Abath -- A Savior's Taste

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7 of The Bestiary Sometimes the trials of a unicorn aren't so bad.

The Bestiary

Abath -- A Savior's Taste By: Tyvara

Nyree waited in her rooms preparing for the ritual. No one dared disturb her, for fear she might die. Before the magician changed her body to this anthropomorphic form, she almost did. Back when she had been a young Abath unicorn, foolish enough to get caught by mortals, they had chained her and scraped away at her horn for its aphrodisiacal powers.

Running her hand along her worn horn, reminded Nyree of the life she'd had before her transformation. The texture, no longer ridged like a normal alicorn, but smooth, with chips and scrapes at odd angles where they filed it wrong or too hastily, had only recently begun to calcify again. No worse pain existed than having my precious horn scrapped away. Worse still, the color had dulled so much that it no longer picked up the sun's colors as rainbow glitter across the surface.

A tear slid down her cheek, but Nyree only watched her reflection in her mirror as it rolled down her face and plopped onto her naked body. Life had changed now. Her punishment for not heeding the warning of her elders had become much easier to bear.

She twirled before her mirror, marveling at the attractive new body the magician had given her. At least a talented man bested me. My shame would sting a little greater had he been a fool. Trailing her fingers through her soft grey fur, she enjoyed the sensation of rubbing her own body -- something she couldn't do in her old quadrupedal form. When she reached her large breasts she squeezed and played with them, enjoying the tug from her nipple piercings, connected by three hanging gold chains (a trinket all woman captives of this people wore). That too had once been a pain but was now a pleasure.

Above all, I'm glad I could keep my face. I don't know how I'd fare to have some human face staring back at me every day. I like the face I came into this world with. After another turn she admired her backside, flicking her long, braided white-haired tail from side to side. She couldn't sit and look at her body all day, she still had a ritual to do, and the people would never let her forget that.

Sighing, Nyree ran a hand through her long white mane to get the last of the tangles out, then she left her mirror for the door to her quarters.

Outside, a handful of black masked guards waited for her. They didn't grab her anymore, there wasn't a need, she wanted to go. She held her head high while she passed the monks with their sweet incense that burned her eyes. Then the rows of virgin brides waiting to touch her for a fertility blessing. Beyond them awaited the stage of her temple. More monks held open a curtain, and she, followed by the guards, ascended the stage.

People packed the tiered stadium in silence. Watching, as Nyree walked to a huge stone block stuck vertically in the center of the stage. When she stood at its center, she stuck out her wrists. The black masked guards tied them together and attached her to the fastener at the top of the block. With her arms over her head, the guards attached a thick spreader bar to her ankles, then they left the stage.

Alone and spread before the spectators, the audience let out an uproarious cheer. Nyree had to smile. My powers have helped birth so many people. What was once a dying nation, I've helped propagate. I just wish I hadn't almost had to have died first.

The magician appeared at a podium in a cloud of smoke. "My people!" His aged voice boomed before the smoke had cleared. "We have been blessed with a gift." The smoke faded to reveal a wizened man bedecked in thick purple robes. "Our capture of the Abath unicorn has brought a great prosperity to our people. But our greed almost killed her. Her horn is precious. This form allows her horn to heal." He held out his hands to the spectators. "Who now will drink of this fountain of prosperity?" He held an outstretched palm at her, a kindhearted smile on his wrinkled face.

Nyree nodded at him, returning her gaze to the people around her. I'll take this penance any day over having my horn scraped.

Turning back to the audience, the magician produced a large silver bowl from the air. With a flick of his wrist a single piece of paper floated from the bowl into the air. The magician plucked it, and brought it to his small eyes. "Taine, of the house of Maou."

A deafening cheer filled the temple, as a man rose from his seat and descended the stadium's steps to her block at the temple's head.

When he neared, Nyree eyed his toned, lean muscle behind his thin white robes. Likely this man was one of her masked guards, or had been -- she could never tell. His shaven head, save for a single tail at the back, marked him for certain.

After ascending the stage, he removed his robes, handing them to the magician, who took them and vanished into another cloud of smoke.

Taine stood naked in front of her, his large erection proudly striking his navel.

This Taine certainly doesn't need me as an aphrodisiac. Perhaps his people want to stud him out. He's a fine-looking specimen for their kind. Her sex moistened at the thought of his cock inside her.

With only her and Taine on the stage, he spoke in a soft whisper. "I have been aching for you, Nyree."

She jumped at his words, so much that she felt the tug of her wrists against the fastener. After a glance up at her tied hands, she returned her gaze to Taine.

"I have been putting my name in that pot since I was a young man. I trained as a guard to be near you. Now, I can finally have you."

Nyree's heart fluttered. No man had ever said that to her before. Many were impotent, and shy -- few were rough (there were penalties for her abuse now), but none so forward as Taine.

Taine neared her, stretching out his hand he ran his fingers through the fur of her hip. His palm rubbed over the bone as he moved over her ass and thigh. "I dreamed of the feel of your fur. It's as soft as I envisioned." He pressed his body to her, his cock pulsing against her groin. Looking into her eyes, desire etched on every line of his face, he said, "Tell me you want me, Nyree."

Without hesitation she replied, "I want you, Taine, deeply."

Shaking his head he added, "I want you begging it." His attention turned to her crotch and she followed his focus. Using his fingers, he spread apart her labial lips, dipping a finger into her wet pussy.

A soft moan slipped past her lips. I don't need to beg. I want you now. Nevertheless, she remained silent, eager to see what he had planned for her. He had been selected, and this was his time.

Plunging his finger deeper, he rubbed at her sensitive spot, then emerged to rub her wetness around her clit.

She squealed. "Oh yes, I like that."

Taine repeated the motion again, this time flicking her clit faster. His sights traveled from her crotch, to her breasts, to her face.

"More, oh please, more." Their eyes met, and she moaned. "Please, Taine, I want you."

He continued the maneuver until Nyree felt she would burst, then he replaced his finger with his thick cock. Thrusting into her, his girth rubbed against her inner walls, sliding past that sensitive spot. His hips continued to slam against hers, his dick pounding in and out, wetness building between them as her juices coursed around him.

Nyree let her erotic moaning fill the temple, enjoying every second his perfect dick slipped in and out of her. I could stay here and let him do this all day.

While he thrust, he cupped her breasts. Alternating between thumbing her nipples, and randomly sucking on one nipple or the other, he applied gentle nips while he suckled.

Her squeals echoed through the high ceiling. It's all so good. So good. "Don't stop, Taine. I need you. I'm going to come!"

His motions increased, slamming her at just the right angle, that she soon screamed in a long, hard climax.

With her muscles clenching around him, her body had a spasm against the restraints, her limbs trying to clutch at Thane, but they remained.

After a few more slams into her wetness, Taine let out a long groan, shooting spurts of come into her. He held her, resting his head atop her chest, shoving his dick into her as deep as he could. Shuddering against her, he let out a heavy sigh, before pulling his spent cock from her.

Now comes my favorite part. Nyree grinned, watching Thaine sink to his knees. No longer do I endure the pain of horn scrapings. Now they lick my magic from me.

Taine looked up at her, a smile to match hers. "I've waited so long for this." Running his hands along her outer thighs, he bent forward and licked the length of her slit.

She gasped with a soft moan. Yeah, that's good.

Dipping his tongue into her, he licked at her sore spots.

His actions stung at first touch, but he massaged them until it ebbed. Licking back and forth against her inner walls, while she moaned in pleasure. After he'd found every ache from their hard sex, he turned his attention to her clit.

Flicking his tongue against it, he wrapped his lips around it and fluttered the tip of his tongue.

Nyree screamed, the sound bouncing off the walls of the temple. It's never felt like this before!

Taine's fluttering tongue continued.

Every muscle within her began to twitch, until her mind went blank and her world exploded in pleasure. Her screams filled her head, as her climax thundered through her.

Taine gripped her ass, flicking his tongue faster, only stopping once Nyree quivered to a stop. He pulled up, wiping her juices from his mouth, and licking his fingers clean. When he leaned up against her, he whispered in her ear, "One day, I'll save you from all this. I probably could not give you your body back, but I could love you, Nyree. If I set you free, that's all I'd ask of you: to love me in return."

Nyree gaped at Taine, her words lost somewhere between her brain and her lips. She'd never thought to escape. Her horn might take a lifetime to grow back. Until then she'd be too weakened to fight back. If this man thinks to free me. I have no problems spending that freedom with him -- with Taine. To spend every day pleasured by you. Now that would be a grand life indeed.

The magician appeared by stepping out of nowhere, Taine's clothes in hand.

Taine dressed and walked from the stage, turning back to glance at her once before returning to his seat.

Addressing the stadium, the magician held his arms wide. "You have witnessed Taine's blessings. Whoever shall taste of our fountain of life, will be determined on the next ritual."

Masked guards appeared to unfasten Nyree from the stone block.

But her mind lay elsewhere, her eyes still following the man who melted into the moving crowd. If Taine can get past the magician, then anything's possible. Nyree thought as he disappeared from her sight. I'll just have to wait, and see what happens.

The End.


Author's Notes:

Another unicorn story. This one, from the Malay peninsula (like the A Bao A Qu), has little description other than a female reported captured by natives in a story related by European travelers in the 16th century. Historians believe this was a half glimpsed Sumatran rhino (my inspiration for her thick furred design as those rhinos used to be very fuzzy).

I also thought the story sad, imagining a beautiful unicorn getting her horn turned into an aphrodisiac. So I decided to write a happier spin on her capture, not perfect, but better than getting your horn scraped. At least it's more erotic. ^^

I love unicorns.

Thanks for reading.