Change of Body-Pt4

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4 of Change of Body-Series This is the last part of the sort of, introduction to everything. I have no promises for when parts will be uploaded, as I am writing in my spare time. These first few parts will definitely be clean, but it may turn NSFW later into the story. Hope you enjoy!

--- 08:30:29 AM (hh/mm/ss) --- - [Haringale Facility of Biological Research & Genetic Modification / Central Genetics Department] -

Guiding the group of eight down, careful to avoid rooms that Tucker might take interest in exploring, Mrs Stanley took everyone through the labyrinth to the Geno-Assembly room that Mr Eglan practically lives in. The route was long and winding, and there was no doubt everybody but the staff would be lost. Entering the room, everyone crowded inside, Eglan waiting with a schoolboy-in-a-candy-store look stretched over his face.

"Ahhh! Shhoow yosh are all here now, yesh? I remember all yosh from earlier thesh week. Well! Itsh time for yosh to she WHAT yosh will become! Hoho! Gather 'round, and I shhall shhow yosh, one at a time.

Oh! Shhow I yosh'd your favourite colour from the applicashion yosh gave ush a few weeksh ago for the shales. Hope yosh all like it! Firsht up... Melvin! Lesh she what yosh are like..."

Everyone tiptoed closer to the screen, other than Derek, who waited at the back a bit, before shoving Garrin out of the way slightly. Some 3D modeling software was loading a render of Melvin's dragon form, appearing right in front of the audience's eyes.

Melvin's form was thin and lanky, just like himself right now. He was four legged, his front and back legs roughly the same size, with a thin head and medium sized horns. A thin ridge of spikes ran down his back. The main of his scales were a pleasent aqua blue, with a grey underside. He sported a medium pair of wings, the membrane the same as his underbelly, with slightly clawed wingtips.

The real Melvin gaped a little at what he was to become, shaking a little harder than usual.

"T-T-Thanks for showing m-m-me, E-Eglan."

He seemed somewhat relived, as if he thought he'd look atrocious in dragon form. Up next was Anna and Bella - they looked very similar in shape, with one being a bit smaller than the other. Anna had a greeny-turqoise scale set, with white underside, while Bella had deeper forest green. Both had a rather feminine shape, wider hips and bigger chest proportionally, but they both joked about missing their breasts. Their wings, were however about the same size as each other - Eglan warned they couldn't be too big as they had to grow while in the Cryostasis.

Derek was next. He showed up a deep bronze, all over. He was a fair bit bigger than Melvin all around, with relatively thicker back legs. His body was centred much farther back, allowing him to stand easier, "Although yosh will shtill have trouble walking two legged like the othersh!". His head wasn't quite as long as the others either, a broader muzzle, and short downward curving horns. His wings, like Bella's, probably wouldn't be big enough to fly him.

Derek shrugged after seeing himself, seemingly uncaring. In fact, he walked away from the group to look around the room after Eglan started loading Valery's model, still cradelling the motorbike helmet in his arm.

Valery was particularily petite- she wasn't long on her body or limbs, with larger eyes than usual, and had an interestingly faded orange main colour, with white underbelly. She was swoon at how pretty the shade was, and also noted how her wings were shaped more like a boomerang when stretched, vs the broader shape of the others. Eglan said it was "For higher Spsheeds! Your body is lighter, shhow I thought 'Lesh tesht thish out', yesh?"

Then it was time for Garrin's to show up. As it rendered, the first thing that struck him was the impressive red the scales were. A deep rouge for the main of his body, with a black underbelly. He was starting to notice a pattern on all the models that they only really had two colours on them. The membrane of his wings connected most of the way along his body, unlike most of the others. "For more pushh with your wingsh. I donno how ish going to work, but we'll have to she. Yosh could be the biggesht flying dragon! Hoho!". As for size, Garrin was about as big as Bella's, maybe slightly smaller. The head was mighty and large, with a thicker neck than most. A pair of horns stuck out backwards and slightly outwards from the skull. With a body and wings like that, he was going to have a hard time fitting into the tube apparently.

"I look... amazing. Did you make all of these Egland?"

"Well, Ish a bit hit and mish. I code up some more mushcle, I add shum more of thish acid and that... Thatsh why thesh all look shimilar - I yosh'd the shame shhape for them."

Next was Tucker's turn. As it loaded, everyone gasped in surprise, drawing Derek's attention. He then, also, pushed his hat back to reveal almost angry, questioning eyes fixed on the screen.

The dragon loaded up had an giant tail, and thick legs, with almost triangle shaped wings leaning more weight far towards the back. It's torso was rather small otherwise, with evenly-built forelegs, and forepaws much closer shaped to hands than most the others, including proper thumbs. One could almost picture it's body shape like that of a squirrel. His spine had spikes shaped like shark fins running from tail to head, with wide eyes staring blankly out from the screen.

However, what made people gasp was the colouring. His feet were a cool blue, the palms of his paws a purple indigo. The body and tail was all lime on top, yellow underneath, with orange wings and a starkly red face. He was.... a rainbow.

"Duude, Eglan, you are the BRO man! I thought you'd make it some like transparent or something and I was like 'no way man I don't wanna be invisible!' 'cause dude, I was invisible once at Ethan's party, man that was weird, no one could see me, but I could see me, duude thank's brah."

Mrs Stanley could only bring her hand to her face in shame, shaking slowly. Most everybody were still wow'd at how randomly colourful Tucker was projected to be.

"I thought yosh'd like him Mishter Tamarilin, 'rainbow' ish a hard colour to encompash, but I think I hit it there. Alsho, your body is built for more upright movement. We want to she if itsh still poshible for you to handle macshinary and toolsh properly in thish upward form."

Cassy was last, pushing others out of the way to get a full view of herself. Her form was close to Bella's, but even bigger, with a pair of curling horns from the head. Her wings were rather small however, "There'sh no point with a body that big". Her scales were a magenta-purple, similar but darker to her bandana. Her paws did seem much thicker than the others, in order to support her weight better.

"Man those wings are way too flimsy fo' me! Those things ain't gonna lift jack off the ground, what am I gonna do with them, fan myself?... yeah, who's da fool, I got me some fans! I bet they can still kick up some dust too, keep 'em Doc, they look pretty enough fo' me!"

With that, Eglan took the render down, and faced everybody, clearing his glasses of mist with a cloth.

"Shhow, yosh she, thesh are jusht models. Itsh what we shimulate what we think will happen. In all likelyhood, you WILL be different in shome way or another. Alsho, flight is a poshibility - but not a probability. Many of yosh will not be able to fly, BUT well, why not try? Who knowsh, maybe yosh will surprise ush. Now, any queshtions?"

"Uhhh Dr. Dude, I'm thinking about these mytho-mogical things you showed us, and I thought 'woah, that's so linear!' but dude, I had a realisation!"

The grinning hippie had everyone's attention, and he pretended to look up the ceiling, stroking his goatee. Mrs Stanley tapped her papers, sending a subtle warning against wasting time.

"I remember it like it were my very own apple - between our groins I mean, on those 'pewters. I didn't see any junk! Nuthin' dude, nothin'! Are you gonna be stealing the soul of manhood, our conffetti pie, right out from between our legs!?"

It suddenly clicked, for almost everybody, which Mrs Stanley responded too.

"You're, comaplining about the lack of genitals on the render? That's, a legitimate point Mr Tamarilin. I believe some hormones are coded in right now to maintain male or female genders, and they will most certainly effect the genitals. The main problem is we don't know by how much, so we can't simulate it on screen at all. We'll try and control it as best as we can, but we will warn you now - some may lose their sexual desire, others may become overrun by it.

It's why you are all here today. What we learn from your experiences will let us fine-tune this transformation to be as minimally stressful as possible. Just remember that any genetic problem you undergo can be fixed by going through it again. We can restore sexual imbalance. Do you have anything to add Mr Eglan?"

"Nope. Yosh are perfectly correct. Anymore queshtions?"

The sisters talked with each other and went silent, the Hippie just nodded like a bobble head, the Cowboy looked up at the ceiling. Mrs Stanley checked the watch hiding under the arms of her uniform, before clearing her throat.

"Then I suppose, it's time to begin. Let's head to the Cryo-lab and prep. I'll explain the processes while we're there, as they were outlined to you all about three days ago."

Following the lead researcher once more, the group found themselves walking down a few ramps, then leading out into the large Cryostasis room, which everyone had seen from above. The room was enormous, and most likely partially or wholly underground too. The catwalk above them sliced the room into a bigger portion, filled with all the blue tubes, and the management side, where computers and databanks operated and spewed information.

Walking through these tubes, Garrin noticed the scores of small tubes resting on cooling machinery at about table height. Rats, birds, and all sorts of creatures ranging from lizards to insects, were inside these tubes, with a few different styles of breathing masks connected from their mouths to the floor. They were all mostly still, but occasionally one would take a slow breath, or twitch a little in the fluid.

"You will all be in those big chambers at the back of the room, as you will have noticed from the catwalk. The fluids in each tank aren't just a medium anymore however - each tank is flooded with it's own variation of the H29L55 virus, in which you will soak. You will also be drinking a cup full of water with the virus as well, to make sure your internals get a dosage at about the same time.

I will also have a nurse, an ACTUAL nurse, Mr Fitch, to apply a growth salve to the shoulderblades. That will help wing growth in the future, as they are entirely new parts of the body."

"Ahh, Mrs Stanley?"

"Yes, Bella is it?"

"Will we be in those tubes, naked?"

"..Yes, if you're concerned for your privacy, we can raise a screen to protect you from being seen, but I suggest not getting to disgruntled at being naked - you will be becoming dragons after all, and we don't have exactly comfortable clothes to fit in."

"Oh, I don't think it's too much of a problem, just a question."

Garrin cleared his own throat, before pointing at the solid glass tubes.

"And If I may ask, how will we even get into the tubes?"

"The chambers will be emptied into a compartment below, and the glass lowered for you to walk into. All the mechanics of the chamber is inside the flooring. If that's all the questions, I'll start the lowering sequence on the chambers as you all undress in the prep room over the other side. Put all belongings into the boxes avalible please, and throughly clean yourself in the disinfection showers. Go go."

The prep room itself was mostly just a general changing room for the staff to get into biohazard-gear if nessasary. As such, there was no gender based rooms, and everyone could see each other. Lockers with gear and towels on top lined one side of the room. Derek began undressing imediately, throwing his clothes and helmet into a box, while Cassy threw her clothes off with a "What-ever baby." Tucker couldn't care less either, pulling off the dinky lime coat and trousers.

Garrin, Melvin and Valery hesitated for a bit, but the sisters giggled and undressed in unison as well, so the rest went along with it awkwardly. When they had finished undressing, they went into a connected showerroom to the side, and began scrubbing down. The water had a sickly smell to it, treated with disinfectant to kill germs.

Melvin went ahead outright ingnoring the girls by looking at the ceiling or floor the whole time, shaking. The Hippie and Cowboy didn't seem to care, while Garrin sneaked looks at the sisters, who caught him once and covered themselves while laughing. Valery snuck into one of the corners of the room, hiding away while Cassy started singing a random Pop song, dead in the middle of the shower room, just grabbing for attention.

Drying up, Garrin was one of the first out, right after the poor shy girl who was having trouble being out in the open so suddenly. He grabbed a towel from one of the stacks and walked back out to the chambers with it wraped around him. A bunch of technicians were manning the computers at the management side of the room now, and all of the chambers were open and empty. The tops of each cylinder seemed to be floating, before one realised they were connected to the wall behind them.

A pair of female nurses were there with the salve. One came up to Garrin and rubbed it into his back for him, his skin heating up as she applied the white cream. Mrs Stanley was there with a tray of vials containing the modified virus, numbered and labeled for each subject.

"Yes, just drink this Valery, you too Garrin. Read the number on the glass - that's the number chamber to go into. Once you're done, you can give me the glass and drop the towels. Oh, you want a screen Valery? Alright, lemme put them all up actually."

Garrin stood in his chamber, number three, waiting to take the towel off. Mrs Stanley pushed a button on a control panel near the entrance of the Cryo-room, and a bunch of wire frames raised out of the ground around each chamber, supporting clinical looking green curtains. Garrin removed the towel now, and threw it out the curtain. Mrs Stanley's muffled voice came from outside,

"Ahh, you all set Garrin? there will be a mask attatched to a tube on the floor. Put that on if you can, and breath through it."

Doing as told, he slipped it over his mouth and nose. As soon as he began breathing, it sucked a little over his mouth, and began supplying oxygen. A bell rang out over his head shortly as that happened. It was about now he started feeling woozy, a sick feeling starting to form in his stomach. Someone was talking, but he couldn't hear that well, his mind numbing as his body was overcome by the virus he drank.

Fluid began seeping around his feet, gushing through little holes in the floor. He hadn't even realised the glass had been risen and sealed. Within a minute, the cool fluid had run up his limp, standing body, bluring his vision as it reached his eyes. He couldn't seem to tell his eyes to shut quickly at all, and he felt as if he were paralysed in the cold fluid. Warbling sounds echoed around him as the blackness curled in, finally resting as the chamber slowly cooled down...