The Neighborhood Sex Club: Chapter 1

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The Neighborhood Sex Club

by Randall Ranger

This will be my attempt in making a story series. I don't know if the idea had been taken or not but at least I will be giving my prespective on what I want from the series. So enjoy the read and give some feedback if you like it so that I can continue with the series.

Insert generic 18+ sex story warning here.

Another warning: This story series will contain sex scenes with underage furs. Therefore, I have them marked as extreme. If you do not see some of the chapters, then it is because your settings are not set to extreme. To fix that, go to your settings > account tab > content level and set that to extreme. If you have any more questions, then PM me about it.

The medium sized moving van rolled down the street early in the morning until it stopped at the house with the 'sold' sign on the lawn. And that was followed by an older sports car, a silver 1990 Toyota Supra, that parked on the driveway of the house. The door to the car opened and out stepped a young lion with a freshly cut mahogany mane. The sun seemed to shine on the uncovered goldenrod fur while the rest of his body had been covered by the casual suit he had on. Ryan looked over to the van and nodded, where the two workers hopped out of the van and got right to work with the removal of the items in the van. Ryan smiled as he went to the front door and opened it, taking in the fresh paint smell and the feeling that this house was all his with no one to worry about.

The day passed by rather quickly, with the lion telling the moving people where to put the boxes and even helping out with the moving himself. Around the afternoon, Ryan went outside to take a small break. At the same time, school was letting out and he could see some of the kids from the left side walking right to their homes. The group of girls passed by, all wearing their school uniforms, and looked over at the now vacant house and smiled at the lion that was out there. But one of them caught his eyes, the cheetah girl who seemed like she is 14 or 15. And the same happened to the cheetah girl as she looked at the handsome lion.

After a once over of the handsome lion, the cheetah girl looked around before looking back at him, giving him a wink before moving her tail. Ryan blinked at the wink until he noticed her tail; it had moved up and lifted the back of her skirt, revealing she had nothing on underneath it. His eyes widened and his mouth opened up, which was clearly a sign for the girl. She giggled and smiled once more, getting the reaction she wanted from him, before joining the girls once more. But the trip was short lived for her as she made her way to the house next to his. That was all Ryan had to know about her, that she lived next door to him. But being the professional that he is, he managed to clear his mind and finish up on moving the boxes and letting the workers go once the truck was empty.

Ryan was working on unboxing the dining room a couple hours later when there was a knock on the door. Seems like there will be someone that will welcome him to the neighborhood after all. The lion quickly got up and made his way to the front door, expecting a group of people there. But once he opened the door he realized that there was only one person at the door. But that person is a female... a cheetah... that looks like the girl he saw a while back.

"Hello and welcome to the neighborhood", the older cheetah started as she held up a basket of fruits. "Do you mind if I come in for a moment?", she asked him, still seeing that he was in shock.

Ryan shook his head, clearing it, before nodding over at the cheetah. "Y-yeah... come on in", he opened the door wide to let her in. "Tell me; are you from next door? Cause I think I saw your daughter walking in there", he added, not really knowing where to start.

Suzanne giggled and nodded at his question. "That's right; we live right next door to you. You can call me Suzanne", the cheetah smiled as she set the basket down on the coffee table. "And judging by your look, you met Cynthia. She does look a lot like me when I was younger", she added as she took a look around the house. "Not bad at all, Ryan. So what brought you here?", she inquired, her attire being blue jeans and a simple shirt; and even that managed to show off some of the curves.

"Cynthia...", the lion whispered to himself as he followed Suzanne. "Well, I just got out of college with an apprenticeship and is now one of the managers of the company I work at. So I needed a place closer to my job", he replied, his eyes wandering to the slowly waving tail of the other feline and then over to her rump.

"Sounds like a good deal, handsome", she turned to see him and smiled. "I think you will like the view of the backyard most of all", the cheetah added as she walked slowly and seductively towards the back, as if she is doing it on purpose, which she is. The only thing the young lion could do is follow her out to the backyard, mesmerized by her form. Once they stepped outside, Ryan could see why the backyard is a good place to hang out. The view towards the wooded area is wide and plentiful. Not only that but he could also see towards the left and right of the yards from the neighbors, both of them having small fences.

As he looked left to Suzanne's yard, he noticed Cynthia and a cougar girl that looked older than her. And judging by how close they were to each other, he assumed that they were sisters. Of course the clothing didn't help either, both clad in a two piece bikini set; the cougar wearing the blue one while Cynthia had on the red one. Both had nice supple breasts for their age and Ryan knew that.

But what the lion didn't know was that this was all part of a setup. After Cynthia flashed him, she told her mother about him and they devised a plan to see how he would react upon seeing them in scantly clad clothing. And it worked well. If Suzanne was talking to Ryan, then he was clearly not paying attention. His eyes were all over her daughters, who had just got up after lounging on the chairs. Cynthia looked over to him and smiled once more, giving him another wink, before taking the hand of her older sister. She whispered something to the cougar, who then turned and looked at the lion. She too smiled before adjusting the top slightly to bring her breasts out more and then heading back in their house.

Ryan's mind was still on the girls until he heard a firm call of his name. "Ryan!" He blinked and nearly jumped, realizing that their mother was with him. He had a feeling that he was definitely in trouble for looking at her daughters and turned to look at the older cheetah. What he saw next was totally unexpected; Suzanne had stripped down to her bikini as well and hers were black in color. He was speechless, unable to form words as he looked at her. She took the message, grabbing his hand and bringing him inside his own house.

The cheetah dragged the lion over to the couch and set him down before hovering over him. "So... I take it you liked what you saw out there", she smirked as she leaned closer to him. Ryan could only gulp, wondering if what she will be doing next will be good or bad. The answer came when she gave him a big kiss. "You are a handsome being, Ryan, and I think you will like what this neighborhood has to offer over the time", she whispered as she nipped on his neck, making him pant and moan out.

"But... Suzanne... aren't you married?", he managed to ask in between her kisses. She looked at him and smiled.

"I am, but we are an open family. So who knows... you might even have you hand at my daughters. That is what you want, is it?", she ran her hands to his shirt, unbuttoning it all the way down before opening it up to expose his toned body. "Mmm... I think they will certainly like what they will see", she purred as he kissed and licked on his chest, with him moaning out more. As the kiss trailed on down, so did her hands, which found its way to his pants. In a smooth manner, she unbuckled the belt and unzipped his pants, knowing that he is already aroused by what had been going on.

Ryan sat up a little to see what the cheetah was going to do next. And she delivered by slipping his pants off enough so that she could see the barbed feline member, standing at a firm nine inches. "Mmm.... looks like someone here is ready for some action", she purred as she stroked the thick shaft, making him purr and moan out. Suzanne took that as a good sign and continued to rub gently on that handsome feline sex organ.

Ryan is no virgin, having lost his virginity during the senior prom like most other guys would. But after he did that, the lion was focused on his apprenticeship and his studies, not giving him much time to hang out and meet other people. So watching an older married cheetah play with his lionhood, on the same day he moved into the neighborhood, was something he was not expecting. "Oh! Suzanne!", he called out, his pleasure nearly becoming too much for him. She looked at his expression and smiled, knowing that there was going to be a mess really soon.

"Don't worry, sweetie. Let it all go", Suzanne encouraged the lion, taking his cock into her mouth and giving it a nice long lick. And that lick was enough for the lion to take as he cried out loudly in his climax. The feline fem held on to his shaft as he arched over a little, feeling it twitch before erupting out its seed in thick spurts. The lion grunted out with each passing surge, delivering more of his cum inside the cheetah's mouth where she held it there. Once his sexual rush passed, Ryan laid back on the couch, panting out in his afterglow. Suzanne smiled as she let go of his member and moved to him, opening her mouth to show him how much he has spent in her mouth. The lion glanced over to see the cheetah's mouth covered with his cum before she closed it and swallowed the spend, giving him another view of her empty mouth.

"Oh... wow...", was all he could manage to say while Suzanne stood up, her bikini still on her. She leaned over and gave him another kiss before stepping back.

"Welcome to the neighborhood, Ryan. I think you will enjoy your time here. I know the neighbors will", she purred as her til wrapped around her lightly. "I will have my daughters come over and help you out in unpacking whatever you have left tomorrow", she added as she made her way to the front door. "Oh, and enjoy the fruit basket there. One of our neighbors has spent some time making sure you get the cream of the crop and she would want to know what you think of her food."

Ryan nodded as he watched the cheetah blow him a kiss before heading out the door. There was nothing he could do for the time being as he was still in shock over everything that happened; the teasing of the young cheetah twice as well as the initial welcome from her mother. He could only imagine what would happen over the next few days if not weeks.