Acalica -- Cavern Secrets

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11 of The Bestiary The magical reasons why spelunking can be so much fun!

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Acalica -- Cavern Secrets By: Tyvara

Sean wrapped his white padded-hand around the rope fastened to the mountain. He tugged it to verify how securely he'd tied it; the force of the mountain pulling back eased his mind as he prepared to repel into the cave below. Yet, it didn't quell the well-meaning, however nagging, voice of his mother from yesterday morning. Looking back into the dark cave, his mind revisited their conversation. _One perk of spelunking alone, is the time to be alone with one's thoughts.

"Now, Sweety." Her big blue eyes had looked up, with this sad innocence his mother was so good at -- her white ears down-turned and even the black markings on her muzzle seemed to frown._ He hated when she did that. _"I know you love spelunking, but you'll never meet someone out in the mountains. We arctic foxes left the tundra to get away from caves, and all you want to do is go back to them."

She'd offered him the plate of her chocoholic cookies that she'd used as an excuse to stop by. An apologetic, yet pleading, smile on her muzzle.

Sean never refused her cookies._ They're always better when, Mom, makes 'em. _He'd taken the biggest and sat at the kitchen table, eating the earthy-sweet, crumbly treat with morsels warm enough that they left a trail from mouth to cookie (a sign she'd made them before coming over), to listen to her hustle.

"Please, just one date. You'll really like her. She's got just enough on top and bottom." She'd outlined an hourglass in the air.

"Mom!" He hadn't needed to see her do that.

She'd continued with a smile, "And the fluffiest tail. She even plays some of the same video games as you."

"Is that so?" He'd taken another cookie.

After nodding, his mother had gone to the fridge to pour him a tall glass of milk. "I bet she'd go to that internet cafe with you."_

Sean chuckled even now as he dug his boots into the packed snow, then launched backward into the cave. Slacking his grip on the rope between his paws, he repelled downward. The lurch of the free-fall tightened his chest until his boots smacked into the mountain again. He continued to descend their conversation still fresh in his mind.

_"All right, Mom. Let me have her number."

Once she'd set his glass on the table, she had scurried to the post-it note fridge magnet, scribbling the info down. Her excitement apparent in the rapid flicking of her white tail.

"But I'm not calling her until_ after my trip this weekend." He'd drunk his milk to hide his smile, still tasting the chocolate as the cool milk had filled his mouth.

Sean remembered wanting to say, 'You can't bribe me out of the caves with sweets and a gamer girl.' Except his mother's deflated excitement had shown in her slumped shoulders, and he hadn't wanted to rub it in.

Sean had his reasons for returning to the snowy caves beyond his hometown. As he sank lower into the cave, his anticipation grew until the fur under his gear prickled. In all the years he'd spent exploring caves, this one by far happened to be his favorite. He'd been lucky enough to stumble on its secret years ago, and he couldn't resist returning from time to time.

With every leap into the darkness around him, his pulse quickened, but he still had farther to go. Continuing downward with a repetitive jump then crunch as his feet hit the wall, until a light-bluish glow filtered from below him. Complaisant laughter echoed against the cavern walls, and he smiled at the familiar sound. I've found you again, my pretties.

"So," a gentle feminine voice called somewhere by his ear. "You've returned to us."

Turning his head, he tried to see the speaker, but where he expected someone, there was only the opposite wall. Tricky sirens. "How could I resist the call of Acalica?" He called out into the now pale blue cave. Holding onto the rope with one padded hand, he extended the other out into the nothingness and looked below him, watching a sparkle of blue lights flicker toward him.

In a fluttering of wings, the lights surrounded him. Only once they settled, could he see the finer details of the many hand-sized fairies orbiting him like tiny shooting stars. Their pointed ears, bluish at the tips, framed womanly faces, and their thick, white hair hung down to their toes like fluffy tails. Entirely naked, their skin appeared rosy pink against the stark white of their hair. Between their shoulders grew wings that looked as if they consisted of snowflakes.

Dancing around him, leaving trails of blue light, they smiled at him. "We missed you." With them closer, Sean could hear the singular voices making up one feminine voice. "We've ached for you." They trailed around his body, gracing against him with a soothing caress.

When they encircled his thighs and rubbed his crotch, he let out a quiet yip. "I've thought of you often, but I can only get away to the caves when time allows." The more attention they lavished on him, the tighter his pants became.

"We understand," they continued to fly around him, the ones at his pants worked away at the buckle of his belt. "We enjoy whatever time you spend with us, you sexy fox."

Once they released his dick from the confines of his pants, it sprang into the cold air, shrinking slightly. Three acalica fairies wrapped their bodies around his fox cock, rubbing their warm, naked bodies against his red flesh. Under their attention, it swelled again.

Sean relaxed with his boots stuck firmly into the cavern wall. Releasing the rope, he let both arms hang into the abyss, while the fairies hugged themselves to his erection, writhing against his flesh like the lustful little creatures he knew them to be. They licked at the tip with their tiny tongues, the sensation like a silken kerchief wafting over his dick, and his moans reverberated deep into the cave.

The lights that trailed around him began to travel faster. Their motions wrapping him like an envelopment of blue ribbons -- their speed even blurring the acalica's rubbing his cock. From that point, the trail of lights swirled upward, the light forming a curvaceous shape, until a solitary Acalica fairy of his size hovered before his eyes.

What had once appeared as rosy skin now shimmered with the crystallinity of quartz. The blueish coloring at her ears revealed as blue freckles that flecked her face and shoulders, less condensed than at her ears. She poised her naked body over him, her pussy sliding against his dick, teasing him with her moist slit. She leaned against him, but she felt no heavier than a gust of air -- desire in her grey eyes.

While fluttering her intricate snowflake wings, she said, "Say our name, Sean." Her voice continued to ring faintly with the sound of multiple voices.

"Oh, Acalica." He cupped her cheek with his padded-hand, bringing her closer for a kiss. With her white hair falling around his face like a blanket of soft tendrils, the only sight filling his vision was her beautiful face. "Make love to me," he said before their lips met.

Acalica moaned into his mouth, sliding onto his cock. Her tight warmth sucked him deep within her cozy pussy.

Returning a hand to the rope, Sean thrust into the glorious wet-warmth surrounding his dick while using the rock wall as leverage to keep his motions steady.

Their combined moans bounced around the cave.

When Acalica leaned back, she rode his cock, wings fluttering while she hovered. Her hips rocking as she kicked the air.

Each buck of her hips drove Sean closer, his balls ached with a need for release, but he wouldn't give in until he got her to climax first. Sliding his free hand along her thighs, he soon reached her clit. Lightly pressing the nub with his thumb, he rolled against it in small circles.

She squealed, a smile blooming on her lips. "Yes, like that, Sean."

Yeah, come for me, baby. He continued to thrust into her. His quick thumb motions never wavering.

Her soft pillowy muscles rippled around his dick at each thrust, urging his knot to swell.

Without warning, she screamed, her deep muscles clenching tight. The intensity of her squeeze more snug than shoving his dick through the width of a cheerio.

"Don't stop, Sean. I'm coming."

He continued to shove himself into her, his knot smacking against her tight cunt. The second her muscles relaxed a little, he pushed his knot into her.

She screamed and he came, spurting a thick load of come deep into her. He bucked in quick jerks, and pulled her hips toward him while he unloaded gushes of sticky fox come, until their mingled juices coursed down his thighs and pants.

When Sean no longer had the strength to thrust, his legs shook as they stopped. He hung there, one arm around Acalica, the other still held his repelling rope. Panting against her sweet-smelling breasts, he felt her breath ruffled his short head-fur. No gamer fox could compare with my sweet Acalica fairy.

They held each other while their heartbeats returned to a normalized patter. Sean sighed, reveling in the warmth of her touch.

Closing his eyes, he nuzzled her cheek. On opening them, her form shimmered with the blue trails of ribbony light.

Before his eyes the singular form of Acalica faded, returning to the multitude of smaller fairies, each one a replica of the larger to whom he'd made love. Hovering around his face, they all kissed his black nose-tip one-by-one, and in an arc of blue they descended into the cave.

Their voice whispered at his ear as they disappeared. "You feel so good, Sean. Come back when you want to play."

"Oh, I will," he said, returning his spent cock to his pants. "You can count on that, my sweet fairies."

Gripping the rope, he began the slow assent toward the cave's mouth. His balls twitched from the exertion, and his thighs throbbed from the activity, but he'd made the climb before under similar circumstances.

Alone with his thoughts once again, his mind drifted to the fox his mother wanted him to meet. I don't mind getting set up for a blind date, but no one will understand my love of the caves. That's a secret between me and Acalica.

The End


Author's Notes:

Another fairy story, this time interacting with a male arctic fox (I figured it fitting, since these fairies control rain, hail and frost). According to the book, Acalica fairies live in Bolivia in underground caves and are rarely seen. Apparently, when they do show up, they look like old men. It always bothers me when books only mention the common sex that people see. It makes me wonder what special circumstances entice the females to appear. In this case, it's a sexy male fox with a spelunking hobby.

Thanks for reading.