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10 of The Bestiary Even abominable snowmen have doubts.

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Abominable Snowman -- Names By: Tyvara

An abominable snowman and a yeti sit on a log at the mouth of a large cave watching the snowfall. Both have the same white fur and black skin even the same sized feet. They appear similar in every way, but the Yeti surveys the snow with wonder, while the abominable snowman sits with a slump, staring at his palms.

The yeti notices the sadness of his companion and his brows furrow with concern. "What troubles you, friend?"

"It's just that -- " the abominable snowman shrugs and looks away.

"Go on," the yeti goads with a nudge.

"I have the stupidest name ever." He smacks his fist against his knee. "'Yeti' inspires such mystery and terror. A yeti could be anything. 'Abominable snowman' makes it sound that I look like Frosty the Snowman with Sauron's magic. I'm ridiculous." Hanging his head, he runs his hands through his head fur.

"It's all right, buddy," the yeti slings his arm around the abominable snowman's shoulders. "You're exactly the same as me."

The abominable snowman looks at the yeti with a weak smile. "You think so?"

"Sure." He pats his friend's back. "You're just what happens when someone sucks all the culture out of an object. You're just a few random words stuck together to inspire fear. It's not your fault all the mystery is gone. Some people have this uncontrollable desire to put their mark on everything. You just got stuck in the cross-fires."

"I guess that's why I'm sad." The abominable snowman sighs, resting his head on his arms propped atop his knees.

"Probably." The yeti shrugs, taking back his arm, and returning to look at the falling snow. Without looking away he says, "By the way, who's 'Frosty the Snowman'?"

"Oh," the abominable snowman says with a dismissive gesture, "It's a culture thing. You wouldn't understand."

The End


Author's Notes:

All that's in the book today is that the abominable snowman is the name given to the yeti which lives in the Himalayas. That's it. Obviously yeti will be covered under Y, but I feel like someone got a bit lazy. Either way, it inspired this little exchange. When I posted this on FA, it was brought to my attention that Abominable is a mistranslation of the word "dirty". I wish the authors would have included that information. I know it's a magical creatures book and mistranslations have nothing to do with magic, but it would have made the entry longer. *shrugs*

In my head, I kept hearing the abominable snowman monster from Monsters Inc. complain about his name.

Thanks for reading.