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Several years before ToF part 1.

September 17th: Will Not

A scientist by the name of Robert Hahrin walked into a small room with one way glass on the wall. He sat at a desk facing it, the desk had a microphone jutting out of it. He leveled it to his mouth and set down a clipboard with a sheet of blank paper on it. The light in the room on the other side of glass shot on. A small Charmander was chained against the wall, with a look of despair on it's face. His life-flame burned pitifully low

"Good morning number 4." Robert offered.

The Charmander either didn't hear him, or didn't care.

"I hear your performance is lacking in the arena. Would you care to discuss it with me?" He continued. "You refuse to fight, and you give us no choice but to punish you."

"I don't want to hurt them..." The Charmander whimpered.

Robert shrugged. "But they hurt you. Don't you want to defend yourself?"

"... I don't want to hurt them." Number Four reaffirmed.

He wiped his face in frustration. "You must fight back, Four. You must make them pay for hurting you!"

The Charmander was silent for a long while. "Why?" He asked simply. "If I do hurt them... They'll die. I don't want them to die..."

"If you don't fight back than you will die! Do you want to die, Four?"

"... No... But I don't want them to die..." Tears were dripping to the floor. "I want them to live... I want to live..."

Robert wrote on his notepad.

Refuses to harm.

Permission to use water: Granted. Permission to Phoenix: Granted. Permission to continue: Granted.


This one was a waste of their time, but Professor Keldan ordered that this one be pressed. He stood and walked from the room with his clipboard. This whole analysis was something of a trivial study. Keldan was simply fascinated with the Aura and insisted it could be a great power. So far it held many interesting features, the Professor however thought it the power of the gods.

Robert made his way to the lounge with a deep sigh. Still, the Charmander did have some sentimental value... but it was simply too weak for these tests.

The Charmander was unlatched from the wall and dragged to the lesson room. So called because every day you spent in it, you learned a valuable lesson about mercy. There was none to be dealt. They lifted him onto the table and latched him to it. Three men were in the room. All of them wore masks to hide their identities and features, to seem less Human and more powerful. One of them stood over Four with a bucket full of ice cold water. The Charmander knew what would happen this next hour or so, but it wouldn't make it any less painful. The man poured the water over him slowly. It was like pins and needles being stuck into his flesh, steam rose from his body for the first couple seconds. His fiery body couldn't take this for very long, his fire would be extinguished and his body would die. It wouldn't end there though, he would be revived and doused in the water once more. Each death taking longer than the last. He tried to scream for help, mercy, anything. He didn't have the strength to scream. His body writhed in agony, his mind broken in despair, his spirit killed long ago.

October 2nd: Foundation of Sin

The Charmander was pushed into the arena and the door slammed behind him. He was so tired, tired of fighting, tired of being tortured, tired of being alive.

On the opposite side was a grass type, a Chikorita. He didn't have the will to care how easy this would be if he did fight. If he beat his opponent, it would be sent for punishment. That was something he wouldn't wish upon even his worst enemy. The Chikorita however had no such remorse, it lashed out immediately with it's vine-whip ability. They lashed across Four's face and sent him rolling off to the side. He stayed limp on the ground, showing no will to fight. The rules required the winner to kill it's opponent at the end of every match. The Chikorita showed no mercy as it wrapped it's vine around Four's neck and squeezed it relentlessly. Four hoped beyond all hope that this would be the last time he lay his eyes on this world. His breath was finally quenched, and his mind fell into darkness. Begging for it to embrace him and never let him go. But the hand of a Human was the next sight he held. It glowed the same blue as always, a dismal sight to behold. It meant that the Humans still wanted him alive. The darkness had released him once more, much to his despair.

He was dragged back to that same room where the voice passed judgment over him. Always the voice asked the same questions, and mocking him for his weakness. Decreeing that he will be punished for his failures. Forced to suffer for his shortcomings. No justice, no mercy. His life was one without compassion and care, at least since he was brought to this place. These hallways were dark and dank. Always smelling of fear and blood. He hated this place... and everything in it. The hate was growing within him every day. He hated the Humans that tortured him, the Pokemon that showed him no mercy or regard for his life, the tools they used to make him regret being alive. He remembered a time when he loved being alive, his trainer had always taught him that life was meant to be cherished. To be defended and protected at all costs. Now he wished life to be destroyed, and mutilated for it's heinous crimes against itself.

"Again, number Four? You are disappointing me." The scrambled voice said.

The silence was deafening. The Charmander made no attempt to respond and kept his eyes on the floor in front of him, it was stained in blood. Anything was better than staring into the mirror where the voice spoke from. His reflection would show nothing but a pitiful creature looking like it wanted to die, like it deserved to die.

"Anything to say for yourself?" He waited patiently for an answer before continuing. "Perhaps we place too much hope in you."

The Humans dragged him back out of the door and towards the lesson room. He found it disturbing that he was used to this cycle. The tortures were always wrought from the nightmares of all fire types, and the pain never dulled. Each wound inflicted felt as fresh as the first. They never spared pain for humane tactics. He hated them for it.

A large metal tub full of icy water sit at the far end of the room. His chains were removed and he was lifted by the end of his tail, just an inch or so below his life-flame. He didn't struggle, he knew it would be fruitless. His pain would come no matter how much he hoped or prayed it didn't. He was dunked into the freezing water. His breath was stolen from him as he screamed in agony, but the water stifled his release of pain and the air bubbled to the surface. The life-flame flared wildly for several seconds before finally smoldering itself. The Human lifted the dead Charmander from the water and his hand glowed blue. The color engulfed the lifeless body. Four Convulsed and began to cough up the water from his lungs. His life flame sparked back into existence. Even as Four struggled for breath, the man dunked him back into the freezing water.

Something inside of him snapped. He could feel it, his mind was lost to him. His stomach knotted in an intense and sudden fit of hatred. Even dunked in the frigid water he could feel the heat spring from his body. The life-flame suddenly expanded and engulfed the humans hand. He dropped the Charmander into the water wholly and took several steps back. Cursing over his burned hand. The water began to boil within the tub. The Human's eyes grew as he witnessed this sight. A shining figure began to rise from the water, it shaped into a Charmeleon. But it it didn't stop there. It kept growing into the form of a Charizard. The man ran from the room and latched the door behind him. He pulled a radio from his belt.

"Room 206, Number Four is Evolving! I need backup here now! Someone bring Hahrin!" He yelled into it.

There were several guards standing at the door before Dr. Hahrin even showed up.

"Did he change?" Hahrin asked.

"We don't know... but it would be wise to let it cool off before we check on it." One of the masked guards suggested.

He scoffed at the statement. "He's not going to get less angry if we leave him locked in there. Maybe he just wants to talk."

The guards exchanged nervous looks before they prepared to enter the room. The door unlatched and slid open. A Charizard stood at the far end of the room with his eyes closed, the tub crushed beneath his feet and the water dripping into the drain. They kept their backs to the wall as they moved in with their weapons leveled on the beast. Hahrin moved in behind them and stood several feet away from the Charizard.

"Four?" Hahrin queried.

The fire type twitched slightly. "That voice... is music to my ears." He said.


"This one hates your voice more than anything. It pleasures me greatly. I think I shall stay with this one." The Charizard chuckled with a sinister grin.

"Hatred... is that you again?" Hahrin asked.

The Charizard's eyes opened, but where his eyes once were, there was darkness. "Ah, if isn't Dr. Hahrin. What did you do to this one? He's very upset with you." Everyone in the room felt the gaze of the Charizard, even though it seemed it's gaze didn't stray from Hahrin.

The doctor had visibly paled, but he maintained his composure. "I didn't do anything differently. He did however, used to have a trainer, that's the only difference between him and the rest."

The Charizard licked his lips and smiled. "So you took away the love, and he filled that hole with Hate... Very clever, Doctor." He laughed deviously to himself. "He simply hates everything now, even the one who loved him."

Hahrin gestured to the soldiers. "Lower your weapons." They obeyed they order, somewhat slowly. "Can I expect your full cooperation, Hate?"

"As promised, this child is perfect. You can count on my services..." His voice was deep and threatening. Everyone seemed weighed down by an invisible force. Distrust was visible in all of their eyes.

"Excellent, we'll begin soon. However that body has been through a lot. It will need plenty of rest before we begin the real tests."

Hate sneered at the comment. "Flesh, it's so weak..." He looked over his new body. "But the capabilities are endless. I suppose I should let it recuperate..."

Hahrin led him from the room and to a different wing of the building, which he called stage two. The room that Hate was to stay in. It was designed specifically for fire-types.

"All of these things will help the body recover. I'm glad we finally found a body that suits you." Hahrin said as the Charizard looked around the seemingly natural room.

"Hmm... The heat is wonderful." Hate inhaled deeply. Hahrin could have sworn the air got slightly colder. "It will do nicely in here." He walked in slowly.

"Very well. I will make arrangements for food to be sent here. Call for me if there's anything you need, I will leave you to your privacy now." He walked down the hallway and the door slid shut behind him.

Hate walked to the center of the room and sat next to a false rock, barley half his size.

"Heh..." He chuckled to himself. "I wonder if all these creatures are so foolish. They know nothing of my power, yet they trust me... They undo everything so easily, with a simple decision. They trust the wrong one."

There was a light in his abyssal eyes.

"They will crumble, my lords. They feed me unwittingly. This whole world is covered in Hatred, and I will consume it entirely."

He was silent for a moment.

"Yes." He paused. "Of course. This creation of hers will be their downfall, for I can feed on that as well." The room he was in was getting colder. "Yes... it is quite powerful. Leave it to me. I will take care of it."

October 17th: Harrowing

After a couple of weeks of separate tests were implemented on the new Hate. The project was called Malevolence. Only those very high in the chain of command had any idea these tests were being conducted. The public would frown on the treatment of the Pokemon within the facility. All of the projects are considered top secret. Professor Keldan worked actively with Dr. Hahrin in the study of Hate himself. Although Keldan understood what was expected of him, he didn't trust this particular entity. This was the first time it had decided to stay in a subject for an extended period.

Keldan called Hahrin into his office that afternoon. He sat at his desk with the Doctor to discuss the Malevolence Project.

"Is something the matter?" Hahrin asked.

Keldan was pouring over some notes for a second. "Just a feeling... Do you trust Hate?"

He thought over it for a moment. "I have no reason not to."

"But he has given us no reason to trust him either. He won't answer any of our questions."

"Neither will the others, but we don't doubt them."

"No. The others cannot answer our questions, they try to remember. Hate simply will not even attempt to clear the air. He sits there with that dead stare, feigning ignorance. I feel like he knows more than he's telling..."

Hahrin raised his eyebrow in concern. "Since when are you led by your feelings? He hasn't done anything to harm us."

"I'm telling you, Doctor. He remembers everything, He knows where he came from, and why he's here." He appeared visibly shaken now. "I've seen those eyes in my nightmares... I can hear the screams of so many, the fear in their eyes is intense. He consumes them... all of them. Yet he lets me live, and his oppressive stare never shifts from me. I can hear many voices pour from him, but his mouth is still. I can only hear one voice clearly and it repeats the same phrase over and over in a commanding voice. You must... You must... You must... Hate always replies the same to each. Yes... Yes... Yes... Until he finally said. No... That's when I awoke. That last word was what scared me the most out of any of it, and I do not understand it."

Hahrin gave him a curious look as he let him regain his composure. "If it makes you feel any better, neither do I." Keldan laughed weakly at this. Hahrin just gave him a toothy grin. "Maybe you should take a vacation, Eric. You've worked full shifts for nearly two years. I'm sure Eugene and his kids would love to see you again."

Keldan nodded. "Yeah, I bet they would." He removed his glasses and rubbed the weariness from his eyes. "You know, sometimes I envy that man."

Hahrin laughed. "Yeah, he's got it made. The bastard got himself a boat, spends every weekend on the damned thing. What I wouldn't give to have that, my daughter would love it."

"I think I will take a break for awhile. Catch up with him and relax. I swear my brain will give out before my body..." He joked. "I'll give the bosses a call tonight."

"Hope they don't give you to much hassle."

"I'm sure they won't. They'll be happy that I'm gone I'm sure, so they can put in a puppet to dance for them."

They both snickered at the comment before Keldan dismissed him.

Hahrin felt sorry for him though. The man had no family of his own, and regretted it every day. One day he would find a woman who would put up with him, hopefully before he hurt himself.

October 25th: He Who Kills

The Professor managed to get two weeks paid vacation and left just this morning. Leaving Dr. Hahrin to observe and direct the entity known as only Hatred. He denied any efforts to give him a name and demanded to be called Hate.

"For that is ultimately what I am, what I was born from."

They didn't press him any further. His mere presence made them shiver in fear. It was an oppressive feeling, and occasionally provoked thoughts of suicide. This however went unexplained, Hahrin was convinced it was simply madness on their part. He sent several to retrieve psychiatric help.

Today was the first test of combat. Hate was thrilled at this news and walked into the arena with little regard of the dangers. He stood and waited for his opponent patiently.

"We shall start with a beginner, which I will assume won't be much trouble." Hahrin said over the intercom.

"Do as you wish. None will beat me." The Charizard said with confidence.

The door opened and a small Chikorita was pushed through. It faced the Monster standing in front of it. Never before had Hahrin seen such a look of fear. The grass type was frozen in horror as it's eyes locked to the darkness of Hate's eyes. It didn't scream as the Charizard stepped to it slowly. He grabbed the Chikorita's neck and lifted it to eye level. Their gaze did not stray as Hate choked the life from the smaller Pokemon. The thing couldn't even manage a scream, pure terror gripped it's heart as the darkness stole its power.

His claw released the body and it fell to the ground, it slammed into the dirt, totally lifeless. Hate looked to it with disgust and gave a snort.

"How pitiful... Maybe you should send something that has a chance." He challenged.

Some men came into the room and tried to revive the fallen Pokemon, to no avail. It was completely destroyed.

"Just remove it." Hahrin said with no remorse. "We have more important things to focus on now."

The men grabbed the corpse and withdrew. Hate returned to his starting position and stood with a grin that made the people watching him nervous.

He was forced to wait as the Humans scrambled to locate a suitable match. Only one could be found, and it wasn't easy to bring him to the arena, though it never was. The Blastoise struggled the whole way. It took six guards to keep him from escaping as it was. When the door shut behind him the chains fell from him, and his gaze leveled on Hate.

"Anot'er lost soul... what a shame." The Blastoise sighed. "These Humans are choking de life from all."

Hatred managed a joyous laugh. "You hate them, do you not?" He said. "And you claim they choke the life? How abhorrently unwise... For a former leader of the Miren."

The large water type displayed shock on his face. "How do you know d'at?"

The Charizard didn't answer and readied himself to attack. The Blastoise stifled his questions and shifted to defend himself. He felt an unwarranted fear tugging on his nerves, he attempted to shake it off but it continued to gnaw at his confidence.

Hate rushed into his opponent and swung his fist into the Blastoise' face. The large tortoise caught it easily and twisted his arm. Hate groaned in pain and swung his other fist. Again the Blastoise dodged and slammed his fist into the fire beast's gut. Hate coughed as he tried to catch his breath.

"Listen, you foolish child. Don't make me have to beat you." The Blastoise pleaded.

Hate simply chuckled and headbutted him. The water type stumbled back several feet in a daze before finally catching his footing. With an angry stare he readies his water cannons and unleashes a barrage of water-bolts. Surprisingly the Charizard dashed through them easily, as if his weight were nothing. From his maw poured flames that instantly vaporized the shots that flew at him. The flames singed his skin and tore some of it from his body. He managed a gasp as the flame subsided and looked to his attacker who stood in front of him with his two fists balled into one. They slammed across his face, sending him rolling off to the side. He managed to catch himself on his hands and knees, and attempted to regain his bearings.

Hate stood over him and looked down at the tortoise with a smile of pleasure. "Stand, you pitiful breather. The light in your eyes has yet to be extinguished."

The Blastoise looked into his abyssal eyes with a look of pity. "Do you exist only to kill?" He managed to ask.

The Charizard lifted his hand and slammed it across his face. Tears struck the ground.

"Just let it go, child... Let go of the hate that grips your heart, or it will consume you..."

Hate laughed with amusement, and leaned in close to the Blastoise. "I must stay, and eliminate all that you are. Life offends my masters... I am here to crush that life from this world, before it spreads." Hate gripped the neck of the Blastoise. His claws dug into his flesh. "Tell me... What do you feel?" He whispered.

"I feel... Burning." He struggled for breath. "I feel... Cold..." He felt the heat in his body go rushing into Hate's hands. Tears were streaming down his cheeks, it felt as if his very life were being torn from every fiber in his being. He was freezing to death in the hands of this beast that looked to him with a satisfied grin.

"My existence is one of destruction. I must consume and suppress this power from everything. Can you feel it? It is a marvelous thing, to embrace death. The cold holds you now, where there was once fire. Embrace this fate." The light was fading from the Blastoise' eyes. "I exist only to kill."

The corpse slammed into the ground and the Charizard grinned in satisfaction.

"Was that good enough for you?" He asked.

Hahrin and the rest of the observers sat and stared in horror. They had seen many battles end in a bloody conclusion, but what they witnessed was simply unnatural. The body was simply devoid of life. Sucked from it in a most painful manner. It was several seconds before Hahrin worked up enough nerve to answer.

"Uhm... Yes." He stammered. "We have all we need."

What he saw today, made him want to stop this research. His stomach churned at the thought of such a thing ever being used against another Human. He switched off the microphone.

"Take him to his quarters. I need to speak to the Councilor immediately." He ordered to the guards in the room.

October 31st: Power and Freedom

Dr. Hahrin walked into Hate's room. Ordering his guards to give them some privacy, they shut the door behind him. The silence in this room was oppressive. The eyes of Hate watched him with little regard.

"Hatred?" Hahrin said.

"I was wondering when you would begin to test my abilities again." He replied, seeming calm.

"I actually wanted to discuss that with you. It seems we will no longer require your... Services to our research. We kindly ask that you leave back to your previous state."

Hate smiles, appreciating the bravery of the Human that stood before him, however foolish it was. "Oh? What of our deal then?"

"I'm afraid our deal is off." He replied steadfastly.

Hate smirked. "Is that so?" He paused, as if in thought. "Very well, allow me to tell you the consequences of that particular decision, Doctor." He walked to Hahrin and stood in front of him. Looking down at him. Hahrin shivered in fear. "The oath I took was all that kept me bound to you. Are you aware of the power of an oath, Doctor?"

"No." He answered carefully.

"It is the one thing that must always be spoken in truth, or destruction is certain. A cursed existence is saved for those who break an oath, not even the Gods themselves are exempt from that rule. The Father himself makes sure of it. I kept my oath, and you kept yours. I agree to the termination of this oath, and therefore the oath has been fulfilled." The Charizard explained. Hahrin had no idea where this was all coming from. "We are no longer bound."

"What are you talking about?" The Doctor asked.

"You have what you wanted, and I have what I want too. Now I may fulfill my Parent's wishes."

Hate punched into the doctors chest and grabbed Hahrin's heart delicately, but maintained some pressure on it. Hahrin felt aura pulsing through him, just enough to barely keep him alive. He coughed up his own blood as the pain in his chest increased. He couldn't even manage to scream. Blood dripped heavily to the floor as Hate lifted him to eye level.

"Now, my impudent friend. The world will change. All will fall to dust as commanded, and I see now why they wish you all destroyed. You think this world molds to your whim, yet you have no clue about it. You handed me everything I need except for one thing. It hides from me now, but it's only a matter of time before it comes to me. You Auran's are so predictable." Hate laughed at him as he struggled for breath. "You shall be my first Human consumption."

Hahrin could feel his heat being pulled away from him. An icy grip replacing all the feeling of warmth.

"The flow of hate is strong with all creatures. It will only serve to feed me in the end."

The guards outside of the door could hear something hit the ground on the other side. One opened the door and looked down the sight of his gun, only darkness was within. The other was looking past his comrade, readying his radio for alarm if necessary.

Almost immediately a figure shot out of the darkness and plowed over the first guard, crushed beneath the weight of a Charizard. The other was barely able to set the alarm off before he found the hand of Hate wrapped around his neck and his feet dangling over the floor.

"Hmph, you're a quick one." He smiled as he began to consume him. "Nothing more than a death sentence to your comrades."

Alarms around the entire base began to go off. A voice sounded over the intercoms.

"Number 4, Charizard. Eastern wing, In-way 2." All they needed to try to control the situation.

Hate dropped the empty corpse and stood silently. This is where it all began, and they would stop at nothing to stop him. Hate knew that it was far too late for that.

The Men scrambled to answer the alarm. "Use lethal force only, this thing is to be terminated at all costs!" Their radio's spouted.

It had been awhile since they used live munitions on anything. The councilor was clear that this one would not go down easy.

They ran around the corner only to see the Charizard standing over two bodies, seeming to be waiting. His life-flame was no longer fire, but rather a shadow of the fire. The five humans stopped and readied their weapons.

"Open fire!" One yelled. All of their weapons screamed in unison as they released their entire clips into the monster. Hate screamed in agony as the metals struck into his flesh, he fell to the ground quickly. The Men reloaded their weapons and approached cautiously, keeping their eyes locked on the beast.

Hate's eyes shot open and he stood back up slowly. The guards could only manage to stare in horror as his wounds healed before their eyes, torn flesh mending itself in a grotesque perversion of the natural way. Fear gripped their hearts and froze their bodies. His stare fell on the group of men with contempt.

"So weak. You do not deserve the breath that she wasted on you!"

Without mercy he cut through the first two Humans. His claws gleaming as they sliced through their flesh. The three others attempted to retreat to a safer distance, shooting at the Charizard as they went. It didn't even slow him down, the wounds were being healed as soon as they were inflicted.

His maw opened and flames poured over his tongue. The fire engulfed the men, their skin bubbled in the intense heat. The flames worked into their lungs and stole the oxygen from them. Their charred husks fell to the ground. The walls and floor began to burn wildly. Hate smiled and began to burn the entire area around himself. Water began to spray from the valves in the ceiling to fight off the burning flames. The droplets couldn't even make it to the ground before they boiled away in the unforgiving temperature, which was still rapidly rising. He watched the metal valves begin to glow red and warp in the heat, steam shooting from them in a desperate final bid to cool. Like a virus, the fire spread to consume everything it could. The heat was unrelenting and transformed the blaze into an inferno. There was no stopping it now.

"I want this thing under control! Do I make myself clear?!" The Councilor screamed into his phone.

"Yes sir!" A confident voice replied.

"If it's not dead, it is not under control! Don't pay attention to the fires, let the designated teams take care of them!"

"Of course, we'll make sure to take care of Four!"

He slammed his phone on the base and rubbed his eyes in frustration. "Why do I have to put up with this shit?" He huffed.

He was watching the security streams from a tablet sitting in front of him. Most showed guards making their way through the halls. Number Four was being particularly hard to pin down. His position was changing rapidly. Many fires were raging through the entire complex. If Four tries to take the building, he would have to initiate Zero Protocol. A last resort in case everything were to be compromised. He looked to his computer, the screen was asking for an order to execute and a password. The password space was already filled in and the cursor blinked in the Order space, as if counting down the seconds until he made his final decision.

The security screens showed many disturbing sights as Hate made his way through the complex. It was becoming obvious what his target was, the head office. The very room he was sitting in. Probably hoping he would be able to take control of the facility. The Councilor was prepared to die to protect this secret, it would be better if the entire thing were destroyed. People wouldn't know how to handle the news of a facility that tortured Pokemon in the hopes of harnessing an unstoppable power.

Hate was cutting through the guards like they were nothing. Their blood stained the floors beneath his feet. He knew where his target was, the one known as Keldan. So much of this suffering and hatred was born of his mind. His insatiable lust for power, to understand the unknown. Hate felt it his responsibility to make this particular human suffer. It was his kind that had ultimately doomed the rest. Humans were a virus that had to be quelled, lest they take more power than they can handle.

The guards stood against him feebly. It was the most pathetic thing he had ever witnessed. They screamed curses and died sobbing like children. His claws covered in their blood, gleaming an assortment of colors that made their fear grow. He was so close now, he could feel the presence of a man in the office at the end of this hall. Yet it didn't feel like the one before. This one was calm and resolute, nothing like the conflicted man he felt before.

The Councilor watched as his door was ripped down and a Charizard stepped through. He positioned his finger carefully over the enter key and let it hover there. The abyssal eyes watched him carefully.

"I am going to give you one last chance to fall back." The Councilor stated. "If you do not, I will destroy us all and a recovery can pick up our pieces..."

Hate smiled at him grimly. "Then do it already. So many have died already. What's a few more?"

"If there is any way to salvage this situation, I must try it."

A heavy laughter poured from Hate's maw. "Trying to make something good come out of this? You Humans truly are mad, but charisma can only get you so far. Let me tell you what happens should you fall on that drastically desperate decision. You kill whoever is left in this building, including me. However, I will survive. Death is nothing more than an obstacle to me. Whatever knowledge you gained from these tests will be lost and with it the only way to stop me. Your comrades however will sing of your bravery. Your leaders will praise the decision, for you spared their hard earned respect and dignity. Then they will die with it at my hands."

"That does not sway what I must ultimately do..." He said, seeming to doubt himself.

"Neither does it sway mine. This back and forth is far more fruitless than you think. So just make your decision, the least you could do is give everyone more time." His grin was sinister.

The Councilor hesitated to press the button, it was what this despicable creature wanted. Yet it was his duty and that was what trumped all in those final seconds. His finger rested on the button. The Computer screen confirmed the choice by reading: Zero Activated. It would take five seconds to release the charge.

"Gods forgive me." He pleaded.

"Never..." Hate replied

Darkness took them both as an explosion tore through the heart of the building. All of the creatures were incinerated in the blast. Not leaving a single trace of their existence.

But one body lay in a heap near the center, trying to stand on it's feet. It was a Charizard, with eyes as green as emeralds. They looked around in a stupor.

"Wha...?" He mumbled curiously. The last thing he remembered was being drowned. Now he stood in a smoking crater with fires raging in the forest around him. He saw the Moon high in the sky, with stars floating around it. It had been so long since he had seen the sky. He had nearly forgotten its breathtaking beauty. He decided this was a chance he had best not waste and made his way into the forest. He did not know what happened or where he was going, but anywhere was better than there.

November 1st: The Hallowed Yesterday

Keldan was called into a military building to receive some urgent news. He was told of what happened the day before and showed security streams up until the one who had taken over for him initiated the Zero Protocol. Professor Keldan was consoled and brought before the Initiate, The acting leader of the Assembled. He expressed his sympathies to Keldan and told him that he was now to be placed on retirement.

"Before I leave sir... I would like you to consider the notion of making the 31st of October a hallowed occasion." Keldan said.

"There have been greater losses, Professor. That day is hardly a catastrophe." The Initiate explained.

"I would like to disagree, I hardly think we've seen the worst of it. However, I just want you to consider it." With that he took his leave of the Capitol.

The Initiate considered the proposal for several hours before reaching a final decision. He wrote it into law that very day as such:

It was indeed a great loss we had faced, therefore I would like to consider the 31st of October, also the harvest celebration, a Hallowed day. May we take solace in the fact that they died to protect us from an unspeakable evil. May we never forget their bravery, even should we forget ours. Gods bless them.

Little notice was taken over those who had not lost someone in the random attack by terrorists, as the Government put it. But those who had demanded answers and action against those who could commit such a terrible attack. All the answers they got were that they were leading an investigation into it.

But none could guess how important that day was to their futures. For something entirely unexplainable had occurred and it was to shape everything. It would be a shock-wave through history, and only very few would ever recognize it's importance.