Acthon -- Off Hours at the Sun Stables

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19 of The Bestiary What the horses of the sun do when they aren't pulling chariots.

The Bestiary

Acthon -- Off Hours at the Sun Stables By: Tyvara

When Paethon's sun chariot has crossed the heavens, the four winged-horses of the sun return to their stables. Yet night brings pleasures of their own, away from the toils of chariot pulling -- where workfellows, become playfellows. Tonight, they will sate Acthon's desires.


Stretching atop his bunk, Acthon looked at the hands of his transformed form. His thoughts drifted while he waited for his companions to arrive. There are far too many inconveniences of a fully feral body. He admired the shape of his fingers compared with feral horse hooves. He brushed his hand through his golden mane, and scratched his neck. "Aaaah. Nothing like the ability to scratch your own neck." His words were the only sound in his small room.

Still, he preferred to keep some things private, and continued with his contemplative state. But, I'd rather die than trade my equine features for a mortal man's. I'll take this happy medium any day. He flexed his wings behind him, enjoying the sensation of the deep stretch. Besides, this form allows for the bonus of fully functional wings. I can't imagine giving up my wings.

Acthon would continue to meditate until his three companions retrieved him. He wasn't in the habit of begging for his orgasms and wasn't about to begin now. They'll get me when they're ready. So he lounged in bed, tuning his mind from one erotic fantasy to the next, debating which one heightened his desires most. A four-way relationship had its perks, and Acthon planed to revel in them before the night was through.

A knock on his door roused him, and he sat up. When the door swung open, Acthon's three stable-mates crowded the way: Eous, an amber pegasus with creamy body; Phlegon, all hues of rusty red; and Pyrios each varying shades of sapphire, from his blondish-blue coat to his bright-ultramarine mane. Their presence sent a tingle of arousal coursing through Acthon, and his wings ruffled in excitement. All were nude, since no one entered the stables after sunset. Their masculine frames were well muscled from years of pulling the sun chariot -- like gods by their own rights.

Acthon couldn't resist a look at each males' equipment while he mulled over which fantasy he wanted to live tonight. Eous, with his pale pink cock, was similar to Acthon's aside for Eous' flecks of ambery-orange. A fleshier-hued member belonged to Phlegon, his shaft covered in coppery spots, and a bit thicker than the others. Pyrios' long black dick touched his knees with its wide tip, and contrasted against the lighter blue of his coat. The winged stallions were Acthon's for the taking, whatever his lust willed, they would comply with eagerness.

In dramatic flair, Phlegon tossed his russet mane, the red tendrils flying along his slender neck. "Which one for tonight?" Ruffling his wings, he gazed coyly at Acthon. His flaccid, coppery-spotted dick twitched in early arousal.

That sultry voice sent a pang of desire through Acthon's penis. He'd had Phlegon before, but didn't know if the rust stallion could sate him tonight. His lips might do better around my dick. "Why so demanding, Phlegon? Still uncomfortable without all the control?" He chuckled, teasing his dear friend still made Acthon smile. Rising off the bed, Acthon left his stable quarters for the arms of his playmates.

Eous met him with a full embrace. "We all want to be you tonight." Pulling Acthon into the hallway, Eous wrapped his amber-feathered wings around him. "Who wouldn't want to be the center of attention?"

Out in the hallway where everyone had room to stretch, Eous' lips met Acthon's, and he relaxed into the amber pegasus' masterful kisses. Eous' sweet taste sent shivers down to his hooves. His come's just as sugary. He thought while Eous' tongue massaged his own. I am so draining you dry, tonight.

When Eous retracted his wings and broke the kiss, Pyrios slipped in to cuddle Acthon from behind. The blue stallion's black dick swelled between his ass cheeks.

A moan that Acthon couldn't repress escaped him. The warmth at his front and back cradled him in lechery. Every moment spent dragging the sun across the sky is worth this completeness at being desired.

Pyrios nibbled his earlobe. "So, what do you want?"

Hot breath at his ear urged Acthon's cock to swell against Eous'. The amber pegasus rose with Acthon's arousal. Skin throbbed against skin. Their two dicks in a race to engorgement, each other's pulsing desire encouraging fuller erections.

Acthon leaned his head back against Pyrios' neck, moaning softly. The ultramarine mane mingled with Acthon's golden locks, flashing green at the corner of his eyes. Anticipation laced with desire burned inside his chest as Acthon spoke what he craved, but the words came slow. "I want to watch your long, black dick slide in and out of my tight, golden ass."

"No problem at all," Pyrios whispered, running his tongue along the lobe of Acthon's ear.

At that moment, Phlegon intruded between the mash of Pyrios and Eous, by slipping his hand behind Acthon's head and turning him for a kiss. Just as swift, he slid the other hand around Acthon's dick, gripping it and stroking slowly.

Rome's horses of the sun didn't harbor hurt feelings, or else they couldn't take part in the fun. Because of that knowledge, happiness washed through, Acthon, knowing he could be himself around those he cared for the most. He loved teasing, and they loved his teasing nature. Moaning into Phlegon's kisses, Acthon showed he loved the russet pegasus' forcefulness in return.

"Phlegon," Acthon said between a kiss. "Suck my dick. I'm gonna see your mouth full of cream tonight." Phlegon needs to know I'm in control tonight. We will sate him on his turn.

After licking his lips, Phlegon softly pecked Acthon's in a display of his compliant desire. "Whatever you need." He squeezed Acthon's cock playfully.

"What about me?" Eous still held Acthon, his eyes worried, but his tone was cheerful with a hint of curiosity.

"You," Acthon kissed the amber pegasus, "I'm going to suck dry."

Eous' dick throbbed against their pressed stomachs. "That, I'll never say 'No' to."

Acthon threw open his golden wings, breaking the quadruple embrace. Turning swiftly, he fell to his knees and gripped Pyrios' black erection. After one long lick, Acthon took the huge horse cock into his mouth. When Acthon's lips slid down his black shaft, Pyrios's loud moan rang in his ears.

Phlegon and Eous moved to stand on either side of Pyrios, and Acthon took their dicks in one hand each. He stroked them while he sucked on Pyrios. Looking upward, Acthon caught the three pegesus kissing each other, their moans and tongues mingling between the red, amber, and blue faces of his treasured partners.

He loved watching his lovers kiss. Acthon found great satisfaction from knowing everyone enjoyed themselves. No one walks away unhappy when the winged-horses of the sun play.

Once Pyrios' cock shone from Acthon's wet sucking, Acthon released the rock-hard erection and leaned back against the soft, woven rugs of the stable floor. Using his wings as a cushion for his head, he lifted his ass in the air, flicking his tail out of the way. "Now, stick it in me."

Pyrios grinned and got down to the floor. He rubbed the tip of his cock against Acthon's tight hole. The wetness from his sucking on Pyrios, moistened his puckered opening. When Pyrios pressed against him, with a little pressure, his black dick popped inside.

"Oh, gods yes!" Acthon groaned as his muscles expanded to accommodate Pyrios' girth. He looked down to watch the blue pegasus' groin smack his cheeks. With the entire cock inside him, Acthon's muscles rippled as Pyrios twitched his dick, flicking the head against Acthon's pleasure spot. The touch was akin to a subtle drumming against his spongy button. "Yes, keep doing that! Keep doing that."

As Acthon tilted his head back to moan, Phlegon's russet mouth slipped around his pink cock, and the stallion sucked hard. Feeling that tight suction from Phlegon's mouth around his shaft, molded Acthon's moan into a sharp yelp of delight.

Phlegon arranged himself on the ground next to Acthon, his head steadily bobbing atop Acthon's dick. His own spotted-member slid closer until it came within hand's reach of Acthon. He wrapped his hand around Phlegon's dick, in the same second Pyrios thrust into his ass again, the tip smacked his spongy spot and sent another wave of ecstacy through him.

Both sensations were so good. His hard dick in Phlegon's warm mouth, and Pyrios' long penis buried deep in his ass. Acthon didn't want them to stop, and knew nothing would until they'd all orgasmed.

Moaning again, Acthon turned his head, as Eous' kneeled and shoved his speckled cock into Acthon's face. He licked the flat head, glancing upward at Eous to see the amber stallion's eyes roll back in pleasure. He sucked Eous' penis into his mouth as Pyrios thrust again -- his thrusting slow compared with Phlegon's quick head-bobs.

They lay like that, Pyrios sliding his long black dick in and out of Acthon's ass; Phlegon sucking him while Acthon stroked his lover's erection; and Eous' sweet dick filled Acthon's mouth while he rubbed the amber pegasus' balls. When he looked up at Eous, Pyrios leaned closer so their mouths met in the beginnings of a passionate kiss.

Groaning around Eous' cock, Acthon watched his light-blue pegasus lover make out with the amber one. Pyrios gripped Eous' mane to pull him closer, but never stopped his steady hip motions that sent his dick thrumming against Acthon's spot.

Acthon couldn't turn his head, but he felt Phlegon's mouth around his cock, and the russet pegasus' dick rippled under his grasp. Whenever Phlegon moaned, the vibrations shuddered at the tight suction over Acthon's shaft, creating snaps in the slick friction. His balls jumped and tingled with a need to release.

Having Pyrios' dick drumming against his spot, Acthon couldn't push back the urge to come. He could feel it building, shaking, threatening to spill forth any second. All ability to control it melted away, Acthon could only ride the orgasm as it came. The sensations continued to build until suddenly, his world exploded in pleasure.

He screamed around Eous' cock, and his muscles clenched down on Pyrios' dick. His own erection blasted its first spray of come into Phlegon's mouth. Phlegon sucked it down, his tongue and jaw undulating as he drank Acthon's come.

Pyrios came next, shooting a thick stream against Acthon's spot. He unfurled his wings in his spastic climax, breaking his kiss with Eous.

The rapid battering of hot liquid against his spongy button sent another orgasm bursting through Acthon, filling Phlegon's mouth with more come. Wanting to get the other pegasus to climax, Acthon gripped Phlegon's cock a bit tighter, and sucked Eous' a bit harder. We'll all come before the night is through.

Eous gripped the back of Acthon's head and began thrusting into his mouth. When Eous' balls twitched in his grasp, the first squirt of sweet, come lanced across his tongue. He sucked a bit harder waiting for a blast of sugary liquid to slide down his throat. Rewarding his efforts with a blast of fluid, Acthon guzzled the sweet treat, while the last of his climax sputtered in Phlegon's mouth.

Acthon wanted it all. Every last drop. He reveled in the sweetness coating his mouth with its delicious aftertaste.

Once Phlegon dropped Acthon's spent penis from his lips, he moved onto his knees. Acthon still stroked him, pulling the russet pegasus closer, so that Phlegon's cock hung over his face. When he released Eous, Acthon stroked the shiny pink shaft against Phlegon's spotted one. Thanks to Acthon's gentle touches, Eous shot again, coating Phlegon's member with sweet cream.

Rubbing the heads of their dicks together, Acthon persisted until Phlegon grunted, shooting come against Eous's wide head. The tart creme dripped down into Acthon's waiting mouth below. The mingled taste of Eous' sweetness and Phlegon's creamy tartness, melded into a delicious treat of come. He brought both dicks to his mouth for a long suck, as each pegasus came down from their climax. The last of their come dribbled onto his tongue before he released them.

Pyrios' dick shuddered inside his ass, and he pulled it free of Acthon with a pop.

A trail of Pyrios' come trickled from his hole, moistening his cheeks and the base of his tail.

Leaning forward, the blue pegasus embraced Acthon, nuzzling their muzzles together. "Now that felt good." Pyrios whispered in his ear.

They all agreed in a unanimous "Uh huh." that got them nickering.

Both Eous and Phlegon repositioned themselves so that they faced the same direction, Eous cuddling Acthon from the left, Phlegon caressing him at his right, and Pyrios' weight atop him. They held each other, Eous and Phlegon's wings wrapping around Pyrios like an arch of orange -- bright amber fading into garnet red. With Pyrios' blue beneath them, they looked like the embodiment of flame. The colors of fire created by their joining.

That's how the four of us are meant to exist. Acthon thought as he snuggled his lovers. Apart we are merely pieces of a whole. Disconnected colors meant to form the beauty that is heated energy. Without the others, he'd be incomplete, lacking. Acthon's heart swelled at the joyous reality that he'd been blessed to be so completed. They might play again before returning to their respective rooms, but that moment of holding everyone close in the afterglow of four climaxes, would be the best feeling of the entire evening.

That feeling made the humdrum life of pulling Paetheon's sun chariot across the sky less of a chore. Nothing could be a chore with such a wonderful reward. Acthon sighed, taking in a deep breath of musky sex, spent horse, and sweaty feathers. The delicious aroma of his lovers filled his senses and lulled his thoughts. If he drifted off to sleep, it wouldn't matter, he was safest right here in the arms of his companions, the great winged-horses of the sun -- his lovers for all time.

The End


Author's Notes:

Writing about four characters having sex is tricky. I believe I've only ever attempted an orgy once, and I haven't posted that story yet. I'm not sure if it works, or if I failed miserably, but I tried to keep each character present without them disappearing or reappearing at random. I pray it's not too confusing. If it is, I'd like to know so I can work out the problems.

According to the book, Acthon is one of the four winged horses of the sun mentioned in Roman myth. Together with Eous, Phlegon and Pyrios they were harnessed to Phaethon's sun chariot to be driven daily across the heavens. I decided to write about what happens at night before they all go to sleep. Their colors are from my imagination, and to some extent could be blamed on MLP. Pegasi colored like the four colors of fire isn't so crazy when compared to the variety of MLP.

Hopefully it's tolerable.

Thanks for reading. ^^