Abada -- The Mating Chase

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5 of The Bestiary The mating rituals of an African unicorn.

The Bestiary

Abada -- The Mating Chase By: Tyvara

Njiri dashed across the jungle floor, her silver hooves navigating the obstacles of the congo forest as best as she could. She counted on her grayscale zebra stripes to camouflage her movements; to the average forest dweller, she'd be no more than just a passing grey streak.

Unfortunately her pursuer knew her tricks, they were one in the same, and he would use it to his advantage. However, Njiri couldn't resist the impulse to escape, so strong it controlled her, commanding her to run and hide. Ignoring the sting in her muscles or the ache of her bouncing breasts, her foremost concern was evasion.

At any rate, my instincts won't make me an easy catch. He'll have to work for me. The thought sent a sexual tingle through her. She liked it and that feeling inspired her to run harder.

By launching over obstructions with her long legs, she kept a quick pace, determined to gain some distance between the male she'd left at the thicket by the pool where she bathed.

The lecherous beast! She thought while dodging low hanging vines and branches that would ensnare her silver horn. Watching me bathe for Lord only knows how long. Wicked spy. Despite her thoughts, the wetness of her lust moistened her thighs as she ran. At least he's cute.

Each step Njiri made purely on instinct, using the power in her horn to guide her through the forest. Her horn could sense the secrets hidden within the congo's undergrowth, revealing all the jungle's hiding spots to her, she had only to discover the best for her refuge.

Her horn could also sense her pursuer. She could feel his hunger as strongly as the ground beneath her. He wanted to win, and that determination would fuel his hunt. Feeling his desire flushed her, while still fueling her will to flee.

In a flash of sudden yearning, Njiri dove into the cover of a large mass of ferns. She hid using her horn to conceal her position, a trick she couldn't do while running, and waited. I need to get a better look at him, to know for sure who's chasing me.

It wasn't long before a male abada burst from between the trees she'd just past, and stopped a few feet beyond her hiding place among the fronds.

Njiri marveled at his masculine body, eyeing his coat of grayscale zebra stripes, dark at the legs, and fading to a smokey grey around his equine head -- like her own, only smokey where hers were silver. Studying his muscular shape, she delighted in every curve, from his toned arms, to the thick shape of his ass and thighs.

He crouched low, his long onyx alicorn curved like an antelope's, caressing the ground with the palms of his hands as he sniffed the dark earth. Crawling forward, his thick erection hovered inches from the forest floor. The large black cock dribbled with a bit of preemptive excitement.

Chewing her lip, she ogled his package, lost in the subtle stripes that covered it. Despite her lust, she couldn't move. She would wait until he departed before dashing away again. Her instincts commanded it. Like a nagging voice it warned her not to move.

When he sprang up and jumped into the vines away from her, Njiri let out a sigh. Turning from his direction, she launched onto a new path, dodging around bushes and over logs.

Part of her wanted to chase after him, but her nature demanded she flee. His horn would sense her movements, he would turn around and chase her, but she had to run despite that knowledge.

She continued her lissome sprint until her lungs burned with a need for air. Yet she refused to stop until her alicorn could sense him nowhere near. Only then did she take the opportunity to slow to a stop.

Falling against a tree Njiri inhaled deeply, her body heaving, as she opened her mouth to suck in as much air as possible. With one hand to her chest, the other embraced the tree, and she took a moment to gather herself.

The next thing she noticed was something grabbing her wrist.

"Caught ya." A deep sultry voice said near her ear.

Njiri jumped, pushing from the tree, but the tug at her wrist pulled her to face the male abada who chased her. With a fluttering heart she stared at the stud holding her hostage.

His short black zebraic mane mimicked the fading pattern of his stripes. Down the back it branched across his muscled shoulders and around to his chest, with a trail of hair leading to his navel. He pulled her to him, embracing her with his other arm, his hand leading her head in for a kiss.

Every ounce of her urge to run melted as their lips met, their tongues entwining with shared desire. She moaned into his kiss and his cock throbbed against her stomach.

When he broke from their osculation, he scanned her over with large jet-black eyes. "I'm called Kayo."


He said her name, rolling the word around with a delighted whinny. "You put up a great chase Njiri."

"And you make an abada want to get caught, Kayo." Hearing her voice say his name sent her heart thumping.

"I want you, Njiri." He rubbed his nose to hers.

"You caught me, Kayo." She placed a peck on his lips. "I'm yours."

Kayo smiled. With his hand at her back, he lowered her to the ground.

Njiri spread her legs. Clutching his thick cock, she rubbed the flat equine head along her wet labial lips. I want him! I want this big stud inside me.

Moaning, Kayo thrust his hips forward, sliding his dick into her moist depths until their groins touched.

With a lurch, Njiri wrapped her arms around Kayo's shoulders and pulled him against her breasts. She groaned, delighting in the end result of all their running.

They lay there for a moment, Kayo's cock twitching within her. Then he pulled out and began thrusting in long fluid motions.

Each time his dick massaged her inner walls, she screamed at the overwhelming pleasure of sensations. His cock rubbed against her spot with every full thrust of his hips. "I want more Kayo! I want all you've got."

Kayo let out a sharp neigh and began thrusting harder.

Njiri screamed again. "Yes! Just like that."

His motions continued until Njiri thought she couldn't take any more, instead her body tensed as her climax rocketed through her. Every muscle within her clenched down tight and she held Kayo as she screamed, "I'm coming, Kayo! I'm coming."

Kayo screamed along with her words, his thrusting now rapid slams against her hips. "Yes. Yes. Yes!"

With one last thrust, Kayo's cock twitched within her as his first spurt of come jetted against her walls. He continued to thrust, but slower now, a new blast of come filling her with each motion until she felt she would burst.

When he finally shuttered and collapsed atop her, Kayo embraced her, rolling her over until she lay atop him.

Njiri nuzzled his chest, running her hand over one of his nipples.

"Now that," Kayo said, "was worth all that running."

"There's no denying that." Njiri kissed his pec. With her ear against him she listened to his heavy heartbeat, feeling her own stuttering until it matched his rhythm. She sighed, never wanting the moment to end.

After a few blissful minutes passed, Kayo's cock softened within Njiri until it plopped out.

They both laughed and nuzzled each other. Both of them knew they'd part ways. An abada's life would be forever solitary. Yet as tight as Njiri held Kayo, he held her with as much intensity. From that simple motion, Njiri recognized that their feelings were mutual.

Kayo rested his head atop hers behind her horn, "If I ever see you again -- "

"I'll run."

"And I'll always chase you." His contented tone told Njiri that was the answer he wanted.

Njiri wanted the same, and she looked forward to their next race.

The End.


Author's Notes:

There was very little about the Abada. Just that it lives in the Congo and is hardly every seen because it's shy. I figured who better than to catch an abada than another abada. I went with fading gray-scale zebra stripes because it takes place in Africa, and most animals that live in jungles have some sort of coat pattern, so I went with that idea.

I love unicorns!

Thanks so much for reading. ^^