Quinn's Farm: Chapter 14 - Timmy's Story, part 2

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14 of Quinn's Free-Range Farm Cast:Timmy - MouseJavo...Long time in coming this one but here's chapter 14 of Quinn's Farm. Seems Timmy has settled in and once again he gets some fun time before he has to do some work for the clan or the owner that bought him.

Cast :

Timmy - Mouse Javo - Black Rat

Author's Note : This story contains gay sexual scenes with some non-consensual sexual acts. If you do not agree or are legally allowed to read such material then stop now. If there are any keywords you do not agree with then please stop reading now.


It had been several days for Timmy to settle down and make himself comfortable and to get use to the household daily routine that everyone did around the place. Being what he was he was always there naked but sometimes he did have something suitable to wear in case there was visitors that didn't like to see someone walk about naked. This was one of those times as he looked at the only clothes that he had ever been given which were neatly laid out on his bed.

They were nothing new or exciting but they were presentable at least. Picking up the light blue jumper he studied it within his paws, turning it over before he slowly begins to put it on. It was at this point that Javo walked in and laughed as he saw Timmy's head stretching one of the sleeves and walked over to where the mouse was and spoke. "Here, let me show you how, hmm?"

Timmy smiles as the jumper was pulled off as he saw the smile on Javo's face. "Hmm, then again we still got time, they're not arriving yet as we thought." Timmy felt the rat's paw on his cheek which he moved his head into it, rubbing the pink palm with his fur, something he always did when he trusted those around him and this household was friendly and trusting.

"What do I have to do again?" Timmy asked as his eyes came up to look at Javo's who helped Timmy to sit on the bed as he sat down himself and replied. "Oh the usual, offer them drinks and food, I need you to do this though as they're family but they don't like to see sexual pets but they think we've bought someone to help around the home.

Javo reached out to brush his palm over the side of Timmy's head as he nodded back and added. "But we still got that big party to do anyways, that'll happen. You'll enjoy it; think everyone wants to see you." Javo kept his paw on the cheek as he brought his head down and kissed the mouse gently on the muzzle of which Timmy returned the kiss with a slight blush when he felt the rat place his other hand down onto his sheath and balls.

With a gasp, Timmy opened his muzzle allowing Javo to slide his tongue into the mouse; both tongues begin to dance together as the two rodents kissed deeply and passionately together. Timmy felt the rat paw gently knead into his belly and sheath which began to twitch and swell under the attention and the mouse gasped again deeply into the rat's muzzle. Javo pulled from the kiss and he looked into the mouse eyes and smiled. "One moment..."

The rat got up as Timmy looked at him with a happy drunk smile, seeing Javo slowly pull off his top before bending down to pull his pants down, then stepping out of them. Moving back again, the black rat looked to the clothing on the bed and pushed them off onto the floor as he returned his gaze back into those eyes, both rat and mouse staring at each other. Javo spoke softly. "I know you've been trained to be a pet, but we like to offer you a choice. Don't answer now but if and when you want to stop being one and be part of the family, let us know, okay?"

Timmy nodded back; he looked at Javo again and replied back. "Thank you sir, I will think on it." He gave another soft moan as he felt the rat place his hand again on his thick sheath and felt the sheath being slowly pulled down, so that the mouse cock began to spill out of it into the cold where Timmy gave a slight shudder and then another gasp as he felt the contrasting hot feel of rat skin wrapping around his length.

Timmy reached out as he placed his hand onto the bed behind him, his legs began to stretch out as he felt the rat slowly ran his hand up and down his thickening, hardening shaft. Already clear pre began to drip down from the slit as it dribbled over the rat fingers and with each slow stroke he could feel the pre slide over his throbbing skin with a soft tingling sensation. Javo leant inwards as he nuzzled into the pink ear and whispered. "You're so cute." Timmy looked at Javo and smiled back before both rodents locked their muzzles into a deep kiss again as unseen by the mouse, Javo's cock had already slinked out of its sheath and was leaking pre that dribbled onto his shaft, balls and the bed sheets below where he sat.

As rodent pupils locked onto each other, their tongues in the dance of passion, Timmy reached over to brush over Javo's arm and his finger tips gently began to feel over the shaft, which jumped away as it tensed making Javo groan into Timmy's muzzle. Slowly he began to return the favour as mouse fingers curled around to take hold of the cock as he timed his strokes with Javo's, both cocks not leaking pre freely over rodent paws.

Both broke their kiss again as Javo smiled and nodded his head towards the other end of the bed as he began to shift, removing his paw from the cock and Timmy nodded back and followed the same as both rodents moved until they were resting against the pillows and with their heads turned to face each other the moved their pre covered hands up and placed them on the other cheeks, rubbing softly as they kissed again deeply.

The two rodents shifted about a bit until their lower limbed faced each other and their throbbing cocks rubbed over each other, one pink, one black as pre squirted over to leave thin clear ropes that shifted about each time their cocks moved away and back again. Both rodent tails flopped over the side of the mattress as they continued to kiss deeply, sliding their paw from the cheek onto the shoulder and arms. Finally they broke the kiss as Javo smiled and licked the mouse nose with his tongue.

Timmy felt his nose twitch as it glistened with rat saliva and he looked down to where both cocks were caressing each other in their own free will and chuckled. Javo followed the gaze and smiled as he reached up to brush the mouse cheek gently with his finger tips. "Looks like they're having fun, doesn't it?"

Nodding his head in response he smiled back at Javo. "He and I are happy to be of service." Javo smiled back. "Well, for the time being at least." The rat gently pushed Timmy onto his back as his cock left the rat cock with a thin rope of pre that broke off and fell down onto the sheet s, the mouse thigh, cock and balls as the other fell against the black fur of the rat leaving it to shimmer with wetness.

Lying there on his back, Timmy looked at Javo who smiled and slowly moved over so that he was in between the mouse legs, his hands gently rubbing the inner thighs that made the mouse moan as his cock jumped up off his belly fur, spurting pre to land further up along his torso in thin lines. Carefully Javo lifted up the mouse and pulled so that his rear lifted up from the bed until he could see that their cocks were close together and he smiled down as his black paw slowly took hold of his cock and pressed it against the mouse and he slowly began to stroke both members. "I'm glad Jim told me to keep you busy as he sorts things out downstairs, can't have you horny this afternoon."

The mouse rolled his eyes back and gasped as his paw moved up to grab hold of the corner of the pillow, the feel of his cock rubbing against the rats made him squirm, his thigh muscles rippled a bit before his legs spread outwards a bit more as his pre dribbled onto his belly. The black rat cock dribbled pre which leaked from the slit as it rolled over to join the dribbling pink mouse cock adding to the flow before both slits opened up as the cock heads were squeezed in the black rat paw, oozing pre onto the curled fingers before the thumb curled in to tease at the both cocks with it's warm skin and claw.

Javo leant forwards and his nose bumped into the pink nose of the mouse as their whiskers brushed against each others, making both of their snouts crunch up instinctively. Timmy reached to brush his fingers against the rim of the rat's ear that made it flick back away which made the mouse move his fingers forward a bit more and then slowly he trailed the edge of the ear between finger and thumb.

Slowly their muzzles approached each other again as they shifted their heads slightly to the side as both rodents kissed deeply again to the sound of both cocks squelching now within the rats paw. Both moaned at the same time as their cocks pressed against each other as they both throbbed to spurt a larger blob of pre that landed on both torsos, leaving thin lines between white and black fur.

Timmy and Javo explored each other muzzles as their tongues rolled over each other, slinking about as they brushed over each other's teeth and gums, the flavours added to the sensations from the scent of their arousal and the bombardment of their cocks sending pleasure up to their brains as their eyes half closed and both groaned into each other.

Timmy felt his hips left up as he felt the rat paw begin to quicken his pace, the sound of both cocks wetly sliding over each other, the mouse cheeks puffing out as he felt the rat blow into him and the tongue that pressed against his vibrated and then the warm feeling of a hand that rested on top of his head, before it moved to stroke his head fur between the ears.

Javo continued to stroke both cocks as his black paw now slick with pre, moved quickly up and down, each time making both spurt pre out as he broke the kiss with wet saliva escaped from both muzzles as they both gave a lustful squeak and at the same time, both heads one lifted up into the air as the other pressed itself against the pillow as their cocks in unison swelled up as their thick rodent cum spurted out at the same time, separate ropes from their slits as they merged into one big blob that sprayed out to hit both rodents on the chest and belly fur. Sometimes they arched their backs or hips as both of the rats cum splashed onto Timmy's snout. Their tails instinctively sought out each other as they intertwined with each other, caressing, stroking and hugging as both rodents' paws clung to a head or an arm tightly as their climax continued.

Panting heavily they both opened their eyes as their climax began to ebb away as Javo continued to rub his paw over the two members which leaked now thick rodent cum all over his slick fingers and smiled down at Timmy who looked back up with his muzzle open and various places of his face was matted with thick smelling rodent cum. "You look pretty like that." Timmy nodded his head as he felt his body jump again as his cock throbbed against the rats and finally after another groan he replied back. "Thanks..."

Javo remained knelt there in between Timmy's legs and he slowly stopped rubbing his paw over the two cocks but he didn't let go and remained holding both members for the time being. He bent down and licked the rodent cum off Timmy who closed his eyes as he felt the rat's tongue slide over his muzzle, cheeks which made his whiskers shiver. With a last flick, Javo's tongue slid over the last remaining thick substance as it curled up before retreating back into his muzzle and he closed it, mrr'ing as he savoured the mixture of his own and the mouse and his throat bobbled as he swallowed the contents.

Very slowly as he saw himself tense up as well as Timmy, the rat removed his paw from both cocks, his fingers felt sticky as he carefully uncurled his digits from the throbbing sensitive flesh as the skin pulled up as it refused to let go before he felt his paw gently pull away as he lifted it up to look at the cum which has spun a web pattern in between his digits. He reached out and placed it near to Timmy who smiled and began to suckle on each digit in turn, his tongue lapping over the rat's fingers, cleaning off the thick gooey mess and sighed with his eyes closing while doing the task.

Soon, Javo saw his paw clean but wet with mouse saliva as he smiled down at him and rubbed the wet paw over the mouse cheek fur. "We should get cleaned up and made ready." He slowly slipped off the bed carefully and held out his hand where Timmy reached out and took hold of it and found himself being pulled up as he looked at Javo with soft eyes. Gently holding onto the mouse hand, Javo led him into the bathroom and leaned into the large shower and turned the big metal tap which brought the shower head to life with a hiss, steam began to form into the air. As Javo stepped in, he gently pulled Timmy into the flow of the water as both rodents' fur matted immediately on contact of water and both rodents came close together as their chests and belly fur merged and hugged each other. Timmy rested his head on the rat's shoulder and sighed, Javo did the same.

Both remained like that for minutes or hours, enjoying each other's embrace as the hot water ran over their bodies, washing away the mess, their cocks dropped down as they began to relax, water droplets fell from their heads as both rodents stood there, eyes closed as their chests moved in and out in unison. Slowly Javo began to move as Timmy followed his actions and they broke from the hug and kissed each other again deeply, water droplets bouncing off their snouts as they gave one more passionate kiss and then it was over as with a gasp, both rodents broke off.

Javo checked to see that they were both clean and made a thorough check through Timmy's fur with his paw while under the water. Satisfied that both were clean he reached out and turned the water off as they stood there, dripping water onto the floor below. Timmy knew what to do next as he spread his legs apart, lifted his tail and then moved his arms out as Javo turned another knob which brought on a whistling sound as warm air began to blow from the floor, walls and ceiling and moved into the same position as Timmy. It didn't take long for their fur to be blow dried and they were both back in Timmy's room again, the bed sheet's still showing a faint outline of their actions from the small scrunched up place here and there and Javo patted Timmy's rear with his hand. "Right, it's time to get you ready."

Without doing it for him, Javo slowly showed Timmy how to dress by dressing himself slowly. Timmy watched with curiosity eyes and slowly he followed the same actions as he got the jumper on properly this time and pulled it down over his fur with a frown. Javo smiled. "It takes some getting used to." Timmy looked up and nodded his head but his fur bristled against the fabric before he moved a paw to scratch at his side and front. "I...I'll get used to it." Javo looked and frowned before he shook his head. "I'll be right back." Timmy blinked as he saw the rat leave the room and he sat down on the edge of the bed. Javo came back in again with another piece of clothing and said. "Take that off, this will suit you better."

Timmy pulled the jumper off him as he looked at the t-shirt which he pulled over, this time though he smiled as there was no itchy feeling and Javo nodded his head. "That's better." He walked up and placed a hand on the t-shirt and patted the mouse chest. "Jim said that it be fine to wear this." Timmy nodded as he put on the briefs, Javo reached behind and helped to get the tail into the hole and did the same to the pants as Timmy pulled them up and carefully he with guidance fastened them.

"Right, let's go down and I'll show you what to do before Jim's parents arrive. They're only staying a few days so no more sex from us until they leave. No doubt you could do with a rest of sorts." He grinned and opened the bedroom door as he led Timmy out. "You'll need it as I think Jim will want it after they leave to relax, hopefully though by then you consider our offer of joining our clan." As the door closed, Javo continued to speak. "You're too cute to remain as a slave...."

To be continued in chapter 15, coming soon...