The Testing Chamber

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While I find the whole transformation concept neither fascinating nor arousing, I thought it would be fun to write about because I am a good descriptive writer and I find biology and morphology an interesting topic to explore. I approached the transformation theme from a realistic, sci-fi perspective, instead of explaining everything away as "0mg Its MAJEEK!!!1 Herpa derpa derp!!!11!1".

_ This was pretty much nothing more than a writing experiment for me: I'm trying something new for the sake of trying something new. And to prove that I can write more than sexy times between dragons and humans. :P_

The Testing Chamber

The painful throbbing in his head was the first thing that Aaron noticed. The bright, piercing light that shown through his closed eyelids was a quick second. His throat was dry. His head was buzzing, pulsing with a dull ache. His muscles were sore. It felt like a horrible hangover, only worse, somehow. Groaning, he went to lift a hand to his face to rub at his eyes...

However, he instead felt resistance... his arm would not move. It seemed restricted... as if it was tied down. Aaron felt a thick band dig into his skin as he pulled.

"What the hell?"

His eyes were forced open in shock. Jerking to full awareness in an instant, he immediately went to sit up, but was stopped short as he found thick leather straps holding him down, securely wrapped around his chest and legs.

He was tied down to a bed. Aaron freaked.

"Oh god, where am I?!" he yelled out loud.

He struggled and squirmed, finding all four of his limbs were tightly fastened to rails on the bed. Giving up, he relaxed his muscles, and then strained his neck to look around the room he was in.

Right away he could see that the room was simple and unadorned. He was in a small, square space, tiled on all walls... it was no bigger than a child's sleeping quarters. The bed he was tied to was situated in the center. Adjustable lamps hung from above. A wall-to-wall mirror adorned an otherwise empty room. An IV bag was hanging from the corner of his bed. Everything looked simple... spartan, even. He was alone.

"WHERE AM I?" He yelled to the vacant room. He heard his frightened voice reverberate on the walls.

"SOMEBODY PLEASE... HELP!" Desperately he waited for a response. Something... anything. Perhaps a knock on the door. Someone walking in and asking if he was okay. But Aaron waited and heard nothing. Grimacing, he lowered his head back down and shut his eyes.

"Okay, think, Aaron... Look around you. Okay... You're in a small room, with bright overhead lights, tied to... what looks like a medical bed with the bars and straps. Look down... You're wearing a... a disposable medical robe. Okay... There's an IV hooked into your arm. What the hell? So I'm in a hospital? Something doesn't feel right though... Okay, okay, focus... There's a mirror on the wall... possibly-no, that's definitely got to be a one-way mirror. Its set in the wall... it has to be. Nothing else in here.... Nothing that gives me a clue to where I am..."

Aaron stared at the mirror for a moment, trying to focus his thoughts. His chest was heaving from fear and anxiety, pushing against the firm leather straps holding him down.

"That mirror.... Something about that mirror."

"Hospitals don't have one-way mirrors like that. Why would they need one? A one-way mirror is for observation... Oh god... this is... maybe I'm in some kind of examination room, like a laboratory or something... God, what the hell happened? I can't remember a damn thing! Where the HELL am I? Oh god.... Oh god..."

Struggling, Aaron flailed in the bed, trying in vain to get an arm loose. Pulling as hard as he could, he began to hyperventilate, breaking out in a sweat as he squirmed around his straps. Suddenly, a female voice crackled through an invisible intercom, causing him to pause.

"Glad to see you're up, Mr. Lockwell, but please... stop thrashing about."

The voice sounded distinctly feminine, but carried a strange accent that he could not place. Her tone of voice sounded cold and detached... that voice had an almost disturbingly professional air to it. Panting, Aaron wildly looked around the room, searching for a speaker, before finally noticing a small panel below the mirror with a few perforated holes in it. He stared in the direction of the mirror, glaring. Aaron took deep breaths, his chest heaving up and down from the struggle.


"Please... remain calm. The tranquilizers have wiped your short-term memory. You signed up for experimental medical testing, remember?"

Aaron paused, taking a minute to search his brain for clues. "What? Yes... like eight months ago! I don't remember coming in to this... whatever this place is, though! Why did you drug me!? Why am I strapped down!?"

The strange, calm sounding voice continued."Mr. Lockwell... The experiments we perform are very... sensitive. After we did our background check, we found you to be a prime testing candidate and we were very interested in you. So, we called you up and brought you in about a week ago. After agreeing to the terms, you were slipped a heavy tranquilizer and have been out for about five days."

"What does she mean by the experiments being 'sensitive'?"

Furrowing his brow, Aaron thought hard to remember. He had vague, fuzzy memories flooding back to him, swirling around in his mind like foggy fragments of long-ago dreams... He saw himself driving to a small, nondescript building... meeting a suited man... signing a simple waiver... shaking hands....

"Five days? What.... why? WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?"

The intercom crackled again. "Mr. Lockwell, please calm down. You were volunteered for this study... you underwent experimental cosmetic gene replacement therapy."

Aaron gave a sardonic laugh at the phrase "You were volunteered", noting the irony. "What the hell is gene replacement therapy!? What happened?" he demanded.

"You were injected with an experimental synthetic virion to act as a carrier to spread your new genes throughout the entirety of your body. The procedure is complete, and the genes are currently dormant, waiting to be triggered by the right hormone. The process generally takes a few days to spread through your cells and produces quite unpleasant symptoms, so bringing you under heavy sedation was the most ethical solution."

"Ethical?" He shrieked. "I don't remember agreeing to having my genes replaced! I signed up for an experimental metabolic booster drug! You... you lied to me! How is that ethical?"

"Mr. Lockwell, please. The procedure is very.... sensitive to the outside world. You were not told a lie. You were merely not given the entire truth."

"what does she mean by 'sensitive'?"

"But I-"

"And there is nothing you can do about it at the present moment."

Aaron's fists clenched. "I'll... I'll sue!" he yelled.

"No you wont."

A chill ran down Aaron's spine. The words sounded ominous... threatening, even.

"What... what do you mean?"

"We will discuss this matter in the future, Mr. Lockwell. Right now, you are ready for the final phase of your treatment.... You will be administered one final set of injections. Afterward, many things will become clear."

"Injections for what?" Aaron yelled at the mirror. "Why didn't you tell me I'd be going through this before I signed my waiver?" He yelled.

" Please, Mr. Lockwell... Please understand that the experiment you are going through is very.... sensitive. It would be impractical to tell you everything at once."

"But why haven-"

"Now Mr. Lockwell... we need you calm, alert, and awake. You've been under for a long time, so please, don't upset yourself and cause stress to your fragile mental and physical state. Let your body adjust to being conscious once more. I will be with you in a moment.... just sit tight." The voice sounded sweet and caring, but Aaron shivered at her words, finding their meaning a bit foreboding. He said nothing else, but relaxed his neck to rest his head back down on the bed. Aaron was beside himself with fear and anger.... struggling to comprehend what was going on.

"So I was drugged, put through gene replacement therapy over the course of five days... but I don't feel any different. Okay, maybe I have a killer headache. And my entire body feels sore. But I feel like I'm still... me. Right? What the hell did they change? Did they, like... add genes for some cancer killing cells or something? Or have me grow new organs? Is that even possible?"

"Hold on a second.... she said it was 'cosmetic' gene replacement therapy.... what the hell does that mean? Did they change a part of how I look? I don't see anything different..."

"...What the hell did they do to me? ... that woman avoided the question several times. Why? And why didn't they tell me what I was going to be put through when I signed my waiver? Wait... the only explanation for that is..."

He sighed. "... that it's either illegal, unethical, dangerous.... or all three."

Aaron heard a hand grasp at the other side of the door handle. He looked up, straining his neck, eager to ask a flurry of questions to the woman behind the calm, unemotional voice he had been chatting with. He heard the sound of a key being put into a lock... the clicking of the pins disengaging, the clacking of the bolt, and the turning of the chamber.

"Why is my door locked? Are they preventing people from entering my room.... or preventing me from escaping?"

He heard the fumbling of the doorknob as it turned. Just when the door began to open, Aaron took a deep breath. He Jerked his head, straining to see the door, then began asking questions before the woman even entered the room.

"Now hold on! I demand to know what's been done to me! What are you going to do to my bo-"

He was struck silent out of total shock.

What had entered the room was not human. It walked like a human... It was dressed like a human. It was ever-so humanly holding onto a clipboard and a set of hypodermic needles.

But it was not human.

Dark gray fur covered her skin. The pelt was thick and short, speckled with hints of silver and gray. Soft digitigrade paws carried her forward, their claws clicking quietly on the tiled floor. A long, slightly curled tail swayed from behind her hips, poking from behind a slit in her clothes. Furred, clawed fingers grasped the clipboard and needles securely, her black, fleshy pads providing more than enough friction to secure her grip. Her fur-covered body had been fit into a loose denim skirt and cream-colored camisole, partially hidden under her open lab coat. Red bra straps were clearly visible on her chest, holding up an ample, furred bosom. A tuft of mane-like fur adorned her upper chest, a trend that continued on her head and the back of her neck, serving as a replacement for hair.

What Aaron saw above the neck was definitely not human. The creature had the head of a wolf. A wolf's head... complete with long, fur-covered ears, black whiskers, a long snout, and a pair of yellow eyes. What had walked in the door was a hybrid of a wolf and a human, in the living flesh.

Aaron's lips quivered as he tried to talk. "Wer-wer-wer... wer... wer-wer.... Werewolf!"

"You're a werewolf!"

Aaron's eyes became the size of dinner plates. He began to struggle once more, squirming in vain to free himself from the thick leather straps holding him down.

The wolf-woman approached Aaron slowly, letting a small smile play across her face. "You can drop the "were" part, but yes... I am no longer human." It was the same voice he had heard earlier... still sounding calm and cool as ever, with that same strange accent that he couldn't place.

The wolf talked with an air of nonchalance as she went over the papers on her clipboard. "Technically, I'm what you can call 'trans-human', though that's not quite descriptive enough by its self. The company has started using the term "Anthromorph". I am part of a very, very small group of individuals, and soon, you'll be joining us as a new breed of organism."

"Wha-No! NO!" Aaron thrashed against his bindings, pulling with all his might. The straps dug hard into his wrists and ankles. His chest felt tight. His heart raced. This was insane. He didn't want to join. He wanted to leave, to walk out of this place, or to wake up and realize it was all some ridiculous dream.

The she-wolf frowned. "Mr. Lockwell... Please calm down. You don't have a choice."

"But I-"

"You're tied to a bed, unable to escape, and already prepped for the transformation process. You have several hundred thousand dollars worth of synthetic genes in your body. Its not like we would let you walk if you could. You're only option is to lie still and make this as painless as possible for the both of us."

Aaron froze in place at her words, finding the emotionless efficiency of her words chilling. He slowly lowered his head back down on the table bed, swearing to himself.

"This is insane. It's.... it's maniacal! Why are you doing this to me?"

"You know why, Mr. Lockwell. You signed the waiver, after all. And honestly... once you're through with the transformation, you'll come to realize it's not so bad as you think. Take it from me." The she-wolf smiled once more.

Watching that wolf face draw its lips back into such a human expression made Aaron shiver. It wasn't a sadistic or cruel smile... it was a comforting one. But that in its self came with its own horrifying realization: that she was serious about what she was saying. Aaron, in sheer disbelief of what was happening, grew indignant.

"Not as bad? NOT AS BAD? Oh, so its not as bad as you think? You're talking about me becoming something... not human! I'm losing my entire identity... who I am! Oh, but it's not as bad you think, you say! Well, thank goodness! For a while I was beginning to get a bit worried that LOSING MY IDENTITY WOULD BE A BAD THING! No worries then!"

The wolf chuckled softly and turned to prep the procedure. "You don't have much of an identity to begin with, Mr. Lockwell... Your parents are dead, you live by yourself, and you're not only single, but an only child. You don't even seem to have any close friends and you certainly don't make much of a social impact at your entry-level job...."

"What...?" Aaron reeled in shock. "What the hell is this? You've been spying on me?"

"I told you. We did our background check and found you were a prime candidate for our tests." She smiled again.

"She's smiling... Wolves can't do that. They can't smile. Then again, can't talk as well... and yet here I am seeing it. Hearing it. God, this is some kind of nightmare.... What does she mean by me being a 'prime candidate'? No, wait... I think I know what she means by that.... oh god."

The anthromorph placed her clipboard at the foot of Aaron's bed. She then removed the cap off of her first hypodermic. A clear liquid was inside, filled up to the 20 milliliter mark. She tapped the side and depressed the plunger to remove the air bubbles. Aaron's heart was pounding in fear as the she-wolf lifted up his medical robe and closed in with the syringe.

"You need only four more injections... I will be administering one to each limb to ensure even spread of the hormone. After that, I will loosen your straps, remove your IV, and then you will need to stand up and strip down."

"I'm not doing shit." He wrenched his thigh away as best he could when the needle drew close.

The wolf sighed. "Look, Mr. Lockwell... like I said, you have no choice in the matter. Just please comply with the rules and we can make this go a lot faster."

Aaron sat, thinking... and after a while he realized that the wolf was unfortunately right. There was no way out of this but to continue.

"Fine. But why do I need to take my clothes off?" Aaron asked, grimacing as the wolf placed a padded hand on his thigh and inserted the first needle into his femoral artery. The wolf continued talking as she depressed the plunger, removed the syringe, and effortlessly continued with the procedure. A small squirt of blood appeared as the needle was withdrawn.

"For science, of course." She smiled. "We will be watching and recording the transformation process from the other room, writing down our observations and making sure that the entire process is going along smoothly."

"I don't like the sound of that..." he winced. His heart was pounding in his chest as he tried to cope with what was being done to him.

"Its purely academic in nature, I assure you."

"I'm... I'm going to become a wolf like you?" Aaron asked, shivering in fear.

"Not quite." the she-wolf said, as she inserted another needle into Aaron's brachial artery on his left arm. "You are being tested with a different strain of virion. You'll become a new breed of hybrid: our first Vulpes Sapiens.... A red fox anthromorph. Since this is our alpha test run, we need to make sure everything goes as planned...."

Aaron held still, not saying a word, trying to take in everything that was happening to him. He was going to become an animal hybrid.... half human, half fox. The idea sounded completely ridiculous, but knowing how real it seemed right now, and how sudden everything was happening... it all sent chills down his spine. He still had trouble coping with the realization.

"There, I'm done." The she-wolf re-capped her empty syringes and placed them in her pocket. She then undid the latch on Aaron's right arm and deftly removed the IV from his vein. Aaron waited as she undid the latches on his chest, stomach, and left arm, but gave a quizzical look when she left the leg straps tight.

"You can do the legs yourself once I leave the room... its just a safety precaution for me, to make sure you don't try anything."

"I see..." Aaron trailed off. "Well, so much for a daring escape..." he said, wryly.

Stretching, Aaron slowly propped himself up into a sitting position. A rush of pain radiated from his forehead when he sat upright. "Oh man, I ache.... I've been lying down for so long..." He put a hand to his head, reeling from the throbbing buzz in his skull.

"Give yourself time to adjust. Do you have any questions?"

He stared blankly at the she-wolf, still in disbelief as to what he was talking to. "Only about a million... First off, what the hell are you doing to me? Second off, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO ME?"

The she-wolf giggled. "Please calm down, Mr. Lockwell... I know this is a lot to take in, but you will come around with time... just bear with us for a little longer."

Aaron felt like he was about to throw up. "Oog.... Is this.... this transformation thing. Will it... hurt?"

"At first, yes... but as the process continues and your brain rewires its self to accommodate your new body, an unintentional side effect of the transformation process is that the entire limbic system enters a state of hyperactivity making you extremely sensitive to stimuli. We have also included a potent potassium channel blocker in the injections to temporarily prevent you from feeling pain. Basically, this means that the process can end up being quite pleasurable. It took us a few tries to get it right..."

Aaron raised an eyebrow. "That sounds... like you guys have a lot accounted for."

"We like to think we know what we are doing, Mr. Lockwell." The wolf giggled.

Aaron took a deep breath and sighed, trying to cope with what was happening. He suddenly became aware that his heart was racing, and put a hand to his chest. Sweat was breaking out on his forehead. "So, um... how long does this... process take?"

"It depends on the person, but not more than twenty minutes. All your cells were waiting with their new genetic code prepackaged... they just needed the synthetic hormone to signal the gene transcription process."

"And when will change start to happen?"

"It already has. Look at your stomach, Mr. Lockwell."


"Your stomach."

Aaron tore his medical robes open, searching for a patch of fur or something obvious. "Wait... I don't see anything.... "

"Remember that you signed up to test a metabolic boosting drug, Mr. Lockwell? That was not a lie. Your body has to fuel the transformation process somehow... the nutrient supplements and vitamin-rich IV we gave you is not enough. Most of your body fat should be lysing and breaking down by now, eventually converting into glucose to be used to fuel your body's rapid changes."

"Wha-holy shit!" Aaron put a hand to his stomach, feeling around. He was by no means overweight, but he noticed that his stomach seemed just a tad more lean than he remembered. He ran his hands over his body, amazed that his body was already beginning change.

"I'm... getting-Ohhh" He suddenly doubled over in pain, feeling ripples of uncomfortable waves of nausea and painful muscle contractions hit him like a punch in the stomach.

"Looks like I need to be getting back to the observation room. Mr. Lockwell, we need you to strip and stay standing as long as possible for this next part of the procedure. Good luck with the transformation." With that, the she-wolf turned and exited the room, locking it behind her.

"Good luck? What the hell do you mean by that?" Grimacing, Aaron looked up, but found that he was already alone in his room again.

Grunting in pain, Aaron fumbled with the latches on his legs. His limbs felt like they were radiating heat. They ached and burned, and the sensation slowly spread throughout every inch of his body. The burn was growing uncomfortable, becoming painful... he grunted and seethed in discomfort. Standing up shakily, he found his legs to be weak from disuse and he leaned heavily against the bed. Taking a deep breath to steady himself, he instantly doubled over, groaning in pain as another wave of muscle contractions wracked his body. The burning in his limbs grew more painful, feeling like sharp needles poking him all over. This too, spread throughout all over his body.

The wolf's voice crackled over the intercom. "Mr. Lockwell, please strip down."


"It takes a moment for the hormone to pass the blood-brain barrier, but the pain will subside when it does. Please strip down before the process begins to show visual signs."

Grunting, Aaron ripped his medical robes off, seething in pain. He then looked down, dumbfounded to find an adult diaper around his hips.

"A... a diaper?"

"You were heavily sedated for five days... remember, Mr. Lockwell?"

Nodding, Aaron tried to ignore the intense pain and forced down the adult diaper around his legs. The insides were thankfully clean. Kicking them off, he then braced himself against the bed once more, reeling in agony. He felt one more wave of fiery torment radiate from his limbs, wracking his body with pulses of agony. It felt like his very nerve endings were being ripped apart.

... and then, in the next few moments, the pain began to disappear. Aaron breathed a sigh of relief as the pain slowly diminished, going from a prickling, piercing pain to only a dull ache. He stood, hunched over the bed, gasping for breath and focusing on the sensations going through his body. His skin buzzed and tingled now, feeling like someone was blowing icy cold air over his entire body. He slowly straightened up, unclenching his fists, relieved that the worst was over.. He knew what this meant... the hormone was in his very head, and his brain was beginning to rewire its self. The thought chilled him. His heart was pounding incredibly fast. He felt like he was going to have a heart attack. So much was going on at once. Aaron was afraid. He could barely focus...

Looking down, Aaron put another hand to his stomach. He felt only a thin layer of skin behind his abs now. Surprised, he then copped a feel on his buttocks, finding that to be largely devoid of fat as well. He was hyperventilating, his heart was beating like a hummingbird's, pulsing at a rapid pace, fueling his body with the necessary oxygen for the rapid transformation.

His arms and legs began to flare and radiate with strange, itching sensations. He put a hand to his bicep to rub at it, but suddenly pulled away with surprise as he felt some odd hairs that didn't used to be there. Jerking his arm up to his face, Aaron saw whisps of orange fur sprouting on his skin, growing almost before his very eyes.

"It's.... it's starting!" He stared in shock.

Aaron looked down at his thighs to see patches of orange fur appearing there as well. Dismayed, he ran his fingers through the sparse fur, finding it very soft to the touch. He then brought his hand back and looked with surprise, seeing that some of his natural body hair, brown and curly, had stuck to his fingers. "What the?" He looked down at the ground to find more of his body hair had accumulated on the floor. He watched, with jaws agape, as he ran a hand down his arm and saw whips of curly hair float off of his skin. The stroking of his arm felt oddly.... good.

"It's like I'm... shedding." Aaron said out loud.

His body continued to itch. He saw his skin gradually turn a slight shade of red, looking and feeling like one big poison ivy rash. Brown, orange, and white fur was sprouting all over his body now, coming in slow and thin, but on his thighs and biceps where he had gotten injections, it was already pretty thick. He looked around his body, feeling shocked and amazed at such a rapid transformation in his own body. The pulsing sensations traveling through his nerves were starting to become more and more enjoyable.

And then he felt a strange sensation between his legs. He looked down in horror, to see his own manhood writhing, shriveling up as white fur began to spread across his crotch.

"My DICK!!!" he screamed. Aaron put his hands to his precious package, absolutely horrified as he felt it shrink and hide up inside his body.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY DICK?!" he yelled to the mirror.

The intercom crackled. "Don't worry, Mr. Lockwell... You did not lose your phallus. Your new body will have a pubic sheath. Your phallus will be housed inside the body when not aroused."

He turned towards the mirror and glared, his face starting to become dotted with white and orange fur. "I WANT MY DICK BACK!"

"Sorry, Mr. Lockwell.... There's nothing I can do, but I'm sure you'll come to adjust to your new equipment in due time."

Suddenly, Aaron felt his body lurch. His feet were growing and shifting, adjusting to a digitigrade walking stance. He felt his calloused heels start to disappear as his toes grew incredibly long. He heard pops and cracks as bones shifted and lengthen, and tendons grew to accommodate the new frame. Every lurch inside his limbs were met with a pulse of euphoria, and Aaron began to feel giddy with pleasure. Each newly stretched bone, each lengthened tendon produced a surge of endorphins in his brain. His femurs began to shorten, further augmenting his stance. Having trouble standing on his newly morphing legs, Aaron lost his balance and fell forward, hitting his head on the bed in the process. Grunting, he dropped to all fours. He expected pain from the hit, but was surprised to find a wave of pleasure coursed through his body instead.

"He hit is head. Hold on... Mr. Lockwell, are you okay? Do you need assistance?"

"Strange... it almost sounded like she was talking to someone else at fir-"

Suddenly, Aaron heard another voice, that of a male, coming from the intercom. "He's fine, Selena. Don't worry about him... he probably felt nothing but pleasure from the hit." It sounded distant... as if he was standing far from the microphone. Suddenly, the voice moved closer to the mic and Aaron heard the male more clearly.

"Don't get any ideas, Mr. Lockwell." The intercom crackled. "Your pain receptors have been temporarily blocked, but don't you dare try to hurt yourself in the name of euphoria. Your body is already going through a lot right now."

"There's two of them in there..."

Aaron held on to the ground, arching his back as the itching all over his body turned into a pleasurable sensation, almost feeling like a body-wide vibrating massage. His legs and arms were completely covered in fur now, and the patches were quickly spreading onto his chest and torso. He looked at his hands in surprise as he saw they were now covered in dark brown fur, going all the way up to his elbows. As he examined his arms, his eyes traveled to his hands, and he saw with a shock that his fingers had changed.

They had grown slightly shorter and stubbier, and much more thicker. His nails had dissolved, being replaced with thick, black claws that curled into slight hooks. And on the inside of his fingers and palm, he saw black, leathery skin, slightly puffed and raised, looking like pads found on a dog's paw. He flexed his new fingers, feeling the strength in his muscles, and moaned as waves of pleasure radiated out from them.

Aaron slowly pushed himself up to the floor, grimacing at the multitude of changes coursing through his body. Each little shiver, each newly sprouted hair and shifted bone in his body was met with an incredible burst of euphoria.

Aaron looked down to stare at his manhood once more. The foreskin had completely shriveled up into a short, fat, sausage-like structure that was now attached to his lower belly. He could see the head of his cock nestled inside, quickly shrinking and turning bright red, looking more and more strange and foreign to his body.


With a grunt, a line of bones and tendons exploded out the end of Aaron's lower spine. He was growing a tail. He turned to look at his backside, twisting his spine as far as it could go and watched, dumbfounded, as the limp trail of flesh sticking out from the top of his buttocks quickly stiffened up and thickened, with the fur sprouting in long streams of orange all the way down until the tip, which ended in a long, white tuft. As each new bone snapped into place, as each new tendon and muscle grew and strengthened, waves of pleasure shot out and traveled up Aaron's spine, sending him into a state of euphoria.

"This is insane... absolutely incredible! I never imagawa thaw... wah tha hawww?"

Aaron suddenly felt his jaw clench and unclench by its self. His nose and face began to elongate, the bones expanding outward, his human teeth dissolving and reforming in their more animal designs. Feeling something hard rolling around in his mouth, he spat out a pair of fillings, realizing they were now no longer needed with his new set of teeth. His tongue flexed and curled as it elongated, and he saw with a shock that a orange snout began to stretch out in front of his face, the black foxy whiskers sprouting on the sides within seconds. His nose turned black and wrinkly, changing shape as it molded its self into his snout. Aaron gasped and grunted at the strange sensation of his jaw and skull changing shape... the odd stretching, pushing feeling was simply incredible. His ears felt like they were being yanked as they changed position on his head, elongating and flattening out to a triangular shape, sprouting a short coat of orange fur.

The pulsing warmth that enveloped his skin began to dissipate as the transformation neared completion. He felt the last few bones in his feet reset and a couple lagging teeth finally pop into place. Bent over the bed, with tightly shut eyes, focused on the wonderful feelings of the last few stages of his body morph came to an end. Panting, he began to feel his heart rate slow down to more normal levels and he realized with a sudden shiver that he was thoroughly exhausted from the ordeal. Opening his eyes, he looked down at his body in amazement.

His front was covered in a thick, short pelt of white fur, with his arms and legs toned a vivid orange. His forearms and calves were covered in slightly coarser, brown fur. He slowly ran his clawed hands through his fur, feeling the hairs part between his claws and shivering in reaction from rubbing at the still-sensitive skin underneath. He lifted one leg onto the bed, examining his new paws. His toes were huge... making a foot far wider than any shoe he could ever imagine fitting into. He trailed a hand up his firm, cushioned pads and up his ankle, finding, with amusement, another small pad and a little dewclaw, just as pointless and useless on him as it was on real foxes. He closed his eyes and yawned, feeling sleepy enough to fall over. Every one of his muscles felt weak, as if he had just finished a total body workout.

Aaron twisted his back slightly as he set his foot down, causing him to unconsciously flex his tail. He paused as he suddenly became aware of a multitude of new muscles and tendons on his behind. Twisting his neck to watch in amazement, Aaron flexed these new muscles, watching his new, bushy tail swish back and forth. He then focused hard to find which set of muscles moved the tail vertically, and watched as his tail dipped up and down, curling as the tendons contracted effortlessly.

Turning towards the mirror, he then saw his new body for the first time. Aaron's mouth dropped open in a gasp as he saw a fully formed, bipedal fox staring back at him. The fox in the mirror still retained some of his facial features, but it largely seemed entirely alien and foreign to Aaron, as if he was watching another creature mimic his movements. He put a hand up to the glass and leaned in, staring at a pair of blue-green eyes, their color and softness familiar to the fox, being one of the few things that reminded him of his human origins. Opening his mouth wide, Aaron gawked at the inside of his maw, touching his teeth with his hands and watching his long tongue flex and curl at his whim. On the whole, he found his new body entirely fascinating.

"Mr. Lockwell?"


"Mr. Lockwell? How are you feeling?"

"Oh.... Sowweh.. waith, why canth I tawth? Whath ish goinm onm!?"

"Ah... Sorry about that, Mr. Lockwell. Your tongue's muscle memory is still tuned to your old, human mouth. It is going to take you a while to learn how to articulate your new tongue so you can properly talk again. With luck, you can eventually sound like me, with only a minor accent. In the mean time, please communicate with head nods. To the best of your knowledge, are you okay?"

Aaron slowly shook his head yes, and yawned.

"Do you remember who you are and what your name is?"

Aaron shook his head yes. He tried saying his name, but all that came out was a muffled "Arrrn Ockwrell."

"Great! Please communicate with head nods for now, Mr. Lockwell."

Slowly, he shook his head yes and felt his sleepily eyes closing on him. "Gosh, I feel so exhausted.... I feel like I haven't slept in thirty years..."

"Are you tired?"

Aaron shook his head yes again.... this time, much faster than previously, as he was trying to keep himself awake.

"That is expected... It's perfectly normal to feel exhausted after what your body has been through. We will let you get to sleep soon so your body can rest. But, before that... you need to eat. You've lost most of your fat reserves and your glycogen storage is most likely low. How do cheeseburgers and fries sound?"

Aaron grinned and shook his head eagerly. He hadn't realized until just now, but he was completely starving.

"Okay then. I will be in shortly with some food. Just sit tight."

Yawning again, Aaron hung his head, being too tired to keep it upright. It was then that his eyes stared down his chest to find a fleshy tube stuck to his lower belly where his manhood use to be. Below that, a pair of white-furred balls rested between his legs. Curious, he snuck a hand down to his sheath, prodding at the soft flesh.

"So this is what I have now instead of my dick? I can't even aim this thing! Man... I can't even pee downward anymore... how the heck will I go to the bathroom? This is ridiculous. Who the HELL thought this was going to be a good idea?"

Gently, he pulled the ring of skin back to reveal his pink, unaroused vulpine cock. Aaron grimaced at the organ, finding it unpleasant to look at. Gingerly, he touched the smooth flesh and realized with a shock there was a hard bone deep inside.

"I have a bone.... in my dick? What the hell? Is that supposed to be there?"

Letting the organ slide back inside it's fleshy sheath, Aaron staggered over to the bed, finding his new digitigrade legs awkward to walk with. He unconsciously tried to put his heels down, but doing so caused him to fall backwards into the mirror wall. After a few attempts, he made his way to the center of the room and grasped the bed rails for support. Turning around, he then lifted himself up onto the bed but yelped in pain as he sat on his tail, bending it uncomfortably. The sound surprised himself, as it sounded very animal-like, despite the fact that it was in his own voice. Lifting himself up once more, he paused and made an effort to figure out which muscle lifted his tail and flexing it before sitting down once again. He peered over the medical bed and saw the floor littered with his old human body hair and a pair of silver fillings. Instinctively, he pressed his tongue where his filled teeth used to be, but found they had moved forward inside his new jawline.

Aaron felt exhausted. All his muscles ached. He fought hard to keep his eyes open, and soon found himself sitting up with closed eyes, seconds away from falling over. Just before nodding off, he suddenly became aware of the fact that his nose felt a slight itch, and before he knew it, he had instinctively opened his mouth and lapped at his nose without ever being aware of it. He opened his eyes wide, surprised at himself.

"Man, what did they do to me? I .... not just my body, but my mind too has changed.... I'm displaying animal instincts and mannerisms.... this is insane."

Deep in thought, Aaron's hands unconsciously traveled to his rear, and he inquisitively stoked and poke his new tail, amazed that what he was feeling was his own body.

Just then, there was a sound at the door. A key went into the locking mechanism and turned. Aaron jerked his hands away just as the door opened. The she-wolf was back, this time with a large, grease-stained bag full of fast-food burgers and fries. Aaron smelled them clearly before she even got in the door, catching whiff of succulent fat and starch from across the room. He also, for the first time, smelled the she-wolf herself. She had a distinct musky odor that Aaron found intriguing. The wolf smelled of many other interesting scents of other people and things, no doubt picked up from throughout the day.

"Woah, my sense of smell is awesome!"

"Mr. Lockwell... you'll be wanting these." The she-wolf smiled and handed the bag over.

Aaron's fox eyes opened wide with excitement. He tore into the bag, taking huge chomps out of the greasy burgers and barely chewing.

"So, Mr. Lockwell... I know you've got to be incredibly exhausted, but I need to ask you a few questions and do a few simple checkups. Your body will have to be thoroughly inspected later, but I can do a few simple tests right now."

Aaron nodded slowly as he stuffed his face, perplexed at trying to chew and swallow food with lips that couldn't close around his open mouth. A couple bits of mashed up cheeseburger dropped from his jaws as he chewed.

The wolf pulled out a stethoscope, hooked it to her ears, and put the disk end to Aaron's fur-covered chest. She then took out a watch and timed Aaron's heart rate as she talked. "What is fourteen minus ten? Show me with fingers."

Aaron held out one paw and extended four padded, clawed fingers as he stuffed a handful of fries into his mouth with the other.

"Great. Now... I want you to picture in your head a pink giraffe with five heads. Can you do that for me?"

Aaron gave the she-wolf a quizzical look.

"I already tested your mind's memory and logic. Now I'm testing your mind's ability for creativity. Your brain has many new neural pathways and we want to make sure make sure everything still works. Can you picture the animal in your mind?"

Closing his eyes, Aaron did as ordered, imaging a pink, five-headed giraffe galloping cheerfully along the plains. He then shook his head yes.

Can you scribble a drawing of a house on this paper for me?" The she-wolf handed Aaron a pad and pencil. He fumbled a bit with the pen before he finally gripped it securely and sketched out a horrendously ugly picture of a house. It was bad, but not any worse than what he was usually capable of.

The she-wolf scribbled something down on her clipboard. "Fantastic. Now... can you follow my pen with your eyes?" The wolf moved her pen back and forth, watching Aaron's eyes as he moved them left, right, left again, then finally up and down.

"Okay... done. Lets move on. Are you aware of any part of your body that did not properly transmute into your current form?

At first Aaron couldn't think of anything at all.... but then something came to him and he worriedly shook his head.

The She-wolf looked worried. "What is it? Show me."

Aaron sheepishly pointed to his crotch and spread his legs. The wolf-woman took a peek down down there, noting the fox's genitalia looked completely normal. "There doesn't appear to be anything wrong... Can you describe to me what it is? Enunciate slowly for me."

Aaron gulped and tried his best to slowly formulate the words with his strangely shaped tongue. "There's uh do-...a do-... a bone. It fees... feels ike thir is uh bone in my dich!"

The she-wolf laughed. "Mr. Lockwell, this might come as a surprise, but that is perfectly normal for animal physiology. I know this is a lot to take in, but you'll get used to it. I had to cope with my own changes, after all. Is there anything else?"

Aaron thought for a bit before shaking his head no. He reasoned there was probably many things that could have gone wrong that he didn't know about. He took another bite of food and quickly yawned again, causing more bits of cheeseburger to fall out of his open mouth.

"Are you aware of having any fur grow in places it should not, like on your tongue or inside your cheeks?"

Aaron shook his head no again, unconsciously licking the inside of his checks as he did so. The thought of fur growing in his mouth seemed more than a tad creepy.

The wolf then grabbed Aaron's tail gently, testing its flexibility. "Can you move your tail, Mr. Lockwell?" The ex-human complied, focusing as he remembered how to use his new muscles. He tried shaking and curling his tail in every sort of direction possible.

"Can you flex your toes for me, Mr. Lockwell?"

Aaron followed orders, flexing out each individual toe on his large fox paws, finding himself giving into another yawn, and taking the opportunity to stuff a handful of fries into his open mouth, many of which fell out of his narrow snout.

The she-wolf made a couple of marks on her clipboard. "Okay. I think I can let you sleep for now. Your heart and mind seem fine, which are the most important things. Your tail and paws, which are some of the more problematic areas for us, seemed to have grown splendidly which is great news. We'll wait to test the rest of your body, including your genitals, which you appear to be very worried about." Her tone was completely serious but the wolf gave Aaron a teasing grin.

"Sowweh abou thath..."

The she-wolf chuckled. "It's quite alright, and totally understandable given the situation. For now, you can get some rest."

Nodding weakly, Aaron immediately flopped down onto the bed as the she-wolf went to leave the room, thankfully turning the lights off this time before she locked the door. He relaxed every one of his sore muscles as he comfortably situated himself, and was seconds away from falling asleep when he heard something strange.... It was the sound of voices coming from the door. Aaron's fox ears instinctively turned towards the door, hoping to hear more.

"I thought I heard my name... Strange... has my sense of hearing improved as well?"

On any other occasion, he would have ignored it, but with Aaron desperate for more information about what was going on, he decided to investigate. Grunting, the trans-human got up and creeped his way to the entrance. He held his breath as he leaned one fox ear to the door and listened in on the conversation outside. Right away he could recognize both voices: they were the ones talking to him through the intercom.

"... but we don't know how he will react to the beta-keramyosin yet, Devon. That's really risky."

"I don't care. He's the alpha trial. The test phase. The rough draft! We can afford to experiment and figure out all the kinks so we can fix them for the beta trial."

"He's already showing remarkable affinity for the virion though... There's no obvious transcription errors and no signs of rejection. He doesn't even have a HINT of dementia! I think it would be smart to wait this one out.... Aaron has great potential."

"The long-term trials are for the beta group, Selena... you know that. You are a beta yourself, after all. A hundred million things could have gone wrong in his body. Hell, many of them probably DID. Maybe they'll show up tomorrow, maybe a month from now. We don't know, but it would be foolish to assume everything went as planned. With that being said, we might as well find out what we CAN, and test what we CAN so we can get some useful information out of his body before we have to terminate. For all we know he could go under massive skin cell immuno-rejection a week from now, just like all the alpha test subjects for your particular strain did."

"Maybe you have a point, but I still don't like the idea, Devon.... I just don't... and I'll bring it up to Anderson it if I have to."

Aaron's eyes opened up wide at the phrase "before we have to terminate." He played that sentence over and over again in his mind, hoping it didn't mean what he thought it did. He backed up from the door, completely horrified, his fur standing on end. Climbing back into bed, he had snippets of today's conversations replaying in his mind:

"... We found you to be a prime testing candidate..."

"... You were volunteered for this study..."

"...You don't have much of an identity to begin with, Mr. Lockwell..."

"...I'll... I'll sue!" ... "No you wont...."

A chill ran up Aaron's spine. He had no idea what to do. Memories came flashing back to him.... long ago memories of being broke, jobless, desperate for money, and seeing a flyer advertising medical testing that paid very well. He remembered taking the flyer home and filling out an online application to test a drug that boosts metabolism. It had seemed so more innocent then.... And nothing had come of it until just recently.

Yes, the small, nondescript building had looked odd to him when he pulled in for the interview, but he had thought nothing of it. Neither did he pay any attention to the elevators that had a whopping seven basement levels.... he only pressed the second floor button and found his way to the orientation room with the others... that was the last thing he could remember.

"So that's what happens...." he mouthed the words to himself, unwilling to hear his own heavy lisp. " I'm willing to bet the trial is specifically formulated for human DNA, which means its not like they can test on animals... that's why they need people like me.... the 'prime testing candidates'...."

"...the people with the smallest chance of someone noticing if they suddenly went 'missing'...."

Aaron shuddered, feeling the fur that he was lying on shift around. So much had happened in such a short period of time... he had been drugged, undergone gene replacement therapy, and turned into a bastardized animal hybrid in a manner of minutes. Any other night and he would have stayed up, trying to formulate a plot and gauge his chances of escape. But, with his body thoroughly exhausted from the transformation process, sleepiness overtook Aaron within minutes....

... His last thought, before drifting off to sleep, was a hope that the next day would be just a bit more saner than this one.



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