Love's Pound Desires from the past

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Here it is now, im finally done wit...

Here it is now, im finally done with Love's Pound, first part where you meet Adam and Jamie for the first time, I will continune with stories like these with not only Jamie and Adam, but with my own Fursona and other, I hope you all enjoy it

Love's Pound Desires of the Past By Darkwolf Lombardi

I woke up by the wakeup call from my cell, I didn't want to go from bed so I stayed and slept a little longer, I manage to get atleast 30 minutes more sleep until mom came. "Wake up your lazy wolf; we're going to miss the plane." She said angry I grunted as an answer, she pulled my ear. "Ouch, OUCH, okay im awake." I said and sat up in the bed; she looked at me and sighed before she walked out from the room. Today I was going to my old high school friend; we had to take a plane from Sweden to Norway, I went up from bed and stretched my back. "A shit, fucking bed..." I said.

I went to the bathroom and took a long nice morning shower and then I took my clothes and dressed up, I had everything packed, I knew this visit would tear up memories of the past, feelings.

Back in High School he was a popular guy, I was just one of the unpopular. When I got beat down by some guys he came and saved me, but it cost his reputation cause of that. I was the only friend he had left after that, we got close; most would say almost too close, especially me. I had a crush on him; the problem was he was straight, or atleast that was the expression I got from him.

Im Bi, but after most of my female relations went to hell and girls keep deny you while my relation with a guy that held around 6 months went well untill I found out he was cheeting on me, your left without opportunities, I was more to Gay.

I packed the last, my cell, some money and my drawing stuff in my backpack before I walked downstairs where my mom was waiting, when I got down I looked at her, she was furious, held her arms crossed and looked at me with uncomfortable eyes of rage.

"I told you to hurry up, common now, into the car." She said and we went to the car, she open the trunk and I threw my bags in and then I opened the door to the front seat on the left side and sat down.

Mom closed the trunk and went to the driver's seat, she opened the door and sat down and she looked at me before she closed the door.

"Something's wrong?" she asked, I turned my head and looked at her and shakes my head, then I close the door and fasten my seatbelt.

She started the car and fasten her own belt before she pulled out from the drive way.

We didn't talk for one hour; we just sat in the car quiet. When we finally arrived at the airport, and in the next thought we were already on the plane.

I sat on the left side, nr 23C while mom was two chairs behind me 27A. First I thought I would finally be alone, but then I got one fat lady sitting beside me and a kid at the age of 7 that just wouldn't shut up.

Best flight ever....or not, but I was lucky to sit by the window; it didn't take long before we landed. When we arrived we met my friend, Jamie and his mom and dad.

Jamie is a white blue husky with an athletic body and a nice smile, deep blue eyes. I myself am a gray wolf, red eyes and not really the most fit body or smile.

"Jamie." I said and hugged him, he hugged back. We hugged each other while our parents shake hands with each other. "Adam, long time, no seen mate?" he said, I nodded as an answer, we let each other go and then we look into each other's eyes.

We were interrupted by my mom. "You boys seem to have much to talk about, why don't we just get to the farm?" she said, both of us nods.

Their car stood outside, we took the bags to the trunk and sat down in the back, but we didn't talk at all, I was a little shy, I haven't seen him on 11 months, his family moved to Norway and started a farm, renting horses and so.

When we arrived at the farm he helped me with my bags, we took them to his room and dumped them on his floor. He turned his head and looked on me. "Hey, listen, I have an idea, there is a pound inside the forest, a beautiful camping spot, what do you say about camping there? I looked at him. "Euhm....I don't know." I said, I didn't think it was a good idea. He looked at me and laughed. "Common mate, we haven't seen each other since we graduated from High School, let's go out camping so we can talk." He said with a smile. I thought for a second, and then I nod, he nods back.

"I need to fix some stuff first, tent and all that, meet me outside the stable." He said before he walked out from the room.

I did what he said, the most stupid idea I ever had. Why didn't I stay instead? That's the words I heard in my head, I waited atleast 20 minutes, during that time I pet his horses, then he came with a big bag on his back and my bag in his hand.

He handed over the bag to me, I took it and we started to walk. It was sunny outside; if I would have guessed the time I believe it was almost 14:30 PM.

It took us 2 hours and 30 minutes, and he was right about one thing, it was a beautiful spot to camp on.

"It's beautiful." I said and looked at him, he nods. He puts down the tent bag and starts to take out all the tent pieces. I looked curious on him before he turned his head and looked at me and then I turned around. "Euhm....I have to pee, I be right back." I said. "Okay, sure thing mate." He said and continued to work on the tent while I went down in the wood not far from him; I stood behind a tree and started to pee, but when I was done I noticed I had a full erection, I looked at it, then I started to touch it gently.

I shivered as I touched my full erected cook and started to rub it forth and back it felt good, I couldn't stop. I started to finger myself cause of how good it felt, I continued to do that in for some minutes, I was trapped in my own dream so I didn't hear Jamie when he came, I stopped fingering myself and started to rub faster and faster, I almost came but then I was interrupted.

Jamie stood and looked at me, I saw him and I blushed. "Euhm....shall I come back later?" he asked while he looked at me, I attempted to turn around when I fell down. "Ouch, fucking shit." I said and looked up and saw him standing over me with his hand stretch out. I grabbed his hand and then our eyes meet again; he pulled me up and grabbed my shoulders, looking deep into my eyes, then our lips meet, they touched each other, but then he stopped. He looked at me and then he walked away.

I sighed and pulled my pants up and walked after him.

"Jamie I...." I said but I was interrupted. "You don't need to say anything, let's just, take a bath and then we can eat?" he said, I nodded; he smiled and started to strip.

He was beautiful; I tried to not get a booner and stripped also, we jumped into the pound, it felt like when we were in school, lazy days after with bath and great dinners. But I couldn't stop thinking about him; I really wanted him, the incident by the tree, I didn't understand, but I didn't care so much now, I had a great time.

We jumped, styled and throw water in each other's face, we played. When we got up it was dark, he made up a fire and we cooked hot dogs while we looked at the stars, laughing and so, and that's when our eyes meet again, we looked deep.

But then his smile and the laugh disappeared, he stood up and stretched his back. "Gash, I think we should go to sleep." He said and helped me up, I nodded and we both went back to the tent.

Inside the tent there where two sleeping bags, I took one and cuddle deep inside it and he took the second, he looked at me and smiled.

"Good Night mate." He said and I nodded then he put out the light, I fell asleep and dreams about love.

I woke up by a sound outside the tent, I grabbed my phone to look how much the clock was, she was 00:30 AM.

"Dammit" I mumble for myself, but then I noticed something was wrong, I looked over my back and saw an empty sleeping bag.

_I walked out and looked around. _

"That's just so..." I thought, but then I saw him sitting on a cliff over the pound, the moonlight reflects on the water lights the cliff up and the water is shining silver, he was sitting on a blanket starring at the full moon, naked.

I walked behind him, but exactly when I was a few centimeters from him he turns around and I fall back.

"What the fuck are you doing, sneaking up like that?" He yells and takes a blanket to cover his private place.

"I was just looking for you." I said nervous and watched down on his private place and saw him get a booner.

" didn't see anything...right?" He asks with a kind voice.

"No...No I didn't" I say and look at him.

Then our eyes meet for the first time, and he crawl closer to me, laying his hand on my shoulder, then he start to pull his head forth, and I do the same, but then we stop, and resist the temptation to kiss.

I stood up and turned around so he can't see im starting to blush.

"We...we shall go back." I say.

He nod and said "Agree."

I turn around and stretch out my hand so I could help him up, he grabs it.

But just when I help him get up I trip and fall backwards and pull him with me, I hit the ground.

"Ouch, that hurt" I said as I started to rub my back head, then I look up and see him stand over me on all four with a booner.

"I...I didn't mean too..." He says and avoids eye contact with me while he starts to blush.

"Don't worry, I was the one who tripped and pulled you with me" I say and blush.

He turns his head and looks on me while he starts to smile.

Then once again our eyes meet, first we both hesitate, but then he quick kisses my cheek.

I blush and look on him.

Then he bows down his head again and kisses me on my lips and I give back with the same.

He pulls in his tongue in my mouth and we continue under the white moon light, I start to wag my tail faster by happiness and ecstasy.

"I've always dreamed of my own love story, and here I have it" I thought.

Then he stopped, and pulled back his head slowly, the droll form a line between our mouths, and we look in each other's eyes.

"You liked that didn't you?" He asked, I nod as an answer.

He smile and bow down his head one more time and kisses me, I could feel how he stretch down his hand through my underwear and squeeze my private place, with his other hand he pulled of my underwear and I felt the cold air blow on my naked body, he lay his hand on my shoulder and I grabbed his booner and he did the same on me.

I pull my head back and look at him.

"You want it?" he asks me, I start to blush and nod.

He stands up and walks a little closer to me, until his booner is right in front of my nose.

"Taste it if you want, I won't stop you." He says.

I look at it first, and then I start to sniff it.

He looks down on me smiling, then he start to pet my head.

I start to lick it and then put it on my muzzle.

"Good boy" He says and starts to scratch me behind the ear.

I let it slowly glide through my lips into the mouth, and then I start to slowly pull back and forth my head while I suck on it.

"*moan* It feels so good." He says while he grabs my head and slowly helps me pull forth and back.

I start to grab my booner with my left hand and then I start to paw, with my right I start to poke his butt hole for some extra ecstasy.

_I moan and then start to blow him faster and faster.

"*moan* Im gonna...cum, Ohh." He says, but I don't listen, I just continue to blowjob him._

Then he cum in my mouth with a giant load, it started to drip out from my mouth.

He pulled his dick out and cum made a line from the dick to my mouth and it dripped down on my chest.

He turn his head and looks down on me with a smile, I could see the sweat drips from his forehead, I smile while I look on him.

"Bend over" he says then with a smile.

I look on him surprised, but then I smile and stand down on all four, preparing for that he will mate me.

First he starts to finger me, I could feel his finger inside my butt and I started to moan quietly. Then he pulled his finger out and starts to tease my ass, rubbing his dick against my butt hole.

I started to purr, it felt so good, and he grabbed my dick and started to pull it forth and back.

He started to kiss my head down to my mouth and from the mouth to the shoulder, it felt better then what I've imagine, I started to nibble his ear with a smile on my face. "You're ready?" He whispers, I nod.

Then he inserts his dick, I could feel the pain, it hurt so badly, he started to pound gently, it hurt in the start but after a while it went from a painful feeling to a nice and warm feeling.

I moaned like I never done before, it felt so good, the feeling of the gently pounding, I started to purr. It wasn't exactly what I thought it would be like, it was better, just like one of those erotic love stories you find on the internet.

"Are you okay?" he asks, I nod.

"Yes, please *moan* continue." I say.

He nods and starts to pound faster, I could feel the sweat drip from my body, and I started to get warm.

He continued and I continued to moan, I sounded like a girl when I was lying there while he pounded me harder and harder.

"Turn around ahh..." he said, I nodded and turned from standing on all four to lying on my back, our eyes meet for the first time during this play.

I looked at him and he looked at me, then he grabbed my back and lifted me up while he continued to pound.

I grabbed my legs around him and started to kiss him and nibble his ear.

"Im about to....ahh cum *moan" he said but I couldn't hear him, I was too busy with enjoying it.

Then I realized what he said and I stopped nibbling and whispered "Come inside of me." He nods.

He started to go faster and faster, I moaned more and more and squeezed my legs harder and harder around him, for each breath.

Then I came all over his chest, the warm sticky liquid covered his stomach, he grabbed my arms and pressed me to the chest, I could feel my fur went from dry to sticky; I started to lick his chest.

He pounded harder and harder and then he pressed me down, I got an orgasm and screamed like a girl, then I suddenly felt a warm feeling, I could feel the warm liquid in my ass, I purred.

He filled me up; it felt so good, so warm.

I could hear his heart beat, from every breath.

He looked down on me and kissed my forehead, I looked up on him and then I kissed him on the mouth, we sat there atleast three minutes kissing, when we were done I said.

"I love you....."

He looked on me with a smile.

"I love you too, and that's all that matters, no matter what."

I looked at him with a smile, and then suddenly he lifted me up and walked to the tent.

"Ehh...what are you think you're doing, don't we need to bath this of?" I said and looked at him with a confused face.

"Who said we're done cutie? The night is still young."

I looked at him and smiled; he laid me on the floor and continued to mount me all night long.

The best night I ever had, next day we walked back home to him, my mom went home after 2 weeks.

I stayed there atleast 2 more weeks before I had to fly home from the airport, I took my good bye and said that when I were done in school I would come back and visit.

When I sat on the plane I started to think on what we did, what we missed when we're still went in High School togheter, but that didn't matter anymore, now we know and experienced it.