ok?"

The wolf nodded his face still a picture of concern "I'm Sho shorry. I should have been there."

Steven squeezed his paw "That's ok, I'm just glad you are safe. I... I thought they got you first. Where were you?"

Danny's ears drooped and his shoulders slumped, he couldn't look Steven in the eye. "Max and Jonny ashked me to go for a coffee. Max shaid he'd text you to meet ush there."

There was a coffee shop was on the far side of the football pitch so Steven realised they must have left through the other door. He was sure that he'd never gotten a text from Max, but then he was also sure Max didn't have his number. Danny looked so worried and unhappy that Steven couldn't bring himself to feel any sort of anger. He squeezed Danny's paw again "I'm going to be fine, they said I'll be home tomorrow. My arm will need a cast but no permanent damage. Plus I think Barry, Ross and Jamie are going to get arrested and hopefully expelled. That should make school a lot more bearable."

Danny looked up a little less miserable " I'm shtill shorry."

Steven wanted to say something else but at that moment his parents returned, slightly flustered he let go of Danny's paw. They made plans to hang out as soon as Steven was out of hospital and then Danny left.

It was possibly the effect of the painkillers but Steven was actually feeling quite happy as Danny left. He'd been waiting for a sign from Danny and surely coming to the hospital and holding his hand was a sign not just of deep concern, but affection and possibly more. Maybe there was hope after all. The young man was quite eager to get back home now and he lay back trying to think of how he could hint to Danny that he wanted to be more than just friends.

By the time he got out of the hospital he had a plan, or a speech at least. With a change of drugs he was feeling more pain and less confidence, but he had thought of every possible outcome. He wasn't going to tell him direct, he'd worked out a few things he could say that would let Danny know, but leave him a way to laugh it off as a slip of the tongue if it looked like the wolf wasn't interested.

His heart was in his mouth as he approached Danny's house, knowing that this was it before the evening was over he'd be with Danny or he wouldn't. At least he would know and he could stop wondering. He felt deeply queasy as he knocked on the door he tried to ignore his doubts as the door opened and Danny greeted him with a toothy grin.

Stevens heart seemed to be pounding so loud he was sure that Danny must be able to hear it as the headed up to Danny's room. As he opened the door to Danny's room he was greeted by wave and hellos from Max and Jonny, Danny's team mates. Apparently before his attack Danny had made plans to have them over. Max moved off the sofa to allow Steven to sit down next to Jonny while he shared the floor with Danny.

It wasn't a good evening for Steven, they watched some gory horror film, which he hated and couldn't see the point of. Max and Jonny kept calling Danny the wonder dog, apparently the football teams nickname for him. It didn't seem to bother Danny but Steven thought it was kind of insulting. The two rough-housed a bit with Danny accidentally bashing into Steven's broken arm making it ache for the rest of the evening. He left earlier than he normally would have saying he needed some sleep.

Steven told himself it was just one night and that it was a good thing that Danny was being accepted by the team. Plus they had both said they were sorry about what happened to him and they were glad to hear that the police had charged the guys responsible. He could try to tell Danny tomorrow when they were alone.

Unfortunately Max and Jonny were there the next night and the next. It became a regular thing and worse sometimes Danny went to Max's house on the other side of town. Steven was invited but made an excuse, he couldn't take any more macho posturing, horror movies and sports games. Steven joined them less and less as the days and weeks passed until he stopped going all together and worse Danny stopped inviting him.

The days, weeks and months rolled by, as he had no classes with Danny he saw his friend less and less. They went from close friends, to friends, to nodding at each other in the halls. Steven tried a few times to rekindle their friendship, but each time it failed. In the end after a lot of tears he gave up and tried to get over his feelings. He started to actively avoid Danny, he stopped going to football games and he avoided anywhere he knew Danny might be.

The months and years slipped by the two turned 15 and then 16 final exams were drawing close Steven was focusing on choosing a college. He still thought of Danny, but had hope that maybe he might meet someone new at college. There were many more morphs around these days at least 12 in the school itself, but none that Steven felt attracted too.

Steven was making some extra cash tutoring other students in math and science, saving up for a new tablet for college. He was rushing from his last class of the day to his first tutoring session, paying more attention to his destination than who was around in the halls. He felt a foot kick into his shin and he went sprawling his books spinning off across the hall floor. His ears were filled with the sound of laughter, he looked back red faced to see who had tripped him.

It was Max, he was laughing at him with Jonny and Danny. Danny caught the look in Steven's eye, the pain of betrayal that he had caused and the wolf stopped laughing, the smile fading from his face.

Steven gathered his books and turned to face the trio his eyes fixed on Danny at first then turned to Max. "Tell Cindy I said good luck on her math final." Was all he said before turning and rushing off leaving several confused students behind him.

Max turned to Jonny "What do you think he meant by that?"

Jonny shrugged "Who knows what goes on in the deranged mind of nerd boys like that?"

Danny wasn't paying them any attention, he was looking into his open locker his face impassive as his mind raced.

Max was about to say something else when the sound of laughing made him turn. It was coming from a little Vixen morph called Katrina, she had a grin on her face as she looked at them. "Gently are the nerds revenged."

"What are you talking about?" Max asked gruffly.

Katrina chuckled again "Still haven't figured it out have you? Cindy is your girlfriend, he is her math tutor. Now thanks to you her former math tutor. You know what this means right? Someone is not going to be putting out for a long time, if she doesn't dump you outright."

Max shrugged "It's not going to bother her that much. There are plenty of other math nerds..."

"It's finals in less than a month, anyone good enough to tutor is booked solid." Katrina cut in. "Besides that Steven is top of the class and he doesn't stare at your tits during his tutoring sessions. Trust me she will be pissed at you and won't be putting out anytime soon."

The vixen walked away laughing to herself, leaving behind one fuming Max and mildly amused Jonny.

"That fat fuck!" Max spat. "It was just a joke! Man I wish Barry was still here, this time I wouldn't be the distraction."

His fuming was interrupted by the sound of a locker door slamming, before he could turn his head he was thrown against the lockers. A furry arm pressing into his throat Danny's full weight holding him in place. A feral growl rumbled out of the back of his throat, his lips pulled back as he snarled. Max took one look at the expression on the wolf's face it registered inside him on a genetic level, every cell in his being told him to run.

"Yooouuu!" It was more a snarl than a word the growl getting louder as the sound of several students panicking could be heard in the background. Jonny had vanished not wanting to be there when Danny had finished with Max.

Max tried to push free but Danny was immovable, with both his hands pushing Max only manage to slightly loosen the choking effect of Danny's arm giving him just enough space to breath. "Please... it was just....a joke. We didn't....didn't'd go so far".

Danny's growl got louder and he pressed harder, Max was turning blue unable to speak his struggles growing weaker. Danny suddenly stepped back releasing him, the boy fell to his knees gasping for air and clutching at his throat. Danny looked around at the shocked faces of his fellow students his anger subsiding to be replaced with a growing feeling of guilt and embarrassment. He grabbed his bag and bolted for the exit, he left the school at full speed his mind racing.

He couldn't stop blaming himself, he'd laughed. They had tripped his friend, his real friend and he'd laughed. What was even worse Steven had seen him laugh. He couldn't get the look of betrayal Steven had given him out of his mind.

He remembered how he'd felt when his family had moved planet. He'd never had many friends it had always been just him and his brother. His disease had made him stand out, he was always a good foot taller than his classmates, his paws strangely large even on his huge frame. The children that hadn't been scared of him had teased him, he'd never fit in.

Then his parents had moved to a place where suddenly his disease was hardly noticed when his species was far more of an issue. The first night there he sees a tubby guy climbing into a tree house, it seemed so strange he just had to follow and find out why. Steven had been nice to him sat with him when no-one else would. Stuck up for him and taken a beating for it. That had only been part of it, he'd loved just hanging out with him, watching sci fi movies laughing at the stupid plot holes.

However, when everyone found out he was good at football suddenly he had more friends than he'd ever had. He didn't know how to handle being popular, he'd gone along with what everyone else wanted. Watched movies he had no interest in, went places he didn't really want to go.

As he walked home the guilt slowly overwhelmed him, tears began streaming from his eyes. They had used him, only pretended to be his friend to get Steven alone. Afterwards they had tolerated him, let him buy their drinks, laugh at their unfunny jokes and accept a stupidly insulting nickname. He focussed so hard on keeping his new friends he didn't notice he was pushing Steven away. Then once he was gone Danny didn't know how to get him back.

He reached his home at a dead run, he fumbled with his keys, his paws trembling as he tried to open the door. Running upstairs and collapsing on his sofa crying into the cushions. His entire body shaking as he sobbed like he hadn't done in years the guilt weighing so heavily on his chest he found it hard to breath.

He heard his door open and his brother's voice asking what was wrong. He looked up his face soaked in tears, his eyes bloodshot. He tried to talk but couldn't get any words out. Giving up he returned to crying, Matt knew better than to force him to talk and instead sat with him, resting one reassuring paw on his brothers shoulder.

Eventually when there were no more tears to cry, when his body was so exhausted he could barely sit up he calmed down enough to explain the full story to Matt. Matt just sat quietly and listened to everything. When he finished Matt patted him lightly on the shoulder "So what are you going to do now little brother?"

Danny sighed and replied "I don't know what to do."

Matt smiled "Well if I was you I'd apologise."

His brother snorted "Shure all I need to do ish shay shorry."

"Well actually yes, either he accepts your apology and you guys can move on, become friends again. Or he refuses to accept it, in which case he's an ass and not worth crying over." As he spoke Matt got to his feet. "I don't think he's an ass. Good luck little brother."

Alone again Danny found himself pondering his brothers advice. Could it be that simple? He found himself hoping that it could, he knew that he had to try regardless. He got up went to the bathroom washed his face, blow drying his fur and then grooming carefully.

Steven had not had a bad evening His parents were away on a weekend retreat he had the run of the house. He had shed a tear or two when he came home, it was hard to believe that after all this time Danny could still hurt him. Still Cindy had sent him a dozen texts begging him to take her back as a student. He agreed after she told him she'd dumped Max, that had definitely brightened up his evening.

So he was in a fairly upbeat mood when he heard a knock at the door. He'd ordered pizza a little while earlier. He opened the door with a few credit notes in his hand ready to pay and found a nervous Danny standing on his doorstep.

The wolf smiled nervously "Hi."

Steven couldn't believe how after all this time all Danny had to do was smile and all his work burying his feelings was undone. "Hi."

Danny looked around nervously, seeing his friend in front of him again brought the feelings of guilt rushing back. He was suddenly unable to remember the apology speech he's spent the last two hours perfecting. "Shteven... I..."

Steven leaned on the doorframe his eyes returning to his old habit of studying Danny's face, he loved the smooth blend of fur, the almost diamond shaped white mark on his dark grey cheeks. He realised that he was staring and that not a word had been said in a minute, forcing himself to concentrate on something else. His mind went to the incident at school "Well, it's been.... Interesting. Tell Max I hope he enjoys the single life."

As he went to close the door Danny's arm shot out holding the door open. "Wait! I'm shorry."

Steven frowned "What for Max was the one who tripped me?"

Danny whined softly ears drooping, eyes downcast unable to look Seven in he eye. "I laughed, it washn't funny or nice and I laughed anyway."

The whine cut straight through any anger Steven felt, he just wanted to wrap his arms around he wolf and never let him go. "That's ok, peer pressure. I understand."

Danny's ears perked up "You forgive me?"

Steven smiled his heart aching at how cute Danny looked, his eyes so hopeful, a smile almost forcing its way onto the wolf's muzzle and his tail wagging slightly. "Of course, you're my friend. Besides I'm too lazy to carry a grudge."

Steven was completely unprepared for what happened next. Danny half stepped, half jumped forward. The boy found himself wrapped up in powerful arms his face being pressed into the wolf's chest with Danny resting his muzzle on top of Steven's head. "Thank you" The wolf whispered, he could feel fresh tears welling up behind his eyes.

Steven was lost in heaven, he return the hug, nuzzling into Danny's chest and neck a little. He took deep breaths enjoying the musk he hadn't smelt in years, the soft feeling of wolf fur on his cheeks. He didn't want the moment to end, but there was a cough behind them and as they pulled apart both blushing at the Pizza delivery boy who wasn't waited patiently.

Steven paid for the pizza apologising profusely for making him wait. The delivery boy gave them a kindly smile saying as he left "That's ok, you make a cute couple."

Steven blushed deeply as he closed the door looking at Danny "Want to help me eat this?"

The wolf grinned broadly "I'd love to"

The two shared the pizza then spent a large portion of the evening gaming and eventually ending up on the sofa watching Colonial Wars 4. The sofa in Steven's home was huge with enough room to easily sit four. Still they sat next to each other, leaning against each other. Danny lay his arm along the back of the sofa as he usually did, Steven relaxed back in the chair until he felt the fur on the back of his neck. Without a word or a look Danny moved his paw off the sofa onto the boy's shoulder.

Steven's heart leapt as he felt Danny's arm around him, the wolf was lightly stroking his shoulder. Steven leaned against Danny, resting his head on Danny's chest, the wolf resting. He basked in the warmth emitting from his friend, he closed his eyes listening to Danny's heartbeat. Growing brave he reached out his free arm putting it around the wolf's stomach and hugging him.

The hug was everything Steven had always wanted, it hadn't taken any speeches or plans, one small action had lead to another. He nuzzled into the wolf's chest, wishing Danny was topless so he could lose himself in the soft luxurious wolf fur. The movie played on, neither of them paying it any attention as they held each other. Steven's hand, lightly tugged on Danny's t shirt lifting it up a few inches until his hand was able slip underneath. Danny moaned softly in his ear as his fingers stroked through the wolf's silky fur.

Steven loved the feeling, spreading his fingers out lightly pulling the fur, feeling it slip between his digits. His body felt like he was on fire, so warm and yet he found himself pressing to Danny addicted to the warmth of the wolf's body. His hand slid around and across Danny's stomach, making the wolf whine softly. Steven opened his eyes, watching his hand explore the stomach fur, growing more daring with each passing moment.

The boy's excitement grew, his pants suddenly felt tight and restricting. As he watched his hand running through the wolf's stomach fur he noticed a bulge in Danny's jeans. His eyes traced along the bulge through the tight jeans he could easily make out the rough outline of a penis dressed to the right and swollen. In the sure knowledge that his friend returned his desires he let his hand slip down.

Danny gasped as he felt a hand touching him where no-one had before. He whined heavily feeling fingers tracing the outline of his penis. His jeans were now painfully tight, his cock straining against the fabric. The wolf wuffed loudly as he felt fingers squeeze his swollen and tender meat. He offered no resistance as those fingers tugged at his belt, slowly unfastening it and then pulling at the button on top of his jeans. He moaned loudly as he felt the pressure reduce as his fly was unzipped.

Steven could hear Danny's heart pounding quickly in his ear as he slipped his fingers inside the wolf's black boxers, closing his eyes as for the first time he felt the object of his desire. He wondered at the heat, the texture and the strength of the rod in his fingers. Pulling it free of the wolf's boxers he opened his eyes drinking in the vision before him. He'd seen plenty of canine wolf porn, his computer was filled with images of canines just like Danny, but they all paled in comparison with what his eyes feasted on.

Easily eight inches long, thick and canine, so hard that when he squeezed it he felt no give to the flesh. His fingers traced down the length, exploring the thick bulge at the base the start of his knot. He squeezed the lump firmly gaining a new moan from Danny, his fingers slid lower to the white sheath with wonderful soft short fur. His fingers traced back up the thick length, onto the spear shaped tip, he ran his finger around the cockhead. Danny whined softly a few drops of pre emerging from the tip.

The boy let his hand explore the thick wolf meat, forcing himself to turn his head he looked up at Danny, into those beautiful blue eyes filled with love. He lifted his head just enough to place his lips against Danny's. His first kiss, so tender and he savoured the sensation of Danny's lips on his. He pressed his tongue into the wolf's welcoming maw, tasting what he had desired for so long.

Danny sucked gently on the tongue in his mouth, he had never thought of Steven in a romantic way until he put his arm around him. Now he couldn't imagine thinking of him any other way, he wanted the human more than he had wanted anything in his life. He sighed as Steven's tongue ran over his huge canine teeth feeling shame at his deformity. However, the human's tongue kept returning to them until Steven pulled back from the kiss. He stroked Danny's cheek with his free hand "you are so beautiful" he whispered. Danny found himself nuzzling and kissing the human's hand lovingly.

Steven looked down at the thick shaft in his hand. It had drooled a steady stream of pre, his hand was soaked in the heavenly, musky fluid. He looked at Danny nuzzling his hand the wolf's eyes closed. Then Steven lowered his head inhaling the wolf musk deeply wanting to savour every sensation, every moment. He opened his mouth and very carefully ran his tongue across the wolf's cocktip. His mind spun with the flood of new sensations, the taste so strong, heat that seemed to almost burn his skin and the texture so smooth and silky yet so firm. He heard Danny moan loudly, he knew that the wolf was enjoying the attention.

Steven positioned himself carefully opening his mouth and lowering his head slowly. The head of the thick wolf phallus sliding inside, he closed his lips slowly around the meat not wanting to miss a single sensation. He sucked gently on the tip, his tongue lapping over the cockhead, the strong musky flavour of the pre fading slightly as he sucked it clean allowing him to taste the wolf cock itself. He felt Danny place a large paw on his head, stroking his hair as his other paw stroked down Steven's side, running over his ample stomach.

Steven pushed his head down filling his mouth with as much wolf meat as he could then slide back up. Danny wuffed and moaned the warm sensation around his maleness filling his body with pleasure. The human began bobbing slowly on the length his tongue lapping over what it could, the suction increasing slightly kept.

Danny gripped Steven's stomach and head tightly feeling his orgasm rising inside him quicker than he wanted. The human didn't struggle, in fact he sped up taking more of Danny's wolfhood inside him. All too quickly the wolf felt his balls tense and his cock throb as he came hard shooting thick ropes of cum into Steven's willing mouth. He closed his eyes crying out Steven's name in a strange half word half howl.

The human continued to milk the wolf's shaft, swallowing the musky fluid greedily. Every fantasy he had ever masturbated too was nothing compared to the feeling of the thick wolf cock pulsing in his mouth, to the taste of fresh wolf seed filling him. As the flow of seed stopped he pulled off the cock slowly, licking the tip for the last few drops. He looked up at the wolf who was panting heavily, head lolling to one side. "I love you so much" He whispered as he kissed Danny's oversized paws.

Danny placed a paw on the boy's chest "I love you too." He whispered in return. They sat together for what seemed like an eternity until Danny's paw moved, sliding down caressing over Steven's pudgy frame. He pushed the human gently until he was laying back on the sofa. The wolf wasted no more time his paws diving for Steven's belt.

"You don't have to..." Steven started blushing deeply.

Danny's paws didn't stop he had the belt off in a second and was unfastening the buttons "want to. I want you." He replied as he pulled the human's jeans and boxers down in one go exposing his hard uncut cock and the cute bulge of his tummy.

Steven gasped as he felt Danny's paws touching his manhood for the first time. He loved the sensation as the wolf's furry digits explored him tugging at his foreskin. Danny had never touched any penis but his own, he hadn't seen much porn and none with human cocks. The foreskin fascinated him, he pulled it down getting a soft sigh from Steven, then marvelled as it rolled back over the boy's cock tip. He leaned closer, inhaling deeply savouring the scent of his lover. He pulled the sheath down exposing the head again and then licked slowly. He giggled a little as the sheath rolled back over the head and his tongue. He closed his lips around the cockhead, his tongue remaining inside the sheath.

He rolled his tongue around inside the sheath across the cocktip, savouring the flavour and sensation. Part of him wondered what it would feel like to have skin surrounding his meat in this way. Steven was groaning, his fingers played with the wolf's ears, sliding down to caress his cheeks from time to time. The sensation of Danny's mouth and tongue driving him very quickly towards his orgasm.

Danny 's tongue swirled around inside his lovers sheath again and again. Before he knew it Steven was crying his name and his tongue was getting bathed in warm human cum. He sucked gently, his tongue cleaning the human's maleness of every last drop before he sat up.

Steven put his arms around the wolf, pulling him close and holding him. Danny returned the hug his large muzzle nuzzling into his lovers neck. Steven sighed with contented bliss "Danny?" he whispered.

"Yesh?" came the slightly muffled reply from the muzzle in his neck.

"Will... will you stay with me tonight?"

The wolf pulled his head away from Steven's neck he gazed into his lover's eyes. "Nothing would make me happier."