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3 of MECHA GO BOOM -The Invasion Of The Alien Eevee'z


Recap -

Recap -

Hey folks she's back again! I know you're thinking 'here we go again AHhhh!' Don't worry no one iz gonna get abused this time.... maybe. Anyhow why would you believe me? I am evilz after all. We all enjoyed the last adventure I hope, but this time we're going to kick it up a gear and see MechaChick go into battle. The crazy girl is going to be driven to her power limits, as she stupidly is racing off with only 10% power.... what an idiot. Lets see how she's getting on with those dastardly Alien Eevee's!


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-The Invasion of the Alien Eevee'z!-

-Chapter 3-


Proteus ran up the stairs, and burst out onto the roof top. The skies were bright and blue, with pearly white clouds, though they didn't shine like pearls but were white anyway. Having been chased all his life he was pretty good at running. He stormed along the roof tops chasing the whacko into the distance. It was impossible to keep up with her. Still he felt responsible for her somehow and was worried she was going to get hurt.

MechaChick, streaked past the tall rising buildings as glass shattered around her from breaking the sound barrier. She finally caught up with them. Whoa... this is going to be great with her vs a dozen of them, or was she insane? She quickly cut in-front of them as they slammed on their brakes.

Her battle suit spoke out in a hot husky male voice, "Nine percent power remaining, five minutes under battle conditions."

"Shut up.... you're no fun." She looked at the flying saucers raising her arm and pointing towards them. The blue haired girl grabbed her forearm as two thin fun barrels activated out of her wrist. "Bliss Make Me Happy Raya Gunza FIRE!!!" She really wasn't exchanging words apart from telegraphing all her moves. A saucer shifted quickly evading an enormous incoming laser blast, but only just barely. "Poop, I missed!" She so sucked with her lousy aim.

The Eevee on-board the two man saucer opened his hatch and stood up waving his fist in the air and shouted out. "Watch where you're firing that thing! You crazy flying woman, you coulda hit us ya know!" His captain was sat behind him. The angry boss man punched his subordinate in the back of the head. "It's MechaChick you moron, and I think she meant to hit us idiot! Don't let her blasts hit us, or we'll cum hard and pass out!!! Get her everyone, fire, fire, fire!"

A rain of laser fire showered towards her, oopsy now she's gonna get it! Her eyes bulged open, "Oh oh Eeeep!" She screeched swerving side to side flapping her arms hysterically before blasting of as they gave chase. She just realised that wasn't such a hot idea after all, nu-uh, as she was clearly out gunned. A colossal super size problem was that she only knew five of the five hundred attacks she could perform. The few attacks she knew would work, would also require aiming, a feat she didn't seem capable of it sadly seemed. MechaChick suddenly felt as if she was as inexperienced as a virgin on her first time, thinking of which, she was one too, and the most perverse kind. Three of moves required her to be almost at full power too, what a bummer.

The pursued girl ducked and dived, zigzagging to avoid being shot. The city was starting to look like a war-zone as mortar and blocks from the roads, buildings, and space cars got blasted away. Yikes this isn't looking good as she flailed her arms around like a headless Torchick while dodging it all.

"Eeeek, Jinkies! You bad little dickheads!" she cried out while she swerved flying left quickly behind a building and came to a sudden halt mid-air behind it. The flyng saucers went ZOOoooooooooom past her one by one, and just as the last one passed she lunged towards it and landed on the flying disk shaped craft.

Two terrified Eevees looked up from the cockpit, how she loved that name 'cockpit'. The last thing they saw was her point down at them and blast away joyfully as her heart shaped glowing rounds flew through the glass without shattering it. One of the Eevee's mockingly cried out in hysteric's "Hahahaha bitch, looks like its defective!" The Eevees voice suddenly turned sultry all of a sudden, "Oh Arceus.... You're so damn sexy."

"Yup I iz horny for Ya... Actually nope I lies hehe! You iz a ugly bunch of stupid horny poop faces." A ping sound came as his dick instantly inflated faster than the speed of light. Both Eevee' eyes were filled with hearts as they shot enormous amounts of cum over their window screen. Flying blind they somehow managed to hit the eject, luckily their parachutes deployed in time as they passed out. Both of them had big happy smiles as they descended to the ground, unfortunately the saucer didn't meet the same fate as it crashed into the street below. "Aww no fair! No splat Eevee kabobs, They hitsy the ejaculate button... or something like that...." She rolled her eyes up and side to side in wonder. "Hmmm." The other saucers made a sharp turn to circle back making her quickly snap out of it as she came under heavy fire again.

She returned fire, and blasted away at the returning Eevees using wide burst shots in hope if she fired enough she'll hit something at least. The chaotic heart shaped laser shots came like machine gun rounds., and what was the best thing was that they were glowing so very cute and sexy pink! An Eevee saucer got caught in the aggressive burst of rounds as they chaotically penetrated through to the cockpit followed a moment later with a horny blast of white to spray everywhere inside the bubble. The poor guys were blinded as it went down like the last.

"PoW!" she cried gleefully very pleased with taking out another.

Meanwhile Proteus was chasing down the light show, his worry was mounting. The white pokemon was running as fast as he could, run little Pokemon run! Boy was he a good jumper, he cleared so many blocks in such a short time. No wonder he hasn't been caught, but who would want to have a pitch fork or whatever weapon poked up their asses? It was probably a good thing he had escaped so often. It was rather amusing how it's all changed and now he's the one chasing. The white creature finally made it to a rooftop and stared at his new found goofball of an apprentice, going head to toe with them directly above him. He wanted to aid her somehow.

"Z!!!" He watched as a sneaky saucer came up right behind her. "Behind you!" There wasn't time as he blasted out his Hydro Pump attack at break neck speed. The saucer was hit hard enough to cause its balance to shift while it fired, with a little sassy luck for her and a bit of proteus's help it safely missed MechaChick. The girl turned around, and then looked down at him waving hysterically..

"Hi Prontus! Wahoo you come to cheer me! Way cool I haz a fan club. Be careful you know, those dastardly Eevee's are tricksy! Shall we have sex later to celebrate?"

"No and look up, they are coming at you again!"

"Oh Ya... right, but think about it, you can stick it in a wet juicy hole! You don't even have to ask!"

"You Arceus forsaken damned Nimpho! Keep your eye on the stupid saucers!"

MechaChick charged towards them quickly, using very athletic movements, which were totally gymnast inspiring, but in the air, what a cool babe. She managed to shift past most of them, and quickly mounted the last one of the formation, sitting right on top of the cockpit. Her legs were spread across the windscreen of the bubble, you know the the windshield thing.

Two Eevees glared up staring at her with fear as she pointed her wrist down and gave her best evil laugh.

"MWAHahahahahahaha I'll get you my pretties! MWahah.... ugh" She choked on her own evil laugh and started coughing. Z shook it off fast enough by giving a couple of thumps to her chest before pressing the fire button on her wrist but nothing happened "Hmm whats up with this stupid thing." She flapped her arm around trying to get it to fire, but it just wasn't.

That automated male voice came again, fuck it was sexier and far more yummy than two albino Pokemon humping on a marshmellow hill, covered in liquorish and candy! Hmmm Proteus and a Absol she fantasied for a moment. 'Power reserves too low, remaining power has now been diverted from weaponry to flight thrusters.'

"You piece of junk no no no no, fire damn it! No fair, I want to play still!" She pouted annoyed. Another idea came to her out of no where, and it wasn't the greatest. What the hell, who was she kidding it was genius! "Hehehehe I iz so smart." she snickered to herself. "Nether shield retract! Check it out, so juicy!" The metal piece over her aroused pussy disappeared.

The cool blue head began to grind her crotch against the wind shield like a cowgirl in a rodeo. Her smooth shaved pussy slid up and down the glass with those golden pussy lips nicely spread wide for an amazing view. The Eevees inside were completely mesmerized staring at the sexy pussy pressed up against it. Both the poor Eon's were getting a fantastic view as her delicious nether area continued to slime the wind screen.

The onboard Eevee's let go of their control sticks and started fapping with another stick of their own kind, the really hard joystick of pleasure. Jee whizz, they were totally fapping like there was no tomorrow. With no one controlling the saucer, and her wet slushy bits obstructing their view she kept grinding away. The hot vixen smiled at them winking. What a babe the Eevee's thought, until she suddenly vanished, huh? what happened they thought. They both yelled realizing they were on a collision course with a viagra billboard that was propped up against a concrete wall.

As Z flew along, she heard a huge crash sound from behind her. "Those dirty perverted bastards, checking my dildo dip hole out like that, fuckers deserved it!" It wasn't over yet, there was still too many of them, and no more firepower left, "Crud!...." Just at that moment she saw a saucer open fire where Proteus stood on a building. Somehow the nimble white Vappy dude avoided it, however all wasn't good. The side of the building edge got blasted away under him causing him to loose his footing as he fell off the side and started plummeting. "Jinkies!" She cried zooming towards him.

Proteus tried to reach for anything he could grab. Even an immortal feels pain if they go splat like a pancake, it's like anyone, who would want to get hit by a frying pan the size of a, never mind, it just will hurt.

Swooping down like a eagle diving for its prey, she reached out trying to grab the falling Vaporeon. The ground was coming up really fast, as he closed his eyes. This was the end for the poor guy, 'doom I tell you doom!' he thought. Why couldn't he feel the pain? Did he land on his head and it happened so fast that he didn't even have time to feel it? He could feel something warm and snuggly cushioning his side. It certainly didn't feel like death. Hmm it felt so familiar and lovely, he knew he felt it before somewhere, wait it feels just like... Z's boobies!

Proteus opened his eyes. "Huh?"

"Gotcha bleach-berry!"

"Bleachberry? .... Phew at least I'm not dead." Moron, he muttered under his breath.

"Yeah or how else iz you white? Hmm Wait! I just had a thought did you get a huge pokemon cum staining you white? Everyone has accidents, it's okay you can tells me cuz we iz friends POW!"

She flew swiftly as laser fire blasted past her. Those dastardly Eevee's were still trying to shoot her down.

"You can't battle in the city, innocents will be hurt! Are you insane, and blast them with that stupid orgasm gun or something?"

"Did you say orgy? Oh cool I thought you'd never ask!"

"Gah just do something or we'll be full of holes."

"I like my hole full too, it's wet and fun. But you're right I didn't think about all those potential sex mates being hurt. If they did I might loose a fuck of a life time. Alright I haz to escape anyway. She who gets horny and flies away, lives to masturbate another day ZOOOOOOOoooom!"

The battle needed to be drawn out of the city. Regardless of how well she thought she was doing she wasn't use to the high speed movements having never engaged a aerial battle before, or any real battle thinking about it. Anyhow this so rocked. Great thing was she was near the city border. She quickly blasted off out of the city building up speed along the desert terrain kicking up a sand storm behind her. With a quick shift in direction she shot straight up.

The Eevee saucers didn't stop as they kept up, continuously shooting behind her.

Proteus screamed out in panic, "Dummy we are going to suffocate, stop."

He held onto her as she continued ascending "I gotz this covered, woooo V speed boost activate!!!"

Proteus felt a jerk as the sudden speed boost hit. That stupid woman was now flying even faster into the sky. Didn't she know there's little air up there? They began to break away from them and created a nice little distance.

Damn that sexy voice came again, it's so cyber tastic. 'Main thrusters now offline, auxiliary backup thrusters remaining online.' Despite her loosing more power, they still had enough momentum to carry them sky high.

"GAH! Arceus help me!" Soon they broke through the atmosphere entering high orbit seeming like twinkly dots against the black pitches of endless space. "Err why aren't we dieing?"

"Atmosphere sustaining force field silly, what else?"

Proteus's head spun a moment flopping around, before snapping back at her loudly, "Then why didn't you say that earlier, you scared the hell out of me!"

"You didn't ask, what's the big deal we're having a great time aren't we?! Eeeeeeeeeep! Here they come. What to do, what to do??? Got any ideas Porntus? I only have enough power for life support, I iz not sure what I can use,.... ah well we're dead BWahahaha." She paused a moment noticing something hot and sexy taking her attention away. "That feels nice and I thought you didn't wanna fuck tehehehe?"

He realised one of his paws was squeezing her breast firmly, the Vappy's cheeks suddenly flushed from white to a deep shade of purple as he let go immediately. "Stop laughing AHhhhh! Use anything or they'll blast us!"

"With whatsy? all weapons are off line."

An automated voice came from the suit, "MechaChick arousal levels super horny, dimensional summons now coming online. Zero power needed, summon at will."

"Wahooo Awesome I haz dimensional attacks! Fuck I'm horny. Thanks Porntus for the arousal but you might want to grope the love berry between my legs some time too, a girl can feel neglected ya know! Anywayz.... Time to do this! Dimensional Summona!!!!!!! Nude Z, very horny little sluts, Space Orgy!!!"

Proteus just glared at her and gave her an awkward look, his eyebrow raised in skepticism.

Before he knew it, a hundred nude versions of Z appeared, and all were, for the politer word tickling their funny area. They were all masturbating, some even licking the others wet bits as they floated on by. MechaChick just gazed at them, drool ran the side of her mouth, even forcing her to give a little pant. "Wow I'm getting off on watching so many me'z getting off. AHhhh I can't stand it, I needz to get off too!"

"What kind of dumb ass attack is that? Could you not have chose something errr that attacks?" The vappy held onto her, his paws wrapped around her neck, he noticed she had let go with one hand. "Errr what are you doing now?" He asked apprehensively, he didn't trust her at all with whatever it was.

She giggled, "It's nothing honest!" She stopped talking a moment and gave him the most innocent, sweet big eyed look he'd ever seen. "....Nether shield, retract!"

Proteus' eyes widened as big as beady grapefruits, staring at her in disbelief then peeking down a moment to spot her fingers wriggling rhythmically between her intimate golden flesh, the pinks wet, and her fingers glistening with her sexual juices, "You call that nothing? what in the name of sanity.... Woman are you mad, you're really masturbating?"

" Yah I iz mastrbating hehehe" She giggled before continuing. "Mm Ahhh ahhh fuck this ish mmmmm so good ahhh."

"We're in the middle of a battle, have you lost your marbles???"

"So what? I'm horny, I can't help it, I mean if you did it I wouldn't tell you to stop, that's just plain rude!"

"You're impossible...."

The saucers blasted through the atmosphere into the dead of space, and sheesh did they get a eyeful of the masturbating honeys that were going at themselves. They were drooling soon enough checking them all out.

"Yay free porn for you guys!" she cried out. Smiling away she told Proteus, "You so are going to get hard too. Yah big and pointy, and stick it in me too!"

"Never! You're more than deluded if you think that. Girls like you don't get me hard...."

The leader yelled on his space broadcaster loudly to all the remaining saucers. "Get them all. One of them has got to be the real one!"

She smiled looking at them from a nice safe distance as they charged at them. A few Eevee saucers raced towards the sexy girls, opening their hatches, and ready to pounce on them. Obviously those horny rascals were more interested in joining in, hoping they could get lucky and fuck away. Any thought of capturing her came secondary, but who could blame them, there were so many hotties!

Explosions soon followed as contact was made.

"WAhoo, masturbating space mines are way awesome! Hot bates or what?" She continued to play with herself. Proteus felt embarrassed even he was starting to get a stiffy, but there was no way he could let it happen, .... bad Z.... Naughty Z.... meanie Z nooo! He couldn't afford to get a hard on, or she'll fuck him senseless!

Proteus felt some relief at the same time by the fact they weren't going to die by the paws of some nitwit purple Eevees. "You could have told me that too. Anything else you want to tell me before I panic over nothing?"

"You should really learn to ask but ahhh there is something I haz to tell you!

He nodded still not very happy at the moment, but its a start. "Oh finally the communication gap's been bridged, what is it?"

"AHhh I'm gonna cum.... I'm a squirter too, sorry!!!"

"What? Hey no stop damn it! I hate it when my fur sticks EEEEeeeeek!"

Her hips bucked suddenly. Floating transparent fluid jettisoned from her sexual love mitten, impacting along his hind legs, and even on his own nether rod, that he was trying not to draw attention to. Fuck that was a turn on though. Oh yeah he couldn't help it the little liar and of course did get so fucking horny. She could feel it pressing against her as she giggled away remembering his previous statement. It was so hard too, wow the white Vappy was kinda impressive.

"Oopsy, now you got girly cum on ya! You know you love it, and what was that about girls like me?"

The Eevee's halted and held their ground. The captain geezer waved his fist angrily, as seen as they couldn't pursue her through the mine field. Unfortunately those poor bastards had no choice but to retreat now. Turning tail they flew back hitting light speed. Suckers! They had no idea how much heat she was still packing. Lucky for her she didn't have anything else left, lucky bitch.

She struck her best super heroine pose, but it was more like a lame peace sign, and a hand on her hip. Hardly original bah! She shouted out after them. "I, the mighty MechaChick haz thwarted the evil Eevee'z now bow before my awesomeness and fuck me!"

Proteus rubbed his head with his paw while holding onto her with his other weightlessly. "Who are you talking to? They've all gone...."

The nude Z's soon vanished, allowing the duo to start making their way safely back to the office.


They finally touched down in Proteus' cream and beige office, and he was rightfully looking to get back to work, time is money. He spotted something shiny that looked like two missiles with a joystick. The Vaporeon was curious to find out what she was lugging around.

"What is that?"

"Its a rockeeet pack, A souvenir! The spoils gathered from the sweet scent of victory. A triumph over the Eevee'z. The ultimate treasure of all! Mwahahahaha! I nabbed it from an Eevee on the way back, didn't you notice it strapped over my shoulder?"

"Ultimate treasure? More like useless junk. You don't even know where its been. Did you say you had it the whole time? And no I didn't, and if 'you' didn't notice I was far too busy being afraid of the power cutting out in your tin can of a suit and dying."

"Fair enough." Z planted the huge thing behind Proteus's desk for safe keeping. The entire floor shook with a little tremble as it landed, and the desk gave an ominous creak of protest.

"What's that thing made of? It looks like it weighs a ton." Proteus moved behind his desk, finally taking his seat, giving a smooth purr of satisfaction that he'd made it back in one piece.

She pulled her goggles over her eyes tapping the side a few times. "That's three tons. All Eevee stuff it made with heavy material." She saw the questioning look in his eyes, and started explaining slowly, as if to a half-wit. "You're not smart at times likes me'z. By making their stuff heavier, it becomes harder to steal. See?" She pointed at the rocket pack. "This way, you can't just pick it up and walk away with it." Was she for real? what kind of dumb-ass logic is that? Proteus tried to wrap his brain around her 'logic', but then gave up, not wanting to make his headache any worse.

The power suit immediately deactivated finally out of power. The girl stood completely naked, trying to lift the rocket pack up, which seemed immovable now. "Ah well. I'll take it home later."

Proteus hid his growing erection behind the desk while Z finished dressing back up into that evening dress. Again she torments his malehood, curse her, that evil little prick teaser.... "Home? You meant your temporary residence. You're not going to live with me, or I'll probably end up in hospital. So hell no to that!" He stopped to think a moment. "Hey where did that intelligent piece of information come from?" If she couldn't tell then he was being sarcastic.

"I didn't I just used my goggles and read the Mars daily cartoon wiki. It knowz everything ever!"

A cartoon wikia, he should have guessed. However something else came to light. "Ah that's good you can read?" Maybe she can be of some assistance, and not be completely useless. "Here I thought all this time that you couldn't read. Well now that drama is all over, I really need to get some work done. Can you read something out for me then?"

"Yup I can do everything, because I'm super cool!" She boasted proudly, flinging her fist up. She really was a eager little thing.

He pushed a piece of paper towards her. "Okay then, read that out to me please. I have to write an announcement on our site, but have too much to do including judging the submissions. If you read that one out to me I'd be grateful."

"Okayz! I want to work!" She stared at the words a moment with part of her tongue sticking out the side of her mouth like she was trying to crack a combination lock. "Make... out.. able cum... orgy..... Licking!!!! Got it how was that?" She seemed excited by the fact she thought she could read it.

The white Vaporeon just tilted his head to the side looking at her questioningly "I thought you said you can read?"

"I so can, but not this writing, it's funny.... I read Eevean. The Eevee space language." She frowned, a little disheartened. "I really tried hard and wanted to work too! I tried, honest!"

He withdrew the paper from her staring back coaxingly a little. He reached up and gave her a little pat on the head with a smile. "Don't worry about it, you did errr great there Z and that's pronounced, 'Made For Espeons'. It's the name of the fic." Scanning the document over, his eyes widened seeing who's wrote it and the sheer length of the damn thing is fifty thousands words! "Oh Arceus its one of MC's fics and I think she deliberately wrote it all classical. Shiggy is so going to hate having to review this muggldy goop.... poor guy I feel sorry for him."

"What'sy? He doezn't like reading her ficsys, how rude, and she wrote so much?" The girl leaned over his desk blinking a few times while staring him in the eyes.

"Kinda... And cut that out, its creepy." The girl moved back and sat on his desk.

"Anyhow what is he? A vappy-oreon? Where iz he? I wanna meet him already!" She bounced up and down a little on his desk excitedly.

"He's an Espeon. Shiggy will be along shortly, why? Worried about the invasion?"

"Nah, not really. I waz wondering what color his pee pee iz and if it's big like yours?"

"Huh, what?" He couldn't really tell, it just seemed like all she ever thought about most of the time was peoples dick's and vagina's.

"Yup don't you love big hard juicy dicks? They iz amazing!" She gave a happy little clap. He could probably say his assumption was correct, it is 'ALL' she thinks about....

"Ever considered I'm straight?"

"Well you're not anz I can proovz it, it's a very so-kiss-ticated Z theory!" She tried to put on her best intelligent looking face, which unfortunately only made her look even more deranged.

"Here we go again, alright." He inhaled through the nose and out through the mouth. At this rate his white fur was going to turn gray. "Lets hear this 'intelligent' theory?"

She took an even bigger breath than him before speaking. "All males need to come out of the closet az they are shy about it but really are king size gay boyz. Yup its so true becauz they all lie and secretly luv cocks, why else would they like grabbing their dick and masturbating? They luv's it in their hand, so big and hard, its soooooo true."

How had she managed to say that all in one breath? "Whatever, want to add anything else?"

"Yeah I do...." She stammered with a pout.


"I forgot, anyway back to Shag Me, he sounds like a Oooo so delicious Porneon, so cool, whatzy he look like, iz he cute?" A faint knock came from outside the office.

"That would be him, don't scare him with your weird goofball antics, he's sensitive and shy." The door opened as an Espeon toddled in on all fours. The creature had dark gray fur with light purple highlights, its forked split-tail was a little shaggier than the normal Espeons. Z's eyes grew wide and playful. He looked so pretty with those purple tinted glasses and a big pink bow around his neck. The girl got on her hands and knees and quickly crawled up to him.

"Hi Shag ME! I'm Z, I likz you already PoW! Your soooo super cute yah and SOOoo yum-a-licous! Such a babe!" The Espeon nervously backed away a little, leaning more on his hind paws, and somewhat intimidated by the weird girl.

Timidly, the frightened creature replied in a quiet voice "Shag you? you're so forward.... I hmm you.... hmm we just met." The Espeon gulped feeling uneasy while sweat ran down his brow. "I'm scared...." The girl reached out abruptly, grabbing him and pulling him to her. She snuggled him tightly finding his species adorable already. He was like this snuggly teddy that she could cuddle forever if she could, so irresistible to her.

"Proty help! help! Save me!" The poor guy whelped being crushed against her tanned breasts. Z immediately felt a paw whack her on the back of her head as her face got planted hard into the floorboard. The squished Espeons crawled out from under her, gasping for air. "Thank you, Proteus you're my hero, you saved me from the killer boobies!" He jumped at Proteus hugging him tightly, and was afraid of Z.

The Vapreon patted Shiggy on the head. "There there, it'll be alright, she won't hurt you." Proteus turned to Z with a harsh glare, "Will you Z?"

"OWIE what was that for?" she said rubbing the new bump on her head.

"I told you not to be weird!" She sulked a little listening to him, "And besides he has connections and tools which allow him to hack into any transmission. You need his hand if you want to beat them and save us all. Besides I doubt you have any dependable powers...."

"I so do! I'll show you when my suit is working again! Besides I don't need his hand, he doesn't even have a hand? I need his paw to paw me off."

"Really? We'll see, regardless of what you want to do, you and Shiggy will be working together today while I finish my workload and he reads MC's contest fic. We'll grab a coffee then see if he can hack into an Eevee broadcast. Work first, now hop to it already!"

Shiggy shuddered, "No please for the sake of sanity, and all things good in the universe. Please why oh why, if our friendship ever meant anything to you then why torment me? What did I do to deserve to have to read her fics?" A little tear slid down the side of his cheek.

Proteus sighed, "Listen you wanted to be my admin, and it won't be that bad, I'm sure she has changed her style a little?"

"Lies all stinky poopsy lies! I don't believe you! You always sucker me into reading her fic's ima suicide! Farewell cruel world."

MechaChick patted the Espeon comfortingly over the head. "Don't be so serious little guy, it's fine, and that was one cool, very huge ass, dramatica suprema lina, but a tad melodramatic, don't you think? Here this sounds better." She took a huge breath. "I will lay my body in the speckles of the chocolate factory and be licked by Lucarios, dip my nose in pepper, sneeze for eternity, hump a Gallade herm named Bubba, tar myself and even get circumcised, but like hell I'll read her fics! See? Better all better! And included no dying."

Shiggy smiled, she was kinda a idiot, but fun. Maybe the day won't be so bad. "Yeah that does sound better."

"Try it?" she implored encouragingly with a pat on his back.

"Cut it out you two, and don't you dare Shiggy."

Z completely ignored Proteus, and continued. "Ya know lines are my thing so leave them to the pro's cuz I'm brilliant! I'm so good with lines they write songs about me! No really they do! Okay maybe not just yet, but they will one day." Proteus face pawed himself listening. "If you want pointers on lines just ask. But if you have some good come on lines then its different. You're welcome to come onto me any day!" She leaned towards the Espeon, on all fours licking her lips and purred seductively at him. His heart rate jumped to like a million trillion zillion miles per hour, followed by his cheeks blushing as bright as the red light in the window of a hooker that's open for business. He didn't know what to do, he shuddered becoming scared, and yet strangely drawn to her. Running would be the first option he'd bloody take if he wasn't trapped in an office with no way out but the window.

Proteus groaned at her, the things he had to put up with. He should have never gone out on that night stroll. At least then he would've never been chased, and never come across her. He had to shout now. "Z!!!! Don't hit on him at work, and no petting him either.... Only I'm allowed to do that to him. Also no more back chat, that goes for the both of you! I'm your boss and you both better snap to it."

She rubbed her sore head again, as stars still flew around her head. "But but but.... I haz something really important to tell you!" She was going to tell them she only had just under twenty-four hours to live unless she has sex. She wanted to screw, why couldn't she get it? It's not like she wasn't trying. She even offered it openly for free. She muttered "Blind bastards...."

"I heard that.... and I doubt it."

" Awww but I'm wet now, whenz break time? You guys wanna lick my pussy to pass time or maybe even dick me?" She grinned, gazing at him with her silly, wide, and impossibly cute eyes.

"You really are the most perverse alien human clone or whatever I've ever come across, and NO! Damn it, no slacking and get to work!"

"Spoil sport...." she grunted.

End of Chapter 3


End Notes: Thanks everyone thats taken the time to read this little number and hopefully I'll bring the next chapter soon too. Hopefully in a week and a half. An enormous thanks to Guri for being such a sweetheart and Beta reading this for me. Thanks!

MechaChick's revealed moves set so far out of 500 -

1/500 - Bliss Make Me Happy Ray Gun

A ray gun that makes male and females pass out by causing them exhaustion by creating intense arousal and forced orgasms.

2/500 - Teenie Weenie Twinky Cannon

Unknown and unused as of yet

3/500 - Nude Z, very horny little sluts, Space Orgy!

First of twenty Dimensional summons at her disposal. This move summons space mines from another dimension where her artillery is stored for mega fire power, these little mines are cleverly disguised as hundreds of nude replicas of herself that float and masturbate as well as fondle each other.

Unfortunately we wont see all her moves by the end of the fic, its way too many to write, but she has got them all POW! Ah well that's her moves I guess. Two or three more chapters left before I'm done, so join me again as we follow my crazy Persona around! Be afraid, be very afraid MWAHahahahhaah! *Cough*

Bye bye for now!

she grunted.

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