Chapter III: The Rose

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3 of The Dragon & The Lady While Balthazar is away, Annette discovers that she's not the only guest of the dragon, when she encounters a mysterious woman in a secret grove...

**Original: October 28, 2006 1st Edit: March 3, 2007

2nd Edit: April 19, 2011:** I went back and fixed various grammar and spelling issues in the original, and added more detail to the story's narrative.

3rd Edit: Sept 16, 2012: This time, I did a major overhaul of the chapter. I fixed various issues and added more detail and depth to the scenes. I also went back and tightened up the flow of the narrative to make things move more smoothly.


Chapter III: _ "The Rose" _

"Be mindful of this lair, there are many strange things here..."

Those had been her master's parting words, before he'd left the lair. Annette could still recall as the majestic dragon departed to go take care of some personal business, and this meant that he would be leaving the young woman alone to tend to thing while he was away.

Annette wasn't terribly troubled by this. First off, she'd long since learned the lair, so going about her usual daily routine was no problem. Balthazar had been out for several days now, and so he would be due back any time now. Still, she wasn't that troubled by the idea of being on her own, since and she was the only person there... Well, as far she she knew.

The blond reached down to smooth out the thin material of her gown. Annette had woven the garment from a light blue material. It was sleeveless and the hem stopped above her knees, with a darker blue sash around her waist. As usual, the young woman was barefoot. Her long wavy blond hair was pulled into a loose ponytail in the back, held in place with a simple but elegant gold clasp.

After a number of uneventful days had passed, during which she tended to all the tasks in the lair, she had quickly found herself becoming bored. This lead her to set out exploring the various areas of the lair of her own accord, going deeper and deeper each time as she became bolder.

As her curiosity grew and she became less inhibited, she went out of her way to explore the parts of the dragon's lair that she'd never been in before. Annette walked through the high-roofed tunnels of the cavern, passing through various doors as she went, till she eventually came to a particular door with a strange marking on it that she didn't recognize.

She paused to gently touch the symbol on the wooden door, before opening it...


To her amazement, Annette suddenly found herself standing before a massive garden, housed inside a massive cavernous chamber. She guessed the original walls and ceiling must have been carved away at some to expand the size of the of the chamber- likely to allow the flora to grow more naturally.

She looked up into the darkness of the arching ceiling, then back down at the numerous groupings multicolored fauna before her. The groupings were composed of strange and exotic-looking flowers, the height and density of the specimens varying greatly. Vivid flowers of every imaginable color and composition bloomed amidst thick green foliage. The same water source that filled the bathing pool must all have kept the garden irrigated... Since everything looked so healthy and vibrant.

However, one thing in quickly particular grabbed her attention the most- a grassy spot at the far end of the cavern. It was covered in vibrant red roses, scattered and sparse near the edges, but thicker and more numerous closer to the center. There, at the center of it all, stood a single massive rose, identical to its companions, save for its colossal size. Even with its petals at rest, it was nearly eight feel tall, with thick countless thick green vines- dug into the soil and gripping the rock wall.

Careful not to trod upon any of the small roses, Annette tentatively approached the giant flower to get a better look at it. The young blond paused to take in its form for a moment... She'd never seen anything like this before, and despite having grown accustomed to the strange and extraordinary while living with her Dragon master, she couldn't help but be in awe of the thing.

"It's so... beautiful." Annette murmured softly, already silently wondering what the flower would look like in when in bloom. The roots had dug in in such a way that the giant rose was angled towards her, with the "mouth" being level with her head. She reached out to touch it, instantly marveling at the silky softness of the petals. "Incredible..." She spoke as she ran her hand against the surface.

"Well now, how kind of you to say so." A sing-song voice replied.

Annette almost jumped frantically looked around. "Wh-who said that?" She stammered, stepping back and looking around. "...I-is someone there?" She asked nervously.

"Silly girl, I'm right in front of you." The voice told her in a dreamy tone.

Annette quickly turned back to the large rose, just in time to watch as its massive crimson petals began slowly unfolding before her eyes. The giant flower finished blooming, revealing a human-looking woman (her body curled up in a ball) suspended in the 'core'.

The woman continued to sleep, nestled peacefully inside the core of giant flower. She was fair-skinned and immaculate, with a slender waist and long legs, and full round breasts- each capped off by dark reddish-pink nipples at the peaks. The woman was nude, save for clusters of red petals that adorned the sides of her hips, her shoulders, and over her nether-regions.

Annette was busy admiring her, when her head suddenly tilted upward, causing her to jump back in surprise as the woman appeared to come to life...

"W-what are you?" Annette asked unsteadily as she backed off. However, she stopped when a large vine rose up to block her path. The woman's supple rosy lips curved into a Cheshire Cat smile, even as her eyes remained closed. Her hair resembled a rose, with long crimson locks rising upwards like the layered petals of a rose. Short red bangs stopped just above her yes, with longer locks coming down to frame the sides of her pretty face. The whole time, she maintained her dreamy smile.

The woman finally spoke up. "Now, my pretty little one, you may call me 'Rosetta." She offered the human woman in a honey-sweet tone. "In your own terms, I am what you could consider to be a spirit of nature- I am The Maiden Spirit of Roses, to be specific."

Annette suddenly felt the vine against the small of her back, gently nudging her towards the rose woman before her, then start to gently caress her body. "My kind are one with nature, we embody the vital essence of the things that make up the natural world- in my case, roses." She explained as she reached up to caress Annette's cheek with her palm.

Annette suddenly felt her cheeks get hot in response to the woman's touch, while a vine came up to caress the curve of her jaw. "Long ago, creatures of great power were entrusted with the safekeeping of my kind, to ensure our existence and maintain the balance of nature." Rosetta continued as numerous vines began to tease the human. "Your benefactor, the Dragon Balthazar, is my caretaker."

The blond gasped as the red-haired woman placed her hands against her chest, resting her palms against them and softly massaging her flesh through the fabric of her gown. Annette let out a moan as Rosetta teased her nipples into stiff buds. "So, my dear, you and I have something in common."

"W-wait! What are you doing?!" Annette managed in protest, while Rosetta continued to fondle her breasts through the material of her dress. Slowly, more vines rose up and began to snake their way up her legs- sending goosebumps through her flesh. Her blush darkened when she felt the tendrils start to caress her inner thighs as they moved further up.

Rosetta gave her a gorgeous smile. "You really worry too much my lovely little one..." She began in a casual voice as the vines brushed against her. "Surely, you weren't possibly thinking of just leaving after waking me from my long slumber?" She asked her in a teasing voice as she stepped out of the giant flower and advanced languidly towards her.

Annette attempted to respond, but fell silent when Rosetta leaned in close. She reached out and cupped the sides of her jaw in her palms, then kissed her. The rose-haired woman's naturally crimson lips brushed gently against the blond's pink lips as she deepened the kiss. She moaned into the other woman's mouth, prompting the flower spirit to slip her tongue past her parted lips.

As the rose woman deepened the kiss, Annette felt her willpower quickly ebbing away, her body going limp as Rosetta ran her hands down her neck and over her shoulders, then down along the curve of her back as she pulled her body against her own. The rose woman's hands moved down to caress her backside through the fabric of her gown, causing Annette to flinch and let out a moan.

Annette gasped as she felt something brush against her legs, and looked down as green tendrils started to gently tease the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs. Rosetta gripped the waist of the gown, while the vines moved further of the woman's body, and pulled it up. Annette capitulated and held up her arms as the rose-haired woman undressed her, lost in the pleasure of the moment.

As the flower spirit finished removing the dress, she closed the gap between them- kissing her once more as her dark red nipples brushed against Annette's pink ones. She moved downward, planting a trail of kisses along her tender flesh as she arrived at her neck. After a moment, Rosetta began to nibble and suck at the curve of the blond woman's collarbone.

Rosetta listened to the muted whimpers from the other woman. "You know, I can't help but think about how pretty you are, my dear." She began with a smile. "I've always believed that Lord Balthazar has excellent tastes... And you are no exception." She whispered the last part into her ear, making Annette shiver as her warm breath tickled the shell of her ear.

Without saying anything else, the blond passively allowed the woman urged her down- the vines helping lower her onto the soft grassy floor beneath them. Annette watched the plant tendrils, guessing that they must have been under the woman's control. She looked up and watched, in a daze, as Rosetta climbed down on top of her and flashed her a gorgeous smile.

The strange red-haired woman then leaned down to give her a quick kiss, before she started to run her hands across her body. After a while, she began to leisurely move down her supple form, till she her chest and took one of Annette's nipples into her mouth. She let out a cry as Rosetta began to suck her nipple, while her hand came up to massage the other breast. She pulled at the nipple with her lips while she teases the other between her finger and thumb.

Annette moaned and arched her body, pushing against the woman atop her. She could feel herself growing increasingly wet from the woman's ministrations. After a few more secants, Rosetta suddenly stopped, only to begin trailing kisses down her abdomen... Till she came to rest between her legs, stopping to lick and kiss her inner thighs. The flower spirit looked down at the glistening pink lips of the woman's sex, as well as the lustrous blond curls that adorned her mound.

One of the vines slithered up to Annette face, rubbing gently against her cheek, while Rosetta descended upon her slit. She ran her tongue along the outer lips of her sex a few times in a teasing motion, before flicking the tip against her clit. The hissed in pleasure, only for the tip of the vine to brush against her half-parted lips, before quickly slipping inside her mouth. She allowed the probing vine to explore the inside of her mouth.

Rosetta soon moved in to capture her aching clit between her lips and began to skillfully suck on the sensitive bundle of nerves. Annette responded by sucking on the vine, doing her best to nurse the head of the appendage with her tongue as it explored her warm mouth. Rosetta moaned slightly, but quickly returned to the blond's dripping core, sucking on the swollen clit at the peak of her sex.

Based on Rosetta's pleasured reaction, Annette realized that that all the vines she controlled must be linked to her in some way. Emboldened, she gripped the smooth length in her hand and began stroking it while she sucked on the vine. Rosetta gasped, her face flushing red as she felt the sensation of the woman's soft lips on the end of the vine. After a moment, she moved back- the vine withdrawing from Annette's mouth... Only for several more to suddenly appear around the flower maiden.

The green tendrils moved in towards Annette, then began to snake their way of her legs, all the way up to the dripping core between her thighs. One of them brushed against the lips of her slit, before slowly parting the soft folds and eliciting a moan from her, before slithering inside her. She started to moan loudly as it began to slowly pump in and out of her slit at a steady pace. Rosetta hovered over the other woman's writhing figure as the vine continued to thrust into her.

Rosetta lowered herself onto the woman, the red petals over her mouth parting to expose the dark red lips of her smooth mound. The rose woman then shifted around and positioned herself so that her dripping slit was above Annette's face. She understood and wrapped her arms around her thighs and started to lap at the lips of her sex. Rosetta moaned and her blush darkened as she looked down at the other woman's core- still being worked by the vine.

Rosetta could feel the sensation of the vine thrusting into Annette, as if she herself were the one penetrating her at the moment. And so, she also felt the pleasure from the tight warmth of that was enveloping the vine at the moment. With any further prompting, she leaned down to lick the woman's exposed clit, eagerly sucking the sensitive bud. Annette spread the lips of the woman's pussy to get better access to the dark folds of her core, inserting her tongue deeper inside her.

Rosetta swirled her tongue around her clit and continued sucking, while Annette inserted a finger inside her tight passage and began sucking at the flower spirit's clit. The blond began thrusting the digit into her while she lapped at her with her tongue. Rosetta gasped as she licked at the other woman's clit, as she started grinding her hips against the movement of the woman's fingers. The blond inserted a second finger into her passage and continued driving against her core.

And then... The vine suddenly pulled out of Annette, her back arching stiffly as her body was struck by a potent orgasm, soaking the other woman's mouth as she worked her clit. Rosetta wasn't far behind and climaxed shortly after, her body going rigid as she came around Annette's mouth- soaking her face and hands with her nectar when she came.

The two women gasped for breath in the aftermath of their orgasms. While she really have anything else to compare it to, Annette noted that Rosetta's juices had a strangely sweet flavor to it- not unlike the taste of nectar (fittingly). By comparison, Balthazar's cum was musky, even faintly 'smoky' to her tongue, with a slight coppery tinge to it...

There was a moment of calm as they both lay there. Annette's chest rose up and down as she began to catch her breath. After a while, the blond managed to crawl on her hands and knees and rest her head atop Rosetta's ample chest as she began to relax. The two females remained like this for a while, in silence, simply enjoying the afterglow from their orgasms...

"Thank you, my dear..." Rosetta whispered as she ran through her hair. "You were very good."

Annette looked up at her. "I-I've never had sex with another woman before..." She managed, her face blushing darkly as she spoke. "B-but thank you... You were very good too." She added in a bashful tone.

The red-haired woman smiled, her eyes still closed. "Well, it must come naturally for you, because you made me come." She replied soothingly, continuing to rub her hand up and down along her back.

Annette would have fallen asleep, there in the grove with Rosetta, if not for the sudden sound of a familiar voice, pulling her back to reality.

"Well, you've certainly been keeping yourself busy." Balthazar remarked as he looked at the two woman tangled together, their bodies glistening with sweat.

Rosetta only smiled as she glanced up at him while Annette's face turned red. "Oh hello, Balthazar, we didn't hear you come in." She spoke casually, running a hand through Annette's blond hair.

The Red Dragon approached them and smiled deviously. "Well, I should have known that you'd pull something like this." He commented dry. "I just can't leave my pets alone with you..."

"I hope you're not upset, my lord?" Rosetta asked while stroking the girl's back. "I'm sure that the two of us can find a way to make it up to you."

Balthazar arched a brow at the suggestion. "Well, that's different." The dragon replied, before slowly rolling onto his side and giving them a toothy smile. He watched as Rosetta seductively crawled over to his side and began to rub and kiss the fine scales around his thighs and groin. She leaned in and began to kiss and lick at the spot that concealed his cock.

The flower spirit smiled brightly when her efforts were rewarded. She watched intently, as the tip of his dragonhood emerged from the protective slit. Rosetta smiled as his sheath and balls emerged- his large, semi-errect phallus extending to its full length as it came out.

She stroked it a few times and massaged his balls, till the glistening red organ jutted straight up, pulsing with the Dragon's life force. Rosetta looked over her shoulder at Annette. "Well, come along now, don't just lay there, come over her and join the fun."

Annette felt an odd mix of embarrassment and arousal, but nodded and crawled over to join the other woman. "Now, why don't we give this some special attention?" Rosetta asked her, caressing the hard cock as she looked at the girl.

The blond seemed to think about it for a moment, then leaned in. Rosetta watched as Annette started at the base of his shaft and ran her tongue up along the length of his cock. The rose woman turned her attention to the tip and started to swirl her tongue around the head. She continued to nurse the dragon's swollen cockhead, while the other woman stroked the length of his shaft.

Balthazar watched as the women continued to stimulate his draconic member. The sight of the two women handling his large member was wonderful to behold. As he watched them, Rosetta paused over the tip of his shaft, before taking the head of his cock into her mouth. Annette continued to lick and kiss the length of his cock, while massaging his balls.

Balthazar grunted in pleasure as the redhead worked the sensitive head of his organ, he could feel her running her tongue across it inside her mouth. By this point, Annette was slowly kissing her way up the underside of his shaft, to the top, where met the other women's lips. Rosetta eventually pulled the head of his dragonhood out of her mouth and offered it to her. The blond happily accepted and began nursing his aching member- circling her tongue around the head.

Rosetta climbed up onto his stomach as he rolled onto his back. Her dripping slit plain sight, promptim to extend his forked tongue to lap at it- causing her to coo in pleasure as she stroked him. The Dragon's cock began to tremble and he pawed at the ground. However, the ladies were too busy tending to his formidable organ to worry about his imminent climax.

The rose woman watched as Annette ran her tongue up the underside of his cock, stopping to kiss the the base of the head. "When he's about to cum, can I swallow it?" Rosetta asked the other woman in a husky tone as she lapped at his cock.

Annette pulled back and smiled, stroking him, her hands sticky from his juice. His pre-cum was mixing with their saliva as they licked and kissed his hard cock. Balthazar clawed at the ground and struggled to keep from simply thrusting into the warm embrace of their lips.

Sensing he was about to cum, Rosetta slipped her mouth around the tip of his member just as the first load of his hot seed shot into her mouth. She swallowed it, along with another spurt. She lifted her head up to offer him to Annette, just as a stream of his cum splattered onto her face. The blond was undeterred and took Balthazar into her mouth and swallowed the rest.

After a moment, Annette released his cock and swallowed the last of his cum. Rosetta leaned forward to lick the sticky seed from her face, eventually stopping to brush her lips against hers, kissing the other woman as if they were long-time lovers.

Rosetta eventually broke the kiss and pulled away, much to Annette's great disappointment, and looked over at Balthazar with a teasing smile. "I don't suppose it would alright if I could continue to play with her in the future, hmm?" She asked in a dreamy voice.

The dragon smiled as the two women looked at him expectantly. "When you put it like that... How could I ever refuse such a request?" He asked in a deep purr.

(- End of Chapter III -)

I remember being much happier with this chapter. This time around, I didn't feel quite so rushed when it came to writing it. I was also able to do something different this time, as it gave me a chance to get into the heads of the various characters, as well as introducing Rosetta.

-Seres B. North