Change of Body-Pt6

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6 of Change of Body-Series We're getting into the true guts of the story now, and I hope it's still an interesting read! :P

Enjoy. [Edit]: Think I managed to get a folder thingie working, so all parts can be seen now.

--- 11:43:20 PM (hh/mm/ss) --- - [Haringale Facility of Biological Research & Genetic Modification / HOD of Genetics Office] -


Tic-tick. Clackity. Clunk-clunk-clunk-clunk. Clackity-clakity-clakity...

The old figure at the desk continued writing his report, tensely and coldly. The profiles of both Melvin Teakle and Valery Dwinkly loaded on-screen in front of him with the statements he was typing up. His fingers moved methodically, yet mistakenly, often resulting in him backspacing multiple times to cut out an error. The paragraphs formed slowly onscreen, growing and shrinking over the course of barely a minute.

Three unmistakable knocks echoed from the double doors, to which Mr. Haringale unlocked from the under-desk button without looking up. Mrs Stanley walked in, concise steps in line with notes in hand.

"Mr Haringale sir, they've improved coinsiderably since removal from the chambers. There's no reason to be worried."

The man continued typing, before backspacing all the text rapidly. He swivelled slightly in the large leather chair, crossing his legs and adjusting the glasses over his nose.

"You know as well as I do, that they may have lost their lives from a few more days in the chambers. They were too small, and the chambers were not adjusted that point-five degrees celcius higher they should have been at. They may have suffered brain damage. It's just as bad as death to the eyes of the public."

The researcher gathered her notes, before presenting them to the undying gaze fixed on her eyes.

"These are the levels of ambient and stimulated brain activity in both subjects. As you can see, both subjects responded well to applied heat and electrical sensation. I have no doubt they will make a full or near complete recovery for their mental condition."

"It's not that they are capable of recovery. It's about if they could be capable of recovery. You know as I do, that this was a close call. One made a long time ago by someone else we both know."

Mrs Stanley held her head down, before speaking up.

"The incident with my mother was ten years ago. There was not nearly as far advanced technology back then, nor was the mistake by made by her, it was an employee.."

"Yet, she is to blame. After all, it was her who pushed ahead on human research. Your mother Morgan... You're just like your mother, you know that Fione? They all died of cancer. We have no idea if these subjects will too."

The man leaned back, before pushing out an awkward smile, wiping his rectangle spectacles to clear them up.

"We can only hope you will be more capable in checking every avenue that danger could take place in. Biotically, Socially, Mentally, Physically. I should expect to have you and Mr Eglan cooperating fully into creating and administering vaccines as required, and have the chambers ready for DNA re-fixation should cancers form. Is there anything else you needed to tell me?"

The lady shook her head, breathing deeply. It was a lot of responsibility, holding both the lives of people- and science- on her bare shoulders alone.

"No sir."

"Good. I will finish these reports then. I'd like to meet all the avalible subjects in three days. I watched the red one in his sleep, and he was progressing... marvelously. Despite my worry, Mrs Stanley, I am just as excited as you are about these eight as you are. You may leave as due."

She left the room with a nod, leaving the papers behind for Mr Haringale. He smiled, almost proudly as the labcoat tail whipped around the door.

"Never in my days. Never, in my days..."

--- 08:00:06 AM (hh/mm/ss) --- - [Haringale Facility of Biological Research & Genetic Modification / Subject R&R Ward] -

Wrinkling his nostrils, Garrin awoke on the bed. He had a full night's sleep, and felt rather refreashed. He had noticed he still couldn't tell if he were hungry or full at any particular time, which worried him slightly. Stretching, he waited for the Dr. or a nurse to roll around, and start his training. When Dr James came in, Eight o'clock on the dot apparently, he began a speech therepy session.

"I'd like you to open your mouth wide, and close it again. Do this three times. Goood, good, now, try to purse your lips, like this. As if you were making an 'ooooo' sound. Good. Relax, and repeat. Now, open your mouth slightly and move your lips out of the way. Think 'eeeee', 'eeeeee' like me, 'eeeeee'."

The therepy went on for a few hours, making the basic 'e, a, i, o and u' mouth movements, before actually repeating them while humming. Garrin began to control the muscles around his new muzzle better, his tongue much less swollen than yesterday. They eventually moved onto different hum's and sounds - an 'mhm' or 'mmm' sound for 'Yes', with 'uh uh.' or 'uuh' for 'No'. His lips had trouble making 'e' sounds in particular, as it meant controlling the lips all around his muzzle, not just opening his jaw or pursing his lips at the front.

Overall, Garrin was most surprised by how low and loud his voice was. His 'mmm' was closer to a grumble, while 'uuh' was more of a growl. Over the lesson, Dr James helped refine both the sounds to be distinctive from actual growling and grumbling, but mentioned that it was due mostly to his thicker neck. They continued for a while more, when some higher pitch noises were comming from another room. It sounded like, laughter, rising out of the opposite wall. Garrin tried to motion at the sound, but James had no idea what he was trying to do, so he gave up.

It was noon by the time they were done with speech, and Dr. James brought out another bag of fluid. He ate his own lunch, ceaser salad, while Garrin drank his. It tasted a little meaty this time, but an artificial meaty - sort of a soupy taste, but not of anything in particular. He could barely describe it to himself, and contemplated it most of the time he drank.

This was when his movement (locomotion, as the Dr. Called it) training began. They started by having him lift each limb, head, left arm, right arm....

"Alright Garrin, legs now. Go on. Are you trying to lift them? I read that you may have issues with your lower body, from the diagnosis that..."

Garrin made the 'mhm' sound, to which the Dr. stopped speaking, to think.

"You know, the issue might be simplier than we think. Do you mind rolling over? I think it may help to relieve pressure from the area."

Obeying the Dr., Garrin used his hand to push himself around. Had had to be very careful of his skin, which reacted sharply to being pulled or pinched on the blankets. He eased himself over, with the Dr. pulling his legs into position straight out behind him, over the bed. It was now Garrin realised how uncomfortable the last position was, and how strange the one he was in now felt too. It would probably be much more natural for himself hunched with his knee's held close to either side of his body- forwards, rather than back out over the bed like he always lay.

Raising himself off the bed with his forlegs, Garrin looked around behind him. His perspective felt really odd, being pearched on such a much longer neck than a human's. He managed to turn his vision right around after twisting his chest a bit.

Two flimsey, grey flaps of cartilage had grown off his back. They were sagging down the sides of his body, feeling light but clammy on his scales. The main wing bone's that grew out of his shoulders were too, only sags of cartilage and soft bone. They both had not grown fully, and the muscle on them was too weak to lift even their own light weight.

His tail also came into view now as well. He must have been lying on it before, but now he could see it- mostly the weird yellow skin colour, with hints of red scutes closer towards where it connected to his body. He couldn't even feel it was there. At one point, he thought he had control over his body - but it seems his feet, lower legs, tail and wings all lacked basic movement.

"That's great Mr Fitch! I can tell now you have rather good locomotion in your upper body. It's just your legs that seem to be... a bit limp. Can you feel me touching here? No? How about here?"

Garrin responded with a series of 'uh uh.'s, before he started to tell of a plastic hand moving up his leg. Affirming the Dr., he moved back down to the point where touch disappeared, which was somewhere halfway along his calf. He muttered, before walking out of the room. When he came back, he held something in his hand that Garrin couldn't see.

"Now, be gentle. I'm just going to run something down your leg. I hope you don't mind too much."

Suddenly, a tickle started travelling down from behind his knee, going down his calf before disappearing quickly. Garrin resisted the urge to flinch, yet even about two seconds after the tickling disappeared, his lower body started to spasm in response to the feeling. The Dr. was knocked back a bit by Garrin's foot, which flew up into the air, before twitching back down onto the bed.

"Aha! Even though you can't feel your lower leg, your body does! This means your nerves are intact, but your brain isn't ready to accept that your calf is shorter, and foot is longer. At least, that's what I can derive from these results.. Here, I'm going to tickle again. Try to feel where I am moving it. We need to trick your mind into accepting your new body."

The tickle ran down once more from behind the knee. Garrin couldn't help but gasp and flex at the horrible sensation, feeling as it twined it's way down his calf. Even if he weren't trying to focus on the touch, it was impossible to resist, his lungs coughing throaty laughes as his felt the agony spread over him. He wanted to bat away the tickle, to get rid of it, as it travelled beyond his ankle, and over this seemingly impossible location somewhere past the bed.

Though it seemed to be moving away through the air to him, far away from his actual leg, he could still feel it. This is when the Doctor grabbed Garrin's foot, stroking apparently nothing, yet something.

"Can you feel it now Mr Fitch? Not the brush, but my hand. Can you feel my hand?"

It was odd... but... he could. To Garrin, he felt his body ended far away from where the Doctor held, yet he could feel that too. A distant, unclear, feeling of touch, but one nonetheless. He nodded rapidly, repeating the 'Mhm mhm mhm' noise.

"Ahh, then my hunch was right. I'll go get a shock unit, and see if we can stimulate your legs awake. We're making some real progress Mr Fitch! I do believe you could be walking sooner rather than later now."

Garrin sighed, resting his head down onto the mattress like a dog waiting for it's master. He signed up for all of this, it was all in the terms and conditions, yet it was unreal now that he was in the reality of it. He would just have to bear with the tests, and keep himself interested. At least he wasn't in the same sort of trouble some of the others might be in...