Darkness Rising Chapter Two

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2 of Darkness Rising. An EDD continuation.







You read, you find out what happens next. It's as simple as that. So without further ado, the newest chapter of Darkness Rising has arrived!

There are doors,

That once they have

Been opened, nightmares

Become unleashed.

Location: The Roof of a Building Across from the Marriott. Time: Five minutes before Matthew is killed.

The sound of pebbles being stepped on filled the night air as Ariel landed gently on the roof of a building across from the Marriott. Almost immediately, he took out his sniper rifle, and walked over to the ledge of the building. Wasting no time, Ariel loaded the rifle with two bullets, one to kill the angel, the other for a surprise. Seconds later, Ariel was looking through the scope of the rifle, trying to find the room that the angel was in. It didn't take him long, since the room was actually one floor below the roof of the building he was on. Inside the room, he noticed the dark fur of a black panther, and the tan fur of a lion. Remembering what Lilith told him, Ariel aimed for the black panther. Before he fired off his shot, he raised the barrel of the rifle slightly, taking into account that the window of the room might affect the bullet's accuracy. Once he got the barrel where he wanted, Ariel started following the panther, waiting for the best opportunity to take his shot. As it turned out, he didn't have to wait long. The panther had stopped moving, and seemed to be talking to the lion. Smirking behind the scope, Ariel started to slow his breathing. He took a couple of deep breaths, and as he let out his second breath, he squeezed the trigger of his rifle. As Ariel pulled the trigger, the hammer of the gun hit the percussion cap of the bullet, igniting the gunpowder in the gun casing. The bullet spun through the barrel, exited it, traveled the distance from the roof to the panther's head, and went clean through the panther's skull. Not wasting time, Ariel turned the remaining bullet into an explosive arrow, and his rifle into a scoped crossbow. He fired the arrow, and then teleported away from the roof, leaving no visible evidence that he had been there.

Location: Ariel's Temporary home. Time: 2:12 a.m. Date: same day.

Lilith looked up from a book she was reading, and smiled when she saw Ariel materialize in front of her. "So, did you do what I wanted?" asked the Demoness. Ariel gave Lilith a grin, and nodded. A smirk appeared on Lilith's face as she walked up to Ariel, and kissed him on the cheek. "We're one step closer now. Excellent work." Ariel smiled at the praise, but didn't say anything, knowing full well that Lilith had something else to say. She didn't disappoint. "I have another mission for you. It involves a place you know well. After all, it's right here in New York, and you've sent people there." Ariel raised an eyebrow at Lilith's words, not quite understanding what she was saying. Leaning in close, Lilith whispered into Ariel's ear, and soon clarified what she was saying. "I want you to go to Riker's, and kill all the people there. Starting off with the prisoners. Afterwards, I want you to blow the island up. This will help our cause." The corners of Ariel's mouth started twitching upwards as he heard Lilith talk. This is gon be fun. I get to kill people who deserve to die, and blow up Riker's. And it helps our cause, which makes it even better. Ariel gently pushed Lilith away from him, and then asked her how he was supposed to get the explosives. "They'll be there, don't worry." replied the Demoness in response. Ariel nodded, and then said, "In that case, I'll take my leave now. I won't let you down." And with those words, the Demon Boy turned around, and slowly teleported out of his house. As Lilith watched Ariel leave, she couldn't help but smirk as she thought about what her long term plans for Ariel were.

Location: Riker's Island. 3:57 a.m.

Eric banged his head against the table in front of him as he waited for his interrogator to show up. Seriously, how long do it take for them bums to show? the lion asked himself as he continued banging his head on the table. Just as he was bringing his head down again, a large file appeared in front of him. Looking up, Eric let out a groan as he saw who his interrogator was. "Nice to see you again, Eric." said the interrogator, a large male fossa by the name of Basilio. Eric let out a growl at the words of the same fossa that had bullied him several years ago. Basilio just grinned evilly at the ion as he opened up the file in front of him. Eric made to look at the file, but Basilio made sure to keep it away from the lion's eyes. "Let's see, it says here that you were arrested at the scene of bombing. It also says that the explosion originated from your room, and that in that room, the remains of a panther were found. What ya got to say bout that?" As the fossa asked that question, he looked up at the lion, a look of seriousness on his face. Eric looked at the fossa, and with a serious look on his face, straight up told the fossa, "I don't know." At those words, Basilio let out a growl, and slammed his fist on the table. "You little faggot! Tell me how a dead body got in your room." Instead of answering, Eric looked at Basilio, and gave the fossa a huge grin.

Basilio snarled at the lion, and asked him why he was smiling. "I just remembered something. You people arrested me, read me my rights, but never charged me with anything. That means that I'm not supposed to be here right now. That, and I can make you shut up and leave, by saying these four words: 'I want my lawyer.' Now good day." The fossa looked at Eric, and let out a string of curses as he grabbed the file from the desk, and walked out of the interrogation room. Eric smiled as Basilio walked out the door, happy that his former tormentor was upset. It's always easy to get rid of these bums. As he thought that, Eric let out a sigh, and leaned back against his seat, knowing that he was going to be spending even more time in the interrogation room. As he waited, he couldn't help but review in his mind, what had happened in the hotel room. Where on Earth could that bullet, and explosive arrow have come from? Fuck that, how on Earth could the bullet have killed Matthew? Forget the fact that he's an angel. He's supposed to be a part of the supernatural, and anything supernatural, cannot be killed by an ordinary bullet. Just as that last thought crossed his mind, Eric heard a loud scream coming from outside of the interrogation room. Before the lion could get up from his chair, the body of an officer crashed through the mirror in the room, and landed in front of Eric. His eyes widening, Eric quickly moved away from the body, and turned his gaze over to the broken mirror. What he saw behind it, chilled his bones to the core.

Location: Riker's Prison ward. Time: Happens while Eric is interrogated.

As the screams of a dying prisoner rang out through the halls, Ariel walked over to the next prison cell, and looked inside. The prisoner in the cell, a male doberman, looked up at Ariel, and rudely asked the Demon Boy what he wanted. "I wanted to visit you man. Is that a problem?" asked Ariel. The doberman let out a growl, and walked over to the bars of his cell, and then grabbed Ariel by the throat. "You think this is funny? Eh...boy?" snarled the dobie, spit flying from his muzzle, and landing on Ariel's face. Ariel sniggered, and then wiped the spit off of his face. "You're right, that's not funny. But this is." said Ariel as he reached into his trench coat, took out a vial, and threw its contents into the dobie's face. As soon as the vial's contents touched the dobie's face, he let go of Ariel, and tried to wipe the substance off. As he did so, the dobie's breathing started getting shallower, and the skin on his face, and body was starting to peel away. Before long, Ariel was left looking at the skeleton of the newly dead dobie. Impressed by the what happened, Ariel moved away from the cell, and started walking over to the next one. Man, I can't believe how fast that flesh eating virus killed that dobie. Then again, it was created by Lilith, so that was expected. Chuckling at the thought, Ariel reached into his trench coat again, and took out his demon gun. With barely a thought, he had it turn into an AK-47. The gun finished it's transformation, just as Ariel stopped in front of the second to last cell. Without even a second glance at the prisoner inside, Ariel opened fired inside the cell. The prisoner never stood a chance.

With that prisoner disposed of, Ariel returned his gun to the size of a pistol, and walked up to the last cell. Not wasting time, he ripped the cell door opened, grabbed the prisoner by the throat, and lifted him about a foot off the ground. "You know," said Ariel as he held the struggling prisoner. "I really don't understand why you people kill each other. I mean, that's what animals do. And of course, what we demons do." As he spoke, Ariel slowly tightened his grip on the prisoner's neck, steadily cutting off his supply of oxygen. Turning his head to look at the prisoner, Ariel breathed in the scent of fear the male in his hands was giving off. "Well man, I'm sorry but, it's time for you die." With those words, Ariel dug his claws into the prisoner's neck, and squeezed until he felt his claws slice into the prisoner's jugular vein, and the carotid artery. A squirt of blood escaped from the wounds, and landed on Ariel's face. The Demon boy didn't even flinch. Instead, he just watched with a deadpan look on his face as the prisoner died in his hand. Once the prisoner drew his last breath, Ariel dropped him, and was soon walking out of the prison ward, and killing the rest of the people on the island. Finally, after spending another five minutes killing most of the people on the island, Ariel walked over to where he knew the interrogation room was, and was about to enter, when he felt a gun pressing behind the back of his head. "You're going to put your hands up slowly, and then turn around just as slowly, or I swear, I will kill you." said the owner of the gun. Ariel smirked at the words of what he knew was a prison official, and then did as he was told.

As soon as he was facing the prison official, Ariel gave him a grin, and asked him, "Officer, I'm just going in to talk to my client. Why do you have that gun raised at me?" The officer didn't answer Ariel, instead he grabbed his walkie talkie, and started radioing help. As he did so, Ariel quickly ran over to the officer, grabbed the hand holding the gun, twisted it to point at the officer's chest, and then made the officer fire the pistol. The officer slumped to the ground as the bullet tore through his heart, exited out his back, and embedded itself into a wall. Ariel sniggered at the turn of events, and then pick up the body of the officer, and threw into the window of the interrogation room. The Demon Boy blinked as the loud sound of glass breaking hit his ears, then quickly put on the hood of his trench coat, which hid his face from the person in the interrogation room. As soon as he put on his hood, Ariel looked over at the lion in the room, and couldn't help but grin evilly at the reaction he saw. "Hello Eric. It's good to finally meet you. I heard what Ariel did to Asmodeus, and that Ariel died at the same time. I'm here to let you know, that you better look over your shoulders, and sleep with one eye opened, because after today, any time I see you, I will make it a point to kill you." With those words, Ariel turned around, and started to walk away from the lion. The Demon Boy made it about five feet, before he heard the lion call out. "Who the fuck are you?" asked Eric, a hint of fear in his voice. Ariel smirked at the question, and continued walking as he responded, "My name is Bete Noire." With those words, Ariel teleported himself out of the building, and out onto the island itself.

Location: Interrogation room. Time: 4:51 a.m.

Eric slumped into his seat as he watched Bete Noire disappear, completely stunned by what he had just witnessed. Another demon as powerful as Asmodeus, has surfaced, and he knows my name. As the thought crossed his mind, Eric had to shield his eyes as a bright light suddenly filled the room he was in. Once the light disappeared, Eric was left awestruck at what he was seeing. Standing if front of him, was a 7 foot tall tiger, wearing a white suit. "Who the hell is you?" asked Eric after he recovered from his earlier shock. The tiger turned his face to look at the lion, but instead of answering, he grabbed Eric, and quickly teleported them out of, and away from Riker's. The place they teleported to, was none other than Coney Island Beach. Once there, the tiger let Eric fall to the ground, and finally answered his question. "I am Balthazar. I'm the angel that has to help you now, since Matthew was killed by Bete Noire." Eric looked up at the angel, surprised by the slightly annoyed tone he heard. "That's great. Now can you explain to me why you couldn't say this on Riker's?" In reply to Eric's question, Balthazar took out a small phone, and showed him a video from a news copter. "This just in, Riker's island has been blown to hell, and has sunk into the water. Riker's island, is notoriously famous for its use as a place to hold prisoners before they are transferred to maximum security prisons...." The voice of the newscaster was cut off as Balthazar turned the phone off. "Well, does that answer your question?" asked the angel. Eric looked at the angel, then sat down on the sand as he tried to process everything that had just happened, in less than twenty four hours.

Location: Ariel's Temporary Home. Time: 5:01 a.m.

Ariel landed on his bed, grinning as Lilith jumped on him, a smile on the Demoness' face. "You did a great job with Riker's. I loved your decision to plant all the explosives, and use them to sink the island, instead of just blowing up the building." Ariel smirked, and kissed the Demoness on the lips as he slowly rubbed his hands up and down her back. After a moment, Ariel pulled away, and told Lilith everything he told Eric. Once he finished, Lilith sat up in surprise. "You mean to tell me that you left that Lion on the island?!?!" screamed the Demoness, her hackles raised. A little confused, Ariel nodded his head in confirmation. "You idiot!!! You should have killed him then. There is no way that lion stayed on the island when you set the explosives off. I guarantee you that an angel saved him." At those words, Ariel let out a groan as he realized his mistake. "You right Lilith. But I do have good news. The fool doesn't suspect that I'm back, and that I blew up the island. He knows me as 'Bete Noire.'" At those words, Lilith calmed down, and laid down on Ariel's body again. Placing her head on his chest, Lilith slowly stroked the Demon Boy's hair, and then started speaking. "Well, that helps out greatly. Anyways, I think we should continue what we were doing five minutes ago. And then, I'll clue you in on your next mission." With those words, Lilith reached over for the lone lamp in the room, and turned it off, plunging the bedroom in darkness.

Location: Coney Island Boardwalk. Time: 5:17 a.m.

Eric let out a sigh as he and Balthazar walked the length of the boardwalk. "So what am I supposed to do now?" asked the lion as he gazed at the beach. Balthazar looked over at Eric, but held his tongue for a few moments. This lion has been through a lot in less than twenty four hours, but is still going to continue on with life. Damn, he really ain't a weakling after all. As that thought crossed his mind, he noticed that Eric was still waiting for an answer. Sighing, Balthazar gave the lion what he wanted. "For now, you're going to tell me what kind of car you want. I had to destroy your old one so that it wouldn't be traced. After I get you your new car, I'm going to leave, and you're going to continue hunting the supernatural, until I contact you." With those words hanging in the air, Balthazar waited for Eric to provide the name of the car he wanted. Slightly confused by what the angel told him, but not wanting to look stupid, he opened his muzzle, and spoke. "Just get me a motorcycle. A Honda." Nodding his head, Balthazar disappeared, leaving Eric standing alone in the middle of the boardwalk. Not wanting to appear weird to others, Eric continued walking, stopping often to pick up small shells that had been left on the boardwalk. As it was, Eric didn't have to wait too long for Balthazar to come back with the motorcycle. A few moments after the angel had left, he returned, the bike in tow. Before Balthazar handed Eric the bike, he started speaking. "I know that you are concerned for your wellbeing after hearing Bete Noire's words. That does not mean that you will lay low. I want you to continue hunting the supernatural, until I, or my superiors mention otherwise." Hearing how deadly serious the angel's voice was, Eric quickly nodded in agreement. Satisfied, Balthazar handed Eric the bike, and the keys, and then disappeared. Glancing at the bike, and the keys in his paws, Eric couldn't help but wonder what on earth was wrong with him. Shaking his head, he got on the Honda, started it, and was soon speeding away from the Coney Island boardwalk.

Location: The Temp. House. Time: Three hours after Ariel and Lilith had sex.

Ariel silently got out of his bed, picked his pants off the floor, and walked out of his bedroom. Man, that's the best sex I've had in the past three years. It was nice to finally tap some ass again. As Ariel was thinking that, he put on his pants, and then headed over to the bathroom. Once inside, he was greeted with none other than Death. "Hello Ariel. Or should I say Bete Noire?" Ariel smirked at the mocking way that Death said the name that he had given Eric. "Why you here?" asked the Demon Boy as he walked over to the sink, and started splashing water on his face. Before he answered, Death leaned against the door, making sure that Lilith couldn't get in, even if she wanted to. "I'm here to find out why so many souls ended up in my possession today. I mean, don't get me wrong, the more souls the merrier, but why was there so much today?" In reply to Death's question, Ariel told him everything the Lilith had told him. Once the Demon Boy finished speaking, Death nodded his head slowly, understanding what Ariel was saying. "Now that you know that, I wanna ask you one question, Death." said Ariel. If he had eyebrows on his skull, Death most certainly would have raised them as he looked at Ariel. "Go ahead." replied Death warily.

Pleased that he had been given the go ahead, Ariel asked the one question that had been on his mind since he died. "How's my son, and his mother doing?" Death looked at Ariel, no emotion on his skeletal face as he told Ariel that his son, and the mother were doing fine. For the briefest of moments, genuine emotion appeared on Ariel's face as a wave of happiness washed over him. However, it went almost as quickly as it came. "Thanks Death." said Ariel. Death just waved the gratitude off, and turned to leave. Just as he was about to, he stopped, and turned back to face Ariel. "You are to continue doing what Lilith says. Stop only if you get a message from me telling you to do so." With those words out, Death waited for Ariel give him his reply. The Demon Boy looked at Death, and with a serious voice, replied, "You have absolutely nothing to worry about boss." Happy with what Ariel said, Death vanished from the room, leaving Ariel behind. As soon as Death left the bathroom, Ariel turned to leave also, not wanting Lilith to suspect anything.

Well. That's the end of chapter two. I'm sure all of y'all are wondering what Death's reasons are for having Ariel work for him. All will be revealed in due time. I just recommend you keep reading to find out. Anyways, constructive criticism is welcomed. Criticism that is not constructive, will result in you getting insulted, New York style. Good Day, and Good Night