A Bao A Qu -- Tentacles of Nirvana

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1 of The Bestiary Tentacles, tentacles everywhere! One Snow leopard's dream, or his nightmare? You decide. ^^

The Bestiary

A Bao A Qu or Tentacles of Nirvana

By: Tyvara

After leaving his snow-leopard clan, Yu had sought the legendary Tower of Victory to face the tests of enlightenment dolled out by the shapeshifter A Bao A Qu. Since scaling the many steep steps of the tower, he'd battled A Bao A Qu's ever-changing forms for -- he'd forgotten how long -- longer than a day, less than a year. Regardless, he'd lost all his belongings save the tattered clothes on his back. He only managed to eat whatever he found along the way -- and tower rats left the taste of decrepit walls in his mouth. Despite it all, what Yu grew tired of most was the tentacled creature continually spouting self fulfilling prophecies masked by twisted riddles. He did so every time Yu succeeded, and A Bao A Qu would retreat to a higher level to wait for Yu to challenge him yet again. Yu's mind was left to ponder the beast's warnings while he ascended the stairs.

A Bao A Qu's trials had worn on him. His fur had an oily grime to it mixed with the filth of the ancient tower and the exertion from his own body. Despite his shaking legs, Yu continued to climb upwards. Determination kept him moving toward enlightenment and freeing the A Bao A Qu from its never-ending task to challenge the seekers of nirvana.

For some reason that Yu didn't understand, the beast behaved as if it wanted to best him, as if he did not wish to be freed. A Bao A Qu taunted him, mocked him, laughed at and belittled him. There were times, he swore that the creature enjoyed torturing him. Perhaps the creature doesn't care who is truly enlightened or not. Yu thought while the thick end of his tail slid over previous steps, collecting more mire into his dense fur.

His thoughts stalled him, and Yu stopped, one foot-paw on the next stair. Could it be that all my trials have been for the entertainment of some infinitely tentacled beast? His legs wobbled. What was it the creature told me when I'd beaten him the last time? Right before he melted into the floor and another staircase materialized, rising higher into the tower -- he'd said something.

No matter how hard he racked his brain, Yu, couldn't remember. The whole scene proved that once again Yu had not yet reached enlightenment and further tests awaited him. The defeating drag of emotions as he'd eyed the ever growing path to enlightenment had distracted him. How could I have been so foolish!

Falling to his knees, he griped his short, black headfur, tugging until his scalp stung. His face contorted in anger, and when he released his hair, he dragged his paws over his face, smearing the grime of his endeavors in streaks left by his digit-pads. How enlightened could I be if I let my own fears get the better of me? I am a fool! He tossed the sensation of failure aside with a rough shake of his head. Only one thing mattered: Should he continue? Do I now have the courage to proceed, although I've already failed? His thoughts reviewed all the trials he'd undergone, and all the facets of his soul that the A Bao A Qu had him overcome.

As Yu began to realize the possibility of what might lie ahead, his heart skipped a beat, and his limbs tingled with the numbness of anticipation. Only one last inner demon remained: the one that had haunted him all his life, and his secret reason for searching for the tower of the tentacle monster. But if I've already lost, how can I think to survive whatever's next?

Yu stared at the palms of his dirty paws, no longer the off-pink he remembered, now greyed and crisscrossed with splits in the roughened padding, filth etched in those gashes. I've come this far, and I will not turn back now. Clenching his fists closed, he stared resolutely at the path ahead, and rose to his feet. He resumed scaling the steep steps.


A Bao A Qu waited at the summit of the Tower of Victory. This snow leopard, Yu, had been quite a challenge, but in the end, no different from all the others. With the beast's energy coursing through him -- strengthening him -- he knew all this leopard's secrets, all his fears. A Bao A Qu smiled to himself, for he had no lips to smile with, only the sensation of his elation coursing through his gelatinous form.

Ever since the all-knowing Deity had sent A Bao A Qu to test the bounds of enlightenment, he'd learned ways to find amusement in the tests he delivered to these unsuspecting whelps. The eternity had afforded him some delights and he took his happiness wherever he could.

Sliding his smooth, blue translucently-pink tentacles between themselves, he delighted in the frictionless feel. This form pleases me, more so than the last. All these extra tentacles should come in handy. Studying them, he noted the different sizes and widths, pondering all the possible purposes of these variations. The ones intriguing him the most were the few that oozed a sort of slick goo -- it started bright-blue like the core of his tentacles, but as it dripped down his glossy appendages the secretion turned creamy white. A few had ends with openings like small, gummy mouths.

His bulbous body swelled as he breathed, laying in wait for Yu to reach him. The snow leopard had shaped him this way, and A Bao A Qu longed to fulfil his purpose.

When he heard the snow leopard's footfalls beyond the entrance to his chamber, A Bao A Qu shuddered in anticipation. Yu would either stay and free him, or run off like the uncertain weakling A Bao A Qu suspected he was.

Yu stepped into the archway. He appeared haggard, slumping with his whiskers hanging like wilted stalks. His greasy, black hair twisted into spikes as if he'd been pulling at it, and his already grey fur caked so much with tower filth that his spots almost faded from sight. "I've come for your next challenge, A Bao A Qu."

"Delightful." His own voice sounded sweet and jolly to his own auditory sensors. Whipping his tentacles out he latched onto Yu's spotted limbs, dragging him into the room and suspending him above his globular head where his eyes could view him more comfortably. "I have many plans for you."

Yu's grey-furred face, smeared with muck, contorted into shock. His mouth hung agape while his lower lip quivered a little, but he said nothing, his voice stolen by fear.

A Bao A Qu could never understand why they feared these tests. They created them. Their own minds and energies fed him, molding him to fit their needs. On the path to true enlightenment one must face all their own demons. No mortal was free of them.

With the power of his thoughts, A Bao A Qu disintegrated Yu's clothes. Another thought and Yu's fur sparkled, free of every trace of grime. Outside the large, arched windows, the sun broke through the clouds, sending a shimmering ray across Yu's naked body, highlighting the pattern on his fur. Smokey-grey centers defined all the dark spots. Only his stomach free of them, and the thick white fur curled around the lean lines of his body -- even his sheath had a twirl of creamy fluff around it.

He looks much better clean. A Bao A Qu could see the appeal of a creature like this. Taking a tentacle, he graced it between Yu's thighs, jostling the feline's testes. The fluffy fur had such a stark contrast to his sleek limbs -- even the color, a cream against pink-encased blue. A sensation like frictionless bliss, the soft hairs slid along his tentacles with the ease of silk.

Yu's ice-blue eyes opened wide with a mixture of wonder and terror molded across his soft face, his black spots only accentuating his expression like lines of kohl.

A Bao A Qu waited for the snow leopard to do or say something. But all he did was stare with his mouth hanging agape -- like it waited for something.

So A Bao A Qu took one of his goo-spouting tentacles and filled Yu's gaping lips. He didn't need Yu to speak to know what he wanted.

Around his slick surface, Yu moaned, but it was the shudder from Yu's penis that caught A Bao A Qu's attention. He watched the pointed, pink shaft peak from Yu's creamy sheath.

"So you do like this." A Bao A Qu chuckled, wrapping a gummy-mouthed tentacle around Yu's growing cock. He stroked Yu a few times before opening the mouth and sliding it over the pointed head of Yu's dick. He undulated the tentacle, creating a sucking motion as he encased the shaft entirely.

Yu groaned. His eyes were closed. Suspended in the air, he was the plaything for the tentacle monster and he did nothing to fight it.

Using another goo-tentacle, A Bao A Qu brought the end up to Yu's puckered hole beneath his tail. He rubbed the rounded tip against that tight opening until splurts of goo coated the wrinkled flesh. In one slick shove, he thrust his tentacle up Yu's ass. The leopard's tight little hole opened for him without effort, and the rippled, warm wetness of his soft hole delighted A Bao A Qu. Yet, pleasure alone was not the path to enlightenment, and A Bao A Qu would take his time to show Yu the way.


With the A Bao A Qu's tentacle sliding along Yu's sensitive spot, shots of precum sputtered from his cock. The tentacle mouth sucked it down, its path visible through the translucent tentacle flesh.

The way he was suspended with his limbs constricted by the A Bao A Qu -- even one pulling his tail out of the way of the thrusting goo-tentacle -- the pull of gravity still tugged at Yu. He knew that if the creature should loosen his grip, he'd splat against the stone floor. Yet the secure tug of the A Bao A Qu's tentacles comforted him.

Yu had dreamed this exact dream many times; it had followed him since he was a child. The memories of all those years of keeping this secret flashed through his mind as the A Bao A Qu's smooth tentacles pleasured him. This had been his true reason for seeking out the tentacled shapeshifter that taught enlightenment in the Tower of Victory. He had wanted this, now he had it, and his body swelled with need. I want more. I want it all!

The creature in his telepathy responded, shoving the tentacles farther up his ass, and down his throat, goo spurting into him, filling him. The mouthed tentacle's undulations increased, pumping the squishy muscles around his dick. Two more mouthed tentacles sprung from the tangle of creature limbs and latched onto his nipples. One each attached to his toes and fingertips.

Continuing to pleasure him, the A Bao A Qu pulled Yu closer, embracing him with his remaining tentacles. Every slithering limb traveled over his body in a gentle caress of blue translucently-pink snakes. His body tickled in ecstacy. Not a single pleasure zone got ignored by the A Bao A Qu

Yu writhed in pleasure until he came. The moment burst from him in delightful glory. His entire body shook as the tentacle mouths drained every blast of come. The creature sucked him until he ached. I have dreamed this dream, and it is good.

Yet the tentacles didn't release him. They continued to move and flex -- shifting, changing, growing, sucking -- all in ways that hurt. Others slid across his face and entered into orifices they shouldn't, filling him -- curling within him.

He wanted to scream, but the tentacles only moved deeper, pumping him full of more sticky ooze. All he could do was take it, but the intensity and forcefulness of the streams filled him with a drowning sensation. Please -- I can't. It's too much! I'm going to die!

The A Bao A Qu didn't comply.


A Bao A Qu continued his work until the test reached its end. Retracting his tentacles, he lowered Yu to the ground, where the thoroughly used snow leopard slumped into a heap on his side.

Yu was alive. The test was only of the mind after all. His fur slowly shuttered as he took shallow breaths.

He didn't shake. He just sat there, looking at his paws, with his tail curled up to his chest.

Perhaps I've finally found an enlightened beast. A Bao A Qu studied him, waiting for his next move.

When Yu turned his head upward, tears streaked down his spotted face. He opened his mouth and screamed in terror, a freakish wail that shook the tower, and made the jelly inside A Bao A Qu's body quiver.

Without another word, Yu rose, and fled the chamber, his foot falls echoing his retreat down the stairs.

A Bao A Qu sighed. Another unenlightened soul.

The stairs would be fewer on Yu's descent. He would reach the bottom to find his clothes waiting for him, his pack completely untouched and returned. He would fall and smack his head. When he woke, he would think it all a dream, a terrible frightening dream. Perhaps Yu might know the truth -- he'd come far after all. Perhaps he would return. A Bao A Qu could never tell; those that sought enlightenment had too many reasons for doing so.

Foolish mortals. They shall never understand what is true enlightenment; they're too blinded by nirvana. So A Bao A Qu sat in his chamber, writhing his many, smooth tentacles between one another, waiting for an enlightened soul to set him free.


Alternate 'Happy' Ending:

A Bao A Qu continued his work until the test reached its end. Retracting his tentacles, he lowered Yu to the ground, where the thoroughly used snow leopard slumped into a heap on his side.

Yu was alive. The test was only of the mind after all. His fur slowly shuttered as he took shallow breaths.

He didn't shake. He just sat there, looking at his paws, with his tail curled up to his chest.

Perhaps I've finally found an enlightened beast. A Bao A Qu studied him, waiting for his next move.

When Yu turned his head upward, his spotted face streaked with tears. "I'm alive," he said, the tears in his ice-blue eyes sparkling from a glint off a sunbeam that highlighted his face.

"Yes. Now what will you do?" A Bao A Qu's tentacles shook while sliding back and forth across the floor, his excitement bubbling inside him as he waited for Yu's answer.

"Where will you go?" His round eyes stared at him with hope.

"I can finally return to the realm from whence I came." The relief in those words washed through his gelatinous body. He'd grown tired of testing mortals. Only now did he realize it.

Yu looked behind him at the path down the tower, then back to A Bao A Qu. "What will become of me?"

"You are an enlightened soul. You may do whatever you please." A Bao A Qu looked toward the sky with longing in the deepest places of his soul. However, Yu had a question for him, and the force of it kept A Bao A Qu grounded to this reality.

The snow leopard opened his mouth to speak, then quickly closed it. He tried again, but hesitated while he fiddled with his paws. "Could I go with you, and see your world? I've seen this world and have no desire to remain."

"You've been given the Devine right. You may go wherever you desire, whenever you so choose."

Yu beamed. "I would like that -- very much."

The End


Author's Notes:

If you've read my other stories, you know that this isn't my usual fare. I've never written about a tentacled creature before. Not much about the A Bao A Qu in the book other than he's a tentacled shapeshifter who waits in the Tower of Victory for an enlightened soul to set it free. It's from stories originating from the Malaysian peninsula.

This was the result. Why tentacle sex? I have no idea. It's not very detailed. I wanted to leave some things to the reader's imagination. That, and I could only visualize so much before I got uncomfortable and had to surmise. I hold no claims to enlightenment, so that's my reason and I'm sticking to it. ^.~

The alternate ending is because after all that, I wanted to write something a bit more positive. The alternate reality version in which Yu is enlightened.

Next week's is much tamer.

Thanks for reading.