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9 of The Bestiary Even merman professors have erotic thoughts; some students are hard to ignore.

The Bestiary

Abgal -- Professor's Tail By: Tyvara

Warm waters rushed by Abgal as he swam to the port city where his school, and new assignment awaited him. Sure, he'd rather be chasing nereids through the Mediterranean, instead of swimming his tail off to go teach some scatterbrained mortals about art and science. But when the god Ea makes a command, it gets obeyed. No one denies the god of wisdom, not unless they're looking to be smitten by a deity with power over the mind. I'm not one of them. I prefer all my faculties intact. So he swam on, determined to finish his lessons and return to the joys of sea life.

Nearing the cliffs of the port city, Abgal headed for an underwater grotto where he could transform in peace. Changing his tail into bipedal feet took much concentration and left him unsteady for a while, so it helped to keep the ordeal private. Once through the tunnel, he emerged in a well lit cave. An array of clothes and tools lay out for him.

At least Ea provides for me. He swam to the edge of the cave pool, and heaved himself onto the bank. His long blue fish tail shimmered in the torchlight. "I'll miss ya' buddy." His words echoed softly as he patted his tail with his palm, flipping the long fin out of the water to look at it for a moment. "But don't worry, I'll be back in the water before we know it."

Pushing against the bank, he scooted the rest of his tail onto the shore. With his arms holding him upright, he concentrated on his tail, envisioning the blue fin splitting into two, then those fins forming into feet, while the bones solidified and molded from their fin-form to human. Before his eyes, the transformation took place. The ache of the bones remolding brought tears to his eyes, but they only welled in his lids, not one tear slid down his face.

Once it had finished, Abgal sat onto his new ass, wriggling his toes to accustom his brain to the feel of feet versus fins. Between his legs hung his human genitalia. He wrapped a hand around his soft member, enjoying the sensation of simply fondling himself. There are definitely perks to this human form. The nereids don't complain. He chuckled to himself, then gasped as his penis hardened. I've left quite a few nymphs sated with smiles.

Still, he unhanded his cock, slipping his new feet under himself, and stood. I have a job to do first. My libido can wait for now.

On his feet, he shook for a moment while he settled on a new frame of balance, then he took a few uneasy steps. He walked to the opposite wall of the cave, the walked back, repeating the steps two more times, before his footsteps fell naturally. Only then did he dress in the tunic left out for him, buckling the traditional garb of the port peoples in place.

He did a quick reflection check in the pool. I barely look middle aged by mortal standards. I might turn more than a few sea nymph heads. Sliding a hand through his still wet black hair, he headed to the stairway leading out of the cave. He grabbed the sack of supplies by the bottom of the stairs, and rushed up the steps.

At the top, he slipped passed the door into his classroom. The port peoples had partially carved the building from the side of the cliff: The back opened up to the sky, and at this angle at this time of day, the sun lit the room without any random light shining in his eyes. They'd molded the tiers of seating from stone and arranged them with cushions. It looked good. They'd headed the call of Ea well.

A wide range of students milled about the room, some as young as five, others with more wrinkles than hair. Abgal observed the people as he crossed to his podium, assessing the myriad of features of his future students. Many would never understand the things he'd come to teach -- they just hadn't evolved enough to grasp the complexities. Those people would not return. Some held the bright-eyed excitement of a thirst for knowledge, and that held the potential Abgal hoped for.

He waited until everyone took their seats, before opening his mouth to address his students. When he did, the doors opened and a breathtaking brunette with almond colored eyes entered.

"Forgive me." Her voice sang down to him within the amphitheater styled walls. "I argued with my father about how important coming here was." She crossed through the seats until she found one she liked and sat. "Sometimes you can't convince a king of anything unless he's thought of it first."

A few voices chuckled but Abgal couldn't tell from whom. He couldn't really care about the politics in this city anyway. I'm simply here to teach. Yet he couldn't help stare at the smiling face of his newest pupil.

"Very well," he began. "I am Abgal, and I'll be working with you on art today."

He started his lecture with colors. These people didn't know the first thing about colors, and some hung onto his every word. He particularly enjoyed the avidity of the king's daughter. She asked few questions, but stared with rapped attention, scribbling away on her parchment while he spoke.

Abgal admired her behind sideways glances. She possessed looks that could rival any water nymph. In fact, he found it easy to envision her long hair draping over her naked body while he swam after her. She had just enough hair that it would cover the juiciest parts, while still giving him ample skin to ogle.

The feel of his face between her tits hung in his mind when he realized he'd been talking all day. The light had faded from the cave so much that he struggled to see the work in front of him, and his stomach growled for want of food.

"I believe I've gone on long enough for one day." Abgal looked around the room, noticing who remained. The king's daughter still wore an excited look, but her eyes drooped with a need for sleep. "I hope you return for tomorrow's lesson."

While people filed out and Abgal collected his tools returning them to his sack, from the corner of his eye he caught the king's daughter walking toward him. He tensed while shuffling papers, covertly sneaking a look at her hips sway while she moved.

"Thank you so much," she said with a grin.

He jumped at her words, he didn't want to get too lost leering that he'd get caught. Facing her, he shoved the last of his papers in his bag.

"I appreciate your attention. I saw you scribbling away." He returned her grin.

She blushed, the pinkish color filling her olive skin. "It's really fascinating. When you were going over the construction of grafts to create a portrait, I could really see the potential it has."

"I'm glad. I'd love to go on, but every scholar needs to break the fast at some point." He looked into her eyes, but he stood at an angle where he could look down the wide collar of her tunic. "You run home and enjoy your meal. You've absorbed a lot today, take the evening to savor it."

"Oh I will." She nodded, her face still fixed with a wide smile as she backed away from him. "Thanks again. My name's Surasa. I'll be back tomorrow even if I have to sneak out."

"Well let's hope it doesn't come to that, Surasa. I'm sure the king will see to Ea's orders." Abgal walked toward his door, but kept his body turned toward Surasa as she walked up the stairs. Waiting until she'd left before he snuck down to his private entrance.

Within the safety of his grotto, he removed his clothes, tossing them onto his bag of supplies. I'll take naked any day, over scratchy cloth and buckles.

Heading to the water, he sat at the ledge and dangled his legs into the pool. Abgal sighed at the delightful wet sensation. I didn't realize how dry it is up here. He leaned back and closed his eyes, splashing the water with his feet. The sharp sound of his legs striking water echoed around him. When he looked down at his toes, his thick erection smacked against his stomach.

First thing's first.

He slipped into the water letting the slight coolness refresh him. When he reached the surface again, he stretched out on the surface, suspended in the water, letting the subtle current scoot him around the pool. Grasping his cock, he stroked it and thought of Surasa. _What a delicious name. I can envision her voice calling out my name.

He imagined them alone in his classroom, beckoning her to him with one finger. Watching her saunter toward him, naked like a sea nymph, her hair draped around her. Only a hint of pink flesh between the strands of her brown locks.

"I'll have to punish you for showing up late. It's disruptive and disrespectful, even for a princess."_

His cock swelled in his grasp, he adjusted his grip so he pulled up just enough water that the friction felt just right.

"Oh, teacher. That's the last thing I'd want is to disrespect you. How could I ever make it up to you?" Her face would be so worried, all scrunched up and cute.

"You could come here and suck my cock."

"Anything for you."

I'd take her down to my grotto, and bring her into the pool. We'll float in the water, her mouth wrapped around my dick. I'll fuck that pretty mouth, while she moans. Then I'll pull her into my arms and stick it in her. She'll be warm against the cold water. I'll make her moan, make her scream my name. To hear her tell me how good it feels. I'll flick her pretty clit until she comes, make her wild as she fucks me.

Imagining her like that, writhing in bliss atop his cock, her beautiful breasts bouncing in the water, while they squirt water in his face from their powerful thrusts. That got his cock to tense, his first spurt of come arching across his chest. Cupping his sack, he shot a few more times before he released his cock with a smile.

Looking up at the cave's ceiling, he floated in the water, enjoying the pulse of his heart and the hum of the ocean water. Abgal lay that way until his stomach growled, reminding him he hadn't eaten since that morning. With a thought he envisioned his legs reforming into his blue fish fin, and when he looked down, he smacked his tail against the water to test how it felt. Home sweet home.

Abgal couldn't help smiling. A mortal body has its perks, but nothing beats a tail for swimming. He dove deep into the lake, swimming through the tunnel and returning to the ocean he knew so well, back home for a nice dinner and bed. He'd probably visit that fantasy again before he fell asleep. At least teaching Surasa won't be so bad. Perhaps, educating these mortals will be tolerable after all. Only time would tell.

The End


Author's Notes:

In the book an Abgal was a merman sent by the Sumerian god Ea to teach humans art and science. They did this during the day while fasting, only stopping at night to eat. I decided to write a teacher/student crush story.

Thanks for reading.