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8 of The Bestiary A pregnant painted dog must have answers, and only her fairy friends speak the truth. Their methods are erotically unorthodox.

The Bestiary

Abatwa -- Oasis By: Tyvara

Makena waddled across the soft desert sand, refusing to return to her tribe of painted wolves until she'd completed her journey. She rubbed her spotted paw over her distended belly while she started up a hill of sand, using her spear as a walking stick. I do all this for you, babies. On the other side of this sand pile, waited an oasis, one with an anthill. This particular anthill was home to Makena's oldest friend -- one she really needed right about now.

Toward the top of the dune, Makena's breath came heavier, her huge pregnant belly dragging in the sand as she pulled herself toward her spear. "You whelps are heavy." I must carry at least six pups this time. "Even more reason to lug you over to see Yuna and the Abatwas." Her arms shook as she heaved her weighted body up a few more inches. "I'm not letting your father take another litter from me."

When she finally clambered to the top, she collapsed onto her side, taking in deep gulps of hot desert air. Her mouth, dry and parched, tasted gritty with bland sand. We're almost there. Just a little farther. Makena peeked open one eye to see a large palm tree sticking out of the sand. Just beyond that, among the arrays of oasis greenery, shimmered a bright blue pond.

Sitting up, Makena swung her legs over the dune and slid down the hill, the warm sand even hotter against her furred ass. When she came to a stop at the bottom, she stuck her spear into the ground and heaved herself upright, then waddled into the oasis. Water first, then we find Yuna.

Instead of kneeling over to drink from the pool, Makena stopped at the edge, and sprang, bottom first, into the cool oasis water. The water wasn't deep and she soon bobbed to the top. The weight of six pups felt more like two while suspended in water, and Makena leaned back, enjoying the buoyancy of the moment. With a few arm strokes she wandered around the pond.

Once she felt cool and satisfied, she stroked toward the shallower end of the pond, where thick reeds grew. Hesitant to leave the freedom of the water, she squirted water between her paws, chortling at the silly sounds.

"So," a small feminine voice said, "you've come back to us."

Makena tried to focus her eyes, scanning the area for Yuna's tiny form. With a buzz of wings and a flash of light, a little person landed on the end of her nose.

Yuna looked like a cross between a curvaceous woman and a red ant, no bigger than her padded hand. With bright red skin and long diaphanous wings, and fiery titian hair that grew from her head like ant eyes and antennae, she appeared akin to the creatures with whom she lived. Yet her face was more womanly, as were her round breasts and thick buttocks. Her limbs, only four total, were spindly as was her long torso.

She stretched out on Makena's nose, resting her head on her elbows. Her wings fluttered with a hum. "It's been a long time. We've all missed you."

Makena stared as best she could at her nose. "I have a duty to my tribe, Yuna."

"The only duty that worthless husband of yours sees is your steady production of male offspring."

"Yeah, about that . . ." Makena heaved herself out of the water and Yuma fluttered off Makena's nose. She buzzed around wildly for a moment, then returned to Makena's muzzle.

"You're pregnant again! Congratulations, it looks like a big litter this time. Maybe six?"

Makena nodded, the motion knocking Yuma into the air. The Abatwa fairy followed as she padded onto the bank. Makena looked for a good sitting place, selecting a smaller palm tree by the reeds, and slid against its trunk until she plopped on the ground.

Yuna returned to her perch on Makena's nose. "Have you run away this time? Or just visiting?"

"Just visiting. I want to see what the sexes will be. My husband swore he'd drown them if they were all girls again."

"Very well." Yuna leaped into the air. Putting her fingers to her mouth, she gave a loud whistle.

A swift buzz rang through the oasis, until a swarm of Abatwa's congregated at the pond's edge. They hovered in front of Makena for a second, then they descended upon her, each smallish fairy with a question of her own.

"Oh my, you're so big." One on her stomach proclaimed, her face wide with surprise.

Another grabbed her toe-pads. "Your feet look so swollen and sore. Poor thing."

"Look at your pelt," a third added, "your spots simply glow, you're looking so radiant."

Makena couldn't get a word in, the questions came so fast, she simply shifted her focus to the next speaker while she waited for their excitement to ebb. With fairies, that could be anyone's guess.

"I can't believe you lugged that weight all the way here." Yet another, who hovered above her, shook her head while surveying Makena's swollen body.

There were so many voices that Makena could hardly tell them all. Just a buzz of wings and the twitter of happy voices filled her head.

"All right ladies," Yuna said, clapping her tiny hands to get their attention. "Makena came here to see if her litter will be male."

"Wonderful." Some of them shouted.

"Just lay back my friend," Yuna hovered in front of Makena, kissing her wet nose before she continued, "let us work our magic."

Makena did just that, stretching out while the Abatwa fairies took positions all over her body. "Thank you. I could really use this after all I've been through."

Fairies, holding her hands while they fluttered, looked up at her with knowing smiles. They began to rub her sore hands and arms. The ones at her feet rubbed the sore muscles; their small hands were nimble enough to get all the deep aches.

She groaned in pleasure. Her mouth hung open with a wide smile and she lolled her head to one side.

Two sat between her breasts, tracing their tiny fingers around her areolas. The delightful tickle hardened her nipples, and urged Makena to gasp at the shocking sensation.

Makena chuckled. Gotta love the nymph races, so much of their power revolves around sex. And I haven't been touched since my belly started to swell.

Yuna and a few others flew over her large belly and between her legs. Makena couldn't see what they did, but she could feel every motion.

Little hands stroked her pussy, gently massaging as only smaller fairy hands could, trailing their fingers along the folds. Their fingertips knowing every secret that larger fingers could never find.

Those sensations, greater than any amount of licking, sent shivers through Makena's spine that started her tail wagging. She let out a long happy sigh while reveling the experience.

Another set of hands, likely Yuna's, fondled her clit. Her nimble fingers outlining the phallic shape as it swelled to peak past the hood. Yuma kissed the tip of it.

The intense shock forced Makena to yelp, then giggle from the overwhelmingness of it.

Yuna played with it, dancing her fingers across the sensitive nub, before straddling Makena's clit and rubbing her own smaller sex against it. Her legs pushing against her labia as Yuna humped Makena's hardened clitoris.

Makena moaned with a pleasureful howl. Having Yuna at her clit, the fairies rubbing her paws, and the ones stroking all the tender spots of her slit, Makena lay in bliss-filled ecstacy waiting for her orgasm to come. Before long, her muscles tensed and she let out a sharp scream as her climax shot through her. Every limb tingled with weightless numbness and her clit throbbed from the pent up release.

The Abatwa's squealed in delight, leaving their posts to lap up the sweet juices pooling between her legs. They craved the sugary sweetness, and with their magical senses they could detect the sexual majority of the litter.

Short giggles trickled from Makena's lips while the fairies licked her, but she dared not ask them to stop. I could lie this way forever. She smiled, embracing her pregnant stomach.

Once the fairies finished, they fluttered back to Makena's stomach and sat. Each of them looked to Yuna, who stood with a buzz.

"This litter looks like it will be mostly female. Not all, but mostly." Yuna's pretty face drooped in worry.

Makena couldn't contain her tears, before she noticed her eyes had welled up, they trickled down her face. "I don't know what to do. I can't lose another litter."

"Please, Makena." Yuna clasped her hands together. "Just stay here with us. Birth them here in our pond. Raise them in our oasis. You don't need those painted wolves. Your home could be here with us. We Abatwa's would love to be your tribe."

The other fairies nodded, their antennae styled ponytails bobbing in agreement.

Makena gazed beyond the oasis at the desert leading back to her kind. Back to the husband that treated her more like an inanimate heir producer than the competent hunter she was. She looked at all the Abatwa's sitting on her stomach. Hopeful looks on their faces. "I really didn't want to cross all that sand again anyway." She grinned.

All the Abatwa's shouted a loud "Hooray!" Buzzing around her, they each cuddled their own area of her head and shoulders.

"Fantastic!" Yuna held her nose, glee written on every contour of her antlike face. "We have just the place for your den."

Their excitement having returned, the Abatwa's swarmed around Makena, lifting her onto her feet, and guided her into the oasis -- her new home.

The End


Author's Notes:

In the book Abatwa's are fairies from South Africa that live in anthills. They can be seen by children, magicians, and pregnant women. For a pregnant woman to see them within her seventh month of pregnancy means the baby will be a boy. I've never written a micro story, so it surprised me. Additionally, pregnancy and birth kinda scare the bejesus outta me. But this was the story that wanted to be written, so I went with it. I also kept thinking -- how do abatwa know the baby will be a boy, thus magical sex sense. *shrugs*

I'm familiar with fairies based on dragonflies or butterflies, but I never thought of modeling them after ants.

Thanks for reading.