Upping The Ante

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Upping the Ante


June 10, 2011



Upping the Ante


June 10, 2011

"Alright guys, we're here," said Drake, pulling up to the house and shutting off the engine.

"Finally!" exclaimed Caleb, slinging the door open, "Time to hit the beach!"

The white rabbit had barely taken a step before his was jerked to a stop by a firm yank on his collar. Looking up into the face of the fur restraining him, he whined-

"Aww come on Rob, let me go, the ocean's calling my name."

The brown stallion just smirked and shook his head, "First we unpack the car, then we can all go out." Keeping a firm grip on the bunny's color, he drug the smaller male to the back of the SUV, opening the trunk and shoving the rabbit's suitcase into his paws.

"Here, make yourself useful and carry your bag."

Rob started passing each piece of luggage out to its owner. Taking his suitcase, Drake turned and took another look at the house. The nineteen year old alligator hadn't been here since the previous summer, and he was happy to be back. Drake's family was extremely wealthy, and had purchased this island when he was three years old to build the ultimate vacation spot. Two years later, the island was ready, and they had been coming here ever since. A large house stood on the hillside, overlooking the crystal blue water and white sand. The house was covered in windows and retracting walls, allowing views and ocean breezes from every inch of the house. A large porch wrapped around the first floor, with smaller separate porches on the second floor, leading into the bedrooms. The path they group had just driven lead to a protected cove, providing shelter for the boats dock there. The group of furs had just finished their second year of college, and Drake had invited his friends to spend the summer on the island.

Once the car was emptied, Drake lead the way up the stairs, unlocking the door and letting the group enter, where they promptly made a break for the bedrooms, each male trying to get their pick of beds. The front door opened onto a large great room, with large windows lining the front wall. The rear wall was made of paneled windows, which could be push back into the sides of the house to open the room to the elements. The walls were panted the light blue-green of the ocean, making the space feel relaxing and inviting. A large kitchen lay to the left, and a sizable table and chairs to the right, directly in front of one of the larger windows. Further in, a gigantic leather L coach and two recliners faced a large tv and entertainment system. A cabinet next to the tv held a number of video games and board games. Through the back wall, a large pool and spa had been built for days when the ocean was too rough to swim. Branching off from the main room were hallways leading to his parents' Master suite to the left and additional entertaining rooms to the right. The gator could hear his friends upstairs, claiming the suites that filled the second floor.

Making his way upstairs, Drake called to his friends, "Everybody unpack and get changed so we can get on the beach!" He then entered his suite, dropping his bag on the bed. Grabbing a pair of blue and orange trunks from the dresser, he quickly shed his clothes and pulled them on, before making his way back downstairs. Still waiting for his friends, Drake set out a number of towels by the back door leading to the beach. As he passed the large television, the gator caught a glimpse of his reflection. He stood at 6'3", his muscular frame covered in dark green scales, though the scales on his bare chest and stomach where slightly off-white. Hearing thunderous footfalls coming down the stairs, he turned just in time to see five furs run past him, grabbing the towels he had laid out and making a mad dash for the water. Laughing to himself, he slung the remaining towel over his shoulder and walked after them. As he approached, he could see some of the group already splashing around in the surf, while the other two lay on the sand.

Chad, a large cougar clad in black trunks, was lounging with his paws behind his head, enjoying the sun, music just audible from the headphones covering his ears. Next to him lay Seth, Drake's boyfriend of six years, a twinkish fox wearing some sky blue trunks. Seth was propped up on his elbows, a book in his black gloved paws, his white tipped tail waving slowly back and forth. The three furs playing in the water were Rob, Ty, and Caleb. Rob, a stallion, was wearing bright yellow board shorts, his brown fur and black mane plastered to his body from the water. Ty was floating lazily on his back, his red shorts billowing around him, the husky's black and white fur shining in the sun. Caleb had collapsed laughing and panting on the sand at the water's edge, the rabbit's snow white fur nearly blinding in the bright light. The rabbit was only barely dressed, a purple speedo clinging to his form and six rainbow rings hanging from his right ear. Dropping his towel in the sand, Drake dove into the surf, enjoying the feel of the cool water gliding over his scales.

Several hours later, the group was laying out of the sand when a rumble of thunder was heard in the distance. Sitting up, Drake could see a line of dark clouds on the horizon, moving rapidly toward the island. The light breeze that had been present all day had begun to pick up strength, and storm would be upon them soon. Gathering up their gear, the group of furs made hurried inside. It wasn't long before it hit, sending strong wind and sheets of rain, thunder and lightning sounding and flashing every so often.

After changing back into normal clothes, the boys gathered in the great room.

"So what do we do now?" asked Ty, "We're not going to be able to go out there for a while."

"We could put in a movie," suggested Seth.

"I've got a better idea," said Caleb, pulling a deck of cards from his pocket, "How about some poker?"

Nodding in agreement, the group took up seats around the table.

"Wait, what are we supposed to bet with? We don't have much money with us, and it's not any fun if there's no risk," said Rob.

Caleb grinned, "Alright then. How about strip poker? " The others glanced at each other nervously, but they all agreed, so Caleb continued, "The rules are simple: standard 5 card poker. Each player gets three chips, representing shirt, pants, and underwear- use those to make bets. If you go all-in that's all your clothes. Lowest hand strips. If at least two pieces of clothing are in the pot, folding loses one of them. Once clothes come off, they stay off. Everybody understand?" They nodded. "Then let's get started." With that, Caleb dealt the first hand, everyone put their first chip into the pot, and the game began.

Ten minutes later, three hands were already over. Seth and Chad had both lost their shirts, while Caleb had lost both his shirt and his shorts on a risky raise. He now sat in nothing but a pair of tight black briefs. Drake had folded on that hand, and had lost his shirt. Chad and Ty lost the next three hands, both now clad in just their boxers. Rob lost his shirt next, followed Seth and Drake having to give up their shorts. Forty-five minutes in, Caleb lost another hand. Standing up, he hooked his thumbs into the waist of his briefs, slowly peeling them down his legs, revealing his sheath and balls, a hint of pink visible at the top of his sheath. Tossing away his briefs, he sat back down.

"Well, looks like you're out," said Drake.

"Not yet," replied the rabbit. Turning to the others with a devilish smirk on his face, Caleb said, "Why don't we make this more interesting?"

Ty raised an eyebrow. "Interesting how?"

"Bets for favors- paw, muzzle, tail. Only applies if you're naked. Lose an all-in and you do whatever the winner wants for the night. Fold on an all-in and you lose all your clothes, but if you're naked you can only fold twice. Deal?"

"I don't know...," said Ty hesitantly.

"Is the little puppy scared?" said the rabbit.

The husky glared at him, "No way! You're on."

The next hand ended with a fold from Seth and a loss by Drake. The two stood up and dropped their boxers, Seth's tail coming up quickly to cover his creamy white sheath. After an all-in by Caleb, every boy was down to nothing but fur and scales. Now the stakes were getting higher, as favors were now the only ways to bet.

"I bet my tail," said Ty.

Drake, Seth, and Caleb called, while Rob and Chad folded. Seth lost the hand, and Ty shot a lecherous grin at Seth, the foxes blush visible through the white fur over his lower muzzle. With the next round of bets, Caleb called all-in. Rob was the only one to call the bet, but it was close- the stallion's hand only just beating the rabbit's straight with a one card difference. Caleb slid over and started to fondle the stallion's sizeable package, grinning like a fool. Rob pushed the smaller fur away-

"Save that for later, we're not finished yet."

Caleb gathered the cards, "Fine, one more hand, then we get to have our fun."

Drake looked down at his cards, trying not to show any reaction on his face. How could he get a hand like this! He looked across at the others, trying to decide how high he should bet. Finally reaching a decision, he decided to go for it.

"I'm going all-in."

Ty, Caleb, Seth and Rob all folded. Drake turned to Chad-

"So, what's it gonna be? You already folded twice, so you can't quit again."

"I don't need to," purred Chad, a confident smirk on his muzzle as he laid down his cards, "Four nines. Guess I win."

"Guess again," replied Drake, laying out his cards, "Royal flush in clubs." The cougar's jaw dropped, he couldn't believe what had just happened. Or what it meant for him. Drake leaned over and whispered something in Seth's ear. Giggling, the fox got up and ran to the stairs, "Be right back." With that, Drake moved over onto the couch, spreading his legs wide and gesturing with a finger.

"Here kitty." Chad reluctantly stepped over to the gator, sinking to his knees, "Use your muzzle and get me hard."

Flushed with embarrassment, the cougar leaned in, running his rough feline tongue over the gator's slit, moving back and forth between it and the lump that was the reptile's hidden balls, rubbing his paws up and down his inner thighs. Drake spread his arms across the back of the couch, his head back, murring at the feeling.

"Good kitty."

Drake quickly became erect under Chad's tongue, his full 8" maleness, pink and throbbing, emerging from his slit, gasping as the rough tongue passed over the sensitive tip. Chad reluctantly took the gator dick into his muzzle, bobbing up and down, lapping at the shaft, occasionally teasing the tip. Drake let out a loud moan, a paw on Chad's head forcing the cougar's muzzle all the way down to the root, the tip tickling the back of his throat. As the big cat suckled and gagged on gator cock, Seth returned from upstairs, passing his boyfriend the items he had been sent for. Drake slipped them under one of the couch pillows, making sure that Chad couldn't see. Using his paw on the cougar's head, the gator helped the cat establish a good rhythm on his dick, drinking down the precum that was already oozing from Drake's cock. It only took a few minutes before the sensation of that rough tongue on his shaft pushed the gator over the edge. Forcing his dick down the cougar's throat, he fired shot after shot of salty cum into the cat. It was too much for Chad to swallow, and some of the cum began to leak out of his mouth, running down the gator's member, and matting the fur around Chad's mouth.

When Seth had picked up the items for Drake, he'd figured out what his gator had in store for Chad. It was one of his favorite things for the gator to do to him, and the thought of what was coming already had his 6" foxhood hard and dripping. His knot had even swollen from his sheath, adding 1 ½" to his cock. As soon as he had passed of the items to Drake, he felt himself pulled to the ground by Ty. Pulling the fox to the floor on his back, the husky climbed on top of him, his dick in the fox's face, all eight red inches hard and throbbing, knot already formed. It was clear the sight of their friend choking on gator dick had gotten the husky excited. He was already panting.

"Suck me, please," he whined to the fox.

Seth gave the tip a teasing lick, removing the pearl of precum gathering at the tip, causing the husky to whine in need. Reaching up to dig his hands into the husky's white furred rump cheeks, Seth pulled Ty's hips down, taking the red hot length into his muzzle. He moved his muzzle up and down, applying constant pressure by curling his tongue around the shaft, sucking down the copious amounts of pre leaking from the husky's member. The wonderful feeling of his maleness surrounded by that skilled russet muzzle caused Ty to moan and squirm atop the fox. With a groan of lust, the husky took the fox into his muzzle, sucking and slurping at the delicious length of meat. He could feel the vibrations of the fox moaning around his cock, the surge of pleasure they caused making him suck even harder. The husky buried his nose in the fox's sack on each downward motion, moaning loudly at the smell and taste of the fox. Ty took Seth's sack in one paw, rolling the fur covered orbs around in his fingers. With his other paw, he reached between the fox's legs and ran a claw around the Seth's tailhole in a light teasing touch, before inserting the finger to tickle at his prostate. Seth's vision blurred as all the pleasure from his lower half catapulted him over the edge, firing a load of hot, sticky cum into the husky's muzzle. Taking a grip on the husky's cock, Seth gave the knob of flesh a hard squeeze, making the horny husky flood the russet muzzle with his load. They both used their lips to form a tight seal around the other's cock, not wanting to waste a drop of cum. After they had milked each other dry, the husky rolled off the fox, both males panting, licking their lips for any missed traces of cum.

On the other side of the room, Rob was laying on his back on the floor, moaning loudly. Caleb was fondling and squeezing the stallion's balls, doing his best to take as much of the 13" horse cock into his short white muzzle as possible. He couldn't get I all, but he was certainly having a go at it. Rob could hardly believe how good the small male's mouth felt. He loved the way it felt when Caleb deep-throated his dick, feeling the muscles of his throat milk his massive meat as the rabbit gagged. After several minutes of lusty slurping and sucking, the rabbit forced as much of rob's member into his mouth as possible, drooling profusely, letting the fluid run down the length of the shaft and into the fur of the stallion's balls. Pulling his muzzle away, Caleb looked down at the slick length, glistening with his saliva.

"Tasty," said Caleb, licking his lips, "But now the fun really starts."

Stepping over the stallion, the rabbit knelt down, reaching back and guiding the flared tip of the horse's dick to his pucker.

"Are you crazy?!" gasped Rob, "I'm as thick as your wrist!"

A wide lust filled grin appeared on Caleb's muzzle, "I know, it's gonna feel great." With that, the small male slammed his hips down, taking the first six inches into his rump in one go, causing both males to throw back their heads and moan. The rabbit slowly but steadily worked his ass down the horse's cock, until he finally felt Rob's sack pressing into the cleft of his rump. The rabbit had taken all thirteen inches of Rob's cock into him, and he loved it. Grinding his hips against the horse's thighs, rubbing over his belly, Caleb moaned, "Ohhhhh, such a big dick Gaaaahhh I think Unff I think I can feel it in my stomach."

Rob couldn't believe it. The feel of that tight hot ass on his cock, the way the muscles spasmed and milked him as Caleb ground his rump into his lap. He grabbed the rabbit's hips, getting Caleb's attention.

"I'm the one who won the game, so you have to do what I say." Thrusting his hips up, he made Caleb tremble and moan as his prostate was crushed by the massive slab of meat. "And I say, start riding."

Grinning like a fool, Caleb braced his paws on the stallion's broad chest, "You're wish is my command." Clenching his tailhole to increase both their enjoyment, Caleb slowly rose up the shaft until only the flared head remained inside, then quickly forced himself back down. He settled in to a quick pace, bouncing up and down on the horse's huge member, tingling all over as his prostate was constantly smashed by the thick dick. Tightening his grip on the rabbit's hip, Rob began to aid Caleb by pulling him down and thrusting his hips up to meet him, increasing the depth and force of the thrusts.

"Unnfff, Ahhh, so b-big, soooOOhhhh hard."

"Hmmmmm you're so tight..."

With one last mighty thrust of his hips, Rob buried himself balls deep in the small male, emptying a massive load into the rabbit's ass. The feeling of so much hot cock and cum in his ass triggered Caleb's orgasm, shooting strings of rabbit cum across the stallion's abs and chest. When they had finally finished cumming, Caleb collapsed against Rob's chest, searing cum into both their fur. Hearing a muffled moan, Rob raised his head and looked past the rabbit to the pair on the couch. Rob sat up, spinning the rabbit around on his cock and settling him in the stallion's lap, making them both moan. Rob leaned down to the rabbit's ear and whispered-

"Looks like we get a little show."

Confused, Caleb looked over at the sofa. Murring at the sight before him, Caleb just leaned back into the horse's chest, and settled in to watch.

After feeding the cougar his load, Chad had been distracted trying to swallow it all. Drake had seized the opportunity to finish his preparations for his fun with the cougar. Reaching under the pillow, he pulled out one of the items Seth had brought down. Reaching behind the cat, Drake quickly snapped the handcuffs in place, so that Chad's paws were stuck behind his back. Surprised by the feeling of the cold metal on his wrists, Chad pulled his muzzle off the gator's dick and tried to pull his arms free.

"Hey what gives!?"

"I'm not done with you yet. I'm still hard, and I think I know just the way to remedy that problem." From under the pillow, Drake now withdrew a tube of lube. Realizing what Drake intended, Caleb shook his head.

"Uh-Uh, No Way! That's where I draw the line!" As Caleb protested, Drake reached under the pillow a third time. "Bet or no bet, if you think you're fucking me, you're out of your Mmmphhf!"

The cougars words were silenced as a large blue ballgag was forced into his muzzle and strapped in place. Grabbing the cougar below the arms, Drake slung him over his knee. Holding the cat's tail out of the way with one paw, he began to spread lube over and into the cougar's tailhole, as well as onto the gator's member. Whipping the excess onto the cougar's ass, Drake lifted the cougar into position, the tip of his tapered shaft kissing the cougar's ring.

"A bet's a bet Chad. I won, and now I get to have my fun."

With that, Drake began to force the struggling cougar down on his shaft, the combination of lube, cum, and cougar spit made the entry easy, and Drake quickly slid Chad all the way down, until the cat could feel the gator's warm scales on his rear. Drake moaned at the feeling of the cat's vice-like ass on his dick, grinding his hips, making Chad tremble and moan around his gag.

"There, that wasn't so bad now was it?" asked Drake. Reaching down, he rubbed a scaled paw over the cat's dripping erection. "I'll take it this means you're enjoying this. Well, then you should really love this."

Taking hold of the cougar's knees, Drake pulled the cat's legs up, spreading them wide, causing him to rest all his weight on the gator's cock, and putting his package on display for the other's who by now had finished their own romps and were watching the pair with lusty expressions on their faces. Drake used a strong thrust to force the cougar up, then used the momentum to start bouncing Chad quickly up and down his member, loving the feeling of the downy fur around his tailhole tickling the flesh of his dick, making him start to leak precum in the cougar's tight ass. Each powerful thrust into his ass made Chad moan, his head flopping around like a rag doll's, his throbbing dick swinging back and forth, bouncing off his stomach. By now he was leaking like a faucet, smears of precum in his fur from his dick slapping his belly, drops running down the alligator's muscular tail stretched out beneath him. With each beat into his ass, Chad could feel his balls moving closer and closer to his body. Drake could feel his climax approaching too. He leaned up and moaned into Chad's ear-

"Get ready kitten, here-" he slammed Chad down once "-I-" twice "CUM!" On the third drop, Drake thrust up as hard as he could, pulling Chad down just as hard. The pressure on his prostate sent Chad into a blissful orgasm, his cum firing up and landing on his muzzle, his chest, his belly. Drake was filling the cat with boiling hot gator cum, the spasming tailhole pulling every last drop from his balls. As they slumped into the couch panting, Drake reached up and removed the gag and cuffs from the cougar.

"See, I knew you'd like that." panted Drake

"Yeah, well, next time, your ass is mine!"

"We'll see about that." Looking out the window, the storm was still raging hard. Drake turned to the group, "So, what should we do now?"

Caleb walked over to the entertainment center, searching through the shelves. Grinning, he turned around and held up a box. With that grin of his firmly in place, he said-

"How about strip Twister."

The others could only groan.

I feel like the end is pretty weak. Let me know what you think.