Actaeon -- A Nymph in Need

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18 of The Bestiary Some nymphs will go to great lengths to get what they want.

The Bestiary

Actaeon -- A Nymph in Need By: Tyvara

Every dawn the Horae nymphs, goddesses of the hours, went to the Island of the Blessed to harness the horses of the sun. Helios needed his fiery steeds to carry his sun chariot across the sky. He didn't care how the nymphs accomplished this task, as long as it was done before the sun should crest the horizon.

Today, Irene, nymph of peace, would have the task of harnessing Actaeon -- the most wily of Helios' horses. She had drawn the short straw, and while her sisters, Eunomia, and Dike would round up the other seven horses, Irene was responsible for Actaeon. Why did I have to get the short straw? Actaeon hates me, and he never does what I say. Irene tiptoed through the underbrush, hoping to catch Actaeon unawares. He usually grazes on the big apple trees by the river. Maybe if he doesn't see me, I could harness him quicker.

The semi-darkness served as excellent cover. Irene needed that cover, without it, the great fiery horse would surely see her, and run her out of the meadow. She tiptoed, slowly, feeling her way through the soft grass with her feet. As she neared the clearing, she heard Actaeon's soft whicker. His gentle crunching of little apples filtered to her ears.

"I hear you, Irene," Actaeon said before she'd even reached a break in the trees. He snorted and a burst of flame lit up a small section of the forest that Irene hid in.

Dammit. She froze mid-step. How can he tell?

"Silly nymph." He spoke over a mouthful of juicy apples. "You are the goddess of peace. I am fire incarnate, and the brightness of flame. I can smell you. Your energy drips with your hesitation."

Without the option to retreat, Irene neared him, pulling back the bushes and peaking past leaves. The hulking white form of Actaeon stood a few paces from where she hid. His flame-red mane and tale tinted dark in the dim, predawn light. Smoke tendrils furled from his nostrils. She watched him stomp his golden hooves as he plucked another apple from the tree above him.

From her vantage point, his huge erection hung to the ground. If he's that aroused, perhaps I could exploit that state for an easier capture. She searched her mind for options. If he expects me to be timid, I must show him a different side of me.

Using her nymphean powers, she shifted her body to one more appealing to Actaeon. She applied a glamor to her face to appear more equine, and coated her body in a soft coat of white fur. When the glamor reached her feet, she augmented them into hooves. Her blonde hair lengthened into a braided mane, which she replicated in a flowing tail that hung between her graceful legs. To finish her look, she added a glamor to her tunic, so that it appeared as pieces of pink, diaphanous silk barely covering her perky breasts and the small mound of blonde between her legs.

After a quick inhale, Irene spun from her hiding spot out into the open meadow. She twirled like a dancer, and jumped to a stop as Actaeon turned to face her.

A lecherous look lined his lips, and a trail of flame flared his nostrils. "I haven't seen you here before. I'd heard rumor of equine women on The Blessed Island, but I see so few."

Irene giggled. "We come out while you pull Helios across the sky. I woke early this morning." All truths, except she wasn't really an equine woman. Yet if she could get Actaeon excited enough, perhaps he wouldn't notice her slipping on his bridle.

Actaeon stepped toward her and chuckled. "I'm so glad you did."

Giving him a playful smile, she stepped away.

"I've been wanting to sate myself on a beauty such as you." He jumped forward, whipping his mane from side to side. With a snort neigh, smoke spiraled from his open mouth.

Irene leaped back, shaking her braided tail around her legs. "We're not supposed to fraternize with Helios' horses."

"The sun can wait an hour or two. I've already sent Peace running to her sisters. We have time."

From where she stood, Actaeon's cock throbbed between his legs. The huge member proved he'd do anything to capture her. I just have to tease him into submission. Tensing her muscles, she sprang from Actaeon and dashed across the meadow.

The hoof beats behind her confirmed his pursuit.

She ran to a tree, spinning around it. This allowed her to grace a hand over Actaeon's back as he followed.

Rearing, he laughed. "Oh, you tease! Let me catch you. I'll make it quick." He circled the tree and galloped after her.

Racing across the meadow, Irene bounded over the river. Actaeon followed, but she returned to the opposite bank. His jaws clacked as he missed grabbing her tail.

"Let me rub my nose between those beautiful breasts while you stroke my neck."

She laughed, whickering her delight at Actaeon's behavior. "You'd want more than that." Just a bit more and I can capture him.

"Perhaps." Actaeon leaped after her. "But you wouldn't regret it."

Holding a hand out to him, she let him near her until his white nose graced her fingers. The heat from his flaming nostrils warmed her. After jumping backward, he matched her movements, until she opened her arms and embraced him.

He nickered while rubbing his long equine head between her breasts. Smoke furled upward and clouded her vision. Slipping around his side, Irene drew the bridle from thin air, and wrapped it around Actaeon's nose. When he looked at her, Irene allowed the glamor to vanish, revealing her true form as the Goddess of the Hours -- the nymph of peace finally triumphed without embarrassment.

The bridle held him frozen, unable to bolt or fight her. "You! How did you . . ." His words trailed off in befuddlement.

She climbed onto his back, and pulled back against reigns materializing from the air. "I'm a nymph, Actaeon. I know how to entice a horny man. You're no different."

He humphed, but allowed Irene to lead him to Helios' stables, where she'd harness him to the sun chariot. With the help of the other eight horses of the sun, they could begin their flight across the sky. Dawn would return once more to the world below.

The End


Author's Notes:

According to the book, Actaeon is one of the eight horses of the sun in Greek myth. He's described as white in color, with flaring nostrils that emit flame and smoke. At night, the horses wander across the Island of the Blessed; by day, the nymphs of the seasons, the Horae, harness them to the chariot of the sun to be driven by the sun god, Helios. The name, Actaeon, means effulgence.

I wanted to write about the trials of three women harnessing eight horses before dawn. This was Irene and Actaeon's tale. There seem to be many horses of the sun mentioned by name throughout this book, so I think it'll be fun to see the differences in all the stories by the end.

Thanks for reading.